Dr. Wallskog obtained his medical degree at the University of Wisconsin and completed his orthopedic surgery residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He completed fellowship training specializing in joint replacement at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, then entered private practice in 2002.
After being exposed to COVID-19 in August/September of 2020, Dr. Wallskog followed CDC recommendations to wait three months before getting his first COVID vaccine. He developed numbness, weakness, and balance difficulties and, in the following months, experienced periods of severe lower thoracic back pain. He was subsequently diagnosed with transverse myelitis with a demyelinated lesion at the T8-T9 level.

Although he has been treated with high-dose steroids and IVIG and has participated in physical therapy, his symptoms are essentially unchanged since his diagnosis in January 2021. His acquired disability has affected his career and he can no longer physically practice medicine as an orthopedic surgeon.

Refusing to allow this to stop him, Dr. Wallskog has made his mission to change his negative reaction into POSITIVE ACTION. He helped found REACT19, a non-profit that offers financial, physical, and emotional support to tens of thousands of people injured by the COVID shots in the United States.

Join the Ken & Eric of the GCP as Dr. Wallskog tells his story of injury and efforts to protect children
and adults from further injury at the FLCCC educational conference 2023.

REACT19 https://react19.org/

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REACT19 https://react19.org/
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