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Living Generously: Ron Klabunde of Generosity Feeds

Generous? Make a difference in your community with us today! It’s easy to do and we will show you how! Ron Klabunde joins the GCP as Dr. Ken & Eric hit the road to Austin and tells them all about the mission of living generously. Ron is a former pastor, and with the help of his wife (Stephani Klabunde)) has organized a nation wide movement to end hunger for children. Generosity Feeds and (more…)

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Stroke Prevention & Recovery: The ECS and Your Brain

Almost 800,000 people in the US will suffer a stroke this year. Approximately 87% of those will be labeled as ischemic or caused by lack of blood flow leading to lack of oxygen. For many, stroke is somewhat inevitable. But preparing your body to be in the best position to prevent serious damage and even recover quicker leading to better outcome is something that we can all do. The information may be (more…)

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SCFAs Control Your Health: Why Short Chain Fatty Acids May Influence Disease

We’ve all heard “you are what you eat” and most people agree that healthy eating is important… but why? What if you knew that the bacteria in your gut are making important compounds such as post-biotics and short chain fatty acids that your body needs? Don’t let the science keep you away … It’s actually a simple solution to (more…)

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Crohn’s-Living Life to the Fullest, Paneez Khakpour

A Crohn’s diagnosis can seem like a disaster. The worry and sadness that is associated for the family that wants the best for their loved ones is real… BUT there’s more than hope! Paneez Khakpour joins Dr. Ken Brown and Eric Rieger to tell her story of triumph over Crohn’s. Living with Crohn’s doesn’t have to rob you of your life, as Paneez shares her story of being (more…)

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Fecal Transplant Bacteria Science: Poo & Prep Matter

Dr. Brown and Eric talk about the benefits of “fecal transplants”. Yes, you heard that right. Switching up the poo! He also pulls back the curtain on a consultation he did with patient in Sweden. If you’ve wanted to hear a first hand account of what it is like to have an unexpected change in your health, brace yourself… So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! (more…)

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Unrefined Bakery: Healthy Brilliance for Everyone

Taylor Nicholson and Anne Hoyt of the incredible Unrefined Bakery drop in to the Gut Check Project to discuss incredible foods that come from love of their community! Ohh Did we forget to say EVERYTHING that they make is gluten free, and tastes AWESOME??!! Learn how these women turned Celiac disease on its head, and are building a community that is healthy and safe for all people. (more…)

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