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#52 Charlene Van Buiten, PhD (Colorado State Univ.): Natural Gluten Protection

Do you or someone you know work hard to avoid gluten contamination in your diet? This episode is for you!

We have the expert that is leading the way to help those that suffer from gluten contamination find ways to reduce or possibly even eliminate the flare ups. Charlene Van Buiten, PhD of Colorado State University joins us on the GCP! Celiac disease and (more…)

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#49 Silvia Molino, (PhD)- Research to find the truth POLYPHENOL EXPERT

Every hypothesis and theory is subject to scientific testing. And that is no different when it comes to polyphenols. Silvia Molino (PhD) joins us from Spain on the GCP!

Silvia has dedicated almost an entire decade to unlocking the secrets behind polyphenols and how they are directly responsible for the regulation and biological processes that our bodies (more…)

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