Inspiring, creative, encouraging… there are so many words to describe Paul Rogers and his method for bringing the best out the people around him. Paul is the founder and owner of NEXM Creative based in Fort Worth, TX, and he is the producer and director of the Gut Check Project.

Ken & Eric took time to share the air time with the person that had the long term vision on how to bring health & medical topics in a way that could easily reach the patients that Ken & Eric serve… and now it appears that the word is spreading and the audience has grown (just like Paul said!). What makes Paul tick? Was he just “luckY” and given a studio and great audio equipment…NO!

His journey is inspiring and he wants to share it with you! Check out Paul’s company here: Join Ken & Eric as they visit with Paul and be sure to LIKE & SHARE and thank you for joining the GCP!

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NEXM Creative

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