Joy serves as the Regulatory Officer & Industry Liaison for Elixinol (Elixinol specializes in premium hemp products and extracts, noted for purity & quality). Hear about Joy’s experience with hemp policy as a federal and state resource for the respective law makers. She has ben a part of the hemp advancement for over 25 years. Joy discusses her crazy experience with the secret service, the evolution of the federal opinions of hemp, the active challenges of the DEA, and where complicated states such as Texas are in the process for better defined laws regarding hemp.Also, in the first half hour, Ken and Eric talk about plane trouble and why food may taste worse when at high elevations and around loud noises.

All right, welcome back. It’s episode number six of the gut check project

with your host Dr. Kenneth Brown. I’m Eric Rieger what’s up Ken Eric Rieger. What’s going on my man? Not a whole lot what’s going on with you? This is one I’m well we’ve had some we’ve had five episodes, we had five and I would say that all five episodes. personally. I enjoyed hanging out with our guests.

Yeah, I’m going to go on record and say that I think today is gonna be our best episode ever because the person we have is a law and policy expert in the hemp and CBD industry without question. I’m very excited to have joy Beckerman. She currently works with Alexa and all that she is a regulatory officer and industry liaison. Specifically with him. She’s got well over 25 years, I think 28 years working specifically she started when she was seven years old because she does not look like anybody that’s older than 20. Maybe we’ll learn there’s a little bit about utilizing him for that long that makes you not age. What have we heard that before? Those have polyphenols Polyphenols. Yeah. Speaking of polyphenols, what do you know about polyphenols?

polyphenol? So last week we talked about how polyphenols helping athletes. We’ve talked about how the future of the Mediterranean diet and why it’s an anti aging diet. Why it’s anti inflammatory is due to polyphenols. Why do I know that So much about

polyphenol probably because you may be connected to a product called Atrantil, my baby without trying to it is chock full of polyphenols and as well it has the world’s most stable poly phenol red, Colorado, Colorado, Colorado. And if you’d like to learn a little bit more go to love Miami comm forward slash

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love my forward slash spoonie remember everyone that this is a startup digital radio station we need to support our advertisers we need to support the radio station itself so please go to love my forward slash spoony, you know you bring up spoony I do want to give a shout out I have enjoyed the last two weeks with some of the live shows that spoonie offers. Another one that I started listening to the last couple of weeks is tres chow down with Trey Chapman. It’s great show. So I know that they are always live, I believe on Fridays at 10am Nine central on not sorry, 1111 Eastern 10 Central. And so anyhow, if you want to listen to it live or you can always listen to it recorded that is tres shodown Live, give them a listen, I think you’ll love it.

I think this radio station is going to explode. I think it’s digital. I think this is really cool. And I’m very honored to be part of it. I want to thank chef Patrick and Ron and everybody else here. And of course, the shout out to Dr. Thompson, who, you know, really is the one that convinced us to do this, and unfortunately, is no
longer with us, but his legacy lives on.

Definitely, thanks to all of them. We need to do what we’ve now the six shows make a tradition, I think. I think it does. So first we’re going to go to what happened here lately with Dr. Ken Brown.

So what we always try to do is do a little bit of a personal stuff. You know, fortunately, the Fortunately, my week was not as dramatic as yours because you have much more interesting story. A couple interesting things happen to me. I have lost my wallet, somebody Yeah, it was literally I think I lost it in the house somewhere but I’ve been like several days without it, which means all my credit cards and everything. Not trying to say it’s a big deal, but it does humble you a little bit when you go, oh, wow, I need gas money. I’m gonna have to go find some Yeah.

It’s wild.

A couple weeks ago when we had Mark simplement on who we’re going to bring up in a second. He after that show, we my son was playing in the Easter bowl. And because of how well he did in that tournament, the rankings came out yesterday and he’s officially the number one ranked 15 and under tennis player in the country amazing. So shout out to my man Lucas for doing that. And then the other really exciting thing is the thing that we’ve been working on, very hard at is that digestive health associates D hat My company is going to be the first company to launch a subscription health box.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t know exactly what this is, that’s a okay because this literally is a First time pioneer move of physicians wanting to basically break the bounds of the clinical setting when you say,

absolutely, and I love my companies embrace it. I had a long talk with President Jim Haggart yesterday. And he’s an innovator. And he’s thinking, he says, We can do this. And we’re going to be the first large digestive group to deliver healthier home. And one of the things that we’re going to do is we’re going to shoot a video with doctors, where they really are so passionate that they believe in things I just wanted to play a quick little clip of my man, Trey Lyles, who’s out here in this neck of Texas. Because what we did is we’re going to, if you sign up for the email, it’s going to be so exciting. We’re going to be able to offer a lot of very beneficial supplements that have been vetted by doctors. To improve your health. We’re gonna protect your brain, we’re going to protect your gut, we’re going to get you to sleep better, which is going to make you all around much better. So I just want to get video clips of our doctors doing some stuff. And this is the quick little one of Dr. Trey Lyles. Where we add here towards this camera, yes, if we can do this here, when I thought this was funny, we just let them riff.

We believe that your gut health starts today.

We believe it

or not, that was awesome.

That was like, Where’s he going with that? That was funny.

Yeah, so that is that is one of my colleagues. He’s a very respected gastroenterologist, Dr. Trey Lyles, I love the fact that he’s just I mean, we’re being real. Yeah, we’re we’re going to get in people’s homes. And this is going to be exciting. But we won’t we won’t run through all of the of the benefits there. But literally, ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be something that addresses a lot of issues that Oh, what I think you’ll learn is between 75 and 85% of Americans have to battle with every single month. And I think that D has taken a huge step forward and saying we want to be a part of this and we want to find that solution. So This is a this is a shout out to the doctors that are embracing this shout out to Jim hacker, our president who is, you know, on board with this and I think we’re going to change the landscape of health in the DFW Metroplex and we will expand beyond that. And hopefully through platforms like this will be able to help many other people. Definitely. Now that being said,

that was pretty much my week. You had

a little more exciting week. I did. I did. Number one, so make no mistake about it. Listen, last couple episodes. I’m a big Texas Tech red Raider fan. They made it to the not only the Final Four, they made the final game went to overtime. It was great. We had a blast unfortunately came up short. Virginia was great, was a great atmosphere. They played great. Two teams battling out we couldn’t ask for a better game. That being said, my friend Mark simplement, who was on the show two weeks ago was nice enough to fly me, my wife, my two sons all the way to Minneapolis. We had a great as a pilot for he is a pilot for himself and his courses. Volunteers is time for what kills wings, which is so cool it is if you go back and listen to that show, it’s a fascinating story. It’s Episode Four. And he talks about how they donate their time as pilots, private pilots do give free transportation to cancer patients so they can get get treatment from the facilities that they need. All that said, everything was great. The two mornings ago, we left Minneapolis, we had planned that we were going to land in Kansas City, we’re going to stop for barbecue. And Mark daughter was with us as well. And she said we’re going to go to Joe’s barbecue. I’ve got a lot of friends in college that talk about it. And we’re just going to go and check it out. So we’re all very excited. We take off we fly and flight was very comfortable. And I happen to just glance out the left window and in this particular plane is a Cessna. Dual engine plane. I look at the left, and I see what looks like fluid trickling. And before I’m sound, the launch link

Check out the other engine. Now. It’s you, your kids and your wife, right?

Yeah, it might mean my kids, my wife, Emily Anne, and who is Marc’s daughter and marks copilot, and his name is Drew, who actually was actually a friend of my dad’s. And so I’m going to check out the other engine. And I say, that does not look like the engine. I just looked at, you know, appointed expert, but fluid coming out of the
engine, not a plane, not an aviation expert at all. But I was like, that looks like something that other people should know about that would want to do something about it. So I leaned up front and I said, Mark Drew, there’s a little bit of something. It looks like oil, dripping from the engine over here on the right side. They both looked over. They said, Yeah, yeah, we’re gonna check that out. We’re not losing pressure. So that could be some overfill or something else like that. While we were stationed in Minneapolis, they may have topped it off and check, etc. They had perfectly rational reasons. And then suddenly, the old pressure dropped on that engine. And they said, No, that’s not what that was. But we are fine. And they cut the engine and we had a perfectly well running airplane with its left engine going and they said we are going to land at a large airport probably there will be a Cessna mechanic on hand. Check this out, it looks like it’s nothing more than a small oil leak will fix it. And they had the whenever you lose power to an engine or you have to voluntarily killing off you have to declare an emergency even though ball countermeasures actually wasn’t mark and drew were comments, cucumbers. I felt pretty comfortable with it. My son Mac, he basically looked at me for some assurance and said, Okay, that’s it.
I think so. And then marks daughter Emily and said they’ve trained on this 1000 times Murray was like, I’ll feel better when we’re down. And then thanks to Snapchat, gauges at the back. Basically just taking his phone and
like, hey, check this out and sending clips to mark son and saying hey, I’m minute plans your dad engines out what you think what was the response you know they heard back from Carson and from from Marcus they both bases I hey man sorry that’s all he got Gage good being friends with you

So lots of lots of you have a you have a dead engine yeah up there you with your family right Maria is not handling quite as well as the boys The boys are Snapchatting it’s like well it’s good to know yeah

yeah pretty much says a perfect scenario if you like movies, we probably could have probably could have filled the role pretty well but we did land and safely you guys didn’t pull it Almost Famous to do where you started disclosing a lot of secrets. We didn’t have to give away any secrets everybody was calm enough that it wasn’t panic city and pulled in. Unfortunately no mechanic on hand. So no mechanic they could address assessed anyhow and this is at the international airports that was a little bit surprising. But regardless, that then turned into try to find a flight from there back to Dallas couldn’t do it. Everybody was packed because people that couldn’t find a Minnesota for the Final Four. Since Texas had such a large contingent going up to watch tech, so many people had driven down to Des Moines to catch a flight. There was nothing going back to Dallas. So it basically was, we’re going to get a van, and we’re gonna drive back to Dallas. And that’s what we did. That was not planned and has a long way. So, but huge shout out to to drew Bruton and to mark simplement. Incredible pilots, calm under all kinds of pressure made it made it seem if you didn’t know you wouldn’t know.

Basically, it’s all I’d say about that. That’s amazing. It really was. I’m a you and I’ve been in a couple small planes before turbulence, You don’t like it? I do not like it at all. One time, we were flying to Austin for a meeting and we hit some very serious turbulence. And you were sitting right in front of me. And I was like, Oh my goodness, this is pretty crazy. And you were just like, Yeah, but there’s nothing we can do about it. If we go down, we’re going down and you just can’t argue with it. I can’t. That’s an interesting Interesting philosophy.

I can’t fly a plane, there’s nothing I can do. I went once you leave you, you’re the passenger. But But fortunately, I think in most circumstances, you’re the passenger of some great capable pilots. So for the most part, all the whole story about how his son when his son was training, sure about how he had an emergency was able to land right. So I mean, it can happen to anybody and everybody transports things amazing. Yeah, it can. And you know, we talked a lot about that. So that piqued my interest while we’re waiting on different things that change while you’re at high altitudes. And what happens Why is it okay to have one propeller working with the other not so you begin to learn a little bit about fluid dynamics and how the air will then it led to something else completely different now sort of thinking what do people complain about just on regular flights? Did you know that one of the chief complaints about flight is the taste of food? You know that I did not know that Lufthansa apparently did a scientific study I believe was back in 2008. If I remember it correctly about what people experience whenever they try to eat foods that they love on the ground versus what it’s like up in the air. And it turns out at high altitudes with the lack of barometric pressure, that sweetness and saltiness of the five core tastes are lost. And one of the ones that you retained is savory. So utilizing the Japanese term for savory, which I believe is the mommy, mommy, there are lots of Patrick, do you want to comment on that real quick?

No, it’s not my mommy. It’s your mommy. Yeah.

There you go. So you mommy,

they You’re right. I was joking. It’s mommy.

Oh, yeah. I will take direction though. I’ve checked my ego at the door just like we said. Yeah. So I’m listening. We’re

having ego here that we can.

You’re a chef, so we’re just gonna we’re gonna trust you. But yes, I like that. I like that chef humor. I got my gastroenterology humor. You know? You mommy my mommy.

I’m curious to what So what was the what was the reasoning for That the savory

savory savory tends to be held on to and but saltiness and sweetness at basically disappear in terms of normal aspects for people to perceive. Whatever you don’t have the the the other two are bitterness and sourness so you’ve got bitter, sour, salty, sweet and savory. savory tends to be retained the best. So foods are then now being designed to enhance the savory aspect of taste. But also if something relies more along the lines of the olfactory senses, that diminishes as well with a lack of barometric pressure, so savoring is basically the save save your of food taste while you’re up in the air. For people to like food and say that’s delectable. So sometimes after there’s a savory beer, it does much better than alcoholic drink that doesn’t, but one that is tasted the most or ordered the most is going to be a bloody mary because of the tomato juice. savory the savory stimulation that comes from having a tomato juice based cocktail.

I love the science of food

Yeah. Or you know I’m looking this up right now. And on the BBC they have a they guy named Charles Spence has written a book called gastro physics, or he addresses the the all these issues like background noise on planes and what it does to sweet and salty taste professor of experimental psychology gastro physics. So basically how you taste in different environments. It’s so funny that you bring up the thing about sound because it took me down a completely different pathway on if someone is trying to learn how to eat healthy. Maybe part of the reason is their environment may not be something that is also conducive to enjoying new foods. If you have a really loud or destructive area to eat. You may not enjoy a new food and its full array or palette again, You could say, of what it has to offer, if it’s a really distracting environment so people who may continually come home and rush to eat and have the TV blaring and lots of distractions, they oftentimes report a lack of satisfaction from eating foods that other people find incredibly delectable where they oh my goodness, God chason it it is that’s that’s a whole separate deal because now we’re talking you will probably over sugar and over salt your food trying to achieve more tastes, saltiness and sweetness or last first with loud noise, and they also lost with lack of air pressure, so you tend to eat or make selections worse, and try to overcompensate by over salting and over sweetening foods. It’s amazing. Okay, so now let’s take it up another notch as I was listening to a podcast from Rhonda Patrick, where she had Dr. Barker on who’s a sleep expert. And he was quoting a study where they were able to put people to sleep and had just enough noise level to wake them up, right? And they were able to pull them out of deep sleep. So they never got into deep sleep and then she brought something up. And it was do the city sounds. Can they do that then he said that there’s no study that’s been done on it, but lower socio economic areas where they’re more populated with more noise. That may be one of the reasons why people gain weight his feeling was because of the lack of sleep, lack of deep sleep, but now you’ve just brought up something else. The two combined could be why we do have poor health and lower socio economic areas that are more populated. Interesting, totally. And it just sounds like the more chaotic that your environment is. Unfortunately, it’s a vicious cycle. It’s just going to play into not only your food choices, but basically what you’re doing to dr up your food. If it could mean that you’re adding a little too much salt which I don’t that that and of itself could be a little controversial. I don’t think that salted by itself is terrible but over salting possibly could be. And but Sugar Sugar without a doubt In terms of inflammation, etc If you’re over sweetening or you find yourself adding more sweetener, just take a step back maybe examine what is my environment like that I’m enjoying the food that I’m eating because they also attributed not only altitude but jet engine noise is the reason that some people will lose perception of saltiness and sweetness when they’re eating up in the air. This is

so fascinating. I’m so happy that you so for instance, did you notice that when your family was screaming as you guys were falling out of the sky that you’re not enjoying your food as much? Well not only that, gage had a Morton’s salt container and basically was just pouring it in and and Mac always travels with bags of high fructose corn syrup. So he was just bathing in it. I mean, it was very sticky. There’s nothing he could do we we couldn’t eat and we didn’t have an engine because high fructose corn syrup turned in was it last episode that we did a whole study on that where I where we looked at high fructose corn syrup and its effect on health. Definitely. Yeah, go ahead and listen to that facet. And look at this. This is like a whole new area of science that is just super intriguing.

I would not have looked it up Have We not been laying over trying to get the

dude up and falling out of the sky? Is Sweden last week though we did get a lot of feedback from people who wanted to know, number one, how to get ahold of James Carroll again, that is Thor If you want to learn a lot more about photo bio modulation incredible interview last week, I mean, and the other questions were, why don’t more people know about this technology? And it’s not really any different than what we’re dealing with in terms of hemp and CBD and how we can get it part of the mainstream which leads into our guest today. There are so many similarities. James Carol has been in the industry in this photobiomodulation for 25 years right joy backroom, it’s been doing this for 25 years, right? She’s going to talk about his in her blood what he talked about his in his blood. What I loved about his interview was the struggles and he kept going and I’m sure Joy’s gonna have some incredible things. Once you get along policy expert, we’re here in Texas with a little super confusing. Yeah, I’m a huge CBD proponent. We’ve got our own CBD, hemp derived powered by elix. And all Yep, who joy works for so go to KB MD health. Take a look at that. We’ve got a few minutes left here at the top or at the bottom of the hour. I do want to open up her discussion with a quick review of CBD and autism because that is something that I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my aha moment if you’re wondering why I ever even got involved with this. It’s because I, I had a patient that their son became 18 and then became my patient. And he had severe autism. He was on the autism spectrum disorder. And now he’s a man, essentially, he’s a full grown adult male. And she noticed my patient note, the mother noticed that when he would eat, he would have more outbursts, and he was harder to control. So we were able to treat him fix his gut. And at the time, I was just handing out CBD to see if it worked. And she brought them back in and he was a different person. And so that changed my opinion of the whole industry and realizing that Wait a minute, what is this connection with the endocannabinoid system and your gut health and your brain health and that’s where we’re going to publish probably the most extensive review with a graduate student that we work with. She does an amazing job. We’ve gotten like a 40 page review, hundred references on autism and CBD. Today, I just want to do a quick review of that. And then we’ll let joy get into it because the reality is there’s a lot of mothers out there who are not treating their children because of the misconception of what’s going on in the hemp industry. There is a feeling that there is that this is we this is THC and all this other stuff. And that’s what Joy’s here today to talk about. We’re going to clear it all up to make more access just like James Carol with thorens Laser. We’re going to try and use this platform to help more people

here without question and I think you hit the nail on the head. We want to make this where it’s not just an anecdotal example. We want to make this to where people can turn back and say, Okay, this is research that’s replicable. That makes sense. This is something that we can do to apply. And unfortunately, up until, really, today, these most recent times we no one’s been at the liberty to do this. I mean, the endocannabinoid system, I had a conversation with joy. We should be rejoicing, it was discovered its function was discovered in our lifetime. That’s a big deal. I don’t know. I mean, even myself, I don’t know that I fully appreciate it until I started seeing the application, the replication of that application, and seeing how well it actually can benefit so many people that we should, we should be very excited that we’ve discovered the function and the ability to stimulate the ECS my whole thing I knew nothing about CBD or the endocannabinoid system. On our first episode, we discussed This where you and I were at paleo FX. And we were essentially costed by Christine Thiel of Alex at all right,

and she vomited so much information on me that I couldn’t even contain that I just said, whatever, send me a case. And I gave that case away to my patients. Almost all of them came back when it ran out and said, I need more of that. That’s why I knew that we were onto something big. And that’s when I realized I need to start looking at the science of this. My mission is to put research out there is to show that this works in certain disease states, not making claims on a show. But what we’re going to do is just make sense of the science because there’s so much confusion out there.

It’s something else to add to those patients. It’s I remember when you did that, it’s not like you just handed out to random patients and said tell me that this was great. You actually weeded out and found people that had rejected or found things that they had failed in the past they had no problem telling you things that did and did not work. So anyway, wow. That was a quick half hour quick

half hour. So I am so excited to have this person on Joy Beckerman. She has a personality that is bigger than life. She is passionate. This is going to be so much fun. So start telling your friends to listen right now Facebook Live where do they go

Facebook Live, you can go to Kenneth Brown, MD. com Go to spoony, spinning radio, and well that’s four seconds. We’ll see you in the next half hour.

well welcome back. This is the second half hour here on the gut check project episode number six. We are now joined to my right by the Joy Beckerman, and she’s a little bit familiar with him.

Is it me or did the energy in this room just get kicked up and I feel

like I want to run a lot

synergy synergy. I love

energy. That’s exactly right.

Well shout out to Elixinol for allowing us to have Joy on the show here. That’s awesome. Yeah, we work a lot with Leif and Gabe and all those peeps over there and elixinol an awesome company kBm dcpd is powered by alexson all

it is, and it’s done. So for a good reason.

It’s our privilege and pleasure to be working with you. And of course you’ve chosen licks and all guys. Purity potency, organically sourced all of that we’re leaders. Hundred percent.

Yeah. It’s a we just talked about how I gave away a case and several of those people had been on other products and they noticed the benefit. So

some of us do that along with some of the my band Yeah, other products. I’m assuming that you meet other CBD sources and that’s exactly right. So the difference was night and day for some of them that came back and said I was already taking CBD before. I actually have a much more perceivable improvement than I did with my long term CBD supplier in the past.

Absolutely not not all CBD is the same

that we have. We have been very fortunate otra until CBD, there’s a lot of life, things that happened having you on the show today. I kind of feel like it’s Kismet, fate, whatever it is, we just stumbled into Elixinol,
which I think is the best company out there. Consumer labs has it’s one of the purest, it’s one of the most economical per milligram. And we just stumbled into it. Sure enough, yeah. So, sometimes fate takes you in the place that you need to be

most of the time kattiline gotcha project. Exactly. The universe is always firing in our favor, always conspiring and our hero and when you can control the purity of the product from the actual seed and farming practices, through the processing and manufacturing. This is how we are able to control the potency and purity of our of our products, along with just expert product development in this emerging space. So so this is super cool. So you’re a long time. policy expert. What I want to do for this hour is just talk pure science molecules, all that mom policy.

She’s like hell no.

I do want to talk a little science before we jump in, because I have a feeling that we’re going to get deep into your expertise, which we need to clarify here in Texas. And one of the reasons why I wanted to bring this up is because I have we talked a lot about autism. We’re going to be publishing probably the most extensive review in autism with CBD. And this is just a quick little recap of that. I’m super excited to send that out. We seem to have a couple small edits and we’re going to be able to sit there and start tackling so this not a disease claim. What I am going to do is just refer to some studies. So autism, it’s a big deal right now. One in 59 children are now diagnosed with autism. Compare that to 2000 year 2000. That was 150 something happening, right? And you know, we don’t know what it is. And there are the diagnostic criteria include three primary things, which include impairment and social interaction impairment and communication and restricted, repetitive, stereotyped behavior. That’s the actual definition. But we know that the reality is that those that have autism suffer from many more things, including gastrointestinal health, which is why I treat so many kids that become 17 or older. And they come to me because they have gastrointestinal health. We know that there’s other issues, seizures, anxiety, sleep, dysfunction, attention deficit. Oh, wait a minute. Yeah, there’s all kinds of studies for each one of those disease processes. Looking at CBD. So what our review is, is that there was a study done on Israel 2019 that actually showed it was in January of 2019, and an Israeli team of researchers published the results of a study And the journal Scientific Reports where they looked at 188 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder who were given CBD rich oil. While the benefits were observed as early as one month, it was found that by six months 80% of the parents reported significant or moderate improvement in childhood symptoms of autism spectrum disorder including depression, agitation, restlessness, anxiety, cognitive impairment, sleep disturbance, constipation and digestive issues. Yeah. So what I tell my patients is that they’re like, well, how soon will I see results? Because like many things, if I put somebody on a medication like otra until it is possible that it may take 20 days to work, right. What I tell my patients is if you have an Endocannabinoid deficiency, and I’m going to get in that second and chances are you do chances are you do Think of it like a sponge. You have a dry sponge, it’s going to take longer and more to get that sponge wet and full. So that is something to think about. And that’s what these guys looked at right here. What they showed is the endocannabinoid system, if you’re unfamiliar with it, and we’re going to be talking a lot about it in the future is a family of cannabinoid receptors that are naturally occurring. What Eric talked about at the top of the hour was We are so fortunate that my generation, I’m on earth when we discovered the endocannabinoid system, which is just as important as the gastrointestinal system, the cardiovascular system. We have coined the term and prior shows that we’re going to start seeing scientists called or doctors called Endocannabinoid ologists Absolutely.

And it just this morning when we were doing we were driving to the studio Eric and I you know, I said, this is akin to discovering that the that the earth is round, and not flat in our lifetimes the discovery of the what? I thought it was flat,

flat earth

every now and again Dr. Brown to throw a Sidewinder.

No, it is literally that type of discovery in our lifetime. So it’s just amazing again we were just discussing this more neuro trance more Endocannabinoid receptors in our brains than we have neuro transmitters. I mean get real, and obviously they’re throughout our entire body.

So the way that I explained everybody wonders, well, oh, they talk so much about it, but the endocannabinoid system basically controls how nerve pathways behave. And this affects everything from cognition and behavior to motor function, homeostasis,

right homeostasis, so balance so

I tell my patients Look, it’s a link between the immune system and the and the nervous system and it just puts things back in balance. That’s all it does get you back to balance. So these cats and Israel, they’re smart. They did some really cool stuff. They checked endogenous endocannabinoids and these autistic kids, oh, so Nanda mine the correct, Nanda mine, oh wow. So your body produces your own CBD, an animal and to ag. And it gets real scientific. And I’ve done a lot. I mean, I’m passing out breast milk, I’m done. I’m so into the weeds in this because you start going down the scientific pathway. There are people that have broken it down to a molecule, it’s very hard. If I’m going to sit there and talk to you, and I’m going to explain how the hippocampus affects your sleep. I’m going to have to talk some serious science. If I really want to explain to you how the endocannabinoid system affects the autism spectrum disorder. We’re gonna have to geek out Yeah, and that’s why this review article that we’re putting out is that, yeah, it’s hard to probably have to do a layman’s term but seriously, well, that’s what I’m trying to do. So basically the same researcher that that we tasked for putting that together put this together. I said, I’m going to go on the show. Can you just summarize it for me real quick. So evidence of a compromised endocannabinoid system occurring in patients with autism spectrum disorder has been established and a study published in 2018. Plasma levels of an and amide had been consistently decreased and children diagnosed with autism. Let’s say one more time, plasma levels of your own endogenous Endocannabinoid our decreased in autism spectrum disorder. You can help people by getting that back up. One way is to use a hemp derived CBD product. That is my scientific review and the lead into our guest joy Beckerman a badass in law and policy. And so great to join you bad asses in in human health. Oh, thank you. Yeah, thank you.

Well, no, I was gonna say was so joy. Obviously, you’ve been in this industry now for 25 years, correct? Yes. Or 28? Since about 1990. Okay. 1990 but I know that in 1994 you were part of the upstart. I believe it was the you’re the US hemp authority. Is that correct?

Believe it and that was the hemp Industries Association. I am currently the president of formed in 1994. How long have you been president? g since January of 2018? All right. So and then on the board since September, madam president of 2017, thank you and the Vice President of the US hemp authority, which we’ll get into as we as we move forward here, but that’s also the year that I opened up my hemp store in New York State. So during the first hemp store in New York State and had been introduced to him at a Grateful Dead show, frankly, in night in the spring of 1990. There was a book that was written by a gentleman named jack hair, really the godfather of the cannabis movements, and edited by Chris Conrad, who was still with us today jack has passed on May he rest in peace, and it was called the Emperor wears no clothes. So jack and Chris and some other real pioneers of the cannabis
movement, were aware of the country’s very rich history. industrial hemp we used to pay our taxes with it it was used as you as currency through about 1837 or so and and so they said about to prove the existence of our of
our country’s history and what this plant does. Because understand that the US government didn’t just remove the plant from our awareness they attempted to remove all knowledge of the plant from our awareness. So they dug up
and this was way before you know word processors were talking border tape and photocopying here guys and Exacto knives. So they went to the net nation National Archives in DC several times, dug up as much information as they could and photocopied all of the documentary evidence that they discovered to prove to the world industrial
hemp history and what it can do. And that book was published and then was distributed throughout sort of the the counterculture, the more alternative counterculture and frankly, the Grateful Dead. tours, understand they were
a traveling concert with 50,000 plus people. And so this movement actually was bred through the movement of those concerts and then, and then the folks that would take that information into their communities. So I had received a flyer with excerpts from the Emperor wears no clothes and at a spring dead show in 1990. And I was raised by an attorney who raised me all by himself a man of great conscience and ethics and a conservationist. And so I was raised with a real sense of justice and, and human rights, and also planetary healing. And so reading that flyer affected me on what I generally described as a cellular level, and altered the trajectory of my life. It was like a convergence of a sense of justice and injustice and a sense of planetary healing coming together because I’m reading all about this plant and realizing Wow, We have a solution here. And the solution is illegal for a safe, effective, versatile, valuable plant that is here. In fact, to serve all of humanity’s needs not just
general wellness and human and animal nutrition, but body care, paper textiles, bio composites, industrial sealants and coatings, building materials, nanotechnology, biomedical applications, somebody stopped me and then and then realized that it’s illegal and that affected me on a on a just a major level and has become the passion of my life.

So let me stop you right there. So we’re going to get into long policy about this but clearly a very passionate person who is joined Beckerman. Let’s start from the beginning. You already mentioned your dad a little bit let’s just let’s take to the beginning. How did this person end up in this position so passionate about her field?

Wow, Chase, I’m so not used to speaking about my my own history. But the first thing that comes to me again, because having underscored my father’s influence, I have no brothers or sisters either so just me and the solo practitioner lawyer guy growing up and part of that when I say that is because my mother wasn’t present. And I even though she she passed away No she did not. I think that it was not easy being a single mother back in the in the 1970s. And she had her reasons and her issues and her challenges in life. But I was raised to believe that my
mother either had amnesia or was dead. My father said you know your mother loved you so much so either she has amnesia joy or she is dead, she would never just leave you. And the reality is she neither was dead nor had amnesia she had just left.

But they they actually,

I think that is that shows the character of your father. Oh, he always stood by the belief that your mother that you needed to know that your mother loved you? Absolutely.

Absolutely. And they had been divorced when I was six months old. So I had lived with her until I was six. So this went on after she left The presence of the entire family and as I say to her today because she could not possibly be more regretful or apologetic which I insist that she stops with that energy because I believe that I had I not been a motherless child, had I not been under the influence of he was a harsh guy, but a very functional,
responsible, nurturing man who groomed me to be well rounded and prepared me for college and all those things taught you how to be a deadhead. Yeah, I wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t. The bumper sticker on dead tour was like from good homes.

My dad thinks I’m in college.

So, but had I not been a motherless child had I not gone exactly the way it unfolded? I don’t think that I would have had the courage and the passion to do what I do today. So so my mother not being a part of my life, I think also turned me into a pretty strong human being and that iron was forged further through my very strong father

everything’s a new opportunity everything

Everything is so you’re raising this home your father’s trying his best education background How did you eventually discover you eventually discovered him through the dead? Yeah literally like just a flyer literally

a flyer at a Grateful Dead show and I want you to know how to find about natural childbirth through Grateful Dead shows I Vedic medicine through Grateful Dead chose vegetarianism through Grateful Dead chilled. I was a poster child, just a little plug for the Grateful Dead community there. I did not know any of that.

Mm hmm. Sure.

I had two home births. As a result of what I learned about midwifery versus dirty hospital had I been at risk at all I would have been in a hospital so you know, but I was a low risk pregnancy

when people did it at home all the way until a little over 100 years a head scratcher

for thousands and thousands and thousands of years at home.

Right? Train taxi drivers on how to deliver babies in some cities that which are really crowded yes so many babies are born and taxes on the way to the hospital judge side note Do you have is that an up charge on Uber?

It’s a big tip like Uber driver better get tipped Uber

x delivery I don’t know

Uber ob-gyn

you know what I I follow Jay Z for years I did not get any of those amazing life skills from doing the Jay Z tours

now I think I think they’ll honestly there’s probably a lot that goes on in terms of the community jam bands that kind of move like that I saw that it widespread shows or fish shows that you have a community that really moves and migrates and and i planetary healing community Yeah, without question and then they they basically I mean you that becomes their community and then education is only going to follow suit when you want to let people that you know and care about in your community know something new so it really doesn’t surprise me that that was something that was picked up there

indeed. And should just also tell you it is of such a community that I did entire Grateful Dead tours where I maybe only saw three shows sometimes I wasn’t, believe me, it’s the community that that

makes a lot more sense. It makes a lot more sense. Every year Jimmy Buffett comes here and I have a whole group of friends that they just rally around that and they do the they do the Jimmy Buffett thing for like three days. Sure.

Yeah, it’s a long term thing. And if you’re into parents, then I think that’s also probably beneficial place if

Alright, so job documents following the dead and you discover him next stage,

yay. Okay. So and also understanding that and not to beat this like a dead horse because will evolve here up in time but understand that you know, the major song with the Grateful Dead sing about planetary healing, sing about awareness sing, wait, now discover that you are the eyes of the world. And I took that to a whole nother level as did many people from that experience. And so there was also a sort of tribe called the rainbow family.
Now I’m getting really hippie on you guys here, which some believer a cult. And I suppose if you are persuasive and weak, you could have found yourself in a culty situation. But it certainly wasn’t to me to me now that the rainbow family does these gatherings and still to this day, where you’re communing and national parks, and it follows a Native American tradition. In fact, the rainbow family is part of an of a Hopi prophecy. And so I then began to that also had a huge effect on my spiritual awareness on discovering my purpose, learning about various world religions, which I have formed, you know, my own spirituality I take what I like out of all the different religions and it’s an evolving belief system with my own core principles. But this this also then led me into one day I got a flyer on a dead show for a for a music festival. It said this is a festival dedicated to peace
loving music and it’s in Bethel, New York on August and i and i got this pole to go to this festival I thought I have to go to this festival dedicated to peace, love and music. And I get there in the middle of the night and
when I wake up the next morning, I see that there are these vendors and they’re selling posters of Woodstock and so on and so forth. And I realized I’m on the askers farm. This is the anniversary of the Woodstock Festival
in which which didn’t take place in Woodstock. I lived in Woodstock for many years and I live only 11 miles from there. Now it took place in Bethel because the town of Woodstock would not give Michael Lang the producer of
the festival apartment so we had to move it about 40 miles south. So I realized that’s where I am. And there I meet somebody who speaks seven languages is sort of holding court about how to be an seven I know a Brown University student who had had been born in Israel and he was sort of holding court talking to people about how to be an activist how to be an advocate how to travel around and really do your purpose and be a part of the revolution and I

made sure that one more time Please do your perfect do your rate line. Yeah, do your purpose. We are all here for something something your purpose Amen. Lord interrupt.

A lot of depression in the world is from not understanding that and having that a Purpose Driven Life is the

life Driven Life. Some people will view that from a religious angle some people will view that from an educational angle. I mean, that’s that’s how we live I mean, I I’m trying to do my purpose, which is heal people. Absolutely. You’re doing your purpose. I’m sorry to interrupt that line. Do your purpose. Know where where everybody listening? Do your purpose.

Yep. And if you and if you haven’t found it would love to be your purpose.

This is an easy Road to finding your purpose because this is an incredible thing that we’re talking about. Yeah, I’m sorry to interrupt. Oh, no,

you interrupt all of where we’re driving so wonderfully here Dr. Brown Thank you can

so so I go by Thor on the show. Gosh,

so um, so anyway, I think and this is before Keep in mind, there’s no email. There’s no cell phones guys at this time. I’m literally talking the early 90s and I but there are phones. And I then several months later, I realize I’ve got the call here. I was going to Fisher College studying paralegal college, I was working at a insurance agency in New Bedford, Massachusetts. But once you get the bug, you get the bug. And if you’re not doing your purpose, when you get it everything becomes uncomfortable. And so I realized I gotta like, I got to not work it I need to go on the road and do my purpose and learn so I call This this gentleman and die who had been holding court at the Woodstock Festival and spoke all those languages and I just said I, I, I really want to know how to save the world and I really feel like you can teach me teach me. And I remember him saying, It’s funny you should call. I need a navigator, a navigator. I said, he said, Yes, I’m going to the hundredth anniversary of the massacre at Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation with you blah, blah, Lakota, Susan, South Dakota and it’s going to be a global convergence. People from all over the world are going to come and recreate this 20 mile ride this trail of tears. Keep in mind this is December into January of 89 into 90 in the Dakotas in the Dakotas. It’s like 70 below with the windchill factor and he says and so I need to navigate to South Dakota you can come with me you I’ll teach you a whole bunch while we drive together from New York to South Dakota and go to this thing and that really changed my life. I want you to know it was only later in life that I because it was a huge convergence of people from all over the world. It was a massive learning opportunity for me and personal growth opportunity for me. And I only recently discovered that the riders that the three who had even decided to create this incredible ceremony which had such an effect on my life, one of those riders was a Lakota Sioux, Alex white plume, who is one of the major hemp activists, who has you know, been arrested by the DEA has had his fields of him destroyed by the DEA, whose family has been persecuted because of their belief in hemp on that reservation. And so as a huge part of the movement in our awareness in the hemp industries, and and again in those hemp movements, but I did not know that in 1990. I only recently learned that So in any event, that’s how it moves forward. Then I decide to open up the hemp store. I become a I think a really interesting story that I just have to tell you. So, while I’m doing the hem store in Woodstock, New York, I get a cease and desist letter from the US Secret Service because Secret Service, yes, because we are stamping the stamp. I grew hemp in a little bubble coming out of George Washington’s mouth on every single dollar bill that’s coming in and out of the store. We stamp the thing I grew up because we’re spreading the message as those

dollars are circulated like a

little bubble. speech bubble speech, Bob. Okay, so

it’s George Washington way before emojis existed.

Yeah, you invented the dollar emoji.

And it wasn’t my invention, some some brilliant person. I mean, there was a small army of us doing this made the stamps came up with the idea and we were employing that idea as part of our advocacy. So I get this cease and desist letter from the US Secret Service telling me I’m mutilating US currency and I need to stop okay. So we didn’t have a bunch of advocacy organizations. Of course, there was normal, amazing national organization. The reform of marijuana was formed in 1970. But besides that, we had High Times Magazine, right? So I’m in New York I happened which they always were at the rainbow family gatherings and beautiful TV. And so I called the then editor Steve Hager was his name. And I said, Oh, my God, Steve, I just got this. This Do you know, Secret Service cease and desist? How can we use this like, we got to use this, this is amazing. Well, they definitely did an article there. But he also fed the article, I believe, to a Rick kusik who is on the normal Board of Directors now and who later went on to become the publisher of high times but at the time, was just a writer for a small weekly rag called the Aquarian out of New Jersey. He’s an investigative journalist at the time and and so I sent him a copy of the cease and desist now attached to the cease and desist letter was a copy of $1 bill with the thought bubble and a fax number at the top. Well, I didn’t know enough to look at whose fax number that was. But certainly Rick kusik did. And he discovered that that fax number was the fax number to the Woodstock police and said Hmm, it looks like the Woodstock police faxed this to the Secret Service and now acting on this. So he calls actually now whom I’m going to say he may or may not have because of course an investigative journalist wouldn’t lie to a police officer never may or may not have led the police officer to believe that he was an anti hampt journalist. What the heck is this joy Beckerman doing in Woodstock? She’s doing a purpose.

I was doing my purpose. And the Woodstock police officer spills the beans and said man we’ve been trying to buy marijuana from her I had much longer dreadlocks at the time. Which by the way, if you’re not if you’re just listening to it, I love Joyce look I love this

I love this dreadlock thing going on

sweetheart and so third set cuz you go bald every time you have dreadlocks, aloe patient. Let’s see if we can get CBD on this traction alopecia. Is all US dreadlocks people will love that. But they were much longer dreadlocks at the time and we are trying to buy marijuana from her and we can’t get any of our undercovers to buy marijuana.

Shit Sherlock I don’t sell marijuana.

So in any so then he says you’re gonna love this. So then we had her sterilized hemp seeds for human nutrition. We sent them to Albany to be tested for THC. And when that came back negative we sent her hemp twine to Albany twine you guys to be tested for THC. And when that came back negative, we decided the only thing we could get her on was this mutilating US currency. So we said that to the US Secret Service, and now we’ve got it.

So there’s maybe a target and then this is a perfect time right now. So believe it or not, we’re up against it. That was a quick half hour. Cool. That was awesome. Don’t go anywhere. You know who Joy bactrim


Yeah, well, we’ll we’ll bet a small element of cleanup because that’s some of the most badass stories of overhead project. Now we’re going to geek out on some long policy. So now you know that there’s not THC in your hand. That’s why we’re moving forward, Joy Beckman’s going to join us here in the next

hour. We’ll be back in just

a moment. Get your project Episode Number 6 little bit right on.

Alright, we are now in our number two it is the gut check project, episode number six here with your host, Dr. Ken Brown. I’m Eric Rieger. And we are joined today by the great joy Beckerman quick reset. do go to love my forward slash spoonie to grab your own altran teal Joy’s going she just said she’s going to do after the show

Well, okay, so we’re going to jump into we’re going to get back into hemp extract and all that one thing joy that you may not be aware of is that the polyphenols and are trying to actually decrease The enzyme that destroys your endogenous endocannabinoids In other words, these to the power by LinkedIn okay VMD health CBD and I’ll try to work together. So that’s how g synergy well we Some call it the entourage effect as well but that gets overplayed and I’m listening to a lot of scientists now that hate that term. So maybe we should I don’t know if we move away from it embrace it. What you know I mean, the HBO series is off now so it has lots of fun,

right? It’s so true. And I in reviewing all that you’re doing you’re doing some amazing work. I mean, both of you together it’s incredible what kBm D is is doing and so I’ve read about Tron teal, for whatever reason, I missed the incredible fact that you just said right now that there are properties in it that actually destroy that which destroys

cannabinoids. So we were talking last half hour, a little bit about autism. And we were talking about how living in the United States, most of us have a deficiency in our own endocannabinoid system right? And that is because of inflammation it all comes down to

well and it’s because hemp has cannabis has been removed from our diet and our awareness I would say that’s primarily why we haven’t had access

to never thought about that reason I’ve been trying to get rid of this another reason like from a from a health standpoint if you

know so I still have a specific question on that yeah so because hemp was growing for so long cultivated here and you know we as you stated we’ve paid our taxes and hemp indeed so the stocks are obviously uses fiber yeah ropin cetera yeah now the the the leaf the canopy was fed to cattle because it was cheap. It grows fast it’s fried seed as well

grain Absolutely.

So was that because we didn’t always directly eat that consume it directly as a plant was that was the where the cbds You know, it was that present in the the flesh the meat that we consume? Was that ingested? Or is that simply coming dog, California

Yeah, so I think it’s important to know that we did actually we have a very strong history of consuming hemp hemp seed oil and hemp seeds and it was in our apothecaries, and and in our systems, our food and agricultural systems but certainly for ag feed. There are lots of studies being done now because neither the FDA or asko, which is in charge of animal and ag feed, have approved any aspect of of hemp for ag feed. So we’re doing lots of studies now on what they call the bio accumulation of cannabinoids because

I mean, I know that we used it as feed. It was very Yes,

yes, yes. Now how that but how that came into the, into the, our own digestive system and how we metabolize it and what the bio accumulation was, of course, in that animal that’s not research that had been done now and research research research is being done. Excellent question.

So let’s look at this. Very so in my field in the field of health We are extending our life times but not our health times we are becoming sicker as a as a nation. Now a couple of things that Patrick just brought up, one of them is we are feeding our cattle the overfeeding all livestock, the cheapest, most fertilized crops possible. So we’re getting the glyphosate through the through the meat, we’re giving them you know, corn and all these other things. We took in hemp out of our diets. And then because of lifestyle

and out of Ag feed,

phones, blue lights, poor sleep. So from a physician standpoint, live it live stressor, processed foods, poor sleep, all decrease our own endogenous endocannabinoids and then you compound that with the lack of eating exogenous endocannabinoids such as hemp. Now we’ve got a a dual process going on. That may be one of the reasons why we are getting sicker comment maybe one of the reasons why when I give a hemp derived CBD extract my patients, some of them are like you changed my life. Literally, I’m a new person. And it could be because of their own indulgence. endocannabinoids being so low,

absolutely we all have we all have different ways that we metabolize it as you know, we all have different levels of deficiency. But it’s what’s happening and to again discover this in our lifetime that we haven’t been regulating our homeostasis. Oh my god, guys, I’m wondering if I can just quickly wrap up my us Secret Service story because it was just so good.

We have

more left. Yeah, the tiniest bit here and it’s the good news awesome sauce that came out of this. So in any event after these articles come out, the Associated Press takes the story and puts it in every major newspaper her hemp dollars draw us haulers okay.


dollars dry you us all a holler. Holler. Okay, so the little tiny us Secret Service Office in Albany gets overwhelmed with phone calls. Keep in mind these guys have an important job to do. They were only acting on this because the Woodstock police were the assholes who forced them to make this a part of their agenda. Right. So in any event, I get a call from the US Secret Service in Albany that says, Oh, my God. Okay, listen, Miss backroom. And the reality is that under the statute, it has to be your intent to render these currency unfit for circulation in order for you to meet the element of mutilation of US currency, which is now what you’re doing. Clearly you want to keep this money circulating, because you are spreading your message. So you actually do not meet the standard of mutilating US currency. You are not mutilating US currency. Could you call off the dogs here? We’re getting all kinds of phone.

You didn’t see it all that that just kind of chat was

not police. This is what happens and we’re going to get into this with tech. La lions and tigers and bears Oh my when you got little local police man here little County Sheriff their county prosecutor here you know having a goddamn opinion of gosh darn opinion sorry I’m so somebody they may event so sorry about that guys. So So in any event they they the US secret services please call off your dogs you are not mutilating US currency we have one favor to ask of you, however, will you please use red ink you’re using purple ink. And the red ink would help us with the money counting machines at the bank. Your purple ink can can affect how fast the money can be counted in the money housing machines. I remember back in the fax machine days, they were like if you use red ink, it won’t go through the fax machine. So you have to use blue or black members. tractable. Yes. So they said it You use reading it won’t affect the money making machines. And I said, I thank you very much for that piece of information. It’s more, you can see it easier anyway. Well, my deal is no, feel free to mess with the bank’s people. So use the darkest think you want in the world if it’s not your intention to render that currency unfit for circulation, I don’t mind messing with bank counting machines. I don’t mind breaking the system any way that I can. So I was appreciative of that information. So but moving up in history and how we’ll get to now lawn policy is that then I go to, you know, I have my children. I’m also studying at University of Vermont as an English major with these and women’s studies. And of course, I’d gone to Fisher College for paralegal studies. And then I began a really extensive, we open up the hem store. I then moved to Vermont because I get appointed to be a years now we’re in 1996. When I moved to Vermont, that was the year that the inaugural Vermont hemp bill passed. So Vermont originally in 1996, and I was then appointed by Representative mass like to serve as Secretary of the Vermont have counseling

with a the first

they were not the first no Believe it or not. But and so that’s how I went to to Vermont I started working in law firms and then began relocated my family as the children got older and I needed to keep them in like football cleats and nice clothes and a great quality of life. I moved to Seattle, which for then single mother was a beautiful opportunity and frankly still is today board for work. But yes, began a dual career in compliance and complex civil litigation with him. So as a paralegal degree, that was your Yes, yes. And so and then went on to be a senior paralegal and in fact have worked with some of the finest attorneys in the entire West Coast. lead counsel for risk claims, which is the employment retirement Securities Act. So worked on the Enron cases the World Health, world calm and health South cases there but it was even assigned to the largest me securities fraud case in the history of the state of Washington. So all of that and raising my children being able to keep them in that lifestyle and being an over involved Jewish mother at the same time. It was it was a fantastic breeding ground and learning ground and mentoring opportunity for me so many people invested in me, that allowed me then to do the work that I’m doing now as an advocate, and and in leading, helping to lead these movements.

just such a foundation because you’ve got the passion already. And you basically have you’ve touched every aspect the introduction, the How do I do the work? What’s what isn’t isn’t legal from state to state. I don’t know that we could find a better, more well rounded person to know this in the trend.

And what’s awesome is that she saw the side where she was a target at one time and she’s trying to I mean, did you have that? Did you have your boys at the time? Yeah, so you’re raising a family? Yeah, the Secret Service showing up mean if you’re the kind of person that that if if you’re the nail on the whole world’s a hammer you just stop what you’re doing you’re like that I’m not gonna mess with that you just close shop you didn’t do that, you know I’m gonna I’m gonna keep going yeah, I found my purpose I’m going to do this

hundred percent and just to recap from the last half hour whenever she was rounding out this story that they the Woodstock police were essentially trying all they could to pin you down for selling THC which of course is the active ingredient in marijuana which people run fear from regardless you were saying this or these are hemp derived products they never found THC so they basically resorted to trumped up charge of decorating $1 bill. Ridiculous they just wanted a fall guy and they couldn’t get and

they couldn’t and they couldn’t and I will have you know, and oftentimes a lot of activists and advocates are born because they have been persecuted due to prohibition. And I will say how, however, and the universe again always conspiring in our favor but all of those Articles what that did to the store is the community didn’t want to be seen in the store. Right? So the store dried up, right because there were no customers. Also in Woodstock, New York, if you know anything about Woodstock, New York, there’s really only customers in

the summertime. And this was

we learned a lot as young entrepreneurs and we lose a lot. But yeah, g only customers in the summertime and then the community supports you throughout. And believe me they wanted to they tried oh my gosh, but when they thought they were under police surveillance for walking into the store, again, was a totally different climate in the early 90s.

Have you read Michelle Ross’s book, vitamin weed?

No, but I have heard this is on the list.

So I’ve read it and I read it and I reread it because she’s a PhD. And it is it’s not an easy book to read. And she geeks out quite a bit, but her story is that she was persecuted. She got pissed. And that became a passion as a as a scientist. So it’s all really its chemical. It’s not law and policy. It is Chemical interactions, all this stuff non emotional. It’s not emotional, but it’s all because she was first.

Yeah. And for what it’s worth mine was that that persecution was it wasn’t like I’d feel terrible even calling that persecution when I have friends who are in jail, sure, or have served time in jail or had their parental rights taken away, or their business taken away, or their real estate and assets taken away. Now, that’s real persecution. I got this letter which I turned into a massive PR campaign for hemp awareness. Yes, accidentally. And of course, the passion had come before that. But indeed, I did experience just a little brief moment of that. And and the rest of it I will just say by the grace of God go I

was a lot of application that you can deliver to the listeners today. So I think that maybe what we could do is move into that’s obviously led to so many of the opportunities the thing that probably most people are aware of that want to find good, meaningful and resourceful advocacy. For the hemp is the hemp inclusion to the farm bill and 2018. Yes. So as we ran into this last half hour before we talked about the implications locally, yeah, state to state. Tell us a little bit about your involvement with the Farm Bill 2018. What the hemp aspect was of it and obviously you take this America, great moderator like you

to have you here. Welcome to my mind. It’s just such a pleasure to communicate with you. Good,

good idea.

So I have been involved in hemp advocacy for many years, I’ve helped to write legislation and policy and in different states and continue to do that. I was not a part of drafting the Farm Bill. I’m very grateful to be working with folks who did the vote. hemp has been an advocacy group for years. Again, the HIE the hemp Industries Association were a 501 c six World Trade Association. So there’s only so much that we can do for advocacy under that nonprofit tax status, but 501 c fours are basically lobbying organizations or advocacy organizations and vote hemp is one another as the US hemp Roundtable, a very powerful organization, the one that Mike Lee, I was head of.

Michael Yago is a part of it. I don’t know if he’s headed

he’s not had no but he is probably a member organization and may even be on the more just

meeting with Michael Iago. Yes.

Excellent. And, and so, the provisions in the Farm Bill, they actually came from the hemp farming acts that had been filed in the House and the Senate. The Senate version was much more powerful. These acts had been filed for years, by the way since 2005. In the house and since 2013 in the Senate. Well, many people think mitch mcconnell just came on board with his support of hemp. The reality is that he was one of five unpopular co sponsors in 2013, which co sponsored the very first industrial hemp farming act in the Senate

was nuts it I mean, six years ago, people were I mean, in the senate trying to do this,

including Mitch McConnell and and Senator Ron Wyden And and Jeff Merkley. So reaching across the aisle. We’re talking democrats from Oregon and Republicans from Turkey. Yeah. So this has been going on and on. So in any event, they continue to improve that bill. Because we started to realize even when the 2014 farm bill passed, which is where we got our definition of industrial hemp for the first time in US history, distinguishing it from marijuana. There was a provision within the 2014 farm bill called the legitimacy of industrial hemp research. It defined two terms. One was industrial hemp again for the first time Oh my god, it’s separate from marijuana legally defined there by and another term called an agricultural pilot program, which was to study the growth cultivation. Apparently they’re different, and marketing of industrial hemp, and so many states began to Kentucky was one of the first among them to open up these agricultural pilot programs for industrial hemp. That’s how we started marching this ball down the field, but the definitely of industrial hemp in that 2014 farm bill simply said, the plant cannabis sativa L, and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, that does not contain greater than point 3% THC on a dry weight basis. Now, if I gave a flower to a four year old, and I said you can play with any part of this plant, and then I said, What part of that plant? Can’t you play with? The four year old would say, Well, I can play with all the parts you just said that I can play with any part and I’d say you’re absolutely right four year old you can play with any part of that plan. There is no part of that plant that you cannot play with. Now if I gave that same plant to a DEA agent, prior to this 2018 Farm Bill and I said hey DEA agent you can play with any part of this plant. What part of that plant Can’t you play with the DEA agent would say the flowering tops, leaves and resins and you’d be like what do you mean the flowering tops, leaves and resins the definition says the plant cannabis the teba L and any part of such plant that does not get 10 greater than point 3% THC in a dry weight basis. So, so they the DA continued.

Okay, so let’s Okay, let me just clarify something because this is when when I first started getting into hemp CBD extract this is when we were working with what’s that attorney that we have for Toronto?

Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison, who’s written extensively on this. Yes. And that was when it was the weird stuff. It was like you can derive it from seeds and stocks not from the flower. Now, what I want to clarify here is it’s changed. You can now use the whole plant correct. I

am so sorry. I’m trying not to giggle. CBD does not come from the seeds in the stocks does not come from the seeds in the stocks where they’ve been getting it from the flowering tops and the leaves and the resins my brother and and folks have been saying that they get it from the seeds in the stocks because the definition of marijuana which has now been altered and we’ll get there says this term does not include of the mature stocks, the seeds, they’re all

and wrote a consensus statement that basically, and he’s like the leading attorney on this particular subject,

and I certainly wouldn’t. So you know, there are lots of leading attorneys and I don’t want to start getting more public about who’s the better attorney and he was, because I just heard of Todd Harrison today from you guys for the first time, and I and I work with leading attorneys in that space. I’m sure he

is super cool is whenever Patrick starts wiggling and puts his headphones on, that means he’s got something to say,

Okay, let’s hear it. Patrick,

you talked about the change how they changed the definition of the usable parts of the hemp plant.

And I haven’t actually gotten there yet. And I’m wondering, I’ll go ahead and let you ask your question. Sorry. I’m used to I teach lawyers, and I’ve talked to lawyers like that, too. But I but I, I really I think it’s probably better for me to deal with the evolution of it before we get into your question, but go ahead. You might be interrupting my flow.

Da old in 2016. This past in February was signed into law by Obama in February of 2014. We start opening up these programs across the country in 2016 December. So we’re going now forward a few years here just about the DEA and the USDA and the FDA put out something called a joint statement of principles. And they published it in the federal legislature in the Federal Register, and the DEA starts to pick apart the legislative intent of Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, the legitimacy of industrial hemp research and they say things like, Hey, we and I’m paraphrasing and potentially being sarcastic because I just also love the DA. So So anyway, they’re saying, so they start to say, gee, thank you, federal legislators, patting them on the head, so to speak. We appreciate this new definition for industrial hemp, but we’re here to tell you that you’re misguided and we’re telling you that the industrial that the definition of industrial hemp actually doesn’t include the flowering tops and the leaves and the resins those are still controlled substances and you’re not allowed to get to the extracts. And this wasn’t about actual general commercial activity. This was about you, you know, doing marketing research so they start to push back. The hemp Industries Association and various other hemp organizations as well as Senator Mitch McConnell, right, as well as Senator Rand Paul, Whose letter he had 16 other federal legislators signed his letter. We all end the the Kentucky Department of Ag, and the University of Kentucky all send letters to the USDA and the FDA and the FDA very powerful, impassioned, articulate letters saying this was the legislative intent. We need clarification. What do you mean you’re you’re going to implement on a regulatory level, this legislative intent in such an opposite manner, and so they don’t respond to anybody’s letter at all. Instead, they respond and I really want to get to the good stuff, but it’s important Understand the foundation instead, they respond by Oh, and I apologize. The joint statement of principles was in August of 2016. In December of 2016, instead of responding to all these impassioned letters, including to the federal legislators who I have come to learn, the executive branch doesn’t feel like they really ever have to respond to the legislative branch. It doesn’t matter how important you are you can be Senator Mitch McConnell, if the DEA or the USDA or the FDA doesn’t want to respond to you, they don’t Wow. And so in any event, instead of responding, they finalize a administrative rule called the marijuana extract rule that had been in a proposed state since July of 2011. which defines marijuana extract as one or more cannabinoids extracted from the genus

can Oh snaps including hemp and marijuana,

and so they they

just shut let’s back up as you covered a lot of territory. Yes, yes. So basically, we’ve got senators saying that It’s okay. And you’re saying that branches of the government completely ignored it and said, we’re just going to write our own stuff.

Exactly. So keep in mind, and I’m really going to underscore this. We have three beautiful branches of government in this incredible system in our country. We have the legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch all checks and balances. So when the legislative branch fights with the executive branch, and that has been what’s been happening in him since 2014, it’s been the feds versus the feds. So I teach people when they say, well, gee, the federal government thinks this. This is pre 2018. Farm Bill, I said which federal government right it’s the feds work versus the Fed. The legislators believe this. The executive branch believes this and so the stakeholders that have Industries Association, we then brought it before the judicial branch and and took them to court. The HIE has actually sued the DA four times we’ve won three and a half times so that we could make it clear that hemp under farm bill compliant hemp and hemp extracts with Legal

that music means we’re going to get right back and find out what the federal government really means here in about

part two of this show. Know that we are talking about we are back with joy Just a moment.

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Alright, we are back here for the last half hour of gut check project episode number six with your host James Brown America. We are we are joined by joy Beckerman, and I don’t want to ruin any of that momentum that that break came way too fast. So fast. Just keep going.

You got it. Okay. So so what happens is then the federal legislators start to learn over these years of unfolding of the of the 2014 Farm Bill these agricultural pilot programs. Oh my god, we’re going to have to clarify a lot more than just removing him from the Controlled Substances Act if we want to really drive this home. So this year, the hemp farming acts in both houses Great, but in the senate fantastic. So instead of just altering the Controlled Substances Act, which is what the hemp farming acts had, all they’d ever sought to do before was give a simple definition to hemp, remove it from the Controlled Substances Act this year. And this is the language that made its way into the Farm Bill, a must pass bill. They said, You know what, we’re also going to mend the federal crop insurance act so that hemp can be very clear, because when you remove something from a Controlled Substances Act, the bankers, the insurance people still people are like, well, I get that it’s removed, but can we touch it? Oh, yeah. So are we allowed to do anything with it?

I’ve actually had friends that have had their bank accounts closed because they were banking with certain large,

absolutely, absolutely so So in any event, they know instead of just amending the one act this year, they amended six acts including the federal crop insurance act, including the Agricultural Marketing act of 1946, which is where agricultural commodities are defined. So through this bill hemp, and through these champion federal legislators, hemp has reclaimed its rightful place in the broad light of day with other agricultural commodities by now being removed entirely from the Controlled Substances Act. For the first time in 81 years, the definition of marijuana has changed in the United States understand that marijuana was not defined in the 1970 Controlled Substances Act. It was defined in the 1937 marijuana Tax Act. And the Nixon administration adopted that language word for word didn’t change a single word from 19 1937

is when marijuana was defined in that era.

One was defined through a tax on marijuana tax that included him.

Well, it just said this term does not include the definition pre existing definition of marijuana pretended, and it’s true I don’t want to say pretend the reality is cannabis is one plant. We’ve just we have these different types that we’ve read out in terms of more oil seed and fiber or less resonance type. But now that we’re into cannabinoids, those are coming from the residence. So the previous definition basically said marijuana is this plant but the mature stocks and the non viable seeds don’t count right? And so we were calling that hemp but hemp, it does have flowering tops and leaves and resins you know, it’s all one plant and I don’t mean to get too confusing with that but understand that’s what they tried to say and and they use the word the architects in 1937. You may find this fascinating, knew that the goodies were in the trichomes of the plant knew that that the resin is where the cannabinoids were, which is why in the definition of marijuana, the pre existing definition that was just changed on January 1 of this year. They use the word resins three times even though it’s only two sentences long, but moving forward because 30 minutes comes so fast. And I really want to get it up to speed Texas up to speed of where we’re at. I just

got a story. And I got I got four messages that basically said, hey, you’re running out of time. I really want to know what

Amen, amen. So so moving on forward, then they this farm bill makes its way through, it expanded the definition of industrial hemp because again, we couldn’t keep putting up with give saying any part and having the DEA say any part doesn’t mean any part even though it’s written by our lawmakers that we elected and it’s in the US code that that’s the definition. So they expanded the definition in the farm bill now to include extracts derivatives, cannabinoids, isomers, salts of isomers, and acids. They include all and the seeds so instead of just saying in any part of such plant, which should have been sufficient, but apparently it wasn’t for the executive branch, they now say seeds, extracts derivatives, cannabinoids, all of those things. So in Texas, there is a special law. It’s in the Texas Health and Safety Code. It’s a schedule on opiates, where it says there’s an exemption from control when these substances are quote specifically accepted. The Federal Controlled Substances Act Okay, so when something is removed from the federal Controlled Substances Act in Texas and in many states have the similar laws, they’re supposed to remove it from the state Controlled Substances Act. So now let’s move into Texas a little bit. Currently, even though many states have taken advantage since 2014 of these agricultural pilot programs for hemp, Texas has not passed a bill. You had some incredible activists here the hemp Hill family really props need to go to them. It’s an entire family mother, a dad, a son, a daughter, and they also run the Texas hemp Industries Association with with Henry belay. So they’ve made a lot of progress educating the state legislature but couldn’t get a bill passed. So as a result, Texas currently has no agricultural pilot program or definition for hemp but and we start to get what I call the lions and tigers and bears, oh my somebody with some type of authority whether it’s a police chief or a county sheriff And or whether it’s a City Department of Health or a State Department of Health or somebody from the attorney general’s office, that’s going into, say, a vape shop because apparently there’s all kinds of weird things that can go on and vape shops, and so and then CBD would get sort of caught up and raid, and they would say, Oh, this is a cannabis extract. This is totally illegal. So then an article comes out this cabin, you know, it’s really what’s the state or the city of the week and article comes out, because somebody got arrested some entanglement with law enforcement, and then it causes a sensational, oh my lord, I thought CBD was legal. But obviously, it’s illegal because somebody got arrested.

Every single time one of those things comes up. My office gets inundated with patients that say this is not right. Dr. Brown wants me to take an illegal substance. Yep. And I have to fight that

and you have to and you have to defend the legal status. So So in any event, but keep in mind as in 2017, the Commissioner of the Texas City Department of State Health and services john Heller stet. I believe his name is Dr. Heller set, did an action that would criminalize any possession of an extract from a plant of the genus cannabis and that and and a prosecutor Wilson more recently, although believe me that we have good news coming listen to stay with me here Texas because I got nothing but good news to share. Okay,

just so you know you are in Tarrant County where Sharon Wilson is that?

Oh, you’re kidding. Now. Wow. Okay. So she says that’s the basis for the current legal status of non prescribed CBD oil. Right. So keep in mind then moving forward though. And last year, again, the Texas Department of Health and services that it was going to consider a crackdown on CBD, so it asked for public comment. This is last year they got over 1000 negative responses. I mean, there was a public outcry saying no do not crack down. I demand access to this safe and legal substance do not crack down and the Texas Department of Health Services then did back down from there. opposition and announced publicly that they were going to delay consideration of this looking to Texas lawmakers to weigh in. And believe me when I tell you the Texas lawmakers are weighing in, but some more good news comes up. So then the farm bill passes in December of 2018. It goes into effect on January one of 2019 and Jonathan Miller, a hemp hero of epic proportions, who is general counsel to the US hemp roundtable and as well as the general counsel to the US hemp authority, which I’m the Vice President of which created the first cgmp current good manufacturing practices and good agricultural

Yes. cool dude to have on

please have Jonathan Miller on Oh my God, please have Jonathan Miller on So in any event hero of epic proportions, and by the way, a former State Treasurer of Kentucky as well as the former head of the Democratic Party in Kentucky, Jonathan a liberal as we say in red state, just a fascinating guy. So in any but works with everybody, he’s in fact the most cool he’s he’s the most clever Every person I’ve ever met in the hemp movement, this man. So he then go to every state that had that law that I just told you about this except this that says, We will not treat it as a controlled substance. If it is specifically accepted, he went through every state. And he found every state that has that and then wrote a letter to every state saying, okay, it’s been removed from the federal Controlled Substances Act. And according to this code and your state law, you now need to remove it from your state Controlled Substances Act. So on February 4, he sends that very letter to county prosecutor Sharon Wilson, and strongly urges are to abandon her efforts to arrest or otherwise prosecute as a crime the purchase possession or sale of hemp derived CBD admitting Texas law is undeniably unclear about the status of hemp CBD at present, because there’s no explicit prohibition of the retail sale of those products here, but there’s admittedly not any Express permission for the sale either. There is no explicit prohibition. No Express permission, but it has been now removed. He gets them. Keep in mind. This was all sent on February 4. And he reminds her Listen, please be mindful of what the Texas Department of Health Services said last year after they asked for public comment and got 1000 negative responses and said they were going to let the lawmakers do it. And he reminded prosecutor Wilson and the lawmakers are actually moving forward with this. So on March 13, then the Texas Health and Human Services Associate Commissioner Stephen Paul, who was of the Consumer Protection Division here, he writes back to Jonathan Miller, based on the requirements of the farm bill, which is the agriculture so public access all Yes, and it’s up on it’s not only all public access, it’s up. If you Google this stuff, believe me it’s posted on many sites now but you can always go to hemp or com hep supporter com That’s the US hemp roundtable it is an awesome place for information. There’s a whole state legislative action And great portals to easily and just take a minute guys to engage in the process and do your purpose. So he reminds them prosecutor Wilson, listen, they said that they were going to do it. So. So this association I’m sorry, the Texas Health and Human Services Associate Commissioner then rights to him on March 13. Okay, you’re right. And the DSHS Commissioner Dr. hellish that signed an amendment just now to the Texas schedules of controlled substances removing hemp from the schedule that the April 5 thing. So and then it was published in the Texas register on March 15th 21 days after something is published in your federal register, it becomes law and that date was April 5.

Now that makes so much more

than just last week or last week clarify

in two sentences. What actually went down one more time because that was a lot of information. You

got it. I know it. So Jonathan Miller, general counsel to the Round Table rights. Listen, you guys Have a lot here that says if it’s removed from the Federal Register from the federal Controlled Substances Act, you need to remove it from your state Controlled Substances Act. A little over a month later, the Texas Health and Human Services Associate Commissioner writes back to him and says, gee, you’re right, based on the on the agricultural Improvement Act, the farm bill of 2018. It’s been removed. And so Dr. Heller stat of the Department of State Health, signed an amendment to remove it from this is from the controlled substances and it will be in the Texas register on March 15, and become effective 21 days later on April 5, because

of people like you, that found your purpose. I truly believe that we will have a field of medicine where you will be specialized in you’re going to be an Endocannabinoid ologists we are going to stop the progression of many diseases and it takes people with your passion, your dreadlocks to do this.

Oh, thank you and your passion moving all of this health forward and and the coalition that we are building in the in the hemp movement by being able to reach out to people like you. I mean, you take this message and you run with it guys, you’re doing it. It’s just amazing and so our healthcare professionals all over trepidatious though they may be who really started trying to understand the legal status as you have as you continue to do, they are delivering this safe and legal and effective properties to to their patients and clients all over.

What did you say lions, tigers and bears on mine?

Because it’s kind of like, Oh, my there’s another lion. There’s another bear. There’s another Tiger these another entanglement with law enforcement based on misunderstanding, as Bob Marley says, although I think that Bob Marley may have gotten this from the Bible, as as I often say, I don’t it’s the Dos Equis guy. I don’t know if I don’t always recognize a gospel tune, but when I did, it’s from the Jerry Garcia band.

So But Bob Marley said, you know only a full length Upon his own misunderstanding, and this is the lions and tigers and bears so it’s law enforcement or again, a City Department of Health or a State Department of Health or some authority, some regulator, who is leaning upon his or her own misunderstanding doesn’t understand the legal status of hemp or cannabinoids in their own state on a federal level or how that all works together and come see reads one piece as opposed to the entire landscape of the of the legal and regulatory field. And they then make a decision that this is illegal. they’ve read one thing and the next thing you know, it’s a newspaper article, creating this sensational misinformation and disinformation

just an extension really, we’ve all heard the term all politics are local. Yeah, because they truly are, you know, this change at the federal level. And even though our state had that empowerment to basically follow the lead of the federal government, it was 254 counties in Texas. So we have one you have to be in the one that made the news. Yes. And out of all to 54 she led the charge to basically Ignore the rule of law as it applied through Texas to take it upon herself to do that, because if you were to go over to where you landed, which is in Dallas County or in Collin County where your practices or I live in wise, this is not what they’re after they’re not after going

they don’t want to spend money on this

don’t spend money on it, they more than likely they actually know somebody who’s benefiting.

That’s the other thing you know, public public Carmen resources. Of course, they don’t want to spend their money. I do want to clarify for you, the law is unclear. So when we say that she was ignoring the law, what she was really doing just so we can put it in perspective, because now we’re going to get up to the law how the listeners can help here in Texas, this is a real important call to action. She was using her authority to interpret the law the way she wanted to write and because it is open to interpretation, because currently, it is undeniably unclear. There is no Express permission to sell these products, but there is no explicit prohibition to sell these products. So she chose to interpret It and in an unpopular manner and what we would say in an inaccurate manner and certainly in a manner that does not serve the interests of the people of this county and the people of the state of Texas who are demanding access to the safe, legal affordable substance that is improving their lives on tremendous levels, some people so so moving forward in time because I got more good news for Texas. The good news is gonna keep coming here. Yeah, let’s hear it throw it out there. On the very same day that back in February, that Jonathan Miller sends this letter out to prosecutor Wilson, urging her to please abandon her efforts to arrest or otherwise prosecute is a crime the purchase possession or sale of hemp derived CBD. Representative King files a very promising bill in the House and that is I’m going to get the number for you right now. That is House Bill one three to five. Please if you have a note if you have a cell phone and you’re not driving, Texas House, Bill, one Three to five the hemp farming act. And this is a great by the way bipartisan bill. So Tracy King filed it also with Representative Lyle Larson, a Republican Tracy King is a Democrat. This bill which continues to be improved, makes it very clear removes all ambiguity and that’s because they got this model state bill originally I believe from the US hemp roundtable which is created a model state bill for for all of the states to use that will really open up the doorways for a commercial agricultural commodity program of hemp and make it very clear that the hemp products means that they include cannabis oil and all cannabinoids and that they are absolutely legal to sell at the retail level. So in Go ahead, can I ask you a quick question? So I’m on the Texas House Bill one three to five. It says that it was introduced on February 4, and then it says action on April night. That’s the most recent and I’m about to get there. Absolutely about to get there and that April. Brother that is showing you how and there’s been a lot of action. So if you actually looked at that tab you could see every action that has taken place on that bill and nothing is marching its way advancing fall down the hemp field like major

ordered favorably as substituted whatever that means

it is moving because substitutes come in. Amendments come in and so on and so forth. But I want you to know that in this house bill, one three to five which needs support and I want you to go to hemp supporter calm and click Texas on the state action to support it can get super cool the sponsors, the representative Traci King, Democrat representative Dustin burrows republican than this Republican, Democrat, democrat republican. That’s what I just said it’s totally bipartisan, that because hemp is the great Bringer together cannabis is the great Bringer together of people and the great unifier the great synthesizer you guys and and by the way, hemp seed oil and all hemp seed oil meaning oil press from the seed as opposed to extract extracted from the flower tops and leaves and resins it’s amazing when you add him to anything how things start to work together better it’s fascinating but I don’t want to digress here. So in the definition of hemp in in the House Bill one three to five which again needs support and you need to go to him supporter calm right now click on state legislative action please and we can get the link right to the Texas for the website guys so they don’t have to mess around with it.

Chef Patrick, how do we get that out to the listeners?

Well, we’ll post it right with this live video and then we’ll go ahead and repost it again we show it

being shown on

channel 10.

So the definition of hemp product, they don’t just define him in this bill of the model state bill is very clear that we want to make sure we are also defining hemp product. To make it very clear. We got to remove all this ambiguity we’re done with the ambiguity we’re done with the gray areas we’re done with giving them holes to drive law enforcement entanglement trucks through we are done. We are making it clear and thanks to Representative Tracy King and her Republican and Democrat counterparts. This does and it defines as including any product. It’s a good long definition but but for purposes of time efficiency here because there’s a couple more things I want to make sure the listeners know about Texas. It defines it as any product containing one or more including any product containing one or more hemp derived cannabinoids, such as cannabis dial and can be sold at the retail level. The on on the just last week, they was testimony before the house ag committee that’s I believe, potentially, oh, no, this was actually before April 9, there’s been a lot of movement. And the house ag committee basically had there were 20 Pro comments from the ad committee to the folks who testified 20 Pro proponent comments, not a single negative question. Oh, well, from the entire house ag committee, and they were good questions. Sometimes you can really because I do a lot of testifying in front of me as you can tell by the question. My God, how ignorant or where are they really going? Are they trying to get me to prove their argument against? But this ad committee no such questions, great questions, great and no negative comments, marching. It’s way more educated. Well, yes, absolutely. The one other thing that we do want to improve about the bill is that there are these labeling requirements in the bill and that are really geared toward extract because that’s what everyone is thinking right now hemp is about is extract as opposed to these 10,000 other products and industries that I told you about building materials papers, textiles, bio composites, industrial sealants and coatings, so on and so forth. And so these labeling requirements while they may be okay and appropriate for hemp extract, they are have nothing to do with hemp seed they’d be cumbersome for hemp seed food or green and other fiber products. So we are trying to get those an amendment there for those labeling requirements. That is the one teeny tiny problem with that bill. And for the sake of the bill, if we can’t get that amended, believe me you got to support this bill. Bill is going to go through, there is a secondary bill so that the listeners are aware. It’s just not as powerful. And we thank Senator Perry, so much for having filed it. It’s Texas Senate Bill 1240. It looks like it’s been stuck in the Business and Commerce Committee here in the Texas State Legislature in the senate since March 7. And it’s just kind of holding there. So I think this other superior bill, and again, that’s with all due respect to Senator Perry and the tremendous support, because he’s been working on this for sure years. And we’re so grateful for his support. And I imagine that he will then move forward supporting HB one three to five if that’s the way that it’s going. So there are two bills, dueling bills, but it looks like potentially senator Perry may acquiesce to House Bill one three

to five. Is there any significant opposition? Because we do have the senators who have come together to forge these two bills? Is there anybody who is trying to stymie the effort that we should be aware of,

indeed, and again, Tracy King is a representative in the house and so and it says Senator Perry and we often see that house bill in a Senate Bill. Certainly there are folks who are against this that unfortunately are still stuck and I don’t mean to judge them but they’re wildly ignorant I mean, I don’t think there’s any other way to say it logically debate why they would if they can’t logically that would be an oxymoron. They cannot logically debate they can debate I mean, we see debates all the time. Sure, that make no sense, but it’s not logical. There is no logical aspect to this there is no intoxicating component. There is no intoxicating potential in hemp as it’s currently legal defined, legally defined as and believe me point 3% THC can go up to several percent THC and not achieve an intoxicating effect that was poor Dr. Ernest small from the University of Manitoba who, when Canada legalized hemp and started regulating hemp as an agricultural commodity in that country in 1998. They they wanted to Come up with this definition with this with this percentage. And based on certain things, I mean, Dr. Earn a small admittedly basically threw it out there and now he’s trying to get that back up to 1%. And there is action about talking about increasing that for 1% because we could increase cannabinoid content. resin content with certainly increases nutritional profile bio mass yield tensile strength, but research research research so thanks to prohibition or just getting started on on research, all that combined. So you hit on a great no trigger point for for kin research, what is it that we could do, as a community as a patient as somebody who cares for somebody else who has inflammation that we could turn to a company maybe like what Kim’s doing with KB, MD or other people who are based in in trying to put practice or ideals behind the benefits of CBD and how that can be used as an example, for legislators and lawmakers. makers who are trying to say look, these are the things that are benefiting from CBD and hemp. How could how how best Can someone make make use of that information you meet up make use of the of the research or share their own

data, share their research, share their own data, use that as an advocacy because if you don’t have the data, you don’t have the evidence. It’s hard for someone to make something well, like we

okay so for my community, my community I’m a gastroenterologist, I’m seeing tremendous benefits in certain disease states. I’m not making claims, but I’m seeing benefits and all sort of colitis and Crohn’s, colitis and Crohn’s disease, small bowel and colon. So I think calling upon different support groups, Facebook groups, so if you have Crohn’s or colitis if you have also Gladys or groans, share this episode. And start looking into this because I’m going to be publishing some and are basically some clinical observational studies, where I’m treating people and we’re having pretty incredible benefits were showing both endoscopic and pathologic healing. And so that’s what I want to call out. I want to call out to pain doctors and say, Have you gotten anybody off opioids published that case series?

Yeah. Because you said it earlier when you said they lack the logic. And really what Ken’s done for over 10 years is show me the objective data without bias, even if it doesn’t say what I wanted to say. Yes.

So let’s let’s look at it. I have seen this in my own field. And you know, it’s a psychological term called cognitive dissonance. If you truly are rooted in something you will not listen to logic. We see this a lot. Yes, my whole deal is this is called the gut check project. What we talked about is check your ego at the door and anything is on the table. Just be open to it. Yes. And we’ve done photobiomodulation we’ve I mean, we’re talking about some stuff that I knew nothing about. And I’m learning you’re teaching me about long policy that is incredible where this thing has come. I just signed up to the US House. roundtable on hemp Excellent. So we just signed up as kBm de health we did and undertake the MD health course you’re well aware. Joy Beckerman is a part of alexson all the state regulatory officer and industry liaison and so proud proud to be with Alex and all. While we’re talking about cognitive dissonance, we ran into this we developed a natural product that fixes bloating and change in bowel habits. Some people would call it IBS not making your claim well now that’s funny because you mentioned Canada while ago when we’re in Canada, we can say IBS us we can

all different all different I I wonder and we only have two minutes we got a minute and a half okay then very quickly because I want you guys to participate in this another action call the FDA is putting out a public comments they will take them until July 10. If you type out FDA, Canada die all safety public comment FDA cannabidiol safety public comment, you will get a link in the Federal Register on how you can submit a public comment about safety. They are looking for public comment, they want data and they want safety do not this is very important do not say it cured my cancer it cured my this it cured my that they don’t want medical claims they want data and safety. So I just got sent an article for the first time ever that I have seen where they were looking at the safety of cannabidiol and people with liver insufficiency. So basically people with liver disease what it does, so now we have doctors that are actually doing this. One thing is does it work. Second thing is Does it hurt and the safety is super important. If it doesn’t hurt you they want the safety risk there about the risk or they don’t want to hear about everything that it’s cured. They are looking to see about public harm. So the show notes which which does not exist.

It doesn’t exist. It’s quite a very important unfortunately 15 seconds definitely come back joy Can’t wait holy cow show notes on the YouTube channel. We’re going to have all of these links. There’s so much action for all of our listeners to take joy will be back. Thank you so much joy for joining us again.

Yes, not lions Tigers bears. It’s too Well

you guys are wonderful, thank you.