Welcome to the GCP, your host Kenneth brown, MD along side Eric Rieger, CRNA. Dr. Brown introduces why he launched the project and where he wants to take the project in his journey to bridge the gap between medical and natural science. Check your ego at the door and listen up to the GCP!

Alright, welcome to the gut check project. I’m Eric Rieger and I am joined by your host on the gut check project, the board certified gastroenterologist, Dr. Ken Brown, welcome to your own show. Wow.
So we are now on the gut check project. This is the inaugural show. You know, I’m just thinking that we’ve been planning on doing something like this for a long time we have this incredible opportunity to do it with the great mentors, Chef Patrick, and all these other great guys here doing this incredible production value. Now we have a studio. And you know, I’m thinking that maybe our tagline should be something like the gut check project. Let’s all check our egos at the door and learn from each other. Nothing is off the table.
Nothing’s off the table. In fact, we have a bunch of stuff on our table.
So this is our first episode. People may say gut check project sounds great. Who in the hell is that guy? He says he’s a doctor but he’s not wearing scrubs. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself Dr. Brown. So my name is Kenneth Brown. I’m a board certified gastroenterologist. I do want to back up just a second and explain exactly why we’re here. Because of few weeks ago, I had the opportunity and the pleasure to come and actually be a guest on doc Thompson’s show here on Mojo 5.0 chair and then we came over to spoonie radio and we had a great show. You can go to the YouTube channel and take a look at that. And unfortunately a few days later, he was actually tried to killed so I just want to pay respects to that and say thank you. We wouldn’t be here without him. I had such a great time with him. And he’s the one that explained, man, you, you can do this. You guys should have your own show. It’s going to be fun. So unfortunately, you know, we lost this great guy. And he’s the he’s the real reason why we’re sitting in this particular studio because I got so excited hanging out with him. So no doubt. Yeah. So as I said, my name is Ken brown board certified gastroenterologist, I’ll give you I’ll just give you the whole story. There’s probably a lot of people that don’t know anything about me, so I probably don’t, I’m I was actually born in Lubbock, Texas.
That’s right, Big Red Raider,
Big Red Raider. Briefly. parents moved almost immediately to Nebraska. So I consider myself more of a Nebraskan and I went to medical school in Nebraska, my fourth year of med school and scraping ice off my car and I just want know I’m done with this. I’m gonna move someplace cool and warm and I just ran to Texas and so I know up doing the rest of my training in San Antonio and became board medicine certified internal medicine and then gastroenterology and since then moved to the Dallas area Plano, Texas had been practicing gastroenterology for Wow. too long now.
Yeah, sure. A good while a lot of rear ends. Yeah. Yeah,
a lot. Yeah, we do. I know. You know, I mean, I’m a doctor. That’s why I say nothing’s off the table on anything. We’re over here. And so I have two kids. I have a Puerto Rican wife. So we speak a lot of Spanish in the house. I worked very hard so that my family can play a lot of tennis. And we’re on spoonie radio. We got chef Patrick being a mentor here. And as it turns out, my family’s total foodies. We love sort of bonding around food. So it’s a perfect environment. We’re in this diner setting. It’s a great way to launch the show. So I want to ask you,
Eric Superfly Rhaegar I think that’s your
Sure. Yeah, yeah. Then now without questioning my parents always called me Superfly.
Yeah. So Eric, I know that you were a child actor, a brief period you did you were a rodeo clown. Right? And then you were male model
yet. And so what do you what are you doing now besides helping me host the show? Well, I was in the middle of inventing a mechanism to create high temperature ice cubes and didn’t really work out. So they’re melting every time. There was nothing I could do. But I will say that that led to me deciding to become a crna or a certified registered nurse anesthetist and back in 2012, and a meeting you and we’ve been, I was your anesthesia provider as you were working in gastroenterology. And, of course, I work a few places outside of the GI clinic to deliver anesthesia as well. But I also have a wife and two sons that are not into tennis but very much into competitive basketball and both in high school now And so that basically led to me working alongside you. And next thing I know, just like every aspiring gastroenterologist and anesthesia provider, I ended up on a podcast. There we go. So you. So it looks like you’re crna you’ve got kids that are heavily involved in basketball. Sure.
I do believe you work for another company called otra. To do dear to my heart, which we’ll talk in a little bit. Yeah. And you even have worked for a tequila company and still have a part owner of that, right?
Yeah, I am a small owner of that. One of my best friends I grew up with in Gainesville, Texas. His name is Scott Willis. And several years ago, he just approached me and said, I’m going to start a tequila company by myself unless you want to help. And I knew nothing about anessa. That sounds great. Let’s do it. So we asked people for money would they like to invest in tequila and people like investing in alcohol and he back in 2012, right when I met you, he launched a tequila 512. And that’s based out of Austin, and they slowly are growing out. It’s an all organic tequila. And he’s, he’s doing quite well. He’s very excited.
So we both are involved in several companies. So this is what happens when add just meets momentum. And just they just keep going. And we decided, yeah, let’s just have our own podcast now. Do it in a full studio that has, you know, great mentors, like I’d mentioned, like, we’re going to have the ability to have this high production value. We’ve got the cameras, this is stuff that we could never do. You and I have talked about doing a podcast before but I’m so excited that we’re on spoonie radio right now, to actually launch this. We’ve. We’ve been involved with a lot of great people over the last few years. I bet I’ve done a lot of podcasts without question. Yeah. And we’ve made some great contacts. And basically all those guys every one of the podcasts we’ve got on guys like Chris kresser and Rob Wolf and I could just name we’ve done Ben Greenfield ton of podcasts, they’ve all been so cool to us and kept in touch and said when you guys have your own show, we can do this. I would love for spring Radio to get big enough that we can start flying these people in and having great shows and talking about different things. That’s my ultimate goal with this. So, you know, support of this show is going to be really important, I would say with the mentorship of Dr. Thompson and of course, in his wake you still have Patrick you still have Ron you still have Tom and and all the company really picking up and pressing with spoonie radio, that it won’t be long until that happens. And you know, it doesn’t just stop it those podcasts that you mentioned, I mean, you were even on now you were even on the wellness Mama, you even were on care if it’s Gerald the exposure that you had there from the going on all those different types of podcast I think is well there’s It was really eye opening. So maybe tell us a little bit about why are you doing this podcast after doing all of those podcasts. Every time that we had the opportunity to go on with such great people that were really established if they had like Melanie Avalon, okay. Intermittent fasting. I went on her in Intermittent fasting podcast. And because of the research I did for that now I practice intermittent fasting. So I start looking at what everybody’s message is. We look at Ben Greenfield, he’s a biohacker love his stuff he’s doing I look into everything that he has going on. That’s how come on now I have a infrared sauna. I got a vibration played, I’ve got I’m doing all these biohacking things, because of going on Ben show and talking to him about all that stuff. And, you know, I essentially I read Rob Wolf’s first book. I haven’t read a second book yet but his first book, The Paleo solution, great book, I realized, oh my goodness, I I’m gonna I’m gonna change my diet here so that we can I can be more paleo. Every time I go on the show, Chris kresser, the kresser Institute Holy cow, fantastic functional medicine doctor. I’m a traditionally trained MD and honestly he opened up my world to the aspect of treating a patient holistically and working on their lifestyle to make Everything better he was the first person that I got in close contact with it was actually talking like that. So every time we do one of these podcasts I grow from it, I become a more robust, I become a more holistic I’ve just grown from being a traditional, trained MD to more of a functional gastroenterologist and I really want to thank every podcast I’ve been on. I mean, I’m thinking of some really fun ones with sexy brain, the author of sexy brain, right? That was a super fun one. Sure. It’s just her whole philosophy is that you have to as we age, continued sexuality and promoting that and protecting the brain and you start seeing the certain things. What we’re seeing is protect the brain, in my motto, it’s all health begins and ends in the gut. Correct. And if your gut is unhealthy, everything else is going to start breaking down on you. So if we can protect your gut, then we know we can protect your brain and if I can get you to sleep, then we know that all the pillars of health are covered and we’re going to hopefully bring all these people in to give their expertise in each one of these spots. That’s going to be the real goal of this show is to bring the education that I’m out there talking to people with.
After I would do a show, I was shocked at how many people would contact me from all over the country, if not all over the world. And they would say, I heard you on this podcast, you mentioned this one thing. Can you expand on that a little bit more? like wow, they’re emailing me they’re doing this I just just on their podcast, that was it. People were trying to make appointments with me because they were so frustrated that their doctors were not listening to them. And here I am learning from authors. We have biohackers. We’ve got athletes, we have professional athletes that we’ve been talking to. I feel like what the whole point of get check project is check your ego at the door. Let’s learn from each other. And if we can learn from each other and I can get that message out to more people. I truly believe that we can change the landscape of health. So I’m going to say something here. I’ve known you for several years. So I know and I’ve seen your patients come through. And I’ve seen where a lot of this genesis of the new ideas, the new applications of what you want to do with your patients and how they begin to receive it, because we see them in the GI lab. And we’ve seen that from the very beginning. And then suddenly they begin to feel better. And then they talk about not only how has it affected them, but how they want to share that message with their own family. And then, lo and behold, I believe the first actual podcast that you went on, you didn’t have any warm outs, you went straight to Chris kresser because we literally did not know what we were getting into. And at that point, you went on, and it was less than 24 hours It was published that suddenly, phones female website, traffic on and on and on. People began to reach out to you long outside or far outside your nucleus of where you have your practice in North Texas. It was multiple states. Tell me a little bit about that. What did do for you to recognize what that platform was doing for you and the message that you had for people to get better. What that told me was that the people that were listening to that podcast, had a trusted source, there was no agenda. It’s just somebody that they trusted. And they listened to that. And they wanted to continue to believe in whatever he was saying, okay, whether it’s a podcast, you have the ability to subscribe or not, you’re not stuck in traffic, and an ad just pops up and it does this. This is what this show is going to be about. I want to talk about stuff that I truly believe in. Also, I want to talk about things that I have seen success with. I have a lot of patients that have had tremendous success, doing diet changes, supplements, you know, changing a few things, workout routines, and they get tremendous benefit from that. And none of their other doctors are talking like that. Well, the platform is bigger than this. We have to get the word out when I learned something. I want everybody to get better. So what Chris showed me was we just jumped right In that that medium is so powerful. If you’re honest, if you’re talking science, if you’re backing it up and you’re bringing guests on that are doing the exact same thing. That’s what I want to do with this. I want to bring typical scientists like that to talk research to help out with that kind of thing. So if somebody has a question, let us know. Hey, can you talk to us about anti aging will reach out to you? I mean, I have goals and aspirations. Peter Adams, I’m a huge fan of him. If you don’t know who he is, he is an anti aging specialist. You know what? I’ve got some other interests, also jujitsu and things like that, you know, eventually, we’ll have some, you know, Joe Rogan on the show. That’s my aspiration.
You can show off your skills, and maybe a little much on the first show to say that but I do think that we can bring we’re going to merge we’re going to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and functional science or natural solutions, okay, so you just hit on something else that I know that we’re going to touch on eventually and just so people know the the idea behind gut check project is every Thursday, from 9am to 11am, central central time, we will stream live and then of course, it’ll be available recorded after that. But every Thursday, that’s going to be the gut check project. And while we know that that’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to have basic themes every single time that we do that. And what has enabled us to do is to decide for Dr. Brown how to reach out to people on this medium is that he does want to bridge the gap. So that’s something I know that we’re going to talk about in the next half hour. But what is it to you to bridge that gap? What does that mean, specifically because I know that it’s between medical and natural science and the applications of the two.
When I started my practice, I came out of just the classic, you know, Midwestern medical school did my training in San Antonio, as I’d mentioned, learned a lot there about different disease applications and different disease states. And then once I started my practice, I started doing Clinical Research in pharmaceutical products that were being developed. And it was fascinating to me, I saw the the whole process of how a drug A compound starts, what they have to do to get it to market, how they have to get it FDA approved, the studies that are done and I did those studies. There’s limitations to that. It costs a ton of money ton of money. And you’re not going to spend $30 million to get a drug approved, if you’re not kind of stacking the deck your way. So I realized that there’s, we need research. When I went to medical school, it was the dawn of the evidence based medicine approach. Sure. So before that, it was always you know, you just had this mentorship where the guy in front of you taught you what they did, and so on. That was the Socratic method of teaching. Now all of a sudden, we’re talking Oh, we need evidence based medicine then everything became evidence if the numbers didn’t add up, no go no go Yeah, well, guess what? If you got enough money, those numbers can add up.
Yeah. Something you You can buy some go, you can buy some go.
Yeah. And that’s what I was. That’s what I was saying. So
because of the traditional research that I was doing, I actually was able to find some holes. And that’s how we ended up developing a product called otra until my baby very close to me, if you happen to be watching, you can see this is our Atrantil teal, nice little green packaging there. We’ll get into that a little bit more. But bottom line is, do me a favor, everybody go to love my tummy.com forward slash spoonie spoonie sp, O NY, show some love. You know, we really want to support this station, not just for us, but also we’re trying to make sure that doc Thompson’s vision keeps growing, keeps growing and that’s one way to do it is to support the sponsors happens to be that I’m honored that my own company is a sponsor, and still offers the 100% Money Back Guarantee and they did it before we were given a show. That’s what’s so cool. Yeah. Yes, they did. So props to our CEO Chuck for take a bit of a chance there and hopefully it will continue to grow subject.
So we have talked a little bit about bridging the gap. You’ve obviously hit on the fact that you are the creator and researcher behind the development of are drawn to it is a natural solution. You did do testing on it for IBS, but legally here in the United States, you have to say bloating. Ironically enough, though, when the product was invited with open arms about the NPN in Canada, what is it we can say in Canada a
as he cracks a Molson.
So yeah, it’s very fascinating. We just got our NPS, NPS, Indian NPN number in Canada. And in Canada, they’re they’re very different than the US they actually they don’t want you to talk around issues like what do your studies fit? What does it show? What does it show what is the disease states so in Canada, if we’re in Canada, our new labeling says irritable bowel syndrome in Canada. And, you know, I have to give some props out to I do a lot of hemorrhoid work and the hemorrhoid work the company that I was using CRH medical I actually called them this week because like how do we market in Canada? How do we team up to do this as it happens the
the, the products in our trying to help with bloating and constipation, which ultimately, bloating constipation causes hemorrhoids. I’m like, let’s team up. So that’s another thing that we’ll get into, but it’s fun. It’s, you know, launching in a different country, different culture trying to figure out what’s going on. So yeah, so in Canada, we can say irritable bowel here, we gotta say bloating and the vague terms. Well, we’re all looking around and shifting our heads because this is our first half hour ever of the of the gut check project. But what I can tell you is if you tuned in so far, hang with us for the next hour and a half. We’re going to talk a little bit about what it was for Dr. Brown did your research what it was about the creation of Atrantil teal, where he is on the ideas of the kingdom This industry natural, naturally applied medications on and on. And we’re still going to get into some of the fun stuff. In fact, what’s this little guy’s name? If you can guess go ahead and email us the first 17,000 people to email this will get a green toothpick.
Yes. So the inaugural show, we realized that we needed a mascot. We’re calling this guy gutsy. He’s a frog or a toilet with a phone. Correct. And I figured that if we had somebody here, gutsy that, if somebody had a question, and I couldn’t answer, we’d have this little guy. Call up an expert. Because of all the work that we’ve been doing. I do know a lot of experts do know people that are experts in all kinds of things. We have an expert next week. We’re going to have an expert next week. That’s correct, and probably will have experts every single week on topics so if anybody has any topics that they want to cover. kbmd do health. Pat Sajak came out with stage four pancreatic cancer. Wrong. I’m wrong with that. That is Alex Trebek Alex, back. They I don’t watch a lot of TV. So
now, you did not ask that in the form of question either.
Yeah, I did not. So it’s very sad. But I came out today. And I started thinking, I was like, Oh my gosh, I’ve had people texting me all morning long. Hey, what does stage four cancer pancreatic cancer mean? And I’m like, man, one of my partners, I got two partners that are pancreatic experts. Yeah, that will tell you everything about that. That’s what these guys do. We have a pancreatic surgeon that I work with all the time.
Did you see a statement that he made? Oh my gosh, he was so he was so brave. He did it and it’s very, it’s very professional tone and even threw it to a joke saying he knows he’s going to survive because he’s got three years left on his contract. I mean, it’s an incredibly difficult thing to go through knowing but he believe he’s 78 years old. Is he really saying he looks
amazing. He looks incredible. After all those insults by Sean Connery through the years
still looks like Y’all can suck a throwback.
Yeah, no shout out to Saturday Night Live and the the Japanese with Will Ferrell and I’ll and the Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds impressions. I love some
of the greatest things when I saw that he actually had pancreatic cancer. First thing I thought it was SNL. Yeah, cuz I don’t watch. You know, I don’t actually watch Jeopardy but that’s first thing I thought of, but that’s good for him for embracing it and things like that bring awareness. So if there’s anything like that going on, we’re going to bring those experts. People have questions. Let’s talk about different things that help prevent that like healthy lifestyles. I’m really big into diet, various diets, and I’ll do them all. One of the you know, one of the things is going on these various podcasts meeting people. I do a lot of lecturing and so I’ll go to like paleo FX is a great one. I love that conference, great conference, great conference and got a you know, the opportunity to actually lecture this year. There will probably be lecturing next year. So Michele Norris called me up and said, Man, we really want you to come back. There’s a great example of the ability of diet to just completely change people’s lives Mediterranean diet in, you know, a profound anti cancer diet. And you know, we’re going to hit and all that stuff, sure, but it’s not just going to be my opinion, it’s going to be backed by science. We’re going to sit there and talk about it. We’re going to try and bridge that gap, like we mentioned, and if it’s complex, because let me tell you what’s complex. Something that’s really complex is the endocannabinoid system, the ECS. And in fact, that actually leads into a little bit something else we we may have neglected and this is the gut check project. But the gut check project is basically brought to you by KBMD health. So this is Ken Brown, Ken brown medical doctor. So KBMD health.com, is where you can find a lot of the research that will be posting it’s a brand new website started a week ago, and from there, we’ll be able to help bridge that gap and show your methods in terms of the research, the proven science, what works What doesn’t work? And you can even give us suggestions on people that you would like to see on gut check project from KBMD health. I know it’s we talked about paleo FX. I think it was three years ago that I went to paleo FX and I was a speaker just to check out to see if we should be a sponsor. And that’s what I walked by the axonal booth. Oh, yes. And Elixinol a know is I’ve since learned as a company that it’s fantastic. They’ve been doing the right thing the entire time and big industry really vetted a lot of companies and ultimately is the company that I partnered with, but it was really funny because what happened is I walked by the booth, and a person who’s now a friend Christine said, this is three years ago. Hey, you do you know anything about the ECS and I’m, I’m a medical doctor. I’m like, I know absolutely nothing. And she just proceeded to vomit so much information on me that I’m like, What? I’ll buy a case, ship it to my office and I literally handed it out. hemp derived CBD to my patients for free. And it just said, Look, I don’t even know what she was saying at that time, because there’s so much information, it was coming at me so fast. All I know is that just about every patient came back and said, I need more of that. And that’s when I knew that Okay, I need to do a deep dive. So in the last three years, I’ve been really diving deep into this, doing more research. This is a functional medicine type research, we’re going to find different ways to apply this but using science. I want to have fun, but I also want to talk science.
Yeah, we’re going to have talk SATs. In fact, we’re going to get into that later today about the ECS and what it is that it means to you and then I think you and I can both completely admit that regardless through my anesthesia training or your med school and whatnot. ECS not talked about we talked about the digestive system. We talked about the skeletal system, nervous system, etc. that particular system which everyone has completely, it’s fascinating because it’s just not talked about in medical school. And so when you don’t talk about a medical school, it’s you know, We get busy.
Yeah. And we don’t know that’s our job. We’re going to be teaching that. And we’re looking over at one of our mentors here we got music coming I guess that means we need to take a bit of a break.
That’s the first half hour of gut check project. Holy cow. Thank you all for joining us. We will be back here at the bottom of the hour.
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I’m one of those people you don’t want to see naked
eye. Yeah, most of us but I mean, you look in you’re going
what they I know.
How did I get to whatever? Yeah, oh, it’s horrible. Hey there, it’s doc Thompson and Brad stags to tell you about a different way to shed those pounds. This is brand new tech. It’s only been around for a couple of years or so. It was based on research from the University of California. That said, there’s a molecule called Oh EA that’s found naturally in your body. It produces it in the Mediterranean diet, that when take it in concentrated amounts. It will actually make you feel fuller and boost your metabolism. I’ve lost about 10 pounds so far it’s amazing nowadays cool a company said we can take this to market and make this great product that will help you it’s called reduce zone our Id use zone calm our Id use zone calm, Brad’s worked work from Brad’s worked for me countless other people go to reduce own calm and try today. You’re going to love it. Reduce zone.com remember that our ID us zone.com
Alright, we are back with the second ever half hour of the gut check project. I just heard in my headphones alive and read for riches. riches Have you ever heard of that?
I have heard of that. So to riches zone, my good friend, Dr. J, your PR he happens to be the medical director of that. And this is super exciting because Red Zone happens to actually function like in a typical cannabinoid that said the science of We could get into the Oh EA Oh, he ate fascinating. It is an olive oil extract, that when it gets into the small bile, it gets broken down into something that functions like an Endocannabinoid. it suppresses your diet. I have no stock in the company. I don’t know anything I want to see Jay and his CEO, what’s the CEO? shushing shachi I want to see Jane Shashi Excel. One of the things that I do want to bring up on this show for everyone. I want everyone to have all the knowledge. I want every company to succeed. I want every advertiser to do well, basically what I’m saying is a rising tide lifts all ships. It does indeed, just to reset. This is Dr. Ken Brown and this is his first episode of the gut check project. He is a Board Certified gastroenterologist. So we left off the last half hour talking a little bit about why we’re here the whole idea. Let’s get a little bit more specifics here for this half hour. So You last half hour, you mentioned that you’re you want to build bridges between natural and medical science. And that’s a, it’s a really kind of a fly over term. But there’s a lot of depth to that. And I’ve seen a lot of that death since you know, I’ve been working together. So why don’t you go ahead and tell us a little bit about what that is and what led you from going to med school working as a gastroenterologist all the way down to the road where you want to see what works on both sides, both medically and naturally. So like all things, I’ll even go back to the med school thing. So I’m like all things. I think one of the most influential people that has affected my career is a guy named Leonard Woods was a physical therapist, somebody that I I’ll take it even a step back further and so because we’re gonna have all these people with guests, so I grew up with a great friend named Jr. Bryant. He played, ended up going to Notre Dame and playing football there and 49 or 49 and then played for about 12 years in the 49 years. Well, what a lot of people don’t know is that his eighth grade summer, a water heater exploded and burned him and his mother. He ended up living with me because his mom was still in the hospital. So he calls me up from Michigan and says the doctor is going to discharge me. I kind of need a place to go. I didn’t even ask my parents, right just said you live with me. Let’s do it. Then told my mom and dad, hey, juniors gonna live with us. And so he spent some time with us. And a moment happened where the doorbell rang and a guy said, my name is Leonard Wood. I hear that you have a young man who’s been burned. Our physical therapist, I want to help out like at night it was like Okay, and then he ended up taking rehabbing junior and making a mistake champion and shotput and going to Notre Dame full right football playing whatever and then Junior always gave back to the burn burn victims and burn Burn community. And now we’re talking with him about CTE and football and all that. So it’s really we’ve kept the relationship going this whole time. But when you when you have a moment like that where somebody just altruistically brings a doorbell costs that creep people out now nobody rings a doorbell, you know?
But but but 30 years ago, 30
years ago, yeah, yeah, I don’t Yeah, I don’t want to date myself. But
so, yeah, so anyway, so he pulled up in his horse and buggy and but, uh, so that that I want to be a physical therapist. And so I ended up doing all through college, I worked in a burn unit, and I just I did trauma victims and things like that. And then I ended up doing mentorship with woody Leonard woods. And then when you really admire somebody and he pulled me aside and said, Dude, you need to be a doctor. I think that this is I think there’s there’s more out there for you. And then that’s when you go from believing, okay, I’m here to the guy that I really admire says I can be here. Sure. And ever since then, it’s just been a passion to just break down barriers and figure out ways and hopefully do it in an altruistic way and hopefully do it you know, in the safest way possible. And So that’s why I got into clinical research. So after I went to med school, did my fellowship. Two years into working at D had just developed associates. I started doing clinical research and I one of the first projects that I did was on a drug called Zai Faxon with Dr. Mark Pimentel, if anybody’s ever had any experience with bacterial overgrowth called CBOE, well, he’s kind of the godfather of that.
He definitely is located in California.
And so when I saw the work that went into that, and I was one of the leading and rolling sites in the country for their first trial that ended up getting published in the New England Journal of Medicine. So they spend like $30 million to put this study out there. They go to, I’m going to be a speaker for them. I’m watching all this. This is fantastic. It’s a novel treatment, it’s safe. It’s everything that I’m all about. It’s new science that makes you know, it’s all there. At the 11th hour the FDA pulls the rug out from under them and says you know what, we want more data they had already hired to Salesforce, they had already had people that had moved their families a
lot of money and time,
so much money in time. So it there’s the whole machine is so much bigger than people realize there’s a lot of people in the pharma industry that are putting their whole life on the line. So it’s not like this is good or bad. It’s that these are just different industries. And you know, we may have a few things broken. I think that possibly we allow devices to come to market, maybe to quick look at a show called the bleeding edge, the bleeding edge on Netflix, and that’ll kind of get into that. And then on the flip side, I think that we have products, the FDA is just there to show if it’s safe. So the 11th hour the rug was pulled, and then they had to do a whole nother trial. That took about four more years. Well, in that that period, that’s when I was looking at it and I was still in contact with all the scientists around the country. And I’m like, Wow, there is a big hole being missed here. We could probably solve the problem using Mother Nature. Okay. And that was the first time that I ever thought about anything like this and the actual story behind this if anybody’s heard of any my other podcast my real story is I’m talking to Dr. Pimentel. He’s explaining that will never be able to help the bloated person with constipation. Because they’re producing methane. Yes, the Faxon doesn’t affect the type of bacteria that produces that. At that time, my research manager brandy comes into my office. She’s like, why did you write method on the board? I said, it just got off the phone. It’s crazy. As it turns out, it’s about methane, which is very time appropriate because that, Congresswoman? Oh, I forgot her name. Somebody will have to remind you about that, that that young woman was talking about greenhouse effect and how we have to get rid of cows co OKC. Oh, yes. Yeah. I just read that. I was like, oh, man, we’ve been talking methane and cattle for a long time. Well, that’s what Brandi goes, Hey. When I was a policy writer for a senator in Iowa, they were trying to mandate the Farmers put certain food products in the cattle feed to prevent the methane production in the stomach. I think she had inadvertently on her website the her big thing was that she said cow farts were causing everything. Sure. It’s really cow burps because I guess it’s a ruminant, right. And so that’s what’s happening. And that was the aha moment. I just went, holy cow. If literally, literally, holy cow. Yeah, a bloated cow came through with all of this. And that’s when I said, Can you get some of that data? All that animal data, somebody did all the legwork for us. It’s out there. Just nobody’s taking the time to do it because everybody’s focusing on drugs. That’s how we ended up developing altran to and I believe that’s tip of the iceberg. I believe that we can do this with other things. One of the things that we have in my back pocket, I have a I have a good friend that is an incredible researcher. She will find any article ever, anytime. And so if somebody has any questions about Hey, does this work? But you know, let’s see what happens. A lot of times, the problem with doing natural research is that you don’t even know what you’re actually looking at. Right? And what I mean by that is there was a study that came out in 2015, where they looked at products at GNC Walgreens, the major, the major players, and they showed that almost 79% of those products did not actually show what was in the capsule, what was on the label through DNA analysis. Right. So in other words, 80% of the stuff that you taking might not be anything
might not be anything, and I don’t think that the people that are marketing those those products really care, they only care that they got caught.
Well, I mean, it could be that it could be that they don’t know that they may not know, they may not know, I mean, they have the best of intentions. And I mean, you know, certainly with otra until we hire our own third party testing, we’re at the top, middle and bottom of every single batch of natural ingredient elix and all does that also. Absolutely Yeah. That’s why the KVM D health Remember to go to love my tummy.com forward slash spoonie s p o n why I show some love with that because that’s just going to only keep growing. And so when we start talking about natural research, the first thing we have to do is are you looking at the ingredients that are on the label? What I mean by that is a recent study just came out for anybody who’s taking melatonin melatonin does amazing things for you. There’s lots of evidence that it actually works on your endocannabinoid system, it can help with your acid reflux, it helps you sleep. And a recent study just showed that when they analyzed melatonin, it could be anywhere between point 5% to 400% of what’s actually in labor, right? So when we start talking data if I come to you and I’m like, you know, Eric, I would like you to start using reserve a trolls and anti aging product. Your show me the data and the data is inconclusive. The all over the map. That’s looking the people that did the studies may not even realize they didn’t spend the money to do third party, because it costs so much money. How do they recoup it?
No, you’re right on. And I also think that in the natural space, number one, I think what you’re alluding to is there may not be enough money in there to publicize the results. Another thing is when people are doing natural research, they’re researching without prejudice. They aren’t doing it to find necessarily just some pre determined in point they aren’t just trying to say this is going to work. And we’re going to make sure the numbers work. They’re just doing research, reporting the research and sometimes it just lays uncovered because it’s not heavily funded. People don’t know to search for just as you described, and it lays dormant until someone begins to put the pieces together. So kind of describe how that how that applied to you in terms of what you wanted to do to build a bridge between natural and medical science from understanding what natural could actually do to give real results.
So in my practice and seeing things in my own self, like I said, I’m but I consider myself almost a biohacker to a fault. I will do everything. I’ll go on. Like one of my, you know, one of my favorite people is Ben Greenfield. It’s funny because he’ll do anything to himself. I called it when I went on his show. Whenever we do we talk research, we always talk about the end of something, meaning the number of patients to have an outcome. And so it’s the end of one the end of to whatever, and I call it the Ben of one because anything to him, so I’m kind of like that. So, oh, I’ll do a podcast, the patient will tell me something. I’m like, I’m on it. Yeah, let’s do this and see if it works. And I even saw in myself, I would order different brands of the same thing. And I could see different results. So you know that there’s different things going on. So the first thing is, I wanted to make sure that anything I recommended to a patient was third party tested, sure, so they know exactly what they’re getting. So if I say you’re going to have better sleep, because this little Ellen’s gonna work. I know that our Toronto is NSF certified. So you can, as an Olympic athlete, you can take that, right, there’s certain certifications for that, that actually led to my own digestive Group D hat. Actually, we’re about ready to launch our subscription box where health arrives to your home, we’re going to do that vetting for you, which is so cool, that they’re cutting edge enough to do something like that.
So basically, it’s a large gi group that knows that their patients take supplements. And they want to make certain that if they know their patients are taking supplements, which are over the counter, and they have the opportunity to pick various supplements and all different kinds of brands. This is a group it’s taking this step forward to say, okay, we know you’re doing this, let’s help give you some guidance. Is that kind of what you’re describing?
That’s exactly it. And this is all going on right now as we speak so amazing. It’s so cool. This was actually presented. We had A unique opportunity I’m with I’m in several healthcare entrepreneurial groups. I think you’ve I’ve seen you at the meeting, I’ve been to one or two. Yeah. So we’re in several groups. And because of that, we’re exposed to some very exciting people both on the science side and the business side. And one of the people who came in contact with he said, Look, if you guys are so concerned about the health and your community, take some ownership of it. Step up front and say, I want to at least vet these things for you. And in my opinion, if you cover the three primary pillars of health, which is gut health, all health begins and ends in the gut. If your gut is unhealthy, nothing else will be brain health. What’s the point of all of this? When dimension Alzheimers is exponentially increasing? Let’s protect that and then forget about the other side. The epidemic of autism brain going through the roof so that’s brain health, also Sure, and anxiety and depression and all the other things And then ultimately sleep if I can get if I can fix it gut, protect their brain and get people to sleep. They’re going to have all the things that they want in their life, which is weight loss, more endurance, better mental clarity, all of the above energy, happiness It comes with, with those three pillars, no doubt. Yeah. So I’m super excited that my company D hat has decided to do this. I’m going to double down on this right now and say that I truly believe that will be the first large group to do natural research and just show unbiased research that knowing full well that there’s not going to be a whole lot of financial recourse in it, but we’re doing it because we care that we want to change the landscape of the health and in our community and hopefully span beyond our community through stations like spoonie radio.
Sure. So nowadays, you definitely see kind of this, this weird split kind of emerging, where if you were to go back to the 80s, it was, if you’re sick, go see a doctor and you and your physician, so You’re sick, go see a doctor, if you feel this way and you don’t feel well go see a doctor. And then ultimately that time, of course, all physicians, for the most part, want to do their best by their patients, but they can, they can only do it from the research and the information the education they’ve received in school. Why do you think that? We’ve had to shift over to natural medicine number one, number two, what is it that kept people from embracing some of the natural medicine and then maybe even what are some of the limitations and leaving the medical world behind and ignoring still the good parts that could be in the medical side? All just for, for natural because you say you want to build this bridge? What is it about the good sides of both, bringing them together to help people find relief that you found that this is a reason you want help people build this bridge?
So when we look at the pharmaceutical industry, what people don’t realize is that the way that pharmaceutical companies can communicate with doctors has actually changed over the years and they’ve done that probably The good of the whole industry changed in my, in my opinion. I mean when I was in, in medical school, it was pretty wide open. It’s, I won’t get too into it, but there’s a whole lot of pharmaceutical rats would have to spend the money to get Hey, wait a minute, that reminds me of a story. They were doing their job. But yeah, you could drug rap at one time. It’s not important.
The important thing is, is that you learn lessons and you move on.
So my main Eric here was actually he’s been in multiple industries. I want you to tell the story because I think it’s really cool. And I think it shows where you were at the whole time. sure about the hamburgers.
Yeah, so we we often were given entertainment budgets, and I know that you are the beneficiary of some of those entertainment budgets, both as a medical student and of course as a physician, because how else are you going to get somebody It’s time to tell your message. You are a drug rep and you feel altruistic. And
this is not a I’m not judging any church field or anything. It’s everything’s a business. Everything’s an industry, everything’s industry. Yeah, it’s really hard, it’d be really hard to, to see me and get any attention. If you’re not, you know, bringing some food to my staff. It’s just the nature of it, unfortunately, and you have to get access because the physician is there to serve the patients and so how much you’re going to get access, but you have to basically in Tyson, and make it okay for the staff to come and pay some attention to your message along with the physician. So
we were given a very, very large budget, and at the time, I had mostly a rural area that I serviced and I just, I couldn’t possibly spend all of the money that they kept allocating for, for us to spend and, and in you know, everything’s measurable, my numbers by quarter were fine. And so I just got to a point where I realized I had all this entertainment money and I didn’t really see Any reason to just keep buying snacks and things that people wouldn’t necessarily need or enjoy in the office? So I started going and buying just bolt numbers of hamburgers and going to poor sides of town both in Ardmore and Wichita Falls. Blowing up in my little company issued Jeep Liberty, opening up the back and, and handing out hamburgers. And the weird thing that happened though is one day, I had bought, I think 40 something hamburgers from the two frogs grill in Ardmore, Oklahoma. And I drove to the east side, Oklahoma, and there’s a great guy up there. And the dog’s name is Dr. Four. And I’d already been by his office earlier that day, but he saw me and he saw me with a bunch of Styrofoam boxes, handing it out to people in Ardmore. And he stopped me next time I saw him he said What were you doing? That Tony was handing out hamburgers, that is what one over somebody who was born altruistic. He liked the bank, that I was taking the money that he knew that Most musicians know, it’s a simple entertainment budget. And you’re doing it to gain the attention of somebody that you’re hoping will recommend your product to produce sales. But what I was really doing was I just saw a surplus. And I thought, there’s nobody could benefit from this better than somebody who’s just truly hungry today. So I bought a bunch of hamburgers and handing them out. And it turned out that through just dumb luck, it turned into be a great sales pitch for me.
Doing the right thing eventually pays off, basically. So that’s what I’m saying. Yeah. And then, you know, I mean, we took we talked about this, that everything is still an industry, it’s still a business. Like I said, these people getting their products out there. And they have to get in front of doctors. And when we launched otra until I tried to get in front of doctors right away. I couldn’t play in that sandbox at night, way too expensive night. So you know, we learned our lesson that we’re going to let them do that. But people still have to make money. For instance, since we can’t playing that’s that sandbox. We’re playing on spoonie radio, right? So go to love my tummy doc. com forward slash spoonie put in the code spoonie sp o NY and support companies like I try and teal. So that, you know we eventually can start doing some of this natural research. When you were asking earlier about why do you think there’s this shift? Why do you think that Chris kresser in the kresser Institute and the Cleveland Clinic and Mark Hyman and all these people and Dave Asprey are gaining so much traction, talking about this kind of stuff. And I think it’s because a great example, when I was a resident, I was working in a geriatric clinic, and people would come in and every time they go see a doctor, so if they’re sitting there and they have, you know, five or six doctors, every doctor is just given a drug. There you go. So as a geriatrician, so I spent three years working in geriatric clinic, I would just look at their meds and go, don’t take that. Don’t take that. Don’t take that. Don’t take that. I mean, you’re 95 years old and you’re on so many pills, so many pills. So I think that People get very frustrated that they go to a doctor, they put on a medicine. And they’re not getting the results that they want. Because of the internet and the information that is available, like shows like this, like shows, like we’re already talking about Chris kresser show and things that Rob, the people are becoming informed chair. So it’s no longer I’m just going to do what what my doctor says that’s why there’s this movement, this functional health movement. That’s why I’m so excited about this member box that we’re going to do with the
you know, you brought something kind of interesting earlier and you said that the FDA is purpose there with that drug research is to make certain that the drugs most our foremost aren’t harmful. But then there’s an element where they had to show a little bit of efficacy. What was the funny realization that you found that happens in the pharmaceutical or medical side for a drug to get approved for to be recognized as making a difference over placebo versus what you are able to do with a natural product before you even branded it, and you realized I have something that’s different, it’s already safe. But it’s actually making a difference.
So in my space in the gastrointestinal space, when you have a disease called like irritable bowel syndrome with the bloating and changing bowel habits, a lot of the drugs that are available, even drugs that I liked, they got pulled off the market. Sure after they found them to be unsafe, like everything’s around nine to 10% better than placebo. And they’re really expensive. And so when we started figuring out natural ways to fix people were having better results. I mean, the reality is we can get four or five people feeling better if you have the right symptoms. And it’s natural, it’s cheaper, it’s affordable. So whenever I think of anything, is it available? Is it affordable? Is it effective? Those are the three things well, the FDA main goal is are you going to cause harm, right? That’s what they’re really being paid for. Are you going to cause harm? Not so much. Are we going to determine that this is a very effective product, we Going to make sure you’re not going to hurt people. And that’s how new drugs come around. I was looking at an article and we can get into that in the next hour because I think one of the things that we can really talk about a lot is CBD kind of a dial the endocannabinoid system and get into that and talk about how that interplays with certain diets. But as it turns out, the pharmaceutical industry is really trying to get involved with that industry is trying to figure out how to manipulate different enzymes. One of the problems that we see all the time is that Mother Nature will do something, and then the pharma industry will need to have a patent on it. And so they have to extract and manufacture a molecule and then put a drug name to it and say this is going to do this. And we’ve seen that time and time again, without question when pharmaceutical companies what I’m learning in the functional spaces, Mother Nature seems to do a little bit better. You eat the right diet. You take it whole plant, you take the whole molecule and not try and mess it up, your body will figure out what to do with it. It’ll work better, it’ll work better. A great example. And a great example is that the Mediterranean diet for instance, sure, is filled with molecules called polyphenols. polyphenols make vegetables colorful, they make fruits colorful. When you eat these polyphenols, they’re poorly absorbed, but they go to your colon where your own microbiome, if you have a healthy microbiome, will break down these molecules into beneficial anti inflammatory anti aging molecules called euro Lutherans and different things like that. We’re learning more and more about that. You cannot reproduce that with a drug right now because it’s so complex. We’re working with scientists down in South America. And I’ve there’s several PhDs that have come up, and when we go out to dinner and talk, they’re like it is these microbiome are doing things that we can never reproduce in the lab. It’s very deep.
It’s really deep, really deep. I mean Well, and you know, when you when you talk about the pharmaceutical industry does to make those isolettes that that’s that’s a game they’ve been doing for quite some time you hit on the fact that I had some experience in the pharmaceutical side, I can still remember when they when they launched rosero and rosero is melatonin, but it’s an isolated melatonin. And they told us that it would have 14 times the affinity to the empty 122 receptors to induce sleep. And even though they thought that little isolette was the trigger, it actually underperformed, it didn’t do it any better than whole melatonin did. And that’s why you don’t find it anymore. And I believe
that’s why I think that we’re going to start seeing this whole shift back if we can just find a company that can bring some validity to it so that people can walk into a doctor’s office and go, look, this study did show this, it’s unbiased, this is what it came out. This is what happened. We need to start doing that and it’s going to cost even more money because we have to prove that it’s third party analyzed, we need to make sure That we team up with companies, like examine calm or consumer labs calm and make sure that everything comes through there things that are certified NSF certified and so on. So, yeah, I mean, we’re getting a little deep here on under that aspect. But that’s why I’m so passionate about functional medicine, because there’s real hope. People go to their doctor and they get told no, try this antidepressant. Try this anxiolytic Take this, you’ll be fine. Take this pain medicine. When you know this year, we’re making our first appearance. I believe it the IFM conference, it will be in San Antonio, all the functional medicine conference. Yeah,
that place is filled with physicians and it grows by number every year that are just in the same position that you are and we meet more and more than every year, medical MDS deos who have been trained in med school, how to deal with disease and situations and more and more they find it doesn’t just exist in the pharmaceutical answers. There are things beyond that, that are natural diet. Whatever related that are going to help my patients feel better. And then look at the opioid crisis that we’re dealing with. Did you see in the news today that a police officer did a stop, and the woman handed him something and it appeared to be some sort of absorbable fentanyl now and he ended up needing dark and the cop on a traffic stop. Oh, because of that
he Oh deed by touching it by touching. That’s ridiculous. I know. It’s crazy.
Man. I’d hate to interrupt the show, Patrick. But did you know that the fish that are coming out of the Puget Sound are contaminated with opioids? Because it’s not filtered out during the water treatment process?
So it’s, it’s crazy. It’s nuts. It’s fentanyl fish. mill flounder.
It’s the new fin fish.
Yeah, if you want to double down you have yourself some puffer fish sushi. Yeah, you can Oh, you know, the toxin or the
fentanyl that’s gonna get you you can catch all your fish with a narco net.
Hey, that’s the end of the first hour of the gut check project. Thanks for hanging out. We will check up with you here in about five minutes. Five minutes. I guess.
This is the only 24 hour take anywhere platform dedicated to food and fun. We’re spoonie
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All right. We’re back for our number two. They have not kicked us off the gut check project trudges on repeat the over under I’m seeing these guys exchange money over here.
Yeah, you bet. Yeah, by about 14 seconds.
Hey, I just heard an ad for rigid zone just like we did the last half hour and the person doing that live raid was the late doc Thompson want to give a big shout out to him and to all of the crew here. spoonie Patrick Ryan, Tom, thank you all so much for having it said this is a one hours in the book. This has been a lot of fun. So far,
it’s been a lot of fun. And this is this is one of those things where we said in the last hour that a rising tide lifts all ships, I really want to see these guys succeed. They’re, they’re really busting their tail to get out there. And
you know, something more important. If the people want to see what y’all look like, you know, the frog is very handsome, but I think they’d appreciate seeing the two of you as well. You can go to Facebook and go to the spoonie radio page, you can go to the odd turn to page and it’s streaming live there and go and watch the video like it and it’s pretty fun Not to mention Nicholas on spreaker. And also on I Heart Radio.
You know, Chef Patrick, I think that was a good idea. We were just talking in between the sets there about how to get more views and you you mentioned more nudity, and
Chef already has that cover Eric
was a male model.
So Well speaking of nudity, our CEO texted me and said thanks for the shout out. Be sure to mention my last name, so shout out Chuck Scott.
Because when I think of nudity, I think actually Sky
There we go. Yeah, that’s uh, yeah, he shows his calves a lot.
In all seriousness, we do want to get back a little bit on topic in terms of what we’re trying to do here for our first ever gut check project and that is basically lay down the format. What are we going to expect whenever you tune in each week to get Jay project because this this banter Of course, you you may see both those you’ll almost always see Dr. Brown is not going to be the cornerstone, we will have some great guests on we will be talking about a bunch of great topics from everything from from research with stem cells to how to exercise to the cannabis industry to polyphenols to on and on and on various topics. But today, we’re going to basically let you put a strong idea in terms of who is Dr. Kenneth brown and why is it that he’s he’s doing this so we left the last half hour talking a little bit about bridging the gap between natural and medical science. And as we move into the next half hour, let’s talk a little bit about what it means to examine some other serious systems that have been somewhat ignored in the body. Namely, the ECS, the indo cannabinoid or cannabinoid system, however you wish to pronounce that
tomato tomato.
So one thing I want to say, briefly, you were talking and you’re super comfortable for them, like I’m a little bit more nervous. This stuff I actually a background for me. As a child, I started growing up so being TV and radio and stuff is always stressful. But it’s really cool that you were talking about what your dad taught you. Because your dad was in radio. He was. Yeah. And unfortunately, he died two years ago.
Yes, it’ll be two and half years ago, so shout out to him. Yeah. Hey, what’s up? Cool. What’s up, Tim? Everybody. Everybody knew my dad loved him. He was for those who knew them quite well. I’m going to give a Google the moniker that he always said which is Hey, guys, So for those who knew him, they they know that he didn’t he would take you to the radio station when you were a kid. Well, reluctantly, I, I like to put my hands on the turntables. So I think that he was he tried not to do that too much. But yeah, he went to the radio station several times. And my dad,
my dad was in the meat rendering process. So he would take me and I could play with the kidneys of cows.
Why am I doing this?
He led you to where you were when I was holding organs,
introducing you to the endocrine system of the renal system of an animal.
You’re playing with that? The when I when I was in medical school, at university, Nebraska, they really want family, family practice doctors to go out to rural communities. And so I spent three months at a rural community where the main industry was meatpacking and injuries would happen and these doctors were overworked and I’m a third year med student and the stuff that would come in I look back on that I just go home The that’s a rough one. It was rough. Yeah, I’m, I remember. We’re going to get back to the ECS and all the other cool stuff, but everybody has to get to know us. That’s where I come from.
Yeah. When I talk about meat,
yeah, we’re talking about me and talking about meat packing. And I, I speak Spanish and the very first hour I mentioned, my wife is Puerto Rican, my mother’s Argentinian. We speak, were bilingual home. And I was working the emergency room in Lexington, Nebraska. A woman came in pregnant, water broke. And I called the doctor on Poland is like, I’m on my way. And he’s like, Who is it? And he said the name. He’s like, Oh, this is like your eighth kid. She’ll talk you through it. What is like, I’ll be there. Don’t worry. I’ll make it but she’s got this down. If it
happens before and she did. She talked me through it.
Wash your hands. Just like your mask is on backwards. Got it.
Your name Can why you cry?
Oh, she didn’t have that accent. But that’s okay.
That’s just the one I default to.
So we’re getting back to what you were saying. So props to your dad, props to doc Thompson, props, props to everyone that has taught us anything sure, because it’s got check radio, or go check project tick project. And we check our egos at the door. And we just learned from everybody we do. That’s our goal.
So the ACS so we’ve, we’ve heard about the digestive system. We’ve heard about the nervous system, the skeletal system, renal, lung, pulmonary, whatever you want to call it. Why is the ECS new? Or is it new to us?
This is one of those things where you walk up and props to Christine Thiel of Elixinol son all and Gabriel, the CEO of Elixinol son all for grabbing me and making me listen and not buy me lunch and not taking me on a trip like, you know, I’ve had done with pharma industries. Sure, just call me out just information You need to know this. And they threw out a bunch of information. It was like vomiting and it was just it was overwhelming. And now I know why it is because we have discovered a system in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system that’s throughout your entire body. But the reality is, if you were to think it, and really simplify it, it links the immune system to the nervous system. And right there, two circles coming together. That’s where the ECS lives. So although it does all kinds of crazy things, if you have anything going on in your brain, meaning anxiety, all the way from anxiety to seizures, it just sort of controls it and calms it down. It’s a traffic cop. If you have anything in nerves, like diabetic neuropathy, or if you’ve got sciatic pain, pain, pain, and we’re gonna be writing about this on KBMD health com sure lot because I’m so blown away that I feel like I’ve been gifted the ability to learn about a system that none of my colleagues know about.
I don’t elaborate on that just a little bit, because you said we’re going to be writing about it. But I do want to draw a good distinction here. And not that other people don’t put in the time for research, because there’s a lot of people out there that do it. But I will say that if, if Dr. Brown, if Ken ends up putting any element into a level of research to have something written, it’s because it’s actually happened. everything that you’ve done, as long as I’ve known you is, well, I’ve read this about it. Let’s find out if that’s true. And so that’s really what kbmd health is all about, is basically to spread the information, good or bad about how something does may or may not work. And so is that something that you found somewhat inspiring to be able to dig in deep whenever you first started working with CBD you if I remember correctly, you’re like, I’m just going to see if this works and find out what happened.
Yeah, so the first. So what ended up happening is three years ago, I was at paleo FX, which is conference I like in Austin. And I was I walked by the axonal booth, and I got grabbed, and I was being just poured information, didn’t know anything about it. And I love the passion. Sure. So one, one thing that I will, will always be drawn to is passion. And so if you’re passionate about anything, I mean, there’s things I don’t know about and we’re going to bring those experts here. Yeah. We’re going to bring essential oil experts in because I don’t know about it, and I want to learn and whether it’s Snyder, right, is a essential oil expert. She just published a book on that we’re going to bring probably her in to talk about it because we want to sit there and make sure that we’re not leaving any stone unturned. But there’s only so much time in the day we’re working with multiple companies, blah, blah, blah, blah.
I’ve chosen to die on the hill of polyphenols Trying to IBS IBD inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, and autism. Those are my stakes in the ground, because I feel like those are the ones that we can make a huge difference. And quickly, and there’s natural ways to help all of those disease states. So you you’re not the only physician to have success in helping someone utilize their ECS or activating their ECS to help them through some of those diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, but you’re one of the very, very few that I have seen who has been able to basically reach out within this patient population and say, Would you like to try something a little bit more? So I’ve seen the success stories. I’ve seen them as they come through through in their own words, describe a little bit about what it is that you’ve been able to see as, as a market success. I mean, where people take regimented biologics which are are good drugs for people who are suffering, but they have a regimen that they normally take them edit and interval. What happened But some of those began to use the polyphenols and activation of ACS.
the patient population that I really, really want to help that needs the help is the inflammatory bowel disease and anybody that has Crohn’s or colitis understands it. Sure. It’s it completely disrupt your life. The thing that people don’t realize when you have gut issues, you can’t not use your gut. I mean, Eric, if you have a swollen ankle, if you have doubt on your toe, you’ll just kind of be bedridden for a little bit you’ll tough it out but your life whatever, if you’re stuck in traffic and you have ulcerative colitis and the people that have that they get it, it’s torture. This studio, the one drawback to the old spoonie studio here and I’m looking at chef Patrick because I want him to move the studios that happens to be I’m a I’m not much of a computer and
I can put a porta potty in
the corner here for
you mute the mic. Okay.
Well, it’s It’s not so much that it’s just that I literally think like that because that’s what my patients tell me. They’re like, I have to drive from x to y. It’s an hour commute. I have ulcerative colitis, I have crowds. Once I get in my own head, I am literally gonna put myself right. And then I’m gonna have to get off turnaround call my boss. When I hear that, I just go that is that is not good. That is disastrous, that will disrupt anybody’s life. If your belly hurts, and you could tough it through that’s one thing, but when it when your bowels in control of you, we got to figure something out. And so one of the processes that actually does that is also to practice for instance. And so also to practice is when your body attacks your own colon, and it creates issues where it gets irritated and then you don’t have a whole lot of control. Well, recently I’ve been we’ve been working With a we just did I just love the fact that we have all these great partners, Brandon Allen of Allen pharmacy and then
a compounding pharmacist super cool guy. I was like listen man, can you make me these Can you take this CBD oil and I’m having so much success with make some suppositories and let’s try it out. Well, I’m going to be publishing this data. It’s incredible. It’s It’s good. It’s great. We’re having success. It’s interesting. You bring him up because in a metropolitan area of over 7 million people in the DFW area, he is one of two, I believe one of two of all the pharmacist that is recognized as a functional medicine pharmacist, he actually is trained in the realm of looking beyond what his own industry is built around moving pharmaceuticals, which I think is amazing. He’s, he is he’s on the other end, he’s he has the referrals from the physicians and he’s pairing what he believes to be the correct prescription, but augmenting That prescription with the right otcs or supplements that can help his customers feel better.
So that that comes up to the hope thing. Sure. So we had mentioned earlier, our one hour to I literally, and I feel horrible about this, I will get stacks of patient data from somebody that says, I heard you on this podcast. This is my These are my medical records. Can you make a recommendation and I’m just like, holy cow, I can make so many recommendations, right? This is your part of the system that kind of got a little bit you get labeled, right. And I think the problem is you get labeled so Brandon or Brendan Allah or any other functional pharmacist or any other functional chiropractic functional and the anybody. What at least like about the functional aspect is that you take a step back, you go I’m not gonna believe anything else that’s been said, let me just listen to you. And that’s how much It starts, let me just listen, what’s going on. And I’ve learned and what I love is I just had a patient in. And he was teaching me because his daughter went through something. And he was explaining this and that I was like, I’m, I’m unfamiliar with this disease Teach me. And it was fascinating, basically made an appointment, and I’m better, I’m better for it. Right. And this is the whole concept of Let’s all learn from each other.
Correct? Well, you know, and and applying that so it’s, it’s interesting that you say that the aspect of functional and using otcs or supplements to to find out where they fit in with altran teal, you’re your own first baby. we’ve, we’ve found through brandy, that we’ve had lots of feedback of people who’ve had stories, not like what I thought that we would find out we I felt like that we would have great success helping people Fine, bloating relief. But some of the stories that have come in are, how bad they’ve been impacted by their gut distress. Very similar to what you described with the the ulcerative colitis patient who’s driving in traffic.
Yeah, it’s, you know, I mean, I’m sorry to interrupt, but it’s a fascinating thing to me. Because when I treat the, when I treat the people, you know, the the appropriate person takes our product, we really do change lives. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. And so what I’m seeing there, and then, of course, what, you know, there’s the business side of it, where we have to make sure that we don’t mean we got 20 some employees now we’re doing all the stuff like that, you know, we still have to, you know, make the money to pay all that. But I show up every day, and I just had people shake my hand, go, thank you. And I love that. That’s, that’s the sole reason why this thing even exists this thing called otra until no matter what we’re doing, right, and whether it’s gutsy The KVM de CBD oil, it all comes back to one thing. We knock down a wall. Right? And I hope other people discover other polyphenol combinations. I hope that readers zone realizes that they’re beyond weight loss. They can crush it with doing other things because it functions on the endocannabinoid receptors. And Jay, you probably knows that he’s like, I know, he’s a smart dude. And Dr. J, your per partner, mine and D hat. And it’s just so exciting. But it’s one of those things where of course, we always talk about like this death by 1000 cuts. Sure, you know, make the main thing, the main thing. Some of the great philosopher, Mike logs, yeah, made that up.
MMA champion dialogues did
yeah. I don’t know why Ricardo was not given him a black belt, but that’s a whole separate discussion. So one of the things that I’m kind of into is I’ve always been into jujitsu, and I’ve got a got multiple friends Ricardo abro dementor just give my just blackbelt whoo let’s just get this over with what do you happier person? What do you wait? Not
really not come on?
Well, so the discovery of electron teal and its launch, obviously goes back to trying to find better answers. And then you’ve mentioned Christina licks and all and of course, Gabe. And in life Harrison and Chris who song when we think about the influence that they’ve had in terms of what elix and all and then ultimately, pure, high grade CBD oil with a regimen and application with your patients has turned into good benefits. And that led all the way to you having your own label. Why did you decide that this was something that you knew that you wanted to do? Why have a physician recommended product to complement what you are doing or attempting to do with a all natural polythene all what how did that kind of fit together? So we’ll start back with the original thing.
paleo effects of a case wasn’t cheap, bought it at like retail price. Okay, gave it away. Patients came back said I’m better. What are you better with? a side note, I remember you saying I don’t believe what I’m hearing. I literally told I called her out. I said, You know what? I love your enthusiasm. I love your passion. I’m gonna buy a case. Yeah, just send it to my office. And I literally just gave it to patients. Right. And it was $240 a bottle.
Yeah, it was that cheap. It was not cheap. We walked home that day. Yeah,
yeah. So no, I had to I think I’d signed up for Uber and I drove you home. So after that, I realized Okay, this is this is exactly what this is all about our message. Our message is to do the right thing and do it for the right reasons. So I realized that this is something really cool. Then I started looking at the science then I went almost a full year of just research never even contacted them again. And shockingly, when you start diving deep, there is a time of research out there that nobody knows about your fortune. I got my little ace in the hole that will find me any any hidden article. She’s amazing. She’s amazing. And then the discovery that polyphenols actually augment your own endocannabinoid system by calming down the enzymes that break it down. So this is where everybody starts going down rabbit holes. All I’m going to say is this. You have and I’m talking to you have an endocannabinoid system ECS just like your digestive system, and your body produces enzymes that actually destroy your own molecules to help your endocannabinoid system and it does this in times of stress. What stop it think about this for If you’re not sleeping well if you’re eating a bad diet, the Western diet, if you’re chronically under stress, if you’re driving from Plano to Fort Worth,
it’s not that far.
I can eat from Houston sometimes our Austin wherever I happen to be.
Ken takes a helicopter to work
that helicopters the 10 year old Hyundai but whatever.
So, if you’re going through this living here, then your body ramps up the enzyme that breaks down your own special molecules called endocannabinoids. Those endocannabinoids work like a traffic cop. They sit on the opposite side of every other neural transmitter being produced. So it gets a little complex, but if you can think of it this way When you feel pleasure, it’s because dopamine jumps from point A to point B.
Dopamine he’ll good,
feel good, right?
That’s also why addiction happens, right? Feels good to gamble feels good to do some drugs feels good to do alcohol feels good. That’s the feel good serotonins the happy one, right serotonin hops over what the endocannabinoid system does is it works like a traffic cop. On the other side, he’s like way, way too much dopa me you’re enjoying yourself too much. He’s upside one, he’s up, chill out, it’s a traffic cop, and it calms it down. Well, what ends up happening is when you have a stressful lifestyle, the enzymes break that Moloch they, they tell the traffic cop to go home, right? And then you seek reasons to fill those gaps and that leads into a total spiral. So the That’s how come the endocannabinoid system is so important that everybody’s making it really complex. And it is super complex. So to put it in perspective, I’ve been trying to sell elixir lol So I have, we have our own CBD and Elixinol a has been very gracious with us. And they want me to do a whole webinar and do all this stuff. And I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it.
And then I realized that
actually was my son that brought it up yesterday. I’ll try to think about it. I was like, Hey,
I have a I think there’s three levels to this. I think that whoever you talk to, you have to be able to talk in different levels. white belt level, purple belt, black belt, my son yesterday just goes it’s a tree dad. Have a trunk. Yeah, explain it. And then you can just keep going out as far as you want. That’s brilliant. That’s what we’re going to do. So to Gabe and company. That’s the science. It’s it’s basic, but I mean, you can get it deep into the weeds as you want it. It’s so fascinating. Just like a neurologist would talk to you about the brain, they would just sit there and just go the brain makes you think, right? They’re gonna talk about the different parts of the brain, the amygdala, the hippocampus, hippocampus, the cerebellum does this not probable. It’s the same stuff. The endocannabinoid system can go that deep. And as I’m learning it, I’m learning to realize that Oh, it comes down to this. We need to allow our body to produce its own system. It’s not that complex, right. And once I realized that the molecules and until can actually stop
the destruction,
yeah, it stops the person that sends the traffic cop home. Yeah, like, okay, that’s why I’m having so much success. That’s why I’m crushing it. That’s why we need to do more of this.
Right. So Well, let’s see here. We’ve got about 30 seconds left in this half hour, and we can hit on a lot more about the ECS polythene.
What about talking about the next half hour
we’re talking about movies
Not really about people will have on the show yeah we can do that too. Thank you all for tuning in we’ll catch you here in about two minutes
weird just like
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Good morning to Good morning. It was kind of kind of cold here last few days. But this is the gut check project coming from you are coming to you from Fort Worth. I’m Eric Rieger. I’m joined by your permanent host, Dr. Ken Brown, and we enter our last half hour of the very first ever episode of the gut check project How you doing so far?
Well, I’ll tell you what, for my very first record, radio show we’ve cruised through an hour and a half. Like it was 15 minutes. Yeah, yeah, there’s a lot on our brains have we talked?
Have we even said anything? Well, listen, we did a quick little recap. So what we did over the last hour and a half is we talked a little bit about Dr. Brown. He is a Board Certified gastroenterologist, he’s incredibly interested in bridging the gap. But what that means essentially, and tell me if I’m wrong is you want to find the good things, and the bad, you can discover both in medical and natural science and help guide people to solutions that are going to work for them both to eliminate as many possible side effects as possible, yet delivering relief. And ultimately, when people feel good, they feel happy. And that’s ultimately what we’re after.
It’s funny, you said that because we have this thing, we’re insane bridging the gap, but every one of my partners wants people to feel good. Sure, they didn’t feel healthy. Every doctor that I collaborate with wants people to feel good and feel healthy. They’re just probably too Well, the reality is the informations not been presented to them that way, right? And that’s what we need to do. That’s what I mean by bridging the gap. We need to present the information in a way. Because all of my partners in my office in my practice in my group, the doctors that I collaborate with surgeons, I use the primary care doctors I work with, every single one of them wants the same thing for their patients. They want their patients to get better. So we had talked to the last hour about why you think that the functional medicine movement is growing. And I think it’s growing because of information. Purely information. People get on the internet and they do this. But the reality is, I encourage you to talk to your doctor and say, Hey, I heard this incredible show on spoonie radio. It’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened. I hear Joe Rogan’s coming on soon. But the but the reality is that A lot of patients I think, are scared to talk. And if we all we have to do is change the movement, we can make everybody a functional doctor without question. What a functional doctor really does is they just stop, Listen, don’t judge and say, how do we change this through lifestyle? Right? And that
that is I want to bridge the gap, the more and more I think about it, I want to have the science. Ultimately, I’m very happy doing research. I really want to see, Hey, does this work? Can we come up with XY and Z in a natural way? You told me in the past that one of the things that you felt like that was allowing people to basically proceed the natural movement growing is it was the lack of, of exposure. It wasn’t that people didn’t want to hop on board. It was the lack of exposure. And if you look at the amount of it, it is what it is. It’s like good, bad or indifferent. It’s just money. The pharmaceutical industry has money and when you have money, you use it to your advantage and you should because you’re a business but from that perspective, when you have the money You can fund the studies. And when you have things that are like a drug that can be patented, or an isolated things that can only be packaged and they aren’t necessarily natural, well, now you have something that’s proprietary, and that can be protected. And that’s where that’s why money backs, things like that. And oftentimes people don’t turn to a natural solution, maybe because there’s not enough money to show all the research. It’s actually gone into the natural side of things. And things don’t get discovered because there’s not a money train back there pushing that information. It’s done without prejudice. It’s done without intent. It’s just, it’s just research, but we are. We’re shifting back to the natural answers.
So we’ll so I’ll give a couple examples here. When we first launched, our Toronto went down to the American College of gastroenterology where I’ve given lectures at where I feel like I’m, I’ve got friends and it’s the largest gastroenterology conference and we had a booth and be Coming up, and we had some small studies, small according to them, because we’re talking to people from Harvard and Johns Hopkins and so on. And they make a living by doing these studies, they make a living by getting grant money from these drug companies and so on. And I don’t know if you remember, but there was the doctor that came up. Really cool, don’t know where he was from. And he goes, You know, I love your idea. If you had data on this, I would be all in, right. And we were still raising money to do this company. And I said, you invest? Give me $250,000. I guarantee that I’ll have that data for you. And then you will have a stake in the company, you’ll be able to do this. Anyway, now just do that. I was like, juicy, but I just what I just said, Yeah, takes money, my friend. And I’m so confident that we can do that. And I remember I went to a dinner one night, and actually, it’s kind of a funny story. I’ll digress quickly. So I did multiple other studies. Besides The z faction study One of them was they did a lot of inflammatory bowel disease. I really want to fix that problem, Crohn’s and colitis. So there was a dinner at a nice steak house here in Dallas man. When I showed up I as I always do, I tend to show up late because I’m working shut up a little bit late and they put me the waiter grabbing put me in the very front of the room, which I don’t like being more of a back room kind of guy. And it was April one didn’t put the two and two together chair and the guy speaking of the professor that would that they had brought in from some other university was looking at me the whole time going, do you understand and like yelling at me, I was like, buddy, why is he singling me out? This is nuts. And I ordered you know, the whatever steak that usual stuff that you get a steak house and they brought me dry fish and dry salad and water and I ordered wine. I was like You got my got my order wrong. And I started getting more upset. Well, the guy was like, Is everything fine? And I was like, Okay, this is nuts. I did this study and the guy, I know the guy was part of the study, right? That’s where I kind of lost it a little irritable at this point, because my service was bad. And I was like, Look, man, what you’re putting up there is this is a graph where it showed patient satisfaction, but what they allow the patients to do was, are you extremely better way better?
mega better good or?
Or everything is it’s all good. Nothing bad. Yeah, so you’re gonna get you’re gonna get moving on this regardless, it was a it was a phase four study, which is more of a marketing debt. So I get it. It’s a total stack deck. So I kind of lost it. I said that I was like, were you part of the study? Right. So that was part of the study. I know exactly what the questionnaire was right. I thought it was hilarious. From the very beginning. It was a phase four. Now. I live in a glass house. I did accept the check to do that study till I get it but that just tells me where it’s going. with it. What’s really funny is after that I kind of lost it. And I got up and walked out. I was like, Hey, man, I ordered a steak glass wine salad. What’s going on? Like, Oh, well, we were informed that you are recovering alcoholic. You’re kosher, gluten free, dairy sensitive, and just named off about 10 other things, and I’ll let who who, who said that? Right. And they pointed and my staff was in the restaurant they’d gotten there earlier was April 1. April Fool’s Day. I was the fool. Well played.
But but but the poor professor, the visiting professor was like, wow, yeah, he went, Oh, and they said I was deaf. I said, I was hard of hearing. That’s why the guy kept yelling at me. She really enunciating his words? Yeah. What’s icontact? Yeah, so I was like, man,
the deaf celiacs Darion intolerant guy’s a jerk. He is really
angry. He doesn’t like sir
Yeah, but it kind of brings up the point that, you know, when we present data, right, there’s two sides to every single story. And that’s all I want to do is I just want to present the data on natural stuff we’ve got we’re part of several or a couple entrepreneurial health groups. And I think that some people have some rate, anecdotal data on certain things that work right. I would love to sit there and say, Yes, absolutely. Let’s see if this works. Well, that’s the challenge
right? In the natural space. A lot of times people simply just want to say, Look, I know that this has worked with x y&z patients, I just simply don’t have the funds to produce a reproducible study. I don’t have the funds to bring somebody through so that I can have a biostatistician, prove that my concept my application, it will actually work in another setting. And I believe them when they tell me that and that’s their limitation. And it’s exactly what you told that Dr. Winner ACG it’s I need a quarter million dollars to prove this is do you have that?
Yeah, exactly. And the beauty of the studies that we did without Toronto is that they were an adult or data, right. And so we did that we did the data first third party biostats. And then we had a statistician look at it. And she’s the one that said, Look, if this is real, she knows it’s going to work. Even though it’s not a 50,000 person study your P value, meaning the likelihood of it happening by chance, is so low that if you put 100 people in 1000 10,000, you’ll get the same numbers, right, which is what a good statistician will do. And shout out to her at UT Southwestern, right, this is no joke, no joke. And this was all funded by me at the time because we had no company nothing. So since then, we’ve maintained the same numbers, right, which is exactly what she said. Right? So now I feel confident that let’s look at some stuff. Let’s hire the right person to do it. Let’s set up the Right study, and you don’t need what the FDA wants, which is we need to prove its safety. These with the beauty of the functional medicine world is that these products have already been taken by millions and millions and millions of people. Oh, great story, right today just launched out of England. Omega three has been shown in a study to help with musculoskeletal injury. Interesting. Yeah. So it came out and it talked about the inflammatory process, right? How does that happen? They didn’t have a mechanism of action.
Omega three is a fatty acid, right?
What what a fatty acid in your body a fatty
acid gets converted to a NAND amide. And to ag
What does that happen to effect Dr. Brown
that is used to build your own endocannabinoids Have you ever looked into the endocannabinoid system so when you start looking at scientific That are figuring out how to augment that system. omega threes, d h a fatty acids like that help your body to do this. Why are these molecules? A study will come out? It’ll say, Oh, it looks like fish oil doesn’t help with heart disease. And then a week later, someone would be like, yes, it does help with heart disease, right? I can tell you, it’ll help you brain. Right. I can show you it on a molecular level if you’re taking the right one. Sure. I can also tell you that I’ve had friends that have been in the industry and said that it is a scary industry.
Well, how about on top of this, some of those studies and we you and I had this discussion several weeks ago, some of the studies that people have tried to prove or disprove in terms of what supplements may or may not work, natural or otherwise, might actually be tainted when the testing agency doesn’t even know that what they may have been using might not have actually been the active ingredient in terms of what they were using. So having supplements if you are someone who uses supplements, having a supplement that is certified to be exactly what is in there and have a authenticated certificate of authenticity or a CLA by a third party to show that what is on the label is actually what is in the container is very, very important. You may find a study where someone says that omega three did X, Y and Z. Or then another follow up study says, No, it doesn’t. Now, we’re led to believe that there could be some problems with people thinking that they are testing a particular supplement or an element and looking back on it, they may not have had the correct active ingredient that could that could apply to any number of various supplements as well.
Oh, 100%. And we don’t know if the dosing is right. And all these other things. There’s still lots of questions. Sure. The fact that we have these things that are readily available and multiple companies produce them, and yet, science is probably not where we need to be. Now it’s wide open field wide open, you give me You give me a little bit of scratch, and we’re going to We’re going to run down there, or let’s let deat do it. If the hat and their member box can give proper supplements to people, proper supplements, meaning those that are vetted to help you protect your brain sleep, protect your gut. Then when people come to us and say, Hey, we have this, right, I have something called reduce them, right? Can you tell me if this actually helps with weight loss? Now I know why or why now, what’s cool about Red Zone isn’t, is I’m just, I’m just a fan of the company and the J. What’s cool about that, is that they they did the studies, and I, if you don’t see yo, it’s gonna be like, yeah, like six, seven years ago, right? I’ve been sitting behind the eight ball this entire time. That’s how hard it is. I know exactly what it’s like when you have a company here. I have investors, I want to pay back my investors as quickly as possible, but I also want to do it right. I want to build the company and when I do that, I know that a And all the reason why my name is Brian kbmd. D is on Elixinol a dolls because I did my homework on the company, and Gabe and company. They’ve done everything on the up and up and get Certificate of analysis, they can show me everything. There’s a reason to do things the right way is a reason to do it.
So let’s talk a little bit about what it would what it would mean with your experience in doing clinical trials and gathering clinical data. Not only with altran teal in in in the various polyfills that didn’t make it in this. In this box. You didn’t just run with something that somebody said would work you actually tested it to find out. So what does that mean in terms of and just try to think of the landscape here not every state is well and wide open with allowing CBD to be used in the same way that if you were to compare one state that allows medical and recreational marijuana to one that allows nothing. And if you were to compare Utah and in California currently right now politically they are completely different in the ways that they are observed that industry. So as a medical doctor, knowing that you’ve seen real results, one of the ambitions I’ve heard you talk about is being able to put clinical data behind something like a CBD supplementation, because as you’ve called it is it truly is a micro nutrient to give to people to help them find relief, and basically apply it to disease. Now if we’re in Canada, we could say treat disease but apply it to a disease or a symptom. And then even if it happens to be combined with the poly phenol, whether or not it happens to be your highest purity brand of KBB, CBD, or polyphenols don’t necessarily have to come from altran teal, but we just want to put together the data that people can use to find out how they can find relief and feel better. So what does that mean to you to be able to put clinical data behind something like KBMD CBD, so what I want to do is I just want to clear up everything. So this is not a disease state. Right. What I want to do is just educate and These are I’m looking at the list of articles that we have coming out shortly.
One of them that I’m going to be really proud of as a gastroenterologist, I don’t deal with a whole lot but I had I sort of had the hero’s journey happened to me when I had a young man that was brought into me by his mother, because he had extreme or he was on the extreme side of the autism spectrum disorder. Sure. And she noted that whenever his belly would act up, he would become as the age it was easier to handle when he was little, but now I’m an adult doctor. 1718 years old, now you have a 1718 year old young man who’s hard to control. And when we started to fix his gut, everything started to get better when we added the CBD to it, next thing I know she’s like, the best he’s been in 10 years. I’m like, okay, I cannot ignore this, right. This is a this is something that has to get out there. I’m not an autism specialist. We’re going to bring autism specialists on. But I do have people that can do great research. And we’ve got a huge, very high level of read it. So this would be the same formula, it would be, it would be the exact same formula, but very high level. Not something for the lay public. This is something to sit with a couple PhDs and hand them and go, this is the mechanism of action of how Polly females affected and how Canada dial affects the receptors in autism spectrum disorder. I’m not treating anything, right, you look at the data, right? You look at the mechanism of action, and this is how I’ve always been with everybody. I brought up essential oils last week. I just have not had the time to look at that. Sure. But if you can tell me a physiologic reason why that works so well. Beautiful, right? I’ll at least look at it. And that’s how everything has to be approached in life. Not stick your head in the sand and ignore what’s going on.
It’s so interesting because medicine as an industry, because it’s an industry now but it’d be is a practice and that practice was to find innovation, to find new ways to help people who are hurt. And it’s so strange that now if you get admitted to med school, that you go in and basically ever wrote education, and you are fed the didactics, right? And then by the time you’re out, it’s almost prohibited to think outside the box. So innovation, for many people becomes stymied, stifled a little bit you don’t really keep exploring. It’s a little bit of why you and other physicians who’ve looked beyond the just the regular stuff you get noticed because you’re willing to look outside and that’s where innovation really kind
of come that’s where everything is. If you look at the history of medicine, there’s always somebody that sees just outside the box and goes, Oh, I’m going to get my history completely wrong or this is not my thing. George Washington No. Lincoln, Johns Hopkins, Johns Hopkins. Johns Hopkins and two other surgeons and late 1800s prior to that surgery was Barb Barrett, right. If you had something wrong, it was I’m going to get you drunk on a gag. Yeah, by AP, we’re gonna hold you down. We’re going to cut your Lego. And then it was discovered the light of cane style molecule. Well, there was a period there. And if you read this, it’s really fascinating. Where light of Cain, and then cocaine, or molecularly, similar, right. And then it was determined that cocaine can be used as an anesthetic and to decrease blood flow to certain areas and improve things. So there was like a decade long period where every resident was completely coked. up and they were just working 24 seven. Yeah, because they didn’t realize that this was actually going on. And that was the era of the first dance club. Right? It’s doing surgery over john talk to ya. Yeah. So the so so many things came about that. So if you look at the If you look at the surgical waiting room, glow sticks were developed pacifiers were developed back then. I mean it was it wasn’t just cocaine but anyway so being innovative like that, then they develop bupivacaine that developed all these other cane shared lock nerves, right? Well, it was through this process and then suddenly cocaine becomes this thing over here. But really the cocoa leaf has benefits right? in the country of Peru, they know that they make tea out of it, they do things like that, but it’s at the history of medicine. Let’s get back to the guy that figured out that ulcers could be caused by bacteria go back to Yeah, that’s exactly the same paradigm shift that took place with the bacterial overgrowth. You’ve got a guy that was convinced in Australia yes uralla just that was convinced that ulcers were not in your hand It was because you were stressed it wasn’t because you’re just strung out you know you got a bad marriage. No, you have a bacteria and he had to prove it by almost die. This is the time and time again like there are doctors that have this belief that have literally Louie past your that have Put everything on the line to do it. I did a podcast where they asked who I admired. And I realized the people I really admire are the ones that put that life on the line for their belief. Right? Okay, who you are, what it is passion,
passion, they were committed. Let’s talk a little bit about what to expect as we’re getting close to winding down on our very first full day show of the gut check project. And so I’m going to layer up because
of the radio thing we’ve got,
we have show Patrick Hey, I’m sorry.
So you know I’ve
entered about eight years ago nine years ago into the medical marijuana slash CBD side of the business okay. And at that so I’ve been looking for a product I you know, my my children have a condition called Do you mind if I just want talk about the product for a few. I’m gonna bring it up on my show as well today. So, but can we talk about the difference? I mean, where does CBS come in on the spectrum of cadabby Dallas because you have THC THC, a CBD CBG CBN all of these components right? And people get confused. So one of the big big roadblocks I run into is Oh, I can’t take that I’ll get high. Okay. Is that something that you’ve had to address? I mean, cuz it’s really has nothing to do with it’s not a What do you call it a psychoactive? psychoactive?
I will I will change that. I will say it’s not intoxicating. Oh, that’s true because it’s extremely psychoactive because it actually works on the receptors in the brain and that’s really what it does. Well, yeah. And so Texas is a you know, it’s it’s not it’s not Colorado, it’s not California now and they’ve been dealing with this for a long time. So I do deal with this a lot. And this is why I think if we silence this up a little bit, and we explain it, but we have to do it the way that my son described do it as a trunk. It’s it’s a traffic cop. Then you get into to Ag and analyze then you get into CB one CB two then you get into people are gamma you tr PV one knowing get really geeky with it and you get geeky, geeky, geeky. And it’s just like any other system in the body, but you don’t have a way to put it in perspective. I remember when I did my internal medicine training, you have Harrison’s internal medicine book. It’s this thick, this thick Canada. It’s, it’s a big thick book, and one of my professors in medical school just kind of laughed. When you ask a question. He goes, because it’s in Harrison, right
is like where he goes right after the chapter and how to fix your Harley.
And you’re like, this is also the same professor that when I was he would like, this is old school medical school where they could be a little more abusive and get away with it.
Yeah, it was. So you could just see this, this clinical professor would like load up different things. So you You do these didactic rounds where you’d go around as a group. And then he’d be like, you know, you know, Mr. Brown, what would you do for this patient? You’d say something he’d be like, he’s like, I’m gonna need you to fill this out. And it would be an application to McDonalds. In front of the patient.
That’s true Socratic method right there. Yeah,
it did. Or he would he would pull out a oxygen thing. He’s like, clearly you’re hypoxic. Why focus on while the rest of us discuss medicine? Well, Harrison’s was this thick and had everything in it. Well, then guess what, I become a fellow and I’m only studying the gastrointestinal tract. And I have an encyclopedia for books that that right. So it took me three years of Internal Medicine training three years of gi and I still consider myself a luminol logist meaning I like the colon and not like the stomach. I’m not. I admittedly will defer the pancreas to my partners Goldschmidt and Ackerman, I’ll defer the Liberty are other partners that are hepatologist? Sure. And the endocannabinoid system is the same way. I want to become an endo, cannabinoid ologists The world needs it. And that’s not a joke. The world needs a study of Endocannabinoid ology that would be associated with medical didactic training.
Yeah, so I agree. I will be your number one student I will be listening every week.
Yeah. I’ll be listening every week because you’re behind the window anyway.
Class somebody asked if somebody has to check you over there. So yes, up line.
And then, you know, we’re going to talk about well, okay, so we got two minutes left for two hours. There’s a few other things we’ll talk about here. Yeah, number one, our guests coming
  • Number one, our guests next week, we will have a cannabis experts from the new medical legal use of marijuana and Oklahoma to talk about that industry and the research as well as what it’s like to basically forge this new industry, there’s a lot of people and what I love about that is that he has Texans going up with no knowledge, no knowledge at all. So do and and it’s not it’s not about going up there to party it really is about going up there to educate and that’s really where they’re coming from. And so they’ll come down and visit with us next week. And then the week week after that we may end up having a someone who’s in fitness. Not long from now we’re going to have a stem cell expert join us as well as a someone who’s helped with the recent Farm Bill. Joy Beckerman should be coming down from Colorado to to visit with us as well so we we keep lining him up go to KBMD health com and check out gut check project if you have any suggestions on people you’d like to see on the program
and getting back to this is not just a CBD or polyphenol them. This is a spoonie This is a life and fitness show. Remember, nothing’s off the table. We’re gonna sit down with Chef Patrick and talk about different recipes how to make things. I met with a
I can get all geeky on the food side for you.
There we go like that
the chemistry of food when I was on with Dr. Thompson, we actually talked about that. Like I want to say, look, if you add this, you’ll have your lithium that’s anti aging molecule. We can geek out with that. There’s other chefs have approached me they’re like, I want to talk about keto diet. I want to talk about like, this is beautiful. We’re like everybody swimming towards us. It’s
so exciting. Right? They definitely are. There’s there there is a lot in the landscape to cover plan on having several several shows. So we want to get to as much as we possibly can. How can people reach out to us to give us ideas, they can always go to KBMD health com we have a Connect page, you can pan down and there’s all kinds of topics. If you don’t happen to get the right response. Just know the website is only about a week old. There’s going to be some bugs in there. So keep trying. We will get back to
15 seconds most important please everyone share the word here. We are trying to support this station.
Thanks so much for joining us on the first Ever gut check project.