Ken & Eric tackle the outlying topics, nice GCP show contest, learn about NBS (Narcotic Bowel Syndrome), selfies are killing people, PTSD and med marijuana in Texas… Drop in the GCP and enjoy DR. Brown addressing the topics that could be shaping the world around you.

Welcome to the gut check project with your host Dr. Ken Brown. I’m Eric Rieger. Where we all check our egos at the door and nothing is off the table. Dr. Ken

what’s happening, man we are on episode number 12 we are

big doesn’t it is a big doesn’t.

So we thought we would take this time. This is like a recap episode. We’re just going to cover a lot of stuff just you and I yeah. And really really, really cool. I this is super exciting.

So we call this episode topic talk simply because next week we actually will be out of town. We’re going to go to IFM down in San Antonio, the

functional medicine society, correct. Yeah, we’re going to be running the booth there. I’ll try and teal. there and IFM in San Antonio. I love San Antonio. It’s a great city.

Absolutely. And it’s kind of wild. So if you’ve never heard of IFM we have tried for this is our third year it’s so popular that even though we were asked by the IFM, to go ahead and be a part of their show, we just we couldn’t sign up and time they heavily vet everyone who’s going to be a part of the show they wanted out john teal, and this year now that they’ve moved venues to a larger one on deal was definitely invited. We’re really really excited to be there on behalf of Tron TL. So I’m looking forward to the show next week.

Antonio, I love meeting functional medicine doctors because they are open to just about anything talking about checking your ego at the door, they will at least listen to anything and our prior episodes at So number 12, we’ve covered a lot of things that could be considered a little bit a typical, you know, the photobiomodulation thing to CBD talk that we’re always doing all that kind of stuff, stem cells, stem cells. That stuff is novel, and it’s the functional medicine community that typically leads the way and they start using it and then we can start getting some data and then we can start putting into traditional medicine.

Definitely. So today’s today’s show, we decided we would kind of reset. We’ve got a great contest to remind everybody about, we’ve got some some viewer emails that have suggested some incredible topics, but one of them in particular from I believe it’s believe it’s David, and we’re going to get to that in a moment. But to kind of reset Of course, to begin speaking about Ron teal,


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definitely so love my slash spoonie speaking of spoonie so the network continues to grow and the popularity continues to grow I checked out tres chow down again just this last week. I’m a terrible cook you know this I ended up getting a nice grill set a Big Green Egg Yeah, green egg. I mean, I’m the worst on the grill but now I follow directions I can actually

will make food that people will eat

not just the menagerie of animals

that discharged remains and you know the last season but no it’s it’s a lot of fun but tres shout out has got great information. Check him out on the spoonie networks buddy calm has a full lineup of because I would read off the times but I realized that there are a lot of Catch the repeat, go to spoonie calm and you can see where all of the shows but definitely trace chat down where it finishes and where re airs throughout the week.

Awesome. The You know, one of the things I want to try with you okay, right now I just I realized that I think one of the things we should do is continue to grow intellectually. Okay, you know that I like to read the daily stoic every day and I they always have quotes from scholars. Sure. So I’m going to read you a quote and I want you to tell me, which scholars said this. Okay. This sounds hard. Yes, it’s going to be really difficult. Okay. I am probably in the sky flying with the fish or maybe in the ocean swimming with the pigeons. See, my world is different.

I’ll give you a hint. Okay. Who loves lasagna?

Oh, is this this has got to be little Wayne. There’s a little way

I should have known that. Yeah, yeah. No, that’s good. He had real Geez. Silence like lasagna

I gotcha real geez move in silence like lasagna.

Yeah, man, that guy’s deep on lyrics. Yeah, sure.

That’s funny. So what do you have going on this past weekend,

man this past weekend was where? I feel like I’d say it on repeat but we’re back into into basketball. And you’ve said that a couple times. I have said that a couple


I know no doubt. And but actually this last Sunday because of basketball. The boys missed. They missed their traditional celebration with with mom. So Maria and the boys went and drove wind drove fast electric go karts, which were introduced to by Carl crewman ocher out in California. I think you may miss that one but I wanted to go with them I think it says racetrack called k one. And they have one now here in Dallas and man is great. They loved it is that

k one the one that so I did one when I was at I was giving a lecture at ACG and I went to the Mario Andretti one and it’s a it’s basically a track that has like turns and it’ll be dips upside down. It’s not just a straight flat one was this one that

is definitely not flat, but I don’t think that it has any bridge volley or anything else like that. I think it’s all routine S curve, boats it but it is definitely technical. And, of course, the boys and Murray came back and they said number one is great. Number two, they were surprised that the max speed limit is 45. And Max said, me and my youngest, he said, That’s so scary. Let’s go you dad didn’t know if I really wanted to be

legit when you’re gonna run those tight turns like that. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, for sure. So great Mother’s Day, you know, not typical, but raised. not typical. She likes to do do things that are of interest. So that was that was definitely fun for them.

Speaking of cards, do you remember when our good friend Russ hydronic. Dr. hydronic out of San Antonio, which we’re going to be seeing next week. Sure. He called into the show and we were talking about Lou Gehrig’s disease and you know, the effect is that That right he one of his good friends their son was a go Carter like all the child became really good went on the circuit and now like races for Porsche No way. Yeah and he’s like 18 or something now. Yeah. Cool. So tell Matt to stick with it what I’m saying.

It just seems it seems so hard and I know that’s it’s a career pathway that I’m completely ignorant to I don’t know how they, how they get to that point where where someone says, You know what, I want you to drive for my team, even though I’m pouring millions of dollars into this car and for a crew and equipment, etc. That just seems it seems wild.

Well, there’s not I mean, like, okay, you look at you wonder how people end up in certain sports? Yeah, I mean, like, for instance, Tim Duncan, was, he was gonna be a swimmer. Yeah. And, you know, if Michael Phelps didn’t jump into a pool, what would he be doing in certain countries, they certainly communist countries were back in the day when they would find their Olympic athletes they would like look and be like you you’re going to be a power lifter, based on XY and Z you you’re going to do this? I don’t know

yet. So there you go Tim Duncan is doing now. No, I believe that he has been training as an MMA fighter post NBA career. No way. I yeah, I’m certain I read that somewhere. But yeah, that’s, that’s what he spends his time doing is it’s MMA training, etc. I mean, so from awesome swimmer, if I remember correctly, the story about Tim Duncan, I don’t think that he, I don’t think that he really played competitive basketball until it was a very late team, and then went on to junior high in play. And then he did start playing to like his junior senior in high school. Maybe

I knew it at one time. I don’t remember the whole story behind that because I was we lived in San Antonio, I saw San Antonio when they had the David Robertson and Tim Duncan team, and they were just an incredible team to watch. So focused individual for sure.

Oh, you know what, I did not tell you crazy story. So you knew I was in San Antonio two weeks ago. As a family. Yeah. Okay. I can tell you a funny story. So with a family and we use Uber Lift whenever we go on vacation, it just, it just takes away the anxiety of having to wonder where you’re going to go. And even though you may be familiar with it with a town, it’s just, it’s just easier. Everybody can hop in and you enjoy your conversation. You know, you go out to eat, you hop into an Uber lift or something, some kind of ride share something like that. Well, after one of the games, we all happen to one of these rideshares and we’re going back to our hotel, which is down in downtown San Antonio, which is going through a great renovation of Regent deprecation, and they’re doing a lot to clean it up. I mean, there’s cities do that they Evan flow in San Antonio is kind of on the uptick right now. So it’s starting to really kind of come together. But we stayed at this new hotel that just opened I think, months ago, and we’re making our way down the road. And the traffic jam begins to kind of narrow down because of bottlenecking because there’s construction and we see you know, vacationers, tourists like their know where they are, what part of town you guys are We’re in downtown Reno probably like Riverwalk area area now probably like two blocks away from the Riverwalk itself where we are in the car. But you can see tourists making their way to the Riverwalk area, and I believe our hotel backed up to it. So we’re about two and a half three blocks away from our hotel is hotels. Nice, really, really nice. Well, so on one side, you see tourists making their way. And on the other side, you see where the the economic development hasn’t quite started, but it looks like they’re getting some preparations for it. They’re redoing the road. And there’s just a group of just random folks, right, okay. And one gentleman grabbed my attention because he stood out and he’s wearing on the tourist side or on the not on the tourists, okay? He looked like he knew where he was, but not everyone else really knew if he knew where he was. And he had a tie dye shirt on, and it was kind of dirty, unintended. It happens up or tattered, that tattered, but tattered, and he had on some camel shorts and lots of keys. I mean, just like he could probably open up most of the doors in San Antonio, just

like on a change is this is it a big ring

and they looked very noisy I couldn’t tell if it was it was an alert bell that he made for himself or he really had access to lots and lots of places. But so we have this gigantic ring of keys. And he’s kind of looking at sounds like the keymaster from the matrix, or, or Ghostbusters either way, doesn’t really matter. And at this point, he’s he’s kind of looking either way and we’re stopped in traffic. There’s a bottleneck, there’s a red line. And he’s kind of looking closely at cars, and then kind of checking them out. And I’m still not thinking too much of it, but I just noticed

him, like holding keys up to him going, I think this one will work. I put my name in there, you

know, it wasn’t quite like that. But then suddenly, he just decides to make his way and there’s just these two trash cans, and there’s a black one, and there’s a blue one but they’re identical. in shape and whatnot but it’s the big metal ones that kind of bow out there. They’re meant to be on the sidewalk easy for passage and you throw garbage in it well he walks past the black one in with intent and then dips his head down into the blue one, which was the second with complete intent. And he’s only in there for half a second because he reaches in and he grabbed something right away so he it appears to me he knows this is in there. And as he brings it up, he’s holding a handle and he’s basically shaking off will looks like trash can juice or

trash can juice well I know

it’s it’s it’s a really really rare fruit

but in most urban settings you’ll find this this trash can fruit and then you can you can squeeze the juice Yes, you can always squeeze the juice out of the trash can or as later my my my family just said that I think that’s just blood because what it was was a was a hammer. There was a About 18 inches long, and then he picks it up and looks at it, turns it from side to side glances of all of the cars and then sets the hammer down and then put his hands on his hips and

got this picture, right. So the keymaster of San Antonio. Yes, nothing’s happening with trashcans. He’s standing there and then all of a sudden he just bypasses and realizes that he remembered where he left that hammer. He’s dead.

I guess he was in the marinating and I’m not really sure what was going on. But it was it was really interesting because then I found myself feeling like a fish in a fishbowl. I don’t what did we hop out? I don’t know what we do. And why is he looking at our car? Why is he looking at the other cars? What’s he gonna do with those keys? Why is he got a hammer? How do you know is in there? What’s that juice? Or is it blood? So anyway, I just I found myself wondering what puts someone in that situation. But he had he had no conversation with anyone around it was probably five to 10 people walking and passing by And then as he’s just kind of zoning out, scanning vehicles watching them bottleneck he just decided well it’s time I’m gonna go ahead and pull this hammer out and he didn’t go and do anything with it. He just stared at cars every set it down and then kept staring at the hammer and then staring at cars and then finally we move How long were you guys

in traffic?

I know

this bottleneck serious it we’d gone from two lanes down to one but then finally the light turned green and slowly we made our way and

I was happy. I didn’t seem fully expecting Russ to call in again. Oh,

I know. Mike.

Yes, we all know Mike. Mike. Mike,

he’s got keys to everything.

So if you’re in San Antonio, and you know hammering Mike, you know, give us a little backstory here because we’re just gonna fill it in that or just maybe he’s looking for a second nails. I don’t know. He’s looking for something he’s given. Give them a door to open, given some construction projects to do. He’s ready. He’s ready to build really quick It’s funny that you brought up the Uber lift thing because on the news this morning, they were talking about, you know, how certain industries just disrupt everything. Well, we know that completely disrupted the whole transportation thing. Sure, taxis, whatever everything. Well, because of the app, Uber and Lyft drivers. Now in certain airports, they’ll do this in certain places. This whole article came out about how, at the Washington airport, I think it was the reagan airport and Washington, Uber and Lyft. Drivers would get together and they would all turn off their apps for two minutes. And what that would do is in the algorithm of Uber and lift, okay, it would show that there was a lack of drivers in that area, and increase the fair. Yeah, so they were genius. They would all do it together at the same time, so that they could increase their fares. You know how it says, oh, fair increase, high volume time, it’s not really high volume time. It’s that you have a lack of driver, right. And so they all get together. It’s technically illegal. The Uber and Lyft driver handbook handshake, whatever it is, there have been other things that have happened in Uber and lifts that, would that be considered price fixing up to 100%? It’s considered price fixing.

But I mean, would it be on the action of the of the drivers for doing I’m just curious, because they’re actually not the ones putting in the algorithm for the fair increase that’s technically Uber and lift or any of the others who are doing that they’re, they’re calculating it by their scarcity. So these drivers are just I mean, they’re, they’re free to turn their phones on and off.

Yeah, they’re actually saying that what they’ll do and here’s, here’s the quote every night several times a night Uber and Lyft. Drivers at Reagan National Airport simultaneously turn off their rideshare apps for a minute or two, to trick the app into thinking that there are no drivers available, creating a price surge when the fare gets high enough. They all agree it’s time and they turn it back on.

So they probably are just sitting there searching to see what the cost

is everybody sitting there waiting and it’s like, hold hold.

So little bit of Braveheart. Yeah, that’s nice. Now, that’s really interesting. But I mean, if you think about it, I mean,

that’s that’s the access. It’s, it’s the loophole, right? That’s what everyone does. They find loopholes. They find it’s the path of least resistance. They’re, they’re out there to make money. I mean, that’s some of them. That’s that’s their job. That’s just but it drives me nuts. Because, I mean, you know, I’ve been to like conventions and like the, like, natural Expo West. Sure. When thousands of people suddenly walk out of a building, and it’s a massive conference. And you order that Uber and you’re like, the fair just quadrupled. Oh, yeah, just I mean, it’s nuts. Well, you’ve been that you’ve been to Lubbock. And so I’ve gone out there to either a sporting I met the Uber driver in Lubbock, by the way the one

so, I I’ve been out there for four game day, you know, to take the ball game or Even basketball. And when it’s not, as you want to take an Uber, you can go from one side of town to the other. It’s very easy drive people drive friendly out there. It’s super, super easy. It’s never congested, you can make it from one side to the other, and about 10 minutes, no matter where you are, there may be $10, at most. But on game day, you can easily see it going just from being at the campus, which is around the fourth to 19th area, and then head over to 50th. You may see the fair as much as 35 bucks just to go in, you’re going to meet people for for dinner, whatever, after a game. But yeah, that’s, I mean, I always wondered that because it’s not it’s done at the hard to hail the Uber. Why the fare increases, simply just because you can or because that’s really what it is.

Well, I think that I think it all comes down to that. I think it’s the algorithm sure that if basically, there’s a need or the drivers are being used up, the fair will increase. I think it’s to incentivize other drivers that are on break or whatever to turn down. Yeah, to get out and do that. Yeah, and I don’t know I’ve never I’ve never done it right. But you know, I’ve actually had friends who have been in between jobs. And it’s been it’s been great for them to be able to supplement income. He’s running some I don’t know, dude, Uber drivers or Lyft drivers get like an alert that fares are increasing, you may want to turn your cab light on. Oh, very much like john wick with the assassins when the price went up the killer. Yeah, they all got the alert. It’s time. It’s time it’s time to go back in business.

And do that.

So what? What else happened in the brown household at the moment?

Well, we got I’m kind of proud of Lucas tonight he is being inducted into the National Honor Society. Whoo. It is nice. This is interesting. Right over here in colleyville, which means I don’t have to go too far. I’m gonna hang out here and just work here in this lovely Fort Worth area.

No joke. Yeah. I’m gonna drive.

five minute drive. Yeah, yeah, it’s nice for you, Lord is complaining that it’s at five o’clock in colleyville. And I’m like, I’ll meet you there. It’s so proud. little guy doing that.

Absolutely. And then Carla, she’s, she’s been she’s been named. She’s been named to a list,

man. So the school This is public school, the school that Carla goes to has some really smart kids in it and very proud of Carla. She got all A’s. So she got this Presidential Award, right? And they gave all these other awards. And this is it. The school goes up to the eighth grade. And one of the awards that they gave was the, when Duke invites kids to take the LSAT,

the tips and hints or something,

I don’t know. But it’s the LSAT. They take it and they’re putting the same pool as all the other high schoolers. They had at the school, seventh and eighth graders, they had like 12 of them score over the 95th percentile 95th percentile compared to high school senior us why probably us why Wow, yeah, that’s why I’m so proud of, of my daughter for getting straight A’s in a school that is academically extremely competitive. Wow. Well, that’s that’s just out of curiosity. So you’re in your oldest Lucas He’s been doing homeschool now for this last year so that he could do the tutoring that he needs to do for tennis. How’s that? How’s that working out for him, but it’s working out. That’s why we’re doing this over here. It’s actually considered great by in public school, but he does everything online. Right. And it’s just because of his schedule. It’s just one of those things you can’t miss as much school as he does. And so very bad call it was actually pretty well known throughout Texas for their curriculum. That’s really interesting. They seem really innovative and kind of on top of it. Yeah, no, no, I’m, it’s, you know, so far, it’s worked really well. And he’s, you know, liking it natural, our society and the usual stuff. So, I think next year, when he goes to high school, he’s going to try and integrate himself a little bit with some of the extra curricular type stuff.

But there’s something that well, and that makes sense though, so he couldn’t be he would be involved kind of in the club activities with people his own peers and have some more social interaction, but it’s not like he didn’t have any this last year. He’s got tons. I mean, I hear you bring up the same names over and over again, his tennis cohorts that he sees on the road, whether it be from the west coast or down to Florida. He just sees them. So that’s kind of his colleagues.

It’s pretty much the colleagues I mean everybody you know, it’s the same way with basketball. I mean, you guys you guys run in these different circles and sure, you know you just end up becoming friends with the parents and become friends. You know the boys make different friends different ages. You know, it’s it’s the beauty of life. Just kind of get yourself exposed. Get out there a little bit. Speaking of exposed, your boys are not shouldn’t say speaking of exposed.

They do. Yeah. Well, I was always

fans out that I had a great time seeing your family at generosity feeds, why don’t you tell everybody about that, man romka blending. Wow, huge contact that we met out at baby bathwater. And, you know, big shout out to Hollis and lavich for knowing exactly who to who to include in that group. So, you know, for the listeners, Dr. Brown here is he doesn’t say it himself. But he’s one of the most altruistic people without ever saying and basically we took the company that we’re starting here where we have this

Don’t you have to say it because I have it tattooed on my lower back.

But before the CVD and the research and are trying to we always want to find the best avenues to give back to the public and sometimes we we let everyone know when we do it sometimes we don’t but this last week, it was really cool. We get to talk about a little bit because it took a lot of pictures and his generosity feeds and ronica blendy with mod pizza, they go to a lot of different urban areas, I think almost every weekend, and they recruit people to come in and pack meals and this last was it Saturday, it was Saturday,

Saturday. Yeah, we we packed 11,000 meals for needy children and 44 minutes 44 minutes in the DFW area. What something I did not know is that one in five kids. The only food that they get is actually at school in certain in certain urban areas. Because of the the lunch program. That’s the only meal that they get. So though they may go the whole weekend without food. That’s what this is for. It’s to stick food in their back. backpacks

so that they can eat. That was a really cool thing. And actually what I was even also equally impressed with was the quality of the ingredients they were pulling out to make those suits that were on the go that it wasn’t just beans and it wasn’t just beef, it was high quality, beef broth mix, etc. They want to feed the kids a nutritious meal when they’re not just saying Oh, hey, look, we gave him some rice the complex complex. Yeah,

you have the protein. You’ve got the the the rule base for the little bit of fat. That’s awesome. I totally agree and packing that that was you know, doing doing charity like that once in a while. Just remind you that there there are people out there that are quiet, but they may not be getting the, you know, the basic needs of life.

Yeah, it was it was a lot of fun. Ron, thank you so much for the invitation. And of course he’s he’s been a great template on showing us what we can do, to engage in more charity and giving back with the companies and we we plan to take full opportunity to do so that was a great half our next half hour. Already, we’re going to get into a research topic in the next half hour, we got to talk about the dangers of selfies. Really interesting statistics there. And what’s going on the IQ and developed countries now to building see here in a little bit, go check logic Episode 12.

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Okay, we’re back. It is now time for the second half hour of Episode 12 gut check project. You just reminded me during break, I completely forgot to hit on something that was important. And I even said I was going to do it at the top of the last half hour and forgot.

So it wasn’t the contest.

I know. I don’t know what I forget. Probably because I’m not training radio. But anyway.

So got to do a lot of things. We’re not trained in

Definitely, definitely do. So gut check project, we want to reward the listeners and we’ve already had people who have responded. definitely appreciate it. Everyone so far has sent me examples of doing this through iTunes and that’s great. So keep that up, but essentially the contest to win a free month supply of altran, teal, and a free kBm D CBD flavor of your choice, whether it be natural or sentiment, you simply have to go to you, YouTube, or iTunes or really both. And then subscribe. Take a screenshot, send me an email, which all you have to do is go to Gtech project. com Go to connect you’ll see on there you can select the message it says I subscribe and it sends us a message it in July we will draw a winner. We have five winners. That’s a value of how much how much you can

For all of that, yeah, let’s well

over 100 bucks, right that so well over 100 bucks. So that’s a free hundred bucks and you don’t even have to pay shipping, we will get it to you. So simply go to iTunes, search for gut check project, subscribe, share, tell your friends about it so that they can enter it also, or enter for them. Either way, however used to do it, and then take a screenshot, shoot me an email, whenever we contact you, when you when you just simply have to show us your screenshots, and you get it and then do the same thing at YouTube. And you can enter again. So awesome, easy there. We’re all we’re already giving back. And it’s not even our charity.

So if you want to guarantee that you’re going to win a contest, what’s an easy way to do that?

guarantee that you’re going to win guarantee? Well, if you want to be guaranteed to win, you just go to love my tummy, calm slash spoonie everyone’s a winner

at that. Look, everyone’s a winner at that location, putting code spoonie and you’re gonna win a huge discount.

Yeah, you’re going to save money right there. You’re holding yourself What are you looking at?

Well, I’m laughing because member Okay, at the top of the hour I said I want to be more intellectual with you. Which scholar said, I’m probably in the sky flying with the fish or maybe in the ocean swimming with the pigeons. Sure. See my world is different. And I gave you a hint that I said it has something to do with lasagna. Well, my wife Lori that just texted me and she said Hmm. With that I thought it was Garfield.

I was like, Oh, the scholar Garfield, right?

Yeah, actually, you’re probably on equal footing just in two different ways. And Garfield had lots of cool things to say he did have a lot of cool things to say as a lazy cat. I really was thinking about that is that is a really, really lazy cat that made its own cartoon.

You know, being that lazy is pretty successful as far as cats go,

well, you’re not you’re not lazy. I know that you have a research topic that you want to get to.

I do want to get to that. But first I want to there’s some cool stuff that’s happened in the news recently, okay. I was afforded an email That House Bill 3703 in Austin, patients will now be able to have access to the state’s medical marijuana program if they’ve been diagnosed with medical seizures, multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, incurable Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, autism and Lou Gehrig’s disease. And we’ve we often talk about Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease and autism. We talked about that a lot. So this is this bill did pass in Austin. Yesterday, I think is when it passed. It was pretty one thing that people are a little upset about is that they did allow PTSD which is obviously very, very, very common but PTSD know.

That is interesting. Do you think that Well, number one, the exclusion of it, it just it This isn’t unique to the medical field either legislators are elected to make these decisions. Don’t you think it’s kind of strange though, that probably there’s a lack of expert opinion and helping shape things that apply to someone who would have the knowledge to do that. You’ve got an elected person who has any idea what their background is. And essentially, they are the ones determining what the best sciences to make a decision for who’s going to have access to something.

So I had a patient that is a patent attorney, and there’s some patent laws that are changing. And he got together with a bunch of other patent attorneys and other offices and they got hold of a senator and do I think I’m going to get this wrong, but basically to have a lunch with him to explain why the bill that’s presented is not a good one, and it will lead to patent issues. You know, everybody has a, you know, they hide stuff in there. It costs like $50,000 to have lunch with them.

Oh, my go to Okay, yeah, but I mean, what does the money go to that

goes to the campaign or it goes through whatever, but the whole point is, is who gets to the person that makes the vote? just doesn’t make sense. It’s, it’s tough and you know, the whole PTSD thing. That’s what my actual article is on, but it’s pretty thick and it’s pretty cool. And we’re going to get into that. But there’s a reason why I really do think that we need other treatments for these diseases. That right now in the medical field we don’t have good treatment for and people are self medicating all over the place. I want to tell you a quick story before you get to that research because it just reminded me and I did not share this with you this last week but you know that I do. I blocks for another friend of mine off the mall, just Dr. Rogers Eckhart fantastic ophthalmologist, by the way up in Denton. So we had a patient who came in older gentleman, served Vietnam served his country proudly.

He’s basically been relegated to the VA for his his health care. He’s got chronic pain, chronic pain issues. This particular patient did, and he came in with some bad pain so he couldn’t get it under control, and the person overseeing his care at the VA has determined now That he will not refill the oxy cotton or wherever he was on. I can’t remember exactly which one it was or had no, I’m sorry, I was hydrocodone, hydrocodone that he was currently on. He’s not getting any more, because they felt like that it It kept increasing. And he basically was getting diminishing returns. So they just they’re stopping it for a while. Well, basically what that did is it, it allowed his blood pressure to increase too high to where we couldn’t do the procedure. So this poor man who’s relying on the VA, etc, he begins to pour his heart out to me. He says, I’ve gone to the VA, I tell them, I’m in pain and they’re telling me that all I’m trying to do is raise the dose I’m no interest in, quote unquote, being high or anything else like that. And then he went on to tell me something did just kind of shattered shattered me when I hear you talk about the marijuana law and it’s great that they’re opening up access, but he went on to tell me that three and a half years ago, he had gone out of state to Colorado with his family. was able to obtain marijuana legally in Colorado, and that his pain threat or his pain or threshold, I guess technically in his in his description kind of went up, the threshold went up and the pain went down. And he had great comfort he was able to sleep for the first time and was able to go to the bathroom without issues. And so when I hear that and then he returns here, he said he was then warned by the VA when he began to talk to his doctor about it that if he were to test positive he may be kicked out of the availability to get his hydrocodone here while he’s still in Texas. It just what kind of service are we allowing these people to get this poor man now he couldn’t get his

he couldn’t do his cat. So I mean, if you stop and think about that, this is the problem. When I went to medical school we were told you can you have to you know one of the five things that you have to make sure that you take care of it’s a vital sign pain is now a vital sign right? What is your pain level if you’re if you have somebody who’s in pain You are obligated to treat that pain. And we were told that don’t worry, you can give people Vicodin, all this other stuff because as long as they have real pain, there will be no addiction issues. That is not true. Not true at all. We learned that one like right now we’re still learning it. That’s why I was so excited to see that Denver, at least decriminalize the use of psilocybin. Yeah, because there are trials going on right now, psilocybin is extremely effective in PTSD. And you and I had a long talk with Dennis McKenna, right. And psilocybin is the actual molecule that’s in mushrooms that people described as mushrooms, the hallucinogenic mushroom, but that psilocybin really does some interesting neurologic stuff. I mean, somebody who’s a huge proponent of that is Joe Rogan, right? I was listening to I don’t remember which one it was. Joe Rogan was on and they got to talking about doing psilocybin in various doses, and how micro Seeing is actually something that a lot of people are doing a lot of very successful. CEOs are doing. Oh, it was with Jorge hospital. Oh yeah, who’s an MMA fighter Cuban MMA fighter they were talking about that. Were Jorge did some bro science. It took a little too much mushrooms and it’s pretty funny episode. But anyways getting back to this, we we create this problem and then what we’re going to do is we’re just going to say no, I’m not going to give you anymore because we know that like almost everything else that you take caffeine included. I can have six, seven cups of coffee, and I’m perfectly fine because I drink a lot of coffee. My receptors down regulate the response to it, which that’s going to happen with opioids, it’s going to happen with everything and when somebody needs more to achieve the same pain level. It’s not necessarily that that they’re seeking more for the addiction property, you literally will start having pain at the same time. doses I have to keep going up. And then when we withdraw, people get into, you know, they go through withdrawal. It’s a legitimate addiction,

withdrawal and then their body goes through some compensatory mechanisms that basically just like this gentleman was experienced with high blood pressure, and now he can’t. His vision now suffers, his quality of life is going down because he’s in chronic pain. He’s having to be wheeled around by his daughter, it’s in she’s in tears, as we’re saying. It’s just not safe to do your eyes. Right now we wanted I wanted so badly to do it but high pressure, high ocular pressure, blood pressure can lead to a rupture and then he would just lose vision in his eye all together. So unfortunately, we had to just reschedule it.

High blood pressure due to withdrawal symptoms, there’s going to be an anxiety component to it, the pain component to it. And when you say that you can’t sleep Sleep is the most important medicine. The one thing if I can get one thing for all my patients to do, get a good night’s sleep because so much stuff goes on. That heals your body. That makes you better while you can sleep. So that’s one of the reasons why I’m so adamant that when we launched this health box, the health box, yeah, we want to make sure that people can heal their brains, get some sleep, they’re going to have more energy, all of it works together. If we can get people feeling better,

definitely any you’re about to touch on PTSD. Before we get to that him just one second, one more thing on the veterans. Here’s what I think some people forget. Whenever the federal government prevents us from doing research on a particular substance. It’s just that means there is no innovation that’s really legally allowed to be had. So keep in mind that most of the movement for us to move forward to have evidence based practice or protocols, I should say, using medical marijuana and helping states like Colorado and California kind of set us on this track way where we can start looking at THC and other substances came from Israel, because we prevented it from happening here. But they were specifically interested in taking care of people that serve in their military which is Everyone has to do two years over there. We should be taking better care of our veterans here. They have sacrificed their time. And for the most part several years of earning power to simply serve their country, and it just doesn’t make sense that when it comes time to take care of them in, in a situation where there and direct need, and we’ve essentially used them as a country to serve us, why don’t we turn them away? It just doesn’t make sense that with that, that’s that’s the system that they have to exist in.

We were talking there’s

a friend of mine gamertags born out of in Omaha, Nebraska, where I’m from they he’s part of a founding member of soldier Valley spirits. Oh, yeah. Where it’s they actually give proceeds to veterans so they’ve got their own. They’re making different whiskeys winning awards, doing that kind of stuff. And they give a certain percentage all the time to our veterans, which is cool, and it’s only veterans that work there. So it’s super cool. We should have him on. Yeah, I know. He’s a really, really, really funny guy. super high energy. two quick things on the opioid thing. Okay. Did you see in the news yesterday that a small study came out of New York, the Northeast? I can’t remember. It’s not. I think it was Mount Sinai, I think came out of Mount Sinai where they took a small number of people that were heroin addicts, okay. And they actually gave them marijuana. Okay, CBD, CBD, THC. I haven’t read the article I just saw on the news. I went, I need to get that article and they it really helped with opioid addiction. So we got that question brought up on one of the shows about does does CBD and you know, you always be careful about making claims but when a study comes out, you could say not making a claim I’m referring to the study the study showed that they were able to get some of these opioid heroin addicted people off of heroin using CBD.

Now I did not see it but it does sound like an incredibly I mean, that’s just have to be noticed. topic for a show that we follow up with because that, I don’t know, but it sounds incredible. And just think four years ago, that kind of research wouldn’t exist certainly not stateside.

So in fact, on the news, they’re actually talking that most of the research coming out of Israel or Canada now Now, since Canada’s getting into a little bit, they’re actually looking at it. What was the name of the person that emailed you about? Have you ever heard of narcotic Belson? That was David, David H. I don’t wanna say your last name. I don’t know if that’s what something he gave me permission to do. But David, and what he did is he specifically brought something to our attention. David, thank you. This was an awesome email, basically saying that articles date back to 1987. And then several of them, the NIH has posted two articles on it. And then in 2007, they were even revised in 2017. And it’s a condition called NBS or narcotic bowel syndrome, just like Dr. Brown said. I mean, there’s a there’s there’s actually a lot of legitimate research back behind it and his His claim here is a lot of physicians and pharmacists are completely unaware of it even being a problem. But I mean, you being a GI, maybe you didn’t know about this moniker, but you’ve kind of seen this symptom occur. I have, I’ve had a couple patients, and you’re almost chasing I mean, I’m going to, I’m going to call it chasing the dragon because this is fascinating. You can be taking opioids for let’s say, back pain, getting a motor vehicle accident, you’ve got this chronic back pain, you’re on opioids. And a very weird thing can happen. This narcotic bowel syndrome. Actually, when you’re on opioids, it can actually change the motility of the intestines. And we know that when you change the motility, you can allow bacteria to grow, which means you’re going to have more gas produced. And it actually causes something called hyperalgesia. So your visceral sensitivity goes up in a paradoxical way. So I’m going to say this again, you take opioids for back pain, but your gut actually ignores the opiate And hurts worse. Yep. So I’ve had people on opioids and they look like their pain seekers, because they’re like, my belly really hurts. And you realize we got to get you off these opioids. And that’s what I’ve done with about four patients. The whole point was to try and get them off. It’s called in the medical terms. It’s called opioid induced hyperalgesia. So it’s a characterized by paradoxical response, people that are getting opioids suddenly. Now, what’s interesting is that, does it just happen in the gut? We have a term for it there. Is it possible to happen in other places in your body? where it’s like, oh, now this hurts well, are we lowering the pain threshold in other places?

Well, what happens? What happens acutely in the hospital Of course, when people have too many opioids, one of the first things they complain about it, it almost always starts with the nose, but it can spread out to the body. That’s the itching. You and I’ve had this conversation before. Many times, the first thing that’s prescribed to them is Benadryl and unfortunately, it’s not a histamine mediated response at all, that will do nothing you need to use. Unfortunately, to offset the opioid drug you have to get an opioid mix agonist antagonist to like it like a new vein or something like that to make the itching stop because the Benadryl simply will just stop his domain makes him tired. So now they’re just falling asleep itchy and you’re not really doing anything. Unfortunately, it can take someone to another state where, since the opioids suppress respiratory drive, not being awake, actually will drive down your respiratory rate as well. That’s a natural response to that you get rest. So it’s, it’s just a bad combination all the way around when especially when, in today’s day and age, mostly outside of anesthesia trained people. The first thing people reach for is not an opioid agonist antagonist to handle when you

and I had that conversation. First thing I thought of I was an intern in San Antonio about 2am get called by a nurse. We gave it patient is pain medicines and I was itching everywhere. Oh 25. Benadryl? What do you guys? What do you normally do? Because you’re an intern, I learned something early on. And this is advice to anybody that’s doing a career when you find somebody that’s been doing it a lot longer and new no matter what their title is. Listen, listen. Yeah. I mean, I’ve always so we had to rotate with the military in the military. You know, if you go in as a doctor, you automatically go in as a captain. So you’re an officer, right? But you do whatever that Master Sergeant says. Yeah.

Because he knows what’s going on.

So I made my life real easy. But when I was at the VA, in the ICU, I would just, I would defer to the nurses that were there for 30 years be like you teach me like you’ve been doing this little longer. I’ve been here a week. Yeah, well, I mean, you’re exactly right. I mean, we we, we did that when I was coming through three anesthesia training. I can remember you would have a fantastic scrub techs who’ve done lots more hearts than I had at the time. And they were they were great on the set of aliens me wanna let me just listen to them. Because they help you and but it makes sense. So when I first came into practice that I was doing a lot of I was doing a lot of ercp that medical city Plano explain that ercp is yes, it’s where it’s it’s called an endoscopy at retrograde Colegio pancreatitis graphy big scope to this to the scope that you just go down like an endoscope and you go up into the liver and into the pancreas. Thank goodness. It was it was fun at that time. It was the doctor, my partner Dr. Goldschmidt. And now we have Dr. Ackerman who are both the experts in it. And so as it turns out, it’s a skill Yeah, that the more you do, the better you get. But it was pretty funny because the ercp team that was there, you know, I’m, you’re new and you’re trying to act like you know what you’re doing and you’re like, you know, give me the Give me the jag whatever and something else has put your

towels in hot water.

So I was always trusting this nurse Hanny who’s been there forever. And you know, he would hand me the stuff and the He’s hilarious. He’s from the Philippines. And he’s got a real Paul nature. And so what you do is you get into the you, you get into the bile duct and you cut so that you can pull stones out and do stuff like that. Sure. And it was, I no longer do ercp because we’ve got better experts doing it. But I’m doing it and I’m making this cut. And I look over at Hani and I’m like, that’s, that’s good, right. And he goes, I think you need a little bit more. And I went, and then just red blood everywhere. And he goes, that was too much. I spend the next hour trying to stop the bleeding. It’s always like that run like oh, yeah, no doubt about that.

Well, yeah, they’re experts are there for a reason and people do specialize and thankfully they do. give enough time to tackle this.

Well, I just want to bring up another interesting news stories, where we’re kind of all over the map here but a story just came out today a woman from Greenville, South Carolina. is suing Burger King, because she claims that she was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome after suffering symptoms since eating improperly cooked food at the restaurant. She’s asking for $350,000 for medical expenses, missed work, medication, gas mileage, as well as public embarrassment, excessive weight loss and additional damages.

Wow. Well, I mean, there’s a lot of different things to think of there. I mean, obviously, probably most fast food. I don’t want to name Burger King specifically, but probably most fast food is not the best kind of food to eat. But I think most of us should know that. I don’t know. What do you think?

Well, what I think is really interesting to me is that we know that 20% of people that have a gastroenteritis no matter what the cause, it may not have been burger game. Maybe it was whatever, no matter what the cause 20% of them will actually develop a dysmotility meaning your intestines will not move very well. Allow bacteria to grow and they You suffer all these symptoms. What is striking is she’s been doing this for years. It was several years before that. She said that this happened and she was then labeled as get his irritable bowel. That’s what I see in clinic all the time. Literally all day long people come in, they’re like, man, I was perfectly fine. I traveled somewhere and I came back. We’re talking about veterans. There’s a lot of people that when they do a tour someplace else, they get sick. So like 20% know that Dr. Mark Pimentel I still think he’s doing the study is doing a study on veterans that come back and the burden of irritable bowel syndrome people get labeled is actually something fixable. And that’s how we developed altran teal, so I’m reading this story and I’m like it was poor woman just needs to Yeah, or the facts and depending on what type of bacteria is in there.

I’m just going to call an audible here. I think we’re gonna have to move your study to the to the next half hour so we have enough time. But that takes me to another topic. One of the places that actually carries our KB MD CBD had a question and She Her name is Jacqueline up in Oklahoma. And she was asking me, What is the connection of why people may suffer insomnia and I know that you have talked about it a couple of different mechanisms, mechanisms, but also thought about another one. I want to run this by you. So whenever we have inflammation, what’s the main marker? histamine, right? So histamine, of course, is is something that basically raises whenever we have a cut and abrasion, we have an insult, we’re going to have histamine, right. histamine, of course, is one of those that works on our wake center that keeps us awake. So if we have chronic inflammation, just like we were talking about while ago, when you give someone Benadryl, they don’t necessarily need it, you’re blocking the histamine, they get tired. If you have chronic inflammation, you have this, you have a chemical messenger in your body that circulating that your body is producing, being histamine making you stay awake and alert because technically your body thinks that it’s under distress and it needs to go and do something about it. So until you can Basically control and slow down inflammation and get some level of handle on that. It would seem yet another natural reason why it would make sense to have a healthy endocannabinoid system to slow down the histamine response so that you don’t have over inflammation.

Yeah, and I think it’s it’s it’s not just history, remember the history is being released by the mass cell, right? And that’s part of a cascade of inflammatory markers. There’s all kinds TNF alpha, aisle 12, aisle 23, all these things that we’re learning more and more about. And last week was it or the week before we discussed how when you have leaky gut, you can have leaky brain, your blood brain barrier actually becomes permeable to these inflammatory molecules. These inflammatory molecules can then reside in the hippocampus, which is your sleep center, and you don’t sleep well. And then it becomes this horrible cycle, which many Americans are actually in stresses Good thing acutely, acutely, right as your body adapts to it. Chronic stress. No.

Yeah, that’s really what we’re talking about. We just talked about that gentleman who’s that the VA chronic pain, chronic inflammation, chronic stress. That’s That’s the problem. stressors are not bad at all. I mean, you work out to grow muscle you think hard and then you take a you know, your rest and then your brain rearranges. But I like the histamine example, only because for some people that are new to learning why inflammation may be tied to their insomnia. Most people have at least either experienced or had a close one experience taking something like Benadryl diphenhydramine, and they get sleepy and it’s because you’re blocking histamine. But think of the inbox. Never

thought about that. I guess with your anesthesia training, you certainly are much more knowledgeable about the depths of sleep and the stages of sleep and things like that because you have to make sure that somebody doesn’t run away.

It’s bad, bad look.

There’s so much Funny you’re going down this route this morning, when I was working out I was listening to I listened to a podcast called the health hacker. I can’t remember his name, but he had his guest today was a MD called Dale Bredesen. Okay, he wrote a book. It’s all about preventing Alzheimer’s. So Alzheimers and dementia is becoming one of the leading causes of burden on the US and death and all this stuff. He showed something which is really interesting that typically in the US, we start becoming ill around 40 we start getting diagnosed with chronic illnesses. In the UK, it’s around 50. So what he was saying is that we may be living long, but our sick time is longer. Oh, yeah. which ultimately, the longer you’re sick. So if you have chronic diabetes, if you have sleep issues, if you have all this stuff, you decrease BDNF, which is a subset substance that cleans up your brain and what he’s saying was Very interesting podcast because basically everything we’re saying, you need to fix your gut, you need to sleep well. You need to protect your brain, all those things that we always talk about, because this is the burden that’s going to happen if you don’t do those things properly. And he was talking about doing a like this cognise cuppy really have a colonoscopy, you do a cognitive therapy. Periodically, you go in and you check, different markers, insulin levels, hemoglobin agency and things like that, and then a bunch of others, but I thought it was just an interesting term. And he competitors colonoscopies like man, we don’t think anything of going in and having, you know, a colonoscopy because now it’s normal for everybody at one time it was it. We should be doing cognitive therapy, and trying to alter the course one of that interesting Well, that’s a really cool idea, especially if you could tie it back to what the cause was what causation was. I mean, that was the that’s exactly what he was talking about. Unfortunately, you have pain I give you opioids. Let’s go back to the root. Why do you have the pain?

Oh, man, there’s the music. Hey, that was That’s the first hour of guttag project Episode 12 in the books like us and share on iTunes and on YouTube We will be back in just a moment.

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but Well

yeah, she’s got some excellent information on how pro anthocyanins which are the polyphenols inside of our john to actually benefit athletes when taking 1000 milligrams a day. So you’re the doctor. It’s basically four capsules of electron teal per day, correct?

Yeah, it’s a so four capsules gives you the polyphenols has the antioxidant component. I have a new article that we’re going to talk about at some point where it actually looks because there’s some confusion about it. talked to a PhD who’s doing some research and said, Oh, we no longer think Polly females because of the pro oxidant component to it, meaning Oh, does it actually create a little bit of inflammation? As it turns out, a new article came out, and the polyphenols are a fasting mimetic molecule, meaning you get the same effect is fasting, which means you’re going to have my toffee g ontology cell renewal, because the sick cells go away. That’s the pro oxidative effect, but the anti oxidative ones, so once again, it comes back Mother Nature just seems to do it better. And it’s really hard to take a concept in a petri dish and reproduce it with humans. Yeah,

definitely. So are trying to get some at love my tummy, calm, slash spoonie. So Dr. bras, p

o n one.

Say everybody’s a winner. Yes. So Dr. Brown, you are going to to address a PTSD article and I don’t want us to get cut short here. So Because we did the last half hour I’m going to go ahead and let you kind of steer it.

Well, I was gonna go there but first I wanted to say this is dangerous. This is right now.

This is a you know, kind of interesting. I want to present a scenario you got me thinking about how you saw that guy in San Antonio with all the keys and you just walked up to the trash cow

head out

hammer man hammer man and you were trying to do a backstory for it. Like why is he there? Why is it the keys? Why they go grab the hammer?

Yeah, well, I do want to know those things.

I want to tell you a story and then I want you to tell me the backstory. Okay, okay. All right. This is an NLP exercise.

Oh, Robert seal Dini. Michael Byrne off stuff.

Yes, I neuro linguistic programming, and what that is certain words or certain sounds or certain memories will create emotions around this. Okay. Okay. All right. Now, I just want the backstory. I just want to know what’s actually happened. Okay. You’re sitting there and out of nowhere, a woman runs up to another woman and slaps her, huh? That’s it. Tell me what happened. Tell me why. Tell me what’s going on with that scenario.

Well, I can’t believe you don’t remember, because the woman that was sitting there had basically commandeered the other woman’s vehicle from Walmart and had parked it in the wrong spot and it was towed away. And the woman who came in and did the slapping told her that he

I think you forget that you were on a boat in Africa. Oh, that slapping? Yeah, yes, that slapping incident.

Yeah, that was the woman who was supposed to fed the lions but because she didn’t, the woman who came in and slapped. Her family was bitten by a few lions. And she was upset that since the one who was just sitting there didn’t feed them. She basically allowed the lions to go hungry and they went after humans.

Wow. Yeah. So it’s because somebody did not do their job properly. And that affected her. So she Was slapping her out of revenge. Yeah, I was a sad day but everybody was okay. But you know, it’s it was very scary. Interesting, nice boat ride, though. Thank you. I do

remember that.

So that that is your tech if you ask a bunch of people that you’ll get all different kinds of scenarios, yours interesting with the with the feeding the lion and the lion each other people that’s kind of interesting. But yours is a story of basically it’s a violence, right? What really happened is that you were on a boat in Africa. A mosquito landed on the woman’s cheek and she went over and killed the mosquito, because that is a malaria infested area. Yeah, she saved her life. It wasn’t a violent act. She was actually protecting that woman. So there’s two things to this. Number one, the neuro linguistic programming your prior history of anything like that filled in the gaps, right? If you’re in that area and you witness that you would probably think oh, that woman will save another woman’s life sure, because we can’t have them together. Passing malaria

near the way you told it, I immediately placed them into an adversarial role between each other

no doubt, I was doing a NLP lecture, which is where this came up and the guy actually opened the lecture with that.

And just I just for the listeners, I had no idea what he was going to tell me just that

the I’m coming out, you’re just left field, we’re just all over the map that leads into something super, super cool. Okay. So, today a story came out about malaria. Alright. And for the first time ever a vaccine has been developed. Okay, so we’re sitting here and we’re like a malaria, whatever. Malaria affects nearly half the world’s population. And a new vaccine may be able to actually stop this and save millions of lives. And Malaria is one of the reasons why certain countries can’t get out of economic crisis. Because it kills so many people kill so many kids. It’s super scary. I didn’t I mean, once I, and I was thinking about it because the NLP story is exactly that what the guy said in the lecture, right? And then I read this article on malaria and I was like, wow, this fits perfect into your Yeah, into your hammer man story. Malaria really is humanity’s curse. We don’t think about it in the US, but it kills so many people. In fact, when you look at the world’s dangerous animals, like they always like, Oh, yes. skeeto Yeah, mosquito rains. I mean, they kill more people because of malaria. Then every other thing that’s out there

children about volunteerism, when people go to Africa, and they you can take I think it’s an anti malarial pill. I don’t know much about it, but I know that you basically stock up on it and then you take it, then you go and then one of the most important pieces of equipment is the mosquito nets around where you sleep, so that you don’t get malaria. But before we get really deep in there, I’ve always wondered, of taking care of a few young kids Those who’ve had sickle cell anemia here stateside. And it’s usually not not a good situation. And but that being said, if sickle cell anemia they think was an adaptation or mutation so that humans could survive. That’s an exposure

to a genetic thing where you’re in an environment your genes turn on. And

so but if if you have sickle cell, I wondered, is this survival from malaria? Does that offset like, if those same kids were exposed to true malaria would that? I never, I’ve never quite figured out why the adaptation is so beneficial, because in most cases, not every case, but in most cases, the lifespan is rather short.

Do you know what is really cool is if you get an international infectious disease doctor and start asking questions like that, it’s really wild, especially if they’ve got an epidemiology background as well, right? So you’ve got an ID that deals with stuff like that, and they can explain that A little bit out of the scope of my medical practice. Interesting thought. But it’s fascinating because this it, I guess in Africa, a child dies every two minutes from malaria. No idea. 400,000 people a year. Now let me say this again 400,000 people a year from malaria. That’s amazing. I mean, this is insane that they believe that half of all deaths since the stone age can be attributed to malaria half since the Stone Age half. Yeah, because it’s just ubiquitous. So finally, Glasgow smithkline. With the support of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others, including the World Health Organization, they got together with the global vaccine Alliance. It took the 32 years of research costs more than $700 million and they finally just released this vaccine or about ready to release vaccine trials is showing it to be about 40% effective about its effective as the influenza vaccine that we have. But still a massive step in the right direction. absolutely incredible. And this just came out today. Fascinating this could if you could get rid of malaria, this could change the economic scope of Africa. Yeah. Because it’s, it’s that deadly. It’s that 400,000 a year. That’s crazy. I never thought about until I read this. Then I realized it took $700 million to develop this thank goodness for fantastic people, you know, like, like Bill and Melinda Gates that put this together and whoever else is involved in their foundation

and now the way malaria works, basically, it’s destroying red blood cells, right? Because, in fact, I just now remembered this. A friend of mine, two friends of mine who shared mom, they, john and Brian, their mom when we were younger, had traveled over the country. Got malaria. Whoo, she came back and she was she was yellow, and had grade kind of great eyes on her on her face and if she was sick for a while, but but that’s basically how did you become john destroyed and red blood cells become damaged you’re just hoping that you can finally produce some new ones to overcome it is a wild time for sure.

And she’s you know, she’s strong enough to do that but can imagine a child that is very young infant nourishments kind of hard to get. Oh, yeah, but it’s crazy but this is super exciting and we have to think globally we can’t you know, you can’t just out malaria doesn’t affect me in the 400,000 people you know, globally This is a huge interesting step in the right direction

yeah man no joke and what a what a hit to their generations to is they try to take knowledge on and on he just keep losing kids and it just be really really difficult.

So I just thought it was interesting with the NLP slap in the face. Now whenever you see a woman run up and slap another woman you like good for her. She’s killing the mosquito. Look at those


She just saved her life,

everything on worldstar just people being friends.

Todd is that’s that’s the way it should be.

Another little Wayne quote, somebody just sent me I don’t need it to be easy. I just want it to be worth it. Getting this vaccine was not easy. Hopefully it’s worth it.

Yeah. Well, that’s where he’s a little bit more straightforward and some of his other poetic

I think, adventures pants on with scissor.

Ladies on

yelly. That’s it. All right, I have to get to this article because this is like the second week in a row. Bear with me. Let’s do it. It’s a little deep, but it’s gonna make a ton of sense here. So an article came out in the Journal of chemical neuro anatomy. The title is emerging evidence for the anti depressant effect of Canada dial and the underlying molecular mechanism. Okay, so this is the first time an article is actually been done, where they’re looking at how possibly CBD can actually work in depression. So there’s a little background that I’ll tell you about that. Actual study. One of the problems that you know I run into I’m a big fan of CBD cannabidiol, when trying to do research on it, is there’s just too much information and there’s not enough, you know, human trials. Actually, there’s a lot of trials out there, you just have to know where to look. And a lot of people make claims it’s not a claim when you can have something that shows what it does, then all you’re doing is describing the mechanism and that’s what this is. So we’re going to look at this is actually it’s a joint collaboration with some Brazilian doctors in Denmark, doctors. The background, the World Health Organization estimates that depression affects 322 million people. There’s a lifetime prevalence of 20%. of depression. Yeah, it is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and increases the risk of all cause mortality and life expectancy. It’s been estimated that it costs around economic losses globally as well. trillion dollars every year in productivity due to depression and anxiety. If we could figure out how to treat it, it would result in an economic gain of 230 billion dollars annually. Amazing.

Why Why? What are we waiting on?

Right? Interesting, huh? Here’s the problem. There are treatments out there. You know, I see commercials for them all the time. It’s the people that they look really happy. And then they sit there and they’re running to the field. They’re like, you know, the last protein may cause depression, anxiety doesn’t talk to your doctor, but that’s liver failure. So rashes, you know, malaria, whatever, and they run through all those side effects. Well, the problem is, is that they’re only about 40% effective. These are known as the whole class is known as SSRIs. significant side effects and some of these I mean, side effects people don’t like weight gain, increased risk of suicide, a bunch of other things. It can take up to six weeks to work. So we do have treatment, but really, it’s not the best treatment and I think that we throw the drugs at people. And that’s kind of what we were talking about the last half hour. If we could fix the underlying cause, would we be able to not put band aids on this kind of stuff SSRIs work by they’re called serotonin selective selective re uptake inhibitors SSRIs. So basically, you block your body’s ability to reabsorb serotonin. So you have more serotonin, which is your happiness molecule. Dopamine is your pleasure molecule serotonin is that they’re going to help you with that. So now, let’s link that to what actually causes depression. It has been shown that stress, including childhood stress, is a major factor predisposing people to depression. If you have a 20% chance of doing this, that could be that you went through some traumatic events that you have not quite resolved and can show up. And that may be one of the causes. So for years, certain animal models have been looked at to actually look at some of this stuff. One of the reasons why these prescription meds do work on some people is that it does increase serotonin. And in the original animal models, it showed that when you made them depressed or anxious and you gave them, these SSRIs, they improved. So everything starts with animal studies. Remember that chair, so these drugs came from somewhere. So one of the things that they were able to show and is that your BDNF brain derived neurotrophic factor, which is the molecule that cleans up the brain actually goes up a little bit when you do this as well. So you’re familiar with the drug called ketamine. Right? Is that yeah.

So well, let’s be clear, not recreationally. I have used it in the anesthesia setting. But yeah, but straight straight straight known as as ketamine, k Special K PCP, stuff like that.

Yeah, so it, the action is not totally understood. But here’s what does happen. It does appear to work on multiple targets in the brain. Including the serotonin receptors and has been shown that one large dose can actually reverse depression and have a lasting effect. Which is why I’ve got friends are trying to open up ketamine clinics. Yeah, you go and you’re depressed you get big dose and you walk out. I’ve got a friend that works with a psychiatrist where they do the convulsive shock therapy. Yeah, a CTS CTS, where the anesthesiologist will put him to sleep and do that. So ketamine clinics are popping up because of this. Now, moving on, let’s talk about why the articles looking at CBD. Okay. Canada dial brand new. Everybody’s starting to discover it. It’s not new. Been here? Yes. When people have Chinese medicine has been using it since when? rough guess

I don’t know. Probably just go with the age of China four to 5000 years ago.

2700 BC. Nothing Oh, yeah.

Yeah, so it’s it’s hilarious that it’s been it’s been used additionally, for basically the dawn of Donna’s civilization. And you know, the farm bill just passed and now people are looking more at at CBD. Okay, so a study in 2008 showed that CBD, much like ketamine can work on different neural receptors, including serotonin, nice. This is the first time that this kind of stuff has ever actually been talked about. It has been shown in studies to help with psychosis, depression and anxiety. Now, what’s super unique about this article is that it goes deep into how and the why is to how these different things happen. So it’s the first time that they’ve actually looked at the molecular basis. So what they did show is that CBD actually blocks the degradation of our own Endocannabinoid and the end of mind. And we can get into that some other time machine. We’re going to talk about that but there’s an enzyme You know the enzyme fa HFH that blocks that so we do know that CBD at least increases our own an antibody levels right? What these guys did is that they showed that CBD can directly bind to five ht one otherwise known as your serotonin receptor. So the SSRIs prevent your body from reabsorbing it CBD appears that it can actually just bind to it and create the response

and that way you’re not depleting your your serotonin stores. I mean, there’s there’s a lot of problem with that that’s that’s in part why they don’t know where the where the dangerous zone is with SSRIs is because of what it’s doing to serotonin production from the from the neuron.

Exactly. And it got me thinking that you could even like if you know there’s different drugs like ecstasy or Molly, whatever they call it that actually dumps all of your serotonin Right, yeah. And then then you’re completely depleted in super depressed the next day

they are worn out and thirsty. Yeah, I mean, it really it’s all of that stuff. You’re exactly right. And it’s and it’s it’s chemical warfare,

honestly. So, moving on tying this all together, I I’ll bring it all together here shortly. So these guys, these same guys that did that set in 2008 showed in 2009 that by inducing stress in certain animals, they showed that their serotonin went down, they became depressed and for the first time ever, they showed that a NAND amide levels decreased. Wow, we know that when you experience stress, your FAA h goes

up right

as and so that’s how come chronic stress is a bad thing. So an endermite appears to be a stress coping molecule. What they’re able to prove is that consistently administration of CBD increase serotonin and an animated levels reversing in the depression in these animals. What is absolutely wild is the fact that it was also fast acting which means We know that if it’s going to bind to, or prevent FA h for, you know, getting rid of an animal, we always thought that that would take time, you’d have to build it up, you can actually bind fairly quickly to the serotonin receptors, they were showing within 20 minutes, that once it’s in the bloodstream and gets across the blood brain barrier, it can actually do that. They are actually comparing it to ketamine, really, and how it works in different areas. Yes, super interesting. Alright, so you know, the argument that everybody will say is, well, let’s animals and so yes, I tried to look for some human trials. Looking at this, I did find in 2018, that they looked at a study where 400 people were using CBD for mood improvement and 250 of those 400 felt that it worked very good. Only problem with that study is like all things where they’re looking at big cohorts like that. Very tough to determine if any of them were actually using THC in addition with it because CBD up until just recently has been equally difficult. Get sure as you would with, you know, just getting standard marijuana. In fact, it’s probably easier to get standard marijuana than hemp derived CBD. But you said to 50 out of 400. So that’s roughly what 60 to 63%. That’s better than the 40% that you mentioned earlier for the SSI in the first place. Definitely. So this article does show that conceptually, CBD can act quick hit more receptors than traditional drugs that actually have side effects. Oh, and they took a small segment of mice of the same group of mice that they induced depression on and they gave them Prozac one of the original SSRIs it turns out that the serotonin exponentially went up. Wow. So an argument that has always been said is what do we know what CBD is going to do when exposed to other medications that people are on? We do know that it affects the P 450 enzyme, so that people have always said, well, you have to be careful, but a lot of things do. It’s like eating grapefruit every day is going to affect that without that. So they actually gave them Prozac. It turns out that the serotonin exponentially went up. It actually worked better together. So when you gave these mice and started them on Prozac and CBD, maybe that should be a protocol because it will take four to six weeks to start working. Maybe we’ll have a higher outcome we can do that. So don’t be surprised if the next drug will come out and it’ll have some funny name on it. It’ll be an SSRI. And it’ll say like everything else is now now was CBD.

Yeah, but what a cool takeaway I mean that they don’t offer it now but you should feel pretty confident that if you’re one of the many that suffer from depression, there’s absolutely no shame in that whatsoever lot of people do. But maybe you could augment your your improvement by taking CBD today. kbd CBD just so happens that we we talk about it because we know a little bit about it. So it’s a lot of fun.

Yep, no claims no claims citing a study just studying and studying really cool, though everything about this. And this is what we always try to do. We try to bridge the gap between, you know, traditional medicine and functional solutions. And I think this article kind of shows that it’s pretty deep sciency article I apologize if I lost some people on there. But I found that pretty interesting,

but you got to get there somehow. And we’ve got one and a half hour left. Couple of funny little things to kind of look at and maybe not quite as funny as we think. But we will see you here in just a moment. gut check project Episode 12 be back in about four minutes or two minutes.

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Okay, we’re back to the last half hour of Episode 12 gut check project today is got Jake topic talk and we’ve we’ve had a lot of fun today. Topic talk. Yeah, man. We started off with MC Hammer and we just kept on going on camera with a lot of keys. Real quick. Love My tummy calm, slash spoonie. I’ve had two people email and say what is the code and welcome to the show. I’m glad that you began to listen But we say it every week. So love my slash spoonie go there to save money on not trying to. Hey,

can I have any relief? It’s what we do. Yeah.

Yeah. So can I got I have a small confession. So kBm d is where you are launching basically to expand beyond the clinic and you have been in it as long as I’ve known you. You’ve been working to basically build a bridge between natural medical science and you kind of hinted at the last half hour. That is basically where you want to put the best and most applicable beneficial beneficial information from what medicine can do and natural approaches so that you don’t have to stay stuck we want to get to the cause and see what we can do to help. Well at KB MD health com we have a store and on that store. We offer KB MD CBD and we of course we offer our Tron teal ladder the things is there appropriate. We have success with them in the clinic. We had a funny issue that happened with our credit card processor. And

it was funny.

Well, I don’t think it’s funny at all. But it is it’s interesting and the ever changing world is CBD and the economics around it have made our processor that we’ve been using somewhat limited because the underwriting bank is kind of changing some rules on there. So we’ve had, I mean, it’s it’s over 100 people who had to get transactions and we’ve had to manually punch in the card because they’re using credit and debit card combos for a reason. And our processor doesn’t know why the bank did it. They had to stop doing but all of that to say this. Your mom was one of those

where you’re going yeah, yeah, your mom was.

And she was really, really cool. She’s, she’s funny. I emailed her and I said, Hey, we can take care of this. Just I’ll enter it manually. We’ll get it out to you. And then she communicated to you that I still receive a product but I don’t think Charge, and I visited with your mom again last night. And what is interesting, I didn’t do anything different. And then out of nowhere today she said good morning, Eric. my credit card paid today for the order from from Few days ago. I went to a specialty store I notified can hope to get to all soon. But this one I like the most. Eric you are getting better.

Better at processing the credit card I’m getting I’m getting better, you’re getting better and that lets me know something that I’ve heard a few times along the way.

And for all of you that do keep up with with gut check and KVD health and visit without Tron to etc. Thank you for keeping up with us. More often than not as we try to build the store. I get a lot of comments like Hey, that looks really good for an anesthesia provider. So basically as we tried to build the store, just please be patient. We are working really hard to get some, some better experts in there to help us elevate it, but just know that we put on fraud protection. So we don’t have any fraud. We just don’t have, we just don’t have transactions at all sometimes.

I think that

both you and I and everybody that jumped on board without try until and even my group right now launching this health box, I think that it’s living in your comfort zone, you don’t really grow, you have to be willing to fail a little bit and you have to be willing to walk out there and learn and pivot and keep getting better and pivot get better. And till eventually, you’re really good at what you do so including this show.

Yeah, definitely this show. Well, hey, I had a topic that I ran across just yesterday is an article written by a an author by the name of Evan Horowitz. And he basically started out the first line, let’s read these two people are getting dumber and that’s not a judgment. It’s a global fact. And this is where it goes. Next, in a host of leading nations, so he’s talking about developed countries, developing countries. Yeah. And a host of leading nations IQ scores have started to decline. So we say that, again, countries that have everything developed, developed, developing, developed, have are considered to be the global leaders of, of our world. The IQ, the intelligence quotient, is now apparently in a decline, and it’s detectable. So, there’s lots of different things they begin to go through in here, which is why and I’m kind of curious before we touch on them, or what they may reference, what do you think? What do you think some of the reasons may be? Where what why would a developed country that has everything that you possibly want other countries that are battling malaria aspire to be more like these guys countries that are leading the world. Why would the IQ begin to go down?

At least recently? Well, I’m, you know, I go with the standard here. I mean, diet, distraction, meaning people on their phone. Remember that if you’re looking at your phone, when you’re going to bed, your brain is not ready to sleep, you’ve just woken your brain back up. You need to be off looking at blue light. You know, having that the night screen from like six o’clock on so that you can get some sleep. I think that we are in. We are in a situation where we’re inundated. We’re making ourselves stressed. We’re doing all these things that lead to the same thing. We always say chronic inflammation, what is chronic inflammation, do chronic inflammation increases cortisol increases insulin resistance ultimately affects the brain. So I think that it’s a combination of all of that.

I couldn’t agree more. I do. I do believe that. Those environmental factors from the food from the noise we had to I can’t remember exactly what I was talking about it had to do whenever we had the flight issue and we had to make the the landing in Des Moines but we talked about engine noise basically changes the way you perceive the taste of food and foods that are more nutritious for you can actually not taste as good. So you don’t find them nearly as savory or tasting. You just don’t eat them. So you end up turning towards towards salty foods. That was

Yeah, that was the airplane one that you actually brought that article in a few episodes ago.

Yeah. So what if just outside of the studio is a loud highway, and you and I were trying to talk to each other, just getting out of the car and you can’t do it to you walk through the door. If you live in an urban environment, and the more the population increases, that’s going to happen and if you’re in a developed country, highways, just like this, are somewhat normal in certain areas. So that would that would at least play a part. There’s,

you know, Matthew Walker is a sleep expert and he just came out with his book. Oh yeah, he addresses this. And where he says it has not been proven yet but if you live in a very dense urban area, which he described, if you look at it could be low socio economic. But the reality is it doesn’t have to be low socio economic at all it can just be anywhere where you it’s a densely populated that noise level. He’s his researchers now converting that that you’re not getting into the deep sleep

right in a certain stages, which then allows the beta amyloid to increase which then can lead to Alzheimer’s and all that. So yeah, everything you’re saying about this sounds like we’re doing it to ourselves almost was some people trying to attribute it and I like the way they kind of debunked it. Some people trying to say that developed countries may have IQ going down because of immigration. Maybe people are moving into a another country from from a lesser country or from a developing country. And then They’re part of the aggregate or the average and they’re bringing it down. But but a 2018 study from Norway essentially showed that that’s not true at all because the intelligence quotient begins to go down even in high IQ parents, and then their, their kids. And some of the things that they said were environmental factors are a collection of factors, but one of them and whenever earlier you said acute stress is something in us throughout thought exercises are often also something that are that are necessary. You have to have something stimulating in your life, for you to have an appreciation and of course, for your cognition to keep increasing, right, you have to have something that ties in and basically gives you a brain exercise.

So no, I was just gonna say that Okay, so this was That was awful study were they’re saying that you continually have to work your brain. So they’re saying if you if you don’t, I mean you have all those luminosity and you got those apps that are trying gap well to do stuff like that, what to do so duco and whatever, anything, you know, they have shown that if you continue to, you know, learn, try and learn a language or do something that probably increases the neural plasticity. When you stop and think I was on the way over here, I was listening to NPR and they were discussing genius and they were, they had a guy that was discussing Mozart, and saying, Okay, well, he’s a genius. You know, maybe he, genetically he was born with four aces, you know, right off the bat, and, but when they looked at his work, it wasn’t like a lightning bolt that all of a sudden he’s writing a symphony goes it is the connection of these neurons that collectively can become a bigger idea. Yes. But as you continue to do that, you need to work your brain so that these little highways find new ways to get around and do that. When you have dementia, let’s say Alzheimer’s, dementia, and you have these plaques. It just blocks them and it blocks them a lot in the end. hippocampus so that it affects your sleep. What happens when your sleep gets messed up? you produce more of these plaques? So keeping your brain moving with all that. That’s interesting. You know, we just don’t know which ones. I mean, I don’t think I don’t know. Does your study talk about what?

No, no, it doesn’t. It’s kind of superficial. But I like the way they kind of paint the picture in here because they talk about one leading explanation is the rise of lower skill service jobs that don’t require much intellectual demand. In essence, the happiest, okay, and kind of backup we’ve talked about, as we as we tried to build kbd what ends up happening even though we’re not trying to what happens to keep employees or future employees happy you want them to have some type of bond with the emotional success of the company, and D hand is going to do this with their employees as well as they do the health box, right? So you give them some incentive. To be a part of it, and then people begin to use critical skill to do or carry out the job, right. But if you relegate someone to a, I need you to just be here from nine to five, or whatever else it is, that begins to kind of just be it’s just something that they’re checking into, they’re not really doing anything, they have no ownership over the development of it. And it begins to kind of weave into where is where is AI, a smart idea? And where is it taking away so much of our quote unquote, responsibility that it’s making us not happy because there’s no achievement. And then, and we can we can go down any of these avenues. But another thing to think about, and I’m guilty of this as well, once I got a smartphone, I don’t really have to go back and find an encyclopedia or moved to the reference that the encyclopedia used to do that. I simply kind of outsource some of my memory and some of the intelligence that I was trying to compound before and not sometimes don’t even question. I’m like, Oh, no, I mean look and you Google? Well doing that is you’ve kind of outsourced it. So your brains efficient, it just knows that that’s what you’re going to do.

So the carrying remedy wrote an article about this with the maps. Oh, yeah. Basically, we let we let ways or we let Google Maps drive us wherever we need to go. Take a left up here. We’re not using any critical thought now. And before, that was a critical thought, where you had to remember where to go, you had to connect different things, which is why travel is something that actually still stimulates your brain when you’re trying to find that when you have that you just go, Oh, I’m sure we’re getting smarter and other ways. Like, like right now, when you said that. It’s real important for employees to not have a mundane job. Sure. I you know, I want to make sure that Diana, Misery, her deal. And Megan, you are very appreciated. Yeah. Thank you very much. My patients love you Thank you for holding down the fort while we’re over here

if all the technicians that Preston crossing who busted every day all the nurses there I mean, thank you.

Absolutely a Jenny Jordan Ben it’s, you know, I think that like like all of us do we all get really busy and we all have the agenda but you know the ultimate agenda is we’re all here to serve people and help other people. So sometimes that gets forgotten but that is the purpose so I hope that you are not having a mundane boring day to all the employees at Preston crossing and at my office at D hat

Yeah. And and the opposite it KBS as well it, but it does. I mean, I think that what the actionable item that I see you could do here, if you’re a parent, just be sure that your kids take a little time away from their phone, if they have one, don’t. There’s, you know, when we were younger, your parents always said don’t don’t sit in front of the TV all day. And of course, it’s just because you’re just you’re just absorbing whatever they’re putting out. There’s not a whole lot of thought and Enjoying TV, there’s nothing wrong with being stimulated a little bit, but can’t do that all day. And, and just engaging in an exercise if you want to make certain that somebody is starting to develop enjoyment and find the quality of life that they’re, they’re happy and that their IQ is on the rise, you have to engage in activities that are going to force you to think and in some elements to force you to think and move you can’t move without thinking. So all that stuff i think is is is rather important to make sure that when we talk about CBD, we talk about eating correctly. There’s it’s not one thing fixes all you have to think back to how your body wants to operate. And you’ve got to engage in activity, it’s going to force you to do that. So this Matthew Walker that about up he referenced the study, where they they took mice and they put these

electrodes on the on the brain are actually I think that they may even have actually had them like surgically implanted and they could show that when there was an electrical impulse in the brain, it made a sound. And it would be like, okay, and they could have different different sound levels. And what they did is they let these mice rats, I think they were, learn amaze. And then when they were done doing that they something very shocking happened. You know, he’s a sleep expert. And so they’re trying to study the effect of sleep and memory and things like that. When the mice went into REM sleep that

increased about 100 folders like

Wow, so basically, what they learned was being imprinted into memory while they slept. So all their days experiences were now being catalog days experiences were now being catalogued. And so he talks about how you need deep sleep to let the body recover, you need REM sleep to let the brain recover, and the both of them one becomes a show. Short term memory, one becomes a long term memory you need to you need to mix there’s no easy way to do it super complex. But that was fascinating. Because if you’re not doing that when you go to sleep, the you know, if you learn something, you have to go to sleep, staying up all night trying to study or studying, and then looking at your phone and filling your brain full of other information to defeat that purpose. Also, the last thing you get done, let your brain soak it up, put it in, put it into the hard drive.

It’s that is super interesting, especially when you said looking at your phone, because what is it that it’s taking away from you. So you’ve got everyone’s heard about the complaints of social media and it’s not the worst thing ever. I mean, obviously we use it to help spread the word on a bunch of different levels. But it’s like anything you have to responsibly utilize social media. If you’re doing it every day you find yourself in the middle of the night that that’s that’s what you’re clinging to your You’re essentially looking for a dopaminergic response or something that’s going to give you. Pleasure, right? And it does sit Yeah, yeah, you want to do it. Okay. And you’re, you’re leading into something else. I’m going to surprise you with a little bit about selfies.

But at the very beginning of the show, you mentioned, I was wondering where you’re going. So here’s what’s kind of funny, you and I basically came in with our own agenda. We didn’t tell each other what we’re gonna do now. So I heard you say, selfing. I’m like, Where’s he gonna bring up selfie? It’s gotta be this. I’m so glad you did that.

So it’s it’s really interesting, because so if you’re going to take on a task, it requires an element of focus. There is a study that was released about the dangers of selfies. got me thinking, because it said that there’s been over 250 selfie deaths since 2011.

So Like documented selfie does, like.

I mean, Wikipedia itself has a list of me You can look up all kinds, they have everything from people who are just hurt, you know, hurt badly. And to those who unfortunately were killed. And there’s a bunch I mean, it’s it’s everything from standing next to the cliff, there’s a I think she was I think she was Chinese there was a poor woman who was known for climbing these 10,000 foot peaks and she she slipped and she fell, you know, I mean, it’s just and it’s it’s putting yourself in a precarious position while you’re doing this. They’re breaking down the science of why you’re doing it, though, why, what puts it there, and a lot of it was based on your brain can only truly focus on main task and then everything else is sub task and the other things have to be ignored for the execution of the main task. And it’s weird when you put so much of it in a small electronic component. This is your focus that in terms you basically lose the contact with every thing around you, which is why had dinner we don’t allow our phones to come out at all, for any reason. We’re going to engage as a family. When we go on vacation, it’s almost completely no cell phones. Because we’re there to enjoy our time together as also there’s there’s just no reason to have them a couple of photos. Sure, put them away. Because I love my family, I want to see them and I don’t need to do it in a memory through through here. But the weird thing that happened whenever I was reading that is just what people were willing to do, they would see or evaluate those who survived some hard falls. It seen evaluate what they what they just fallen from, what they were, how they were injured. Yeah. And they recognize the danger before they did it. But then began to think of the the joy they would get from people liking their photo, and they wanted to amaze the virtual audience. And then suddenly you look at the danger they went through. They just completely begin to Ignore the danger that was around them.

That’s the so this this gets back into the, the whole concept of dopamine and serotonin. serotonin and dopamine usually counterbalance each other. So it’s really hard to keep your serotonin perpetually up when you get a big spike in dopamine, right? So that’s the rock star phenomenon. So, you know, sex, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and now they’re showing that the social media likes actually give you a little spikes of dopamine, right? So these people, you know, are out there and they’re like they’re willing to risk their life they realize that they’re risking their life. They’re, they’re chasing that dopamine spike.

Oh, when you said don’t realize sorry. You’re exactly right. They are chasing the dopamine spike in some of those seeking that same dopamine spike. The numbers that aren’t included here are the people who have unfortunately died while doing selfies while driving. They don’t count those because those are officially vehicular fatalities. So those get counted in a different it’s distracted driving. But there’s, it’s well more than 250 since 2011, when you take into account that there’s some other things or other activities that don’t get to be classified as that because it’s more of a hazard in the column or the other category that they gave it. But that brings me to some crazy stats. I’m kind of curious if you can figure this out. Okay. top four countries, top four countries to experience selfie deaths since 2011 do you think they’re Russia? Wow. Yes. Number two,

is it really? Yeah, always do I say this? Because I see some crazy YouTube footage. Like my kids are gonna look at this and be like, holy cow can has discovered read it.

That’s what’s going on here.

That’s exactly what’s going on. Yeah.

Okay, so Russia. I’m going to go with Well, the US has got to be up there. Number three. Number three. Really? Not number one, number one. Come on Trump.


Vegas, number one. No joke.

Let me think about this for a minute. Hold on. I’m gonna go with Brazil.

No. And in fact, I think they are in the top 10. But it wasn’t what was highlighted as the top four. They didn’t give a ranking that is the honorable

last guest is going to be France.

Now, what is it? It is number one India.

Really? Yeah, well, I guess just by popular population, we should have got I probably shouldn’t use.

My IQ is going down. Yeah,

I know. Yeah.

I was gonna Google it. And I didn’t even think about populated places. I was trying to think about where people would consider themselves. I don’t know, I was trying to think of beauty places and places where people would want to take more pictures. I don’t know, I’m not much of itself. It kind

of makes sense, though. Because that region is, has really in the last 15, maybe even 25 years, really kind of glommed onto a lot of technology basis. I mean, we have lots of it is farmed out over to India and that region. So think of that region. What do you think number four is?

shabby China then

I thought it would be China also it’s actually Pakistan. Okay, the China and Brazil are also in the top 10 and it makes sense I mean just purely iPhone or or smartphone usage and selfies etc. But if you go to Japan, there’s they had pictures in there also have different examples of how people have tried to stave off some of the selfie deaths go illegal in subways, in in Japan or most of them to have selfie sticks or to be using a selfie stick at the same time, because people would lean up close to where the train was coming and were sucked away there by you know, the passage of the train or something else like that. But yeah, so selfie sticks are illegal there. And of course, it’s some some major areas. There’s people who’ve fallen off of the the certain rims of the Grand Canyon. One One gentleman was actually killed in and the UK holding his selfie stick up in a storm and lightning struck by lightning struck the selfie stick straight to the sadly, it’s crazy, right? But just think of what happens when your pleasure center is coming basically from an electronic device. It’s all you can almost see that it’s not all already their fault. It is some degree because

look when you look at the studies and I tell you that that that has been shown that you get this dopamine spike. Yeah. Essentially what you’re doing is you’re giving your, let’s say 12 1314 year old keys to the liquor cabinet to say this is how you’re going to start coping now. Yeah, because what that ends up being is a it’s it becomes a natural trigger. What were we talking about? We’re talking about addiction and stuff, and we’re talking about who was it about how rats, a rat will actually, if you give it cocaine, it’ll die because choose not to eat ever, right? Because of the dopamine response right there, that you know, when you just get that, that hit that norepinephrine also. And in that case, so it’s these are chemical things that are actually going on. And you know, when people they go through withdrawal, like when you try and say it’s just like sugar does a little bit of it. Also, when people have high sugar diets and you get them off, people can have these symptoms of depression, anxiety, withdrawal, because remember what I said, if your dopamine is constantly going up like this, your serotonin will just slowly come down and serotonin is what makes you happy. Yeah. Dopamine is pleasure, which is cool to have pleasure, let it bounce up and down. But when you’re constantly triggering that, that’s when that’s when you end up with these issues. So it’s almost like if you’re really doing that in you know, you could you could set yourself up for depression.

Yeah, that’s the sad thing that happens to with with people who battled the overeating. Goodness gracious. Trisha.

Trisha Trisha Nelson.

Yeah. When she talks

to your hungers her boat

And she talks specifically about how unfortunately, those folks who get into overeating a lot of the times it’s a dopaminergic response because they’re, they’re eating because that’s, that’s where the pleasures coming from. And it’s a vicious cycle. It’s so different with selfie. In other words, this is just yet one more thing to be sure that you’re well rounded that you’re getting exposed to a lot of different avenues that they can

do they give any advice on how to improve your life and that article, or was that just more of a Hey, look how many people

know it wasn’t necessarily just about how many people did this, that or the other, but it was stories about how they got there. And then what the kind of what the fallout was, it wasn’t necessarily means really, just be careful while you’re taking selfies. I mean, that’s, that’s ultimately the first thing you don’t want to die and take a selfie but at the same time, you know, it’s it’s, it’s just it’s just a crazy compilation of stories because it’s almost not believable until you read the stories like oh my gosh,

that happened. And and it’s really easy to dismiss it and say Well, they were just taking a selfie. But think about it. This isn’t something that people were dying from before. And it’s not like an epidemic, but I mean, it’s, it’s different. Well, we were, you know, we always we have referenced a couple times that free solo movie. Yeah. And then they did that MRI on him and they showed that his amygdala right is actually smaller or didn’t have much activity there. So for him to get any feeling it he basically has to climb, you know, this giant mountain with with no thick with, with no safety equipment on that you start doing that it’s going to require a little bit more each time to do to get that dopaminergic response. So, some know you get 10 likes you’re 100 likes next
time you use a smartphone, take a break. I can’t believe it. We’re down 20 seconds this that was Episode 12. That was gut check. Topic talk and we’ll have a lot on this one. This is a good one. Okay. VMD, love my tummy slash spoonie. Don’t forget to like guts. project on iTunes and YouTube shoot us an email a gut check project com