Bryan Bradford is a certified health coach and nutritionist. He is also an owner of the Sunflower Shoppe. Sunflower Shoppe is a long tested pioneer of healthy grocery and supplement stores located in Tarrant County (Fort Worth) Texas. A US Army and Gulf War veteran, Bryan found inspiration to serve his fellow citizens by helping his family business become a stronger resource for health. Bryan joins the GCP to discuss the process of vetting quality products, the importance of certifications and COAs, the dangers of misinformation, bad labels and chemicals.The Sunflower Shoppe serves Tarrant and surrounding counties by having well trained staff, fully screened high quality products, and frequent open forum lectures to educate all of heir customers.

Alright. It is August the first 2019 This is Episode 19 of the gut check project with your host, Dr. Ken Brown. I’m Eric Rieger. What’s up Ken?

August 1, August the first is it going to finally become summer here in Texas because it’s been really mild.

It’s amazing. We haven’t, I don’t think that officially which I think official temp records in our area are kept by DFW Airport. I don’t think they’ve officially recorded 100 degree day in July, which is amazing. If you’re not from Texas, that does not happen often. I was listening to a Jim gaffigan set on the way over here where he talks about living in the Midwest. Yeah.

Spring just it’s sometimes it could vanish. You’re like, wow, it’s it’s a April it’s 30 degrees. And then the next day is like 90 and he’s like, well, there was spring.

I wonder if he threw in a little hot pocket joke.

Hey, so it is it is August the first and for all of the several hundred of you that wrote in to let us know that you have liked and shared gajic project back to the month of July for the contest for the signature package from Dr. Brown being a month supply of altran to aim kBm dcpd. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for the help the growth, the the spreading of the word. All of the winners will receive an email by the end of this week. We were advised not to read off your names here because we need to have your permission, which kind of stinks. But I really didn’t think of that that’s being new to to podcasting. Right Well,

that’s why we have a producer to make sure that we don’t step on our, on our feet that way Ron was like, now you gotta, you gotta get that

kind of in writing. So you will be notified. The good thing is, is after all of the the success of the press out, especially on the iTunes side, we don’t just have five winners, we have six winners, six winners. So it’s awesome. That’s over $600 worth of Giveaways right there that we’re going to make available to everybody. So thank you again to everyone. We will have more contests and more chances to share more opportunities and incentives and all that kind of good stuff coming forward. But what a great way to roll into the summer.

So absolutely. So who do we have as our guest today?

guest today is the great Brian Bradford from some flower shop and some flower shop if you don’t know and you live here in North Texas, you’re missing out. Basically they are they are the pioneers especially We’re here in Tarrant County. So it started I believe, by his grandmother run by his father. Down in Fort Worth. they’ve expanded now they’ve got a gigantic store up here in colleyville, run off of 121. And you’ve given to record it.

Yeah, sure. I’m super impressed. He’s super smart guys certified health coach. He’s got his own podcast, called the healthy approach, former military veteran, really knowledgeable. And I’ve given two lectures at his store, with great turnouts, like standing room only, like people really enjoy going to a store and hanging out and getting a little lecture. It was the first time that I’ve had a differing age population. Right? And, and, you know, we always hand out cards to see how people react to it. It’s the first time I got like, I didn’t understand a word. I’m like, Oh,

I gotta remember, I’m not talking to healthcare professionals all the time.

So bad. I

wanted to like redo it for her, I’m going to drive to her house and be like, let me just redo this. Okay, maybe it was a little science at that time. But

well, what was also pretty funny and some of those responses were Great lecture and they circled one. So they did it backwards on the net on the numeric scale, which I thought was funny.

We get that all the time, whenever we’re doing those online online reviews through Keith, where somebody will sit there and say, you know, amazing done, it saved my life and the one you like, want to call them up and go, Hey, could you change that for me? You’re kind of ruined in the curve. Yeah, it’s not first place.

I need five stars.

It’s funny stuff. Well, Brian, and his store, though, is so much more than a store, which is why we’re having him here. They they’re a pioneer in the community. What does it mean to choose healthy foods to have supplements that mean something to have someone guide you to something that that’s going to actually benefit you? That’s why they had such a good turnout. Whenever you went up there to give those lectures, these people, the customers and the clients that they have there, they don’t just shop there just because it’s a convenient place to go to they go there because they’re getting information on how to live better.

Yeah, I can’t wait to bring up an article with him also. So, you know how our Tron teal is NSF certified? I do. And the polyphenols have been shown to augment athletic performance correct by increasing nitric oxide. An article just came out that assata warned athletes about rise in Leandro use. So the Australian Sports anti doping authority warned athletes less than a year ago ligand drol. was appearing regularly in random supplements. So people are putting this in ligand drol is a sarm. A sarm is a selective androgen receptor modulator. It’s a class of compounds that have very similar similar properties to anabolic agents. They have less androgenic properties and so athletes are using this started in the bodybuilding world and now it’s ending up in all these supplements and people don’t even realize it. So you have these pro athletes that are being stripped of their titles and stuff like for instance, Joakim Noah tested positive for it and was suspended for 20 games. sounded the basketball player, mixed mixed martial arts athletes that have been fined money and had to sit out for six months or so. And they swear that they weren’t taking it on purpose. And it just shows I can’t wait to talk to him about how he vets, the different products that go in his in his store and how many NSF certified products he has, and so on. So, because that is exactly why we go through the trouble do an NSF, I think we’re going to be going through what’s the nutrition? Oh, we’re going to finsih and that is it the how but on my dates and correctively that is the last week of October, or the last night regardless. It’s a gigantic nutrition conference for registered dietitians. I mean, they’re they’re basically the front line of how we are reaching so many people 100% and I’m sure that Brian will talk a little bit about that because I’m pretty sure they have registered dietitians stored over

Yeah, I know that he is a Clinical Health Coach and clinical nutritionist himself. So

so this is why it’s so important. When you have a product that you can not only do we help with bloating, not only do we help with, you know, gi distress, different things like that bacterial overgrowth CBOE, but, you know, we can show that it’s NSF certified so you can use the polyphenols as a benefit for your athletic performance. Yep. That is so important to somebody who’s a nutritionist dealing with clients could be athletes, college athletes, Olympic athletes, professional athletes. Even right now, Lucas is up in Kalamazoo, and you know, he’s playing at a high level, he’s starting to play an ITF. And they have banned substances that are actually listed there. So it just it happens even at a really early age. So NSF certified option to go to love my slash spoonie sp o NY, and you get a really big discount on this. And I’m going to challenge everybody to commit to do this, because we want to get a little bit of a push here and make sure that we start promoting the NSF certification. polyphenols, and the overall digestive relief

when your safety and your confidence is critically important you start whenever we started the company, you made no bones about it, you wanted to make certain that you had a product that worked. You wanted to make sure that you had a product that was healthy that featured polyphenols. But at the same time you didn’t want cost to be an issue didn’t want that to be an access, or I’m sorry, a barrier to access and you also didn’t want anybody to not be confident what they were choosing wasn’t safe.

That’s funny because a virtual have to write a book about the whole process because like when I look back, there are some really funny moments. Like for instance, when we were trying to figure out how to get the we knew that Colorado was going to be our main ingredient night and so we contacted a company that we now work with regularly and they’re fantastic company, but I got some sobrato into because I’m worried about everything I said I better make sure that this is exactly exactly what it is. So I

called around if you want to hear something funny. Stay tuned.

So I’m sitting there calling around and asking labs and they’re like now and as it turns out, there’s only really one major deconstruction lab, and it’s in Kansas. And I get hold of the owner and I was like, hey, I need you to need to phase out, he’s like, no problem, send me some of the bark, and I’ll do it. And I’ll send you some of the bark. He’s like, I can do a gas chromatograph on it. And if we get one major spike, we’re gonna assume that it’s that, but I can only do that to a comparison. Because you watch way too much CSI, where they just throw a white bag, it said, Tell us what that is. But it comes back and it’s just like how it goes actually. We have to compare it against something, you know, a gas chromatograph. It’s it’s a fingerprint of the molecule, right. And we did that episode on food pairing. Do you remember that? Oh, yeah, that was a gas chromatograph, you look at different foods was similar gas chromatographs and the aromas augment each other and that’s a way to do food pairing. We did that with Chef Patrick early on. But this is this is an example. So I send it to him and I’m like, I gotta fly down Argentina and get some tree bark. Just Go to chop it off and send it. So yeah, we went through a lot of trouble to make sure that it was everything was pure but I thought that was the funniest thing. You watch too much CSI.

Well, and and then beyond that, whenever you and Brandi, were stepping in just to try it out, because every single thing that you’ve ever turned out, y’all have always put yourself through the test

first. And we learned that through without even knowing that but we learned that through Dr. Dryden, right out of Kentucky. He’s a fantastic gastroenterologist, full bird, Colonel, I believe and he’s an entrepreneur himself. And we got to talk in that there’s a Helsinki rule that if the researchers willing to do it to himself, and it’s not, you know, questionable or anything, then essentially you’re saying no, I believe this is safe. And here’s my data with that. So yeah, everything that we have done, it’s always been on me and Brandi first so it’s didn’t have to get brand new phone call one time. We were at the time. There’s two different types of liberato the corruptable onco and braccio Colorado which one is in not trying to Colorado so the blonko is the much easier one to get it actually has a molecule in it called yohimbe been which can be a stimulant and it’s been reported to have different effects including improves sexual function and things like that but that’s the one that everybody can find. In fact, that was one when I did Melanie Avalon intermittent fasting podcast is check that out right the first one I did it twice with her but the first one I found on her website that she tried to make I tried to at home and it didn’t work anywhere and we actually had a long discussion I said Well that’s because it’s a totally different type of molecule just because it says to broncho doesn’t mean that it’s it’s this uncle easy to get Colorado not not and so we got the blonko we were trying to dose it out what what we thought it would be and I’m like, well here, just take this brandy had to go to a meeting and I dumped the rest down the sink and I and then one of the employees came back said hey, the six stopped up and I’m like what? I realized that it’s a it’ll just congeal with Water and I went, that’s good. So I call it up. I’m just gonna start chugging water coke. I don’t want you having a bowel obstruction and haven’t explained that. But fortunately, nothing happened. But I remember when we first launched also, somebody called up with some abdominal pain and I worried and I’m like, I’m wondering. I mean, I took a bunch, so I just I ate a whole bottle just to make sure it wouldn’t cause like an obstruction or anything. No, then patient called back. Oh, I’m fine. I pass little gas. It’s gone. I’m like, well, I’ve got you know, at the time, it was 60 capsules sitting in my stomach. Let’s see what happens. Yeah, you’re like

the cootie ahci. of of eating contest supplements.

But that being said, we did understand this isn’t that reckless? We do understand the science of this. The cool thing about these polyphenols is that they’re poorly absorbed. So they stay primarily in the small intestine. And there have been studies that have shown that the blood levels are essentially negligible. But then when they try and find it in poop, they find less than 1% of the original molecule. We means it’s doing exactly what we needed to do, it goes through goes to the colon, where your own bacteria break it down into all these beneficial molecules like euro luthan, and things like that, which helped with overall, my toffee, g cell turnover,

anti aging, then your Listen, if you’ve done any research and you really try to figure out molecularly, what you should be interested in your life and should be a good trigger word. I think over time, it’s going to be more ubiquitous or more prevalent as people begin to talk about what you can do to be someone who’s actively anti aging.

I totally agree. The only thing and we were talking about about this before we came on with Brian, the only thing that I don’t like is that when this research happens, everybody’s trying to find their angle. And so when Marianna was in town, we’re talking about this. He’s a PhD that we work with he, we got to talking about the different metabolites and how people are trying to figure out how to make these metabolites, turn them into drugs or turn them into a new supplement. And it just doesn’t work that way. Mother Nature knows how to do it and you just can’t come Completely manipulated like that

No mother nature works in its whole form. I mean, we’ve seen that time and time again, we’ve we referenced that with even even marketed drugs that are trying to compete with over the counter supplements, specifically melatonin. And we go back to the days of the rosero when they tried to isolate and make this basically Roseanne was supposed to be a super melatonin that was going to be 14 times the binding affinity of, of endogenous or regular melatonin. Turns out it didn’t do much anything. You just separated a lot of bills out of your wallet didn’t sleep anymore.

It’s I mean, it’s it’s frustrating to see this where we have you know, a lot most pharmaceuticals start from a plant based, something Sure, Mormon, well, Metformin, the HMG, co reductase inhibitors, the cholesterol medications, aspirin, I mean most of them start or what GW is trying to do now with spinning down CBD specifically doesn’t work nearly as well. They can charge you How How much did we hear that someone was being charged with I’m I don’t know exactly but it is 10s of thousands is what I was told because it’s such a rare orphan. It goes into that orphan drug status, dubay syndrome and Lenox Gestalt which is unfortunately a severe form of epilepsy and children small gripe, I

happen to notice and I didn’t read this before. Did you know? Okay, so for those of you who may not know whenever you have something that is prescriptive, that may have addictive traits than the FDA technically awards it what they call a scheduled class and schedule class one, they basically say highly addictive, but has no medicinal purpose. There’s a handful of things that fall in there. People usually default say heroin etc. Then you got to which is most of your potent opioids, fentanyl, cocaine, etc. Have some medicinal use but could be highly abused or had abuse potential. goes all the way down to schedule control five, I saw on the label for GW new release that they have a C five on there, which indicates scheduled. It’s not addictive.

It’s the most ridiculous so the FDA is allowed to call it schedule five which was like drinking water. Right? And then they had all that I mean do we’re just talking six months ago where people are being arrested and saying you can’t do this it’s addictive and all kinds there’s so much misinformation out there. It’s ridiculous about CBD, which is

thinking about that they’re trying to it’s trying to pair this this connotation that there’s a little bit of fear in there if you understand scheduled medications they’re trying to say that there’s an element of addiction associated with and spun down CBD isolate. It’s insane. It does that. So now now they’re they’re quite worried about anybody even coming close to pairing up a disease claim with with CBD. And this is from the same institution which has allowed the food products that you eat, to be spread With with roundup

it doesn’t it does not add up.

There’s just so there’s so many things we’re heading in a lot of wrong directions which is why I really like having guests like Brian on or we can talk about how a shop like some flower shop can really help out guide you and your food choices guide you in your supplement choices. I mean just look at CBD. I mean one of the reasons why we’ve teamed up and KVM the health CBD, we’ve got that certificate of analysis, we really want to make sure that you get what you’re doing so

well speaking of CBD, my wife she owns a wellness studio called Body Body balance wellness, and it’s indicator and she has all kinds of different people that come through ask questions and she gets asked about CBD also. Just yesterday, she came across an article where yet another celebrities endorsing the use of it so this isn’t coming from me this isn’t coming from Dr. Brown But Michael J. Fox is apparently become Part of one of the CBD companies and specifically because of the effect that CBD is having the positive effect is having on his Parkinson’s, which I found interesting, but not surprising, knowing how we think that the endocannabinoid system strikes balance between our nervous and immune systems. It does make sense knowing that Parkinson’s has some elements of inflammation. And of course you have the uncontrolled twitches and whatnot which is which of course would be the the neuro neurologic complex of our bodies kind of running out of control. He’s found some elements of improvement in his life by making CBD a daily part of it. So basically treating CBD for him and in his words as a micro nutrient,

which is really isn’t Yeah, which I think is really, really interesting. But yeah, I mean, last week’s show we did. We covered three articles. But one of the articles we did cover was how the microbiome effects of People with Lou Gehrig’s disease and how the microbiome has anti inflammatory markers which which does this? Well, we’re going to talk a little bit later about how complex these endocannabinoid system really is. Yeah, and how a lot of things can be affected but that makes total sense. And I want to see at some point that we’re having CBD catered to and you know right now everybody’s so scared to say diseases but CBD Tater to something with a different terpene combo terpenes are the essential oils in it or different flavonoid component because we could sit there and go Okay, what are you looking for this for? Well, I have I have a neurologic process. I’ve got Ms. I’ve got Parkinson’s, I’m this Okay, we need some time to cross the blood brain barrier more. So let’s try this particular one with a higher content. That’s where I think the science is headed. Yeah. And it’s it’s putting the cart in front of the horse because you can’t make any disease claims or anything like that. But at least we can sit there and go Okay, this makes sense why that’s actually happening. You know, if I was in Norway and we can pull that off. Yeah. You don’t have to say was that? Denmark, Texas? Oh, yeah. So today I learned,

Uh huh. on Reddit. It sounds good. Yeah.

In Norway, people use the term Texas as slang for crazy. It doesn’t refer to a person but a chaotic atmosphere or state of mind. So saying a party was totally crazy in Norwegian would be death of our health, Texas, which literally means it was to access. And I’m looking at the comments and there’s people from Norway going up. We do say that, guys awesome. I think it is also I think we can get to that point. It would be it would be pretty, pretty amazing.

Well, you know, what, Holly, What? What? What movie was that? I think it was Independence Day, when the aliens were coming down and they showed how different people were panicked. But they panned over to Los Angeles and they are all going crazy. And welcome. The aliens I could wait to be abducted. It’s almost like if you want to if you want to have like a weird connotation Los Angeles is kind of said yeah, yeah that’s she could say it’s it’s totally Los Angeles so Texas is now apparently just wild crazy wild crazy. Oh,

yeah. So I don’t know. I’m not sure how big of a fan base we have in no way right now but

an hour that

I forgot his name but my dancing partner when we were at the bathwater. Oh, he’s Norwegian. Yes, yes, he is though. We’re gonna ask him

Yeah, he took control of the the live band and had them play what he wanted them to play

those Norwegians there so Texan?

Yeah, no, he was he was great. He’s hilarious. So now with Brian coming on here in our next half hour we’re going to have a good 90 minutes with this guy. This guy’s got incredible experience long before he decided to get into running the the some flower shop which he has here which we referenced in location. in Fort Worth of a camp buoy, he’s got a location up here in colleyville. And he’s got another one that’s a smaller version over on here to trace. The cool thing that I liked about it is, as they’ve grown, they’ve just simply found that people are looking for a local answer that has real guidance to get people into the store. So what what do you think it takes for a community that may be somewhat isolated, to begin to find out that they may have better access to this type of nutrition and where they don’t want to turn to just the internet or the internet the way because if you look at like the span of where a lot of the healthy shops are, it’s it kind of migrates from the west and kind of tapers down and almost a a diagonal line into Texas and as you go through the southeast, until you hit some some popular, you know, some populated parts of Florida you really don’t see. You don’t see a whole lot of some flower shops and stuff like that. Why is it I’ve never really thought about that before.

I mean, I imagine the West Yes, because that kind of comes there but Texas is really embracing it right now. Sure.

And a lot of people they want to go to their doctor and I want to talk nutrition and the doctor is busy doesn’t have time doesn’t maybe doesn’t know a lot I’m freely admit that I’m continually learning more and more about nutrition and but look how Look how even just thinking your life how you changed your thought about what what the importance of food is and outside of a medical school but growing up in Nebraska, me growing up in Texas At first, I really didn’t think much about it just came home and ate and if I had a little extra change in my pocket, I go to the convenience store and buy something but it’s not like that at all for me anymore. And then nowadays, when we think of you’ll, you’ll hear, okay, this year, so and so’s released. The most obese states or the most obese cities are the least healthy What? Unfortunately, the state that immediately comes to my mind is first Mississippi or something like that. And then it is quickly followed by Alabama or Louisiana. It should

be a great topic to go over with Brian is that a socio economic? Is it an education thing, is it possible to eat healthy on a budget? Is it possible to, to do all these things? The highly processed foods? I mean, we’ve talked about this all the time. I think Netflix just has a new thing called fat. Something I’m saying, Yeah, I haven’t seen it yet either. I was scrolling around with Carla trying to figure out something to watch. And it does get into the fact that 30 years ago or 1970, I think there’s like 1.5 million Americans with diabetes. And we have like 30 million oh my gosh, some crazy jump that just happened under our noses and we didn’t even notice it. So that is really a lot to talk about with Brian because I want to I want to see both sides. I want to see the business side. I want to see him as a health care provider. How do we merge the two where we’re going to go with it? It’s gonna be really cool, but that’s an unacceptable level and rate of growth. I mean, it’s just not enough time for that many people to have ever since we said carbs bad. I’m sorry, fat bad. People started really doubling down on the carbs and you know, the ass oil started taking place.

Watch, watch Last week’s episode

Yeah, I really appreciate all the email about a soil and where you can find it. Some of those comments from Pretty, pretty funny. Well, hey look, we’re gonna be back here in just a moment with Brian Bradford, some flower shop, and of course the healthy approach podcast. We will see you here in just a moment.

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All right, we are back at the gut check project. This is Episode 19. here with Dr. Brown, your host and I’m Eric Rieger. Today we have a special guest, this is Brian Bradford of the Sun flower shop here in North Texas, Brian, how you doing? I’m doing well.

Thanks for having me on today.

Oh, thanks you for coming down and making some time with us. Of course you are now the host of your I guess somewhat recently launched. The healthier podcast healthy

approach podcast. We just started out here recently too. So we’re trying to get kick started and get into this environment just much you guys are.

That is awesome. I know that when it can and I were just talking the last half hour about whenever he came to do the two lectures up at some flower shop now, of course, your shop isn’t necessarily close to him because he’s on the other side of the Metroplex. Right. I’ve shopped there for years. I was not surprised at the turnout. The first thing kids said was, that was amazing. The engagement was real.

packed the room. Yeah, well, I think that that is what’s really cool. So you actually have on the second floor, a full lecture room holds I don’t know 8080 people comfortable at people I was just shocked both times I went completely packed. And I what I liked is the sense of community. How a lot of people make this their regular outing, they want to learn and you you help them learn and you were asking last half hour, how do we go about getting people to become healthier? Well, it all everything comes down to education.

Well, it does and that’s what we pride ourself in as some flower shop is really Trying to get people all the education and let people know who’s in their backyard. I mean, a lot of people don’t know there’s people like yourself who are open minded to both medical and alternative nutrition. And that’s huge. Because people are seeking this information and people like you, Doug brown coming in and doing your speaking engagements. That’s a it’s a blessing for a lot of people.

Well, it’s certainly an honor. And you’re you get out in the community, and you get to hear a little bit what people are saying. And afterwards the q amp a is so long, because people question Oh,

boy, yeah.

And do that. And then you start realizing, Oh, my gosh, there’s some. There’s a little bit of mismanagement going on out there. You know, my doctor wanted to do XY and Z. And I’m like, Why? We kind of quit doing that in the 70s. That’s weird.

Yeah. It’s about keeping up with the research. And I know you’re someone who’s a pioneer in that.

Well, the one thing that I’m like very open to I watched a camera what podcast it was the Freakonomics Freakonomics podcast, I had a whole episode on medical reversals and you realize I fully expect that one What I’m doing today should be somewhat tweaked and could be a little wrong and maybe misinformed, just like we’re talking about when we went low fat, high carb, we became sicker. That’s right. And that was that was spread like crazy. You know where people did this I was. There’s a podcast I listened to this morning called sawbones, and it’s a it’s a doctor that that kind of talks about medical misinformation possibly in her husband. It’s kind of a funny Yeah. And they were talking about alkaline water, about how people want to drink alkaline water. And she was just going back over the science of it. And they do a whole episode on medical reversals also. And it’s it’s not necessarily that your doctor doesn’t know what’s going on, because most of the time the doctors figured it out. For instance, when Eric was a drug rep for xana cow when they said that you could block fat and lose weight. It didn’t take long for the medical community to learn something.

Yes, they were introduced to ask oil

As it turns out, created a lot of leakage of oil because you couldn’t digest your fats and

yeah, the warning was don’t wear white pants with that right? What did that the warning on the box?

That was? That was the corporate response.

Don’t wear white pants. You’re not sick. It’s completely natural.

We can all just realize we’re losing weight.

You know what’s sad is it’s only that mean it’s really only 20 years ago. I mean that that well, allies still

lie still out there as far as I know. Yes, they were well, Walmart had pallets of that stuff. Selling like crazy.

It’s known as a fat blocker. And that’s not that’s not the source of your problem. It’s It’s It’s It’s unfortunate.

Did that start out with in potato chips or something? Is

it did when xana cow was like, well, board this is not gonna be around. Let’s just sell the let’s just sell the ingredient. So then Friedel and all the big giant companies. They got it. They called it a Lester.

Yep, that’s right. olestra

remember being in San Antonio. I was in medical school and a DJ on the edge. I was Driving in. He was like, don’t not eat these Doritos

and he gave this horrified you know detailed graphic incidents about how it just he had no control and just didn’t realize it was happening and true. I’ve heard so many stories about that. Yeah, people just eat started with potato chips. I’m hearing people coming in saying hey, these things really upset me big time. You know, I need something help get my balance back in order again. It’s crazy. Well, it’s crazy how fast they pass the buck to because it did start off start off as the generic name orlistat and then they just barely tweaked the name and called it Electra move it into large consumables where people like

we just won’t warn him at all. Now this is going down. surprise attack. Well, you know, with some flower shop, I find it to be an incredibly awesome store and it was refreshing to me when I first discovered I was doing we had Dr. J baryon. I was doing anesthesia with him down here in Bedford and then I drove away I saw some flower shop and it’s like, you know, it looks like it was like a place I’d like to go to. So

did you think it was a floral shop though?

The very first time I didn’t Honestly, I didn’t really know I think this is right when the iPhone pretty much had made its way to me. And I was googling a place to go find a healthy snack. And I was it down in Bedford, and it came up with some flowers or some flower shop. And when I just saw it off in the distance, I was like, I guess that’s it. I mean, I didn’t know it’s right. But of course, y’all are not that far from a traditional big chain grocery store is set back behind you. So I walked in and immediately I could say, Okay, this place is different. And and there’s a reason why it exists. And it’s a lot because of what you talked about. With the change in fat content and how people move over to eating different foods. It forced people to have to find a different answer. And so your grandmother and your dad started this several years ago, Team 70, and there was a Reason How did they that long ago get into something like this? I mean, that is Yeah,

back then it was considered booty, right? Yeah bars herbs and you know supplements go but now my grandmother started because her sister was dying of leukemia and just saw the horror of course you know how it treatments were like back in the 60s for that type of issue, you know, and she just was looking for a better ways and she came across some of the pioneers like Adele Davis and Linus Pauling and so forth and said, hey, maybe there’s something to this we need to investigate it more. And so that’s really what she sold her moving company. We had a moving company at the time solely to gamble everything on a supplier shop. Now why the name I can’t tell you why the name all we know is that she loves some flowers. So as probably where it started out there, but that’s really where it began in 1970 in Wedgwood, Texas, you know, in Fort Worth area, and then it grew to now where we’re at three locations, three generations later, my brother and two sisters now run the all three locations, man, it’s, it’s awesome and it’s something one of the things that jumped out at me right away when I very first went in there. was, it was probably my inoculation into a store that’s kind of like that. And where you go to a big chain, they have to identify if they identify the foods that are there, okay, and an inner non GMO is rare. Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Because everything in there’s been vetted, you’re not going to put a crappy product in the store. So at first, you’re like, well, I wonder, okay, well, that’s okay. This fits what I’m after. So, what do you think led her to decide, you know, what, I don’t like what’s offered everywhere else. And not only am I going to open up my own, I’m probably going to carry a lot of things that everybody’s not comfortable with or doesn’t know a whole a whole lot about how did she decide? And then you fall in your dad fall into the idea of, I like educating people. I want them to know about the selection. How did y’all do? That’s where it really started was really based all centered around education. Okay, now, of course, we didn’t know as much as we do now today, but it started with the education just saying, hey, let’s learn more about the body and how you know certain plants and herbs can interact with the body, the best, we can Back in the 70s is where she started but she wanted everything as clean as possible she didn’t want anything to do with chemicals and anything that’s foreign to the body is put it that way she was really want to try to keep things clean as possible now today health is relative to the person you know we got something a little bit for everybody what’s good for one doesn’t mean it’s good for the next person right and that’s sort of what we pride ourself in the consumer like yourself walks into the store, we asked a bunch of questions we want to know a little bit who you are, where you’re coming from, what your mission goals are. And so we’re going to do our best to try to isolate you know, even though we may have 20 different vitamin C’s on the shelf, which one is best for you. Everybody’s a little different for each reason.

So one of the very first launched Tron teal, and we were talking about where all of that we wanted to take it and just our ideas, how do we how do we let people here now I gained a whole new respect for what it takes to get into a reputable store because we talked about are trying to at some point On the first launch, and y’all are like, well, we need to see. Why do you think it works? What’s the story behind it? We had to submit all of our ingredients. Y’all call back, ask questions. You exchanged information that way. It wasn’t easy, and it was worth it. So basically it filtered it keeps out the noise. And it put in as certainly well, obviously, we think so. But it puts in a solid product that’s available to your well beyond customers or your clients.

Well, it’s our reputation. You know, we want to make sure that when you’re picking up a product supplier shop, that it’s a good quality product to the best that we can bet it. Yeah,

that’s that keyword that because that’s what ends up happening with these big box when we we always reference the Wall Street Journal article that described how when they did DNA analysis, they only show that 70 are over 79% of the products that don’t have what was on the label. A new study just came out on melatonin where the it ranged from nothing to 500% of what was on the label. And so it’s still happening all the time. All the testing. It is it’s all the time. And you know we get hit with all these companies are always wanting to come into the store and it’s like you said it becomes a lot of noise and you got to be able to have some kind of system to filter that down and figure out what what’s in the product is it good for, you know, good for you? Is it going to hurt you? Is it tested for heavy metals and mold and pollutants and all the toxins, we got to know those things, it’s important to try to get the best quality product to the consumer. And that’s I mean, while we’re talking about that, I did want to hit on something so when somebody maybe doesn’t have the will to say a really erawan or like a really expensive so we’re in erawan in LA you know like celebrities like to go there and it’s you know, it’s similar to what you have but I think it’s probably a little pricier sure you can only imagine course so how do you vet like this put this much work into it and still make it an affordable so that people can come in? Well,

it’s our system we got some great people in the store really do who know exactly what to look for what to ask for the questions that we need to know from manufacturers now on my side of things, all even play out to the interaction plants I want to see what you know where their sources are coming from how they’re processing as much as we can make sure that the bathtub

is clean you

know, we’re going to make sure that’s all clean as possible.

Eric always Derek he always plays this Japanese Input one of my patients asleep that he just made that profile this morning in his bathtub. It’s real fresh. Yeah to work real good.

For your insurance is bad. wouldn’t pay for a

little humor takes away the age, too bad. It

helps everything but it is it really boils down to the best quality you can get because there’s a lot of junk out there. There is especially I know y’all are big on the CBD side. I mean, look how many CBD companies are just popping up left and right. We got stores popping up all around us. You know, how are they are they really betting what they’re carrying and make sure it’s a good quality product. That’s

a Yeah, and unfortunately it’s just this is just a just another thing that just kind of coming around and we just have to do a lot of action. Katy, speaking of educating Brian, whenever we do the show, I was trying to pull an article and now that you brought up CBD, let me tell you about this article that is really interesting because it hits home with me. So do you ever have anybody that comes in and complains of belly issues, get issues that is not complaining of oil?

Probably about 3040 times a day? Yes.

So in the this, Jeff got published in the Journal of pharmacologic sciences, this looks at the role now it’s going to be a really fancy title. And I’ll eventually get to the point where it’s like, this is really what this means. But it’s exciting for me because it’s in my world. The role of cannabinoid signaling in the brain erection grillin, induced visceral, anti nociception in rats, fancy title, basically what, what’s going on here is that if anybody’s ever had abdominal discomfort, or you’ve been labeled with irritable bowel syndrome, then you know that you have what’s called visceral hi sensitivity, meaning what they have shown is that when people have gut issues like bacterial overgrowth CBOE, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, that they can inflate a balloon in a normal person. And this has been proven in humans and in animals, that one person at the same when one person’s like, yeah, there’s a balloon and in my rectum, I can feel it at the other person’s coming off the table and pain, because the direct correlation of the brunt of the gut brain access actually gets that person to feel the pain more and we call that visceral hypersensitivity. So what we’re looking at here is that these guys were looking at two hormones, erection, which is a fasting hormone. It’s known as hypo Cretan to neuropeptide regulates arousal, wakefulness and appetite. Eric and I were doing a five day fast one time, and basically I made my whole company do it and almost all of us, it like middle of the night on day four, or day three, I don’t remember what it was, but we were all up just running around wired, wired. Yeah. And that the erection is this neuronal peptide which is kicking in, man. And it’s because if you go a certain period of time and evolutionary standpoint, it’s time to go out and kill something and feed, go feed the village. That’s right. And so this orexin does that and what it also does, which I was unaware of, and this is it actually decreases your abdominal perception of pain. Very fascinating to me. And then growlin is the hunger hormone. We always bad mouth it, but it actually also decreases the perception of abdominal pain as well. So they were citing prior studies with this where this was new to me, where we’ve got these two orexin and breland, which do this. So now it’s well known that CBD cannabis dial has been shown to also help with bow hypersensitivity. And it was I know in my practice, I see this benefit all the time I put everybody on, I’ll try until and CBD and we just get overall benefit for whatever is going on. Does your belly feel but yes, it does. We’ve always kind of thought, well, maybe it was an interaction with the receptors CB one receptor. Is it an anticholinergic? the endocannabinoid system is so complex. We’re really kind of learning this. That’s right. What this article did is it really it was really cool. It theorized that CBD had a direct effect on orexin and ghrelin. So they set up an animal, an animal model to try and prove it. What they did is they took various rats, and they had these pain perception techniques, which weren’t too cruel, but not very nice either. But every time every time I read an animal study, it’s like, that doesn’t sound it doesn’t sound good. No, but they used a CB one and CB two agonist, meaning they were able to give a molecule to turn on CD one and CB two, which are our Endocannabinoid receptors. Then they used synthetical, rexton and ghrelin to actually kick those up. Finally, they had CB one CB to orexin and grillin antagonist or block So what they did is they could turn your endocannabinoid system on they could turn it off, they could turn on your ghrelin and orexin and they can turn it off. So first what they did is they blocked the CB one receptors and then they gave the hormones orexin and ghrelin. Next, they gave a CB agonist with no hormones. And then third, they just gave the CB blocker when I say CB, I mean the endocannabinoid system, blocker and checked central orexin and ghrelin levels. So what they found is pretty interesting. When the endocannabinoid system or the CBD receptors were stimulated. This actually induced improved pain perception from colonic stretch. So we have a mechanism of action. We can’t make disease claims, but now we’ve got a study that proves that when you stimulate the CB receptors, then they can tolerate more colonic stretch. Then the hormone effects were severely blunted when the CB receptors

were blocked. Okay,

so when they gave grillin and orexin, it didn’t work unless you had proper CBD levels.

So basically we can say that is ECS health is paramount to orexin and grillin performing their job.

Absolutely. And this is the first time it’s ever been associated that this would suggest that that the CB receptors CB want to CB to they can actually mediate the erection induced effects on pain. Okay, we have a mechanism of action that now says, Oh, it’s modulating this hormone that helps out. First time somebody’s gone to this depth. What was interesting is grayland was also blocked by CB two but not by CB one. So it’s gets really complex. Okay, they go down some rabbit holes here. I’m trying to really simplify this, but it is geeky, geeky, geeky science. So what this suggests is that CBD is involved in the hormone benefits of pain relief in the bout. super interesting because many people believe that CB two is in the periphery, but they were Showing is it’s also in the brain affecting grillin. Oh, that’s amazing. I know. It’s amazing because we want to make it too complex, but you don’t want to simplify it too much that you go this is all that we know. So they were saying no, there’s a lot of CBT receptors in the brain and it’s regulating other peptides and hormones. So this shows a very intricate interplay of the endocannabinoid system and how it can mediate central hormone effects. So in layperson terms, if you have hypersensitivity you got if you expect if you’re one of these people that when you bloat it hurts really bad, because we don’t have pain receptors, we have stretch receptors. So if you have bloating due to bacterial overgrowth or irritable bowel syndrome, then you may notice an improvement through a couple ways. You can kick the erection up by fasting. So that was something I was thinking about, like maybe we should do more long, fast, right or pro lifestyle fast. If you’re low on your own endogenous endocannabinoids then taking CBD may increase these hormones get you back to balance And finally, if you’re not in balance, then these other complex processes are not going to work as well. So it gets really complex. But I thought this was really interesting that I can say, Oh, I have a reason why you feel better and you don’t hurt as much when you’re taking a good quality CBD.

So I mean, really, I think the takeaway here is nothing in the body is in a vacuum. Long ago, you use all connected, everything’s connected, right? And it’s like whenever you take an anti inflammatory, it doesn’t just go to where you heard it circulates everywhere, you just noticed that it’s helping you or taking away the pain that area? Well, the same thing is for the ECS, our endocannabinoid system, it all needs to be healthy, and so balanced. Yeah. And so all this really says is you have to have unhealthy ECS. If you don’t want to have too much pain, that’s not what you’re benefiting from. You don’t benefit from extra pain.

So, Brian, when I deal with doctors, and I’m talking to them, especially traditionally trained doctors gastroenterologists in trouble Medicine, they’ll be like, there’s no science on it. Like there’s so much science shit every day. There’s so much but you gotta like, knuckle down and read articles like that, you know, okay, there’s no science that says this cures this disease, right? But there is science that says on a subtle level this is happening, which is probably why it might help or may help or could help or whatever term you want to use, because, unfortunately, I think in traditional medicine, which is why they go to some flower shop to get some advice to get some education. Most of the doctors are just too busy. They’re referring to either what was the last conference I went to which if you ever been to one, it’s drug rep sponsored to the hilt, and they’re just kind of being detailed on what the last person kind of explained to them or they’re doing things out of habit. So a lot of this, there’s just not a whole lot of time to go I’m going to get really passionate about this one thing and I’m gonna learn deep into it. And then you start realizing I’ve got I’ve said this before, but anytime you want any art goals. I’ve teamed up with a graduate student and we share this Mendeley account where we can love it. I mean, and I’ve got, we’ve got over 10,000 downloaded articles. I had to laugh because it’s like, you know, we get, I mean, I’ll never get through that. Yeah, I’ll never get through that. That’s like 2015 till now we’re not talking like 1930 That’s right. I mean, it’s like up to date stuff. Yeah, there’s stuff being published all the time. And people say in it unless it makes it to its sensationalized on, you know, Good Morning America or something. Most people don’t ever hear about a lot of this cool stuff. I’ll pull up some of these scientists, and they’ll just be floored that I read their article. And I’m like, it’s fascinating. I mean, where are you going to go with it now? Oh, they lost their NIH funding, and they had to close the lab or whatever.

That but yeah, the research is just amazing. And, you know, some fire shop or at least me personally, for sure. We try to network with a lot of doctors because we know they don’t get time to do those things. And that’s why we’re always trying to say, hey, send them over here will educate them. We’re not there to try to sell him something. It’s not we’re not commissioned. We’re not trying to push supplements on you. We’re just trying to educate you when the doctors don’t have time to do that. Because like you said, it’s they’re busy. They’re busy. So it’s important to really get as much education you can. And that’s what we pride ourself on and our whole staff that way.

Yeah. And it’s the, you know, it’s the frustrating thing to see somebody come in with a whole bag of supplements, and it’s all from Sam’s or, you know, my worst

enemy, Dr. Oz and Oprah. Oh, every time they speak about a supplement, we get a flood of people that come in the store, and 90% of time we get to tell them, this isn’t for you. This isn’t for you, but they think it’s a one size fits all just because they said it. And so it’s a love hate relationship, that’s for sure. But we have to really we turn people away more on supplements that are being touted or marketed from certain celebrities, especially here, you know, because it’s not it’s not for everybody and that’s what we want to make sure.

And that that was really one of the problems that we ran into when we launched our Tron teal is it it’s so different and the mechanisms so unique, very similar to the Knowledge people have a CBD, that when we go to like we go to the IFM conference, you know, there’s a lot of really good functional medicine manufacturers, but they’re just kind of moving around similar ingredients into whatever fancy name they have or if you want to white label That’s right. So one of the big hurdles is to first educate will know, this is the problem you have, we can fix it because of this. This is doing in a completely unique way. And then, you know, the answer is I’m already I’m already on a probiotic and we I just spent 20 minutes explaining that it’s not a probiotic but

yeah, but think about the early days of ultra until whenever we remember the some of the first marketing material was explaining what type of bloating because people didn’t even understand. I say people several people didn’t understand what we meant by this, you know, true bloating and and being mediated by methane production, or whenever people thought that option to would cure all constipation and We found out Well, no, no, it’s it’s actually for methane induced constipation. It has absolutely nothing to do with opioid induced constipation. So

I think even so Dr. Oz had to go in front of Senate committee. And yeah, he

got kind of taken to take him to task on it. Well, They sure did. I mean, it’s sometimes they just talk I don’t I really don’t know how this show operates. You know, how the hell those products get on the shows. But

well, I think all of us in this room should realize that, like, if you’re, I mean, you gotta talk about something

about something. So anybody who’s anybody,

I’m pretty sure. I mean, I wake up or the night before I sit with my kids, I’m like, What am I gonna talk about tomorrow? And then this morning, I’m going over articles looking at some I’m on Reddit looking at, you know, Denmark, calm things, Texas. And, you know, Dr. Oz just shows up and he’s got people to just hand him stuff and teleprompter. So there I mean, poor guy. I mean, I know it’s not like he has the time either to be reviewing all this literature and stuff. That’s true. But you know, that’s what sort of gives our industry a bad rap sometimes because now you got 50 people who were never taken are now taking something that they may really not need. And that’s that can cause some issues I get. So also it’s an educational issue. I know exactly when Oprah dr. oz says something because that’ll be the first that’ll be the 10th question. I get that degree. And I’m like, okay, am I gonna have to watch this? I’m gonna have to watch these episodes just so I know what’s well. That’s

what we have to do to we get five customers in a day. And then all sudden, we’re having to watch dr. oz that night to figure out what he was saying and why he’s saying it where that information is coming from, then we

know that’s exactly right. If the celebrity status, though, will bring something that to the light to the forefront, and it happens in all industries. Also, before Michael Jackson had his issue with propofol, I didn’t have any patients who ever knew what in the world I was talking about, but probably what would you say 25% 50% of the people that we have before I put them to sleep for the for procedure. They say Oh, the Michael J sauce every, every day. And it’s not their fault. But that’s that’s the impression that they got and so that that celebrity influences real

well they it’s not just that I mean they’re they sell advertising all this stuff so they don’t just stop at the show, I mean that he’s got his magazine. Sure. So this is a big massive machine I was talking to Eric, before this i was i was in the middle of watching this Netflix special, but the big hack or something like that we’re


Well, it’s all about how Cambridge America manipulated Facebook, and this is why Zuckerberg had to go in front of the senate committee and all that, right, when you’re just like, Oh my gosh, we are just little ponds. And I mean to manipulate us in so many different ways.

So many ways. That’s so true. And that’s why it really boils down, at least on our level, is that our main goal is going to be to educate the client, you know, as much as possible in the five to 30 minutes that we got to spend time with them on the floor is trying to give as much as we can.

Well, that’s really that’s really what I want to get into is how this Flower Shop and stores like it because we are just here in Tarrant County, right with some flower shop. But we were talking in the last half hour, why is it that you almost see from the west coast and almost in a diagonal line down to Texas, the proliferation of stores similar to yours and then we move over to the east a few states and you just don’t see them quite as much and it kind of correlates with where we say some of the worst health is found whenever we do you know, an analysis of which states unfortunately suffered the highest rates of obesity, etc. There’s, there’s a service that you’re providing, and then a couple of other industries are providing that are born out of a lack of good information, and they’re trying to find good places to get good product. So I want to talk about whenever we get back here with Brian, how he got to where he got, what some flower shop is doing to fill those holes in the community. And for a close out, don’t forget like and share gut check project, go to gut check you will go and connect us there. Let us know That you have liked and shared and of course you can be entered into the next contest. Don’t forget, if you want this last month we’ll be emailing you by the end of the week. Senior moment.

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news this hour for household calm.

The best way forward on healthcare Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says it’s not the plan being offered by rival Kamala Harris $30


has to be paid. And I don’t know what math you do in New York. I don’t know what math you do. California,

but I tell you, that’s a lot of money and there will be a deductible

deductible be out of your paycheck or last night’s debate how criticize Biden self care blueprint. Your

plan does not cover everyone in America by your staffs and your own definition. 10 million people, as many as 10 million people will not have access to health care. And in 2019 in America, for a democrat to be running for president with a plan that does not cover everyone, I think is without excuse

and candidates on the CNN stage last night 10 others debated Tuesday night, the heritage Foundation’s Genevieve wood says there’s one big issue working against any democrat hoping to unseat President Trump. The economy’s doing well. And that’s a very tough thing to run against. When people are feeling good about where they are, what they’re able to spend, what they’re able to invest in. What they’re be able to do for their family son of Osama bin Laden said to have followed in his late father’s terrorist footsteps is reportedly dead Hamza bin Laden apparently killed sometime in the past two years. One person was killed five others hospitalized following a massive explosion and fire In Lincoln County, Kentucky overnight. A natural gas pipeline blew up. A Navy pilot still missing after jet crashed during a training mission yesterday over Death Valley search for the pilot continues. On Wall Street this hour. The Dow is up about 72 points the s&p I had 11 the NASDAQ up 66. More on these

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Yes, it does a whole lot more than just exploding because of the polyphenols that you find in Asante. What are some of the things that these polyphenols do air these probably females can help you have more energy and polyphenols are great for

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you want to coat didn’t we? Didn’t we start episode one in tuxedos and we’ve just gone downhill

Yeah, that’s why your boxers and T shirt right now.

We got into costume shops with warrants and they came in just as a hot dog one time to find the episode minutes now. It is a challenge I

Well, I’m quite sure I hate to break this deck. We did a whole show and civil Simon and he thought he was dressed as a hot dog the whole time.

I didn’t want to ruin the flow of the show. I was like

It’s it’s about suicide. Yeah,

I didn’t know. No, no, no, I can hear sound and I could I could I could, you know, I could hear sound I could see sounds good one, I’m still there.

Yeah. Which is, which, before we get into a lot of questions I have for you about how your journey with this and some flower shop and how you help your community. You know, there’s a, there’s a lot of stuff or there’s a really good chance that psilocybin will be either a therapeutic drug or even an over the counter product. And not too long, really early. Oh, there’s some really cool research coming out mainly on depression, opioids,

that kind of thing for his pie for her for your project. We should hook him up with Dennis. He would use I mean, the applicable science from the hipster Institute with the interesting, I think it’d be kind of cool.

Well, what’s cool about you is that you’re also a grocery store. Sure. So you do a whole show on psilocybin they go does this happen you like

I don’t know. Try

killing it taking their land to be like portabella.

Yeah, behind the scenes.

Non GMO products.

Yeah. Well, we had we had a mushroom expert on called Cooper read. And he was describing how you can grab the and he was using the different terms of the mushroom. And you can tell the psilocybin content based on how it turns purple. Yeah, so that was fascinating.

Really, that is fascinating.

Yeah, it’s, I’m so into mushrooms right now, not just the trippy mushrooms. But how complex? how massive of a kingdom. This is and it’s so interesting. He forages for mushrooms and he can tell you which ones are edible, which ones aren’t. And also, all of a sudden he’s working on becoming a mycologist. Or at least one professional trading the psychology I can’t remember exactly what they call Yeah, we’re a family. what he’s referring to Dennis McKenna, is a few years ago, we were at paleo FX and we showed up with microphones and just hooked them up in the Airbnb that we were at, and just happen to be That the godfather of psilocybin mushrooms who has a PhD in psychology, really the him and his brother wrote a book on how to grow magic mushrooms when they were in college and it’s like the Bible still. So he hung out with us for like two hours. And we just did just geek out on mushrooms. It fascinated

the therapeutic side of it, though Brian was was what really got my attention. And before he came on to tell us even some of the cool stuff was just the data they had. So the hefter Institute bleezin is an Idaho and they had people smoking cessation, for instance, one with six months in 91% success rate what was even more astounding, was it five years it’s well over 60% smoking cessation. 60% Really? 64 Yeah. 16 chain

massive. Like that is massive.

Like when we talk about the what’s the drug that people take to get off that. Oh, Chantix Chantix. That’s like 35% at six months, really? That’s what their standard is, right? Yeah. And this is the stuff These are coming well that’s the study of the haftar Institute. New studies are coming out of Johns Hopkins looking and they’re getting very similar results wow it’s just it just shows that there’s a lot of things that we have left uncovered that’s for sure in mother nature that probably could help with disease states and they’re doing the research on it which is a super exciting that is very exciting.

So glad for you to get where we are at some flower shop today you let us know that you were born in Oklahoma did what town about a true okie though it’s under six months? I think you gotta be close by six months or more to be an okie, so I could still consider myself to be a Texan guy. Yeah, actually Tinker Air Force Base. My dad was in the Air Force at the time. I was born there and Oklahoma. Think is $4 and 36 cents is what I cost him so cheap. But I cost him a lot more later on. That Yeah, we moved to Texas to that and Gosh, my background if you want to know I mean, I got in the military back in the you know, 89 to 93 is when I served. So it was in the first Gulf War branch. Army nice army yeah my every service appreciate it. The what got me interested I guess really unhealthy and my first duty station was actually a military intelligence duty station you were there from 89 to 9393 8993.

So our friend retired on patriot leaguers liquor where they anyway they started a Veterans

Organization they’re doing you know whiskey vodka and all

this Yeah, it’s hurt. Okay.

You heard some bad hundred and first airborne at that exact same time. Yeah, really? Cuz I was in I was in college. And he was he was doing that one. Yeah. Well, yeah. He did the exact same thing that you did. He was a paratrooper. That’s awesome.

Now I wasn’t a paratrooper, I’d more of a radio operator, but I got to be stationed in the military intelligence units and I love the detective work. Oh, I was there. I mean, all the information coming in and trying to sort in and disseminate that to the higher command and so forth. And that’s what got me interested in going, Hey, I wouldn’t mind being in the FBI one day. That’s what I really want to do. As a kid. I think I’ve always been Want to be in law enforcement, believe it or not, but my second duty station was on medical. And so actually, when we went to the Gulf War, I was in a medical unit, we sort of picked up, you know, bodies and things as we went through the way. And I loved the medical side. And so I was like, maybe I want to do this. So I said, soon as I got out of the military, I went through EMT school, I went through the police academy. And that’s, I was just driving that way to really be maybe be a FBI agent one day is my ultimate goal. And then God had other plans for me, I guess in the, you know, 1993 My dad was building the store in colleyville, and needed some help putting up shelves and so I was waiting to get on the port police department. I went over there to help them out. And I met my now wife at that point time too. And so I had to make a decision on do I want to pursue the law enforcement career or stayed with the store and I actually stayed with the store. And the way I look at though is that what drove me in the military of the military intelligence and the medical side, it really shaped me to become what I now call myself, the body detective and sense of saying instead of trying to catch criminals and investigate the, the criminal side of investigating the body, and that’s where I turned that attention focus to and so I’m in nerd heart too as well until I met you, I guess you’re the bigger nerd than I am. You know, I thought it was a pretty big nerd. But other than that, that’s sort of how I got into what I’m doing. And now I’ve been doing it 25 years on a serious note, even though I’ve been raised around it all my life and my grandmother

will tell me is is way more than a business to you because some of the stuff that you’ve shared with me in the past is that you went ahead and became a full certified Clinical Health Coach from doctor to doctor stills wellness Institute. Yeah, I mean, that’s amazing. He does that with his it’s him and his son, correct? Yeah,

I think he’s done pretty much runs most of it now. Okay. So oversees a lot of things out there. What’s his he’s an MD. Oh, yeah. Dr. Sears been around for a long time too, as well. I mean, he was one of the leaders pioneers and a lot of research that was out there. So that’s why I’ve always respected his Institute why I chose that one out of the millions of health coaching colleges or are associated and passes both UC Irvine and he was South Carolina. Yes, I think California, Florida, Florida, okay, I’m not sure. But he’s been around everywhere. But I followed a lot of his information through the years.

What was it like knowing that you want to just simply just be a better resource for your customers? And basically, who became your clients to have someone to talk to? What was it like going through that level of protocol, and probably going even well beyond what you could even offer in a store? And then knowing that you could take this information back to people? What was it like to make that transition? in a store setting? Was it was anybody else in the sampler shop doing that at the time?

No, it really wasn’t. I mean, we’re always looking for ways to better ourselves, of course, and share so any trainings and information because, you know, in the health industry, there wasn’t a lot, especially in the early, you know, 70s and 80s. There wasn’t a lot of information going out there. You just basically, most these colleges who were teaching nutrition, were just taking books written by other doctors and we still developed on a pendant around this herb or so forth. It wasn’t a lot of factual information. Even though we’ve been around for thousands of years, so it was it was just a way of trying to understand how to give the customer the information about how does this work? And a lot of people always ask me say, What school did you go to, you know, how do I get into nutrition and so forth. And I always say, start by learning how the body works first, before you learn what vitamin C is. Yeah, I think it’s so important. We don’t learn enough about our bodies and our systems. I mean, look how much the CBD is playing on all these different systems in our body. Now, if we understood these systems more, it makes a lot more sense to why you do this and not that when we understand the body. And so I always tell people go do your ANP classes and learn the medical side biology and chemistry, learn those things first, because once you understand that then vitamin C is easy to track through the body and what’s what’s going on.

The way I look at it, what’s so when you watched your dad and then your grandmother run the store, obviously you said they started in 1979 was crawling under shag carpet in the story. But I mean so she she was huge and into the The idea that she wanted to introduce this to the citizens of Tarrant County and Fort Worth. So she makes that leap. And then you saw them progress to the point where you said your dad was opening up now what is a gigantic location up here and in colleyville, but then you took it a step further and said, Okay, I, you apparently were able to recognize there was a need. You knew that people were returning to the people that ran the store for more and further education? How did you get the insight, you know what I’m going to I’m going to go out and seek an external education source and take this to another level because now my experience of going into some flower shop. There’s nobody that’s not surprisingly educated, especially in the section that they’re working in. And that sets it apart. I mean, if you go into a big grocery store, that’s it’s a stalker, and they’re going to walk you over to where something is, but that’s as far as it goes. Yeah,

that’s what I was. I mean, I, I always find it fascinating that the person that gets first crack at most of my patients is the whole

foods aisle person, and you’ll be And that’s what has really amazed me over the years is that, you know, 1015 years ago, we were the last person, someone would walk into the store looking for something to help, what can be fixed before, whether it’s doctors, chiropractors, anybody else we were the last person to see. Now that whole paradigm is shifted, and now we’re the first person that comes see before they head off to the doctors. And that’s, that’s it’s an honor. But that’s what forced us to become more educated. I was gonna say that that is, I mean, you have an obligation to make sure that everybody in that store represents you. And everybody really well, I think that I’d say Whole Foods, because I think it’s changed the models change ever since they sold to Amazon, I don’t think you have the hash of that people, that’s for sure. Don’t think you have and, you know, that’s if you’re going to get first crack at them. Everybody should be called to work at your store. It’s just that job. That’s right. And even in our hiring process, we’re not we’re not focused on necessarily just knowledge per se. It To me it’s about passion, to help others to have empathy and compassion to really want to help someone. That’s what we hire on. First, as Our first priority knowledge we can teach passion to can’t share and that’s a big thing. And that’s why we really pride ourself in our staff being that, you know, compassionate when you walk in and you don’t feel good. You know, we’re going to try to help you

out. Do you have what is the most common is can put you on the spot? What do you what do you think is the most common thing that your customer comes in and ask you or ask any of your employees?

I’m gonna say digestion. digestion is probably still the most asked questions whether it starts as bloating or turns in IBS. It’s was it always? That’s a great question. I would say. Probably so. Okay. Okay. In some way or another towards food quality, which much better way back when? Yeah, you know, than it is today? Sure. So I can’t say you had probably as much of the upper gi as you did lower gi problems back then. Now nowadays, yeah, without a doubt, it’s, it’s from top to bottom digestive issues. That’s probably our number one sought after issues.

That’s really interesting, because so the non GMO set, when do you think the first It may be different for you being in that industry, but was the first time you really took notice of non GMO was a

move like late in life? Yeah, like, I mean, we didn’t I mean, we’ve talked about this. It’s not like my parents were talking about being I mean, I mean, my mom with TV dinners occasionally hungry man TV dinner. That’s right. Yeah. It’s so it’s a, I guess that was. But something happened because we were talking about this. Like even in Europe, if I go to Europe, I don’t have the digestive issues if I’m gluten intolerant. So if I eat gluten here, I’m going to have some issues. I can go to Europe and have gluten. And it’s really kind of fascinating. So I don’t, I’d be very curious to talk to somebody in that industry, that I don’t think our model works the way it does there. They have little pharmacies all over the place. There’s no real Walgreens and CVS on every corner because everybody needs something. And I’m not really sure that the market is that is it. Is that big in Europe as it is here? Like if you had a sunflower shop that would you be seeing the level of people coming through?

I don’t know. I mean, we even still carry a lot of supplements that are actually still prescription in Germany, per se. Oh, really? I mean, we that’s where we’ve seen a lot of that come down. I actually lived in Germany for a couple of years in the military. And so you’re right them, the homeopathic was a prescription. We can buy it over the over the counter here. Wow. So it’s amazing. You know, their standards are definitely probably a lot better than ours in many ways. And in many ways,

it’s interesting, though, that if you look at developed versus underdeveloped countries, so underdeveloped countries may have different types of diseases and things like that, that we don’t necessarily have to worry about here. But one thing that’s completely inverted is the rate and climb and growth of autoimmune disease, that’s for sure. And it’s specific and almost always ends up starting in the gut, right. So I was just looking at some stats on something that we were sending out on behalf of electron teal, to to a handful of dietitians that we have contact with And currently the EU, and it’s all of them. So it’s probably not every country but it’s EU conglomerate. And the United States, by far in a way for developed countries lead in rate of growth of auto immune disease 10% by year currently for the EU and 8.5% by year for the United States. China is still around 5%. And if you compare that with the amount of I mean, China’s gigantic, yes, there’s lots of areas of China that just don’t get high produced foods, so they’re probably not exposed to the refined foods, etc. And they’re probably getting their growth of the auto immune explosion in the highly populated areas. So their number gets balanced out. But the truth is, is that the highly processed foods, the GMO products are ultimately damaging what it is that we’re putting into our body.

Exactly, exactly. I’d be curious. Dr. Brownwood. What’s your view on why do you think auto immune is increasing here in the US?

I’m pulling up something here, where we We’re seeing it in inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune disease. It’s exploding in India. So when I was in medical school and I was a fellow, if somebody from India came to you, and they had ileal, inflammation, you had to prove that it wasn’t tuberculosis. Now, it’s one of the fastest growing autoimmune diseases in India. So I think it really kind of comes down to that we have.


we know that there’s many things that can create inflammatory processes. And it all begins with intestinal permeability or leaky gut. Correct. There’s a lot of information to show that this is what turns on our immune system. our immune system is there to fight things. And so when it doesn’t really get a chance to fight anything, and everything is sterilized, but more importantly, we’re spraying an antibiotic on the crops. And so, you know, when you spray glyphosate on something, and the FDA says, well, it’s safe, because we can’t find it in your blood, what nobody’s talking about That your own bacteria do what’s called the chicken meat reaction, and they convert it to something that is not safe. So that’s that’s one of the problems and then the lazy, round up the same thing was considered a class one carcinogen, but we don’t really care that we’re spraying all this glyphosate everywhere. There has to be correlation with that. I

totally agree. Totally agree. I think that’s a big issue. June clean GMOs and everything else. I know it’s an accumulation of many different problems that are going on. But our food supply is definitely totally different than some like you said gluten in Europe is totally different than gluten in the us right now.

And we have this thing called epigenetics where you may be walking around with the gene and if something kicks it on, then that’s what allows for this to happen. Maybe the Northern European descent of all of us were walking around with a with the higher potential to do it. And you could flip a switch one day and end up going from a you are perfectly fine to celiac disease. I bumped into a friend of mine shot way that I saw him in his late 50s 60s. And he was wearing an insulin pump. I was like, Whoa, what’s going on? He’s like, yeah, out of nowhere. Type One Diabetes, adult onset one adult onset, autoimmune diabetes. What? Yeah, so what I said, and he’s like a doctor and eats clean and everything, and it’s very into health. He’s like, I know What in the world happened, a totally normal and then just pow, your body starts producing antibodies to the islet cells in the pancreas. And, man, we always said that a child could never get type two diabetes, it was adult onset diabetes with a genetic risk factor for insulin insensitivity. And we always said that if you’re gonna have type one diabetes, you’re going to get it as a child because that’s an autoimmune disease. And

not anymore.

Two Diabetes happened in third grade. We’ve got is the first case I’ve ever heard of that it probably happens more often but I never really thought about that. I was like holy cow that’s it. That’s not a fun autoimmune disease basically no autoimmune diseases fun Saturday. And I think that last week briefly discuss this that I’m really big into bow protection go big surprise.

Wonder why.

Last week we covered a couple different things but one of them that we didn’t get into too much detail with was that study will help pro anthocyanins Oh, yeah, which I probably fails. The complex polyphenols actually were shown to help with intestinal permeability. And now we’re learning how it does that. Now we’re seeing that green tea extract forms a gelatinous film around gliadin. So that may be why people don’t have as much of a reaction to it. So it if you if You’re eating a highly processed diet and you’re continually exposing your body to these things, and you’re continually chipping away at it by having chemicals kind of sprayed on it. You’re kind of setting yourself Well, I mean, it’s hard to get away from it. But if you have the genes, and then you’re exposed like this, then you’re kind of setting yourself up or something like that. But even even then, people that are trying to eat clean and do all this can still pop up with something, there’s, there’s more to it, are we to clean? That’s kind of what Eric was getting at is a good point. You know, they they eat dirt. They expose themselves to stuff

microbiome. That’s why all that research is getting booming as well.

It’s kind of crazy, you know, when you think about what, with glyphosate, and it was okayed by the FDA to use and it just like you said they they presented some markers and said, well, it’s not detectable in the blood were or whatever tissue right, who’s to say that they even knew that that was the right markers to look for because obviously it wasn’t but what’s Even more scary is that people who authorize and get to say that glyphosate is safe is genuine. Generally, a legislator who’s not scientifically trained whatsoever, may say, Well, they said that the marker that we should be concerned about that what they think is okay, isn’t there to show that it’s being contaminated? Must be safe. That, unfortunately, is who is driving the decisions on what is and is not safe for us to consume as a public and then it just gets bastardized. That’s right. And then, and sometimes at some point, you know, that someone is just not being completely honest on what we actually should be looking for. You know, they could say glyphosate safe, it didn’t make my house blow up. Well, it didn’t make the house blow up. It must be fine. But it’s not what we’re looking for. So I guess, oftentimes, they kind of have you chasing a red herring that isn’t going to be applicable to what could actually be damaging to you.

Well, yeah. And and so that’s, that’s one of the unfortunate things is that it’s not necessarily I mean, it’s capitalism at its purest. I mean, sure, we don’t necessarily think okay, what is the most healthy and beneficial thing? What is the cost of that? How are we going to feed the low socio economic areas of the country? Which is kind of that South that you’re talking about where you’re like, they don’t have the sun flower shops there, they don’t have that. Is that an infrastructure to support that? I just tell my patients Look, if you can just not open a bag and eat that would be probably that would go a long way.

So what do you think, Brian? We only have about two minutes till the till this next break, but what do you think would take for some of those states that don’t have that kind of access to have some flower shop in them? What why why do you think that it’s not prevalent in some of those areas?

demand I mean, education demand i think is what it boils down to sure not I mean, we’re not teaching anything of school systems about how to be healthy, right one bit, not even about your body per se, but I love to see an a&p class and a sophomore, you’re a freshman in high school. That’d be nice. I think we should learn do more of that. Does this spark the spark the attention of kids wanting to understand, okay, how do we make this body or this system healthier? Sure. I think it starts the ground up with the kids, you know, and unfortunately, kids are eating just like the parents are. And so this trend is going to keep going until we break that cycle somehow.

is most is most of the sugar in the US still produced along the Gulf Coast? I just done this. That just occurred to me because you have Sugar Land outside of Houston, which was where Imperial started, but I mean, you get the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. I’m just thinking that, in some instances, industry basically takes over the population. They owe you something right, maybe that’s in part, you say the education. These these types of conversations don’t don’t arrive there because that’s what they’re dependent depending upon for an economic livelihood. That’s right. And it’s the same thing like when you were when Rena were living down in Texas, or out Texas City which is gigantic refinery. No one really talked about air quality.

Here with Brian in the moment I want to talk about certifications and how they choose a product of here at some flower shop. We will be back here in just a moment, like a chair gotcha project calm.

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All right, so 19 gotcha project, we’re back with the last half hour still have Brian Bradford on hand from some flower shop getting all kinds of crazy knowledge that honestly, industry in terms of health is being driven because people are looking for it. And that’s really what Brian’s said about some flower shop.

I mean, the fact that you said that the paradigm shift that’s taking place where they start with you now. Yes, then they go to the doctor that you’re in a fantastic position. We

are and that’s why we’re trying to make even more connections with the doctor directly to say, Hey, we depending on what the customers needs are, what their what their path and goal is. We know what doctors try to reform out to now and be able to have that support system of we can support them nutritionally. You do what you got to do on the medical side, integrate network, and they liked it, because they don’t have to worry about trying to figure out all this nutrition stuff.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, totally. You were talking in between? I was like, man, just go ahead and save that. Yeah. What were you talking about? Somebody from Anthony, Iowa.

Yes, we know some people from Anthony. And one of those people shared with me that the founder or developer, someone who had a serious stake in the development and use of glyphosate, which turned into roundup lives in that area, gigantic house, etc, etc, etc. And of course, that’s where they grow lots of corn, lots of wheat. And the first I would say the primary perception of that achievement was this is great. We’re, we’re building up food sources, etc, etc. And I think over time, even at St persons like that may not have been the greatest discovery ever. And I’m just, it’s interesting because I think that people get insulated by what they mean what they’re rounded with. Yeah, what they’re surrounded with. It’s not everyone’s fault, but I mean, look at that. I mean, it’s now the Mississippi rivers contaminated with fertilizer and glyphosate, and it’s, we’re paying a price for it in the Gulf by the time the water reaches there, so it everything comes at a significant cost if left unchecked.

Well, when I was in medical school at University of Nebraska, the Nebraska if you look at a map, it’s called the lymphoma belt where it goes all the way through Nebraska and into Iowa. And you know, we worked with a nurse from Iowa when she moved down here, she ended up developing leukemia. Yep. And that was unfortunate. Well, she got through it. So she says where the highest cases of lymphoma have been shown, it’s they call it the lymphoma belt. Okay, the lymphoma leukemia about so much so that it was the first autologous Blood transplant was done at University of Nebraska. And it’s one of the better medical schools to go if you’re going to be studying blood borne disorders and transplants, so including liver transplants, but but autologous blood transplant where they spend it down the irradiate, you they take away all of this, and then they give it back to you. That’s kind of all started at university Nebraska, you know, out of necessity breeds invention. Sure. And that’s the lympho about right there. But that makes sense because it’s an agricultural. Those are two agricultural states that serve a great purpose. Make no mistake about it. We’re feeding a lot of people we’re feeding, you know, animals and everything, but you’re exactly right. We didn’t anticipate that this. I pulled up I was talking about that Mandalay and I went ahead and took the liberty of just typing in glyphosate. So these are one of 10,000 articles that we have downloaded and it’s, I’ll show it to you, you can just see that all these articles are there. That’s a lot and things like that stuff. nobody’s talking about this comes down to the glyphosate based herbicides exposure affects gut microbiota, causing anxiety and depression in mice. Wow. simple little Yep, right there.

So Oh, okay, report

the glyphosate and do cell death through a pop tonic and automagic method mechanism. So that is affecting our spouse on a cellular level. It’s time to reassess current safety standards for glyphosate.

A lot of articles

Why are we still seeing pallets around up local hardware store?

I don’t know. It’s crazy what I’ve been well I’ve got neighbors that don’t that don’t know what we know. out there just spraying it now I’ve got another neighbor. He was like, I can’t believe how like, they don’t know anyone.

So in my neighborhood, build all these different companies, true green and these different things guarantee that your your grass is green, and they’re going to get rid of the weeds and but don’t let pets or anybody walk on it after we’re done. Okay, nope. Like Well, why that does. sound like it’s safe

you know it’s interesting you bring up true green and I don’t think they’ll ever be a sponsor so I’m not too worried but they but

this could be like one of those we turn into like some crazy political show.

Sponsored by true green.

Hey, remember when we were in the health?


no sugar just sitting there just smoking rely on our next sponsor McDonald’s.

Brought to you by Marlboro

sounds like an episode of idiocracy.

President Camacho. President Camacho.

So true green did come and service our yard one one summer because they tell us that we were getting the organic package and at first and felt really confident in it, but I don’t I don’t know what’s through organic package.

Well, I don’t know. I mean, that’s the They explain it i mean if you asked them

and they said that if you paid X amount that it was going to consist of this and then we also asked is kinda like the question that Ken just said you know, can the can the pets run around on and they said sure but even looking back on it as some things have been revealed about that process and what is and isn’t isn’t the organic lawn treatment and I just don’t think that it was as advertised I could be wrong. But what was even more concerning is they said they were able to trace the contaminants that would happen in an organic package they were using the same equipment to distribute the toroid

you know, still got cross contamination

though I feel like I’m compared to some friends and probably hypersensitive trying to find the right answer even even I make mistakes. It’s just gonna be able to Yeah, yeah, and I’ve since then just decided that I don’t even know why we care so much about a fruitless crop anyway. And we waste all her water on growing grass. It doesn’t.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I just got on pesticide So I mean, it is it is the internet without any real background check, but Dr. Google Yeah.

Yeah, they’re not. They’re not too keen on the chemicals that they use. We’ll just say it that way.

Yeah. Well, they’ve been learned. I don’t, didn’t stick with it. But of course, you know, I don’t know. It’s it’s one of those things and they could they could have done a great job. But I was all over, I kind of felt like I might have been pitched on something that really wasn’t delivering what they said. Never Sure, sure. So that happens. And that happens a bit when people come to pitch things at sunflower all the time, all the time. What do you think, are the best protocols? And what were some of the pitfalls that y’all found out? weren’t working for you on vetting companies that you did business with?

Well, I mean, one of the biggest, I guess, learning experiences during our years was, you know, a manufacturer would come into the store trying to give you their sales pitch on a product. You know, it sounds wonderful, it’s healing. All this is doing this thing’s doing that. It sounds great, but they never could provide certificate analysis or let things in the label at the time and you start wondering, you know, when you consumers were actually started taking in didn’t get those results that they were claiming. Then we started asking questions. This was long time ago, of course. And we started going well, we need to know what’s in it because like you said, there’s still all kinds of companies who are being tested in their ingredients, and they don’t have what they say in there. They got 5,000% of too much of something. Yeah, it could be. It’s like that all everywhere. And that’s, that’s a big challenge.

We told the story about how I sent our original based product borracho to a deconstruction lab. I did leave this part out where he said, Well, it’s really interesting, because you’re just sending me a chemical. What we usually get is competitors sending in something and they want me to run for something. And I said, like, What do you mean, he’s like, well, like if I get a male enhancement pill, and we’ll look at it because I will almost always find you know, drugs in it. And they just banned substances

Well, yeah, Viagra

sildenafil, or whatever, you know, those those drugs, several almost always see that and he goes, we’ll see in weight loss products will will So I don’t necessarily do deconstruct it, I’m going to look for something that is typical found in these. And that’s what they’re getting the point. So in that original article that I brought up today about the about the songs, that that’s what they looked for, they’re like, oh, there’s a bunch of different products doing this. So they start randomly checking it. And bunches of products that were supposedly for health performance had these songs in there. So it’s to the point where they go through trends, where because if your competition is doing it, and then you know, it starts getting into the whole, are we going to go out of business? Are we going to bend the rules a little? Is it really bending the rules? Or I mean, it just gets weird.

It does. It does. And it’s a wide variety of ingredients that are out there. I mean, a lot of people ask, Why can I just buy this from the grocery store or Costco or Sam’s? They got some good things there. Don’t get me wrong, but there’s a lot of bad things to you just got to understand what to look for in those things. And so that’s why again, some part shop prides itself on make sure we got the certificate analysis they get in itself, quality on labels, all that so important now to protect Consumer,

how many do you have a lot of products? Does the NSF label mean a lot to you? It does.

But one of our favorite companies bluebonnet right here in Sugarland, Texas. I mean, they’re they got some of the best qualifications on their label I’ve ever seen any company to really NSF certifications. So I mean, especially for the sports.

Yeah. And that’s exactly what we use with the Antoine TSL thing was kicked off to us, because we had interest from a dietitian that was caring for players at the Oakland Raiders. And he reached out said, he said, I want to start giving Ultron to to the coaches and to the wives of the players. So that’s great. What about the players? He said, I can’t do it until you get an NSF certified for sure. So that’s awesome. What the heck is that? And then it wasn’t long after that, that we began really petitioning some flower shop to carry out john teal and I never forget that, that you and Kim and a few others said if you have that,

that’s that’s a set of golden

Yeah, that’s a separator.

It’s you know, it’s so interesting because it’s the separator to you, it’s a separator to us but the general public doesn’t really understand what that little symbol is. So if you have an athlete if you’re if you know of anybody who’s doing athletics, you gotta you gotta tell them to look for that NSF certification. And it’s just it’s very bold sits right out say, and you know, we we pay a lot of money to have third parties look at this and make sure that we’re not doing anything we don’t do the certified for sport mark is actually I mean, the the, it’s okay, that’s not well known, because it’s actually only like five or six years old. That’s right. This specific Marco Yeah. And so do you see that? Especially so in colleyville, y’all have lots of young parents with kids who are going up very competitive in sports in this area, do you notice that they, they’re starting to learn to gravitate towards these kinds

of learning, but it’s still early on for the public to do understand NSF and what’s going on GMO verifications and all the other certifications that are on the bottles and why they pay a little bit more for it because of those reasons. Sure. That’s important that you’re getting a good clean product. The manufacturers clean and not sweeping things in the bathtub like we talked about. earlier. So it’s it’s, for us, it’s very important. Trying to translate that to the consumer is the next big step. Now, it’s about the education of Hey, look for these certifications on your label because it does mean something.

It is so interesting that somebody, it’s funny how we will cut corners at certain times. So if you’ve got your super elite baseball player and he’s high level High School player, and he’s going to be possibly getting a scholarship, going to college, and then you spent all this money getting up to that point, and then going well, I can get that from Costco. It is an NSF certified but I’m going to get that creatine from this place over here already get whatever. It’s like you worked all the way up to this. Don’t start skipping now. It just happened to a tennis player.

I’m trying to follow tennis I don’t remember what her name was. But she just got banned for two years because they found a substance in a multivitamin she was taken. I don’t want to mention the brand but it’s you probably pull it out.

That is that would that would be talked about in my house. Yes.

It’s a prominent brand out there and they have the sports multi She was taking had a banned substance was found in I can’t hear what the ingredient is can you probably know it when you see it? But it’s definitely a it was a problem. She just got suspended for two

years holy cows. It looks like it’s a

well at least the one that popped up first. She’s suing a vitamin firm. That’s

right. She has

over this she’s an Argentinean.

Wow. Well, I mean, what a crippling thing that she didn’t ask for you know and that’s that’s what happens unfortunately when you take things that you can’t believe in its certification or just lack certification all together exact well you know, while kids look in that part of the me ask you, you mentioned Certificate of analysis and you know that I know that some flower shop has been on a leading edge of making CBD available to the community, high quality CBD that now we’ve we’ve gone through the the hard steps of finding a manufacturer that we can trust that will produce legitimate CEO as what we discovered about four months ago. is a high, high likelihood of people imitating CLA. What what has some flower shop had to do to garden selves against fo CLA is info certifications,

we just do our due diligence, I really tried down the company because there’s not a whole lot you can really do besides, you know, go test it yourself, sit into the lab and test it yourself if you need to, to try to verify their CEOs themselves. Sure, that’s been done sometimes, right? It’s just we want to make sure if we have any doubts, but most time we’re always going to stick with those high quality manufacturers that we have no doubts about. But in the CBD world, these lot of new companies popping up so there’s a lot of companies we haven’t heard up and looked at yours. Y’all showed me your CBD this morning, which looks awesome. Well, you mentioned you’ve gone to manufacturers location. Yes. Have you ever offered to go to someone’s location? They’re like, Oh, that’s cool. Can we just

be out of town? Yeah.

catfish type things wrong with that is that way

Have you ever encountered with your life Well, it’s give us give us a couple of weeks and we’ll have it all put together and has it been kind of questionable and all

the manufacturers we do what we’re pretty on top of it, because they already know a lot of our standards when they’re coming into store anyway, they’re going to be able to have to present they can present right there there, there’s a very good likelihood will never see him again. So I mean that you get to have your information pretty fast. Our buyers again, you know, we have a once a month meeting with new vendors that are trying to get into the store. So they go through all that and it just a day, it’s crazy. You know, they’re very busy at what they do in the research side of it. What about long distance customers and consumers if y’all have y’all ever maintained or developed clientele that grew up here or lived here in Tarrant County lived away? And if kept in touch with you just continue buying from all the time? I mean, of course, you know, I’m a certified nutritionist too, and I have a counseling practice. But overall Yeah, I’ve had a lot of clients move away so we keeping connect all over the country. Now. We do a lot of mail outs and shipping and so forth. Are our websites getting better. We’re trying to improve it to make it a little bit more friendly, friendly. on it now,

I don’t know why you don’t look at ours as the leader of all websites.

Because if you want to see what two medical providers can do, and they build their own website, obviously you can just go to ours.

After we start hiring people to kind of help us out, you put all these pieces together the the common theme is not bad for a gastroenterologists

building a website. But it’s really bad. It’s really bad.

ca put that button. It’s cute.

Pretty color, pretty colors you got on that?

Yeah, we’re still trying to connect with customers all across the country now and we really want to be, you know, outside our bubble, which is what we’re trying to do in our next phase and doing more like this podcast videos, you know, virtual counseling sessions, the whole works, it’s

awesome. So that that’s the new podcast topics that y’all do address digestive issues, usually address, thyroid issues and so on. There’s there’s various topics on CBD Canva die all the effects. And then when you had Dr. Brown in to talk to and do the community outreach, lettering series, The thing I really liked about it is whenever y’all reach out to the people that are on your email list, you begin promoting right away. We’ve got this coming up, go ahead and reserve your spot. Now. That kind of interaction, it seemed to me because you can see how the spots fill up. Yeah, whenever you first kind of exposed the thought process of how some flower shop worked, and you’re going to make these things available. Were you were you nervous? Were you like, man, I hope people take it worse. You always want to be liked the way I mean, we all do, right? But no, as far as really any services that you can hire and they’ll outsource all those likes. And so

what I’m missing and that’s what I find out get that contact after the

show. There was 700,000 people that attended that lecture. nightmare.

Horrible. But yeah, it’s always I mean, it’s Because we try to give back to our local community all the time, and you know, we work with a lot of charities and so forth, but trying to get let customers know what doctors what health care providers are in their own backyard. It’s always been our biggest challenge. But it’s been our biggest benefit

because we network that brings up two things. I just just occurred to me so we we’ve, we’ve seen the list that they have at some flowers, shopping, all the different topics that kind of just hit on it, but I want I mean, I know you’ll have a great relationship with a lot of physicians in the immediate area. But have you ever had one where you have a lecture series just for the areas physicians or healthcare providers just to come into to learn a little bit just specifically about your store?

know we really haven’t that’s probably more than the Chamber of Commerce type levels. Okay, we’ve done those. Yes, where that usually is host app, but we haven’t done in the store. It’s not a bad idea.

What about the other one that popped in my mind is what about we were just talking about parents of athletes. I wonder if it would be a good community outreach program to have something where you basically talk about certifications that are applicable to people who have athletes in the family.

I know. It’s really awesome to sure would

be me. I didn’t I wouldn’t know a thing about it if it weren’t, if it weren’t for just being exposed at this level. So I

had a few years ago, I had a young man get admitted to the hospital, and he was totally jaundiced and looked like he was going into liver failure. And it’s like, What in the world is going on? And then you start looking at what he was doing. He was doing sports supplements, and one of them had a hormone in it, which is exactly what that tennis star got popped for. Really? Yeah. And so, I mean, it’s, it’s not only not only May you be wasting your money if you don’t get what’s there, but there was a recent study that was like 40% of a lot of the of these different weight loss, sports performance and sexual enhancement. 40% of those had dangerous drugs in them. I totally believe that.

I really do. It’s basically that category.

Yeah. And so you just feel but you But you think as a dad, you’re helping your 19 year old? Yeah, I’ll go by the story that isn’t coaches telling the kids.

I mean, we get so many kids coming into the store from the high school since we’re surrounded by high schools. I mean, they’re saying, hey, come and get this creating something. It’s an educational battle for us, in many ways. We try to get into the school systems, talk to me, the PTA clubs, anybody who will listen about, Hey, this is why we need to be really educating these kids. They don’t need to be taking all these Red Bulls and high caffeine things that dose and creating and not getting any water in their system. They’re going to dehydrate themselves. So it’s an it’s an educational battle, but it’s we’re getting there. how receptive are they when you go ahead? The school system itself not. But if we get to the more the private organizations that’s worldwide, I speak more at that we’re reaching more and more.

Why do you think that the school wouldn’t be? And I’m not even surprised at the answer. I’m just curious why.

I mean, I was invited just to train high school by teacher in the classroom of nutrition. We talked about health issues and things which is great. We’re still a little bit of that here. And there. But you’re right as an overall umbrella of nutrition for the school, I mean, the government plate still there and I mean it as far as the food pyramid that they follow. Oh, well, I don’t believe

in that. As far as the umbrella in health care when I go and I’m working in the hospital and I’m on the cardiac rehab floor and I’m looking at what’s being served for the cardiac diet. Is that not amazing? Holy cow, crazy. It is absolutely insane. I went in on it go early on the weekend, a couple weeks ago, and I’m a food service person is bringing the empty trays out, you know where they go and they collect them all. And like there’s bags of Lay’s potato chips. It’s breakfast.

Yeah, what are we doing, and I don’t care who ate that. I don’t care if we just shouldn’t offer that. That’s crazy. I totally agree. And I don’t want to in any way bash dietitians. I’m a certified nutritionist, dietitian. There is a difference here in Texas. But you know, dietitians what put all those plans together based on the food pyramid schemes. And that’s where they’re going wrong. It’s not the dietitians fault, per se, they have to follow those parameters. What is the difference between the two I’m still confused by that. Because even as gastroenterologist, I don’t see a big difference, the bottom line of it is that dietitians are taught that all nutrients can still come from food. Okay, that’s the only place we probably need to get them from certified nutritionist now we don’t look at our food supply the same. And of course, the food pyramid. On top of that, we believe we do need a supplement to what the body’s not already getting. So that’s probably the base layman’s terms, you put it out there as. So there’s some great dietitians who are open minded both sides, which is wonderful, but I don’t necessarily follow the food pyramid scheme. But it’s just everybody’s different. And everybody’s, you know, lacking a nutrient here and there. We’re just always trying to figure out what that is to help the body because supplements, vitamins, herbs, minerals, doesn’t matter. Do not heal anything. It’s just the tools for the body to do it on its own. And we’re trying to that’s why I always tell my clients, hey, we’re not here to treat disease by any means. We’re looking at what systems are breaking down in the body that can cause the disease to happen in the first place. And that’s a big point. It’s a big point, which might be a funny little story. I had a customer come in a couple months ago from Dr. Center in the store and she says I need some sweet potato cream sweet potato cream. So exactly what I said I said sweet potato cream. I’m racking my brain going to doctor all she’s talking about something else I don’t know about or something. Exactly next how to do that. So I was racking my brain took me about 30 seconds before I finally decided to ask you the question, What do you use it for? And she goes well still rubbing my skin from poor notes. I sounds like we’re in Texas, sweet potatoes. And while dams are the same thing, they’re looking for a while dm cream to help and natural progesterone production is what she was looking for. She called it potato cream. Yes, but she called it so you know you’re in Texas because we potatoes. Well, the same thing in Texas. Yeah.

I didn’t know that. Wild, Wild yams have an estrogenic effect I do

that’s that’s where most of your over the counter progesterone actually comes from as the well do.

Oh, fascinating.

Wow, pretty cool. Yeah, that is cool. And you’re right growing up I thought that yams and sweet potatoes same thing. So

I thought they were different for a long time as a kid when I was growing up I didn’t know they were the same thing in Texas,

but you know, but in other states that wouldn’t hold true.

Now there’s actually different species of it. Yeah, that actually in certain states there is a difference between a sweet potato and em, per se but in Texas it’s the same thing.

Man that whole hormone thing. Oh, I get so many patients that are coming in because there’s it’s such big business the anti aging

and I’m not centers the largest and the US it’s crazy because

when I’ve talked to like real hormone doctors, they just cringe when you bring that name up. Because it’s it’s a factor. You going to get a shot, come back to each get a shot. And that’s

your body doesn’t operate like that

does not at all. Not at all.

I don’t know what you do about that. It’s so that’s permitted. And CBD sales is what they’re concerned about. That’s right. I mean, I know it just does not add up

at all. The delsin roundup on top of that. Yeah, got a perfect storm. Yeah.

I don’t know. They just say if it’s if it’s unnatural, it probably is. It can’t be good for you. It just does not make sense. You’re right. Have some round up. Go get yourself a low tee shot.

And then you some potato chips with olestra in it. Yeah, we’re all set

it off with the 64 ounce data

by Red Bull this show sponsored by CBD.

Now that’s that’s that’s, that’s interesting. Well.

Well, that’s why I try to tell people my definition of good health is just doing more good than bad. That is that simple. I mean, what no one’s gonna be perfect. I’m not a tree hugger, organic extremist by any means. Sure. It’s about trying teach people just to do more good things in their life. It’s not about having to change your life upside down necessarily, but just keep taking steps to get there. And that’s what health is about. It’s a journey, you’re always going to be chasing it one way or another,

just thinking, just having the thought know, through your head. You may I’ll try to add a vegetable to this

to this. Exactly. So it could be that simple. Yeah, that’s simple. And you know, there’s this big myth that people think it really costs a lot more to be healthy. That’s not true. The truth is, it costs a lot more to be sick. It sure does. Look at the long road side.

Exactly. I mean, if you just going to invest a tiny little bit more for a high quality product, your body, your life, your sleep, your everything, for the most part is just simply going to be better. So I guess you can design if you want to spread that cost out over time by selecting better foods and shopping. It’s something like some flower shop, or if you want to save a lot of money and then be hit with a big bill and your insurance doesn’t cover your hospital staying Later, I guess

I made I think Adele Davis, many years ago one of the pioneers in nutrition, I can’t exactly exact words, but she says every day you wake up with, you know, a decision, do you want to improve health? Or do you want to become more sick? And every decision of a life is about that? Is that Is this going to better my health? Or is this going to make me more sick? When I’m putting on what I’m beating what I’m doing in my active in my city, every decisions that way?

You guys going to ask you? We’ve got about a minute and a half left, but with all of the different clientele that you’ve come through, what is it like when somebody who you saw probably if their hardest, and they’ve kind of run through the gamut and cannot share these stories before and then suddenly, they have an epiphany and they’ve rounded the corner? And they attributed to what you’ve introduced him to do it sometimes.

It’s an amazing feeling. I mean, it’s why I do what I do today still is that reward system of seeing a life change for the better. You know, and like you said, there’s a switch that flips on Whether it was a nutrient, whether it was somebody heard, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, it’s just that if it improves your health, that that’s a blessing in its own way. It really is. I love seeing people’s lives change. And we, we could see it every day. That’s the beauty of this job. You know, we could see it every day if people come in and say, Hey, you gave me this a couple weeks ago. It’s amazing what it’s done for me. It’s also it’s it’s But again, it’s still boils down to education, you know, just compassion for each other again.

Well, I sincerely appreciate places like the sun flower shop. I certainly appreciate you dropping by to see us today. Of course y’all have y’all represented ultra until well for a little over two and a half years and

you know, one of the early people Yeah,

definitely. And definitely appreciate it. Real quick for people to connect with you. It’s simple, our shop calm and that’s where you need to go. So I’m Photoshop calm, but two peas in any alright. Best way to get ahold of us. And then of course, you had the podcast, which is the healthy approach podcast, which is almost the platforms of iTunes and so forth. So yeah, we’re doing that too. I need to get you on my show. Someday

we’ll do it.

We’ll get checked project number 19 is in the books Dr. Brown so 19 great show we learned a lot.

Thank you for doing what you do my man thanks for you guys.