This is the ultimate package for individuals who have completed the first 30-day protocol of the SIBO Support Box and now feel that they need a little more help rebuilding their microbiome while relieving some anxiety and stress.  If you purchase this Super Savings package after completing the first SIBO Support Box, start by taking one PRO capsule along with your AM packet plus one serving of the CBD, then another PRO with your PM packet along with another serving of the CBD. Since there are 90 capsules in the PRO bottle you will have 30 capsules left over to apply to your third 30-day program. There are approximately 60 servings in the CBD bottle that will last for 30 days. Purchase another combo package.  This will provide you with 120 PRO capsules at the beginning of your 3rd month and another bottle of CBD.  Now take 2 PRO with your AM packet plus one serving of CBD, and 2 PRO with your PM packet plus one serving of CBD to complete the 90 day program. You will now have 60 PRO capsules left.  Simply order one bottle of the 700mg CBD and now you will be able to proceed with a simple maintenance program of just taking 2 PRO with breakfast plus 1 serving of CBD, and 2 Pro with dinner with one serving of CBD for the next 30 days.  At this point you will know if your microbiome has stabilized enough for you to stay on just a regiment of 4 PRO per day, plus CBD to support your nervous and immune systems balance or if you need to continue with the full SIBO Support Box protocol.

This SIBO Support Box is the result of years of Research & Development in a complex field.  I chose these products for several reasons; here is a brief explanation.

This Box contains 4 primary ingredients pre-portioned in easy-to-use AM and PM packets.  Once you open the shipping box you will find your desk-top box with a tab sticking out of the top.  Note the crescent cut-aways on the side of the box near the bottom.  Use these cut-aways to slightly open the box just enough to make removing one packet at a time easy. Do Not completely open the box and discard. Place your SIBO Support Box in a convenient location that will remind you to take your AM and PM dosages. Then simply pull the tab until you reach the first AM packet. Start your routine in the morning and continue, both AM and PM, for 30 days. These dosages are best taken with food, so I suggest AM with breakfast and PM with dinner.

Do Not discontinue use of any medications prescribed by your doctor.

The first ingredient in each packet is Atrantil

Atrantil is the only patented polyphenol blend in the world that has been shown in clinical trials to help 4 out of 5 people address their symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain, and change in bowel habits.

Atrantil is composed of three powerful natural polyphenols, that help get rid of the gas and the problematic bacteria in the small intestine. When your microbiome uses the Atrantil as fuel, it produces beneficial molecules that have potent anti-cancer, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory benefits throughout your entire body.

The second ingredient in the AM packet is Diamine Oxidase (DAO)

Diamine Oxidase is an enzyme produced by the lining of your digestive tract to help control the amount of histamine that gets absorbed in your body. Diamine Oxidase is also known as DAO for short.

Histamine is a compound that is involved in digestion and supports the nervous system and the immune system. When histamine levels get too high It can disrupt all three of these systems.

The DAO in our formula is an easy-to-swallow, high-potency gastro-resistant mini-tablet, which is essential for releasing DAO in the small intestine, where it breaks down both foods and histamine produced by SIBO bacteria.

Anytime you eat anything with more histamine than your body can neutralize, it will get absorbed into your body leading to excess histamine. When this excess histamine is absorbed, it can cause issues like abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, and can also cause brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and even migraines.

Some of the more common foods that have a high histamine are avocados, spinach, fermented foods, cheese, alcohol, and smoked meats, just to name a few.

There are many medications which decrease DAO: aspirin, ibuprofen, blood pressure medications, and anti-depressants. When you combine Atrantil with a high-quality DAO, like the one we are using, it makes a huge difference in what you can eat, and significantly reduces the effects of too much histamine.

The third ingredient in both the AM and PM packet is IgY Immunoglobulin

Immunoglobulin is known as an antibody. The most common is bovine IgG.  I use IgY because it is more effective than IgG; due to its shape, IgY can resist the digestive process and remain intact in the gut to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

If you have SIBO you may experience “leaky gut”, where small bacterial particles and allergens leak through the tight junctions in the gut and ignite the immune response resulting in inflammation.

These small bacterial particles are called lipopolysaccharides or LPS. LPS is now considered one of the major causes of dementia and autoimmune disease.

IgY is known to tightly bind to LPS and remove it from the small bowel so that it can’t leak through the tight junctions and cause inflammation. Inflammation always indicates that the body is in distress.

Think of IgY like a bulldozer that removes SIBO debris: LPS, bacterial pieces, viruses, and food allergens. It moves that debris down into the colon where it then passes out of your body.

The final ingredient in just the PM packet is OptiMag® 125

I put this specific Magnesium in the SIBO Support Box because it contains Albion®’s TRAACS® magnesium lysinate glycinate (mineral amino acid chelate) which we know plays a significate role in over 300 metabolic processes.

Magnesium has also been shown to decrease anxiety and help improve the quality of sleep in those with and without insomnia. This is extremely important because if you have anxiety, it can cause intestinal motility issues which results in persistent SIBO and more inflammation.


In the AM pack, the Atrantil comes in with its stable polyphenols and it begins to soak up the gas and get rid of the bacteria that is growing in your small bowel (SIBO).

SIBO causes your DAO enzyme to be decreased, which then results in too much histamine being absorbed. The DAO supplement neutralizes this excess histamine and prevents it from being absorbed.

Then the IgY Immunoglobulin supplement works like a bulldozer doing cleanup. It removes all the bacteria, viruses, allergens and most importantly,    Lipopolysaccharides

(LPS: large molecules consisting of a lipid and a polysaccharide that are bacterial toxins).


Finally, the PM pack has Atrantil, IgY Immunoglobulin, plus a high-quality magnesium which has been shown to help support multiple metabolic processes plus decrease anxiety while improving sleep.

The combination of these four high quality natural ingredients works together in specific ways to help your body recalibrate itself to address SIBO symptoms.  During the recalibration period you may experience physical changes and some discomfort; be patient with the process to achieve positive results.

To Your Good Health,

Dr. Ken

*        *        *

Do Not discontinue use of any medications prescribed by your physician.

The “use by” date printed on the packets is a 60-day guideline set for prescription pharmaceuticals, not natural supplements, but is required by the packaging company to allow them to package either/or. The ingredients in the KBMD Health SIBO Support Box will remain fresh and effective for an additional 120 days from the “use by” date.

** KBMD Health makes no claims as to the results of any products.

Due to the complexity and variable nature of SIBO, the time sensitive consumable ingredients of our products, and to ensure the safety of our customers, we do not state or imply any guarantees or refunds.

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