So glad that YOU are here and that you can share time with us on the Gut Check Project! We’ve built a new studio, we installed a new SIGN, and soon we are expanding to new platforms to find the GCP.


Some updates and improvements are continuing to roll out:

*Soon Gut Check Project will be available on newer platforms (most notably Rumble and Locals, we will send direct links the moment they are ready to go!)

*Gut Check will begin producing EXCLUSIVE content, which will be available via subscription model in addition to the normal no-cost format. (This will enable us to cover topics which may be viewed as too controversial without having to worry about being scrutinized for sharing our opinion with you) We have not launched this just yet because we want it to be right!

*By mid summer we should have a health topic review published monthly for our subscribers where we apply the science behind the claims around health found in all kinds of media… you can probably imagine why we are not fans of censorship when it comes to YOUR HEALTH!

And that’s not all, but as we have retooled and re-booted, rest assured that Gut Check Project will still be found in our usual locations of YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more!

Join Ken & Eric on the Gut Check Project, let us know your thoughts.

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