Dealing with complicated cases well before the pandemic conditioned JP to detect things weren’t;t adding up for the treatment, or complete lack thereof, regarding patients and COVID infections. Years of treating diseases such as Lyme and implementing years of evidence based medicine positioned Dr. Saleeby to take action on behalf of his practice rather than turn patients away.

A core contributor to the FLCCC I-RECOVER protocol for post-vaccine syndrome, Dr. Saleeby has degrees from the Medical College of Georgia (Augusta, G.A.) and East Carolina University School of Medicine (Greenville, N.C.).

He was an ER physician for almost 20 years and held posts in occupational medicine and urgent care, and family medicine, retiring from traditional mainstream medicine in 2013. He currently practices integrative and functional medicine at Carolina Holistic Medicine, where he serves as medical director.

Join the Ken & Eric of the GCP as Dr.Saleeby discusses his approach to recognizing the lack of direction
and his inclination to put his reputation on the line to help those in need while speaking
at the FLCCC educational conference 2023.

Carolina Holistic Medicine

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Carolina Holistic Medicine

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