Ric Moore was a photographer at Playboy Magazine for over 20 years. His skills allowed him to be a part of the first ever rock concert for in the former Soviet Union in 1987. Ric has always followed his heart to find interesting career choices for himself from teaching at Oklahoma University, Playboy Photographer, student pilot and owner of his own plane, student of improv and stand-up comedy, and now a proprietor of a dispensary (RedBub Medical MJ) in the OKC area after learning the benefits of medical THC and CBD.

Welcome to the gut check project with your host Dr. Ken Brown. I’m Eric Rieger, we got Jeff Collins on the board, Chef Patrick somewhere back there in the booth. And here at the GCP we all check our ego at the door and nothing is off the table. It’s now Episode 11. Ken, how you doing today,

Episode 11. I think if we ever used that motto of nothing’s off the table, today’s show is really going to demonstrate that I think we’re going to go on All over the place today,

Ben no joke. I really hope that the audience has been growing the emails that keep coming in. And the what they see today is that we we know we’ve talked science, we talked health. Today we’re gonna talk a lot about fun. We’ve had we’ve had some great shows about charity giving back feeling better. today. It’s kind of laughter is the best medicine.

Yeah, so this is our guest today. It’s super interesting guy. Before we even begin talking about that, I want to I have a riddle for you. a riddle? a riddle.

Okay. All right.

Do you know what a playboy photographer a grounded pilot, a comedian and medical marijuana all have in common? They are hard to major in they are hard to major in but that’s not the answer. Okay. I don’t know what the answer is. But I guess Ric Moore is going to solve the riddle for a

nice nice he brings kind of brings all that together. So he’s rolling around with a new A new moniker that we gave him the the Josh of some trades instead of the jack of all trades. Today on our show the Josh of some trades he is is mediocre at everything. That’s awesome. If you want to be entertained today is going to be a great show. Ric more brings? Well, he brings a lot of energy. He’s got some fantastic stories. And well, I think there will be a little bit captivated. I hope it that we’re staying on time.

Well, what’s so awesome is is that a guy like this actually been watching several of our shows and he has experience with stem cells. He had got his pilot’s license, and we’ve had a pilot on we’ve had stem cell expert on and of course, Ric is now actually the owner of Red Bud Medical MJ in Oklahoma City just opened it and like a true entrepreneur that is doing things he just jumped in with both feet and said, Sure, I’ll get my license. I need to grow license you gotta grow license and now he’s got this dispensary called Red Button medical MJ and what’s amazing about it is he actually is the first dispensary To be carrying my baby altran teal and our CBD KVM D health CBD, the only physician recommended CBD available right now.

Amazing. Ric is already I’m already a big fan of reg, I tell you what this kind of kindred spirits I feel like that I kind of already know, not him so much, but kind of the journey of doing just a bunch of different things. It’s kind of cool to meet somebody else who’s like, I like doing this and now like doing that because it’s it’s a lot of fun. There’s not a whole lot of there’s not a whole lot of podcast or broadcasting training in anesthesia school. Yeah. And I saw

him walk in with a big cup of coffee. So you’re gonna want to listen to the rest of the show. Because when three, add people are severely caffeinated. Something fun is gonna happen when we talk about.

Well, hey, I’d say I’m ready for Rick to join us here and here at the bottom of the hour. But first, I kind of screwed up last week. We started off the show by saying that we were going to develop a contest and yes Martha, Karen, James, several others get your email. We didn’t make good on the contest that we were going to create. So we’re going to do it this time, but I love the fact we had people emailed. So maybe just email trick I don’t know. What about the

conference? Yeah, I’m in the contest. Yeah.

So here it is. We thought about it. Do you like to win $100

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I love that. I think that sounds like a great thing. So for us add people. Let’s walk through the five steps super quick quick.

Number one, what is it? Go to YouTube and subscribe to gut check project channel. Number two, what is it? Subscribe. Number three, take a screenshot with your phone or computer

number four,

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So there’s probably people out there that know one or the other. I’ll try and tailor CBD but limitary why it’s super important that both at the same time, we found out that the polyphenols and altran to actually help raise your own endocannabinoids. So these two work together, CBD and altran to go hand in hand, because they help each other out. So if you’re one of these people that scared of losing, I have a way that everybody can win 100% of the time. How’s that? Well if they go to love my tummy.com slash spoonie Yes, but in code spoonie you get a huge discount on our Tron teal. So there’s another contest that you’re guaranteed to win every time every single time you can do that and you can get the benefits of polyphenols to include exercise recovery to include gut health, brain health. And while you’re there, go to KB MD health and get yourself a bottle of CBD. Easy enough. You can One’s a winner. If they just follow those steps, it’s really all there is to. So why don’t you take us out of contest mode and tell us a little bit about what’s going on in the brown household in the brown household. So this past weekend. Me and Lucas traveled to Bomi Houston for a big Trent. Big tennis tournament. Oh, yeah, super proud of him. He actually won the whole thing. Love, you know, I mean, there’s we, that’s the beauty of tennis, you get out there alone and you you win with grace and you lose with grace. And this time, you know, fortunately, he pulled it off and he won. I did get my first taste of what happens when a monsoon shows up to Houston goes from dry to you know, like three feet of water in a second. That was we were driving and it just started coming down and I’m like, Oh my goodness. Now I see why. People talk about flooding in Houston. It’s like a bowl. It just collects everything like the street literally was a foot of water within like 15 minutes was nothing Houston people are tough. I mean,

that’s, that’s not even the first time that’s even happened. I mean, it just it seems like that’s every few years. They take it on a serious flight. It was just two years ago they had Harvey, right.

Yeah, I mean, that was I’m gonna get this wrong somebody will end up correct me but I was like over 50 inches of rain and just five hours or something that is nuts. How many homes were washed away? Oh, it’s crazy. This is crazy. I mean, that kind of puts everything in perspective. You know, we we worry about the day to day you know, little annoyances? Yeah. But you know, when stuff like that happens, it just puts it all in perspective.

The year that that Marina I moved from the Houston area we lived in Lake City. It flooded and maybe a month after we left there and the the home that we had down in Lake City was, I think two and a half or three feet into water. And the I remember there was a story of a worker in one of the high rises downtown, having to be in the basement, just just doing what she was doing. As she was leaving the water came so fast that she tried to basically leave. Oh, yeah, the elevator. I mean, it’s just, it’s wild. How quickly in there really, really close to sea level it just floods so fast. Yeah, it really does but so it was awesome to see Lucas when that it was Mother’s Day as well we were you know that the gift to his mother was winning this tournament so and my daughter was also playing in a tournament also so it was a big tennis weekend for the brown household. She did well didn’t win it but did well and it’s always a growing process. So what happened in the Rhaegar household so for both of my boys, both active at both of them had basketball tournaments this last weekend. One of them was was outside of Fort Worth and Mansfield and the other was all the way down in San Antonio. So Brian I had already committed to packing up and rolling with the the older one down to San Antonio go see gage play, and my mom was gracious enough to accommodate getting Mac back and forth. His games over the weekend and they both they both played great. And base. Well gage ended up coming up a little short to win their tournament. I think Mac was one game short of winning there’s also but again, just another great round of basketball for both of them. But it is odd not Frankly, I don’t really enjoy it when you have kind of a big family holiday or Sunday, it’s recognized and you’ve got that because it’s you want to bounce things you want. Now you want your spouse to be able to enjoy the time with both of our kids and then at the same time you want to be able to touch base with your mom. So my boys just said Well, we’re just going to arbitrarily move Mother’s Day to Monday and they ended up selecting they got Marie some fresh oysters and we had tuna steak. We had some great vegetables. My wife is gluten free and so we went got some great gluten free dessert for her to enjoy. She had a great time and they are all going to go ride go karts together as as mom and boys this coming weekend. So that’s the activity. My mom and I are going to meet for dinner. We actually haven’t had our exchange yet so I think that we’re going to do that this weekend and then but as a family what we’re doing I think that you’re doing it also is generosity feeds

Oh Generosity Feeds, that’s this weekend this weekend.

Yeah a Baby Bathwater member right it definitely wrong good Linda we’re going to and and ron ron has put together a fantastic service where he goes to different communities and helps people feed the needy in the area and you just come together if you’re a company that’s giving of your time or just a family you can go and participate and you put in some hours in the morning packing meals getting stuff together raising money to feed people that need to eat and yeah,

I signed up Yeah, so that’s I told you about that it was actually on this weekend. That’s gonna be awesome giving back that’s the important thing.

Yeah, absolutely. Ron of mod pizza Ron, so it can’t can’t wait to see everyone this weekend on Saturday.

That’s gonna be awesome. I was going to jump into my science article which is all about CBD and depression. It’s really cool. Then something pissed me off. Oh, yeah. This news article. It’s all over the news right now you may be seeing it, where it says study skipping breakfast increases risk of heart disease by 87%. So if you’re somebody out there and you’re getting on Huffington Post or you’re looking at USA Today or fox news or something, the study came up. Now it’s so happens that I follow a guy that I really respect Peter Addy, a cardiothoracic surgeon, really cool dude goes on Joe Rogan all the time. And, you know, he’s somebody that lives he lives the same way that that that I like, he looks at the data. He says this appears to work this doesn’t. He is a big proponent of circadian rhythm eating, which is what Sachin panda did all his research on and so he’s got great data to show that actually eating within a restricted time window is much healthier for you sure. The only reason why I pissed me off is because I’m looking at this and I got to think it That. Looking back, Peter Aditya actually sent a blog out this morning on this. And the origin of breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Were you ever told that before? I’ve heard a lot. Yeah. That was actually generated by General Foods in 1944. For the launch of Grape Nuts,

oh, wow, that worked.

Like, okay, Look, guys, here’s the problem. We have an awful tasting cereal. It’s like cheering rocks. Yeah. But you know, it’s the it’s the boss’s kid that came up with it. We have to figure a way to get people to eat this crap. So how do we do it? Let’s launch a campaign that says breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Okay, and it’s doc. So these news outlets, they’re picking up on this study right here. And when you actually look at it, they’re doing the same thing that we’ve discussed about other types of studies like when they look at retrospective analysis. So this is a session Study of a study. Yeah. So what they did is they looked at a it was a large what’s called a prospective cohort study where they had been following the same group of people for years and years and years. And they looked at them after 19 years, and then decided what they died of. And then they looked and they on the questionnaire somehow they have a questionnaire. Did you eat breakfast? Did you not eat breakfast? So those that ate breakfast apparently lived 87% decrease in mortality. Hmm. Okay, we’re gonna get into that those that ate breakfast. So it’s really funny, what they didn’t discuss. So this is one of those examples where it’s like, it’s like everything. I get it, these websites and stuff, they have to grab your attention. Sure. They have to sit there and do this. Otherwise, nobody’s gonna read anything. These studies want to be dramatic so that they get published. So what they did is they looked at this cohort of people 19 years later and You know, so Eric Rieger dies 19 years from now and it’s like, Did he eat breakfast? Yes, no? Okay. Oh wow, he lived X amount of years more sure. They didn’t they tried to account for extraneous factors as what they call them. Yeah, what does that even well that just means a lot of things. What they did note is this this is pretty funny. Those that didn’t eat breakfast tended to be unmarried. Okay smokers heavy drinkers and come from low income areas. This is not apples to apples to know it’s not that’s why it pissed me off. Yeah, because these things come out. And I’ve got data now I’m personally I’m a circadian rhythm eater, meaning that I try and wait at least 12 hours between turning on my digestive system. Sure. So I believe that based on Sachin panda’s data, that is really good. That intermittent fasting, essentially, this is what it’s called also, but trying to do it to a circadian rhythm, meaning let your body shut down, let it wake up, then you can feed it. For instance, if you eat about four hours before you go to bed, melatonin starts to rise a little bit, and it turns your pancreas off when you eat. You stop that process, right? So there’s a reason why when we were cavemen, you would quit eating at a certain time because there was no sun, you’ll find the food. Our bodies are built to do that. So then we know that there’s all this incredible data. Melanie Avalon who does the intermittent fasting intermittent fasting podcast, I went on her podcast, which she’s gonna ask you back on here, really, really soon. Oh, she really absolutely love that girl. Yeah, she’s awesome. That is a great example. We have people out there that are looking at the science but nobody’s publishing. It’s not going on Fox News. Here’s the worst part. This is published in the journal of cardiology,

that is garbage. That’s it. That’s a garbage approach to to really sensationalize the the piece it appears to me you may as well say that study reveals that serial killers at one point wear tennis shoes. I mean, seriously, that’s, that’s the only application that has no control.

Well, it’s just it’s so frustrating because all they’re doing is looking back when you have people out there that are currently doing the science right now, right? When you look at and you know what, quite honestly, I don’t even need science. I don’t need any of that. Because I know that Hugh Jackman got ready to be Wolverine by doing intermittent fasting. Yeah. Then that’s proof. He’s jack man, we saw Jacqueline so you know, he got he got lean. So what’s what’s interesting is that they don’t even get into the actual relative risk. So healthy users. They didn’t analyze like what people were eating for breakfast, right? And any of that that’s really important too. And so remember, this is General Foods and so it’s like oh, do we go back Eating Lucky Charms in the morning, because the study says this and people go, I want to decrease my mortality about 80% 87%. When you actually look at the numbers in the study, if you look at the relative risk, the relative risk, and those that ate breakfast was 10.7% those that didn’t 12.2

and so it’s a it comes into, you know, it’s the clickbait type thing. It’s, that’s all it is. So let me ask you, so the listeners can have a little bit of a takeaway, if somebody does want to continue to eat breakfast. And obviously, I think what we’re saying here is if you’re an intermittent faster and you wait until a certain time of the day, the evidence doesn’t show that there’s anything wrong with that whatsoever. And then the other thing to take away is there there are those who do like to still eat breakfast I’m actually one of them. I like to move my window up when I eat during the day that’s kind of my my window not now that would never adjusted but what would you recommend that somebody start off a day of eating it’s obviously going to be great Mets are lucky charms connect with you here today?

Well, so let’s Yeah, I mean, I don’t know. It’s The General Foods is when they came up with that statement, right? Sure. I’m trying to think of that little label and I’m thinking is that on Cocoa Puffs? Is that on Fruity Pebbles? Right. Is that Cookie Crisp? They

have a cereal when I grew up cold cookie, Chris Sure. I don’t think it went anywhere either. I think it’s still here. Yeah, it’s nuts. Right? Or Frosted Flakes frosted. It’s not it’s not Angel. You know, it’s an angel hair that’s on there.

Just the sugar

but I mean, but it’s it’s right and I even thought about that not that long ago about how many bowls of cereal as a kid. Oh, not put away. We all ate cereal. I didn’t think a thing about it. And the what was it the captain crunch berries eat and you save all the berries to the end and then and then you you take the berries down and then you serve you slurp up the milk because it tastes great. Well, it’s all based in sugar. And then even though you’re the roof of your mouth from from Captain Crunch is all beat up. Like it’s kind of like that good

and crunch good hurt. Yeah.

What’s wrong? Why can’t you talk? I mean, hey, great cereal my Hell no. But it’s it’s it’s weird that we were all conditioned to think that that was all okay. And really looking back at it. I’ve changed the way that I consume breakfast in the morning for years. I don’t get fatigued. I’m not starving by the time lunch comes around either. I’m a bacon and eggs kind of Yeah.

So let’s I mean, when I sit down and think about this, and unfortunately, I think that when you have the Journal of American cardiology, putting this out there, and I get it, somebody took a lot of time to look at the data. And they go, Yeah, but the data says this, I’m like, Yeah, but the, the responsible news outlets are not sharing it the way that it should be. Exactly right. And when we sit down and talk about this, it’s not just it’s breakfast, it’s what are you eating for breakfast because remember, what happens is when you have a highly absorbable carbohydrate, sugary sugar, sugar is a pro inflammatory thing, which is everything in moderation. That’s cool. Carbohydrates are good for you. But what happens is you eat it. And this is why I discussed this with my patients all the time. The sugar gets absorbed. your pancreas sees this rise and sugar goes, Oh, I need to produce some insulin. Yep. And then the insulin slowly rises to match this spike. But then that gets absorbed right away. So your sugar drops, but your Insulin is a hormone that floats around. And it’s your body feels bad now, and then it becomes a cycle of I need to get something in me now because I don’t feel good. And then you eat that doughnut. Literally, the worst thing you could do is eat a glazed doughnut a cup of coffee. Yeah, because the coffee actually turns on your metabolism. You’re gonna metabolize that donut quicker. And you’re going to have that spike insulin, horrible thing. So when people tell me that they’re like, oh, man, I really tried to quit eating sugar, but I really, I, I have hypoglycemia. No, you don’t. Right? You don’t have hypoglycemia. What you have is a correct response to the sugar that you’re eating. So when you sit there, name all these cereals. I remember absolutely crashing in grade school. Like, crasher

Yeah, 10 o’clock. Just going Awful.

Yeah, if you’re if you’re if we’re being honest and you had a high sugar breakfast as a kid, and you think about how much you wanted to get to lunch, both to relax, and then taking more food that really wasn’t natural, but I knew no better at all. We’ve got one minute, one minute. Do you have anything to add to that study? No, I

was just gonna say that next week. The one that I really went deep diving into, which is super cool. So if you know anybody that has depression, or anxiety, tune in next week, because I’m going to review a just published article where it looks at how CBD on a solo level can fix your depression.

That’s fantastic. And of course, you’ll have any questions that you’d like to have answered about CBD and depression. Same thing KB MD health com Go to the Connect submitted. So let’s start. start that process where people have already kind of taken the liberty of posing some questions. So here in about 20 seconds, we are going to be joined here the next half hour Rick more. Be prepared for some great stories. A pilot, a photographer for Playboy, an entrepreneur, a hilarious guy. We will see you here in about two minutes. Awesome. Let’s have some fun.

Dr. Ken

brown here. Host gut check project with my co host Eric Rieger. I’ve seen in my practice that I’ll try and tell us a whole lot more than just the building product

yes it does a whole lot more than just exploding because of the polyphenols that you find in Atrantil. What are some of the things that these polyphenols do Eric these probably females can help you have more energy and polyphenols are great for athletes

it sounds like it’s going to help a whole lot more people than just loading go to La vitami.com slash spoonie

that last commercial they two guys sound like amateurs they really need just a little more money on their on their talent

around those guys need training like no other. Well hey, we are back now with our second half hour to my right now is Rick more. And as we’ve dubbed him the Josh of some trades.

Yeah, so Ric Moore. We’ve thank you for sending over your resume. There’s a few things that are pretty, pretty impressive with Rick more. Ric Moore is the only man to ever make a pancake on a waffle iron. Thank you impressive. I heard that you counted to infinity twice.

It was tough. But you know, I just kept going and I powered through it.

That one I thought was impressive. But that that time that you beat the sun in a staring contest

it you know, my eyes are they’re a little itchy now actually,

they are. Yeah, I was impressed earlier when you came in, but because I did not know this when written war enters a room. He doesn’t turn the lights on. He turns the dark off.

I say, Luke, I’m your father backwards in my mind. And as I do that, yeah, that’s how it works.

So he’s also known as he’s written more bitch.

You know what, I’ve always wanted to say that.

I’m Ric Moore bitch. Fill it.

Ric, go ahead and just tell us a little bit about who you are.

Well, okay. I i’m i’m a little modest. I never go out like in a situation and say, Oh, you know what, I’m a playboy photographer. I never do things like that. But it was something that I earned and I felt really strongly about, I was really happy about that was a very long term goal. And it’s so important, you know, when you’re a kid achieving little things so that when you’re older, you can focus on something and you’re a doctor. You’re an anesthesiologist, you crna the sort of same thing. Those things are long term goals, and it takes a perseverance to get there. playboy photographer, it sounds all fun and great, but it doesn’t just, you know, people think, oh, wow, you know, I was in the grocery store line, and somebody said, Hey, by the way, you want to be a playboy photographer. I was like, Yeah, why not? You know, yeah, that did not happen. And the pilot, I’m still it. Let’s,

Yeah, go ahead. Oh, you bet because I’ve seen your pictures and it’s really impressive when people hear that they just think, oh, he’s a playboy photographer, but the reality is, how did you get into photography.

It you’re welcome to cut me off at any time. But I started out when I graduated from high school I wasn’t sure what to do. My grandfather became ill and California. And I had no experience with this but my father promoted me to caregiver. And so I went out and I took care of him as he was terminally ill with prostate cancer. Wow. And I never really knew the guy. And it was amazing we bonded together we had the best time to guy had all these Oklahoma sayings like Well, that’s like a bird on the grapevine. The whistling through the, you know, that. And Harold were you when you were doing this? I was 17 Wow. And and while I was turning 18 I turned 18 that summer. And when he passed away, my father had come out it became too much for me to really he went back into the hospital care facility and then I would just go visit him and my father came back in and after he passed My father gave me his camera. And you know, I think most teenagers, they’re really looking for something like I want to play guitar. Nothing man, no matter how many lessons I had nothing, and different things like that you want to stand out in some way. And for some reason, the genetics that I received, I had a technical side and an artistic side. And at that time of film camera, which is very different from a digital camera, had certain hurdles that you had to you had to be able to fly over those. And so my technical side was able to do that. My artistic side from my mom, just she gave me a natural eye for composition. And immediately I broke something on the camera. There were no instructions. It was completely manual, no light meter. So I would just go and ask every camera salesman, I could find Why did this picture not work? And it was a great conversation as well. It was very interactive. And my mom Gave me any of them comment that maybe this camera was really old special anything like that? No, you know what I think it’s a, it’s a great path. Because the problem with the incredible cameras of today, they just take good pictures. The most important thing about photography first is your eye. And some people can just, you know, the cameras doing so many things automatically for them, they have a great eye. But when you have to do everything yourself, you really have to look at what light is doing and what shadow is doing. And those are what make a great photograph of flattering photograph, an unflattering photograph, dramatic photograph, a flat, boring photograph. And so by starting from that basic foundation, where I met the guy that shot a lot of the Marlboro ads, okay, and in his talk, he doesn’t use a lot light meter. He just used those sheets that came with a package of film. And he knew light so well he knew middle of the day it was f 16 f 125. Why do I need a light meter? That’s what it is. Wow. And that’s consistent every single day that it’s sunny. At that time of day. It’s always the same exposure on that. So,

so what was your first paid gig to be a photographer?

Wow, that was so long ago. You know, what I did was and we didn’t talk about any of this, but I worked on my masters at o U. And something that was more astounding to a friend of mine. We went on a trip to Colombia. I taught his friend in college I was an instructor as I was working on mass. And he didn’t care anything. I thought, Oh, he’s going to be saying the Playboy thing all the time. never mentioned it goes this is my buddy Rogers, professor and in college, why wouldn’t appreciate Pastor I was an instructor. But that was an awesome, awesome experience and the whole communication thing was awesome. So when I left that, instead of going on in that direction and becoming a scholar, which would have been ill fated, I went towards my dream of photography, and I started assisting in Dallas, and I assisted for I thought it was going to be probably two months. It was five years. And that’s where I got my photographic education. There were tremendous, incredible photographers in in Dallas and I focused on assisting the ones that had gone to a particular school in California, there were two great schools, the art center School of Design, and Brooks, and I assisted probably every photographer in Dallas that graduated from the art center so how do you get in there you thought was going to be two months and then suddenly now it turns into five years what what kept What kept you going? You know, it was a The knowledge and I was getting paid. Like I didn’t realize, I mean, I was a lazy teenager. You know, I could lay in front of a TV for a very long time not a problem to you. Yeah, my mom even I told her I said, you know, Mom, I feel guilty. And she had something written for me and calligraphy. The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. And later in life, she said, I knew you’re going to be a busy person. And I knew that that time wouldn’t always be there for you.

What was the baby bathwater lecture that that guy that I that I think is amazing, the neuroscientist


Yeah, his name’s jack. We heard this great lecture that he’s a neuroscientist and he is talking about how in the periods of what people would describe as boredom. Oh, yeah, comes genius. So we don’t allow ourselves to be bored. We don’t allow ourselves to sit there and let our minds wander like that. If you’ve got a very creative Mind, you know, so they’re so sitting in front of TV, I wouldn’t say that you’re lazy. It just seemed like you were subconsciously planning what was gonna happen

you know what’s interesting about that is in this current day and in my I drive to South Texas, nine hours every month for my mom and and come back and during that time I was in audiobooks, but I i in there, they’re not. I’m not learning anything or science fiction. But I’ve noticed that I used to just drive and just, you know, you blink out, and then you’d start daydreaming and you start thinking of things I’ve been, I’ve been pondering that if like, you know what, I really need to have that time back where I’m bored, and my mind wanders, because that is it is really important. That’s where a lot of cool stuff comes from

it. So you’re doing this. I mean, ultimately, I’m interested. How do we how do we go from there to being one of the best playboy photographers? I mean, you’ve done covers you did that for years, somewhere. We go from there to actually get into be the, the chosen one to do playboy photography. Oh, by the way, let’s go ahead and mention something. This is pre Photoshop.

Oh yeah,

yo, yes, that’s it. Yeah.

I heard that. Yeah. When we were talking a little earlier, I was like, Oh, yeah, Photoshop did not exist. They did have, you know, and the thing about being the difference between a playboy photographer and a fashion photographer at that, in that period and film, a fashion photographer could shoot a roll of 36 frames, get two frames that were spectacular, like the everything just came together. And then the other 34 frames were known as a playboy photographer. What everyone has this dream Oh, I’d love to do that. The editors at playboy and we do this seminar together now where I get to talk with him and what he Gary Cole, he was the head playboy editor of all photography. For, like 35 years, and he said, You know, it wasn’t our job to be friends with the photographers, it was our job to get the most out of them. And so, if I sent in 36 frames and one frame was out of focus or poorly composed, or you could clearly see the eyelashes of the model under a loop, I was in trouble. So, a playboy photographer had to be able to get 36 frames, not to infocus composed, perfectly lit, and the only variations are what the model brought to it, you know, like, our interaction. And what you were saying about well, how did I get to be a playboy photographer? It has to do with the ability for somebody to become at ease, okay, in an awkward environment. Most playboy models were not models they were Girls Next Door. I did a lot of the castings met a lot of the girls beforehand. They had never done anything like this. Sure. And so, my longtime assistant and I, as I was an assistant to a playboy photographer, we weren’t serious on set. We weren’t trying to figure out who was going to get a date. We were laughing we were focused on trying to do a great job. And the model could, she could feel that,

you know, interviewing somebody with a camera, you’re getting the best out of them.

Yes, we were doing everything to support her make her feel safe. And after a while, you know, we’re cracking up, the crew is cracking up makeup artist, stylist, we are all just, this is our work, and we’re comfortable with it. And the model would kind of feel that and after a while, just like, you know, oh yeah, I’m great. I’m good with all this. And that’s very different from a guy with a camera trying to replicate those photographs. That’s the part they miss. A couple

of thoughts come to mind. And one of them is obviously the guy with the camera has to be probably the center of great interaction received by the model so that they know that are having a conversation with the same person who has right the camera. Another one is whenever you take you back to when you said all 36 frames had to be on point essentially don’t have anything out of focus. So it sounds to me like whenever you are taking those, you’re pushing the button, you wanted to every single one of those was executed with purpose. It wasn’t a string of hold the button down and you hear the GG choo choo choo of the camera. It’s, this is the shot that I want. I’ve got it. I’ve got this person in their best present mode, etc. I mean, can you kind of take me back? How do you how do you commit to pushing the button and trying to hit 30 636 times?

Well, the other thing you just mentioned about the focus this is pre autofocus. Oh yeah. And so you are focusing on somebody you’re involved. In that dynamic, and so for me, it I, it’s, it’s easy for me to have a conversation. It’s easy for me to operate a camera. doing both is a bit of a stretch. Yeah. And so that, you know, that’s something that I had to work on during those five years of being an assistant. I assisted a playboy photographer, and I watched him. And it was really funny because I would set up his lights, I would do all this. And I thought, okay, I’ve got this, and then I would do my own test, and I didn’t have it. I was like, man, how do I not have this? And he told me after about a year, he’s very generous with me and he said, I have a fudge factor. I don’t, I don’t go by the light meter. I go by what I feel the exposure should be and he was really good at directing, you know, doing this multitasking. And so I was able to learn that way you know by watching And listening. Do you feel like having to commit to each one of the pictures that you took? Oh, yeah, made sure made you make certain that the conversation was far more personal because you’re just like you said, you’re directing. You’re helping them make this image exactly how you know that it’s going to pass muster. So the conversations really going versus just standing there and kind of losing some of your personality hitting the button over and over again, with with quote, unquote, throwaways. Which you didn’t have you didn’t want throwaways you wanted every fucking Yeah, I couldn’t have I get in trouble. Right. And, and that’s, I mean, it’s I’m not saying that lightly. I got in trouble. Like I got, you know. People don’t realize when a playboy editor wants the best out of you, right? It’s not necessarily gentle.

Because you can’t, you can’t have self doubt, either. I mean, you’d have to be in a flow state is what I’m thinking like, Yeah, get yourself in it in a certain place. Because if you’re doubting You’re gonna have the editors not gonna like that it’s going to show up. That’s the I think that’s what’s so impressive about why there’s certain like world renowned photographers, and everybody that has a camera trying to be one. There’s, there’s a gift there somewhere

that well, you know, my father was a geologist, and then he became an entrepreneur. He didn’t want to work for the man, he wanted to do his own thing. And he became a builder and real estate investor, he could not understand why I wanted to be a photographer. And unfortunately, he passed away in 92 from a glioblastoma, but he got to see me in the zone one time when we were traveling to California together, and we were at a rest stop. And I saw something and it was very weird for anyone to see something in that environment. And I I went into the zone, and he got to see it and I didn’t know he was seeing it. After we got in the car. We started driving, he was like,

I get it. Now. If

you want to be a photographer, Because I You are so in that, you know, and then he saw the photographs in a bloom way. It was not, you know, it wasn’t what you saw with your naked eye. what’s what’s in the frame how I exposed it?

And do you remember the exact feeling that you had when you were in that zone? Oh, yeah. Describe it to me.

Everything else goes away. I’d say it’s kind of like meditation, you know, where I see what can be in that photograph. But in the days of film, you can’t see what’s going to happen. And I like what separated the men from the boys in film photography is shooting negative film had a lot of latitude, you could be off a lot, shooting slide film or chrome film, you couldn’t be off at all. And so I shot chrome film, because that’s I aspired to shoot for a magazine. I aspired to be one of those guys.

And that’s what they shot with. You’re in that, that period when you’re in that flow state. Was it hot? What did it look like? What was the air? Like? How did you feel describing, you know?

And I can say this from my playboys sheets because it happens so often. While I was shooting, I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t hot. I wasn’t cold. I wasn’t thirsty. I was just in it. After I finished shooting, I was like, after that had gone away for a little while, that I was starving. And I was tired. And I needed to sit down and rest. But while I was in that zone, it was you know, your, your basic needs are met, you know, you don’t need stuff.

The reason why I’m trying to get you to think of the exact moment and the mood that you were in, uh huh. We Eric and I were lucky enough to meet up with a guy named Michael Byrne off last weekend or two weeks ago, yeah, two weeks in Scottsdale. And he is a neural Linguistic Programming expert Oh interesting NLP. And when you were describing this you’re describing a time how many years ago was that?

Oh man, that would have been like 1990.

So in 1990 you’re describing it to me like earlier, like it happened yesterday, you have that memory burns in you sure. The thing one of the things about NLP is that and I’m just learning this but this is what something I want to get really good at because doing exactly what you just said you were in a flow state. NLP has something called anchoring. Where what you do is you repetitively really feel that emotion, whatever emotion it is, whatever emotion you want. So Tony Robbins does this. Everybody says he has this pre stage warm up. That’s his anchoring routine. So that he gets his he can increase or decrease his energy by doing a what’s called an anchoring thing. And so, like that moment right there, if you think about that, really think about you in a flow state, and then do a physical movement to connect your brain to something People tap their leg, they clench their fists, they do different things. And you really believe it, then you can train your brain to go into that flow state when you want. It’s really cool stuff. But I saw it there. I’m like, wow, the ability to do that we’ll go that that’s off topic. They’re always getting that so so your dad saw you do this, which it’s always it’s always that moment when a father is, you know, maybe he was worried about you know, if you’re gonna do something

he you know, what’s interesting is he had been an amateur photographer and an amateur inventor. And he was he became a father and he had to quit. He had to put away the childish things, and focus on what he had to do to put food on the table. And he was a great guy, great provider, smart guy. And I didn’t realize how many of my friends he mentored. And I continue to run into it. I would not have you know, I ran into a guy that I hadn’t seen in 20 years. I would have never bought real estate if it had not been for your father and I You know, it it. That didn’t happen for me until later in life, where I wanted to pursue my own dream and my father was so loving and concerned about me that he went to other people to tell them to coach me on not becoming a photographer. He wanted me to skip that step, and go on to being an entrepreneur and to invest in real estate. And a banker, president of a bank called me in young guy, had a great camera system had a dark room outside of his house, you know, Rick, I’m president of this bank. I can afford any camera I want. I can do photography on trips. And you know what, that’s what you should do. And I said, My dad’s been talking to you. And, and my dad was funny, he would take vanilla for Mexico. It was pure vanilla. Then when you You could only get a chemical extract. And I’d say he would take that and give that to all the bank tellers. Everyone at the bank, everyone knew him by his first name. And you know, he was just a great guy with camaraderie and stuff like that. So when he asked a favor is no problem, but I was like, yeah, how’s my dad?

Are you? Do you have any regrets about spending the first part of your career doing photography, because we’re going to get into the other? And sure enough, which kind of ties into the other guests that we’ve had on the show?

No, no, it was, you know,

you have these different dreams or goals I just saw on on Facebook, they ran a picture and Brownsville of this hotel that I was it no longer exists, but I was a lifeguard there. And my brother was a lifeguard so I wanted to, you know, as a kite, got to be a lifeguard, and then a friend of mine. Greg had taught while he was working on his masters, like, I want to do that. And then it’s like that happened for me. And it was, I never thought I’d really want to teach although my mother was a teacher, but it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It was just awesome photography specifically as a playboy photographer, you know you and I have spoken a little bit about this before about, I had stage fright, really extreme stage fright from my mom wanting to endear me with cultural foundations

even stage fright. Like you didn’t like to speak in public.

You didn’t know. She put me and tap and ballet at four. I had a recital. My brother made fun of me the entire time. I didn’t know what a recital and so you know I’m dressed in this feather cos

Taylor dad was worried about you becoming a photographer you can step in then. Yeah,


So I go on stage. He was a

big auditorium at the University of Oklahoma

and four years old,

four years old, and I remember this.

I do not anchor this feeling.

I’ve been fighting this feeling my entire life. That’s why I’ve done a lot of other things. But yeah, the curtain opens. Here’s like, for me as a kid, it looked like 1000 people. I didn’t, I didn’t never learn the dance. I didn’t know what a recital was. And so the girl next to me was so sweet. I remember this, she was turning and she was trying to coach me to turn so I was turning out of step with everyone else. And my brother yelled,

way to go Rick.

Higher audience burst out laughing. So whenever I would do anything from then on it, that always happened. Like, I was at a Christmas play in a rural school, and they had real animals and I was a shepherd. I was the third shepherd. And I had a real sheep. And my sheep it turned out was a jackass and didn’t want to move. This isn’t a nativity scene. I take it

Yeah, yeah. Okay, yeah,

everyone’s on stage. Where’s the third shepherd and I’m up there wrestling with a shape and I had to grab it by its front hose and pull it down the whole thing so people are already laughing. I had to pull it and wrestle it on stage and put my foot on it while they’re singing Silent Night and it’s saying like it’s going to be, you know, sent to slaughter so thing and yeah, everyone cracked up I was like, yeah, this just just not

gonna really.

I was just thinking about that. The debt I had to look it up. When you’re describing this, you have this memory that you can’t ever shake. Never seen that movie Central Intelligence with the rock. Now?


Well, basically, the rock is massive, but he overcompensate his whole life because of one bad experience. And whenever he gets insecure, he thinks about that. And that’s kind of what that’s exactly what I’m about. You had significant stage fright.

Oh, and is that reasons?

That’s crazy. But because of that

you had no problem with that ever creep up when you were with models and stuff like that when you were the base What I’m saying is did the camera allow you to never have that feeling

I didn’t experience it one on one or with groups I experienced it when I would step on stage be in front of a microphone be in front of a camera, that kind of thing when I was going to have to stand up and and that’s why I started doing classes, acting classes, improv classes. Well, I took the acting class and it was way out of my league. And a really great person in there said you know what, I know this great acting coach. His name’s Don shook, and he has a talent for someone like you

know that feeling.

He did. He really did.

You’re a pretty good actor for a photographer. Yeah.

We’re trying to do different business things. It’s like that’s not bad for a but Dr. As far as the car goes, you’re almost adequate.

Yeah, train and Anna says you make a great website that we’re going to help you.

That’s hilarious. So obviously you are you are looking for something. Now to move beyond photography. We’ve got about a minute here till this segment ends, it will take it over, but there’s going to be a lot more to come, Rick with the way that you’ve moved from photography to where you are today. So how many years did you do the photography with?

I shot for Playboy for 20 years. And then while I was doing that, I was also free to shoot commercial work. So I shot commercial work all over and yeah, it was just a great run. It was really, you know, fantastic career

in those 20 years, when the technology started to change. How did that make you feel?

You know, I think all of us were just thinking it was amazing and fantastic, but It actually killed the whole business of being a, you know, the the professional photographer role that I got to have kind of no longer exists. But it was great while it lasted. And I there are new avenues people are inventing new things, you know, but it’s a it’s a new world,

that unavailability of digital images. I mean, just on the line online, how people can find you. Just you just changed. I mean, just change the landscape. It’s just,

well, it’s hilarious. If I took a shot and I uploaded my computer, I press auto enhance, I’m like,

take the red eye out. You can just do

this concert we’ll talk about later. 30 years ago, I shot it on film with a camera that didn’t have autofocus. And I was at a guitar convention in Dallas, and watching a guy stand in front of everybody very rudely. Take pictures and watching the screen on camera as it automatically focused, exposed and balanced and The images were great.

That’s the end of this half hour Rick is going to tell us a bit more about moving on to some other greener pastures see back in a moment.

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Okay, we’re back with the second hour of the gut check project episode number 11. We are joined with Rick more we’re going to get back to his story here in just a moment. Quick reminder, if you want your daily polyphenols go ahead and grab the world’s only NSF approved for bloating and abdominal discomfort relief adran deal you can do so at love my tummy calm forward slash spoonie use code spoonie to save a lot of money and in fact Dr. Ken brown here knows a little bit about it What about are trying to

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We were just really get back to Rick right now we were just talking about the fact that due to a traumatic tap and ballet experience when you were four years old that carried over and you’ve developed some significant stage fright. We do know that CBD does and that’s the study I’m going to talk about next week does help with both anxiety and depression. I’m going to take a little right now while you get back into it and talk about why you decided to take acting classes.

Well And on that note, I’m from the generation where You know, we were given antibiotics like vitamins. My vegetables came out of a can. I had Nestle’s quick, you know, sugar.

You mean, the generation that’s going on right now? My crap is happening. My well I

that’s how I grew up. And and so I didn’t know what gut biome was I didn’t know anything about probiotics. I just knew that when I ate beans, bad things happened. And so when bino came out, I saw that I was in a, I was in a drug store and my father and said, if you ever find anything, I love beans, but beans don’t love me. And so I got this bottle and I went to the checkout stand. I was kind of scared. It’s kind of like buying something you kind of are, are embarrassed about. And I, I went up to the checkout as this older lady super nice. It’s just like, do these words bino really, and there was a there was a lady behind me. I was super embarrassed. And she goes, You know

what, you could save a quarter on this and she pulls out a bino

check on whatever your standard was 25 I was just turning redder and redder. But that was the beginning. And since then, you know, the otra until the CBD oil, like more and more. You know, your gut is that’s the foundation, that’s where everything happens. And so my gut was a real mess. And I heard part of the melatonin conversation, I want to hear more of that, because I’ve had sleep problems. And just the whole gut health is something that I didn’t have for a long time. And that’s something that, you know, it’s it’s really important.

Well, I’m a little bit biased, but we always say that all health begins and ends in the gut. And I do want to say that we mentioned at the beginning of the show that you own red button. MJ and Oklahoma City, which happens to be the first dispensary which carries my CBD and my baby. altran TEALS. That’s right.

That’s right. Some guts.

Yeah, the reason why we put these together if you want to get a little geeky about it, if you have any, your clients come in and you’re like, why are you selling this? You’re like, because gut health is really important, because inflammation starts in the gut, and CBD decreases that but what are trying to do as the polyphenols Yes, raise your own, a Nanda mind, which is your own Endocannabinoid. So it actually stops the enzyme that breaks it down. When we don’t sleep or we go through stressful periods. This enzyme called f h goes up and you actually decrease your own endogenous Endocannabinoid. So that’s why they go together and that’s actually how I got into the science of CBD. But that’s if somebody comes into your store.

Now this is a whole new world and the thing is, red bud is it’s a medical MJ dispensary, cannabis and CBD. And trying to, and we have people that, you know, it’s not you know, there’s that perception about Oh, it’s, this is all a charade to get high. And it’s not we have real people coming in with real problems. We’re not doctors, you know, and this It’s so weird that this is this whole new field that the cloak is being pulled off of after 80 years. And we’re all just starting. And my former former girlfriend is a PhD in neuroscience. And she’s, she’s constantly when we have this conversation, she’s like, Rick, you’re not you know, these this studies have not been done on this yet. And I’m like, Yeah, but it’s happening. You know, this is happening without studies where things are happening in the store. We’ll talk about my managers father whenever

getting that right. Yeah. So

my manager.

Can you imagine if we actually had like a producer that was making a stay on script

My life is squirrel.

Let’s go back to

so Christy her father and I’ve known Christy and her family since the early 90s. Christy is your partner in the business, right? She’s my manager, she and I dated in the 90s. And she has her own and her sisters their own playboy fame. They were in a big pictorial in 97 for Playboy magazine, and, you know, really, really, you know, cool background and everything but her father was a former Oklahoma City police officer, and he was he waited way too long. He was smoking a cigar sitting on his chair watching TV didn’t go to see the doctor and time had stage four Safa, Giel cancer. So stage four means that it is already spread and the survival of the That is pretty low. So he was given he couldn’t swallow anything. The the facility put feeding tubes and forum and he hated the hated everything. His mind wasn’t clear at the time. He wasn’t cooperating. He did one round of chemo. And they sent him home and said, You know what, there’s really nothing we can do for him. And so Chris the sisters took it upon themselves to become his caregivers. And through the dispensary, we were able to get him Rick Simpson oil and to get him CBD.

So I’m gonna let Eric explain what Rick Simpson oil is because you’re actually very knowledgeable in this Rick Simpson oil. And my understanding is that Rick Simpson basically came up with a protocol that is high concentrated THC. Right. And so I think that his theory was that it was going to disable the ability for the either the propagation or the replication of cancerous cells and how they able to That I’m not exactly sure but I do know that it’s almost like a distillate in terms of THC so just like you would take a liquor and you’re starting with a raw material and then you of course have to cook and mash and then Brian distill down. My understanding is basically Rick Simpson oil is just highly concentrated THC and then they they use it for kiddos who have really bad seizures or all kinds of different things like that.

So the sisters basically put a few drops of that and CBD oil and a teaspoon, gave it to them. And we’re just like, we’re not going to just let him die. And after three days, his throat started clearing and he was able to swallow his own saliva. After four or five days the THC kicked his appetite and, and that’s some other stories that I’m aware of in my past of of any way. That works really well. The THC kicks and appetite in and lowers nausea. So he asked for a donut. They gave him half a donut and he ate it. Then he asked for more and they started feeding him. So after two weeks, he went in to see the doctor didn’t just saw the nurses, he had gained 16 pounds in two weeks, wow. Ask him what he was doing. And he said, Well, I’m eating I had a Corona and fried chicken before I came in, which is not the optimal diet. But the sisters were just trying to give him whatever he wanted to eat and put weight on

Can I come into your weight gain, which tells a lot to me from a from a scientific standpoint. So he gained that much weight in that short period of time there is something that is very well known. It’s tumor wasting syndrome. The tumor itself actually uses up all the energy and actually it goes into a catabolic state and that’s how come people that get cancer even if it’s not a cancer, the esophagus will lose a profound amount of weight. When you said two weeks first thing I thought of is That tumor was shrinking. Yeah. Well, the tumor, the tumor wasting process was stopped.

It shrank by 50% Well, sure, their measurements, and they took the feeding tubes out. And so, you know, that’s I don’t have a background for measuring any of this in a scientific way. But, you know, things like acupuncture evolved out of a pragmatic approach. And I think that’s what’s happening. And it may have been happening in the past and we didn’t know about it because a patient like that, their doctor might ask him, Well, how did you do this? Well, they can’t say because in Texas avait cartridge is a felony. Yeah. Rick Simpson oil, highly concentrated felon, a felony. Yeah. And I mean, that’s not just sad. To me. That’s criminal.

So we’ve had I mean, we’ve we’ve addressed this with joy Beckerman. We talked about it with Sean when he was on Christmas on Christmas song. We’ve covered this a lot. Has when when you see something that powerful I see it in my patients when I the fact that until the farm bill passed technically CBD is also a hemp derived CBD which is a perfectly legal thing. One of the things that we’re talking about that chef Patrick brought up was the fact that depression and anxiety and things have been increasing. Everybody says, oh, through technology, Chef Patrick threw something out there he goes, do you think that started happening? When they criminalize the hemp industry and we quit putting it in food? We quit? Because then we were losing a lot of those Phyto cannabinoids, right?

Well, I myself, you know, we’ve been talking about how cool it was for me to be a playboy photographer and all that. That ended in 2011. The Chicago office was was closed down much like the movie. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Yeah, Ben Stiller. Yeah, almost everything that happens to that movie. I’ve been shot in Iceland. But you know, I wasn’t really the photographer carry As much as I was also the Ben Stiller character, where I was always dreaming of doing things, but everything that happens to him and that movie, pretty much happened at the Chicago office. So I was never fired. I was never I didn’t quit. The office that I worked for cease to exist and 300 people that made that work, we’re no longer there. And that happened. My mom became ill. My a friend of mine that I was I became a caregiver for my mom that saw this happening, guess what your mom is sick with. So memory problems dementia, we tried to get a proper diagnosis diagnosis. She couldn’t handle the diet at that time to really tell us what it was. And basically what that doctor was saying was just depressing us. So my brother and I became her co caregivers, and my brother. He’s a very pragmatic guy, and he took her off of one pharmaceutical after another until she was only on blood pressure. So she takes I give her it’s at 369 omega balance and a gluten free waffle in the morning. And I put coconut oil on that she gets CBD in her coffee. She takes a vitamin shake that has everything in it. And so she gets that everything

I would add is that there was a study that came out with absorbable tumeric where they took two two parties that have dementia and because tumeric itself is poorly absorbable right but there is there’s certain brands that actually cross the blood brain barrier. And they actually showed that the one group that took that had improved memory and then add on to to it so that’s what that’s what I have all my patients do CBD, the omega threes or fish oil tumeric and otra until and you know, we should have

the author and chill. I’ve tried adding turmeric here and there. It hasn’t stuck yet. So I need to find the one that is you know, oh I know a great way to get the

Yeah, sign up for this. The D hat health by D head health box.

And Jay will tell you all about D head box calm. Go ahead.

I’m sorry. You’re in Chicago. The Office shutting down reminds you the movement. Where do you go from

a good friend of mine in Oklahoma that I he he was the my NASCAR crew chief at Sears for the last 25 years and my father’s before that, and they just closed that series. I can’t believe in a while. Yeah, yeah. I was hoping to hire some of those employees at the dispensary. But not big enough yet. But anyway, he said, Look, Rick, if you. He says, I’m not saying this is going to happen. But if you lose your girlfriend, oh, you know, you’ve got too many things on your plate right now. And it’s just that’s something else you don’t have to worry about. And it happened to me while I was caring for my mom. And then that did happen to me. So it’s like, my dream job. My mom comes down with that girlfriend gone and And how many other things one of my best friends passed away and a guy that I’d kind of helped mentor totally stabbed me in the back. And so I was trying, but my my great friend stick Boy, that’s been my system for 20 years that guy solid as a rock. We just went to Panama together. But I went to a back pain guy that was a I’ve tried all these alternative things. He was a Buddhist healer. And it was interesting back issues at the time also. Oh, yeah.

So all this is going on? Oh,

yeah. And and, you know, the guy sat with me for 20 minutes and he said, Tell me what’s going on with you. And I told him what had happened was like, that guy. After you would help them pulling that on you that really hurt your feelings, didn’t it? I hadn’t thought about it. I was like, Well, yeah, I guess now you mentioned it a dad. And then he started working on my back. It was like his job to unlock any emotional.

You know? It wasn’t all physical. Right?

Yeah. It did. He’s my backup. So I have tried a lot of different things in this path that I came down with. I didn’t know what depression was, I’ve never been depressed. And I would go to a place while I was on mom duty that I’d gone to for years now. There was no one there. I knew, but I drove 45 minutes to go there was like, a black curtain just came over my eyes. And I was totally uncomfortable there. And I just got back in my pickup truck and drove 45 minutes home, and I was okay in front of the TV. And

it should I mean, were you developing some social anxiety at this point.

And I, it was so foreign to me. I couldn’t, you know, I’d never I’d always been even though I have stage fright in terms of getting up in front of a group. I’d never had problems walking up to somebody and talking to them, sure, or being in a group environment. And so that was really Really weird to me. What I was going to say is that since the I’ve pretty much gotten through that now like a better diet I became pescetarian just looking after myself looking at what I’m eating, looking at what I’m doing, you know, those are the building blocks and and so I’ve gradually kind of been working my way and so yeah, pretty good now but I’ve noticed having a dispensary now has certain benefits if I start feeling like that, man a little bit of and I’ve not the thing is I’ve never been a stoner, I don’t. I didn’t really like the different experiences the the variety of effects that it could have on one time I’d be happy one time I’d be sitting in a chair not wanting to talk to anybody. And in high school or something. You’re just thinking, wow, that’s me. And a good friend of mine clued me into They’re these different strains of I never knew that was only like just a few years ago. So during my adult life I never smoked. And I was very cautious about it. So learning about it that there’s Endeca, which is more of a state, it’s called couch lock. You want to sit down on your couch, you want to watch TV or go to sleep on the couch. Yeah. And also TV, the upbeat and what’s so funny is one of the things that I had smoked early on, was Alka pouco gold. That’s not a hybrid. It’s a pure cityville I didn’t know what it was. I had no idea then. Well, now my dispensary carries that whole resume. And it is so interesting, because it’s just that, you know, for me, again, not really a stoner, but that little puff kind of would bring me out of if I were starting to feel a little down. Bingo,

you just keep referring to the red bud medical MJ. How did you end up even getting in that I mean, we’re, we went from right photography to depression. And now we jumped forward and you just opened Well, the store.

So my brother and I’ve been taking care of our mom for 10 years. The level at which you have to be able to compete as a photographer at that level is 120%. Just like you guys put that into your work. You really have to be on it and focused and available because people call you and they need it yesterday. And so me being a month on and a month off, I was no longer able to do that. And when I was with my mom, I could just tell this is where I need to be right now. I just it was a comfortable feeling with her. of you know, she’s like the daughter I never had now. Sure. And we have done water aerobics. We do lots of fun things together. And it’s not like it’s, I’m not I don’t want to paint a picture like this is an awful time. I really enjoy it. Sure. And but I was kind of looking for something else and on my own path of finding, you know, things for my ailments as I’m getting older things hurt, you know, I get some inflammation. And so on this path I became more and more interested in cannabis. And after the explanation and then a good friend of mine in Dallas. We were talking about investing when it looked like medical marijuana was going to pass as you know, a broad based opportunity in Texas and it it really didn’t. So with Christy in Oklahoma, she and I were talking about it she has a Somali a of cannabis. Oh, she can, like literally a grower has come into our dispensary. She’ll smell what he brought in and say you know what? You need to cure this for another two weeks. Wow, sell it. Okay, tell if it’s hydro if it’s soil grown She is literally a Somali a of cannabis. And I’m I’m lucky to have her so she can take the profiles mostly just from smell. Yeah. servation Yeah, you know what’s funny is when we dated, I couldn’t eat corn nuts the entire time her senses are so

like, I would walk in and I’d be smacking chewing gum and

she just going nuts. She just be

looking at me and even now, like she would offer me like some chips or something. And then I chew them and she’d look at me and then I’ve known her for a long time. Now I’m like, irritated. She’s like, can you please not chew those? And I’m like, Well, why do you keep asking me if I want them? Because I know I’ve got to quit asking you

is awesome. You have your balance it out. Just give her coordinates, kind of just

know. There’s no balancing.

She has very very acute senses. And there’s there’s

nothing that she found her way to be gifted at this particular thing. Yeah, job. This is Wow, you’re gonna go really far if you have somebody like that,

yeah, she she calls the shots, anything we buy, she tests it first. And I don’t mean that in a funny way like a Cheech and Chong way. But like she is really she’s really strict on everything. Nothing comes into the store that hasn’t passed her test.

She takes it seriously. I mean, different than someone who’s who’s doing a Somali a of wine is really high end liquor store. So if anybody’s

listening where exactly is your store, like the address of

1038 West I to 40 service road, Oklahoma City, so it’s on it’s right on the freeway, and we’re right next door to a 711. It’s in between Penn and Western.

So what I want everybody or let’s just have whoever wants to do this, but it’d be really funny. If you walked in, I want somebody to walk into a red bud medical MJ with a container of coordinates and goes

I tell you what I tell you what. impromptu contest if somebody can go in to your dispensary read about medical nj and take a picture with Christy holding court

you will be awarded a free bottle of kbd CBD. Oh yeah.

Oh I like that it’ll be great as long as I don’t end up getting you know, thumbtack to the wall or

just gotta get Jake project calm and then let us know that you have the picture. You sent it to us after we communicate with you and you will get a free bottle. That’s awesome. That’s

even better. It was an action shot as she’s like

pointing to the door.

We do. We do have surveillance cameras, so you know we should catch this.

That’s awesome. We got 30 seconds left for get to the next half hour. Just a little preview. We’re going to wrap up with Rick’s gonna tell us some great stories about some of his experiences all the way from a he’s Got a computer here for basically for Kim to pick from. And I’ve got an interesting study that I want. I want both the auto weigh in on and it has to do with how do people shower? Yeah, that’s right. You don’t know the answer to that yet because we had gone through it every Tuesday whether I need it or not. CMOS

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Yes, it does a whole lot more than just fixed bloating because of the poly females that you find can altantuya

you’re exactly right. The polyphenols are those molecules that we find in the Mediterranean diet. It makes vegetables and fruits very colorful.

What are some of the things that these poly females do Eric these poly females can actually say information that can help you have more energy that can help you with anti aging and polyphenols are great for athletes

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when it goes jams, right,

too bad right?

Great. I hope this wasn’t the same music that was being played when you’re on stage at four years old.

It got me right back into that

zone. That’s a weird tap music

we’re back here with the last half hour Episode 11 of gut check project joined here with Rick more owner of red bud metal and nj my fault. They’re red but

the grand opening I mean, you just started this so

yeah, I’m You know what I think we’re going to have the grand opening. We’re looking at doing a show of my photographs from 1989 at the Moscow world peace festival, the first stadium rock concert, and the Soviet Union. It was

so wild. It said that again, the first rock concert and it was

this first stadium rock concert. So previously to that, I think elton john had been there. Billy Joel had been there. They were, you know, great artists. And it was the first breaking down of that wall. And then this is the first stadium rock concert. Dr. McGee, the famous band manager of Motley Crue and Bon Jovi and so many great bands. He had to do some custom. What is it? civic service or something he did. So what he did was he put on these concerts and this was the biggest and MTV was behind it. And it was so cool. I knew I was going to Russia. I had some friends that did ship salvage that I grew up with one of my best friends, Josh. And he and I have been through thick and thin since we were 14. And he was, you know, doing this stuff going back and forth. And I was like, Well, I’d like to do that. They needed some photographs. And so this big deal was on the table to do a joint venture with the Ministry of fisheries. And so we’ve been Russia while it was still the USSR, so I went over there, but I called doc McGee’s office before I left, I wasn’t a playboy photographer yet. I don’t know what inspired me to do these kinds of things where I would just like you, I’d like to talk to Doc McGhee. They, I got his, you know, his people, and I said, Look, I’m going to be in Russia love to shoot this concert. I’m Rick more work with playboy as it is. system. And they were like, okay, fine when you get there, you know, come by and see us thinking I would never get there. So I got there. And because we were working with the Ministry of fisheries, we were able to stay in this one. It was like a mini Mall of Western goods and, and activity. There was this again 1989 and an average Russian could not walk in there. And no rock stars were allowed to stay there. They stayed at this scary hotel that was built by Stalin, they looked really scary, but they got to come over and eat. And so it was called the measure that odd Nyah. And it was built by Armand hammer. And it was

what’s the Yelp review on that right now?

No, man, I don’t know. But back then it was like that was the only four star anything there. And so the concert you know, I was doing my stuff, which is a whole other wild set of adventures and crazy Some of the wildest things I’ve ever experienced, but the concert happens so I go over to that hotel. Hey, I’m Rick more. I’d like to pick up my press pass. We’ve never heard of you. You’re not a known concert photographer. You know? No. And so I was like, wow, that sucks. So I knew that the Hard Rock was doing a barbecue for the rock stars. Gorky Park. Okay, so I went over there. Bon Jovi and Ricky Sambora. Were walking out, I walked up to them. JOHN, can I have a word with you? He goes, Yeah, I go, look, I’m Rick more. I want to shoot this concert. contacted Dr. McGee before I left, but I haven’t heard anything back. I really need to get a get a pass. And he looks at Richie Sambora. He’s like Well, we’re not really in charge of that. me walk away. That was so That was I thought, Okay, that’s it. It’s over. So I was in one of these bars.

You didn’t even ask for an autograph.

You know what you’re right. Yeah. You know what I really wanted to try and pin in Russia by that time for a few weeks. And the smell of an American hamburger at that time. I mean, I was definitely an omnivore. At that point, I wanted a hamburger so bad. I didn’t dare ask him but that’s what I should have asked if that would have been like a, you know, an opener. But anyway, I go back and I’m, I’m soaking at the, this mini mall place and one of the bars talking to a Russian guy and everyone in the spar, like there was a senator in that bars a small place. Everyone was kind of something interesting. So Doc McGhee walks in and I kind of knew who he was when he walked in and he just walked up to every single person in the bar and asked him who they were and what they were doing there. Wow. And fine. I didn’t jump out of I waited. He wanted us to buy gold. Yeah. He walks up to the table. He goes, who are you? And what are you doing here? And I said, Well, my name is Rick more. I’m a photographer. I contacted your office for a press pass. I went to the hotel and they didn’t have one for me goes go there tomorrow. I was there tomorrow. Wow. And they were my press passes.

Fans has done believable days was that concert to okay.

And it was the stadium was ring by armored vehicles. In the middle of the of the floor part. There were solid lines of Army officers and guys in the army, like at attention the entire concert. They didn’t know what to expect. And

so explain the, I guess I mean, long time ago, but this is the first time that they allowed. Yes, the American rock musicians and what did they think? It was a riot. I mean, what? I

didn’t know what to expect there were also Russian rock bands Gorky Park, but it was Cinderella Skid Row, Motley Crue Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne scorpions fans. And you know that video that concert. Yeah, you know, you know that video winds of change as they mentioned in and it has the flower in the gun barrel. I was walking behind the scorpions just they were doing their thing. I had my camera I’m not a popper, otzi I wasn’t trying to bother them. But there was a Russian army guy holding his gun. And he had a flower in the barrel. That’s where that came from. I shot the guy with the gun and the flower separately, and they recreated it they became really good friends. That’s your picture? No, not my picture. The we I shot the picture and I have that they were inspired to put that from seeing that in their video. They recreated And they became and still are friends with what was that president’s name? Russia? Yeah, Gorbachev. They became friends with Gorbachev.

Yeah. Oh, they mentioned down on Gorky Park at the very beginning of that song winds of change. Yeah, I was walking right behind them. Yeah, yeah, I remember that. Well, that is that is a that’s an awesome story. Wow. What was it like because that Okay, so what what part what time of year was this concert summer,

it was a it was an August, like, I think August 10 or less. It’s two that’s two months before the Berlin Wall comes down. Right. So you’re there right before all that, like all that was brewing, okay. And I was wondering, see, I’m not a journalist. I’m not a photojournalist. But I mean, it was stirring in me like should I hop over to Germany right now, but I i didn’t i just you know, I was honored kind of an assignment and I finished my assignment but I just had some crazy times remember, in Hunt for Red October and the secret Soviet sub base and Maria Right. It’s not a secret Soviet sub base and I was in Murmansk and it’s a huge channel. And we were looking at these possible sites for this ship salvage yard. And it was a dairy commune. And we had a like a handler, that’s probably a KGB guy. And I have my camera and there’s a Russian nuclear submarine going down the channel.

And he said, you know, see that

he said, you can take photographs of this way.

But do not take photographs that way.

You know, the thing is, I was on a Navy base as well. I was in a whiskey class World War Two submarine shooting the inside for possible scrap and same kind of thing. I was just so happy that they trusted me to be there. It’s like the last thing I wanted to do, even though they never see the film, but I just you know, that integrity I didn’t want to be causing any I’m so happy to be there. You know, and everything. But at the dairy commune, they were so proud of their milk, you know, and it was like fresh out of the cow. And I know that’s really healthy, but I really haven’t had it. And my buddy Brian is a prankster. So they bring out this, you know, these fresh meat fresh out of the cow. They’re warm. There’s a lot of stuff floating around and

they’re so proud of it and the looks on their face.

And Brian goes, I don’t drink milk, but my friend Rick does.

So I just take it like a tequila shot, you know, boom, Down the hatch. Look, brick liked it so much. He would like another. That is awesome.

fresh, fresh milk. I have had fresh milk. It’s not bad.

No, it’s not but it’s just, you know, I would.

You’re ready. You’re not prepped for it. You’re used to Brahms.

Yeah, exactly. When you say that I just think of Woody Harrelson in that movie. Oh, wow. You don’t have a cow. We got a bowl.

kingpin JP. Yeah, man. That’s good stuff. So you went to Russia? Did you go on any other? Because I think that’s kind of crazy considering the time you went to the USSR, when they really were pivoting for survival. They were just before they end up breaking up. What was it like to go there? It

was an amazing time and on the on the assignment that I was on for the ship, salvage company. We went to Estonia and Estonia was one of the Baltic republics that was breaking away like the USSR was breaking up and that time, and so I shot photographs at the scrap place. And it was it was great because there were these really nice women operators in the cranes, you know, lifting the scrap up with magnets and everything. So I shot their photographs. When I was back in Moscow. It’s like you’re running into people. The time of, you know, just unbelievable opportunities and stuff. So I ran into somebody from time he asked where I had been, and I told him and he goes, please give me all that film. And so they because Estonia was breaking away he wanted to see if I had anything that they could run. Unfortunately, they wanted kind of protest in the street and I had been in the scrap yard so I nothing ran of mine and that, but it was ran, you know, all my film got ran for free at the time lab that gets back into the news sensationalism time has to sell. So they need drama, and they’re like Estonia breaking away and there’s a woman going Hello.

protesting two blocks away and

when I left Dallas, a friend of mine at one of the commercial equipment houses said look, Rick, there are things that you really need to know do while you’re there. I know you know your background and playboy, don’t shoot any, like cityscape shots of the whole city that’s prohibited. Oh, don’t shoot any nudes. He had this whole list for me to not do and don’t bring any money back. I successfully did all of those things. I shot that I wasn’t it just happened. So while I was in Estonia, I ran into a whole group and I shot some nudes and I was shooting.

I mean, I realized that you spent 20 years shooting nude so it’s no big deal to you. But I mean, I’d so I was Eric and I were traveling, we bumped into a group everybody got naked, somebody showed up at the camera.

I bumped into a group and I shot some.

Oh, well, you

know what’s interesting is at that time, it was the first and I like, like asking how I got my break for Playboy. When I was an assistant, I got to know some of the editors. And so I was always pitching stuff. Hey, I’m going to Russia. Do you guys need anything? You know, maybe. And so one of the editors said, Look, this is top secret. We’re doing the first ever pictorial of the women of Russia. And you might be able to help me out. So call me when you’re there. So I met the photographer who was a fashion photographer, shooting this. I saw his film, which was very blue. And he said, Well, it’s my style. I like people to look dead. That’s what he said. And so I called the editor. I was like, Jeff, he likes people to look dead. I’m here. I could man I could shoot this. I saw the models. The models were great. It’s like no, Rick, this has to be done by Russian photographer, but I need you to help him. I’m going to talk to him. I want you to talk to him. We need to get the skin tones back on track. He handled that It goes, I need you to bring some of this film back.

With the skin tones back on track, we need to look more alive more alive.

So I smuggled back half the pictorial. And it was. I had a friend in Venezuela that was half Russian. His mom was Spanish, his father’s Russian. He was born in Venezuela. He had moved to the Soviet Union for all this new big stuff. If you traded rubles at the bank, it was like eight rubles to $1. And things were expensive. If you traded them on the black market, it was like 50 rubles to $1. It was an amazing difference. And so at the end of this, I had all these rubles, so when I went to go through customs, I kept a few for souvenirs, and I handed the guy like, a tremendous amount of rubles. Oh, wow. So my film had no problem. No problem. Yeah.

In an altruistic way, here have this. Yeah. Well, that’s what we don’t look at the pictures.

Brian was more worldly than I. And we were trying to get into restaurants to eat because of the stuff we were eating was all like, salad and boresight or I don’t know. Anyway, we couldn’t get into this restaurant. So Brian also grew up on the border. I grew up in like Oklahoma, and the border of Mexico and Texas, those two places, just back and forth. And so it’s called more detail. And he put some money in the palm of his hand. And he shook the guy’s hand that was outside of the restaurant. Oh, let me show you to your table. We walk in, there’s no one in the restaurant. So we learned that’s how it operated. Everything you wanted to do was possible with money in your hand. And after that, you know The world was our oyster, everything. Everything opened up.

So where did you go after that? Did you take any other comparable overseas trips where you felt like you, you were on alert for how you interacted with locals, the government, like you did in Russia.

You know what I get pulled over once in a while. I was my mom. I took her on a trip up to Oklahoma. And it was, you know, that was tough. And I’m getting her back. She’s been nine hours in the truck, you know, and she’s only doing this because of her trust for me. She’s never her memory of my brother and I have never, every day. She calls me Ricardo. That’s my name. And she’s like, Ricardo, do you like your name? I gave you that day and we have this conversation does that

every day.

And so her trusted me and then my brother is absolute. So I’m driving or this hallway. We get 10 minutes from the house. I get pulled over And the guy comes up and I roll down my window. I’m like, Officer, I know it’s 55. And he goes, Well, one of your license plate lights out. I said, Really? Because I have those check. Do you mind if I get out and look at it? I go around and look at it. They’re both on oboe officer they’re both on because well, I couldn’t see it from 250 feet. And I said, well, you’ll have to take that up with Chevrolet. I don’t make the truck. I just drive it. And he goes, Well, let me just go ahead and run your license. So then I that’s their thing.

Know you coming back from coming

back from Oklahoma.

And when

he didn’t, he just pulled me over to run my tags your license. So after he gets out, I said, Look, I know you’re under pressure to do this. I just want to tell you that I’ve been in a police state. I’ve been in the USSR when it was USSR. I’ve been stared down by a police officer on literally when you said the sun who’s going to blink first? Yeah, I mean, it’s a stare for a long time. Just Looking at you, seeing what you’re going to do, because they can do it. And I said, this is the United States, I value the freedoms here. And you’re better than this. You need to go back to your commanding officer. And tell him about this. You don’t just pull people over because you want to run their tax. Now, that’s happened to me a few times, and I give them the same speech. And they always get rid of me quickly. Like I’m not the guy they really because I can keep going on about this. And it’s important to me

how many times is it happened?

It happened. It’s happened three times. Once I was driving a van, going from South Texas to Oklahoma, and I like somewhere around Austin. Highway Patrol literally turned around, came over and pulled me over because the van, he goes it’s Nash This is when they could take your vehicle. If you have anything, any like a seed in it anything. They could take it. So he goes you know what It’s National Drug day. I’d like to search your van. I said, You know what? Go ahead. So as he starts searching, I give him this whole spiel on what it’s like to be in the USSR,

this disguise you, oh, Crikey,

captain’s chair. She was like,

Okay, I’m done.

But like my mom was like that, you know, for her being asked for her social security number was criminal because in her generation, they were promised that Americans would always be individuals, you would never be a number, this would never be used as identification. And that’s what it is that that and generations later, oh, here’s my social security number. You know, you’re never,

ever held hostage to it to I mean, that that goes for a pretty good price on the dark web, etc. Because people can use it to gain access to your credit, etc. It’s kind of wild and turned events like that.

Oh, I thought you’re going to go into a lifelock commercial, I thought that maybe they are now sponsoring our show.

And my brother has and my brother found, did you guys take each other? No, my brother, my brother found the person that stole his identity. And so I thought, You know what? I can do that too. So I found the guy that took mine. And how did you do that? You know, it was it was somebody I’d met somebody that I had a house on lovers lane where I had a studio and I had roommates. He had grabbed my mail. And I backtracked. And somebody’s like, American Express called me and said, Mr. Moore, the card that was cancelled for identity theft is trying to be reopened. And so I proved that I was the real Rick Moore and I said, Can you tell me the phone number, this person’s calling from and he did, and which was really cool on his part. I went to that office with stick boy and I said somebody here Identity Theft on me at this office. So I didn’t find who it was because there were 30 extensions. But I had that gave me a clue. So with those clues, you know, I was able to kind of start putting together. I turned it into, you know, the the Dallas police. I don’t know if anything happened, but I ran into a homicide officer that helped me on some of this. And he said he had identity theft. And even though he’s a police officer, they didn’t do anything about it.

Wow, that doesn’t make any sense either.

Yeah, yeah. But I see this being some sort of Wi Fi and new series. Roderick more bit

when the cops have nowhere else.

So yeah, on top of being a pilot, a comedian, you now can can reverse engineer and find out who’s stolen your identity.

I’m only a student pilot and he Because anything I do, I’m very careful about like, I didn’t say I was a playboy photographer until after playboy sent me a card saying I was a playboy photographer, and that assistant, stagnate, stabbing in the back. He assisted me like 10 times and started telling people who’s a playboy photographer. So that kind of thing irks me. So in being a pilot, you know, that’s, I started to do it as a hobby. It is super entailed, I mean, navigation, all the things that you have to just operating the radio, sure. It’s very intense, and so I get going on it, and then I get into another project like red bud medical MJ, and then I have to kind of shut down the pilot thing but I, as we had discussed earlier, I I bought a small airplane, I got a really good deal on it. And so it’s kind of throwing my head over the wall like I bought a camera before as a playboy photographer, but I had every intention of becoming a playboy photographer.

So awesome.

I have an idea that I would like to up the ante on the on the prize. Okay, so if we can get a photograph of anybody going to read but medical nj shooting a picture with Christie with Cournot tonight’s you will get a free bottle of CBD nice. I’m gonna have it give you a free bottle of water on to Okay. And then if you happen to be in the process of going through a destination wedding, Rick Moore will fly you to your destination. He will then shoot the wedding as the wedding photographer. You will emcee the pre dance tell a few jokes cuz you did do the comedy class. And then during we probably will have to be like an orthodox type long ceremony. You will at least try to solve any unresolved crimes of either wedding party.

According to my availability

So there’s the prize make sure you go to a red button.

Take a picture.

Now I you wanted to talk about comedy.

And comedy. Well, I think you got some comedy right here

though. Yeah, well, here this is gonna be a quick and yet improv class, right? Yes. So I want Rick’s feedback. And here we’ve got about three minutes to run through this great little thing. But I ran across a study and basically a new survey presented by water quality and Health Council found that 51% of Americans reported using a swimming pool as a communal bathtub during the summertime. And they didn’t

know you know, I was a lifeguard.

I know. That’s all comes full circle. Even though 64% of Americans know that pool chemicals, do not eliminate the need for a shower. It is do it anyway. And the fact that you’re in will actually do Activate the chlorine that’s in their veteran deactivates it. Yeah, it does. And And what’s even more awesome is that 48% of adults admitted to Yeah, still pee in the pool. So it does. That’s 90. I will know what? They’re drinking alcohol.

I remember. Have you guys ever floated down the

Waterloo Guadalupe River?

Everybody’s sitting down. You’re like, nobody’s gotten out

of beer. Yeah. Our feet per second is going up because the waters rising. urinating? Yes. Yeah. So the last part to this, it led me to find this Yale study. And they know I’m sorry. There’s a Twitter there was a Twitter question that came out by a guy named Connor Hartwell and it just simply said, do your wash your legs when you take a shower? And so I got over 3000 likes and over 800,000 respondents, which is a lot, I think for a Twitter question and essentially It got me thinking that a lot of people don’t intimately think or don’t think about what they still do or hold is probably the last thing an American adult has a as a period of intimacy on. You know how you shower. You’re not really thinking about what it is that other people are doing when they shower because you don’t you don’t see people in the shower. So do you wash your legs when you shower? I mean, I think I do. I use soap and I scrub. But then they had some other questions on there. Like, do you ever shave while you’re in the shower? Have you ever done that? Right?

That’s the only way I shave. Okay, I have a tough beard with soft skin. Sure. So I use my play. Like, there was one playboy editor that was really nice to me, Kevin. He’s the one that gave me the Hawaiian Tropic assignment, which was he goes, Rick, when people think of you as a playboy photographer. This is what they think of me having drinks by the pool with 120 models, you know, and so it was a it’s an oil. It’s real small. bottle and just put, you know, it’s so good in the shower. That is the best that well.

I mean I shave in the shower just because it’s convenient and it takes all the whiskers off whenever I trim around. It just makes it that much easier.


Well, Ric, I really appreciate you coming on the show today and it is red bud medical MJ dispensary in Oklahoma City. The Josh of some trades. I love it. And Mozu associates forever. If anybody walks in your store, and you’ll spend a week give them a discount and I’ll talk to you.

Absolutely, absolutely. Oh, yes. But other than that, no discounts on Okay, can I just do a shout out to Jay Shanker, who was a young attorney that we were hailing the same cab in Moscow. He turned out to be from Oklahoma entertainment attorney for MTV, and he’s helping me with the show. Oh, wow. Yeah. So 30 years later.

That’s awesome. That’s awesome.