Testing. Beyond the politics, what does it mean? Dr. Akerman drops in again to talk with Ken about what to make of antibody testing as we prepare to move back to living with the corona virus.

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Hello gut check project fans and KB MD health family, it’s time to get back to the gut check project. This is episode number 36. With your host, Dr. Kenneth Brown. I’m Eric Rieger. Dr. Brown, how are you doing today? I’m doing

fantastic. We thought that we would get away from the whole COVID burden for a little bit, because it’s Father’s Day coming up. And you and I are both dads. You and I both had dads. Yes. And I’m very, very particular to the whole Father’s Day thing, because unfortunately, my dad died 28 years ago, but I was very close to him. And I had a very close bond. And unfortunately your dad died three years ago, and three half years ago, yeah, three and a half years ago and we talked about our fathers a lot. We talk about what our fathers taught us. We talked about how our fathers helped us, and we tried to share those messages with our kids. And because of the show, we also try and share health hacks and so today’s episode number 36. What should we call it?

This is going to be the 2020 Father’s Day. biohacker special, we think of that

bio hacker special I like that the Father’s Day bio hack special. That’s actually called our hack special. Yeah, Mother’s Day bio hacks special bio hacks special okay before we jump into it because we’re getting into so many cool things that help your dad with and if you’re a dad, you’re like, I’m gonna want to do that. Remember this is for information only it’s not intended to treat or diagnose and all recommendations here are for your information. And as always, if you have something weird going on, talk to your doctor. Eric, that goes for you stop showing me those weird rashes. I’m here for information and entertainment only. But seriously, get that looked at at some point.

Think that you just broke HIPAA regardless.

You’re not officially my patient. That’s the point. I’m here for information only. You’re not officially a patient. You put my patients to sleep and he doesn’t have a weird rash. If you’ve ever put sleep I just realized how weird that sounded.

Yes, it’s not a weird rash. It’s completely common everyone likes to see it. It’s not a big deal at all. So

it’s actually a very, very beautiful rash. So if you Whatever it is, it’s it seems to be helping you don’t

wait, let’s, let’s talk about something real quick before we get into it because I do get a lot of questions about the products that we have on the site and they’re all very, very good. Occasionally people want to know, why do you only feature just three products would you consider carrying and it fill in the blank doesn’t matter. They want to know if we have certain other things that we’d like to carry and not that we never would. But currently right now KB MD health. What we want to do is offer products that we know our top of the line and categories that could be relatively new, because what we want to do is help enhance your life and give you the science on why shopping for these specific products with Katie and D health is going to help you so obviously we have KB and D CBD. We’ve gone ad nauseum over how CBD works, but what we love about KB MD CBD what we branded is that it is Seo a all organic sustainably sourced and extracted the way that we need it to be so that we don’t harm you and we deliver the best product possible with KB CBD. Of course we have our Tron deal that Ken brown here is the one who invented it. It’s the world’s only polyphenols source powered by Colorado, Colorado. That’s important because it is a very stable large tannin or poly phenol that works in the small bowel to do what it needs to do. And it’s available on KB MD health. And as far as I’m concerned and what the studies prove it’s the best in terms of a polyphenol blend used for not only gut health, but systemic health as well. The last thing that we just most recently added was broccoli or actually broccoli Pro. Now broccoli is all natural, superior things and you may read about that. Fear of things. But broccoli is actually the only company that US has been able to demonstrate that they have a stable form of Sofia things that they can deliver to you. There’s lots of different Sofia things and actually if you really look close, different concentration levels you can see them on on various websites. There is a reason that broccoli uses what they use and they combine it with curcumin which means it’s only available from a physician. And can brown medical doctor KB MD is the one who makes it available for you to purchase. So the reason why I bring this up not only that people ask questions, but today today heading into Father’s Day 2020 we put together a brand new combo package now available on the website. It’s the biohack package. And essentially, you can choose it either with natural flavored CBD or Senate flavored CBD and you can get all three of those in a minute. is a tremendous savings already but we actually reduced it. Believe $42 off of that. So you can either get the signature package, which is our 20 on CBD, or you can get the biohack package which is all three with Brock elite. And they’re both significantly marked down and darker brown anything to add to that before we get into something

yeah significantly marked down as a complete understatement. You and I were talking and we got to describe a we got to talking about our dads when we were working together retelling stories, and we’re talking about what the memories of your dads and then how we share them with our kids. And then we said we should just do some sort of Father’s Day special. And then we started talking about the discounts and I just kind of let I we’re pretty much breaking even on this thing. He’s like it’s for our dads. He’s like we got boys. We want to show everybody that that what we’re going to talk about is backed by science and the things that we want to make sure Is that dad stick around, because we’re going to get into all the science here. But the only thing I can add is, holy cow. We can’t run this very long because this is truly a Father’s Day special. You’re a dad, I’m a dad, we love our kids. We miss our dads. That’s the biggest thing. We miss our dads. If we could have intervened 20 years before my dad died 20 years ago died of complications of diabetes and a post kidney transplant. Had I known what I know now, I think I could have intervened on that. That’s super important to me. Your dad died of cancer. Yep. Had we’ve known a few other things we could possibly have interviewed 20 years earlier. That’s what we’re trying to do right now. We’re trying to make sure that we can be the healthiest that we can be. We looked at all the science so yes, it’s going to be a very temporary discount and probably a once in a lifetime because ultimately it kind of hits our pocketbook so but we love it because we love dads and dads are super important.

Hundred percent can couldn’t say it any better. In essence, I would say that today’s 2020 Father’s Day biohack special is not just about lifespan, but it’s about one of your favorite words healthspan. We are going to see what we can do to talk about how do you actually expand your health span today? And I think we’ve got some solutions. So well, Ken, wherever you’re ready to start. Oh, yeah,

I’m like you would totally expect. Let’s start. I want to start talking about science study study published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. And I want to talk about corvids. Do you want a Corvette is

AI? Well, Chevrolet makes them now

the Corvette? That’s very close. All right, so corvids, our group of birds that include Jays, ravens and crows study just came out This is super cool. They’re known to be one of the most intelligent genus of birds. So they’re they’re capable of using tools recognizing human faces and even understanding physics. Some researchers believe that crows may rival apes for intelligence and smarts. So this study looked at the fact that why in the world can a bird be that smart. So they looked at a database looking at thousands of different species, including more than 120 Corbett’s. They compare them with other birds and they found one unique thing about corvids. They spend more time in the nest. They hang out with their dads and moms more than any other bird to the point that they actually stick around to help feed the offspring. They help feed their brothers and sisters. They don’t leave the nest they learned from their parents. And the scientists showed that when you have a tight bond, a tight familial community that to grow apart Brain, at least in the animal community, it requires more food because the brain can actually take up a lot of energy. Does these birds have the biggest brains of all other birds? They learn hanging out with their dads makes a huge difference. So when I saw this study, that’s what I said. And this just came out last week. By the way, it’s not like I’m making this up. This strongly suggests that parenting helps shape their brains. Hanging out with your dad teaches you to learn certain skills that carry on and it grows bigger brains. So the only way that you can actually do this parental investment is through time teaching work, and the parents have to be around the parents have to be healthy. So this episode is about biohacking about being a dad, because being a dad is important. Let’s look at the science and the Ways to fight aging, beat chronic disease even fight baldness. Let the corvids leave this example of a bird genus, with different species that they all have one thing in common. They hang out with their parents. And by doing so they learn. So we want everyone to listen to this podcast to understand that we’re going to hack aging. That’s the thing that we’re going to do. We’re going to hack aging and I’m going to take on several aspects. Aging can be intrinsic extrinsic. Basically, intrinsic is your hormones, the issues of metabolism, regulating bad genes. extrinsic is what you expose yourself to. You want to smoke all day you’re doing this you got UV radiation, pollution, chemicals, toxins, you have control over both. Everybody thinks that they have control over the external environment. Well, I don’t smoke and this and that. Now we’re going to talk about that. It all comes down to inflammation. inflammation is the root cause of all disease and how it affects our bodies. So I thought what we would do is tackle a few dad issues, so to speak, and talk about how polyphenols endocannabinoid system plays into all of this. So that’s kind of where I want to go with it, and how to help your dad or if you’re a dad listening, how to biohack these different age aspects. That’s where I want to go Where do you want to go with this, Eric?

I think that sounds awesome. If I if I knew how I could have loved how you started off by saying, if we could have done or intervened earlier with our fathers, if we could have found a way to have you know, Dad around longer it would have been incredible, but not just around around unhealthy and that’s something I’m going to learn is how I can make certain that I’m healthier for longer so that I can hang out if my kids are both not boys, independent kiddos. I want to not just tell my sons They, as they get older and, and build families and go on and have their careers and do whatever it is that they do, I want to be able to, you know, hang out with grandkids all the same and, and be able to interact,

you know, so let’s, let’s be all Dave Asprey on this stuff and talk about how your great great grandkids are behind you on the ski slope when you get done and you’re like, waiting on great grandkids. I mean, you know, you’re gonna be 110 still skiing. I mean, this is what this is what we’re going for. It’s, it’s the whole life hacking aspect is kind of what this is. This is all about and hopefully, this all plays out. We all try it. There’s so many aspects in life right now that seemed like it’s difficult to make it to that point, but I like taking control of certain things. So many things are out of your control. If you go and you know what Or a car accident or something is out of control. But if you choose to decrease the inflammatory process through different ways, if you choose to heal your gut, then maybe that plays that’s the long term play. And you it’s it’s me, you and Dave Asprey sitting on a mountain waiting for our great, great, great grandkids to come down. Who knows? No jokes about him being 110. So,

yeah, no and I know that he’s joking but and not to sidetrack either. But you mentioned a car wreck is something that you can’t control it. Obviously, there are different severities in automobile accidents. But I mean, in the hospital time and time again, those who come in in the most stable health condition, regardless of the of the injury, those who are healthier at time of incident just recover faster, they, they make it through more quickly, their their prognosis is generally better, even though they’ve had this physical accident that they couldn’t control. So I need you to give yourself the best chance possible, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. So I just wanted to tackle a few organ systems that I think dads would like to hear a little about number one, skin health. And most dads we like to talk about skin health, but that actually shows your aging right there. Let’s let’s look at our presidents. There’s all these pictures of presidents for eight years after, where they were that that stress on their face. So we’re gonna talk about skin health, we’re going to talk about exercise, we’re gonna talk about testosterone, we’re going to talk about exercising. And I think the most important thing you’ve heard me say it’s time and time again, the gut brain access. Let’s say that you live a wonderful, beautiful life and you’ve got kids. And in the last 10 years of your life, you don’t remember any of it. That’s the thing I want to protect. So we’re going to look at all these hacks that possibly we can prevent any of that from happening.

I love that. And I mean, it’s, again, it speaks to the idea of healthspan because I think that there’s certainly is an Debate if if you’re not participating in the life that you’re living, is it really living? So do all we can to raise their quality of life for as long as you’re as you as you’re around?

Absolutely. Alright, so let’s start with skin. So it seems superficial, but all kinds of assumptions are made about skin. Oh, you look younger Oh, you look like you’re stressed or whatever all this other stuff. A lot of people go out and they buy things like vitamin C and retin, a and etc. But let’s hack the microbiome on our skin, because you actually have bacteria in your skin. And the inflammatory response actually happens because of the inflammation in your body. So although you have a microbiome on your skin, it’s not that easy to manipulate it, but in my practice, if you have intestinal inflammation, then you can also have skin issues like rosacea and eczema and acne and when I treat their gut I’ve seen so many patients that their rosacea clears up. I’ve had patients that have come back to me to tell me to put a blog out about how they’ve had rosacea for 30 years and retreat their gut. To me, it’s second nature. If you have inflammation, you can have skin inflammation. When you have intestinal inflammation, this leads to leaky gut. And this causes body wide and inflammatory response, which triggers oxidative stress, leading to rapid aging and DNA damage. That’s what I mean about the President’s the presence and go through tremendous stress. You see it, it’s that oxidative stress and DNA damage that prematurely kills the cells and that’s what makes us age. And you’re going to hear this common theme throughout this whole podcast. Inflammation equals disease. So if we can stop the inflammation, then we can help. So from my perspective, the skin Heck, if you’re a dad, let’s hack your skin. Number one, eat a colorful plate with no processed foods. This gets more polyphenols in your body. These are the molecules that give fruit and vegetables their color. polyphenols do lots of things. And they are potent antioxidants and anti reactive nitrogen species molecules. These reactive oxygen species are what caused the DNA damage. So in other words, oxidative stress, meaning when you have inflammation, it results in reactive oxygen species resulting in oxidative stress affects your DNA that actually makes you older. That’s the kicker. So my hack for this is polyphenols, block that response and there’s all different kinds of things to do for skin health. But everything you read about talks about the outside you, our good friend Tony Yoon has the anti age fix great book. Love it. A lot of it is on the outside. I was shocked to see that he’s got a whole chapter on the gut. Get for you, my friend. Yeah, but he talks about that. So the skin the first thing that everybody talks about is Oh, you’re looking great. They’re looking at your face. Like your face right now with this weird light you have going on? This is awesome. Yeah, you still look great. You know it is good to look good, better to look good than to feel good or whatever that thing that Billy Crystal did back in the day. So yeah, so skin is the first thing we can protect the DNA damage by doing all that you got anything to add about skin?

Yeah, actually, you mentioned eczema, and I told you long ago that I’d suffered from eczema and it actually kind of coincides whenever IBS kind of started affecting me. And the last four years I have seen a significant decrease in my eczema flare ups which generally begin in the cold, cold weather months. I mean, it’s it’s it’s nothing like it was six years ago before I started really taking my gut health seriously. So I’m back this last year I don’t even think I even had a true outbreak, which is phenomenal considering I’ve been dealing with it for about 12 years. So

yeah, so if anybody suffers from psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, acne, and you go to your dermatologist, ask them about gut health and what they know about it. And we’re going to be putting out some webinars and stuff about this in the future. But challenge them on that because if I fix your gut, then a lot of times a lot of these skin issues will correct themselves as a dad, not only if you don’t have eczema on these different things, we’re protecting the DNA damage. As long as you take away those EXO toxins from the world. Let’s not expose ourselves to a ton of UV light. Let’s not Change smoke and have oxidative stress all the time, let’s try and do a lot of those things and avoid some of the the actual toxins that are out there. You can protect your skin and hopefully look younger than what you are by taking in these polyphenols. And at the very end of this, you probably like or get polyphenols and everything. Well, that’s kind of why we have only three products there. And all of this that we’re talking about, ideally should be done through the diet. Sometimes it’s difficult to do it. And we’ll get at the very end about how supplements can actually help with some of this

right now. And our bodies are all connected systems, right? And generally, in order for someone to have really good looking skin, and a great appearance, it’s it’s usually because the rest of the body’s health is is doing well it’s in check. And you think back to why people look a certain way and then how they are attractive in a primitive part of the brain. What what you’re telling the other people in your species with a good looking skin etc, is that the rest of me is healthy. That’s that’s the outward appearance of something that’s healthy, to not agree with you more and it’s pretty exciting. So I got some more information coming later explaining pheromones and different stuff.

So, um, so as a dad, man, i’m john creeping on 50 right now. So the hormone that I care about that everybody talks about at my age is testosterone. Because as a male, we keep losing this over time. This seems to happen more in Western societies. There’s a theory called the gelding theory it’s GLD. It stands for gut endotoxin leading to a decline in go Natl function. gonad will function as our testicular function. It’s a theory but it seems to make quite a bit of sense. Why do we see testosterone testosterone clinics everywhere around here. And if you go to Spain, I was in Spain a couple years ago, I didn’t see one t clinic anywhere, whatever we can get into that. But the basic premises with a bad gut, bacterial endotoxins pass into the bloodstream through leaky gut, or intestinal permeability. This forces your body into this low level chronic inflammatory state. And these circulating white blood cells and cytokines we hear a lot about cytokines now at this time of year, because of what’s going on with COVID. That tells the body that hey, you know what, you’re sick. In a sick state, we don’t really need to be reproducing right now. So I’m going to redirect our energy away from making testosterone and we’re going to try and correct whatever’s going on over here. So your body cuts back on testosterone. Usually BO A Did you outside don’t add. Did you see that article about Diego, the hundred year old tortoise in the Galapagos that just retired.

Now I did how does a tortoise retire?

So as I’m sitting here saying that our testosterone decreases over time, there’s 100 year old tortoise that was shipped from the San Diego Zoo to the Galapagos Islands. And he has sired over 800 babies in his hundred years. And apparently, they said he’s retired or he just basically said, I’m done. I don’t know. I’m just done. Back San Diego, I want to be with my other retiree friends. I don’t know what’s going on. But Diego, the tortoise over 100 years, and he sired his last child, that dude has not been taken in toxins. He’s been eating a lot of polyphenols and he’s been taking his testosterone up. He’s at 100 years. He’s at 800 babies and essentially repopulated a whole species rock on Diego. But so it kind of comes down to it’s not survival of the fittest. It’s survival of the healthiest. So they made sure that the Aygo had the most perfect diet. They made sure that Diego’s testosterone was up not through exoticness ways, but he was just a healthy tortoise. And by being a healthy tortoise, as we age, it should not be accepted that we lower our testosterone. These t clinics popping up everywhere this idea that as we age, we should do this, we’re seeing it more and more in an inflammatory state. Remember that there’s this brain gut access, we talk about it all the time, the gut and the brain. When inflammation happens in the gut, inflammation happens in the brain. When the brain is inflamed. You’re gonna affect your hypothalamus, pituitary gonadal axis basically your pituitary gland your hypothalamus sends hormones signals to your adrenal glands and to your testicles, gonads, to say, Hey, we need testosterone. You’re a young, virile person, you’re healthy, this is the time to reproduce. But when you have inflammation, cortisol tells your hypothalamic access goes, whoa, we’re fighting something else. We don’t need sex hormones. We need to save this individual so that he can become healthy enough to then reproduce. Problem is in Western society. We’re inflamed chronically. So we’ve got cortisol going up. When cortisol goes up, then you have anxiety, obesity, diabetes, depression, and decreased testosterone. So in this gelding theory, a healthy microbiome can actually convert the cortisol being produced into testosterone precursors. So in other words, even if you’re experiencing stress If you have a proper microbiome, that’s your second line of defense, they’ll take that cortisol and they’ll be like, Alright, you’re a little stressed out, I get it, your boss is yelling at you, yet the kids, you’re on quarantine, you’re worried about your job. Cortisol is through the roof. But if you’re eating a healthy diet and a proper microbiome, meaning a diversified microbiome, your microbiome can convert that cortisol into testosterone precursors, and make up for the deficit. So it’s a fascinating thing that if you many researchers believe that a healthy microbiome can actually and this is what you’re talking about before with the whole skin thing. Many researchers believe that a healthy microbiome can actually increase pheromones and testosterone in men to make them the more ideal mate. So twofold thing you have a proper microbiome. Even if you’re stressed, your microbiome will make your Skin looked good, and then put out a little vibe to the chickies that you’re a hot mate. So that’s how important it is. So this is what I call a hormone hack. eating a diet high in polyphenols will feed your microbiome increase the diversity. So even if you’re laid off, bosses yelling at you everything chill out and go, You know what? I’ve got to stress. My hypothalamus is producing cortisol, but I know that I eat properly, so my microbiome will convert it to testosterone precursors, I will produce the pheromones and I will still be the sexy man that I am dad hack. The law right there.

Yeah, no, that’s, that’s actually really, really awesome. And it makes sense to me, especially when you’re talking about disease. So the body is very, very smart in the way that it will. In medical terms, we call it shunting whereby directing blood to us specific region that needs it more than the others everything is about demand in the body. And simply put, you said disease versus pheromones and the manufacturing of testosterone. It’s a day to day thing that we do is when you eat, you get a little bit tired because your body needs to use that energy energy to digest. If you were to run around on a full stomach, it would fatigue you a little bit because your body still has to hang on to this food that it doesn’t have the resources because of you running around or whatever else. And finally, when you settle down, it’s going to rest and digest and it’s all about the shunting of blood. It’s the same principle

that if you have chronic disease, you’re essentially always shunting the blood away from your ability to take care of your skin to be attractive to have the the natural testosterone etc to get the results that you want. I mean, I see it all the time with my patients. They’re like, I don’t know what I’m doing. Suddenly I’m having, I’m gaining weight and things are going on. And then I asked about their lifestyle and I say, look, are you protecting your gut? Is there any chance that we can have intestinal permeability or leaky gut? Are you eating processed foods? Are you getting enough sleep, weight, and exercise? We’re going to get into that next. But if you think about it, if you’re taking the proper if you’re feeding your microbiome, if you do not have control over your exogenous stress, like we talked about, in the very beginning, you have your internal aging process, exogenous aging process. If you can’t walk away from the I keep saying the boss that yells at you, and that’s being unfair if you can’t walk away from whatever it is that stressing you out. You can at least say okay, well, I’m gonna, I can’t emotionally handle this right now. So I’m going to take in the stress and I’m going to let my pituitary produce the cortisol, but I’m going to make sure I at least eat in a way that my body can handle that stress. converted, and I will still win. I’ll make sure that I’m not going to have these cortisol effects diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, depression, you can be in control. Yeah, hack, the great hack of that. So,

no, I totally agree. I mean, those are those are just things that you have to take charge of. I mean, if you if you want more out of life, you just got to give your body the opportunity to repair itself. And that’s really what we’re talking about.

Yeah. So when I, when I talk to friends and patients about this, they’re like, you know, I’m, um, I don’t care about that. I’m gonna go to this testosterone clinic. There’s like one right around the corner, I’m just gonna have pumped me full of testosterone, and I’m gonna get around that whole inflammatory cortisol thing. So I see him everywhere. We had mentioned that in the beginning, I see t clinics everywhere. And this is not exactly the complete solution and here’s a reason male pattern baldness. So we talked about skin. Man, if there’s something else that men are willing to spend money on, it’s keeping their hair. You can always I mean, I assume because I see commercials everywhere. And I paid a lot for this hair piece. My quarantine non cut for months.

Yeah. I told I asked Marie today if I was if I was looking like I was back in the 70s because I just I’m sorry.

I this is the longest my hair has ever been in my entire life. And I just cannot get myself to cut it, because I’m having fun with it. So I just want to see if I can get it. I mean, I see guys with like long hair and rocking it, you know, especially some of those guys in baby bath where I’m like, dang,

how they do that, like how they get it past the awkward stage to like, Cool stage. And that’s what I’m trying to see if I can get there.

But I’m just using the pandemic as an excuse. I don’t have no idea if it’s gonna look good or not, but I’m just talking about so far.

All right, so let’s talk about male pattern baldness though I’ve got a lot of friends that have baldness got a lot of friends that you know, have worried about it. And some guys say spirit, they just shave their head and they look just great. Not it’s, if it’s something that you’re worried about, the thing that people don’t realize is when you go on testosterone therapy, and you just say, Well, I’m going to augment with testosterone. Well, the problem is testosterone has its own issues. What happens is, is that this gets broken down into a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, known as DHT. DHT causes the regression of hair follicles. So when people take this so you’ll find that bodybuilders are perfectly cool with this. they fully understand that when they’re taking high dose testosterone for shows and stuff and they cycle on and off. It’s just part of the game. They’re all bald look on stage like the massive dudes, and I’ve talked about it builders, like dads just kind of accepted that. That’s what’s gonna happen when you’re doing this this kind of level of steroids. So I found a very fascinating study in 2016. It was on mice that showed and I don’t think David Roberts noses the CEO of broccoli that showed that sulfur fame stopped this process by increasing the enzymes that break down dihydrotestosterone and the mice that were given sulfur Fein it significantly enhanced Hair Regeneration in these mice. So the thought that sulforaphane accelerates the degradation of dihydrotestosterone. In other words, what it does is it increases the enzymes in the liver, that breaks it down, much like in our Endocannabinoid webinar, if f h breaks down an atomizer and polyphenols block that so for fame blocks, or actually does the opposite rises, the enzyme that breaks it down. So a fascinating study that I’ve never come across because I was trying to think about How can we help dads that are balding? Well, this is one way sulforaphane actually prevents DHT from being produced DHT has been shown to cause this follicular regression, which means that you won’t grow the hair. I’ve never come across this before, I was fascinating. One of the things I love about doing this podcast is we have to research for it. And we learn. This is something I’ve never seen before. I love it.

I think it’s incredible. I think that a lot of people would love to find out what they could do naturally. Just offset and who knows, I mean, if you happen to be a bodybuilder and it could be worth a shot, if you just want to see if you could hang on to here, I don’t really know that’s a no one’s ever accused me of trying to stack on a lot of the muscle weight.

But at the very least, if you have a mice, if you have a mouse, I shouldn’t say if you have a mice, if you have a mouse that is concerned about their hair loss, give them a little sulfur fan. We’ve got studies to show it works in mice. Great. So we’re assuming that it may work in humans as well. But that’s kind of a cool little hack that I came across because we’re going to get into reasons why you should be on sulforaphane anyways. But that’s fascinating to me because male pattern baldness is something that really affects a lot of people. And it’s something that may actually slow the process down so inflammation and male pattern baldness

now I think it’s awesome that’s a it’s a very very unique find and but it to me with with Sophia things if you’re a dad, that’s only the tip of the iceberg would be the superficial part of the hair and I know that you’re going to get into it here in a moment but rock elite combined with without trying to and CBD I think has got a really, really special interlocking key here that I think any dads who want to remain involved for a long amount of time will be interested. Oh, and if you happen to be sharing this with your dad, this is something because you care about them. If you’re watching and you have a dad or your husband’s dad, your brother’s a dad you want them to have a story. information. Obviously, this applies to both sexes, by the way, just Father’s Day special, but this is great information. We’re just humans in general on what you can do to protect your health. So why don’t you take that part away?

Yeah, so this is this is all stuff we’re talking about just biohacking on Father’s Day biohacking for your dad, helping them and we just chose different aspects that we can get into cardiovascular disease, hypertension, blah, blah, blah. we’re choosing things that I think that dads can relate to, which is, you know, we’re talking about going bald, we’re, you know, we’re talking about skin we’re talking about things like that. Another thing and one of the I’m gonna quiz you what is the second greatest life hack next to sleep?

Wow, the second greatest life hack next is sleep. In we’ve not rehearsed this. No, we have no

I do this a lot, too.

I know and I feel like I’m going to fail this one, but that’s okay. If I were to be getting enough sleep this, the next one would probably be something that would eat either decrease anxiety or to decrease inflammation and I don’t know the answer.

Yes. So what can you do to do both? That’s you have control of, but it’s not sleep that will do that for sure.

And you can obviously daily supplement with a CBD.

Well, okay with supplement. All right, it’s exercise. The second greatest thing you can do for your body every single day is exercise. All right? That’s right. You’re, you’re you’re too smart. You’re going into it. You’re just like, I’m gonna think about the DNA methylation. I’m gonna talk about mF RT t dub. Okay. Now it’s just exercise. So exercise I consider as the is the second greatest life hack next to sleep. And I say that because I was somebody that would sacrifice sleep for years. To make sure that I got to CrossFit at 5am. And I realized that probably the most important thing I could do was actually sleep in and find the time to exercise when when I did that. So, sleep, I’m going to say Trump’s exercise, if we’re going to talk about a poker hand, whatever it is, it’s four aces versus four kings. They’re both super important, but get your sleep. But exercise is the second greatest life hack. It helps with mood, inflammation, just like you said, circulation, bone strength, the list goes on and on. And ultimately, both our goals are to remain strong and healthy enough that we want to roughhouse with our great grandkids, not just our grandkids, we want to be able to have fun with this. We want our kids to feel totally confident that say, you know, grandpa and grandma or you leave our kids, we’re gonna go and we’re gonna have fun with them and you’re gonna be able to do stuff. That’s the key. So the key to stay mobile to Cheetah stay healthy, not just brain health, not just looking pretty on the Outside, not just having a robust hormonal system, we want to make sure that you can exercise and we can improve the exercise because as we exercise, there’s something called hormesis. So what ends up happening is that hormesis is the process of stressing your body and your body’s ability to recover from the stress. And as we age, this ability becomes harder and harder. Everybody says that, oh, you know, after I turned 50, it was harder and harder. Now we can we can hack this exercise causes reactive oxygen species reactive nitrogen species, and micro trauma. So there’s some easy hacks now. I’m gonna throw this in your wheelhouse. I’m gonna run and take a quick bathroom break. You’re going to talk about how how polyphenols help with exercise balls in your court. I’ll be right back.

That is interesting. So there goes can how polyphenols can help though with exercise is that Number one, it’s all natural. Number two polyphenols have been demonstrated, especially by Joe Votel, who did tons of research out of Exeter University over in the UK, that they actually assist the body to naturally produce nitric oxide. nitric oxide will naturally dilate our vessels, allowing for more blood flow to the tissues, which does several things and while deliver more oxygen or nutrients, second, it actually will carry away the lactic acid that is naturally formed from exercise I’m sorry, metabolism of the the muscle cells. So by doing that, a few things happen. That’s that’s the micro level. A few things happen on a grander scale one, you get better performance, you better performance in a measurable objective vo to max. Number two, your recovery time actually decreases. It’s not that you don’t end up Stressing these muscles or that you would never have to relax and take time off. But if you happen to suffer from an injury or you overstretch a little bit, or you really press hard and an activity, the time to recover has been demonstrated time and time again with high levels of polyphenols taken that it decreases. So something that’s kind of difficult to figure out whenever you’re talking about natural hacks is, what’s the volume, how much do I have to take to get this result. The great thing about Joe Votel and the research that she’s done, she’s been able to show that at least 1000 milligrams or one full gram of pro into cyanogen. polyphenols, which is exactly what ultra and teal is, per day, can deliver those results, especially when taken consistently, three days before the day of in three days after a hike Event now if you play football and you play on on a Friday, you’re three days before and then the day of, and then three days after, guess what? It’s a full week. So essentially what she’s outlining through science is that one gram of polyphenols daily minimum, lead to better athletic performance, better recovery time, objective increase in vo to max and overall better status of the athlete So anyhow, and kids back to the bathroom,

so they get out. So quick little thing about the bathroom break right there. That’s not because of prosthetic prostatic hypertrophy because I take broccoli, which actually helps the prostate health. That sounds bad I had to pee. I’ve been holding it for like a long time. So that’s an awesome I was listening to the bathrooms right over here. So I listened everything you said totally agree with everything that you just said right there. That’s awesome. The athlete. I do want to say one other thing about Exercise. You need to improve your endocannabinoid system. There was an article that was just published in the molecular aspects of medicine and it looked at the endocannabinoid system and exercise related to pain and the path to health and slow aging. The actual title was that it was ECS exercise pain and path to health and slow aging. They looked at the circulating endocannabinoids. during exercise, they found those people with a higher functioning endocannabinoid system that had higher endogenous endocannabinoids had less joint pain, less perception of exercise induced pain while they were doing it, and they had an overall better mood. So improving your endocannabinoid system. If you don’t know what that is, we got a webinar on it. I guess we’ll put some sort of link to it at some point can help maintain your exercise regimen. So polyphenols and improving your understanding Benoit system will allow you to continue to exercise and workout and don’t let age be an excuse. I’m at this age and this is where it’s at. Because we’re trying to help you hack through this and you’re going to be the greatest dad ever. And if you want your dad to be great, just make sure that you show them this podcast. So we talked about skin. We talked about baldness, we talked about hormones, we talked about exercise. Oh, the most important thing that I care about the brain. That’s what we want to talk about and end this podcast with the brain. Protect your dad’s brain if you’re a dad, protect your own brain. Alzheimer’s and dementia is at epidemic proportions.

Our mission at KB MD health and it KBS is to help people age well, but also access all those millions of memories that make up your lifetime. When it’s all said and done. It’s not the crap that we have. It’s the memories that we have. You and I have talked about this, I prefer to spend my money on buying a memory, as opposed to buying an object. That’s just my personal preference. I’ve talked to many psychologists who say those people that do that tend to lead happier lives. If you are trying to fulfill your life by buying objective things to say, I like this, I want you to take a step back and go instead of spending the money on this. I want to take my family on a trip. And then I want to talk about that trip a year later, five years later, 10 years later, when I’m playing with my great grandkids, I want to be able to tell the story about how I took my mother which I posted, Sandy, her own deck 78 years old when she calls my family. All she loves to do is say, oh, let me tell you about the time that we took your father to this. And it’s a wonderful thing because now my kids are old enough to ask ask the questions. How old was he? Oh, he was in fourth grade. Oh my gosh. And now they’re older than I was then. And it’s just great. In my opinion, the most important thing and the greatest thing that we can do for everybody is to allow dads to protect their brains because if you protect your brain, there’s a common theme. And that is the memories represent who you are. And one thing that I am learning one thing that we are starting to see is that gut inflammation leads to brain inflammation. Dementia is a result of chronic inflammation. It’s a preventable thing. We know that polyphenols help heal your gut, but studies have shown that polyphenols can exert their anti aging effects on the brain through already discussed antioxidant, anti reactive things, a reactive species blockade and different things like that. But polyphenols also allow your microbiome to produce Something called post biotics, post biotics, post biotics, post biotics, you heard me, right? Post biotics. This is the thing that everybody’s gonna be talking about in the future. These are molecules produced by our microbiome that have beneficial effects on our bodies. For instance, polyphenols can increase a short chain fatty acid called butyrate butyrate travels from your gut, where your my your microbiome breaks down these polyphenols produces butyrate butyrate travels all the way to your brain, and it increases something really cool called BDNF, otherwise known as brain derived neurotrophic factor. Brain derived neurotrophic factor is one of the only things that allows your brain to grow nerve cells. When I went to med school, we were taught that your brain cannot regenerate. Now we know that if you have Enough BDNF, your brain can regenerate. So if you have trauma, if you have a stroke, if you have age related dementia, we can start to regrow that. That’s the key. But the path of this whole process shows that these polyphenols don’t just do it through BDNF. They do it through different modulation cascades, and this gets super sciency. But basically, the polyphenols will affect a cascade, meaning a process called the sirtuin pathway. This is a pathway that controls the aging process. And the NRF two pathway. You’re nodding because you’ve heard NRF two before so if you’re dozing off going on and what what are these guys talking about now, sir? Two and NRF? Two I know it’s weird names. Bottom line is it. We now know the science It creates an anti aging aspect in your brain. And then this NRF two pathway is pretty frickin cool because speaking of NRF, two, this deserves its own podcast in its own right. But in a nutshell NRF two pathway is a regulatory pathway of potent anti inflammatory and anti cancer. It is a potent immune modulator. So, the most potent NRF two pathway controller is not polyphenols, but it’s through getting sulforaphane. So you can see the overlap here, this whole biohack data episode. makes total sense. Now when we’re talking about we only have three products and there’s one reason there’s a reason why there’s three products.

The three products that I take my family takes my staff takes because I know the science behind it, you take it your family takes it, everyone that you’re around, I know the science behind it. The one thing that I want to Make sure that I protect, I want to make sure I live long enough. But I want to make sure I protect my brain. I want to look good doing it. But that’s secondary to this because I felt like the best shape I’ve ever been in. I was sacrificing other aspects because you’re not, you’re eating to look good as opposed to eating. So there’s been times where I’ve been bigger and more muscular, leaner, whatever. I’m feeling pretty good right now. I’m feeling happy. I’ve got my kids, I can do anything that I want to do with them. And I’m pretty. I’m going to keep tuning in. I’m going to keep biohacking this. So, so first thing in the brain, an article published in 2018 showed that as we accumulate I’m sorry, so I was digressing a quick second, this is actually the whole brain health is where all three come together. So for a feign is what is in broccoli, and we know that sulforaphane modulates the NRF two pathway which is a potent anti inflammatory, anti cancer and help with BDNF. We know that polyphenols are a potent anti inflammatory pathway and will help modulate BDNF. As I’m going through this, I found this great study in 2018 that showed that in people with dementia as we age, we accumulate iron in our brains. And this study looked at mice where they had iron induced dementia. So they gave extra iron. I say this because every dad that’s on testosterone right now, one of the side effects is iron accumulation. You’ll notice that when people take exogenous testosterone, I said that one of the side effects could be DHT male pattern baldness, if you take testosterone, you’re going to you’re going to absorb more iron. And this can result in brain dementia later on in life if there’s too much iron a few minutes here. So they took this group of mice and they gave one group cannabidiol CBD And the other group they didn’t. And then they were able to reverse the negative effects of the iron in these mice. so fascinating. So the theory is that CBD has neuroprotective effects by function to stop cell death caused by iron. It blocked the a pop ptosis caused by iron. So in my world, protect your dad. make him look good through the scan. Make sure that his hormones are good. Make sure that he’s exercising appropriately. Make sure what were all the organ systems that we cover are missing one make sure his brains good, but that’s the last one. That’s the most important one.

You said scan.

Stem hormone.

Rain gut brain gut.

male pattern baldness.

Oh yes. Yes, sorry.

And that’s that’s a little bit more of a vain one because the other ones are so important. So you know what this podcast is about having a science backed dad hacks we’re gonna call the science back dad hacks for anti aging and multiple ordinances skin baldness, testosterone exercise improvement and the most important one, in my opinion is brain health. Who I read a lot to get through that,

man that’s a solid put together though and truly if you do care about longevity, this is an incredible combination to be used along with a normal regimen of good sleep, as well as exercise daily. And if you can just do that, and make certain that the foods that you select every day are, for the most part, healthy following something similar to a Mediterranean diet. I feel like and speaking from experience, you’ll find lots of stability in your health, which just allows you to decrease anxiety and just focus on the things that you find most enjoyable in life and It we’ve all had those pitfalls where you find yourself getting into not the healthiest selections for foods, etc. But it’s never too late to turn it around. And if you’re going to get a little bit of help,

yeah, that’s, that’s key. If you’re gonna do that once in a while, then you’re gonna have to supplement you’re gonna have to help yourself a little bit, you know, make sure that you can, if you want to cheat a little bit, if I’m gonna cheat with gluten, I’m gonna have a little tool on hand at all times.

So no doubt and and another thing, just just the idea of not wanting it. Why does it Why do people fear getting old? It isn’t just because it’s o LD, it’s not just because of that word. It’s because you don’t want to be debilitated. You don’t want it who wants to get older and not be able to do as you described roughhouse with the grandkids, not be able to go and enjoy a vacation not be able to remember going on vacation. This, what we’re talking about. It is Isn’t it isn’t some kind of a crazy scenario? What we’re talking about are discoveries. It’s science on how can we help you through the research that we’ve dug very deep into? How can we help you achieve a better aging process where you’re healthspan matches your lifespan.

And, you know, I mean, we’ve we’ve worked, we’ve walked in these circles, we’ve walked in circles with Ben Greenfield and Dave Asprey and you know, we kind of run in similar groups and there’s 1000 things that they’re doing. I like to really pare it down to just very a minimalistic approach. I’m just want to make sure that my brains healthy, I want to make sure that I can exercise and ideally I would like to make sure that my internal process is healthy enough that it shows on the outside. So those are the so that’s why we’re calling this the big special. The dad biohack combo because to recap it Polish Females like our Tron to have been shown to be anti aging. They improve exercise they improve brain health. CBD like the KVM D health CBD has been shown to help with exercise and brain health also. And sulfur fame like broccoli has been shown to help with male pattern baldness, brain health as a potent anti inflammatory anti cancer agent. So if you’re going to do, you can try everything you can an eye tech while you’re laughing because you’re like, Well, yeah, you do those things, but you also will try anything else. I listen to a Ben Greenfield podcast yesterday about breathing and I’ve been trying to hold my breath for seven minutes, I get to two and I just pass out. I’m like, how are they doing seven minutes?

Yeah, you know, just for the listeners. I gotta tell you yesterday, we’re working together and he asked me if I’d heard of what, what was the was there a title? Or did you just tell me how it was done?

Because Well, there’s the Wim Hof breathing method. He like breathe people out and then walk them up Mount Kilimanjaro in their underwear. Yeah, no, and they don’t get cold with a jump and ice water and stuff. That’s one method. I just don’t know enough about. I’m just, I mean, next time I see Ben, I’m gonna pin them down and say, all right, tell me how to do some of this breathing type stuff. And then, like, I’m getting into like, oh, man, I just talked to somebody about earthing and grounding yourself. And so now I’m a bit I don’t wanna get off track of this, but we’re gonna go through all of this for you. So there’s, you know, these great biohackers. Like, like Dave, I mean, they’re awesome. I like to get their science and then I like to dig a little deeper and try it on myself and go Well, yeah, let

me just let me just say for the audience, you have no idea how many things have not even come close to being mentioned here that he’s trying, because they don’t work. As the coolest thing about the guy that you see on the screen opposite is that he he has as long as I’ve known him Puts whatever it is to the test through the research and if it doesn’t measure up and does it produce reproducible results? It’s it’s not,

it’s not worth it. The one thing is, is that we’ve got Angie Koch on our side, our researcher who she’s coming definitely great ideas. And we’ve got this Mandalay account where we looked at the we looked at the journal so I’m a hacker, but I’m a hacker based on science. And I think that these other guys are also they’re super smart. And you’re kind of a hacker. My, what I love is that my wife can’t stand when these Amazon packages start showing up and whatever. And then she thinks I’m crazy. And the next thing I know, through diffusion, and osmosis, suddenly, the whole family’s doing all of it. And I’m just like, yeah, I didn’t get an argument. You just kind of did it on your own after you did your own homework. And that’s kind of how it is so, but this is our dad’s special Father’s Day Special shout out to every dad that’s out there. Remember the corvids study That it’s the one genus of birds, that they spend more time with their kids and they consistently have bigger brains and they learn more and teaching your dad a stupid thing. I’m like I’m not much of a handyman I talked to you about this. I’m realizing that I’m choosing to do a little bit more change the battery instead of having the car towed or whatever, like stupid stuff like that Ramos like, yeah, Lucas, let’s just change the battery. I’ve never done it. Let’s go. And let’s just do it. So that kind of thing. So

now, and that’s those are the great experiences that that you end up having, and they’ll they’ll turn into good memories, especially the fact that you had to YouTube how to do all that stuff to make it happen. And that’s, that’s the manual of the modern man right now to YouTube and figure out how to take something apart. Sure.

I know, my poor dad, when I’d asked him questions, and it was just like a long pause. It’s like ask your mother. Now, it’s like hey, Google. What’s this?

Well ladies and gentlemen of KB MD health, please head to KB Md health.com. Go down to the store first four items are all on sale for the Father’s Day biohack special. It includes the signature package, but it also includes the bio hack package. They are both significantly discounted. This sale I believe last all the way through July the fourth Independence Day course.

Now you and I argued about that because this is a we’re essentially this is a wash for us. So we’re doing this for dads, so take advantage of it. Take advantage of it while I’m emotional. While we’re talking about how we miss our dads and how much we like being dads. We’re being emotional, and we’re not true businessmen, we’re emotional. People in health care. We just want to help people and we just want to see people get better.

Was it a big shout out my dad his birthday this year would have been the same day as Father’s Day which is the first day of summer and he would have been 70 I miss him dearly, but you know, US approaching it like this, this is what he wants me to do for my kids, because he would have wanted to have been able to have done it for himself. So treat yourself Take care of yourself, visit us a KB and D health calm. We’re just sharing the science. Yeah, if you help.

It’s funny that you said that because I have a lot of patients that will COVID has brought up a lot of stress to patients before COVID. And what something really interesting, they’ve been forced to stay home when normally they spend a lot of time on the road. And they’re realizing they would really like to stay home more and a lot of things are out of their control and stuff. Well the one thing that you can make sure that you do for your kids is take care of your health. Definitely so just because you can’t be home, you can FaceTime with them and say what are you gonna do? I’m out for a walk. I’m sitting here. I’m not attached. I’m on a business trip. I’m out for a walk. I’m doing this for you. I’m getting my BDNF up because of exercise. I’m gonna take some broccoli, take some I’ll try to do a little CBD. Protect my brain. How are you doing, kiddo? What’s going on? Tell me about this. Put your sister on the phone. Let’s talk about this what’s happening in school? that those are the memories that I want to protect for everyone. Not what did it feel like to get in your Ferrari and drive around, that’s just not my thing. Because it’s the memories in the end that are worth the gold. So

just to wrap up, don’t forget, you can always go to love matambi calm and of course if you haven’t visited unrefined bakery, you need to go there. So unrefined. baker.com use code, gut check, and I hope that you all have a fantastic Father’s Day with your father, your father with your kiddos. With your grandfather’s with the great grandfather’s. Enjoy the weekend. The summer is upon us. Take care Have yourself still, you know, avoid, avoid too much crowding right now.

Yeah. And so let’s say this also, if we are still in the COVID epidemic, we’re having some of the highest cases right now our state opened up. If you feel like you may have been exposed and you have a grandparent that you want to reach out to your obligation is to reach out to them in a social way, like FaceTime, zoom, anything, but you may be a carrier and you need to protect your grandparents, who may be at risk, most of it, for sure. And loneliness is just as dangerous as smoking. Reach out to a dad, an old college roommate, a friend, anybody now’s the time where there’s, there’s no barriers. We can just sit there and say, Hey, I haven’t heard from you in 35 years. This is the weirdest time we’ve ever had in our lives. Just thought about you and just want to see what’s going on. There’s a way to reconnect with no social stigma, do it and protect your grandparents. If you feel like you may have been exposed say, hey, Grandma, I want to come over, let’s have dinner together on zoom. But my friend’s parents, apparently one of them was just diagnosed with COVID. So um, for the next two weeks, I’m going to chill. And then I’ll come back over and start eating with you and stuff like that.

Oh, I think that’s sound advice. I really do. But that is the 2020 Father’s Day biohack special. Thank you all for joining us here on the gut check project, we get to say gut check project again. And actually, this is the first gut Git project episode ever on zoom. Just so you know. Oh, that’s right. Yeah,

I know. And we were talking about doing the whole in the studio thing again, and we just can’t you know, morally, we just can’t do it. There’s too many cases going around and we have to lead by example. So

Yeah, we’re getting back to we’re getting back to a guest schedule coming up. So we certainly appreciate all the support the ton of email. So anyway, everyone have a great Father’s Day. Thank you all very much. That’s Episode 36. We will see y’all next time. Happy Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day.