The mayor of Houston proclaimed that September 25, 2020 was recognized city wide as “Dr. Joseph Varon Day” in recognition of Dr. Varon’s selfless effort to not ever abandon patients in need during the pandemic.

But that was just over 8 months after the pandemic began… Dr. Varon went on to work 715 days CONSECUTIVELY caring for and treating patients, turning his over 100 bed hospital into a mega ICU.

So how in the world did valiant efforts of altruism turn into death threats against Dr. Varon and his family?

Prof. Dr. Joseph Varon MD, FACP, FCCP, FCCM, FRSM is the chairman of the board of the United Memorial Medical Center and
United General Hospital. He is a professor for medicine and surgery for multiple universities. He is a co-author of the MATH+ protocol for COVID.

Join the Ken & Eric of the GCP as Dr. Varon shared his
experience at the FLCCC educational conference 2023.

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