Your health… it’s the ENTIRE reason that we have this show. The opportunity to share information and research better ways and remove barriers to better health is why Ken & Eric began working together in the first place.

Your gut, brain, happiness and more depend upon you having the right information and tools to make you and your family’s lives as disease free and uncomplicated as possible.

You know by now that everything we put in front of our audience is done with research. We will share it and more. Atrantil-PRO is over 2.5 years in the making after the launch of Atrantil itself. You deserve a company that doesn’t just make healthy supplements to take up shelf space.

This show is a massive reveal for our company (KBS, the parent of Atrantil) to explain why you should be excited to learn what Atrantil-PRO is, and how we believe Mother Nature is undefeated in showing us the answers to to many of our health complications.

We’ve addressed polyphenols, probiotics, the gut-brain axis, systemic inflammation, and so much more in several previous episodes. Now Arantil-PRO is possibly a solution that you can learn more about, and decide if Atrantil-PRO is right for you.

Join Ken & Eric on the Gut Check Project, let us know your thoughts.

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Contact Atrantil to find Atrantil-PRO If you wish to set up a physician/healthcare provider account, keep in mind that Atrantil-PRO is currently available through Fullscript and Emerson.

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