Yerba Mate is a name that’ll grab your attention, and it’s much easier to say than Ilex paraguariensis, which is the plant that it is made from . You have probably seen Yerba mate listed on a can or two of an energy drink, and it’s no accident. This natural drink packs a lot of potential benefit.

It’s not exactly coffee, not exactly tea, although it’s very similar to both.

Having roots in ceremonial gatherings of friends and family, this cold brewed drink is steeped in water, and then enjoyed with quick slurps from a guampa or porongo (cup made from a gourd) with a special bombilla (straw) usually made of wood.

Well who in the world drinks this stuff? For almost every country in South America, the consumption of Yerba Mate or just mate is a daily occurrence. And although highly consumed, what many may not know is that when consumed safely, Yerba mate is very healthy and can potentially supplement the consumer with great polyphenol and other benefits.

BUT… there is a RIGHT and WRONG way to consume mate, and the method can actually determine if the drink is more friend or foe for those that drink it!

Join Ken & Eric for episode 70 to be formally introduced to mate and understand why this small custom might become a part of your routine.

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