Have you felt alone in trying to improve your overall health? What about when how you look doesn’t really represent how you feel?

EVERYONE struggles to maintain the optimal health, no matter what the appearance may be.

As a long time fitness model and former body builder, Rachel Scheer shares her impactful story of how her gut health was being compromised as she worked overtime to maintain physique and performance.

Rachel has an incredible perspective and drives the relative perspective for all of us, regardless of where we find our current health, weight, or mood. We are so fortunate for Rachel to have dropped in to share with Ken & Eric and become our first TWO TIME GUEST on the GCP! Please Like & SHARE, and thank you for supporting the GCP!

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Rachel’s Podcast “Scheer Madness” https://scheermadness.buzzsprout.com/

Rachel’s Homepage https://rachelscheer.com/


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