The art of science & scientists (and healthcare providers) is purest when ALL questions and concerns can be heard, tested, and evaluated by multiple investigators… repeatedly.

In this episode, you will hear about post injection injury data from the accounts of a Pathologist and a lipid nanoparticle healthcare expert.

Unfortunately, there was an “event” that succeeded in turning the open discussion, the value of personal choice, the trust between physician and patient, all on its end.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, MD, hosts a great podcast called “Ask Dr. Drew” and some of his recent episodes have been a real time window into his discovery and acceptance that our health institutions have possibly been heavily compromised.

Dr. Drew and his co-host Kelly Victory, MD delivered some great first hand account of issues around the “event” and the popular injection platform that our health leaders essentially used fear and shame into public compliance.

Join Ken & Eric as they breakdown some of the information shared from Dr. Drew’s show along with Ryan Cole, MD, and Richard Urso, MD.

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