#96 Which Food Oils are Safe and Why are some downright BAD?

#96 Which Food Oils are Safe and Why are some downright BAD?

There’s no getting around it. We NEED fats in our diet and oils in many of our foods provide it.

We were meant to eat the GOOD oils (Avocado, olive, coconut, Peanut(unrefined), flax, butter, ghee, tallow, lard, cocoa, Mac nut, almond, walnut, sesame, fish oil) In order to allow your body to stop fighting unnecessary inflammation, avoid excessive PUFAs!

THESE ARE THE OILS TO AVOID. They are loaded in the bad PUFAs (Soy, corn, vegetable, sunflower, safflower, CANOLA aka Rapeseed, grapeseed, cottonseed, ricebran, palm)

It’s  a sad fact, but choosing the wrong oils to cook with, or the selecting packaged foods that might have certain oils in them could be keeping you overweight, tired, and giving you metabolic complications such as migraines, body aches, and even sniffles or asthma.

YES! All of those symptoms are more often than not related to an inflamed metabolic state that cannot manage the oxidative stress.

HUGE thanks to Cate Shanahan, MD for an excellent outline to tackle so many aspects of this topic.

Check out her website here: https://drcate.com/
See her safe and dangerous oils table here: https://drcate.com/list-of-good-fats-…
In this graph, think of the exploding issue of obesity, and notice how the danger fats consumption has gone up, while good fats like butter have gone down (Don’t use margarine!) https://drcate.com/wp-content/uploads…
Further reading on oils and their dangers: https://drcate.com/the-hateful-eight-…

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#90 Rachel Scheer, Fitness Model & Health Expert

Have you felt alone in trying to improve your overall health? What about when how you look doesn’t really represent how you feel?

EVERYONE struggles to maintain the optimal health, no matter what the appearance may be.

As a long time fitness model and former body builder, Rachel Scheer shares her impactful story of how her gut health was being compromised as she worked overtime to maintain physique and performance. (more…)


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