Welcome to the GCP, your host Kenneth brown, MD along side Eric Rieger, CRNA. Dr. Brown introduces why he launched the project and where he wants to take the project in his journey to bridge the gap between medical and natural science. Check your ego at the door and listen up to the GCP!

It is the gut check project episode number 20. With your host, Dr. Ken Brown. I’m Eric Rhaegar. Dr. Ken, what’s up? episode number 20. Love it. We’ve now gone to 10 two times. Wow. I know. It’s amazing in the beautiful spoony studios.

Excellent, excellent. So

no guest today, no guest today because we’re going to do something cool because we’re gonna do a lot of fun today we’re gonna, we’re gonna we’re gonna push the boundaries. What are we going to be talking about today?

Well, we have several people who’ve written in talked about sleep apnea, not only through email, but we have people who come to the clinic. We have people who come Through the procedures, they want to know, what can they do about sleep apnea. And it’s funny because whenever we have them go to sleep for the procedures, oftentimes we are able to recognize you may need to go and get checked out for your sleep apnea problem. And then they inevitably say, I know I had sleep apnea. And then many times, they end up going getting tested right back and say I did. Thank you.

Yeah, exactly. So we always talk about this, that the three pillars of health, gut, brain and sleep, sleep is so important that for next month’s kBm D subscription box your health has arrived. It’s going to be an addition of things to help people sleep better get into a deeper sleep, get into good sleep hygiene, because it’s so important, and just the fact that people will have obstructive sleep apnea, right?


this guy right here. Yeah. So I learned that I have obstructive sleep apnea and I’ve snored my entire life. didn’t think anything of it. And then of course, you know, we know that my kids buy a lot of tennis. I took Lucas on a on a tournament one time and he said you kept me up all night. snoring And then he lost the next day’s match and I went, Okay, I better get checked out. So I went to my friend, ear, nose and throat doctor to keep with Danny. And he sent me home with an at home sleep monitor. And we were both surprised. I mean, he’s like a friend. And so we’re sitting there, he’s like, Ah, you know, you’re just kind of appeasing the family. He’s like, dude, you’ve got horrible sleep apnea. Like, what? I don’t fit the profile. I mean, I’m a little, little chubby, but you know, but I’m not, you know, I don’t have a big thick neck. I don’t have those other things. But as it turned out, I have a lot of redundant tissue in the back of my throat, right? We’re going to address that we got some cool stuff on and look at some studies about that. Because now I realized, oh my gosh, as we attempt to bridge the gap between natural solutions and traditional medicine, their stuff that has been published years ago, very easy to do. Very life changing, and we’re going to work on that today. So if you have trouble sleeping, make sure that you tune into this show.

Well and talk about what it is to have symptoms of sleep apnea. A lot of people don’t even realize why they suddenly feel fatigued why they feel Like they’re trying to lose weight but simply kill I don’t

know, I think that the most common symptom of sleep apnea is a bruise on your shoulder from your wife punching you all night long. I know I know I snore real bad when this shoulder hurts because she’s rolled me over on it and then I’ve got a big bruise on this one. That’s, that’s the most common symptom of sleep apnea is the spousal attack as you continue to keep the whole house up. So

I’m really lucky because I don’t snore. Unfortunately, not my wife does not snore either. So it’s pretty quiet, but my dad did. And he had sleep apnea. And it was he did not want the machine. He did not want to address it. But when he did, there was no turning back. He felt better. He had better energy. He was glad that he was able to address the issue that he didn’t realize was sidelining him for so long.

My goal for our subscription box and the D hat subscription box which I am meeting again with the head on Tuesday. We’re going to keep Continue to launch this thing this is going to be so exciting we will change the landscape of health in the DFW Metroplex and hopefully spread beyond the Metroplex and get way out there and really start looking at some things. That’s one of the reasons why I think that we can use a subscription box to try and get these aspects of health improved so that everything works. When you don’t get into your proper circadian rhythm of sleeping, your gut motility changes, and you can then have gut issues, which is my primary thing, but then we start looking at that that leads to autoimmune disease, right, let alone the other aspects of increased cortisol, increased weight gain, insulin sensitivity actually decreases. And now you’ve got this whole recipe of why as a nation, we continue to get sicker. One of the problems is we do not have proper sleep hygiene. One thing that happens also which is that vicious cycle, is that when you don’t sleep good, that stressor decreases and they’ve shown this your to endogenous Endocannabinoid, right? known as an animal and to ag a Nanda mind goes down to a G goes up, which is your stress Endocannabinoid in response to the stress that’s going on. And then it because if you’re in fight or flight all the time, all of the time, so unfortunately, if you’re one of these people, you know, hopefully you’re listening to this and you’re driving to work. And if you’re one of these people that notices that you get tired on your drive home, and everything, a lot of this is out of your control. A lot of this is a hormonal response, due to improper sleep. And even if you go and you sleep a long time, so like one of the things I was listening to our podcast, I’ve always been a big fan of Adam ruins everything right? Yeah, you know that show? If you get a chance. I is Adam Conover. I think he’s a really funny guy. And I think he’s a good actor and all this other stuff. But what they do is that they look at different things, and they have a team of researchers do different stuff. Well, now he’s sort of taken that show and he has his own podcast. So he’s bringing those experts on that just get little snippets on the show and he’ll do like a full hour with Well, he had a sleep expert on and he freely admitted he goes, I grew up in a home. I think he’s a connoisseur I guess he’s Irish, because I grew up in a home where having a nightcap is very normal. Then he goes, so for years, I would work odd hours, I would have a drink to get tired and go to sleep. And then she said, Well, here’s what happens with that. Yes, alcohol is a sedative, you’ll go to sleep. But what it does is when it wears off, you have a spike in energy, and it will draw you out of your circadian rhythm. And it moves your REM sleep further along. So that typically when you’re in your REM is when you’re waking up at six or 7am. Yeah, and it disrupts the whole process. So even though you went to sleep and you feel like you had a good sleep, you screwed that up. Same thing will happen with sleep apnea. The second you go into an APNIC episode, it raises your awareness, cortisol goes up, pulls you out of that circadian rhythm, and that happens. So today we’re going to do some cool tricks on how to help sleep apnea. for somebody like me, if you get redundant tissue in this different stuff, that’s really cool. The other A really cool thing that we’re going to do today is Do you remember that kick ass guests that we had named Brandon Brown? I do remember Brandon Brandon brown from flower power. No flower child flower child, our child, sous chef at flower to flower child. Great episode. Check that out. He’s super cool dude. He he contacted us he said, you know what you guys had such as something really unique. You’re a doctor, you’re there. You’re on spoonie network, which is kind of a you know, Chef Patrick Scott, his, his show is like you got to start doing a little food stuff. Today for the first time. We’re going to have the cooking with KVM the CBD show it did happen and we have results we’re going to show how to make one thing and so something that was made already and brought in today, but I’ve watched a lot of the Food Network. In fact, one of my patients is a producer for the Food Network. So I I got the inside scoop on how that actually works and, and everything. So it’s kind of cool. It’s always fun to see the back, you know, the, the back end of how this stuff gets produced, how they do and how they set it up. But I’ve watched a lot of Food Network. And so we’re going to do that we’re going to do a live cooking show. We’re going to make some cool stuff. Today we’re going to use CBD. And we’re going to talk about that. And, you know, we always want to make sure that a study just came out today. As a matter of fact, I just saw it. were eating flavonoids and polyphenols. Specifically, they looked at that from teas and from fruits, right. When you had a high risk population, a smoking population, and people with poor lifestyle, significantly decrease the cancer wrist.


So that brings up our moment of polyphenol talk, and I’m drawn to so you know, we developed our Toronto for gut health, overall gut health, but we’re realizing that the powerful polyfills is the only NSF certified meaning if you’re an athlete, you can take this you’re not going to get pop for anything wrong. And if this actually has been shown to help athletic performance by increasing nitric oxide to the muscles, right, we know the polyphenols do that. We know polyphenols actually decrease the oxidative stress. And we also know that the polyphenols go to the colon where your body breaks it down for anti inflammatory anti aging molecules that we’re going to call post biotics. That I got some cool news on that also. So the fact that this study just came out more and more and more we’re hearing about how beneficial these polyphenols are. These are the things that make vegetables and fruits colorful right from the Mediterranean diet study just came out that showed if you lead a high risk lifestyle, meaning if you smoke or you eat processed foods, you need to make sure that you get a significant amount of polyphenols in and one way to do it is to take out Tron teal. And a really easy way to do it and save some money is to where do they go,

they can go to love my tummy, calm forward slash spoony and use code spoonie save some money.

So we will talk more about polyfills. We’ll talk more. Our goal here at Gtech project is just to make you your best you no matter what your lifestyle is, we’re going to give little life hacks to see if we can figure it out

definitely and speaking on life hacks we have two things that we need to address some some quick business so we have notified the six winners however I’ve got two that I’ve not heard back from and then when we hear back from those two so I’m going to rescind the email to those two and confirm with everyone that we can read off the winners names I’ll receive that email by tomorrow. Just be sure and check your email just in case it didn’t go through last time but we want to make certain that we have the correct mailing address etc and then we will send out the winning six packages. Second thing what are they getting? By the way they are getting Dr. Brown’s signature protection package which is a month supply of Tron teal as well as your choice of sentiment or natural flavor CBD kbd CBD which of course carries its own certificate of authenticity, and it means that you’re getting a real CBD product.

Wow. So the Dr. Brown, you call it the signature protection plan. Correct. Okay, then also available way better than what I would have put together which would have been a beware of dog sign and Academy.

That’s my protection.

Yeah, that has nothing to do with being a doctor though. So you can also order your own signature protection package by going to KB Md health.com. That again is kbd health com drop us a line let us know that you have shared and subscribe the gut check project. And one last thing kBm D box KB MD box calm if you like we’ve gotten great feedback on the first now six weeks into launching kbd health box. Most people didn’t really realize the value that was going to be in there. It’s well over $100 in savings, it does include on deal and when you break it down. It is the least expensive place to find out.

Well my deal is it isn’t so much on the short term savings is that if you commit to this, and really, really do this for I mean a solid six months to a year we’re going to transform your life We’re going to heal your gut, we’re going to get to sleep better, we’re going to protect your brain. And you’re going to do it through vetted supplements that are backed by science.

Absolutely. And that’s KB, MD box.com. You can sign up on your own. And just to play on that we have a story later in today’s show that I know that I touched on with you a little bit about what it takes to have a roadmap to success and why a road you may be loaded with all of the information that you need to succeed, to be healthy, to be fit, etc. But it always makes you more productive to have the roadmap even if you create it yourself or you use somebody else’s crib notes on terms of what it is you’re going to do. It’s best to have a plan and a plan matters. Essentially kbd box keeping the health box is a plan. It’s a plan for supplementation that will make a difference for you healthy, no wasting money, no guesswork. This is your baseline to start with.

So you know that’s funny because yesterday I became friends with somebody who’s pretty cool. He is the owner of soda weight loss what a soda standpoint state of the art state of the art. That’s right. Yes, I just just happened to be sitting next to mark Doyle who’s the CEO of state of the art shout out to him. No kidding. Yeah, yeah. And so we just got to talk in and we were talking about Tron teal. And I was just thinking, My gosh, with the way that you’re helping your people, and you’re giving them a roadmap to lose weight, and we’re not sponsored by them or anything. He was just a super nice guy. Yeah. And then I looked at his website, and I’m impressed anybody who’s out there trying to help the general public with their health in one way, certainly weight loss and helping them achieve that. Yeah, you add that in a subscription box and you get yourself a badass little package. Yeah, so if you’re doing any type of weight loss or anything like that, check out ultra and to check out our subscription box at KB MD box and make it all a little bit easier, make it happen a little quicker. We know the polyphenols and I was explaining to mark this yesterday that polyphenols are a fasting mimetic molecule, right. In other words, if you’re in ketosis, or if you’re fasting doing intermittent fasting, it actually augments that and you can listen to Melanie Avalon podcast that I did with her we go way into that.

That’s so cool. The You ran into him. So it’s been a while since I’ve looked at what soda has but it’s essentially a proven

roadmap to functional ketogenic diet, right.

That’s kind of how we explain it. It’s the first time I’d ever heard about it. I didn’t know what it was. I was actually I was like, man, I think I’ve seen those before. Just a really nice guy. We’re just sitting there talking and we started talking that’s so cool Deacon out a little bit, man, and then he’s gonna stand up he’s like, how much you weigh? This looks like you’re gonna grab my belly and he’s like 10 pounds right there. We can work on that. I was like,

Well, enough of the pitches so let’s get started. How was how’s the last two weeks been? And what’s been going on and brand household Wow. So

Dr. Brown household as we rounded out the summer school started, but today I believe that for Carla? Yeah, so school starting today. That summer was a That that summer of tennis loida basically was traveling everywhere on the country taking one or the other child Lucas or Carla round and at last week for the while I was little over seven days, I took Carla to Alpharetta, Georgia for the twelves, hardcourt national championships and little little life lesson there. She was doing remarkably good. And she lost the first round to a seated person but then figured it out and then just started doing great won a couple really tough matches was doing playing fantastic. And we were back to the hotel. I was so caught up in the tennis and then I get a reminder from American Airlines check into your flight tomorrow. Oh, no. Oh, this happened that quick. We’ve been there since like Friday. Yeah. And it was Wednesday and I went I didn’t anticipate being there that long. So then I had to sit and have that heart to heart with my daughter. I’m like you’re kicking ass. But somebody’s got to go work to pay for this. Yeah. So I had to So thank you. I’m so sorry. And then, you know, we were trying to figure out if she could play one more match and, and it was just really difficult. And then beautiful. The cool thing about traveling, we’re all packed up. And then American Airlines just said, Hey, your flights been canceled.

No, no canceled.

Now, the reason why it’s a big deal is because, as you know, you and I showed up on that Friday and we had like, 20 some patients that needed to take day Yeah, we needed colonoscopies and endoscopy and helping people because I was out of town. And so, you know, you go through this panic, we’re like, you just canceled my flight. And then you try to rebook, but everybody on that flight trying to rebook, so it’s like that was not available that was unavailable, I’m going to arrive at 1am and start scoping. So that would not be good either. So I went to my, you know, trusted go to which is Southwest, right. So in the series of events, I’ll just digress here for a second. The series of events where Carla and I went, we went had breakfast, came back, we packed everything up, but I’m doing the whole Where’s my phone thing? Good. Find my phone. Get on my computer. And, you know, the computer says the phone was last year’s there and I’m like walking around trying to find it. And I have a Google Pixel. So maybe the iPhones better at find my phone, but it was and I found it in the parking lot. So I was kind of paying it can run over. No. I know. So find the phone come up. 10 minutes later, American Airlines canceled my flight. So I’m already kind of worked up on the matter happens. So I go through this like, what do we do Carla? Man, I really have to get back. I can’t risk that flight. So it’s like a two leg flight to get me back. That’s how I was arriving at 1am it’s only thing that was available. Like man, if they just canceled this flight that easy. anyone’s other flights be canceled and I’m not gonna be able to make it back to do my job. So get on Southwest. I booked a one way ticket for both of us to get back. Okay, sounds good. We get through doing to the Atlanta airport, pull up to the counter. guy was really cool. But he was like, Huh, you’re checking in a bit early. And I was like now it’s only like, I don’t know how He’s like, no, this flight is for tomorrow. In my haste I booked the flight for the next day Carla looks at me. And the guy was so cool. And he just looked at me. He goes, he’s, he goes, What’s your father flipping out today? And she was really stressed. And he goes, Well, then let’s just make it easy. Let’s just put you on the appropriate flight. So that’s what I kind of went. And he goes, but I have one question for you, sir. Like, yes. He’s like, why did you ever book with American in the first place? I thought that was pretty cool. So that was our that was our travels. That was me and Carla. Now Lucas was a beast. He went to Kalamazoo, which is it’s called NATS at the zoo. It’s a very prestigious tournament. It’s a hardcore championships. He did pretty good in singles. He lost a tough indoor match, but doubles him and his partner Aiden, Tim, they made it to the finals and they did a live stream of that they had commentators and everything. The reason why it’s such a big deal is because the winner of that gets an automatic invite. The Junior US Open in New York. He wanted it at flushing Meadow he wanted it so bad. Unfortunately, they did not win it. But I am proud that he at least made that the finals. They were the youngest kid, they’re both 14 playing in, you know, you can play up till the day you turn 17. So most of these kids are a little older. And you know, he did great. So super happy about that. And, you know, that’s what’s going on with the family as far as me. I think I’ve told you, I listen to a podcast called mind pump, right? kind of a fun one. It’s three x bodybuilders slash trainers. And they’re they’re pretty realistic and kind of neat. And I downloaded their mark at the I downloaded one of the workouts they had these different workouts called maps, this maps that and I don’t know what map stands for, but it’s mine, whatever. I did the map strong, which is they have this strong man, you’re doing strong men techniques to really work some different muscles, right? And you know how it is you just get in these routines where you talk about a roadmap on how to do dieting. Sure. Well, I mean, sometimes just having a roadmap and you just show up and that’s why people love CrossFit because they already have a workout right therefore and I’m doing these workouts but then they had these videos of I forget what the guy’s name but he’s an actual strong man doing front squats with 315 and you know I’m just like oh my gosh I’m almost there. But yeah so anyways I’m going to give those guys a little shout out and tell them one little piece of advice that really makes their workout stand out way more of that way more I think you should start the workout in either go out and buy shirts of size smaller or do and I did with this thing and wash it in hot water because I feel like I’m getting bigger but the reality is I’m just wearing tighter clothes.

So that should be part of their protocol. But anyways, that’s what’s going on with me now You had a really cool week. What what what did you do we the boys and Marie and I have always, almost always vacationed where we do an outdoor adventure of some kind. Almost never leave town to go stand in a nice hotel or, as Mac put it can we just have a vacation where we don’t have to get up and start hiking. And so marine I decided to take the boys and each of them took a friend and we went down to Costa Rica, which in a in a nice hotel in tamarindo. And it was right on the beach and honestly we just got in lots of days of surfing, drinking great coffee eating incredible local food. We did a catamaran Tour, which Robert Drysdale the

MMA fighter.

Yeah, former MMA now jujitsu master Oh, I haven’t heard that name. In a long time. He was on. He was on the catamaran with us. And he seemed that I really didn’t talk to him. It just seemed like a super cool dude. And I mean, he’s beautiful. We all went snorkeling saw some cool stuff. Did a Oh yeah, he’s a little guy. Man. Big Man. six four G’s Yeah, he’s he’s not small at all. And but we did a TV tour through the dry jungle saw a lot of monkeys saw three humpback whales. I mean was

really really good at vetos Jungle that is

yeah awesome. Yeah, it was a guided so they took us up I mean it was really really cool and I mean very relaxing lot your phone doesn’t work in a lot of these spaces so yeah I mean it was it was a nice escape and ironically we flew Southwest down to Costa Rica seamless no problems no canceled flights so I’m a big fan of the old Southwest Southwest you want to sponsor

we use the word love in our in our love my tummy calm There we go.

So but you know it was great and then now we’ve returned our boys started back school yesterday. Had a great day at school yesterday they both are excited they but for the most part they actually keep up with their friends throughout the summer because they both shoot hoop with with most of their friends or they see them but no. Great week and a half for vacation. Yeah, sometimes you just realize you don’t get enough time with your family and it was awesome. Let

me ask you some surfing questions. Were you able to try different boards? Were able to, you know, try and do so once you figured out you get up? What did you find to be the easier board?

Well, it’s funny, I think about a seven foot foam board for an adult male seems to be the beginner style board, but you don’t necessarily have to stay there. Once you get confident and where you place your feet. You can you can really kind of play around a lot. And so there happened to be someone renting boards right by our hotel, and he had everything. We had one that was about an eight foot board for a kid who came along with his max but he was already six three, I think. And it basically looked like a like a closet door. It was just gigantic. And it was a little difficult to get up on but once you’re up, you can’t it’s almost like you can’t fall down. And so that that was a cool board but you The bigger the board the harder to cut, right? So they had they had some other smaller boards around six and a half, maybe six foot long and and they varied in material but then The guy and his name is Delbert Delbert, if you’re watching the show you probably not you know big data but we we used one of his cutting boards and strict board so it was about four and a half feet long. And wow that was a half hour you see? So anyway border No sir. No, Costa Rica was beautiful. Do you ever want to learn how to surf you want to do it in a great environment the waves come in nice and slow the Pacific waters down on Central America or not cold is beautiful.

That’s awesome. That’s way better when I was thinking I while you were down there, I turned into the on Apple TV, the Red Bull channel where they did the big wave challenge like down in Peru where

there wasn’t no I’m not gonna do that.

That was not as well that is the first half hour Episode Number 20 the gut check project we’ve got actually some really cool stuff. We’re

doing some fun today.

Yeah, this is gonna be great show. We still got Dr. Brown’s corner to talk about our clinic review. And then we’ve got some really cool stuff for you to possibly defeat sleep apnea and find new ways of consuming CBD. See All of it?

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Alright, we are now back in the second half hour of Episode Number 20 of the gut check project. Just about to touch on Dr. Ken Browns clinic corner and just a quick call back if you ever want to get yourself your hands on some nice polyphenols which are NSF certified The only ones indicated for bloating and abdominal discomfort. Good love my tummy calm slash spoonie that’s love my tummy.com slash spoon and get your daily polyphenols. We’re going to talk a little bit about why it matters to reduce that kind of inflammatory stuff.

Absolutely, by the way. So one of the other things that we really love talking about is CBD cannabidiol. Yeah, KVM de CBD today, we’re going to be having With KVM de CBD, our own little segments of the new of that not the new show, we’re going to add a new segment to the show Cooking with CBD. We’re going to do that but one of the things we love to do the signature protection package the reason why we put the two together is because the polyphenols in Asante will actually help you

essentially produce more of your own indulges endocannabinoids by blocking enzymes that break it down. So when you do CBD Plus Ultra until they actually work synergistically, it’s like one plus one equals four. That’s how people have to think about it. That’s why I always put it together. And that’s why all my patients take both a small side note to just a reminder, I was just talking with Anthony at our Toronto headquarters and we are confirmed. So we have lots of dietitians that wants to show we get lots of feedback from dietitians and nutritionists finsih the nutrition conference at the end of October, October until for the first time ever will be making an appearance and that’s in Philadelphia at the end of October this year. So yet so it’s a cool deal. Great to

Belize actually kind of a cool city. I like it.

I’m actually probably really never haven’t been there.

I had to give a lecture there for the American College gastroenterology and it was cool. Nice. Nice.

What is it Philadelphia? brotherly love. Yeah. Or if you go to the Eagles games is brotherly shove.

Yeah, exactly. little piece of advice. You know, they all have everybody has their favorite cheese Philly cheesesteak place. I can’t remember what the two major ones are. But there’s like to share major ones. Don’t do what I didn’t go do you? Do you have any gluten free? That doesn’t work? Well in Philly, they

do, but they’re just kind of stops like everybody lines like

gluten free bread, frickin Philly cheesesteak, dude

whatever I do it I was thinking the jack in the box commercial route. You know, jack walks up to the to the new guy. Yeah. And he’s like, john, I need to do an affiliate learn about everything about Philly cheesesteak. It says six months later comes back with a mullet. Yo, jack Oh,

Philly like a sponge?

Yeah, I don’t think it’s gonna be quite that kind of guy.

You’re gonna come back with a bullet? And I hope not.

So let’s get down to the clinic corner cuz we got some really cool stuff here and some cool tie ins to lead into what we got for the rest of show.

Yeah, so one of the things before we get into our, you know, we always try and do some sort of deep dive into an article, but before that a couple, two or two things just popped up in the news yesterday, actually. Really cool. Salesforce founder the company Salesforce, oh, wow, huge. Yeah. And CEO Marc Benioff. btn i O. FF, did God say his name? Ben Watson, Mark, then what? Now Mark, Mark and his wife, Lynn, they’re going to donate $35 million specific to understanding the field of the human microbiome. That’s a lot of money. So cool. Specifically, they want the money to be used to look at asthma, inflammatory bowel disease. quote unquote, other elements. So systemic disease from the best demick disease from the bow manipulating the microbiome. And what they’re going to do is they’re going to give the gift it’s going to be split between University California, San Francisco and Stanford University. Okay. Keep that in mind. And you know, a quote from them is with a deeper understanding of the human microbiome, our generation can unlock new treatments that impact lives around the world. So we always talk microbiome, we always talk about beating the microbiome and how important it is to eat for dinner. I always joke around if you see a pregnant woman, you know, she’s eating for two, we need to be eating for 100 trillion, right? And this is what they’re getting into. They believe, or basically, he believes why he’s donating 35 million that we’re at a watershed moment in human biology. And our health rests not only on the proper functioning of our own genes, but also on the genes and the products of our micro biome. Yeah. So what you feed your microbiome and the products meaning post biotics. We’ve used that term before. There’s prebiotics, which are undigestible fibers. There’s probiotics, which we know are just live or they’re supposed to be live bacteria, right? If you listen to our episode with Kieran Chrisman, we get into that we discuss the pros and cons of probiotics, how they’re manufactured, haven’t delivered, how they’re delivered as easily how probably what 99% of them are being destroyed or not even alive and everything. So go ahead and look at that, whatever episode that was a few episodes back, but it’s we really get into that it’s really cool. So I love how they said that not only our human genes, but also the genes and products of our microbiome. Same Day. Stanford discusses a study. So this got published. I love the fact that they donate the money. And I don’t know if they knew that Stanford was going to be publishing this or not, but they discovered thousands of novel proteins produced by The Human Microbiome this was just published in the journal cell. We always talk about post biotics like molecules like euro luthan. Right, which you know, somebody like Rhonda Patrick always talks about your role within creating a tapa G, meaning that you’re aging and dying cells, or my toffee G. You’re aging and dying mitochondria actually go away. Well, these guys figured something out. That’s really cool. They used very specific techniques. And they determined that there are thousands of previously undiscovered small proteins being produced by bacteria in the human micro microbiome. These are all newly described proteins, they serve an unknown function. But what’s really wild is it’s a brand new frontier. And it fits in exactly what Karen was talking about. Do you remember when he said when you take a spore based biotic that it sends signals to kill other bacteria that virulent When we asked him we’re like, what are those signals? Like what we’re learning that I think it’s these small proteins guess what they are? They’re sequences of amino acids.

Anywhere between smaller than 50 amino acids.

Wow. That’s a peptide. Yeah, there’s a peptide.

Remember how we talked about BBC 157? And yeah, and we’re going to have Taylor compounding CEO on I’ve been talking to him a little bit, and he’s really excited. We’ve been exchanging emails, but peptide therapy. This is exactly what that is. What what Stanford is saying is that our own bacteria are producing peptides that work on a local and possibly systemic level. Here’s what’s fascinating. Once they figured out how to find it. They discovered immediately they were hoping to discover a few hundred. They found over 4500 different protein peptide sequences being produced by different bacteria, leading to different cellular responses. So when we talk about how complex the microbiome is, and how important it is, Feed what it needs. This is a whole new frontier. So I was getting so excited and geek out while I was watching while I was reading this. And they were talking about how small proteins can be synthesized rapidly, and can be used by bacteria as biological switches to toggle between functional states, or to trigger a specific reaction and other cells. In other words, it can happen that quick. And I was like, This is amazing. And then it went, blah, blah, blah, because the last sentence was, which can be very exciting for new future drug developments. Oh, yeah. It’s, you know, that’s the end game of everything. But it’s fascinating because if you can get to the point where you eat a proper diet and have a systematic approach, you could be using your bacteria to produce these things to make you healthier.

Well, why wait, why wait to get sick, take some drug that hopefully they develop in the future. Why not feed your microbiome what it wants right now. You know what? It reminds me story and tell me if this is not the right Time to bring it up yet if I’m interrupting the clinic corner but have you ever heard of Ryan Kerrigan plays football? Yeah, that’s good scans. Yeah. So I just read a story on him. I think it was early yesterday morning and written by a writer from ESPN hang on two seconds. I’m going to pull that up. And because I think still having this window is there it is. Okay. So Ryan Kerrigan. What they were, what they were remarking on was the fact that he has, I think the fourth most consecutive starts in the NFL. But the crazy thing is, is he plays for a team, which last year led the NFL and number of players on injured reserve. So they were curious, like, why is this guy not being hurt when everyone around him is right? Yeah. And so Jay Gruden, who’s the coach there. I remember reading the stories like Don’t jinx it, and when they when they

crank it as like stop asking.

So they go in the interview With with Ryan and what he did when he was younger is he read a story about Drew Brees or Drew Brees had gone out and gotten food allergy testing. And he thought, you know what, I’m going to find some foods that maybe I should be eating. Well, he did. I think one of them was milk and a few other small things. So he just decided to begin to avoid it. And then as he aged, back in 2016 2017, if I remember correctly, he began to really dive deep into a regimented mapped out meal plan. And so for instance, his diet is now everyday starts with two chicken breast one cup of oats diseases breakfast. Yeah. What in season and during training camp. Every day starts with two chicken breasts, one cup of oats, a tablespoon of flax seeds, chia seeds, plus raspberries, blueberries and half of an avocado. Then for dinner and lunch. It’s heavy on fruit on fish, protein and vegetables, red meat at least once a week. And that’s it. Well, let’s go ahead and break down that breakfast real quick.

Sure that is a great way to start your day. Yes. So we’ve got the chicken breasts, which obviously protein gonna have the protein which you need that as a building block the amino acids yet broken down into fat. Yeah, little bit of fat. Let’s bring up the good fat right that right avocado. We know that ever since we went to this low fat diet, we’ve just become sicker. That is not bad. No, and an avocado adds good fat. What that does bring in there is good fat so that you can produce your testosterone through the cholesterol and you can produce other things like endocannabinoids so you need the fat to do that. The other stuff the chia seeds and the raspberries the blueberries so the raspberry blueberry that’s all Polly Holly thing all the chia seeds are all going to be prebiotic things to feed the feed your bacteria now you got the polyphenols and the chia seeds as a vehicle to go down there. What we think is missing is a spore based biotic and he could kick it up a notch by adding a

little altran to is amazing. So they they now are Looking at his diet and how he’s avoided injury he’s a defensive lineman he makes contact every single play it’s not like he’s playing safety and only having to dive over once out every three plays or cover no he’s he’s head to head he’s he’s in combat for every play these on the field and he’s started 128 consecutive games never been on IR angels. Oh,

yeah, that is a tough position. You know, we bring up occasionally Junior Brian, who’s a good friend, and he’s, you know, he played defensive line for the San Francisco 40 Niners for years. And when I talked to him about what his what the diet regimen they didn’t focus on that back then now that Yeah, do they just had he said, Oh, do they just have wonderbread out and they just didn’t know and right now we realized that the nutrition is probably one of the most important things we know another really

key aspect of what he does beyond the recoveries a big foam roller, he’s big into doing ice baths after you know hard workouts and things like that. All things to stem down inflammation, right everything is to block inflammation but something that he Does is a preventative is he never wants to be mal hydrated, he always wants to have enough hydration. So now granted, this volume seemed large to me, but probably for a guy his size, which I think it’s like 290 pounds, probably isn’t as much since he’s active, but he drinks 300 ounces of water per day, which is 1520 ounce bottles. That’s a lot.

And so a gallon is hundred and 28 years long water. I

mean, I don’t think I need quite that much water. But it is critically important that you do remain hydrated. And you’ll function better your body will function better the communication, even the post body communication that happens within your body becomes more efficient with enough hydration.

Yeah, and I think that we are chronically dehydrated. If you look at people when we talk about how sitting is bad for your health. Look at all these people who were we we had a patient yesterday describing what it’s like to live in San Francisco and how people cannot afford to live in the city. Oh my gosh, they will commute two hours, two hours away.

Four hours, five hours. five day work week is 20 hours in the car

20 hours in the car now think how much that time Look at how bad that is for you. Number one, just the stress of driving. Number two you’re sitting and we already know that sitting for prolonged periods is very bad for you. And you just brought up hydration how many people purposely don’t hydrate so they don’t have to pull over and use the restroom?

Yeah, it like I don’t have to be. Yeah, other than that woman who is the astronaut who wore the diaper?

She She was a trooper. Yeah, she just strapped and I’m gonna drive in my psychotic probably won’t after a guy

he has one of my favorite stories ever. Just a refresher woman chasing man leaves Houston drives to Florida wearing diapers, so she has to pull over.

Yeah, that would. That would be such an awkward like ding dong. You’re like, Oh, hey, oh, Cheryl. What’s up? Why are you wearing a diaper? drove all the way over here didn’t stop. Yeah,

I’m sure he’s like, Oh, I understand the

total size. You love me. I think this is gonna work. This is gonna work. You don’t look like your Tinder profile. This is odd. You want wearing that diaper on that Tinder profile.

I don’t think that that’s something that you should wear.

Well, anyway, I love the fact that we’re talking about feeding the microbiome, because really when you break down what, they’re not even referencing that in here, but what that is, it’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s feeding his microbiome and it’s making Well, we think it’s making

him healthy. The only thing that I would have loved to see so, you know, we’re all about life hacks, right? An article that I did not print, but I will talk about at some point, they showed that vibration plates increase the microbial diversity. For the first time ever, researchers have shown that standing on a total body vibration plate, as you know, I’m kind of into that into the infrared sauna and the vibration plates and things like that and, and now what we’re going to do next, my wife will just absolutely not be able to tolerate potential come out into the garage and I’ll be there in the sauna or I’ll be on the vibration plate and you know, and she just dropped Not what she’s going to see next from now on. It’s just going to be weird. And you’re going to be doing it first. Cool. Yeah. So, but anyway, so like, that’s another thing like I would love to grab him have something like that. Yeah, okay, you’re doing a lot. That’s awesome. But he’s probably doing that probably fills up his day but I’m like imagine adding a little infrared sauna, a little vibration plate, adding, you know, the little extra polyphenols, right? And you can really, you know, just continue to kick it up a notch or you can turn it into Ben Greenfield where that’s pretty much all you do is trying to biohack your life at all times. Oh,

tell that story real quick about Ben Greenfield because I number one, I’m a big fan of him and the fact that he experiments on himself. If you don’t know Ben Greenfield, great podcast, the guy digs deep. But the cool thing about Ben is he’s honest.

Well, so I did not hear Ben say this, but one of my son’s tennis coaches. Anderson is a huge Ben Greenfield fan I and he listens to all his podcasts and he is also really big Lucas, his tennis coach is getting really big into Spartan Race. Yeah, and so he likes to travel to he purposely went to Colorado, because Ben Greenfield was going to do the Spartan Race and he was going to go there, and a lot of people were going to do the Spartan Race with them. And apparently, he was on a professional bow hunting thing, and I’m gonna get the details wrong. This is coming from somebody else. But it makes sense knowing Ben, and knowing his personality. This makes total sense. He apparently was on a professional bow hunting thing in Colorado, and made his own water purification system that he thought would be perfect, but he ended up getting GRT and so he had to pull out of the race, but apparently he told all his fans He’s like, man, I got God. I couldn’t do it. Sorry. I thought my filter would work. Turns out,

I love that.

I love that also. Yeah, I we just need to find out if that’s true. We’re going to be hooking up with his CEO in Utah here in a few weeks. I’m going to ask Angela, I’m going to ask Angela, Did that really happen? So that you know that’s and that’s the thing that angel said it goes Ben Ben’s always been not that is not a persona. Like you and I would patients go Oh, you’re you’re kind of like this.

Unfortunately. There’s no off switch. Sorry about that. I wish I could. Oh, man, that is awesome. Well, now I like how all this stuff ties together because what we’re doing, I think, is creating a roadmap. I mean, we talked about a roadmap from health KMD health box. And we’ve talked about it on to multiple times, but we’re just reinforcing the fact that you can protect your health by making sensible choices. My kids don’t like it. They think that I’m a Nazi when it comes to sugar and what they shouldn’t be having. And sometimes you have to relent a little bit I didn’t eat this way growing up, but eventually you’ll you’re gonna hit a crossroads and you’ll end up benefiting from simply just eating better. You know, it’s if you come to my hospital, go to the doctors lounge, oh, cringe worthy hurts. cringe worthy jars of m&ms, like like, like those big like candy jars, we pull the lid off. Just reach your hand in and I

mean, I don’t go to the hospital a whole lot anymore. But it is it is pretty funny to watch that where You’re like my gosh, I mean, this is just having that so you can get all the sodas you want and it’s all free for the doctors and you watch them and there’s cookies and cracker or they’re just gummy bears and everything in it of course beyond the sugar. It just seems like that is just a MRSA vre vancomycin resistant and Tara caucus just like oh my goodness, but that’s all there. And I remember reading a study where I’m at I want to say it’s UC San Francisco. Rhonda Patrick had a had a PhD on talking about telomeres, which are your chromosomes, which is your lifeline. They banned soda. Yeah, they banned soda and as it turned out, the employees lost weight improve their hemoglobin agency, like across the board without even trying just getting rid of soda, just

soda and it doesn’t even include any other sugary snacks. The I remember that story and it was fascinating but not even surprising. It’s just an inflammatory issue.

You know, we did the one study that we talked about where they gave mice the equivalent of one soda a day of high fructose corn syrup. And there there were genetically predisposed mice to have polyps, but they had like an 80% increase in polyps and colon cancer. And the only variable was the high fructose corn syrup from the equivalent of one channel day.

Yeah, it’s, it’s unfortunate, but, you know, I was in that rut several years ago, where I just kind of fell into drinking cokes. And then when I finally walked away from and I just don’t miss it, but it’s hard to get away from because you have a W energic response. Oh,

yeah, you have all that. You lean on it. I’m trying to, especially since Mark Doyle from soda so that I’m packed. I got a little extra weight my belly, you know. He did the whole pension and you know, that’s a that’s a great marketing technique.

But so I I’m trying to get away from so one of the things that After listen to that Adam Conover deal, right? not uncommon, I come home from work, it’s almost habit, have a little dry farm wine or do anything like that even make a cocktail just to kind of, you know, that was just you just get into this kind of rhythm of doing that and I’m like, okay, we’re going to break that. So I’m now in like a month of, or three weeks of not even having like a glass of wine with dinner, which is, you know, something that kind of did for a lot of you know, it’s kind of a European thing. And you know, my mom’s from Argentina, whatever, my dad’s German, and so I’m crushing the carbonated sodas, specifically bubbly. And have you ever tried now I haven’t. Stu Ackerman and I, my partner gotten a gotten a very in depth intellectual conversation about bubbly flavors, which was better. He likes this one called Waterloo. He sent me a picture of it last night. It’s just funny, because we were talking where it’s just the act of cracking it open, sitting there. It’s refreshing. And when I was in Alpharetta, Georgia with Carla, you know, it’s really hot. I’m outside all day. She was just laughing at me because I was just just going through cans and cans cuz you just realize it’s almost a rhythmic thing to hold something. You and I have done that when we’ve gone on business retreats, yeah, where we are, we’re at one of the mind chairs and I was doing club soda and you’re like, do you know you just had like 12 Club sodas? I’m like, No, he’s like, I just think you just

super hydrated. Like, say a word you take you say, Are you right?

But, you know, thank goodness, I was wearing my diapers. So we didn’t have to break the conversation with anybody.

They’re just gonna look at me and be like you okay? And I’m like,

yeah, I’m good.

I prepared myself.

And if you have not yet a quick a note to about to some sleep apnea stuff. Do we want to tackle that before the break?

You know what we’ll do? I’ll tell you the story of the article. Okay, and then we’re gonna do some life hacks and on top of the hour ago, and then we’re gonna get into the kBm the clicking with CBD spoonie show. That’s you’re gonna be Today I’m going to walk you through a recipe.

I can’t wait. I think it’s going to be fun.

So I came across this super cool thing that the basically I got a news alert that said a five minute workout can lower the risk of a heart attack, okay? and increase your sports performance and improve clear thinking. Five Minute working five minute workout. Okay, no lifting weights, no cardio. All right. And as it turns out, it’s a very old technique that is just kind of resurface because somebody decided to do another trial. This is the cool stuff that we’re talking about, where there are so many things that we can do that maybe have gotten forgotten. Okay, listen to our photobiomodulation podcast to understand that there’s data on stuff and you don’t know anything about it. Much like the psilocybin research much like a lot of stuff. This is one of these things. It’s so interesting. This was an article that looked at inspiratory muscle strength training, okay. It was developed in the 1980s to improve respiratory muscles and people with the lung diseases like bronchitis, asthma and emphysema. Basically inspiratory muscle strength training is strength training for the muscles that you breathe with.

Okay, so you’re talking to Anna castells your traps, I mean, all the accessories as well correct. So as it turns out, it’s all the accessories, including your throat muscles. Okay.

So in 2016, they found that when you took people and you did inspiratory muscles straight training, that 30 inhalations a day had significant improvement in obstructive sleep apnea, which got me to read the rest of the article, which wasn’t about sleep apnea, but then I started thinking about different ways to hack sleep apnea. Okay, so in this particular article, what they did is they looked at middle aged and older adults aged 50 to 79 with above normal blood pressure systolic blood pressure, so they were recruiting hypertensive people, okay. They were randomly assigned to perform six weeks of 30 breaths a day, six days a week. 30 breaths. That’s it. Either the the Shan trial or you got this particular device, which is an inspiratory muscle strength training device. Okay, which coincidentally, I ordered from Amazon today. Did you? Yeah. Okay, absolutely. So what they looked at is motor and cognitive function was measured at baseline and post intervention with this different cognitive toolbox that they use. They looked at a battery of tests and some other standardized measures, including significant, very aggressive blood pressure monitoring. What they showed is that neither treatment, altered body weight, so it wasn’t exercise in the way that you would think lemme do this to lose weight. Sure. They did not change the body composition. But what they did show is there was a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure with an average of greater than 10 points. So if you’re walking around at let’s say, 150, you dropped to 140. You went from hypertensive to pre hypertensive I just by breeding Just by breathing to this, okay. Now what is really interesting is that they also showed that cognition improved significantly, they did memory tests on the people, their cognition improved. Now what they did not discuss was the effect that is related to the sleep apnea effect and getting better sleep. So the article didn’t even get into that just discussed, we lowered blood pressure and they’re smarter. And by the way, in the background in 2016, they did prove that it’s worked for it’s not for obstructive sleep apnea. Okay, so is it the obstructive sleep apnea, creating the lower blood pressure and the improvement in cognition? Or is it just the breathing? Who cares,


Who gives a shit doesn’t matter? We’re talking about a non pharmaceutical way to lower your blood pressure, sleep better and improve your memory, right? I mean, like if I gave you a bottle of that, you’d go

Yeah, it’s like five birds one stone. It’s like five birds one stone very sweet. Yeah, it costs nothing.

Yeah, do check doors can even kill Five Stones with One bird. But

yeah, I think that it’s okay.

So anyways, the data suggests that this inspiratory muscle strength, improving speed and episodic memory, lowers blood pressure. And it may be related to possibly sleep. I don’t know. So that’s my question. So, with a minute left, I’m a plant a seed on you. I did a show called superhuman radio with Carl Lenore. I know or Yeah. And we got he’s funny because he’ll just go off on tangents. And we got into a tangent where he said he cured his sleep apnea by doing throat exercises, okay, using an instrument, we’re going to get into that at the top of

the hour, like a metal instrument or a musical instrument.

You know what? We’re going to get into it. It might be a kazoo. I don’t know. Basically, we’re going to look into this. And then I looked at this, and I’m going to tell you while you’re practicing the instrument Oh, Some science behind it so that you just realize I’m not just trying to make you look silly

now, I’m sure I’ll do great.

At the top of the hour, you’re going to work even though you don’t snore more to at least improve your memory. Okay, by doing inspiratory techniques, the way that this particular study was done for the inspiratory thing is it’s like sucking through a really hard resistance. Oh, this is different. Okay, this specifically, the instrument that we’re going to do is going to strengthen the posterior hypo pharynx. So that people like me that snore, it’ll tighten those muscles. So I said natural positive

pressure. Exactly. Exactly. So 10 seconds left. 10 seconds. Well, basically that’s going to be the first hour of the gut check project. We’re going to be back in the second hour with cooking with KVM de CBD as well as how can we learn about this mystery instrument to stop OSA cinema

This is the only 24 hour take anywhere platform dedicated to food and fun. We’re spoonie

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with six police officers shot in one incident.

It is nothing short of astounding that in such a confined space that we didn’t have more of a tragedy.

All of the officers now out of the hospital the standoff began his police tried to serve a narcotics warrant. suspects had by authorities have a lengthy criminal record and looking Wall Street right now the Dow is up about 103 points the SNP 14 points higher and the NASDAQ Composite Index up 24. More on these stories so townhall.com

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okay we are now back for the last hour of Episode 20 gut check project I’m Erica you’re here with your host Dr. Ken brown course go to love by tummy calm, slash spoonie love my tummy calm slash spoonie for your own are drawn to in your own polythene halls if you want to make certain that you can control your inflammation naturally. Absolutely. And feed your microbiome just like we were talking

about the.com code spoonie for your natural polyphenols and all the benefits that come along with it feeding your microbiome listen to the last half hour, the fascinating proteins that are produced by our bacteria, the beneficial genome that we have within us that happened This is endless. So your microbiome.

So we left this last half hour and I’m now I’m curious, I’ve learned that I’m going to be put on the spot and be put on the spot to do something. And it’s going to be to cure my sleep apnea that I don’t have, by the way, but I’m going to take care of it. And you said that I’m going to show how to do it while you explain what we’re doing. Correct. So we talked last half hour about this inhibitory muscle

benefit of breathing through that little thing where you can actually decrease systolic blood pressure, okay. Then I found an article inspired by carlon or Superman radio about from the British Medical Journal to assess the effects of playing the didgeridoo on daytime sleepiness and other outcome related to sleep by reducing collapse ability of the upper airways and patients with moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Okay, so straight out of Australia, from the It’s an Aboriginal instrument right

yeah so my neighbors Australia I’ve never played Florida was complaining about me snowing you know what

why would I want to do that? Nobody Australia snows the didgeridoo

should a report

so of course him and I went around my yard while you’re that and we had back yeah

we we we grabbed a branch and we we fashioned a traditional didgeridoo guide to branch. Yeah. So what you do is you carve out the middle of it, termites do now you know. And what you will notice is these are this is his family crest from mine, my neighbor we

Yeah, yes, Hogan. I can see Yes,

yes, right there. So the salamander at that point. So what I’m going to have you do is I’m going to tell you about the rest of the story and you’re going to Hold this and learn it because we’re going to have you play the didgeridoo, learn learn it. Yeah, we’re gonna talk about that in a second. But let me tell you why it’s so important. So the, this is a randomized placebo controlled trial. Which is really funny because I don’t know how you do a placebo version of the didgeridoo where somebody’s holding something like this and the other guys holding a kazoo or symbols.

Symbols together, we’re gonna have you banging symbols. obstructive sleep apnea gets better.

So, there was a randomized placebo controlled trial where they looked at 25 patients a greater than age 18 with known apnea and hypoxia. That also complained about snoring. And so this is kind of funny here. So participants in the didgeridoo group practice an average of 5.9 days a week for 25 minutes. So you can do 25 inspirations to decrease your blood pressure Okay. Then you bust out didgeridoo and you practice for 25 minutes. And then they compare that with the control group. And individually group daytime sleepiness significantly improved. They did sleep study and apnea hypoxia significantly improved. And most important, there was a significant improvement in partner complaints about snoring disturbances. So throw everything else out. That’s the one that matters. Yeah. So if you play 25 minutes, the didgeridoo so I was kind of shocked at Carla Nora was exactly right. He was able to fix his obstructive sleep apnea because he played the didgeridoo as a method, method, the logic response to improve OSA so just like we were talking about that football player when he does all these regimented tasks. I have obstructive sleep apnea. That’s why you’re holding this. That’s why me and my neighbor works so hard to craft a didgeridoo. Yeah. And so that I would have one of those. What’s fascinating is in a self reported effect of the quality of sleep They did not notice the difference. I’ll say that again. daytime sleepiness improved. hypoxia improved, the spouse felt there was significant difference. But the self perception of better sleep didn’t take place, which is why so many people with apnea don’t realize they have apnea. Okay, so even though clinically you’re getting better, right? subjectively, you’re like now went to bed I woke up.

That is interesting, but they at least recorded they were more lively or more awake during the day, they recorded more lively, more awake, less spousal complaints, and they showed in a hypoxia thing overnight that it improved. Wow. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome. So even when you think that you’re sleeping, unfortunately, many people just simply aren’t.

Yeah, so the combine analysis of sleep related outcomes showed a moderate to very large effect of didgeridoo play. The conclusion is regular didgeridoo playing is an effective treatment alternative, well accepted by patients with moderate obstructive sleep apnea. So then I started getting more into it and I realize that there’s multiple studies on this. And in fact, they did a feasibility study with the VA population with those that have known sleep apnea. So they took this cohort of people that are in the VA, and that the, that they’re using resources for their obstructive sleep apnea. And they said, Hey, if you were given a didgeridoo, what would be the likelihood that you would at least try and do this for you obstructive sleep apnea? And they had like a two third response? Where they said, Yeah, I’d be willing to go ahead and try this. So they were trying to see if this would be feasible to proceed with a large study. So they emailed like 300, or they have mailed 344 surveys. So it’s kind of exciting that like, 67% of the people expressed interest that they would consider doing something like this. So how do you play this little bad boy?

I don’t know. It looks like a wide berth woodwind instrument. And I would imagine it would be similar to a brass instrument and I don’t know if you can see on the camera, I’m going to try to point it right there. You can kind of see all the way down. It’s a big hole. This looks like it’s the mouthpiece. I’m assuming it’s more narrow than the big one.

Correct. So

I’m going to give you a six step practice of mastering. Oh mastering mastering oh we’re not we’re just we’re skipping straight at past novice like in three minutes. Okay. I am going to have you actually trying to think of what song I could get you to play in the digital oh yeah I mean anything by the Eagles I’m sure a lot of funk music and cake. Yeah. Okay lots of cake. Yeah, they all of those bands often feature didgeridoo. I mean most it you know, I read this. You know, back in the day when VHS would do behind the music. They all started out as didgeridoo and then they would build that then they would convert it to guitar converted to percussion and everything. Yeah. What’s that lady that that 50s band Donna the didgeridoo. I know and I was you know, I was really kind of pissed off that Bohemian Rhapsody. I mean, that’s how they started with didgeridoos. They didn’t show any of that. Freddie Mercury get into scene. He’s overbite prevented him from playing. I know. I know. All of that is true. So biggest thing here is that you have to do something called circular breathing. Okay? Okay, so circular breathing is something we’re in it apparently in most wood instruments I don’t know this, but the didgeridoo it’s essentially as it’s a central for didgeridoo play maintaining pressure out of the mouth while inspiring through the nose right 100% You nailed it right there. So this is accomplished by storing air in the mouth inflating of the cheeks. Let’s be style. Okay, and using this reservoir of air to inhale through the nose, well, air is still coming out of the mouth. circular breathing is key to didgeridoo playing because it allows for continuous drones remain unbroken. So I believe that it’s the circular breathing, that forces your post your pharynx to tighten up, okay, so even you don’t really have to play the didgeridoo do as good as Freddie Mercury couldn’t before he did Bohemian Rhapsody, right but what you can do is master the circular breathing. And then once you get to do that, you need to breathe through your nose with inflated to I did find a website that described practicing this in the shower, where you try and spit water out while you breathe through your nose, that trains you on the exact motion to do it. So you fill your mouth up with water, and you spit just like a little stream of water. Now while you’re breathing through your nose, that is actually circular breathing, okay, and so I got on some YouTube things where I saw some, some different people doing it and they can maintain a tone for like minutes. It just sounds like one continuous breath. It’s really cool. So what you’re gonna do is you’re going to inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth with inflated cheeks. Now, as you inhale through the nose, while squeezing the air out of your mouth, the way to make that sound is to start out with a ha, like you’d like the yoga breathing where they just do like, I don’t know if you’ve ever done yoga where they talked about that where you do that. Like you should hear the, the guttural throat sound, okay? They start with that, but then to actually make the sound. You do the like flitters of the lips. Like in a brass instrument you pinch them really tight. This is opposite of it. Yeah, but it’s not person just okay. I’m not very good at that but just flap your lips and then you and then you try that so basically get on the didgeridoo start breathing. I’m gonna go grab something super quick

watch you play this is fine

yeah I’ll be right back this isn’t feel odd at all

i mean it’s it’s Firstly, it’s Yeah, I sound like I’ve been doing it for a long time so if you’re listening to the podcast this is uh, this is my didgeridoo solo

and circular breathing is escaping me. I don’t believe that I’m, I’m not I’m not an instructor yet by any stretch. I hate the fact that they can ran away there’s really no one to talk over it.

sickens Can you hear me breathing? But not really effectively done more gasping

I want you to visualize this. You’ve seen these I talked about all the little life and I’m not gonna snow anymore. Yeah, so I do store so, I mean this is it’s not going to be very fun because I think at some point my wife, I’ll put up with the snoring as opposed to this ridiculous death sound that’s coming out of the garage. But I kind of figured that I will incorporate my didgeridoo practice while I’m in my infrared sauna. Okay, so I will be sitting in the relaxed sauna with my head sticking out just this going on. Where I’m in the garage trying to do the didgeridoo, guys man.

That’s so hard to do circular breathe.

That sounds so much better than mine. You all you’ve got the low vibration. Yeah, sounds real.

We’ve learned is that Dr. Brown his family from Argentina, Germany and apparently Australia.

So anyways, I want to thank my neighbor who does it was Paul Hogan.

Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. So Nick Dendi. So if

you actually do have obstructive sleep apnea, and this is no joke, we’re kind of making fun of this, but I am, I’m really going to practice this and try and do this. So that I can because my snoring happens because of redundant or lacks tissue back there. Which that’s what they do the uvula plasti is on. So the alternative is surgery. Yeah. I mean, I have a sleep apnea machine, but this would be really awesome. And then, you know, I don’t know once I get really good at it. Put an ad on Craigslist, didgeridoo player for bar mitzvahs,

weddings, whatever you need.

high demand. Yeah, yeah. Everywhere. You know, well, who knows? Maybe if you could spend an entire generation of people that are preventing sleep at me about playing this thing. This may become far more They’re just

give me really cool Tell me if Tell me if this sounds like the cake song. He’s going the distance. Okay,

one two ready?

at the starting line. Yeah, I was getting ready to sing the rest.

Okay, let’s let’s go ahead and try to get into so

bumping and racing in time something flashes something go bells go up. Yeah, you really close. I mean I’m really close. I think I’m off by a little pitch. It’s just a little bit of a rhythm.

Yeah, maybe I don’t know Ron, do we have like a metronome or something to get me back on beat? I don’t know. Maybe that maybe that’s what I need. I don’t know.

Yeah, I think it’s like me look for one.

So anyways, you’re trying to breathe.

runs over there trying to spit water out? Well, while breathing Yeah, the studio is a mess and very, very wet. Alright, so that is our life hack for obstructive sleep apnea. Hopefully, as we continue in the show keeps going on that I just continue to get better. So it’s Sunday. I can actually show up and play this thing.

Yeah. Well, you know, just while we’re talking about sleep apnea, there’s lots of different things that occur though we’ve talked about some of the easy to recognize benefits of getting your sleep apnea under control. But one thing that’s kind of near and dear to me from handling so many cardiac anesthesia cases before, you’ve referenced multiple times during the podcast today that cortisol levels go up whenever you’re under stress. And, and more than one study, they’ve been able to establish that cortisol, high circulating cortisol leads to plaque deposits, black deposits lead oftentimes to ca D or coronary artery artery disease. It’s really no coincidence that often long term sufferers have sleep apnea or it goes unaddressed, end up unfortunately, having coronary vessel problems and 100%

I mean, we’re making fun of this, but this is no joke. Sleep is so important. When you don’t sleep well. You set up a cancer of events that actually do that. So if the coronary artery disease doesn’t scare you enough, the other huge side effect that happens is actually erectile dysfunction because of poor vascular circular vascular circulation without question. So if don’t do it for the snoring, don’t do it for the you know, to keep your spouse up. Don’t do it for the corner artery disease, but it’s hot. It’s very funny when you start talking about certain things that are very personal. At least my patients will do this when its weight gain, balding, erectile dysfunction, they start going, I’m willing to do something now. Yeah, yeah. And I’m sure they don’t feel the corner disease happening

and you don’t want it to be too late. You don’t want to always have to be in a rescue mode simply to be healthy. It’s funny that you mentioned the thing about the doctors Lounge at at the hospital and just all of the things that aren’t necessarily healthy. Unfortunately, healthcare is just not in the business of wellness. It’s just that’s just not the environment that they’re in. And when you look at coronary vessel disease, your Right, it’s a silent killer. And unfortunately, many times, if you end up with triple vessel disease or something like that, they by the time you find out, it’s often simply just too late. And there’s speaking of roadmaps as we referenced earlier beyond the box beyond eating for your your microbiota, or having a great diet. You can also create a roadmap for recovery before you ever have to get to that point. So taking care of sleep apnea, learning how to fast or intermittently fast, they’ve been they’ve been able to show thing as valter Longo from USC was able to show or demonstrate that fasting is one of the few ways to naturally break down plaques that exist in the in your in your arteries.

Correct. That’s huge. I heard William Davis, the author of wheat belly. Uh, yeah, we belly wheat belly. Yeah, he’s cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon. I remember one of the two and he actually had a several patients who had 90% blockage. given the option of cabbage versus stent, and also given the opposite the option of too fast in a three month period, he watched it go from 90% to essentially wide open. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. It’s incredible. There’s all these things that we can be doing. Not everything needs a drug.

Not everything needs a drug, your body wants you to be healthy. Your body wants you to not have stress and when you’re overstressed when you’re under slept, when you basically cannot manage what it is that your bacteria that are supposed to be in your body need to survive. Unfortunately, that’s when things can spin out of control. Absolutely.

literal. It’s kind of stressing me out. What’s that? What’s that next to?

That looks to me now? I don’t have any sisters but I do recognize this from some young friends of mine is Easy Bake Oven.

That is an Easy Bake Oven. It is we have now entered the first portion of the kBm dcpd cooking show. I can’t wait. Yes, so the Easy Bake Oven. I borrowed this from my daughter. Now she’s getting close to 13. She doesn’t use it a whole lot anymore. But back in the day five, six years old, we rocked that Easy Bake Oven. Yeah. So we’re busting it out because we’re going to make some CBD dessert on my end. Right. And I think you made some CBD stuff I did. So what I thought we would do right now is we could start mixing it up, we can put it in the Easy Bake, and then we’re going to talk about the science of cooking with CBD. Hi, we’re gonna make Ron come in here and sample all the food that we make. He’s gonna love it. Yeah. So you keep talking for a second. I’m gonna bring you the ingredients to make my grandmother’s CBD chocolate cake. I love the fact that your grandmother had a recipe for CBD chocolate cake. Oh, she was a pioneer. She was you should have heard her play the didgeridoo. Amazing.

So what Dr. Brown is up doing, I believe is grabbing. He did tell me that he was going to have some ingredients for me to me. Oh, he already has him. Look at that you already measured him. That’s good. It’s probably less So it looks to me like he’s gonna have a bowl. Oh, we have an egg. And we have coconut oil and this is

this it Oh, is this a vanilla milk?

When I put vanilla extract,

extract and milk? Oh together

I gotcha. Okay, magic ingredient.

Yeah. Nice. Nice. Nice. So and then on top of that we have what is this cactus honey?

Alright, so what we have here is you might have a diet pack the ingredients for you and I wrote it all out just like a doctor. Yeah, you did. And here’s what we have going on. This is going to be very much like the Food Network challenges. Uh huh.

chef eric.

Yeah. You’re a bit given a box of ingredients, which include almond flour, and egg on flour, and organic milk with vanilla extract. tanger here, cactus honey. That one was this one. Okay.

All right. Ciao. Man has to be this one and it is.

And in the Iron Chef style the secret ingredient is co

branded kbd right and branded KVM dcpd with some coconut oil so effectively right now you have four minutes okay to make your cake recipe and get it in the Easy Bake Oven in time to be ready for the bottom of the last half hour.

Okay, I will what I think that we have here and I think the timer started Diaz looks like it started now. Do we have any utensils?

Do we have any?

Well, I guess I will get your utensils I I forgot to put those up. But you go ahead, keep talking. I actually measured everything out so you don’t really have to take much out. Just put it all in there. All right,

yeah, it’s going in. So we’re starting off here with the cactus, honey powder because I don’t know what I’m doing. But that’s what I would start with about Rama. And then what we have next is the almond flour made from all organic almonds. I’m certain because I know where he shops So it also is going in here to this little bitty mixing bowl.

Cow great

event. I was like the way it smells and it also is going in. And thankfully, Brown has pre measured everything which will cut down on lots of problems. And this looks like this is an AB all organic egg.

Everything’s all organic we are doing, trying to make this thing as healthy as possible as far as a cake can go. Okay, we’ve got the Easy Bake Oven fired up. Ready for that? Oh, you’re gonna Oh, you’re being generous with the coconut oil. Why do you like using coconut oil?

Well, it’s a it’s a great vehicle. It’s a good fat and handles high temperature without becoming rancid. And I mean, there’s lots of benefits to using coconuts and it’s a great renewable source of good fats and oils.

There we go. So now I feel like Alan Brown. Yeah, that’s right. Just that chef eric has mentioned it is a good fat and as we’re coming down to three minutes and one other thing to note is that It does have medium chain triglycerides which are readily absorbed and go to the brain and increase that and we all know that we need fats like this to improve our endocannabinoid system and probably use the whisker this point so Oh yes, so a classic flaw using a plastic knife. Do this where I’m a little bit worried that that Eric Oh, look at this. What is he doing over there? Oh, he’s adding more CBD brilliant move absolutely brilliant. Decided to rev it up and take CBD directly not just put it all in the take excellent so the whiskers there. We are now down to two minutes.

I’ve got to go out to spend this and and coming together nicely though easily mixed

up. So the power at all. One of the things that we would like to see is a you know, Eric, thank you for coming on the the first ever kBm dcpd cook off. Thanks for having me. We’re doing Iron Chef style. What we will do is eventually is do a Bobby Flay CBD kickoff challenge. Okay. Then we’ll just move you over. Like I said, I do know one of the producers at the Food Network, we’re just going to move you around to all the shows, chopped all that stuff.

I don’t think that the way that I know my way around a kitchen I probably don’t need any sharp instruments.

Speaking of that yesterday,

I should go in here to this old dish, correct?

Yes, go ahead and put it in there that I’m gonna go ahead and put it in a baking pan and then we’re going to get it into the Easy Bake Oven. Look at that. Yeah, we have ourselves a quick cake recipe. Fantastic.

If you’re only listening, you should go to the YouTube part, at least for this part. And you could see how beautiful It’s gorgeous. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be delicious.

So do you do you agree that one of the hardest challenges when you’re doing one of these cook offs like this is actually the time or is it the fact that unfortunately to do it with an Easy Bake Oven? I don’t know. I really wish you’d leave me alone in the moment.

I really want this to come out. Well, I you know what, you know what he doesn’t know he doesn’t know how to open the Easy Bake Oven.

So once again, Eric does not have daughters does not have to sisters and I think one of the one of the greatest Why did not envision this to be the biggest challenge. If we’re witnessing this he’s wasting precious time trying to figure out the Easy Bake Oven. Oh my goodness, he’s he This is a waste of time but that’s okay we’re getting ahead and help him out the fact that he has a no sisters or daughters, he does not realize that it does not open you actually stick it in one end and it comes out the dough. I’ve honestly never thought we’re gonna go ahead and put this in. We actually have the Easy Bake Oven on high so hopefully we’ll have this ready when we come back from commercial break here. And then we will have Ron come in and try our various CBD food products and we’re going to talk about the science of CBD and what it does in cooking and hopefully get way more into it in the future. All thanks to Brandon brown from flower child that recommended we do this.

Thank you Brandon will be back here the last half hour here in just a moment. Be sure to like and share gut check project. See you soon.

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Right on so that is that is fantastic. We’re getting incredible feedback. The Food Network has actually emailed me and said that you are the next Food Network Star. You don’t even have to do that whole. The whole learning how to cook.

Working Easy Bake Oven, any of that stuff.

Yeah, yeah. So we’ve got that cookie real quick. I, let’s talk a little about cooking with CBD as it I tried to find some stuff on this. And as you can imagine, there’s lots of cookbooks out there, but they all discuss using the cannabis. It’s not necessarily just CBD, right? So there’s a couple really cool things that that need to be taken into account. Now one of the problems is and I’m going to figure this all out. I’m going to actually talk about that. I’m going to figure the exact temperatures and everything I tried to find things like when does it decarboxylase at what temperature does it does? Do what at what temperature because the other thing is when you’re using a full spectrum CBD, so as I started getting into this, it’s not as easy as you would think because we’ve got lots of molecules in here like terpenes, polyphenols, flavonoids, they’re all going to have different melting temperatures, different DNA during temperatures. Basically, what I did find on on several different sites looking at this is that light is bad for CBD. So this is how come you’ll find most bottles which are going to be colored, you won’t find a clear bottle. If you find a clear bottle and it’s been sitting on a shelf for a long time, it can actually really affect the CBD, right. So the most important thing if you’re ever going to try and cook with CBD products is to find a really good high quality product. First thing you need to do is look at that the perfect cannabinoid product that you really like like kBm de health has a certificate of analysis. We know that checks all the boxes. It’s organic, it’s is naturally it’s naturally produced and source to one company so you know what you’re getting. And interestingly, we did talk about this but since it is a fat soluble cooking with fats is actually good. It’s the coconut oil to add to that a little bit so that you can do this. Now as far as controlled temperature several different sites were discussing different things I couldn’t find anything in Google Scholar or in PubMed I’m going to really try and find this I do know that I did download a chemistry of CBD book and I’m really going to try and look in the molecular structure using gas chromatograph to see at what point these different molecules D nature okay, but as long as it is a even heat somewhere between 320 degrees and 356 degrees, but going over 356 they believe you can D nature the CBD, okay now that doesn’t mean that you don’t do nature the terpenes which gets into a whole different discussion about using different essential oil or terpenes with your question. So you could have different foods. So we’re waiting for this cake to come out here. Once it comes out that one right there, we do know that the terpene profile of the KVM de health, CBD is a full spectrum. There’s flavonoids in there, so you’re getting a lot of benefit from it. And as long as we don’t go over 356 degrees for a long period of time, more than likely you’re going to get these health benefits from this. And it’s kind of fun to cook with it and adds a unique earthy flavor. We’re using natural flavor with this. Now, the other thing that people do talk about is make sure that when you’re going to cook with it, that you store it appropriately, you don’t really want it in real warm areas, don’t stick it in your car, drive around with it, and then try and cook with it because it’s probably going to be nature. But other than that it is just an oil, it’s pretty stable. It’s pretty stable, it’s just an excellent oil. The other big thing is when you do add it to stuff to mix it up really good to make sure that it is evenly dispersed amongst this. So in the cake thing with the whisker that you were doing there, we’re going to go ahead and take a look at that and see how that came out and see how it tastes and it’s probably better to click on Then to drizzle with it. So the first thing people say is Oh, let me just drizzle it. And because the flavor can be overwhelming to whatever you’re actually putting it on, okay? So when you do add it to a fat, like, let’s say, like I was looking at different recipes, guacamole, perfect thing, avocado, you’ve got avocado, which is good fat, you had a little CBD and mix it up real good. And you can sit there and do that.

So there are a couple of combinations that I’ve seen people commercially make available that I’ve kind of wondered, how is it naturally being combined? And I’m not saying that they’re doing it wrong. I’m just curious. I’ve seen people add CBD to various beers. And I know that there are water soluble delivery systems. But the limitation of water soluble is often that it does have a rapid onset, but it also dissipates rather quickly.

Yeah. So we’re going to get into at some point, we’re going to get into the real science and all that stuff and try and break through all the myths between what type of delivery system and what works well. I just do know that what using the most common form which is the oil very effective with my patients, right? We’re going to continue to develop different types of delivery systems and we won’t develop it but we’re going to work with powered by ellickson all to come up with different delivery systems, maybe even local delivery systems that really make a difference. So I think our cake is done. Oh, go ahead if you’ll just take over the mic. Yeah, sure. Maybe we can get Ron in here at some point to try this. Yeah, Ron, let me go ahead and bust this cake out here and I’m gonna it’s a little little heavy there and the Easy Bake Oven salted we pulled it down to the side here and come back out with the cake. It’s a heavy cake. It’s, you’d be surprised what it does. I am I’m surprised

you talk about it. Okay. So Ron’s gonna come in here and also basically weigh in on our first in studio. Food concoction and do Brown says that the Easy Bake. That’s a hot, Easy Bake Oven, and he’s kind of burning his fingers. kind of glad that I didn’t have sisters. Looks like I’m out of Without being careful who he sounds excited. Oh, yeah. Interesting that it came out of that small slit and such a big pan. Well, here comes Ron, and

this is this is interesting. I I didn’t realize that it was such a spiraled fashion so much like the

Food Network. Ron is a celebrity judge. Yeah. Ron is the

food involved.

So many of you know Ron has been the producer of the show, but in addition to that, he’s the four time world champion, Lord, donut chef using keep building dr can just keep going

to jump in and run with it.

Looks good. Yeah. So all right

so the the presentation, most people like cakes to have a certain form, but the Easy Bake the beauty of the Easy Bake is it. It cooks in whatever mood it’s in and decided to cook it into a ball today. I have daughters,

so I’m familiar with

easy Oh, wow. Oh, yeah. So this is

I want you to I want you to try that right there. And we need your your honest professional judge opinion on our coaching ability here. Oh, it’s moist. Look at that.

Yeah. Good. Good. Start

it all organic vanilla milk. All right. All right, here we go. Here goes Ron, and he’s going in.

It’s edible, apparently.

And I’ll be honest with you, that’s actually really really freaking good.

I watched him mix this up.

So everybody out there if you’d like right now you should be good. Tommy

where’s that easy? Oh my god daughter

graduated. She’s married this bus that out.

We just need the easy baskets of CBD. We’ll figure out the best way.

it’ll all come together. Yeah,

yeah, that’s really good. It’s got a great flavor.

And you can’t taste the CBD. No, I mean, that’s it, but it tastes like it tastes like a dessert. That’s what it’s supposed to be. I think I think it’s great.

That is a review that I did not expect. I was

not expecting that. Yeah.

Ron, I also and brown I kind of surprised you a little bit. I knew that it was gonna be cooked day, but I prepared something before I got mostly because I don’t know how to use an Easy Bake Off. Just a moment. I’m gonna go back here and grab this on to you a little bit about it. All right, while he’s doing it.

So this this recipe that we actually did that, that I’m completely lying. This is not my grandmother’s right? sob I actually called the chef at Kenny’s burger joint in Plano. And I said, How do you guys make that great chocolate cake? And he gave me the recipe and that’s what we just did.

That’s fantastic.

It’s really good. And if and you know, I’m a connoisseur of desserts

or what do you got going on here? So what this is is inspired by my wife is gluten free. She Oh, that’s fantastic. does not eat gluten, but she’s she’s really good at finding some really cool tasting great tasting substitutes

before we go on. Yeah, I just want to say thank you for sticking with the spirituals theme of today’s food.

Oh, well, the one I bought everything I make is in a ball. Doesn’t matter.

Doesn’t matter when I cook this one. You’re

sitting on the couch watching just a bacon ball like an apple.

So what this is though is so many jokes.

All be we do talk about not consuming too much sugar that doesn’t mean you can escape it every single time especially if you’re talking about dessert so today is cooking with CBD and desserts. And there is this brand called melies cookies and it’s chocolate but what it is melies me l is melies monster cookies. And they’ve got a bunch of different varieties but the the chocolate lot ones are high in protein. So there are some benefits to it. But there are there is no wheat, it’s completely gluten free. And for something that’s gluten free, it’s actually delicious. What it does have in it is oats, a little bit of sugar, and it has some dark chocolate chips and some chocolate chunks dark chocolate. Yep and some vanilla and Natural vanilla flavor and a couple other small little things in there. Like I said they it’s not ideal but for desserts, if you are having to steer free of gluten, sometimes you do have to find something that’s going to allow you to enjoy yourself. But what I did do and something that Dr. Brown was talking about earlier in this segment was you have to find something that agrees with the vehicle. And so by the vehicle we made the MCT oil and by that you want to have something that’s made with that. So all you have to do when you make this is use preferably an all organic peanut butter, which is what I did. And then you melt a little bit of butter, you add some eggs and they’ve they’ve already pre mixed the chocolate chips and little the oats. The serving sizes that I did I’ve measured out by the amount of CBD that put into the mix. Each one of these little balls here will have around seven grams of sugar which isn’t

great but not not terrible.

And will have at least eight milligrams of CBD. Okay, so I’ve not even tried them yet. I have no idea what it tastes like. You can also cook these but because I didn’t want to risk hurting these up. Now I’m on it trying to

find out

so I’m going to travel it I’m gonna try one of these and so everyone has now picked one up and of course you can tell it’s mine because it’s

rooted in the university Eric the the presentations fantastic ability to create a spherical form and stay consistent to your brand is beautiful right the the aroma

peanut butter ish

very peanut butter are those that are organic peanut butter where these peanuts from West Virginia by any chance

no no these are these are definitely West Texas peanut West but shelled in West Virginia.

West Virginia from yes it’s very very interesting,

though. Are they still cut? They are still cut.

Yeah. And I’m curious to how how you knew that so well, but yeah, hundred percent. Alright

so now I want to shift gears and go from Food Network to NPR. Eric, tell me about your gluten free balls.

Now this sounds like it’s a segments which are now live but that’s okay.

I mean, I’m so many jokes

I’m just gonna be quiet

so in all seriousness now CBD has been added to it and we know what the natural CBD tastes like I enjoy it. But that being said, see if it’s overpowering which would be kind of a test marker cooking with CBD.

Do you think it’s overpowering? Or do you are you able to discern

the time is taking you thinking about it.

So it’s wrong. I’m not getting I’m not getting I’m not getting CBD. Awesome. It’s awesome.

Yeah, no, definitely the the peanut butter Of course. Right? The chocolate right because the chocolate it’s the It’s not melted, right it’s it’s it’s crunchy, right that I have chocolate and the oat I mean, no, I don’t get any I taste. I’m not sure what it is that tastes I don’t think it’s the the CBD. Nice, it’s good, all of it great flavor.

Well that’s really interesting and it’s always fun for us to be able to find foods that don’t contain gluten that somebody else can begin to enjoy. And here’s something that even when when Maria is talking to other people that have suddenly found out that they also should avoid gluten. Unfortunately, it’s like a feeling of doom, Oh, I can’t have anything I can’t do this and I empathize with them. It sucks. You feel like that you’ve kind of been closed in on like, your lifestyle has been directly changed. You’re really not supposed to have beer of any kind. And if you’re a social beer drinker will, you may identify a little bit that that that aspect is gone. You’ve got to find either a substitute or just a different lifestyle or just get used to not drinking in those same settings if you want to continue that part of So, I mean, I recommend just putting these in water these these, these little balls, and then just sipping on that when you’re out in social events. That’s where I was going. I mean, what we expect is lots of bars will offer these diet balls of CBD. All you’re doing is adding water. It’s amazing that you’ve made these leaps and you know exactly where we’re going now but it is nice to have something that you can share with people who who don’t know what they can consume and find out that there is little hope. Oddly enough, they sell this in our local Walmart on the wheat flour aisle, is where the gluten free section is which I think is kind of strange. But they have one little shelf the Decatur Walmart doesn’t feature a whole lot. Yeah, there you go. And, but they have one little shelf where they put together a handful of small things that are gluten free for you to be able to go home and produce.

This reminds me very much of when we were in San Diego and that company that didn’t paleo treats. Oh, yeah. So Ron, we’re at, we’re at this meeting and they had these paleo treats because it’s at paleo treats on it. And they, they had these little I mean, there was these little pies, which is so good. Was there a lot of meat

and protein involved? So

just because the name was there, I was like, why didn’t have as many of these as I want, right? And then, so I grabbed a handful went back to the room, watching some TV and just snap and they were just, it’s like this like, right, like, you get like, you eat one and you’re like, Oh, I want to know. I woke up with like, five rappers on the ground. And I was kind of bloated The next day, and I was like, that seems like that’s a little odd. So I was thinking paleo treats it as much as I want. No,


they are good. 500 calories of pop and I mowed through like five of them.

Yeah, you’re a fool the next day though.

That was all day. Yeah.

Trees actually are fantastic. For a for a substitute dessert. They’re sweetened with think it’s all organic honey. Isn’t? Yeah, they do. They do a pretty good job of Buying that but regardless that, send us your ideas on foods that you would make with CBD. And you can do that at KPMG health com Go to contact us, shoot us an email. We’ll see if we can’t make your recipe on the air probably now that needs to Bake Oven. But we should probably bring Brandon back on. Or have chef Patrick. Maybe take over somebody who knows how to cook.

Probably a good plan, but I’m gonna take one of these and I’m gonna go back into control room.

Yes, these are really good job.

Well, that’s probably a little too rich for me. Bring it in the control room when you’re done.

Thanks, guys. No, absolutely. Thank you, Ron. Well, so Dr. Brown, what else drew you into examining why you would want to cook with CBD? We’ve had people ask about it. I mean, I know that but what was it that kind of?

Well, I think I think it’s it’s a way to demystify something that there’s so much confusion around right. And I think that we know that there is a I would say that every standard American that eats a typical American diet lives a typical American lifestyle, lack of sleep, increased stress medications, poor diet. They all have an Endocannabinoid deficiency. Chef Patrick brought this up a few shows ago or actually early on, where when they started regulating hemp hemp used to be used in cooking a ton has used like crazy right then of course they made it a class one thing where CBD and hemp but they just until the farm bill passed, it was basically unavailable. We started getting sicker at that same time. Yep. So is that a situation where we really do need more of the full flower, the hemp flour in our diet again to try and raise those Endocannabinoid levels. So when you start looking at this a great way to get people to realize that they start paying attention to their diet. They start looking at this and then they can start augmenting their own endocannabinoid system. I think that the whole concept of cooking with CBD is incredible. I mean you can look at different things like once we get away from canola oil, which I’m not a big fan of right? And you get away from you know those poly unsaturated ones that are not quite good for you either and you start realizing well I can cook with avocado oil, a good proper olive oil without burning it peanut oil, peanut oil, very good for you. Well, it CBD is just another oil. It’s just another vehicle to deliver something but what’s unique about it is that it does have the medium chain triglycerides and which cross the blood brain barrier and add fuel to your brain and it does have the endocannabinoid it does have the cannabinoids in it, which feel your own endocannabinoids and I think it’d just be a really fun thing to start building different recipes. As I mentioned early on in the show, most of the cookbooks are related to cooking with cannabis pure cannabis has THC, right, let’s get away from that and start looking at this as more of a medicinal thing so that you can have some fun. The Easy Bake is just kind of it was kind of tongue in cheek right there. Because it’s really fun. You can do this as a family just like you guys, do. You start talking, why we want to choose these particular things right? And why we’re going to, you know, look at how we’re going to cook, why we’re going to pay attention to what we’re eating. You start adding the polyphenols, you start improving your endocannabinoid system, and you’re just going to start feeling better.

Well, you know, it’s kind of interesting earlier in the show, and we were referencing Ryan Kerrigan in his diet. So he, if he were to supplement with simply only be strengthening what would what by most people’s standards would be a really, really great diet for all of us to adopt. But this is reality. And that is that in the Western diet, we consume sugars every now and then. I mean, I try to avoid it, but I would be untruthful or dishonest if I said that I never enjoy a treat like this. So if you could incorporate a level of protection in cooking things like this where you’re going to use in this instance of fat and you know that you have an NCT based legitimate CBD and KB MD CBD new additive I wonder if you are adding some element of real protection not that you’re not exposing yourself to some elements of sugar but maybe you’re staving off a little bit of the inflammatory cascade that’s to follow by basically having a high glycemic index food or something like

Well, okay, so let’s break this down. The reason why I said dark chocolate recent study just came out where it did look at dark chocolate, and they showed that it definitely helps people with depression, right, it was a clinical trial that they did just published, where those that ate dark chocolate had less depressive symptoms with a tendency that those that did have a tendency to have depression. So we know that the cow in it does something cool. The cow is a polyphenol, but dark chocolate is not necessarily bad for you at all. In fact, if you look at max lukovitch his book, genius foods dark chocolate is one of the things that he puts in there right avocado, dark chocolate, so on. So dark chocolate is in this we do have these oats which are fiber, the fiber is actually the slow the absorption of the sugar. So I love it whenever if you’re going to put Sugar, as long as it’s not with a super simple carbohydrate, meaning that it’s just going to dissolve. When you think about the worst combination, I think about like a really like a really fresh glazed doughnut. You put it in your mouth, and it’s melting, but you’re digesting it before it even gets to your stomach. Yeah, that just spikes your sugar up like crazy, which is why sodas are so bad. Let’s get back to that. When you have a liquid, there’s linear excretion, which means that you’re just going to absorb it. Even if your stomach is not moving, you’re going to absorb that zero fiber, zero fiber. So what this does is you put the fat in here, the fat from the MCT from the CBD, in addition to adding any other fatty put in full regular grass fed butter. What that does is that does something called an ileal break, that tells your intestines to slow down, because the reason why the ketosis diet works so well. The reason why Atkins was so successful is because when your body tries to break down fat, it slows digestion. So, when people a great example is this patient will come To be like, I can’t tolerate dairy. What do you drink, I drink skim milk, drink whole milk. And then they’re like, wow, I can drink whole milk. The fat in the whole milk slows the slows, the process has to break it down a little bit so that the, the sugars the lactose sugar is sent out in smaller bursts so that your body can break it down. Skim milk is just protein, no fat and the sugar and it goes right through. So I’m not a fan of skim milk, believe it or not. So we got away from skim milk. We got away from fats and people start drinking skim milk, when the reality is a lot of people can tolerate half and half and whole milk way better than they can tolerate skim milk because of the fats that are there. So getting back to this we’ve got dark chocolate, we’ve got our prebiotic in the oats. We’ve got our good fats that are there. And the peanut butter adds a ton of flavor. And a good organic peanut butter brings a lot of protein, bring some more fat into the picture. Is this kind of a good little snack and if you’re going to do something, this is a good way to do it.

I think they’ll be good probably even I mean melies may not It may not like it so much, but you could probably look at this recipe or what it is that they put in here and modify it just a little bit in terms of the sweetener, and really have a solid, a solid snack just like you just said, because it is high in protein, especially with the peanut butter that’s in there. And if you didn’t want to use peanut butter and you wanted to use cashew butter, I’m sure you do the same thing. I’m sure there’s some people that have peanut butter allergies, I’m sure you could substitute and basically I think with the peanut butter, you’re getting consistency and flavor.

Oh, absolutely. It works like a binder. Yeah, that’s Yeah, no, I think it’s, I think it’s great. It’s called melisma.

Yeah, me l is and these. I think it’s a mother and daughter that decided to start making foods that were gluten free to taste good. So that’s kind of what they did. Really interesting. That’s awesome.

Ron. Yes, sir. I have a small confession to make. Yeah, sir. I may have exaggerated a little bit when I said that the recipe was from Kenny’s burger. Chef. There’s a chef their name Eric. And they make this chocolate cake. Actually what I did is when I was planning The show, I thought it’d be pretty funny to talk about cooking with CBD and using my daughter’s Easy Bake Oven. This was actually a dessert from Kenny’s that I unfortunately left in my car. And it got squished. It was supposed to be a formed actual tank. But when I showed up to the studio this morning with how do I pull this one off, it’s just a big molten glob. So shout out to Kenny’s burger for hooking me up with some cake so that we could have we could play a joke to kind of a kind of backfired. I still think that the ball theme worked out.

Yeah, yeah, I can’t imagine that it would. Yeah,

so I’m not encouraging anybody to actually bust out the


Well, what other what other foods have you seen with the CBD added in it? I know that we’ve we’ve we’ve run across a couple of trades. We’ve run across a couple of we’ve seen the gummies that have shown up and circulated in our area here in North Texas now.

So but that’s one of those things. So when you start incorporating things into a Processed mechanism and stuff. What does that actually do to the molecule? I don’t know. How hot does it get? What do they do? What preservatives do they have to put in? What does that do? I mean, for me, I’m gonna I don’t need I mean, I like the taste of it. And I’m regular user of CBD. I take it in the morning at night, my kids use it all my staff is on that. Sure. Basically, if you know me, I’m going to tell you get on it. And I would say that you know that something works is when you have a 90% reply rate, right? So everybody’s, you know, likes it and so they come back, but looking at different things. When you think about it, if you want to add a little CBD to something great things are these fats. So if you’re going to add it to anything has a bit of fat, like avocado over gluten free toast, right, or better yet. If you start reading about bread and bread making true sourdough bread that you make from a starter and you make it home, the gluten gets broken down watch a show on Netflix. called cooked. The episode is aired There’s four parts. Watch that and they explain how true sourdough bread can actually be tolerated by gluten by gluten intolerant people. I don’t know about celiac, I wouldn’t recommend that. But probably there and that. I just saw this in the news, the BBC, they uncovered a some cave, archaeological dig where they found starter mix, really 4500 years old, and they made bread from it.

So here’s traditional or real heirloom they used to

when you had your family starter, yeah. You would pass it on generation to generation you would be the starter. Like it was a look like it was a living organism plant. Yeah. And then you would use a little bit of that starter to mix with flour. you’d let it ferment a little bit that becomes sourdough. You stick it in the bake it imagine fresh sourdough toast with some avocado and CBD oil. That’s fantastic with true sourdoughs considered a superfood

isn’t sourdough and the issue of gluten intolerance. And I could be wrong here isn’t it believed that the bacteria are actually given the opportunity to basically break down the gluten portion of

exactly what it does the bacteria use it as fuel. Yeah,

that’s fascinating. It’s so basically it’s eliminating the the protagonist, it’s causing everything

and I can I can 100% of test I have. I’ve been experimenting with homemade sourdough bread, and I have gluten intolerance. And it’s it’s like, night and day like I’m in the bathroom kind of thing like you did like it’s not like a placebo effect. I have no issues. Son. I love it. I just absolutely love it when you have homemade sourdough bread.

That is awesome. Well, we just experimented with cooking on gut check project. Thank you all for the ideas. We we do read your email. That’s exactly why we broke into this today. So certainly appreciate it. Be sure to like and share our program with everyone that you know, you want to hear from us go to get jack project. com Thank you. Thank you.