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#26 Does CBD cause liver failure?

Science spoken for the common man, it’s the butt doctor host, Dr. Ken Brown and your co-host, Mr. Sleep himself, Eric Rieger talk the dangers of too much of a good thing CAN be bad. Join the Gut Check Project for a little pre-Christmas research. Don’t forget that even water, when consumed in massive amounts, can be harmful. RIP mice. (more…)

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#23 Healthy Finance with Patrick and Tim, SurePath Wealth

Your hosts, Ken Brown, MD and trusty sidekick Eric Rieger, speak with Patrick Brewer and Tim Power from SurePath Wealth Management. Learn how to keep your finances healthy as well as your gut. Join this wild ride of children performing carnival acts, priceless ($34) civil war figurines, a rusty old harmonica, and of course financial knowledge with a hint of tummy talk from the best. (more…)

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#21 Jeremy Kinder, CBDTakeout, Curated & Trusted CBD

Your hosts, Dr. Ken Brown and Eric Rieger speak with Jeremy Kinder of CBDTakeout about the importance of CBD in all of our lives as well as the uphill battle of it’s negative connotation. Jeremy’s story of having a passion for helping people is selflessness at its best. Join us for an episode full of good feels, incredible information, and Goats. Yes, I said goats. (more…)

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#19 Bryan Bradford, CN, Sunflower Shoppe, Host of “The Healthy Approach” Podcast

Bryan Bradford is a certified health coach and nutritionist. He is also an owner of the Sunflower Shoppe. Sunflower Shoppe is a long tested pioneer of healthy grocery and supplement stores located in Tarrant County (Fort Worth) Texas. A US Army and Gulf War veteran, Bryan found inspiration to serve his fellow citizens by helping his family business become a stronger resource for health. (more…)

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#18 Travis Page, Pharma Rep & Team Roper

Travis is a former collegiate team roper and bronco rider, that has found a career in relationship building and sales.Incredible science review about polyphenols vs aspirin Travis’ experience and hobby with raising cattle Team roping The conundrum of pharmaceutical representation vs fairness and the law SERIOUSLY FUNNY examples of medical sales experiences, from erection pills, to pain relief side effects, to unexpected results from an experimental weight loss drug… You will love it! (more…)

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#17 Brandon Brown, Sous Chef Flower Child

Brandon Brown is non-traditionally trained sous chef at Flower Child, a top health restaurant in Dallas, TX. Brandon has personal experience in living in dealing with a parent that suffered from ALS, learned how to deliver home health care, and then worked his way up through the ranks of creating incredibly nutritious dishes at a premier restaurant. (more…)

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