Navicam: Swallowing AI literally could save lives with Ray Bengermino (some golf talk, too!)

The use of “pill cams” (cameras embedded within ingestible capsules) to take pictures of a patient’s digestive tract began almost 20 years ago. It was a huge win to find some very difficult to detect disease, bleeds, obstructions, and more.

But, that only solved the problem of getting to the problem. The process still requires (more…)

Former FDA Exec fighting for your rights to access – Daniel Fabricant, PhD, NPA CEO

You should have the choice wether you want to supplement your health with natural supplements. It’s really not a controversial statement. (Ex vitamin D, vitamin C, NMN, NAC, etc…)

But without people like Daniel Fabricant, PhD., we would all be limited SEVERELY by (more…)

Essential Nutrition from Mother to Child

Ever heard of the “golden window” for your baby? How much of your child’s brain is formed by age 3?

More than likely these questions pique your interest because every mother wants the absolute best for their child, and they should.

Just beyond physical security for your child is the nutritional value of the food that is (more…)

Weighing The Facts: Is Ozempic the Answer?

Why work so hard to lose weight when you can just medicate the pounds away?

Well, everything in life has a trade off. The best athletes sacrifice free time to practice skill development. Scientists spend free time studying to lead to discovery…

So what is the trade-off other than just expense? (more…)

Alright Now with Tracey Matthews

This incredibly successful movie, television, and music producer, CEO Of Edmonds Entertainment Group, joins Ken and Eric to discuss the transformations for better health that she is now sharing with her (more…)

Ollie Matthews OJAY!

Ollie lost his father, a traumatic time led to extensive emotional eating making the weight shoot up to nearly 300lbs, it was then where Ollie was working in a corporate job and when being a ‘successful guy’ was mentioned this was the furthest anyone could possibly be – low confidence, high body fat, no sales skills, no morale.

Suffice it to say, Ollie has changed EVERYTHING, and now he coaches people in over 27 countries on how to rediscover health and maintain fitness in the face of stress.

Ollie became ‘that guy’ for nutrition in endurance working with Olympic athletes, world champion triathletes and even Tour De France riders whilst training personally in both strength and endurance himself knowing the importance of constant self development in all areas.

Join Ken and Eric as they host Ollie where they discuss Ollie’s approach, his company O Jay Health and how you can actually realize better performance in your work and life goals by taking care of your health and fitness first!

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Please LIKE & SHARE and use code “HERO” for a free month of GCP RAW!
If you ever want to ask a question for upcoming guests, just click here and give GCP RAW a try on us:

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Brain Protection with Flavonoids (Dementia, CTE, Autism, etc)

How do you protect your brain? If you play sports you may say “I wear a helmet”…

But how do you give your brain the (more…)

Top Supplements for Fat Loss

Weight loss is far too broad without specifically targeting the issue of fat loss.

Can supplements actually make a difference?

In short… (more…)

Metal Allergy (surgical hardware) – Shari Guess

Shari Guess is the host of the “Heavily Metalled” podcast. Her inspiration for starting her show was realized from her near death experience as her body waged a significant war against the metals used in the hardware from her surgeries.

Shari explains (more…)

“Doc” Brad Faglie, MD: Direct Primary Care Practice

No more need for high cost access to physicians that can visit with their patients for more than 8 minutes.

“Doc” Brad Faglie, MD is the correct-founder of Endo Direct care. He tells Ken & Eric how he changed his patient care model from (more…)

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