How can Near Death Experiences affect those that go through it? How can superstitions be shown to actually have benefit? What actions can you take to improve your health today? All of that in this month’s GCP science reset with Ken & Eric.

All right, it’s the gut check project, Episode Number 15. Got a project where you check your ego at the door and nothing is off the table. We are here with Dr. Ken Brown. What’s up? What’s up, Eric, we’re gonna have

a really, really fun show. We are booked for our guest this week. Wait a second, who did you book for our guest this week? Oh, man, we gotta start becoming more organized. Now. I’m just kidding. This week, we got so many cool topics that we’re just going to roll with it. Because there’s a lot of stuff going on in science stuff in the news. And we’re just learning so much every time we start going to these different meetings, which you just came back from a meeting and we’ve done different meetings recently. So we just got to keep bringing all that knowledge into this room and sharing it with everybody.

Yeah, definitely. So even just this last week, number one, thank you to everybody who began to write into us so it seems like we’re very iTunes heavy in terms of subscriptions and people that are liking and sharing the show. So it was noticed that Thank you very much in case you happen to have forgotten. All you have to do is like and subscribe to the gut check project on either iTunes or on YouTube. And then you will be entered into the contest where you can win a free month supply of the signature protection package your true protection package which is ultra until and either kBm D sentiment or kBm D natural after you subscribe you simply have to go to gut check project com Go to contact shoot us an email that says I subscribed to GCP but yet several hundred last week and thank you for all the comments down there too. There’s lots of people who just want to to know more about are trying to want to know more about CBD they say that either or both of them are already working. And that’s that’s great and several guest suggestions as well. Like I’ve actually had Yeah,

I’ve actually been contacted by several patients who said that they were taking CBD and then after adding on to that they noticed that they feel like they a little bit better improvement is the placebo or is there something else going on? And actually we’ve got some science behind it the reason why we call it the signature package, why don’t you explain the science?

Well, and long, long ago, I’m just kidding. So CBD Of course works as a supplement or a micro nutrient for your endocannabinoid system, which is something that really we need to get on to the website. It’s a little bit about the meeting that we just went to. I just went to this last week talking about how to better convey this information. But essentially, by the

way, the website looks awesome. Developed by a crna for a crna doing a website. It’s pretty dang good. Yes, if or a crna doing a website.

That’s right. That’s basically the way we get away with saying it’s a terrible website. But we’re trying to make it better, I promise. So that was a little bit of the of the meeting that I went to for the last day and a half and Some great people out there want to say hey to, to Nate and to Sarah and to to Brad. I mean, great group of people out there in Phoenix but and Jake

sorry Jake don’t leave. Yes, there was silver moon. Yeah, Bradley Cooper.

They were all there. They’re into their, their into web stuff

and Nate mcgillicuddy that they’re they’re all three people. Yeah, they work so hard. Never do they work there anyway.

But so the CBD will actually augment or work as an micronutrient for your endocannabinoid system. And that’s it that seriously is like any other system that we have in our bodies. It’s over 600 million years old. evolutionarily speaking through all types of animals. If you’re a bird vertibird, meaning that you have a backbone, you’re guaranteed to have an ECS. So essentially, what happens is taking CBD allows our ECS our endocannabinoid system, to better regulate and function as the Gov between our immune system our nervous system. And you’ve all heard of those systems. So essentially, whenever you have chronic inflammation, it’s either one of those two that’s kind of working out of balance. CBD does that.

Yeah. So I think one of the biggest issues that people are having with, you know, CBD stores are popping up everywhere. It’s always in the news this and that’s going on, but nobody really understands why or what and so I get my patients that come in, and they’ll say things like, oh, I’ve tried CBD, nothing happened. And I’ll just say, Well, here’s part of the problem. There’s a lot of companies out there that even even the people that are making some CBD don’t really understand the science behind it. And once they try KVM de CVD they’ll actually come back and say, Oh my gosh, I took X, Y and Z didn’t notice anything. Now. I’m able to my back pains gone, my neuropathy is gone, and then I can explain why what’s actually happening. We all have an endocannabinoid system. I keep coining the term Endocannabinoid ologists because I really feel like the more and more I read about it, the more it is really common. And there’s some really cool science out there. But the signature package is there because our Tron teal kind of stops an enzyme that breaks down your own endogenous endocannabinoids meaning your body makes CBD yet called a Nanda mind. And that’s part of the issues that we start going down these rabbit holes of explaining stuff, but it’s really easy. You just have to realize that when you take CBD, it presses the reset and gets everything back in balance. And that’s how come I think it’s more of an adaptogen meaning that when you take it, your body will figure out what to do with it. That’s why you can’t overdose on it. That’s why so many people can have incredible results. That’s why some people it takes longer because maybe you need more of this what we’re going to call micro nutrient or an adaptogen because they can go buy a lot of different terms but people you know that’s going to be my my goal is to really try and explain a lot of the science and once I can put together a good signature talk that is sort of as we always Say bridges the gap between this complex science and natural solutions, then we’re going to get out there. And we’re going to put that on the website. And on this evolving website,

yeah, let you know. And nothing’s off the table, of course. So through that research, and I was there firsthand as you began to have patients who’ve used CBD, and then use a couple different brands and manufacturers, and I’ve seen the different changes in terms of once they finally have a high quality CBD So I do want to say that what we offer with KPMG health, it’s not the only

awesome CBD that’s out there. But what I can tell you is it does check all the boxes. So if you’re hunting for CBD to make a difference, begin with a legitimate CEO a certificate of authenticity. If they can’t do that, then move on to the next one. That’s if you can’t check that box. There’s no reason to continue the discussion. Did you see I saw a news article where somebody got fired from their job because they were drug tested, and they tested positive and they were fired. The person that got fired knew that they weren’t doing anything, all they’re doing is CBD that it starts going around that CBD can cause these false positives. Sure, that person sent it to a third party analysis. And as it turned out, and even that particular one said that the amount of THC was none came back and actually a very high level. So unfortunately, somebody lost their job over this and now they’re suing the CBD manufacturer for all of that. So we’ll see always can Unfortunately, they they now are the new fraud document, right? That’s what somebody else is doing. They’re just trying to play off of something else and or ride coattails of somebody else and make it look legitimate. That’s what it’s what people who commit fraud do. They just they do that. So ultimately, I can say that if you want a trusted product that I know that

Dr. Brown certainly endorses VMD CBD is at least a safe choice in terms of quality price and and what you’re after in terms of CBD. So

speaking of I mean, that’s that’s that we took the high road without trying to from day one. Sure. When we started looking at ingredients when we started looking about where we’re going to manufacturer, we took at KBS research with our team over there, we took our Tron tail and we sent it through different certifications. The one that I’m really proud of is this NSF, which is certified for sport. The reason why I think that it’s so important is because we’re going to start seeing that the combination of altran TEALS polyfills, helping with both sports performance, and helping with sports recovery, plus the stress of doing an athletic performance is automatically going to deplete your own endocannabinoids. So that signature package right there, I think is going to be really critical in any contact sport, making sure that the poly field that go through that what makeup are trying to we, we developed our Tron teal for digestive health, we’re learning more and more the complexity of these polyphenols, I got some great science and an article today that kind of ties a lot of this together. But that’s what I think is going to end up being such a cool thing, this signature package which almost all my patients are on that that combo right there, my mom, all my staff, everybody. And with this, I can just see this being the future of how we’re gonna start treating trauma how we’re going to start making sure that anybody in a contact sport you prevent the inflammatory response before it actually starts causing some damage and some long term consequences, then this is it’s awesome information. And we’ve seen it firsthand where people have written to us we’ve gotten tons of email even just as people have signed up and subscribed and shared gut check project either on YouTube or iTunes, and just written this little notes. I thank y’all so much, you know optronic teal and CBD have worked great for me. Keep them coming, certainly appreciate them. But if you just want to enter to get your own pre month’s supply your chance that we have at least five winners coming up in July, so simply go to go check project com, let us know that you signed up under the contact tab, and we’ll take care of the rest. And if you’re somebody that’s already purchased the kBm dcpd and you just want on Tron till otra until that I almost make the fatal mistake that nobody

even the development

and you just want to add the signature pack there to increase your own a damn divide us otra until to augment your CBD. Yeah. Even if you don’t have gut issues, even if you’re not really interested in the polyphenols and the anti aging and the anti inflammatory effect, but you want to make your CBD better. Go to love my tummy calm slash spoonie

use code spinny save some money. So hey, Dr. Brown. What is on the top Like in terms of what happened with you on Father’s Day, how was Father’s Day with kiddos?

Father’s Day was awesome. Everybody was in town. There was no tennis. Of course it rained like crazy. But there was no tennis. I didn’t have a meeting there was it was awesome. So Saturday, great weather did just one of those old school hang out in the pool flow. I throw the ball. We were just having fun and just I felt like it was, you know, like when the kids were four and five, and we would do that all day every day. So that was awesome. And then on Sunday, did something a little different. We drug load out. She was not too excited to do it because it had rained all night, buddy and everything. And she had to laugh because I was wearing some pretty old grubby clothes. And she’s like, you’re gonna go out like that. And I’m like, Oh, yeah, because Lucas and I have discovered kind of a fun little thing. We found a cool park with frisbee golf. Oh no. We went out

as a family and played frisbee golf. You have the putter and then the different discs for the different shots or is it just one dispersion

much Like my regular golf game, like just need a driver

driver no matter what,

no matter what, yeah, so we just use drivers. There were some other people on the course and you’re like, Huh look at that it’s like you know watching people that really know what they’re doing yeah and but we had fun it was really cool so it was hot, muggy and muddy. And it was it was it was just fun so it was it’s one of those things I mean, I think that we don’t get out enough and just do silly stuff. Get yourself back in nature’s really cool Park. It’s over in East Plano. Just really you know just one of those silly unplanned let’s just do this not worry about anything. nobody’s looking at phones or anything. You’re just out there slinging a disk have a little fun

Peggy I know I love I love days like that. It’s It’s good stuff.

Yeah, how was your father’s day

ties. It was good at the one of those things where the actual Father’s Day on Sunday. Family The boys and I have to get together on Monday because gage is out of town. Who was also in a tournament and it’s quite the norm whenever you just have busy kids that are teenagers and but we did get together Monday. I got some nice new kicks, which the boys are great at picking out tennis shoes for dad. I’m terrible at it. And then they surprised me by buying me my first opportunity to go and do a tandem skydive jump so I asked the boys and Marie they wanted to do it with me Murray said sure. I mean I’m nervous but I want to do it engages it’s like yeah, love can’t wait. And Max response was Nope. And I think all three of y’all should do it from different planes so the don’t have a good feeling about it. That’s exactly how I would be so what do you guys do that let me know me and Mac or go catch a movie? Yeah, I don’t even think he wants to come watch. He wants to hear it but it’s all okay when it’s over but I’m looking forward to it.

I do have to own something when you said you get some new kicks. Listen to this is like what happened to that I had been on this like run of losing things done so the family got a really cool wallet had bag two cards. Got the wallet out that’s awesome. Then we went and did the whole frisbee golf thing got all muddy and got busy and everything. Have the card sitting there. I can’t find this wallet. Really? Yeah. So thanks family for giving it to me but I find it and switch out everything I go and beat up wallet here. So it’s a great gift. But that’s

Did you get a habit of things kind of turned up though

things just turn up months later after I’ve ordered three more from Amazon.

Now that’s definitely believe that also remaining in the show today we’ve got a bunch of topics that people have written in about that we decided that we wanted to kind of frame this particular episode around everything from what what’s the experience of a or what’s it like to have a near death experience, and kind of how your brain adjust to that? We would Dr. Brown has a really cool article on proliant the scientists and how the gut actually react To that, and another topic, and also,

yeah, so we had a there’s a few other things there’s, I’m going to be doing a live Facebook at 530. Today, Central Standard Time 630. Eastern with the CBOE SLS crew, it’s a massive community share. shivan Sarna asked me to do this. And it’s in our very classic and she even laughed about this because she realized how this works. You know, she normally goes through you, she’ll text you or email you. Yeah, you and I will be working. And I’ll just go I’m like, hey, whatever. Sure. And I didn’t realize my commitment to this and how big of an audience This is. And so I’m doing an hour Facebook tonight. And then on July 2 second, I’m doing a three hour live lecture series, followed by q amp a

check out tseebo SOS summit, just google it si Bo SOS if you want to catch Dr. Brown, this is it. This is a really big group. Now I can remember a few years ago Get Started not not as massive. It’s

huge. It’s gonna be a big group and Looking at the other speakers there you got Mark Pimentel Satish Rao, Allison seebeck, or Mike crucio. I mean, all the big players in this whole CBOE community, yeah. And I had to laugh because I’m like, Well, I need to learn some stuff that they haven’t talked about. They’ve all I think I’m the last lecture in the whole series. So it’s like, well, how do I top any of the stuff that they’ve done there? So trying to find some unique things, and I did bring an article that I’ll probably talk about tonight was cheban. Because one of the things that everybody does talk about are these different gases that these bacteria produce. Okay. So how do you start looking into it in a little different way? If you’re unfamiliar with what we’re talking about cbos, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. If you get sick or take antibiotics or have an infection, then you have a chance of the motility in your intestines changing and bacteria can start growing where they shouldn’t be. It’s not the bacteria good or bad. They’re just growing where they shouldn’t be. Then whenever you eat, that’s what creates all the bloating and that’s why we developed our Tron to To help those people that get bloated and we initially were basing on the science behind how methane is produced today’s articles really cool about how the molecules that are trying to interact with hydrogen sulfide which a lot of people have always asked this and so this community is a very knowledgeable community and so I imagine so to Facebook Live somebody’s going to say that I’m ready to start talking hydrogen sulfide and pro anthocyanins aka, aren’t you?

Yeah, the cool thing is it does it just because I think that that what’s happened without trying to that we’ve been able to at least begin to address methane production but that’s not where does that where everything is. So it’s it’s kind of cool I think to have people see that you’ve continued the the research and we’ll just keep knocking down the the hurdles that are that are before us and hopefully start coming up with some better answers. I mean, it’s really

faster because these other speakers who I just completely respect Sure. You know, a lot them are under the lecture circuit. A lot of them are, you know, primarily researchers and knowing what I did pharmaceutical research. My office was consistently one of the highest enrolling sites being a private practice office in the Dallas area. And when we did this I facts and studies it was cedar Sinai, Mount Sinai Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins. And you know, being number one is not always the best. This is how I know that we enrolled the most because the FDA said wait a minute, what is this little tiny spot in Plano doing enrolling all these people? So they came in gave me a good thorough audit for two weeks. That was so much fun to happen to me. Do you work hard? No.

doesn’t punish.

Yeah. So that’s how I know that. So the thing about it is, is that what I’m going to bring to the table is real world, just completely real world experience of people that are frustrated they’ve they’ve done a lot of things. So it isn’t so much saying that this is my protocol. This is this Because all the others the seebeck are protocol Pimentel probe protocol, there’s all these people developing protocols chair. And you know, they, I imagine they really, really worked for them. I can’t, because everybody has already done one of these protocols and shows up, and it’s just a high volume practice. So what I bring is okay, let’s be practical about it. I don’t really want to spend that much more money because you’ve already spent a lot of money, we don’t need to scope you for the fourth time. And if you ever had any issues like this, then you kind of understand what I’m talking about that by the time you end up seeing a doctor. And so it’ll be interesting because I’m one of the few really traditional gastroenterologist talking in this community, kind of doing the whole bridge the gap thing

on both sides, but you still have an active patient pool to,

yes, very active patient pool and I’m always learning from my patients. And then when I’m going to go on something like this, and I know that they’re going to throw some questions or give me curveballs and that just makes me better. Sure, just continue to grow

so well later in the show. We also are going to address we had several questions this last week. out? Well, if you are a member of KPMG health, you more than likely received an email that talks about the KB MD health box, which I didn’t really know that we were going to get to today. But it looks like that we have to because what we had tons of people sign up and then we even had more people with, with statements like this is great, but what is x, y and z? So in the second hour, we’re going to go straight to what is the KPMG health box and just kind of touch on it probably won’t take up the whole time. But definitely kind of

unmask a little bit of the

start unmasking that. Yeah, absolutely. And, of course, my biotech company, digestive health associate of Texas D hat, I’m still going to launch that we’re working a few kinks out. But it’s a little bit different when you’re launching with 90 doctors versus one where we already have a community that’s listening, and we can talk to them in the way that I’m used to talking to them. It’s a little bit of a learning curve. So if you happen to be a digestive health associate patient and you go see your doctor, go Hey, when’s that box coming out? Yeah, but light a little fire under

it does ask, but I mean, you know, it’s it’s like anything, it’s no one’s fault. It’s why they have the coin phrase of, you know too many chefs, you know. So sometimes you just have a lot of input and things kind of slow down, but will we will figure that part out. Also to add on to the near death experience talk that will kind of lead into a little bit about superstitions. We’re going to talk a little bit about the science of superstitions and why humans may actually benefit from them, even though there’s no scientific explanation on the outset or the perception of them. We might have a little bit little bit to talk about the,

when we start looking at these different things, everybody’s probably going What in the world where they go with this? Well, the deal is, is that when you could start making scientific sense of things, you could start taking control. For instance, if you’ve if you’re a worrier, I was listening to a podcast this morning about different things you can do to help can Worry how you can sit there and either embrace it, control it, visualize something different. But it all comes down to doing something to get your mind under your control, right? And that you can call that meditation you can call it whatever, but it’s a practice. We’ve discussed that where I was telling you about the whole NLP where you can do some sort of movement associated with a memory or emotion and you can put yourself in that emotion. That’s what Tony Robbins does before he goes on stage. everybody’s like, Man, it’s it’s weird. He just gets on a trampoline or does this routine? Yeah. Is that a superstition is that you know, neuro linguistic programming, all these different things start to make sense when you start looking at it. Because when we are doing all these things, you’re moving Marcus Aurelius, the Yes, the stoic philosopher I, you know, I read that daily, stoic yesterday it was so pertinent because this and you know that now that we’ve been doing business for a little while you understand how my brain works. Which, when you start feeling overwhelmed, and you pause, be in the moment and stick one foot in front of the other. And then when Ryan Holliday interpreted that, here’s what he’s saying is, when it looks really daunting, look at the one hurdle that you have to get over first. Yeah. And you know, that’s how my brain works, because I’m just like, I’m not thinking about anything until I get this one thing done. And then I’ll move. There’s other people that like to kind of get half a thing done of many things. But I’m much more in control of my brain. If I can go we’re going to knock this one thing out. And then I’m going to get to that next thing, the next thing because when you start looking down the runway, and realize how far you have to go, that’s what starts bringing in a lot of anxiety and a lot of depression for a lot of people and learning how to be in the moment and just take the one step in front of the other. I think that that’s where CBD can really help people out also, we’re because it actually we showed in one episode how see We can bond to the serotonin receptors, Brian directly. And I think that allows you to really get getting control of your emotions and do that we’re going to talk about a lot of that stuff and tie it all together and why all of this is related to get health?

Yeah, I think that that today’s show is going to have some really cool basically things that you can begin to apply to your daily routine, to hopefully alleviate anxiety. And if you have just even mild depression, start finding some things, some tools that you can incorporate as soon as today.

Speaking of tools, that’s how we’re going to open up the next half hour. Oh, yeah, yeah. What’s that? I’m not telling you.

That sounds scary.

gut check project, Episode Number 15. We will be back here in just a moment. Thank you. Like a chair.

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that’s 804 five to 1075

Alright, we’re back. Thanks for joining us here in the second half hour of gut check project episode number 15. Dr. Brown city at something about tools.

So you were out of town. So as everyone knows you do 99% of my anesthesia for all my cold last night, myself and my patients thank you very much because you do an excellent job but you’re out of town. So I got a chance to work with somebody new for the first time now who wasn’t moment. Oh, Mo Yeah, moment. Great guy. And it was really interesting because you forget that you spend so much time with one person that you don’t have a chance to talk but in these, if you’ve never had a colonoscopy, anybody or if you’ve never actually seen what happens, basically the gastroenterologist and the crna or anesthesiologist are in the same room for eight hours. And the lights are off and you know, every everybody’s paying attention to the colon, not the butt but the colon that’s on the screen and you get talking a little bit, you get to learn stuff about people and learn quite a bit about it. So Moe and I were sitting there talking, he didn’t really know a whole lot about me. And he kind of hinted at something and he said, he goes, You know what you would really like this podcast and I’m super into it. I’m like, Yeah, what is it? He goes, Peter Attia. Oh, yeah, yeah, like, yeah, yeah, I’ve listened to several of his stuff. And he goes, You know, I learned about him through another guy you should meet named Ben Greenfield like, Okay. Oh, wow. So you are listening to similar podcast, don’t you? So this led to him asking me all kinds of things as we started to move on. He’s like, he was Wait a minute. So you’re into this stuff. So, you know, what do you think of this sauna, infrared sauna, things went on to a sauna topic and we talked about that and Charles rising and his studies with that and the Finnish guy and all the studies so it turned into a biohacking day. Wow. Yeah. Good. And I started telling them and you know, I have pictures of everything. And of course, I just about bring everything that I try out the x three bar, vibration plates, my relaxed sauna, I essentially bring it all to work and make everybody do it. Right. They want to or not I, well, I’m sure that they they have a full sail that but maybe they feel obligated. Yeah. So then we got to talking about all that he’s like, Oh my gosh, I need to get that I’m like, well, you’re going to be like me where you just start, you know, ordering stuff that you’ll hear a podcast, then all of a sudden, everything starts showing up at your house. So I got to thinking about that. I was like, wow, since you left. This is my newest attempt at a hack. Okay. I got these BFR bands bf our band blood flow restriction band. Okay. So the idea behind these are that you put these proximally on a joint Uh huh. And then you do low a high repetition to increase blood flow and it prevents the venous blood flow from coming back k penetrates deep Burn to the muscle because the pressure starts building up in there. So you’re not restricting arterial blood flow but constricting venous blood flow. Okay? And the theory is that this can actually increase muscular hypertrophy, increase muscle growth. Growth Hormone goes up, but not just in the limb. The body has a systemic response,

really. So that sounds kind of crazy though, knowing that the Venus bloods going to be carrying back the waste gas, co2, the lactic acid. So is all of that extra dilation and pressure together helping to penetrate the tissues at the idea.

The I think the idea is that it helps penetrate penetrate the tissue, then when you relieve it, there’s a compensatory dilation again, flushes the lactic acid, so I thought we’d do a little experiment here.

Oh, that. Okay. Yeah, that sounds fun.

So why don’t you slap this on your right arm right on it way up. And then all you’re going to do is just tighten it like this. Okay.

So it’s like a flex tourniquet. Yeah,

okay. Here.

Yeah. As high as you can go as high as I can get Okay. All right. You’re listening. I’m adjusting a band with one arm now. By the way, brand has a much bigger arm and

the shows all about science and we’re doing it yet if Yeah. Is it pension? Just lift it up pitch if you just looked it up on pitch, okay, all right, ready? Yep. So I brought a resistance band that you can sit in your chair, okay, put it on your foot and just do a few bicep curls as we keep talking. Okay, we’re gonna look and see if one arm is big. This is a this is a rubbery rope.

From when you’re handing it to me, I thought it was a so what I’m holding here is just basically a, a plastic or rubbery braided rope. And I’m going to apply tension and then begin to to make curls essentially.

While all No No dude on both ends on both Yeah. And so this way we have a comparison we have we have a placebo arm. Okay. Yeah, you like that.

We have a placebo arm dorky joke.

Okay, okay, hold on.

I’m having to flip the hand around because the the, the butt of the the handles kind of banging into the wrist a little bit.

Oh, yeah, I think you’d have to be back a little bit and then do that. But anyways, so go ahead and keep doing that as we’re going to do this as our Instagram post for the day for sure this great audio. So what so what Eric is doing right now is something called blood flow restriction. I think it kind of makes its way through different weightlifting circles periodically. And the idea is that you’re going to increase venous pressure or you’re going to decrease venous return resulting in increased blood flow to the muscle and so you don’t have to use as heavy of weight but then you just do multiple repetitions and you can get some outcome. So that’s all stemmed from me working with mo and we just talked about biohacking and different things. And it dawned on me how much stuff I’m willing to try.

You try A lot of things I’ve seen, you know, do you remember that movie tin cup whenever he had an extra, you know, he’s got he’s got the hat on and has the ball hanging down and he’s got the medicus and he just walks into your angels. The trailer can’t get him out of it. Yeah, the shakes. It’s like a virus. Nobody goes on you get it? Well, that that is interesting. So I’m gonna keep trying to do this while we have this discussion were you looking for?

I’m just I’m looking to see if one on you definitely have more Venus distension in the right arm. That’s actually yeah, that’s the one. That’s the one that has the lot more actually. Would you call BFR? Yep, bit Well, yeah, the brand is BFR blood flow restriction. Okay,

yeah, I mean, I can necessarily feel the difference, but it is different.

So it’s interesting. I actually have leg ones also. And I put them on and I was doing just air squats and all this other stuff, just trying to figure it out. And then Lucas goes, Hey, if you do that enough, aren’t you gonna cause varicose veins Oh,

Like, I can’t stand it when a 14 year old.

Yeah, I mean, there’s gotta be a reason. But all right, well, you know what I think it’s working. Well, I can definitely see basically the bulging here and this particular vein, you can see it here where it’s not complimentary over here nearly as much. So obviously, it’s restricting return back to the heart. And in one limb,

so just another one of those little things. A will. I’ll let you know, from seeing some significant difference here, but definitely, yeah, then you just pull it off. Oh, no.

There’s a combination. It’s a lot.

Yeah, I know. We got it. Now. Let me see. Okay, there we go. All right. Well, very, very interesting. And I don’t know how would we measure that it’s penetrated better? What kind of parameters do they use?

They actually have studies on this, and I could but I didn’t look up any studies on this house band and just trying to see if I get you to do that. Live on Yeah,

so yeah, you win, and then probably happen again. No, no doubt well, so earlier in the show, or we had a few people who wrote in and wanted to know about traumatic events, and in having traumatic events, we had a couple people who said, you know, does near death experience affect me? Or affect someone who’s had it? And how does it affect their relationship with other people in their lives? And then you and I just got to talking. And then you remember another you reminded me but you brought up that, you know, we’ve even you and I both have had a couple of strange experiences growing up as is a lot of different people doing you’ve asked me to, to kind of retail this, this quick story here.

Well, if if it was wondering why we went here last week, we had Cooper read on correct and we were talking about psilocybin psilocybin is currently being studied at Johns Hopkins for both depression and PTSD, right. And so this topic got brought up and there you know, people that have had near death experiences that is a profound cause of PTSD. And people can ruminate on it. So

def Yeah, it definitely isn’t it I can say from my own experience that it stuck with me pretty well. And there’s there’s a couple things in my life that were kind of weird whenever I experienced them but but this one in particular was probably the only time that I actually thought that I was more than likely going to die. And what happened in the year 2000 exactly one week to the day before Marina were to get married. We were down in Galveston, and we were down with some friends, Dave and will and another guy named Cameron and Cameron lived in Galveston, and rain at the time lived just south Houston. Well, we went down to the beach and Cameron had a new surfboard. And you want to is that he wanted to show us how how cool it was and how he could serve from the Galveston isn’t like Hawaii, we’re now or it takes real skill to get up in the in those low energy waves. No

I was thinking of Cabo where the word the ocean can be very dangerous with a huge undertone. Sure,

yeah. You know now there are jetties though because it obviously is is eroding the beach and so if you’ve ever been to Galveston or down towards Jamaica Island two things what they call it, but anyhow the St. Louis bridge there is there’s these long jetties whatever the interval is that shoot out from the beach out to out to the Gulf. And we were right next to the area, there was a jetty on our left and to our right was the old flagship hotel, which I don’t believe there anymore. They had a really bad storm a couple of years ago that took that out. But regardless, and you can see people at the hotel, it was built on top of these peers that went all the way out into the Gulf. And Sun is is going down and we’re just standing in water. It’s about I don’t know, five deep,

so it’s it’s not big waves coming in. There’s

nothing even thinking about what’s Trying

to figure out how this is a near death experience because so far it sounds so far

it sounds like hanging out sounds like

somebody has to run up with a gun.

Yeah. And they didn’t fortunately, but Cameron goes out on his surfboard. And Dave and marine will and I are just standing there just watching him, and he’s catching some waves. And we’re, you know, just casually drinking a beer to while he’s out there doing it. And then I do remember looking back that as we’re watching Cameron serve, that a wave came in that was probably bigger than the others, not huge though, and kind of washed up on us. And then a few seconds goes by, and then suddenly, I’m not on my feet anymore. And I’m underwater. Oh, geez. And I’m based I can feel myself just kind of being I don’t know, scurried under underneath the water and water is going to my nose and

so I select a huge undertow came up or it’s exactly what it was. I mean, not terrifying how quickly something like that can happen.

It was at a note Right, we had no expectation that there was even any element of danger of us standing there. And then when I popped up note, so whenever we were standing on the, you know, in the deep water, we were only about 20%, you know, a quarter of the way down the length of the jetty that was on our left, and we were a good, I don’t know, 4050 yards away from it, you know, to the laterally. And so the water came, it swept me out. And then when I popped up, I quickly realized that even further out was David Murray. They’re back behind me. And we’re not even where the waves are crashing yet. We can be we went underneath where all the waves were crashing up against the jetties, and we’re popped out and you all we have is the waves as they’re building up and they’re crashing over and I can remember Dave yelling in the distance saying, you know, Rhaegar don’t go towards the jetty. I’m like, Yeah, that’s a great idea. Did you say go to the So I I’m comforted that Marie is close to Dave and I don’t see will anywhere though I have no idea where will is. And I keep trying to swim laterally because that’s really the only thing that I knew away from the Jenny was doing no good though I just didn’t, I couldn’t out power where the wave was pushing me. And it ends up pushing me right to the end of this jetty rock right at the very, very, very tip. And I can remember as well riding a wave and you hear crash and the closer you get, the louder the sound gets, and then the wave will pick up and then have a crash. Well, then, I can remember distinctly that the water in the wave just before I was thrown up to the rock crashes on the edge, the very tip of the Jedi, and it just goes and then as it goes down, I can see boy down and I could see all these little bitty muscles and whatever else although the rocks on In my mind since Marina we’re living in South Houston oftentimes on the local news, they’re talking about people who’ve, who’ve died on the weekend just hanging out on the beach. And I sat there my mind, I remember thinking, you’re going to be on the news, and you’re not going to make it to the wedding. Your wedding. And but at least your family will be together. Yes, you know. And so then the the the my, my turn comes, apparently so

you’re watching so you know, it’s coming. I there’s nothing you could do about it. You’re looking at all these rocks and muscles and sharp objects. Yep. And you’re looking back on amazing gigantic pieces are red granite stone.

Like I shouldn’t say they’re square cube, but they definitely been cut right? So they could build these jetties. So they’ve been stacked along the end. And so then the BI wave comes and I see it and I’m thinking it’s going to be hit injury, you know, because that you’re being your own. hurled. Yeah. into a giant Good, large wall so just a big wall of stone right Jews. So the moment I hit my first surprises, I didn’t hit my head. And then the crazy thing was I then just felt my body being pulled down and I quickly and I still have a scar from it on Monday as quickly jam my my leg between two of those gigantic stones right. And water is crashing up and basically coming over my head with each successive wave and I had to give the energy and try to think about the timing you really couldn’t believe that I was still there. And finally, as I begin to piece together a really haphazard but it worked strategy to get out of there. I Chris to the top and the moment that I get up to the top. I thankfully I see Dave and then what he’s doing is he’s retrieving Murray. I thought I was in a bad spot. They actually washed up on close to the the tip of the Jedi Actually on the side, and that is nothing but like a underwater washing machine. Oh geez. And she every time she tried to step up Dave said that she was just being sucked.

You see videos of tourists and in Hawaii, they’re just standing they get sucked up and then they can’t get out of that little Whirlpool. Oh, awful.

Yeah, like when they’re crashing in between the big stones and like the abeka big cliff. It’s it’s very, very similar in appearance the way it looked. But thank thankfully for Dave, he’s right there. He pulls Murray up and we’re just all cut up. Right? And the week goes, but we made it obviously and then we found will will had like one one Nick above his belly buttons like, Oh, yeah, it was scary. And then he got it. He didn’t get pushed out nearly as far as we did. But regardless, we all were fine. But I still remember having for a brief period of time, lots of thoughts about that. I was already kind of that I shouldn’t say comfortable, but I accepted the idea. That was It and the weird thing is though, you are forced to begin to reconsider your life choices where you what your direction is what it is that you’re going to do and, and I

don’t say this when you were clinging. Yeah, with your knees, right, essentially you’re clamped your knees right? You were really thankful that you have that Suzanne Somers thighmaster Yeah, that’s the one time where you’re just like I’m happy about that life choice

Yeah, there’s no saving my life that and the little finger good machine that I had there that I was always know. And I don’t know that I have a thighmaster not anymore, but I’m just imagining just clinging to a wall I’m waiting for wave after wave the wave when the hits you just like it’s heavy weight does this pull down? It’s pulling down on all parts of your body. It’s not just like your your bathing suit. It’s everything right? And I’m you know, I’m still wearing my my shirt. I think it was anyway, but anyway, but it was torn. And we’re all cut up pretty good and Rena, you know, we we laughed at the The series was behind us we all went on to enjoy each other’s company and hung out just kind of talked about it people in this little bitty bar restaurant across the street. We’re looking at us as we’re still bleeding. And like y’all Okay, like that, you know? Yeah. And, and but what Maria and I both went through together going through that was kind of this bonding experience of we made it we’ve had several conversations about just that one evening that just that 130 minutes, that that kind of formed the way that we both were able to kind of go back and reevaluate where you are in life. And then it didn’t really occur to me until a few years ago that what was what was that coping mechanism? And what allowed these different things to happen and, oddly enough, as I began to look through it, I learned that Marina are actually fortunate that we did it together because people oftentimes have near death experiences. alone or away from all of their significant others or close family members, they actually end up being not perceived well by those that don’t understand their experience, it can actually build up a wall lots of times, there are people who have near death experiences, that they have a significant other that didn’t go through the same sequence of events or the same experience at all. And they actually have a hard time relating until the other person has time to recoup from that. And I found that fascinating, that just by complete luck, that number one, we survived it. And number two, that we did it together, that that wasn’t something that became a barrier or wall it actually was a bonding experience. And there’s actually a lots of dopaminergic activity or dopamine release that happens in the realization of the things that you did right after you get past the trauma. And so anyway, Jeff question.

No, I don’t I just think it’s fascinating because that is the way that That you said that you and Maria, you know, through through life, you’re going through other things. And you, you go back and you can reflect on that when we came out of that. And so we can we can fix we can basically get through anything else. That’s not a life and death situation. I really think that that’s how a lot of our veterans feel. Yes. And which is why they find community amongst other veterans. Yep. Because, you know, look at the Vietnam era, look at the Iraq era where people come back and they’re misunderstood. They’ve got PTSD, they’ve got traumatic brain injury, all that kind of stuff. And if you don’t find your sense of community where other people can get it, it can be a very lonely and anxiety provoking time without question and to make it even more lucky and to bring in the veterans because that’s exactly what I was, was on my mind as I was reading through this. We didn’t lose anybody in our party, out of the five of us that were together. We all five left, had someone been hurt or whatever the net, the scenario recovery would have been far more different, and that the same thing plays out with people who have autism. Biel accidents, they have a plane crash or whatever. But when a band of people go through something together,

that’s traumatic and life threatening, well, then that’s one thing. If somebody survives and someone doesn’t, it can actually really, really way. And that’s what gives way to the survivor’s guilt and different things like that.

So I just had a patient that told me that her functional medicine, psychiatry, was at the National PTSD meeting. And in the meeting, where a bunch of gastroenterologist from around the country, no kidding. Yeah. She said, Yeah, I was like, Wow, I didn’t even think and she’s like, Yeah, well, first of all, in the intake form, now, you know, they always throw in some intake form. Do you smoke, do you whatever and then you’re supposed to address it and things. So I think that one of the criteria Medicare now is asking is have you been a victim of any trauma and then you start going Went on the PTSD route. And it makes total sense as a gastroenterologist. If you are not able to get past an event in your life, that’s how come so many gi issues are tied to childhood abuse, no joke. And we’ve learned that forever that when you start looking at these different things that that could really be tied to something like that because the serotonin in the gut, there’s more serotonin in the gut than in the brain. And then anytime you have any type of dopaminergic, depletion, or any type of cortisol rise, that affects your intestines, so all these kinds of things. It’s interesting because I’m trying to think about, wow, if I had the perfect practice, it would include both the addressing not just using proper diet, not just using some, some biohacking tools, right like sauna like CBD, but then also offering an environment where meditation can be taught mindfulness meditation. So an article just came out this fits right in I just read this, where they published that mindfulness meditation can actually help with rumination and not food, rumination, rumination of thought, thoughts. Yeah. So rumination of thoughts. You can look at that in any other way. It’s that thing where you just go, man, I can’t get that out of my head. Why do I keep thinking about this negative thing? Why does this happen? Why am I worried about this? Why is this it’s the rumination. It can be OCD level, or it can be over here. But when you start doing a mindfulness meditation, then you can actually start taking control of some of that stuff. And I want to hear I want to talk about how athletes can cope with that. But I want to tell you about my near death experience. Okay, super quick. Yeah. I was driving home from but I was out of town and I was had the Google Maps on and it said turn right. And I turned right I wasn’t paying attention, but I turned right right before I should have and I ended up in a McDonald’s drive through what? Yes. And then a car pulled up behind me and I was stuck in the drive thru. And I pulled right up there and she goes, Hey, where can I get you? Then? I was like panic. I don’t know what to do. And I don’t know Joe.

Pull up

at McDonald’s, and it was in my car.

Thankfully, I was able to pull over right away and throw it out. Yeah.

It’s too bad. loida when they’re with yoga them together. I don’t

she doesn’t get it. I talked about it. I’m like, tunnel, Tommy,

you weren’t there. You don’t understand.

Alright, so let’s use that same idea of trying to control your brain. Yeah. And control these thoughts. And let’s talk about what you want to talk about.

Well, they The interesting thing that kind of ties a lot of that together is how do you get past How do you regain control? How do you because I never felt out of control about thoughts and I wasn’t struggling different. Find a happy place or anything else like that. I don’t think that I’ve severely suffered since just that one incident but it made me want to kind of explore what is it that people are doing and what kind of routine do they get into and I was reminded just this last weekend while watching the College World Series Texas Tech within and I noticed that one player for instance, Josh young, he always talks to his bat before he plays this guy was just drafted by the Rangers I think number eight, well and successful hitter etc. And then you’ve we’ve all seen the guys who are about to bat Nate, buckle and unbuckle and and buckle and buckle their their gloves right before they hit and they all have their routine. So oftentimes, we dismiss superstition as a dumb or unexplicable, but we just do it. And the truth is, there’s lots of research that shows that establishing a routine actually no matter how silly can allow your brain Rain to administer the right amount of doping, to where you find the focus necessary to achieve a task. And even though it may set expectations unrealistically high for what the outcome is, when those achievements don’t happen or don’t occur, the level of depression is less. It’s basically like, well, we can do it again next time. But the times that people are withheld from doing their superstitions, they almost inevitably always blame the fact that they didn’t do the routine. Get them there. So this all tied back to some really basic stuff that Tim Ferriss and several others have said that, find your morning routine, to establish your mode of success. And that could start with making your bed every day or your routine for meditation, or your routine on how you make your breakfast or just your routine on how you greet your family members. But your routine matters.

You set up your routine You take control of your day that way. Yeah. And then it is you have set it in motion. I mean, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins talks about it. Super Elon Musk, super successful people all have this morning routine where they get up and they do this stuff. I think that you start using this morning routine and augmenting it by getting out and earthing, you know, being can get outside a little bit, especially if the sun’s shining, start your circadian rhythm going right? By doing that you can drink a big glass of water, start your hydration routine. And then if you’re capable, it’d be really cool to do a meditation. So every day before we do this show, I always go to the colleyville lifetime. I’ve got a little routine, where I end it by being in the sauna and doing 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation. And I think that that is a way to take control, even if this show sometimes, you know, we just go Okay, hope the show goes well at least I have control of that portion of it.

Yeah. And having control It’s like a grounding it’s it’s it’s a, it’s a level of familiar familiarity that you can embark upon something new and you you know that you have just like you said that level of control to move forward and and have some confidence. So, key takeaway today if you’re experiencing even just modest amounts of overwhelming feelings or anxiety, start by just mapping out a new routine that’s beneficial to you and that you can commit to no matter how small Hey, we’re gonna be back in the next half hour and as promised, Dr. Brown is going to address a little bit of the questions around the KVD box. We’ll see you on the next hour.

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Dr. Ken brown here host of gut check project with my co host, Eric Rieger. I’ve seen in my practice that I’ll try and tell us a whole lot more than just a building product.

Yes, it does a whole lot more than just exploding because of the polyphenols that you find in Asante. What are some of the things that these polyphenols do where these probably females can help you have more energy and polyphenols are great for athletes. It sounds

like it’s gonna help a whole lot more people than just load and go to love slash spoonie

Alright, it’s sketching project Episode 15 second hour here, Eric Rhaegar with your host Kim Brown.

Just real quick, just real quick reminder, love my tummy calm slash spoonie love my tummy, calm slash spoonie everyone’s a winner. You can save money on your month supply of altran deal and I want to give a quick shout out real quick to spoonie show tray. trays chow down. He was just picked up by three other radio stations that are now syndicating radio. Yeah, good for him. Absolutely. So take the time to check out trades. chow down on the spoonie network. It’s a great show. It’s it’s a it’s a terrific show. So anyhow, congratulations, Trey and more continued success as the spinny network continues to grow. There’s like I said last week, there’s just tons of great shows that are on spinny network and you just need to do yourself a favor and check it out. So Dr. Brown We had hinted last hour that you were going to address some of the questions that we had coming into the email, not only those who’ve already signed up with the KB MD health box, but there’s a few who are like, hey, this sounds great. But they had some some, some more, I guess, articulated questions, then things that you had already planned on getting to so before we sent out the email to do some explanation, we figured we’d wait till the show, and then we’ll send it out later today.

Yeah, so we’re really excited. We’ve been working on something we brought up a few episodes before about the digestive health associate member box and what this is, is a curate or a cultivated box, where I want to put things to augment your life that have been vetted that I have seen as a physician mark in my patient population. And we have teamed up with a great guy, Steven is L started this company called member box because he realized that we can deliver health to your house and that’s our And so we are launching the KB MD health member box. And what that means is that when you sign up for this, you will be able to get physician vetted products delivered to your home at a huge cost savings. So by teaming up with member box, we’re able to purchase these things in massive bulk, or they are and then you can cultivate the box. So the first month is really the month that I’m going this is going to be my box. This is going to be the the I guess it’ll be the mid June box. And so in this box arrives to your house, your health has arrived there. When it does arrive, make sure that you reuse, recycle, share. Very excited because one thing we did is we told everybody to that this we’re going to be launching this and a lot of people signed up which is awesome. But a lot of people also asked, well what’s going to be in the first month sure what if I already have everything that’s there? So let’s talk about it right the first month. Now, that being said, something that we’ve not been able to talk about in the other emails that we’ve sent out, right, that first month is going to be what I have seen work. But a patient yesterday was asking me, Well, you know, I take this supplement for my eye health. Is there anything going to be there for eyes? Because that’s something I would like? Absolutely great question. Because what you’re going to be able to do once you become a member of this very exclusive community, you can go on and there’s going to be a store where you can build different things. If you need an eye thing, if you want this, these are all going to be vetted products. And what I mean by that is we know that a lot of a lot of different supplements and things like that it’s not just supplements, there’s some food products and really, really, really cool stuff. Through DNA analysis, they show that almost well almost 80% of them do not have what they say it has in there. So in this box, we know that these have all been third party tonight. Did we know that these are very reputable companies, and I have seen them actually work on people. And so that’s what’s really cool. We’re going to be able to deliver health to your house. And you know that you’re getting something that’s actually real and you’re getting getting a huge discount. It’s a win win win.

It is definitely a win. And another added benefit that you kind of hint and hinted about there is that when you go and you you become a member of the KVD health box, you have access basically to a market place. And for lack of a better analogy, think of Costco you don’t get to see the advertised prices of Costco but you more or less pay a membership. Well, this one doesn’t really require membership, the moment that you buy, you get and if you ever want to pause your your receiving stuff, you just pause it. However, as long as you are a member of the kbd health box, you can look at the marketplace and you will have basically pricing on goods They cannot make public. And that’s why you don’t see Costco run ads, they have agreements with their suppliers not to advertise what their low costs are. Same for Sam’s Club, this essentially is an online more or less avenue for you to not only save money, but to get it delivered to your home. And then you get to have a physician show you at least in the health space, these are the supplements that I know have science that back them, you can save money on. And this is how it works for you. And I kind of want you to touch on this. Also, there’s some things that you didn’t put in there that a lot of people commonly take. I’ve seen when people come through the clinic, or the GI suite, and they say, Well, I’m taking so and so and so and so what’s it doing for me, and oftentimes, I’ve seen you say, I don’t know, I don’t know what that’s doing for you kind of kind of hint on that what’s not in here.

Yeah. So this is In the first month, there’s a few things that I don’t see really good success with. I don’t see really good success with your run of the mill probiotics for instance night. Everyone that comes into my clinic has already been on five or six different ones. And there’s some science to show why traditional probiotics over a long term have not been much more beneficial than a than a placebo. And a lot of evidence points to the fact that most of those probiotics get destroyed through the stomach acid into the bile and pancreatic issues. I think next week we’re having a microbiologist kind of talk about this and probably sound Yeah, so we’re gonna we’re gonna hit it that I do see a lot of people that take unnecessary vitamins, but I checked our blood we checked micronutrients, it’s all they’re not, not really something that I would put a whole lot of people on because traditionally the diet a lot of people are taking poorly absorbed. But ingredients, and so they’re kind of wasting their money. My big thing for this is to talk about the science talk about things that have been shown to benefit people, right? Get it for a savings, and more importantly, really get my patients not waste money. I mean, we talked in the last half hour about how I love the life hack and how I try to get into these different things. Sure. One of those things is really trying that a lot of the different products that I take and see the benefit that I can get from them. So that’s why we chose in the first month, and I will say this, that to put it in perspective, complete cost analysis on this box, and I’m going to go through all these products and why you’re going to get over $250 worth of product for the membership fee of $147. Right? So it’s already $100 savings that you won’t get anyplace else. You can’t go to Amazon and build this box. You can’t go to Costco and find these things, right. It’s a very unique vetted products that are going Going to make a difference.

That’s a big point. So when let’s say that you do go to Amazon or that you do go to Costco or you do go to any other traditional retailer that that we’re all familiar with, generally what you see on the end cap, which is the you know, the end there, or what you see on the, on the on the most visible shelves, not always, but generally what it is, it’s not about them being the best product, it’s about them having the most marketing dollars, and it’s about them having the best placement. In this particular scenario, utilizing KMD health box, the physician has gone through and said, this is a reputable manufacturer, and the decorations or the application of this supplement has a real benefit.

And you know what’s really exciting this marketplace that we’re talking about, it’s only going to keep growing. Yeah, and it’s all going to keep growing with reputable things. I pay certain registration fees so that I can have access to different certificates of analysis like consumer Labs is one of them. Sure. I just read a recent one where they looked at melatonin, different melatonin and Almost all of them had varying amounts. So when I talked to patients, and just like we talked about in the first half hour, oh, I tried CBD, it didn’t work. Oh, oh, I tried melatonin. It didn’t work. Oh, I tried this it didn’t work, it’s, well, it’s probably because what was on the label was one 10th of what was on the label or vice versa, or there’s a whole lot of things. We did also talk about that in the certain categories. And article just came out warning parents to not purchase items for their teens associated with sports performance, weight loss or energy, because we’re seeing team death now from supplements. And when they analyze it, it’s because there’s a lot of weird stuff in there.

Yeah. And that’s, that’s what this that’s one of the many purposes that serves. And that is basically to help the end user get real products with a real purpose with real savings. And quite honestly, one of the biggest complaints or the worries that we have in the patients come through the GI suite is what I’ve already spent this money on this. And now I added this is this one working? Is this a good mix? The cool thing is is what we’re putting in here can be taken together and it relieves the anxiety. So just think I’m not only saving money, I’m saving time and I’m saving a trip to the store. I’m not having to go and piecemeal all of this together. I know that the physician has gone through and seen this you already trust him with a with a prescription. You trust him with a regimen that you leave the clinic with. Now you get it with a with a consumer supplement level purchase. Oh,

yeah. So it is it’s, it’s going to be a physician. This is what I would tell my patients to go live someplace and purchase it. What we’re doing is taking the convenience out of that. And so this is not it’s not prescriptions, description at all. It’s over the counter things that I have seen that have helped me right I have seen it work on my patients. And we know that it’s it’s a recommendation and if it doesn’t You You’re like, man, I like four of these items, keep those for next month, you want that I product get that I product.

Yeah, you want something else, you want to go beyond that and get into skincare and beauty, lots of stuff like that. You want to get the advice of a holistic plastic surgeons products that are available there. You can do that, oh, want some books together. So if you happen to be someone who says, You know, I like the way that Dr. Brown suggested this, this and this, but I actually want this other thing that somebody else has in the marketplace, you can do that. There’s nothing wrong. I mean, you could still treat it like a store. It’s essentially a store that has Dr. Brown’s recommendations available and you get to see it. But every single thing that’s in there comes with the savings and the cool thing is is beyond health, etc. The idea of the platform is to move this over to also everyday consumables, you’ll be able to, they’ll be eventually they’ll be electronics and other things in there that if you were to spend 200 you probably only spend 60

Yeah. And if you When you go to the landing page, you’re going to see that the copy there that what we wrote, it was pointed out to me that it’s 100% true because what we’re talking about, we’re talking about Dr. Anthony Yun, right up in Michigan, who’s on Dr. Oz all the time. There’s other influencers, functional medicine doctors, traditional doctors, that are all part of this member box community that we have. We’re sharing ideas, right? So when we’re looking at this, I can go you know, Tony, has your has your group has your tribe, have they done well, with with this line of skincare products, what is your best here, so I want to I want to feature it next month here. Let’s go ahead and do this because we’re getting a lot of feedback on skincare. You know, Trina, tell me about your organic primal dental stuff. Let’s start integrating some of that it’s going to be so exciting. So we’re curating boxes, but we’re also sharing information and sharing experience, but that’s what’s so cool about this. So you can go to KB MD box. com just for a direct link. If you’d like to sign up and KB Md Just go and check it out, if you’d like to, to explore a little bit more, of course, if you have any questions, go to gut check, go to gut check, project calm and hit contact. And there’s you can there’s also a drop down menu for you to say, hey, look, I’ve got questions about the the KBB health box. Yes, let’s go ahead and mention this also, that there’s, it’s limited right now, because it is this is our first box, we’re starting out, there’s going to be limited quantities. You know, we’re gonna have limited quantities of trying to because a lot of the other people that have boxes, everybody’s trying to use this. So we want to make sure that everybody has the first opportunity. And those are their first day. And I can only imagine that. It’s like all things, number boxes gone out on a pretty big limb set up a huge platform worked really hard. We’ve worked very hard to work with everybody else to talk to people. And the getting in on the ground floor is the key to this thing. Because I can imagine that as the marketplace grows and it becomes more successful. Prices are just going to continue to go up so

well in And to add to that, so roughly 70 something percent of Americans, adult Americans take supplements on the regular. If they happen to have any association with the GI disorder or they go and visit a gastroenterologist, that number is now over 85%. So chances are, that if you’re hearing this message and you’re an adult, you probably take supplements. If you’ve always wondered, hey, in terms of my, my health, am I taking the right things, it’s worth your time to check it out. Because I think that the KB MD health box will definitely save you money, save you anxiety and time and it will be delivered straight to your door.

So what’s in the first month? So this is essentially my box. This is what I would say okay, for the first month, since you have to sign up to get the box first, right? I know that we’re going to be sending big bang for your buck. That’s the key. So we want to find things that are going to augment each other. We’re going to have a big value to this and some pretty interesting novel Things that I’ve had great feedback from the other doctors and influencers and from patients. So two things that I have not tried, but I had great feedback from. This is exciting. This is why we do this, because we’re going to be able to say this and put this out there. Oh, Doc, this worked out really well. We’re going to do feedback afterwards. Hey, tell me what, tell me what you want this next month, we’re thinking of doing a sleep box, you know, does does our community want this? I’m going to go scour. I’m going to meet with sleep doctors. We’re going to talk we’re going to find natural paths who are good at sleep, say, Okay, let’s find out what works. Then we go, we came up with number box, we find the ingredients that we want. We we do the research, and we work a deal out just like they did with Costco. So they can be in the marketplace so that I can then put it in the box. So next month, we’re going to do a sleep box. For all we know, nobody’s ever really looked at because Okay, for instance, I’m still practicing gastroenterology, right. I’m grinding stuff out. I see things that are not being published, right? Because I don’t have the time to publish it. I’m sitting here making you do bicep curls Thursday morning instead. So there’s a great example when we go to these meetings and we meet with people. In fact, the first combination when Bridget Danner who has her own box, said hey, you need to meet Get on. Krishna. Kristen, the medical director for megaspore biotic because I’m killing it with the with your product Tron teal and megaspore. So that is going to be our microbiologist we’re going to have on next week, but that is a great example of influencers connecting other influencers and this web grows. So if there are people out there who knows certain things are like, Wow, my doctor, functional, traditional, whatever has me on this and it’s working really well. We’ll look into it. Now you start seeing something really cool developing if we can expand this, which is what I want to do. I want to do that functional armor research right now. We’ve got, we can send out questionnaires and say did this work to this combination work? For instance, this gut box. This is a primarily a gut box. I’m a gastroenterologist, but it extends beyond that. So let’s look when you when you get this and you open it up, and you look into see what’s to see what’s inside. What you’re going to find the first ingredient drawn to my baby. Why is it in that? Well, because we know it works. We know that over, you know, 88% of the people that have bloating get better. But I also know that after we’ve had this out in the market for a few years, we’re still seeing that kind of success rate. And the polyphenols in it are really important. We haven’t even gotten to our science article yet, which actually explains more, but I’ll try until the polyphenols for everyday use. Essentially, those are the molecules in the Mediterranean diet that make it very healthy. And because we’ve been able to work out a really good deal from a business model, we realized that okay, we can get This on the marketplace, right? That’s the cool thing. So it’s going to be available to all the other influencers also, when I’m super excited, so otra until, if you’re part of the community, you probably already understand what I try and feel is if not go to love my slash spoonie. Put in code spoony for a discount. Learn more about it. Yep. So otra until now, the other thing. You’ve heard me say this before, I’m not that big of a fan of traditional probiotics, right? Because if you look at the animal data it even Quigley, the godfather of probiotics. He is a gastroenterologist currently in Houston right now. Yeah, but he’s been around a few different places a Emeritus Professor out of Ireland. He’s been studying probiotics for the last 40 years. One of the first guys to talk about it. I saw him at our annual meeting bumped into him and what Hey, Eamon, I gotta go on this. I have to go on a podcast there was one of them dresser or wolfer One of Greenfield, I have to go on to say I want to talk a bit about probiotics can give me anything new. And he summed it up because they’re amazing in a petri dish. Just can’t reproduce it consistently in humans. And there’s a million reasons why because it’s more complex. Sure. But after teaming up and speaking with, get on, I realized, oh my gosh, this is why so many people are doing great taking a different type of probiotic called megaspore megaspore. biotic is actually soil based spore form.

Well, bacteria, but they’re in a spore form, right? The key to this is, these guys, when they come into the digestive system, they survived the stomach, they survived the small bowel. When they get further into the small bowel. They do what he described as a handshake and it starts waking up a little bit by the time it gets to the ilium, which is where you have a lot of Your immune system right before goes into the colon. That handshake allows it to give antigens, meaning it takes the outside environment and exposes the body so that it increases its immune system so that it’s always prepared to fight the outside world. These spore based biotics have been around their soil based, they’ve been around forever. We have made our world to clean. So we have produced an immune system that’s not used to seeing certain bacteria. We are not getting healthier as a country, we’re getting sicker. And I think one of the reasons is because we’re not eating enough dirt. Yeah. And one way to do that is to have concentrated spores. That as it turns out, when it gets to the colon, then they wake up, they send signals to other good bacteria to start reproducing more, they send signals to bad bacteria. And it gets those bacteria to like virulent bacteria, I mean, and then they love polyphenols. So when they wake up the politician Are our fuel to them so that’s why I tried to plus megaspore biotic works so well together because they just augment each other Mother Nature, polyphenols can’t do any better than that. Mother Nature has a type of bacteria that can make make it to where they should. So the science behind it is absolutely awesome. So those two are key ingredients. If you look up the price of those you already seen the already saving money You already said money. The third ingredient I I chose life extension, digestive enzymes right. And the reason for that is that the digestive enzymes we’ve got some data to suggest that it actually works really well with the type of polyphenols that are in the pro anthocyanins that are in Ultron teal, and it has been shown to actually help augment some nutritional absorption. So we want to make sure that you get the biggest bang. The reason why I’m doing that is because I see so many patients that when I add digestive enzymes they actually improve. The third ingredient is really cool or fourth. We’re already on for Yeah, fourth omocha organic tumor and the thing I love about this one is somebody out there going well I already take tumor so the problem with turmeric is that the quality varies a ton and the absorption varies. So this particular one is a blend of turmeric plus bio parian, which is black pepper helps it absorb and it has amla which does blood glucose control Ryan ginger for gut health that improves gut motility. So those those four things synergistically are going to get together. But it also decreases neuro inflammation because of the tumeric. Then the fifth Ingrid, we’re on five right? I think so. Yeah. Six. Okay, so the fifth ingredient is Vermont village, Vermont village, apple cider vinegar shots, right? So a lot of people know about apple cider vinegar. It’s been shown to help with weight loss. It’s been shown to help with some digestive health and a few other things. So So many people take it. But what’s unique about this one is it’s organic, and they’ve actually made it taste good. Yeah. And so we’re gonna, we’re gonna throw some apple cider vinegar shots in there to see what happens. And then the sixth ingredient is the one that I have not taken. But I’ve had the incredible feedback on this. And this is really exciting. It’s called trucy. Tr u s. I.

This is a huge value. I actually tried it. It was actually really, really good. You did? Yeah. Oh, yeah, we did.

So this is a huge value add. This is actually micronized hydrogen, plus magnesium, and you’re like micronized hydrogen. What’s that? Well, that’s nanoparticles of hydrogen. So why is it in that? It seems kind of bogus, because it seems where they got a really cool website that talks about the science but I found a bunch more science, buried in the literature, where micronized hydrogen helps cellular oxidation, decrease cellular inflammatory process, and they’ve actually got data to show that they can help with wound healing. And it’s been used in like burn units and things like that. is awesome, you can absorb it through IV through drinking it. And then the final seventh item and there is a special gift from me to my community. And I’m really excited about that. And that’s going to be a surprise. So you can see that the first round, what I want everybody to do is get this, the kicker is is 100% money back guarantee. So if it doesn’t work for you,

sounds even real gamble is trying out. So that’d be a real gamble. Try it out.

But I bet you if you if you’re gonna do it, commit to it. Make a commitment, commit to one month, take it and look yourself and go You know what, I do feel better?

Well, I really hope that I mean, I’m excited. I’m signing it my family. I really hope that everybody feels like that they’re starting to kind of understand what it is because this brand new concept will be back with the last half hour gachet project Episode 15 just a month.

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Alright, it’s the last half hour Episode 15 this is just kind of flown by we’ve, we’ve had a couple of topics that I think we’ve kind of got deep on KBB health box, what it’s like to fight off Jenny’s waves. And well, now we’re going to get into the science, which is the first time we’ve ever pushed it to the to the last half hour,

right drive through experience wasn’t wasn’t good enough for you.

I don’t like thinking about it.

is terrifying is I just kind of don’t want us to bring it up anymore.

So, you know, one of the things that we do over here is we’re number one, we looked at medical literature, we talked about all that. There’s also something that a lot of times people completely forget about that as we learn more. Like it’s always done. Medicine is not static. It’s not always fluid now. And just because something has been done the generation before doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to continue doing it. Correct. And that’s one of the things things about the way that we prescribe drugs, the way that we have a lack of using mother nature to help us out right now in traditional medicine. So this whole evolution of the functional side coming up and traditional side trying to look at itself, a really cool article just came out. And it actually looked, it was a meta research, a comprehensive review of randomized clinical trials and three medical journals. And they looked at medical reversals. And what that means is Do you remember when estrogen first came out and everybody supposed to be on estrogen because they prevented heart attacks and then after share 15 years I said, Oh, are bad it actually increases heart attack rate and actually stroke. Yes. Why do we not put everybody on it? Right. There’s a whole camera what podcast it is. I’ll find it. There’s a whole podcast on it’s one of the really big podcast but they looked at medical reversals and Freakonomics Freakonomics was on Freakonomics a couple years ago where they looked at medical reversals, and you start looking at the data. The data comes out, you get trained, and you’re like, oh, status is great. Everybody needs to be honest. Yeah. And then you start looking at you, like, are we saving lives here. And so to this day, if you walk into a cardiologists office, and they have their data to show it, one of the guys came on and said, I get that the data lowers cholesterol, like we know that at one expense, but at what expense? Are we actually extending? Is the health span increasing? Is the lifespan increasing? You start looking at these different things? Yeah. So and you know, the answer still out there, I guess. Sure does. I’m articles like this. Basically, it’s this. Here’s what they took a look at. They did a systematic search of randomized controlled trials. And the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. They identify 396 ex medical reversals spanning different medical disciplines, types of interventions and populations. So it is the de adoption of these and other low value medical practices that will lead to overall beneficial cost savings and beneficial health savings and increased lifespan. Okay. So it’s interesting that so much evidence comes out, then we do something and then when you look back and go, Wait a minute, did that really look at this. So this particular article looked at things that they concluded as a randomized trial was very beneficial, but then later became reversed, like the estrogen thing like that. I only bring that up, because it’s important to know that when we start getting into new fields, that things are going to change is going to be a moving target and all this other stuff. So that leads into this topic that went if we’re reversing traditional, randomized, placebo controlled trials, because that’s what everybody says, right? You go to a meeting, oh, you know, show me Show me the data. You know, I know on the other side the data is being paid for by somebody. Right? You have to keep that in mind. So kudos to the University of Chicago that just put out a new study which ties into everything that we’re talking about. Okay. On. So when we had Cooper read on, we were talking about psilocybin. So they just put out this study from a first ever placebo controlled LSD micro dosing out of the University of Chicago. Oh, yeah. Wow. Interesting. So, anecdotally, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley, very, very successful people have for years discuss the micro dosing, ability of LSD, okay. and higher dosing of LSD is actually currently being studied, for looking at helping with PTSD helping with severe depression. So these guys wanted to know, hey, what is micro dosing? And can we actually doesn’t actually do anything? So they took a group of 20 volunteers and four Once a week, for four weeks, they gave them 6.5 micrograms 13 micrograms or 26 micrograms a typical dose to get high is 100 to 200 micrograms. So this is significantly less than what that high would be significantly less. Okay. And then they, they looked at behavior trends they found they looked at behavior, trends, cognition,

negative thoughts and a bunch of other parameters all surrounding this. And the most important thing that they want to find out is do you get Do you get high did you experience any who listen, to listen to Jays, hallucinations? hallucinations, hallucination? Yeah, I’m not merging the word hallucinogenic with hallucinations. Alright, so they were looking at that and what they found is that, surprisingly, those that took 26 micrograms felt a little something. Okay, so and but it’s a very small group you don’t really know. And what they curiously what they did shows no to And mood, no changing cognition and no real change in academic performance. The flaw to this study, and they openly admit it, because this is just dipping their toe in the water, right? They didn’t want to jump in and be shut off for sure. I’m at University of Chicago, you know, bold of them to do this. When they talked micro dosing in Silicon Valley, it’s done every day. Yeah. And then they actually discussed that these receptors and things have to be tuned up for it. So doing it once a week, probably doesn’t do a whole lot for cognition and energy and all these other things. Sure, but doing it every day and getting those channels to open up. Yeah, that’s what people talk about. They say that your your mind opens up to different things, you’re able to accept new ideas and on a much different level and things. So their next level study, they said, you know, admittedly, we really need to start stepping it up to see if it’s two, three times a week if it’s whatever, but it’s just exciting to see that we’re now starting to do clinical trials on These non pharmaceutical type things,

but it’s really interesting that they would. So out of that 20 subset I don’t remember if you said this but none of them necessarily were suffering from depression now correct.

They didn’t get into that at all. No, they were just bringing people in mostly they just wanted to see effects. Yeah. Are you getting high? Okay, number one, are you getting high now? Is this going to be a dangerous thing to bring into society? Don’t you think that that probably this this

this study really is probably the tip of the iceberg they know that they want to map out the frequency like you were just referencing and move further along. Microphone cut out there anyway, they want to do the increase the frequency to see if that changes anything and then start adding in co-morbidities to find out what the

well I mean, it’s it’s fascinating because this is

you can’t really do an animal study and go you know, Hey, are you feeling Are you feeling Are you seeing hallucinations or anything like that? But you know, pharmaceutical studies, it starts out with animal that you have to determine a toxic level on that thing, and then you move from there and then you go to the pharmacokinetics of it. So that’s the phase one and the phase one, B, then the two, then the three, then the four, then it finally gets to market or somewhere between three and four, it’ll, it’ll actually go to market. So that consider this more like the phase two portion of the clinical trial. Okay, we have determined that talking to enough Silicon Valley animals, which is I guess what they were kind of looking at that enough people have been doing it and been doing it consistently that it’s probably safe at this level. So now let’s start doing it in a controlled environment. And they watch them the whole time. So they’re, they’re keeping an eye on it was like they gave it to him and said, Now go out and do stuff.

Go shopping, see what happens. here’s, here’s Amazon, go for it.

So what they now have to determine is okay, we know that it’s probably not hurting anybody. How do we continue the momentum, not turn it into a drug so that it’s available to everybody or to a large segment of the population. And it is just tip of the iceberg and seeing where it’s going. So by the decriminalization of psilocybin, in Colorado, and studies like this, I really think that there’s going to be a whole future, which is going to be beneficial for anybody that suffers from depression. Anybody that suffers, that’s where all the researchers going into anxiety, depression, things like that. I think it’s going to be fascinating to see how micro dosing of psilocybin or macro dosing of psilocybin micro dosing of LSD macro dosing, because studies are going on right now with that.

Now remember when we had our conversation with Dennis McKenna of the hefter Institute, and of course, he and his brother Terrence, were the ones who really kind of paved the way for educating people on psilocybin mushrooms, how to cultivate them how to responsibly apply them to different things. He joined with Dr. Author, art Arthur hefter the hefter It’s June I think it’s in, believe it’s in Idaho, but they conduct those studies on psilocybin. And I remember him saying that psilocybin and LSD have very similar outcomes, however, that they believe that chronic exposure to LSD might be damaging to the heart or something like that we’re still assignment isn’t. I don’t remember him. I could be the mixing channels there. But I’m pretty sure that that’s that’s at least what he felt like long term. However, he still said that there was benefit in it while describing what people have gone through to do that, and you say that they want to make sure that they don’t over prescribe or overuse so that it’s not barred from us. I find that crazy and you’re exactly right. But that’s the approach, unfortunately, of the of the government arm of the FDA to do that because you can find tons of opioids that will kill it. In a day,

that’s that is 100%. My point that that’s why I said, Look, if we’re looking at this, we’re just looking at three journals, just randomized trials. And they found 396 reversals, like, oops, we’re wrong, right? Sorry. That’s a lot. We know that if the traditional FDA route is doing this, we’re going to end up reversing it, then there should be more liberties and looking at these other alternative treatments. Even if it’s not perfect, we may end up reversing that LSD may end up causing some heart conditions that have to institute has uncovered first, who knows, but knowing that traditional research is not flawless is the key here.

Oh, and my point with with the hefter Institute is it’s responsible research is meaningful. So they’re able to uncover that and then you have people who are really trying to experiment so that they do better, wouldn’t it be more beneficial that the research is allowed to be conducted, and it’d be paired with the appropriate people so that they can make their own educated choice on the avenue that They would like to use to get better. And it’s it’s people like Dennis, that and now the University of Chicago, they’re able to put some legs behind that so that it’s not such a mystery. It doesn’t make it doesn’t make sense to keep keep things like that covered up.

Well, it’s fascinating because we were I keep saying it’s fascinating. I just realized that’s my repetitive word when I actually am kind of excited about medical literature. So yeah, so there’s so many things that are going on. So when we were at IFM, I met the CEO of are terrorists all Oh, yeah. Okay, so what this is I was walking by the booth, and they had their booth and it was just very scientific. And I started talking to the guy and this particular product which works on the endothelial glyco calex, meaning the lining of all your arteries and it lines is little small, like okay, leaks in the lining of pretty much the intestinal lining as well sure that they had been doing research for over 20 years to figure out how to smooth out the glyco calex which is what allows the artery to be elastic, okay? And not stiff, in other words blood pressure, and if it’s smooth, nothing sticks. So they’ve got data, animal and human data to show that when you’re like, Okay, licks is smooth, the cholesterol that’s floating around that we’re all trying to get down by giving drugs and stantons and all these things Sure, just keeps on going. My cholesterol then gets used to make your steroids hormones to make building blocks, that kind of thing. When the Blicher calex gets stiff, and it actually has a little bit of damage in it, so it’s no longer a smooth road. It’s got potholes, right? Well, then that high cholesterol sticks. And that’s how you start forming plots. I was like, Whoa, how do I not know about this? And the data he showed me was pretty cool. They’ve got electron microscopy looking on it. They’ve got these animal models. I met with their PhD that was there. And then I found out why there was initially going to be a drug. Yeah. And that’s part of the problem is that when you feel like you’ve discovered something, it’s, it’s my mind, mind, mind mind because I have to get this. I’ve already spent $20 million to this point, I’ve got to recoup it. I can’t have somebody come in. And that’s what the drug companies do. They come in and they do a slight knock off. And I mean, when you start looking at the different ppis that come out when we were talking to Daniel from Arizona, forget his name, Dr. Anyway, she’s gastroenterologist, he said, I’ve seen the progression of when tagamet came out. And then Zantac came out, and then accid came out. And I was like, why do we need another one of the same knee twos? Right? Oh, because they’d already done the math on it and they realized that they could get a little tiny chunk of it. All they have to do is make a deal with a couple insurance companies and then get paid for and then Really what that’s really what any drug has to do, but eventually, it just becomes a race. That’s why it costs so much money when it first comes out. And then they got seven years to recoup it. And then it goes generic. And then everybody walks away from it. And insurance companies, you know, disrupt their hands. So here’s a great example of, they’ve been working on something for 20 years, that could be a big game changer. Who knows about a case I’m going to start taking it I’m gonna fall my blood sugar, I’m gonna fall my blood pressure. I’m gonna see if I can find any trends check because like all things you know, I want to try it first. Anything that I’ve, you know, going to recommend to somebody to do all the bio hacks and everything. I’m not gonna have somebody else try it. I mean, I want to try it first and see what happens. So we’ll see what happens with this with this are terrorists all but there’s a great example. Oh, and the reason why they couldn’t go the drug route I’m leaving something out is that they couldn’t, their patent would be too easy to be compromised. Oh, really. So they get that far into it. Then they realize, oh, it anybody any drug company can just come in and take it just come in and do it. Me too. Really? Yeah. So then so then it becomes a battle. of you’ll just be squashed by a bigger player.

Yeah, and that’s it’s just so unfortunate and in and and not to just sit here and just bash companies that make devices and drugs not all of them are bad and not all of the scientists there are not don’t have altruistic ideas, but the the overall machine is kind of unstoppable right now.

Well, it really is. And when we talk about the healthcare industry is somewhat dependent on itself and it’s dependent on chronic illness. Yes, it’s dependent on chronic illness. I would love to see our KB MD health box. Change the health landscape of the primarily the DFW Metro, I guess D hat will have the hat will be able to do that. It’ll be more of a concentrated area. Sure. Would that be fascinating five years from now after people start getting diet recommendations we had chef Patrick was telling me earlier he goes Hey, man, when you launch that box, he goes, let me know and I’ll put it in healthy recipes for free whenever you want. Absolutely, yeah. And you will have to People volunteer to help out like that. So imagine this box, changing healthcare and doing it at a bargain price, improving people’s lives. And we’re actually helping the overall cost of health care in an environment we can keep track of that data. Would that be fascinating?

Yeah, unfortunately, the moniker of health care itself is has a connotation to where it’s, it’s, it’s born a different term. Now, wellness care, because healthcare is oftentimes associated Well, with, I’m sick, I now need to be repaired or I’m sick, I now need to be fixed or put on a protocol etc. But really, the the best the best medicine is prevention. And if we were all to basically adopt the mindset of wellness, wellness protection, then I think that we will be will begin to see that type of evolution of populations and demographics where well this was once it is thing that everybody came in for. And that turns out that the trend is beginning to go down or people show up with this disease. But later,

I let me put you on the spot. Okay? throw out a few things that you would, that if you could have a community that you would get them to do for wellness prevention,

wellness prevention. First, I don’t think that people are that educated in where they are consuming sugar. And it’s, I think that if you start with that, and then you begin to add up those grams of daily intake of sugar and then all of the sources that your body even interprets as sugar that maybe you don’t see it written out, and you knew what it was doing to tax your pancreas and the rest of your body and if you have an injury, what you’re doing to prolong the the healing time by consuming large levels of sugar, that would be one thing, run out, run it the jump just understanding that that readily available little simple carbohydrate is can be incredibly dangerous to you and you don’t even know it you just don’t perceive it so you don’t feel it. And unfortunately your body definitely knows that it’s occurring. And you’re feeding small little micro organisms that that love the fact that you’re taking it in and they’re using your body as the vehicle to do what they want versus what you probably want.

So I would I want to do a couple more. Stand more

sand definitely are sitting too long doing this show have to get some standing desk for the show.

And you know what? We should

Yeah, I should.

Community. Definitely community, a sense of communities super important. Loneliness has been equated to smoking as far as death right? So this is really, I’ve got the articles I need to get into our pretty thick and pretty cool but I will actually be talking about these tonight. live on Facebook. At the CBOE till SOS summit CBOE SOS summit, so, if you want to get get real geeky with me, and I’m sure a lot of people will be this community, that CBOE SOS summit, there’s a great example, Facebook groups like that, just like you were saying, When somebody keeps going to a doctor, and the doctor says, You’re fine, but you don’t feel fine. Yeah, that starts creating PTSD, right? You just get frustrated with that. And then you gravitate towards a community that will at least go me to Yeah, and so fortunately, there’s these different communities that have grown. I’m not that big of a fan of social media. But then again, there’s a lot of really good things that have come out of it like that, like support. They’re essentially support groups, sure. For all different kinds of things across the world.

The hard part of that social media, I mean, everybody’s connotation or minus everybody. My connotation of social media is the negative aspects and I oftentimes forget that there are good things that come out of it, you can connect you do you can stay informed. Unfortunately, the moment you begin to give them a little bit of data on what it is that you’re interested in, then you just get peppered with tons of other stuff. It is not it’s not interesting to me at all. And and I can’t I can’t sit there and scroll through Instagram and just look at different photos. I don’t care at all.

It’s that’s not really my thing. So when you’re talking about get rid of sugar, so for tonight’s and for my three hour, SOS cbos summit talking about I have to do I need to talk about stuff that the other docs haven’t talked about. Right. So our graduate secret weapon sent me a bunch of really cool articles in preparation for this. One of them is really interesting that I need to read about 10 more times here, but it’s the sulfate, chronic CBOE gut dysbiosis as a protective mechanism, really, yeah. Now, I did the same thing. That seems like somebody’s way off since very long.


it’s very long and it’s very off course, but now that I’m actually reading a couple times, I’m like, huh?

In one section here, it’s really interesting.

They actually described I guess the author, I actually think it’s a blog by Elliot Overton and I don’t really know their history, I probably should look it up but they it’s, it’s very well written. It’s very thick, very sciency. So they seem to know their science at least. Maybe we’ll get hold of them and have them explain a little bit better. This is really interesting section you were talking about sugar. So sulfite is an intermediate in sulfur metabolism. You can also ingest sulfites Sure, they are extremely toxic. It can lead to significant oxidative damage. So it’s important that the body rapidly converts it to sulfate. Yeah, okay. So the sulfite to sulfate conversion relies on an enzyme called sulfite oxidase which uses A cofactor called Melissa Dunham, Mo Melissa. The number Okay, okay, just do the math. If this enzyme is not working properly, it can lead to two problems the toxic buildup of sulfite and sulfate deficiency, okay?

Possible factors disrupting this enzyme.

This molybdenum deficiency is caused by glyphosate.

Oh my goodness, GMO

Roundup. Yeah, it is a potent key later of that cofactor that is necessary. Wow. So glyphosate substitution for glycine, it it is mistaken for glycine. You know, we’ve been saying all along that this is an inert You know, this is the whole thing of Roundup. This is a reason that I’ve never ever thought of. So the Soo Locks enzyme contains critical glycine residues which could theoretically be replaced Like life aside,

it’s just so disappointing because now, you know, many have associated the glyphosate around up with Monsanto. Make no mistake, a large scale pharmaceutical company. Bayer owns Monsanto now. So these are the same people that are purportedly doing these health research, clinical trials, submitting drugs, creating medical devices, getting them through getting first hand approval, and then being suggested by physicians. And these are the same people that still now and under the guise of we’re going to help out our food supply, etc. so that we can produce X, Y and Z. They’re just moving product.

So this could be an example of while you were talking about medical reversals earlier, yes, using life as a just a medical reversal. Well, the difference is that it’s not a cohort of people is the Population we’re being exposed to a job. So this article continues to go on. Member how everybody. I mean, I’m busy. Every gastroenterologist I know is busy. Yeah, people are getting sicker. Yeah. And they are not we’re seeing it’s like the same thing. Are we now seeing gluten intolerance? Are we just looking for it? Are we now seeing CBOE? Are we just looking for it? Watch this. This author goes on to describe a deficiency in sulfite oxidase caused by glyphosate would encourage the growth of microbes that are able to reduce highly toxic sulphite to less toxic hydrogen sulfide. We know that there’s two types of ceiba methane predominant hydrogen sulfide now. So the theory the reason why the article starts here, is this a chronic adaption? In other words, being bloated and sick with bacterial overgrowth is still better than being toxic from sulphite. Wow. So the article that I will not be able to get to that is deep and really cool. This one maybe you know, things that make you go Hmm. Then the article want to get into is the pro anthocyanin, the pro anthocyanins containing polyphenol extracts, prevent the inhibitory effect of hydrogen sulfide on human collada site. oxygen consumption. In other words, why do people feel better? So we know people ask us about the biofilm and bacteria Yeah, then we realize that the tannins in here actually can bust up biofilm also. Yeah, Mother Nature. Now it looks like in this particular experiment, these guys, I’ll just give you the quick rundown of it. What they showed is that when they took human colonic tissue, and they expose it to hydrogen sulfide, which now we can say is a reaction to the diet that you’re eating right, hydrogen sulfide, lead to inflammation because the enzyme to convert it to get rid of the hydrogen sulfide that can be overwhelmed. Then it leads to oxygen depletion in the cells of the colon, which then lead to oxidative stress. Yeah. which then leads to leaky gut? Yeah. Well, it’s really cool. They took the colonic tissue and they soaked it in hydrogen sulfide. And then they took that same tissue, and they did the same thing, but they used grape Apple, and I can’t remember one other of you know, polythene, oh, yeah. in separate matches. And as it turned out, it neutralize the hydrogen sulfide, wow, protected the cell and actually encouraged the enzyme to make it neutral. So and there’s a lot more science into it, but you could see you’re eating it’s a traditional process diet, your body you may end up developing irritable bowel as a protective mechanism from the other crap that may happen. And so if you’re going through this whole process, Mother Nature, eat your veggies, that kind of thing. Get your get your polyphenols in, has a way of correcting it all. So,

man, what a crazy Show today. So we promised that we would have tips here the tips, come up with a routine. Start that number one, number two, get enough sleep. Number three, try to eat organic, all that you can avoid the glyphosate. Number four, try to really educate yourself on the sugar that you’re taking in. And number five, the live swimming in Galveston don’t go swimming in Galveston and get out and McDonald’s line Please Like and Share gut check project go to get your project calm. Let us know that you’ve done that just like everybody else has done we will enter you into the contest for the free option to and kBm dcpd can

see this is a great show. I’m glad that we talked covered a lot of ground take everybody