Your host Kenneth Brown, MD and co-host Eric Rieger talk how they got in shape with prancercise and the amazing Thighmaster on this special Thanksgiving week episode. Gobble Gobble!

Alright, welcome to episode number 24. This is the Gut Check Project with your host, Dr. Kenneth Brown. I’m Eric Rieger. What’s up man?

Man I’m super excited we are going to do this together.


Here we’re starting to work the few kinks out we had that really cool episode that we did with SurePath which is just gonna be launched and then Dr. Marisol which got launched last week. We’re getting some really cool episodes building up here. So I thought that this could be an episode where we circle back with each other and get reconnected. You know, I mean, I’m still recovering from you abandoning me when Dr. Marisol came here and I was alone.

Yeah, I know. I was I was knee deep in talking to tons of dietitians up in Philadelphia. And so that’s okay because up there they like cigarettes. I learned a lot of cigarette smoke and Philadelphia along with cheese steak but it was it was a great episode and of course since we’ve been at the new studio we have had CBD takeouts Jeremy kender. We’ve had Dr. Marisol and we’ve also had Patrick Brewer as well as Tim power of SurePath and now we’re going to experiment with having a reconnection and talking about some research.

You know, what was really cool about that having Tim and Patrick on, that they’re just so freakin smart at what they do.

Definitely .

And I’m so stupid in that world, that that’s, I’m you know, it’s just being around people that are specialists in that field. It’s really cool.

And that gets me, man, honestly, it’s really cool to hear somebody else who has, it really is it’s a holistic approach to how you handle your finances and your money. And so many people get caught up in the race of making sure that they have their work, their job, their family items planned out that the last thing they think about is how well am I making certain that my money is not only secure, but working for me. And if you haven’t checked out Episode Number 23 with SurePath that is actually a great primer, whether you use them or not, be sure you take care of your stuff. It’ll, it’ll take away the stress.

It’s so interesting when you start thinking about money and how money can create stress, or the lack thereof can create stress. And in fact, you know, forget that I have a lot of friends that have sold their businesses. And then suddenly the stress of what do I do with this money pops in which most people would love to have that problem, I get that. But even that in itself can be an issue. And so then you have the fact that money plays into this. And any type of stress can affect your intestines, your guts, whatever. And that can lead to dysmotility can lead to all different kinds of things. So we want to act like we have all these different fields and we want to act like that this is my such and such guy. This is but really we all have to be together. Because if my finances are going south, I’m going to be stressed out, I’m not going to sleep well. It’s gonna affect everything. And if your gut isn’t good, and you’ve got the resources, you’re not going to enjoy it, because what do you have if you don’t have health?

Yeah, no, you’re exactly right. And I would even go even a step further when, when I was just getting started off on my own and Marie and I just gotten married and you don’t have a lot of money back then. It seems like stress was a little bit less because basically, let’s face it, that extra hundred dollars, we knew what it was going to go to, it was already kind of spoken for. And so you, you kind of knew where your money was going. And then as you build your career and you a little bit larger, and you don’t really stay in tune with what’s happening, that’s where the stress comes in. So having someone help you plan where you’re effectively using your money, regardless of your income is a huge stress relief. You don’t it’s never too early to turn someone like that.

It’s so interesting that everybody always talks about the simpler times the simpler terms, but when you’re in the simpler times, all you’re doing is looking forward to the time when you can actually not sweat the next bill. So this kind of comes down to that whole aspect of just living in the moment.


Just be true to this. I’m in the moment with you right now my brother.

That’s right

Just in the moment.

So we got big news before we even get into research. What happened today?

Oh my gosh, this is so exciting. So in the CBD world, everybody’s being jerked around by having these processors where the banks won’t do this and we got a website we’re having trouble running these different credit cards and stuff. Today we actually got a processor square processor.

We did and and for those of you who have been loyal and allowing us to manually process when your credit card doesn’t go through because of various bank rules, it all ends this week. We’ve got a new website, we’ve got a new processor, no more of having to chase around to get that kind of stuff going and we got cool things are going to come because of it. Black Friday specials Christmas specials, you’re going to be able to get KBMD CBD trusted, certified, etc. at a breakneck cost. What am I trying to say here at a, at a breakneck cost doesn’t make sense…

I always think about breakneck as speed but yes, you can have this CBD sent to your home at a breakneck speed. At a substantial savings because we have been so excited to get this out to everybody. When we sit there and talk about CBD, one of our sponsors KBMD health has CBD, we also have Atrantil, my baby there, the coolest thing is those two things work together. I talked to so many people and every time I meet somebody, they’re like, Yeah, I don’t really understand that. I see all these stores popping up and I try to explain it. Here’s the bottom line. You have an endocannabinoid system. This system, if you live in the United States, you have a very high likelihood that it is not optimized


All this does is allow your body to bring you back to balance Everybody tries to make it too complex. Everybody tries to make these claims. That’s not what we’re going for here. My role is to get people to just get back to their balance. And then we can work on the other issues. Because it’s an uphill it’s a complete uphill battle. If I’m trying to fix your gut, and your anandamide a fancy scientific term of one of your own endocannabinoids is not at its optimal level. You’re not going to function that way. So everybody says, Oh, I want my thyroid to be this, oh, I want. I want to make sure that my adrenal glands are functioning and my cortisol, I’m telling you, you’re chasing your tail, because if your endocannabinoid system is not optimized, all this other stuff, and all this money you’re spending on supplements, probably is not doing nearly what it can be doing for you.

Definitely. And so this particular episode since it’s scheduled to be released on a Thursday, that’s next week, and that’s Thanksgiving. So this is actually going to be released at the early part of this of next week. So this is Thanksgiving week. Tune in We will have black FRIDAY SPECIALS running through the weekend all the way until What do they call it Cyber Monday? We’ll have specials exclusive to KBMD health shoppers. Tune in, save money trust the source. It’ll be

KB as in boy, M as in Mary, D as in dog,

That’s correct. Go there. Check it out. And well, I couldn’t be more excited for everyone who’s who’s helped us get this far.

This is it is so much fun to have this transition. I personally like the whole live aspect and I think that will eventually go right back to live once we get all the all the kinks worked out because we have to understand that we’re we moved the studio Special thanks to all the people at Mojo and Spoony that have come over and helped us and helped us set this studio up but I love the fact that it’s so convenient because it’s close to my office. And I’m selfish that way.

Yeah, it’s the same drive for me regardless. It doesn’t really matter.

But one of the things, I want to start interacting with our audience a little bit more, and one way to get them interacting is to really just give them silly discounts. We’re going to unleash this physician recommended CBD at a breakneck pace with a breakneck price.

That’s a really bad adverb I threw in there.

Lots of neckbreaking. I don’t know where…

Cuz I think I’m Busta Rhymes or something. I’m not really sure.

Not a very good not a very good adjective or adverb, whatever the right word for that.

Well, anyways, this is super exciting. This is very, very cool that we can sit there and get this physician recommended CBD in the right hands of the people that actually need it. So that the people that want to hear some science, and I want to, I want to interact with our community, so that you know, share it, share this podcast, share this idea, share this email that we’re going to send out If you actually subscribe to us, we really want everyone to start getting back to balance. That’s the bottom line.

That is the bottom line. So today what is it? Oh, hey, what are you drinking their?

A little hop tea? We had this last week on the show. I love this stuff. We gotta we have to find these guys.

We do have to find those guys. I think that they’re out of Boulder, Colorado. Luvich if you’re listening help us out on that. So hop tea. Free plug hop tea. Good stuff. So…

Well, let’s get back to this. Just you and I now, we don’t have to worry about other people’s schedules and things. Dr. Marisol had a plane to catch. And we were running a little late. Our podcast went a little long for a little bad about that. What’s going on with the family with you and the family?

Oh, wow. So we’re getting ready for we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving. Of course. That’s that’s coming up. That’s going to be at my brother’s house. But second from that Marie and I are both super pumped because it’s our oldests senior year in basketball and our youngest is now on the JV. They both just kicked off this last weekend playing against a…ok so my boys are classified in their high school as 4A. It’s a top 10 program in the 4A right now.

So 4A means what for everybody that’s listening.

Texas has classification…

So we’ve got

6A all the way down…

We’ve got NBA





And then on down.

Yeah it’s just between D league and NBA

Got it.

Yeah, it’s really exclusive.


So but Gage’s varsity team is ranked in the top 10 for for 4A currently and they were matched up against another top five team at a 5A over the weekend and Mac’s JV team got to play the JV team at the same school. So Mac got to play first. His team was back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. They ended up trailing and losing by 2 at the end. Huge, awesome effort. I mean, for a 4A school top notch to be going against a 5A, it’s a big deal.

So then two hours later, Gage, Gage’s team matches up with their varsity against that same 5A school squared off they actually were trailing by almost 10 fought back took the lead, go to overtime. They tied up in regulation ended up losing by two. It was awesome. It was a great sparring match two high caliber quality high school teams, both stacked with with good kids who are who listen to their coaches, great athletes, but more really just kind of pulling the same direction. So it was it was a blast.

That’s awesome.

Isn’t that awesome seeing, seeing that many good kids out there and you were just I mean, you look at the level of athleticism that’s it’s just insane.

Definitely. I mean and the Sulfer Springs kiddos who came to play against Gage’s and Mac’s squad. I mean, you could tell they they are well disciplined. They work really really hard. I’m certain that they’ll go far just as their projected so uh anyway for them. That’s probably the biggest thing on our news at the moment and Gage, see since we’ve been on the air, he has picked his school. He’s going to go to the business school at Texas Tech.

Yeah, there we go. So It’s exciting and he prepares to graduate.

Hook em Raiders right?

That’s ridiculous.

No that’s

Not right…

No, yeah, that’s silly, silly all the way around. What’s going on y’all?

Well, so we have a November’s our birthday month my Carla turned 13 Lucas turned 15 and Loida turned 29 for the 10th year in a row or something like that. I don’t even keep track.

Before I forget Marie also has a birthday. Her birthday was was earlier in November also.

So as you you know, I’m and we’re going to get into this because what I want to do so on today’s show, I know that we’re starting out talking about some personal stuff, but I do want to talk with some science. I’m gonna get back to our roots the way we were doing that at Spoony. Geek out a little bit without a guest we’ve, I’ve got something I want to talk about in the news. I got a book review that I want to do.

Oh yeah

And we haven’t done that yet.

What’s up Tony Yun.

Yeah, we’ll start doing that. We’re gonna do a book review, and then get into a little bit more really, really cool science and talk about why..Well, really you’re wasting your time exercising,

That, that would be news.

Did I just throw you off a little.

Yeah, I was not expecting that.

Yeah, basically you’re wasting your time exercise. So we’re going to get into that. So make sure that you here because I’ve got some interesting data. Im always looking at data. So one of the things that I’ve always talked about is I’m not a big fan of how everybody sits on their phone all the time.

And I had to break down. I because of the traveling of the kids, and because of the way that the world now communicates. Both kids now have phones for the they’ve been the last holdouts in their school. So both Carla and Lucas now have cell phones, iPhones to be exact. So Loida got an upgrade. Both kids got phones and I’m just sort of dealing with that fact. And so Lucas got his phone. Loida and Carla went out of town. And or I’m sorry, I take that back. Loida’s car broke and Carla went to school Lucas decided he want to go play tennis. And we just adapted and persevered did what every other kid already has been doing for years. I was just shocked that he just did it on his own and downloaded the Uber app and then spent the whole day just sort of ubering himself around for things he wanted to do. Tennis, yoga, he took 4 Uber rides in the first day that we left them alone with his phone. Like, okay, you’re exploring the world.

Me either.

Yes. It’s pretty amazing though. If somebody went to time travel and see that kind of availability, I don’t even think they could comprehend much. That’s kind of amazing.

Oh, man. I mean, we can get into that a little bit more. But speaking of Uber, I’m, you know, just something to go off topic a little bit. I heard a really cool podcast this morning. Yeah. While I was on the treadmill.


Even though I just said that exercise is worthless. Yeah. So, while I was on the treadmill this morning, I was listening to a podcast, happiness, something rather I’ll figure it out but really, really well done. It’s a Yale. It’s a Yale psychologist that was discussing the fact that we, she interviewed. I forgot his name. Do you know that the inventor, there was a guy who worked. I don’t remember exactly where he worked at the story of this is irrelevant, but it is relevant because it’s here in Dallas.


He was sitting in line at the bank, and it was taking over an hour. He’s just like, I need to be back in my office. He’s an entrepreneur. He’s like we’re developing things. Sure. And he went back and said that that is just a colossal waste of time. And as it turns out, he is the inventor of the ATM. Oh, he’s 90 something years old. He lives here in Dallas. She flew to Dallas to interview him. And this totally gregarious and cute and his wife has never used an ATM.


Never used one because she said I didn’t like how it depersonalized the banking system because I like talking to the teller, and then this gets into socialization and how we just keep putting ourselves in a bubble.


And the reality is being antisocial is just as dangerous or not being social with others, or being…Everybody thinks they’re being social, but they’re not being social on the phone, you’re not actually looking at somebody and saying, Hey, how are you? And what they looked at is that multiple studies have shown that, oddly, when you interview people, they say that they really want to be left alone. So for instance, there was a railway system and I don’t remember it was New York or something, where they did a poll of everybody and people basically said, I want to be left alone. So they made quiet cars. And this guy did a study. I’m going off the cuff because I just I listened to it just a few hours ago. I’ll give the, we can do better show notes on this and I can tell you about it but it’s really interesting.


Because what it comes down to is the more that we make ourselves, our lives convenient, the more and more we don’t know it, but we’re emotionally isolating ourselves

I believe it.

And the more that we emotionally isolate ourselves, the direct correlation to happiness starts changing. So to be happy, you have to be part of a group, you have to be part of a tribe. And that’s why I think us showing up here and having the KBMD health tribe, be part of it, share it, get people moving, talk to us, because that is a social interaction. They did a study where they took a couple groups of people and they said, I want you to go on the on this train. It’s like a commuter train in Philly or New York or something. Don’t talk. Sit down to somebody and engage in a conversation. And then sit down with somebody engage and then just listen, ask questions and listen. And so they were trying to see, completely across the board, those that actually engaged with other humans had a much more pleasant experience. And they didn’t think that they would, because the perception of humans is, well I don’t want to ask, I don’t want to say hi to somebody on a random train because they’re going to kill me. It’s this worst case scenario type thing. So the train took a took a poll, and they decided to make quiet carts based on the pole. But this same Professor went to them and said, you know, what you should really do is make interactive ones.


Chatty, ones, whatever. And they said, well, we we actually did something like that we had like a, like a, an interactive car. And it was too crowded all the time. Okay, so you’re so contradicting yourself. Humans want to be involved with each other. I only bring up this briefly because with Lucas getting on Uber and doing that, it’s just, you know, you’re not getting out there again and doing this, the apps are too easy. You can order groceries to your house, not interact with anybody, but just sitting there saying, Hey, tell me your story. I want to start what I’m going to what I’m going to do is I’m going to carry around a journal and I just got done reading The soulful art of persuasion.

Oh, Jason’s book? Yeah.

Yeah. What’s his last name? Jason?

That wasn’t good.

No, it’s not good. I just, I just finished this morning also. So I’ve had a really good a very enjoyable morning, I read and worked out did some work. But what it basically shows is that when you have a story, and you can tell it, people are much more engaged.


Jason Harris.

Jason Harris, that’s it. We’re going to need to see him in person. And…

It’s and incredible book.

It’s a great book. But basically, when you can tell a story, you can engage with somebody and get them to. He encourages people to carry around a journal and when you meet people and they get a cool story, write it down. Just write it down. It’s an engaging thing. So I’m going to start doing that. I’m gonna sit in line you’re waiting in line. Instead of being in line and making it worthless. Turn around, say what’s up.

Yeah, you’re exactly right. The cool part about Jason’s book, The soulful art of persuasion is that it really is just a guideline on how to engage with someone. It really is not about, you know, using subversion to win them over. It’s about the human gain trust about being trustworthy, and people will want to interact and do things with you.

We will do a full book review on that one because I took a deep dive on that.


Speaking of book reviews, I think you know this guy.

I do!

It’s big Tony Yun.

Our friend, Dr. Tony Yun. I read his book recently. It’s called playing God, Anthony Yun. I gotta admit, I was a little skeptical as being a doctor. I was expecting just straight up. Grey’s Anatomy style. I did this save this life. This is you know, Blah, blah, blah. What was really, really, really cool was that it’s really heartfelt. It shows him from the beginning shows him in in early residency, where he describes in detail being stuck doing but pus duty. He’s doing his residency, he goes all the way from having, you know, having to do these but pus things being broke.


You know, trouble with that. He’s got some really great stories through his residency, like the time that he had his wife come up to the call rooms whose overnight and they tried to get intimate, but it really smelled like blood and poop and people were running around outside and there was lots of yelling and stuff and he kept getting called out and she just basically said, this is never gonna happen.


Which is very different than a Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Yeah. Every closet is a place to hook up.

I know. But some really, really, really funny stuff he puts in there, but also he puts some very intimate things. Like people dying.


Like the time that he was nervous, the time he didn’t know what to do. As I was reading it as a physician, I thought it was really cool because I’m like, I get this, this is exactly how I would think he was talking. He was talking about how his phone would ring. And it would be this difficult patient or a lawyer or something in his heart would stop. And it was just Oh, and he had to keep it together and still go through with it. And he was it’s really heartfelt.


And then ultimately, you know, some wins, where he did some really cool things. And that is pretty much from a doctor’s perspective. Yeah, high five to you, Tony, because you’re honest about it. He’s said everything, the hard work that it takes to get there. And then if you’re not a doctor, because this isn’t really meant for doctors, I want everybody to get this book, because you’ll understand what your doctor went through to get there.

And definitely and knowing Tony and his approach to life, how this this book isn’t just a facade. I mean, he’s a great guy and he puts his patients first, he’s definitely altruistic in his approach to how he cares for his patients. And yeah, good job, Tony.

And he, he also talks about a system where there’s a lot of doctors that don’t think like he does.


You know, I mean, he’s, you know, his trademark is the, you know, America’s holistic plastic surgeon. He’s a lot more than that. I mean, he’s a talented surgeon and all that, but looking at what he went through to get there. It’s like, everybody that you see that has a successful business. That only took 10 years to be an overnight success. It only took 16 years to be a successful plastic surgeon.

Yeah, only.



That kind of thing. post-college. So anyways, that’s our first book review Playing God. Go to Amazon pick it up, Tony Yun. I actually found it to be a really enjoyable, easy read. And I think it’s going to be very important for both people in the medical field to read it so that they go Yeah, I’m not alone. And then everybody who’s not in the medical field to go, oh my gosh, my doctors probably been through a lot to get to where he’s at.

Definitely Yeah, good job Tony playing God Tony Yun or Anthony Yun, MD. I think you can find the Amazon and really anywhere.

America’s holistic plastic surgeon.

Awesome. Well, hey I was going to tell you briefly about a very interesting documentary that I’ve got to finish. To full disclosure, I tried to watch it yesterday in preparation of today’s show and I fell asleep. It was a it was late in the evening as I turned it on and….

That’s what resounding cool review there, buddy.

Yeah, it has nothing to do with the content has everything to do with that was a little fatigued and i fell asleep, but it’s called Tell Me Who I Am. And it was just released on Netflix within the last few days, I believe. But here’s the premise. It’s two twins. I think they’re in their late 50s. And essentially, they’ve grown up and one of them has a pretty serious accident that gives him amnesia. And it’s its global. He doesn’t really remember much of…

How old was he?

I think he was in his 50s. And his other twin to care for his brother begins to fill in the holes for him. But he learns that his twin that had all the information basically only told us

I think he was 18 when it happened.

Oh, the accident? Yes, I’m sorry. I know I meant the episode whenever they talked about…

I want to know when he was hit.

Sure. No, I think the accident was whenever he was in his teens, you’re correct. But he begins to fill in the blanks for him and doesn’t tell him about all the bad things that they’ve been through together. He just tells him the good stuff. And what’s really interesting is that as the twin who had amnesia has been filled in, he notices that as he loses his dad and then later loses his mom, that the affinity that he has for his mom and dad is far different than the way that his brother is experiencing everything. And his brother was basically protecting him from basically it was a it was a childhood of abuse, that he didn’t tell him.

Oh my gosh, could you imagine that weight on you?


Where you both went through it as twins. You both probably sat there for 18 years and talk to each other about the horrific vents that were going on.


And then you have the opportunity to go, I’m going to give you a new life.

Yes. And so basically his, his twin that didn’t have the accident, loved his brother so much. He didn’t want to burden him with basically what he was living with. And he’s basically in his own little hell there. And coming from I mean, I had a great childhood. I did. And for those of you who didn’t, I’m really sorry that you didn’t get to experience that but I feel for you because this guy has a real weight around his neck. And he saw…

Did your brother tell you that you had a great childhood?

Yeah, that was it. But you could tell that, that he has this weight around his neck of all this information and he decided for his brother that that’s that’s freedom. I’m not going to tell this to you. And so now he’s going back and just basically processing what has happened but even at that rate he’s just processing as being told to him he doesn’t he doesn’t really have the memory of it. So fantastic documentary to get started on. I’m looking forward to finishing it to see how they round out and basically reconcile the information but Tell Me Who I Am Netflix. It’s pretty powerful.

Well, let’s talk about that because that means that his world looking seen probably pictures and stuff like that.


Painting this whole thing. He’s happy. It’s a perception, which shows the power of the mind. He’s still although he has amnesia.


There’s deep subconscious battle scars in there. And it’s fascinating that even the subconscious portion of it was wiped clean.


And in I like when I hear this, I, I just go, wow, there’s two sides of this one is you get a chance to go I mean to let your brother live a completely clean life by letting his brain do it, which shows how powerful the mind is. And then the flip side is that the brother that’s still dealing with the regret and all this other things, has the ability. If you’re, I mean, if you meditate enough, if you’re able to control the thoughts that you can control those negative emotions as well.


It’s not just you don’t, you don’t just need to thump your head and have amnesia. You can actually do some different things. There was, I mean, we talked about it before, but I think that’s one of the reasons why ayahuasca, psilocybin, and these different studies that are going on at Johns Hopkins right now, because what it does is it gets you to just stop for a moment. And then you get to have control of your brain again.


Because in my opinion, When you have these perserverating thoughts, if you’re somebody that’s out there that is depressed if you’re somebody that’s dealing with PTSD if you’re dealing with emotions, childhood stuff that we never get rid of, but it gets ahead of you then that dominates your conscious thought. This is something where you can show wiped clean you have total control. He had a perfect life.

Yea check this out. So when you look at the age marks, I mean, the wrinkles and whatnot, the one who remembered everything. He definitely deals with stress on a completely different level. And he’s a little heavier. I mean, it’s it’s all of the things that go along with perpetual stress. This guy deals with it because it’s turned into anxiety. He’s not happy as we’re certainly not as happy as the one is his brother has been liberated of all of these horrific memories, right? So,yeah, it’s it’s a…

Well it’s super fascinating that I realized that that is something that I have to quit saying every time I every time I get around you and I start thinking of different stuff. I always say it’s super fascinating but it is super fascinating. Sure. When they’ve done studies where they look at people and I say, okay, Eric, for the next 10 seconds, do not think of a white elephant.

That’s all I’m going to think about.

So these different psychologists have shown that they put bells on the table. And, and when they told a class to not think of a white elephant, just if you do hit that bell, bing, bing bing bells started going off in the more they went off, the more they did, which means that the more somebody did this, they triggered to not think about that, then all of a sudden, you’re associating don’t do this with the memory that I’m not supposed to do this. I’m not supposed to do this. That’s what our brains do during PTSD.


They just keep bringing that bell and just hitting it faster and faster.

Well, our lizard brain that’s the protective mechanism, right? I mean, you’re you learn what danger is before you learn what pleasure is, you because to know what danger is is survival. To know what pleasure is may or may not pay off for you but to know what danger is, is survival. So…

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. That is really interesting.


That is interesting. I came across something pretty cool with that. Let’s start taking some science now. In the news article just came out. A woman in China became temporarily blinded in one eye because she was on her phone all night.

That is weird.

It is weird. The article describes her staying up all night playing on her phone. And then suddenly she went blind in one eye. Went to the emergency room and scans revealed that she had large patches of blood in her retina, blocking her vision. And she was diagnosed with valsalva retinopathy.


Yeah, valsalva retinopathy. So this is because I’m trying to picture this now, because I just got done saying that we gave the kids have phone. Everybody has their phones are on it a long time this person was on there all night long and then woke up blind in one eye valsalva retinopathy. So the article actually discusses that it was described in 1972. And I took it a little bit further and I actually found that there’s documentation of valsalva issues in health in 1704. Okay, it was the treatment of choice. Basically what valsalva is, is you try and breathe out on a closed glottis meaning no air is coming out. So you’re like, oh, man, that’s a fancy term, everybody valsalvas if you’re going poop you’re valsalvas.

Yep, when you bear down.

When you bear down

Yeah, you bear down and…

Lifting heavy things bear down you actually valsalva when you’re sneezing real hard, you’re not letting it out. Even you can have cough. There’s something called micturition, and defication syncope, when people push too hard to pee, or they push too hard to poop they will actually pass out. And that that’s called valsalva syncope.


And so this one is valsalva retinopathy. So in 1704, it was first reported that doing the valsalva maneuver, where you push down real hard was a way to clear out ear infections because it would blow the eardrum and pus come out.

That sounds cute.

I know it’s, it’s wild, so technically, it’s when you’re trying to breathe against a closed airway. But what I found fascinating about this one was what was she doing with her phone? That she literally blew out her eye hole?

I don’t know. That’s what I can’t quite wrap my head around. What about the valsalva retinopathy is related to the phone?

That is the funny part they didn’t get into it. Like my first question would be like, what app were you playing? What website were you on? What were you doing? What made you so worked up that you’re like, aaaghhhh.

It’s like really intense Bejeweled? I mean what do you do? I don’t even I don’t even know that game. I’ve just seen it. I mean, the connecting dots? I’m not really sure. Facebook really hard?

I know like Facebook super hard or you just you just can’t stand that tweet.

Yeah. So you just start


So anyways, next time you’re up all night and you’re valsalva or next time you’re up all night you’re on your phone, and you start getting super emotional. Just breathe.


Just breathe or you don’t want to blow your eye hole…

Put the stupid phone down.

I mean that that’s crazy. I mean, she’s able to attribute the long term use she that’s self reported. They don’t know that. I know. So what is she doing?

That’s why I’m much more curious what she was doing on the phone to create that. Or she was on the phone while on the toilet. I saw some comments.

That’s the problem.

Well, I saw I saw on Instagram we posted our Dr. Marisol social media thing where basically you know, I asked her in the first 10 seconds, Welcome to the show how you pooping I’m pooping like a champ. I’m pooping like a queen. Somebody said is awesome. I’m listening to this while pooping.

Yeah. I mean, I think if everyone’s full disclosure greater than 90% of the people are opening up their phone while they go in into the throne library.

Well, this is something you know, I love treating hemorrhoids in my office. If you have any hemorrhoids, if you have any rectal bleeding, go see your doctor, but I can fix those hemorrhoids. And we do it painlessly, and have about 90% success rate with using something called the CRH medical system.


We’re gonna bring those guys on the show. They’ve already reached out to us because they want to start collaborating on a few different things. But wow, I almost feel like I should. Well, everybody already has phones, but had I known how effective phones would be to create hemorrhoids?


I would have like, started sending phones to all my patients when they first came out.

What do you think the percentage increase in time is that people spend on the toilet because of an electronic device that will occupy their attention.

Oh my gosh…

It’s had to have gone up.

There’s, there’s there’s a famous meme on Reddit cuz you know, Reddit can be a time suck. You start scrolling, and it’s one guy does the 3d picture of him holding toilet paper going it’s time to wipe.

But it’s so true man. I mean, people go in there and they they get to scrolling on their phone and they get into a chat room or they Snapchat whatever they do. And I’m guarantee that people there’s a significant amount of more time people spend on the toilets in the because they’ve got that phone.

Oh, absolutely. We’re, I mean, the way that we eat and everybody gets constipated. I mean, I’m actually I’m morally torn. I probably never disclosed this to you before.

Yeah, not about this. I don’t think

I love treating hemorrhoids.


But the horse chestnut and Atrantil fixing bloating and constipation


Takes away some of that hemorrhoids. business.

It does.

I’m torn.

But it’s natural.

It’s natural. It helps bloating and constipation and change about habits and I’m over here trying to find more people with Hemorrhoids and I’m fixing them so it’s like I’m I’m sort of competing against myself here so I’m morally torn.

So get Atrantil and if it persists they can come see you and you can fix it.

There we go.

Yeah Nice.

Yeah so, but anyways, yeah she blew her eyehole.

I don’t know how you do that or if there’s a Chinese character for that blown eyehole.

I’m telling you I want to reach out to this woman there was no way she did a playing an app she was pooping or she was doing something else that created her to valsalva. I don’t know.

Don’t you think it’s kind of weird though earlier you were talking about the interaction of people. And I was sitting there thinking that a lot of people now when they interact with their friends, they’ll do it daily through an app a social app, Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram, something like that similarly. However, if you get texted if you get a phone call or if you get a ding from one of those social apps, I sense frustration in myself when it happens and I happen to be engaged with someone that I’m talking to. If I’m talking to someone and my phone begins to buzz, I’m annoyed by the buzz it because it’s interrupting my personal interaction with someone else. I don’t get upset with someone who comes up to talk to me while I’m finishing up a text. I will fully put that down. So yeah, let’s talk because this is annoying. It really is. I’m ready to get to the point where I can throw this thing in the river. I can’t stand to be on the phone. It drives me crazy.

The more that we can interact face to face, the more that we can start realizing that we need this. Humans want to look each other in the eye. They want to smile. The vast majority of people that strangers that you talked to are not trying to kill you. They’re not trying to you know the chances are this is funny, the chances are the vast majority of people calling your phone are trying to sell you something trick you into something…

It’s all spam calls now anyway.

It’s a con it’s the biggest con game ever.


That you can sit there you’re better off walking up somebody just being like hello.

You know I’m going to challenge KBMD health community do this. Let’s see if we can’t do this with our our newly launched season as we continue forward. If you watch Gut Check Project, send it to a friend have them watch it, talk about it, begin to watch it together compare notes. What did you learn? Send us topics together. Hey, my friend and I were talking about x y and z after ya’ll brought this up. Could y’all address this? Let’s make this more the community that we did in the first season that was 1 through 20 and let’s let’s do this together because what’s the point in just consuming this by yourself? We want to help people’s health.

Start a social community hashtag Ken’s a jerk.

Yeah As long as we know that we don’t care. Right?

There’s, I mean, people getting out and doing things. In in Jason’s book, he talks about a hairdresser who was really just didn’t really know how he could give back. And he realized I’m a hairdresser. So he went out San Francisco, I believe, and spend an hour and did somebody hair. A homeless persons hair, sorry, not somebody’s.

Oh, wow.

Went out and did a homeless person’s hair. And what what he found is, is that he learned about this person actually stopped and said, hey, and the guy had a story. And there’s a lot of different like, we’re all human. How in the world are we 99.9% the same DNA and we can treat each other so badly. And we can ignore each other and I can pretend like, well, I’m sure Eric doesn’t feel bad when I say something or ignore him. I mean, if there’s one thing we can start doing is just pulling people in and going, hey, we all feel the same. As a doctor. I love this part. I stick my finger in so many butts and they’re all the same?


We’re all 99.9% exactly the same on a genetic level. That has to be some common ground.

It’s gotta be common ground. I mean, okay, when we’re scoping and if you’ve ever been in to see us do we just wheel them back and then just have them get into position? No, maybe next to never do that. We almost always try to engage with every single patient that comes through so that they feel like that it’s it’s a conversation.

I don’t think you’re trying to I mean, I’ve seen you do it 10s of thousands of times, you’re like so what do you do? Where you’re from?

Those are my first two questions everytime.

What do you do? Where are you from? And then they get to choose so it’s not you know, full I’m because I’m unemployed I’m not gonna say that. I’m just gonna say I’m from Rockwall or wherever, which is I never I never know where they’re from. But it’s a way to get people to go hey, who are you? What is it? And then later we’ll, we’ll start talking about remember that guy that will the attorney from Greenville or whatever, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m like, that was really cool. I ended up going to blah blah blah this is how you, this is how the network is.


It’s, hi. I’m Ken. Who are you? Tell me something about yourself.

When people come through there I mean it would be so easy. And in fact, we could even go faster through the day if we did not try to get personal. But that to me is no fun. And there’s no reward in that.

You know what, let’s do this. So don’t be surprised if you come to my clinic or you come to the endo center, we should make a poster to put…we’ll frame it and we’ll put it in my office and over the over at the endo center that says loneliness is just as dangerous as smoking.


Turn to your right. Say hi to somebody.


Find out why they’re here. They’re all they all have something in common. It’s something with their guts. I’m going to do that. I’m going to challenge my waiting room to get off their phones and to just start interacting with each other,

Yeah, no, that would be awesome.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Yeah. And it probably the time would go by quicker. I mean, think about it you, you get to visiting with people, time escapes you because it’s pleasurable. It’s not and you’re actually picking up things you’re interacting. It’s not hold up when you’re simply in this over time you get fatigue. I mean, you do.

Well, that’s one of the reasons why we have this show. We love bringing people on.


And learning from other people.


And, you know, please hit us up, let us know what topics you want to hear, broad, whatever, do more on finances, do more on, on supplements, do more on whatever and we can we’re now reaching out to people, we’re meeting a ton of really cool people that are so knowledgeable, and they’re reaching out to us. And they’re saying, hey, I want to come on your show and talk about protein because I think people get it wrong. Kind of like the whole game changers Netflix thing that everybody’s really controversial with


I’ll tell you my experience with that. I saw it and I was pretty I was pretty moved. I was like, wow, that’s interesting. So Loida and I did it, we did seven days. She still on it, she loved it. I made the mistake like I always do just jump all in and I went to Whole Foods found their vegan section and got every meat substitute possible. Tried to eat for seven days. Holy cow, the thing I kept forgetting, I’m like, man, I am swollen. I am just not feeling good things are just not right. My joints hurt everything. They use a lot of gluten and that stuff and I’m gluten intolerant. And I wasn’t taking Atrantil with it because I thought it was plant based and I was gonna do this so that in itself to be a really kind of interesting topic where let’s let’s bring a protein expert on somebody who knows that

If anybody’s watched game changers I’m I mean it seriously I’m really interested in what people thought of the show, and what they think is actually practical. So I don’t for one second think that we can’t eat less meat or certain types of meat. I honestly I don’t know. But I don’t think that were made to not eat meat. I mean, I just I don’t know think that we had the canine teeth for no reason it just doesn’t make sense. Meat tastes good.

This is it’s a fascinating that because it’s such a well done documentary that it’s one of the few things that has really knives over forks that kind of thing I get it food inc. those those are all really interesting.

What was the other the other one was just horrible was what the health that was out of control.

What the health or whatever but but this one is this one shows elite athletes being plant based. I really I mean, I want to be an elite athlete I want to do you know, I mean I wanted to but man I jacked myself up trying to go all in and you know, so there’s so for me maybe there’s a limit i’m i’ve done well paleo the last six or seven, eight years, and I tried to just shift it and my body kind of fought back at me I did not feel like it was an anti inflammatory diet with me but I but in I realized I probably did it myself because I think I was doing a lot of the substitutes. Like like a true vegan would be like hey, you gotta like really make sure you get enough protein from your legumes and this and that I just jumped in said, let’s just all do plant based.

What’s the guy’s name? the orthopedist. Shaun Baker.

Shaun Baker. The carnivore

He’s all meat all the time. Correct.


I don’t think that’s right either. I mean, it’s just it No, that’s not good either. Because cauliflower is pretty tasty. I mean, that’s the thing. I mean, like it’s, it’s good. You can have great vegetables and great meats. I think it does matter where you get your stuff from. And it does matter where your food sources are and if it can be trusted, but to totally write off all vegetables to totally write off all fruits and totally write off all meats is is nuts. Just, you just gotta be sensible. Stay away from the genetically modified stuff. Stay away from the crap that you know is crap. Just eat good food and you’ll probably be okay and don’t eat as much. But the crazy thing is, whenever you end up commiting to eating clean food, you tend to overeat way, way less. And it just, I don’t know, it seems it seems silly and dumbed down but that’s if you’re going to start somewhere start there.

Well, definitely nutrition is super hot topic. People want to get healthier.


That’s a That’s why every time I walk into the gym, I always see a bunch of people sitting there on the ellipticals banging it away.

Yeah. Oh, hey, what about the exercise thing?


So let’s talk about it.

So it’s really, I’m going to be going on vacation soon, gonna be going to a beach. And like a lot of people that start realizing that, you know, we’re sitting in November, I’m like, man, I’m going to be on a beach. And I could probably, I want to shed these 10 pounds right now.


And so I started looking at a few things and just kind of saying, Okay, how can I shed this and then I came across a 2007 study, which was really interesting. It looked at…it was in the Journal of obesity, where they took 200 sedentary people, and they had them do what they called moderate aggressive aerobic exercise. They divide them into 100. That said, you keep doing what you’re doing, sit on the couch, and they took the other hundred and said, you’re going to do 60 minutes of aerobic exercise six days a week, and they follow them for a year.

So 52 weeks.

They got 100 people that were sedentary to do exercise and actually get into a little bit where they said that a lot of the exercise was made for them to come in and do it in person. So they watched


Or they had pedometers that they can log in and kind of watch it and see how much they do. And they had these people do it. It was amazing. The weight loss was absolutely incredible. So they had 100 people that were sedentary sitting on the couch and they said keep sitting on the couch.

That’s it.

That’s it. And then they had another hundred people and said, Get off your ass, you’re going to come to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise six days a week.

Was it that machine with a belt that goes around does this really fast?

They actually do not get into exactly what they did.


But it was either some sort of jogging or the elliptical or just a typical gym stuff that people do.


Massive amount of weight loss, guess how much the average weight loss was in the aerobic group?

Are we talking about percentage or pounds?


In the aerobic group?

In the aerobic group compared to the one over compared to the couch sitters.

10 pounds? I don’t know.

In a year.

Well, I don’t know!

At 60 minutes, six days a week?

But it sounds to me like that’s a lot of fatigue and build up just but i don’t i don’t see it being a long term solution.

Yeah but they worked out for a full year. I mean, there’s a lot of people sitting here listening to this right now that might be on a treadmill. They might be on an elliptical.

I mean, I think old me would think that that would be hundreds of pounds. But I it sounds to me like a lot of stress.

It’s gotta be hundreds of pounds.

It’s not though.

It’s three pounds.


Three pounds.

So and the diet didn’t change for either group. This is just adding in the exercise, is that correct?

So it’s just adding in the exercise, but there’s there’s a lot of what is what is the, what is the epidemiologic term? Causality versus correlation?


Causality versus correlation. You know, did they lose the weight because they did the exercise? Did they not lose the weight because they did the exercise? Is it true, true and unrelated, and there’s just other factors going on? So you gotta take everything with a grain of salt.


Somebody who’s really good at explaining this kind of stuff and breaking down the sciences. Peter Aditya the cardiothoracic surgeon has his own podcast and super smart guy, but he’s really big about looking at studies that make it into the media. And then said, well, let’s look at the causality versus correlation. Let’s look at this. Let’s look at the code. You know, the confounding factors. So this has a lot of that. But what it does tell me is, a lot of people are trying their asses off to lose this weight and get on the elliptical because they see everybody else doing it. As it turns out, this particular study in 2007 went on to say, well, in these 200 people, they only lost three pounds in a year…

Of exercise.

Six days a week.

That’s nuts.

That’s nuts. Then there’s a really cool podcast. So then I started digging deeper. I was like, This is crazy. How can you only lose three pounds with exercising like that? So then I found a podcast called Science Versus and actually, the topic of it was exactly this. Does exercise help you lose fat? And so they had a couple experts on it’s a very well done podcast, super high level. And they brought in and they looked at a 10 years study. There was a meta analysis that had over 5000 people and 5000 people

Okay, that’s pretty big sample size.

Huge. Where they basically showed that aerobic exercise was not very effective for weight loss. In fact, across the board, almost everyone gained weight. So once again, is it correlation versus causality? Meaning does A cause B or are A and B separate? So did they exercise and gain weight? Or did they exercise and nothing happened? Were they going to gain the weight? Anyways, there’s a lot of variables, but 5000 people they looked at, and they really couldn’t even conclude that aerobic exercise helps people lose weight. There might be a lot of reasons for this. It’s pretty hard to burn calories. People don’t realize that. So when you were talking about well did the people what did they do? Did they change their diet? Did they do things? Well, it’s human nature to go well, I was on that treadmill for 40 minutes for 60 minutes. Then I’m okay with having the doughnut now.


You stop and think about it. A bagel 400 calories? You need to aggressively run like 40 minutes to burn off that 400 calories.

Oh, wow.

And people that we just lose that we just don’t you know, we talked about the phone earlier how life gets simpler. All these things you’re ubering instead of riding your bike and doing all this stuff, we’re making life so much more convenient. But we’re also in this calorie excess no matter what you do. I mean, you really got to ratchet it down, you start looking at it. It’s crazy. So aerobic exercise. So over this 10 year period, almost everyone gained weight and it wasn’t muscle. The type of exercise was variable. They couldn’t control that but kind of makes you think because you know, you could argue well, where they do it hit where they doing this, no, it was just typical aerobic exercise show up and do this. So exercise, not a weight loss thing.

I wonder yeah, but I am curious about doing resistance exercise and lifting heavy weights. If that…

It didn’t even get into that at all this is strictly aerobic.

Strictly really aerobic, yeah.


Well it doesn’t really surprise me though, whenever you look at we’ve talked about this before in previous episodes and of course just whenever we’re spitballing but your your longevity endurance athletes unless they’re doing some element of strength training, oftentimes they end up their body habitus changes to basically store fat in weird different ways. They don’t really lose weight anymore. And you’re, in some instances, your long term runners and your long term marathon bikers, they end up having fat deposits cardiac disease and different things like that because you’re under a constant level of stress without the peaks and valleys that from normal exercise that we get.

That is a yeah, so that’s going to be a whole separate discussion of how do you the hormetic effect meaning your body adapting to it.


I think the problem is when you say go exercise people go they get on elliptical, they get on a bike, they’re on their apps, their Facebook, they’re reading I mean I hardly ever seen anybody read a book anymore. I remember I used to years ago people bring books and set them on there. So your body adapts to whatever you’re doing.


There’s no shock…any type of you’re not causing the hormetic effect the hormetic effect is I need you to be under stress and your body will adapt to it. That’s what weightlifting is. That’s what sauna is. That’s what cold therapy is. That’s what a lot of these different things that’s what polyphenols do polyphenols create a hormetic effect.


They actually your body has to break them down and then as they do that, they create anti inflammatory molecules from that so the polyphenols and Atrantil do that. The CBD allows your body to adjust to that hormetic effect so that you can adapt. So if you want to beach body contrary to what all the exercise all the commercials and stuff Richard Simmons sweating to the oldies, you know, shake it off.


Thighmaster. I I started to doubt this when I was about two years into my Prancercise routine. And I just realized, you know what that lady in that Prancercise video. I’m not really sure that this is for me I mean she was skinny. That was cool.


If you haven’t seen it just YouTube Prancercise

Yeah. She’s She’s interesting. I didn’t know whether to do that at the old Jane Fonda tapes.


I wasn’t really sure.

I’m all about anything. I like trying different things. And I think that’s that’s one of the I think that’s one of the cool things about science is that you can always go back on itself. You can have medical reversals and everything. But you do remember that I did say I was on the treadmill this morning.

Yeah, I do remember that.

So before you run out and run up to your cardiologist and say you’re a liar and all this other stuff. Really cool stuff actually happens when you exercise. It’s just not for what I was looking for. I’m trying to get a beach body in like five days or six days. That’s not going to happen.

Let’s let’s be clear, there’s nothing wrong with running. You just gotta of mix it up.

Yeah. So as it turns out some really cool stuff happened. Number one mood let’s talk about mood a lot of people talk about. I remember Rhonda Patrick was sitting there talking about how she really likes to go for runs in not even for the anything but it elevates her mood. So we do know that it helps with mood. Unfortunately, they did look at a large meta analysis. And if you’re in deep clinical depression, you can’t outrun your depression. So it momentarily elevates some dopamine and some serotonin. But it’s temporary. So don’t think that you can just say, Well, I’m going to quit taking my antidepressants go out for a jog that is not that they’ve definitely shown that there’s probably more complex things going on with major depression, but it can elevate your mood, but some really cool science, some other deep stuff. It does appear to have tremendous effects on cardiovascular health. This all started because they looked at double decker buses in the UK.


And there’s one guy that runs around and collects everybody’s tickets and has to run up and do the same thing and then run back down and do the same thing. He’s does this all day long, and then the other guy drives the bus. They found that usually each one person stayed doing the job. The other one did. They showed a 60% increase in cardiovascular events from the driver compared to the guy running around.

Heck, yeah.

So you got the same environment, you could say ah well, they’re being exposed to fumes. They’re being exposed to stress. No, it’s the same exact day that they’re doing. One guy had a 60% increase. So clearly, moving and doing things is good for cardiovascular health. So that’s reason number well number one elevate mood number two, cardiovascular health. Number three, it appears to stave off dementia.


In this podcast, they were talking about a study where they looked at people, older people who were aggressively exercising and who are in pretty good shape. Those that were moderate shape and those that were sedentary, striking difference between the sedentary and the really good shape. They actually show that dementia was completely different in these people. So brain health, longevity. They also found that regular exercise seems to turn on natural killer cells, which are cells that go around and they look for early tumors.


They look for abnormalities. They’re like they’re like the patrolmen in your body.


Well, when you exercise, these guys get released from their cages and they go, we’re going to go find some bad actors, when you don’t exercise and you’re sitting there, you got cancer cells that are starting to grow.

And not only just for that, and in of its in this particular study, but second from that is your goodness gracious, HDL can actually increase with good exercise over time. Isn’t that correct?

Yeah. So there’s all these other this particular thing was looking at the we a lot of people exercise, and they do it for their vanity. I’m saying, I’m going to start exercising more and doing more cardio, but in a way that if I want to actually improve my cardiovascular health my brain health ultimately try and prevent cancer. So as it turns out, it is a great medicine to prescribe to your patients but the media is trying to tell you to do it for a different reason.

Oh yeah, yeah.

That’s kinda what I’m getting at. You’re not going to or at least in the clinical trials, but there’s a lot of people I mean I’ve run I’ve had periods where I was in what I consider myself really good shape where I was running every single morning and my total body fat was pretty low. I ached everywhere.

Yeah, I imagine so.

My hips ached my backs ached, backs, I got several backs.

Yeah, well, I’ve I gave up on just the running only several years ago and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a it’s a hard way to go to me from…

I’m a so today so I’m working out a cowboy fit and I’ve been getting some low level light laser kind of like what we had with the Thor laser



James Carol.

The different so Thor Lasers a little bit different this one it’s I’m trying to sound a little wrist injury, I want to go surfing so I need to be able to pop up on my board.


So I’m trying to handle that and looking at that I’m like, okay, all of these things are all about cellular health. Everything comes down to inflammation, inflammation, everything. You exercise too much you don’t give yourself a break. Constant inflammation. We see these people that do you know marathons, they have a heart attack because the inflammation keeps it up there. There’s we’re all learning and we’re learning about the diet we just come out with this game changer. Oh, you need to be vegan over here. And we’ve got meat eater podcast and show over here that says now you need more meat and everything. Then we have the media saying oh, this is you need to do your shake weight to get in shape. And, you know, there’s just a lot of stuff being thrown at us. I think diversity is the key to all of this. Like all things just like you said. If you only ate cauliflower it wouldn’t be healthy. If you only did one type of exercise probably not that your body will adapt.

Definitely. So what this tells me is, there is the media out there with all different kinds of avenues for people to explore exercise. If you have a question about a particular type of exercise, benefits, and or detriments, hit us up Go to the Connect with us section, shoot us an email and we’ll start addressing it here on on the show.

Right on and then I want to start getting a bunch of experts over here. I want to get Gabrielle Lyon, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. Talk about proteins

I think there’s an S on the end of that

Is there an S?

I think so. L-Y-O-N-S.

We’ll figure it out before she comes off.

Yeah, well. We’ll definitely check.

Let’s see if we can hit up that Prancercise woman to see if she’s still crushing it.

I don’t think she’s gonna make it.

Jane Fonda’s not coming either.

Oh my goodness. So what do we learn today, man?

Man, I learned that you gotta be careful about the way you exercise it. Tony Yuns got a great book out as well as Jason Harris. Playing God by Dr. Anthony Yun, MD. The world’s or America’s holistic plastic surgeon. And then Jason Harris…

One more plug for Anthony. He’s just a cool guy.


Like when you read this book, I really felt like I was talking to him.


It was written and I know that he wrote it with Alan eyes and stock and helped him write his first book the Age fix. Which I have that one, but this was a really nice fun read. So I encourage everyone to get that Playing God. Go to take a look at Atrantil. That’s our baby right there helping there with the polyphenols. Getting rid of bloating. I mean, nothing is out there fixing people’s bloating and we got something we got lightning in a bottle. Have you seen that Key and Peele skit about lightning in a bottle?


It’s really funny. Get out, basically, Key, I get them always backwards. He’s talking to him. He goes, hey, man, we need to do an app. And he goes, yeah, just a lot of apps out there, but whatever. And he goes, like an app that people buy and they get more and he goes, yeah, but what you’re describing is lightning in a bottle. And he is like, oh, I got that. But no, but I mean, it’s just it’s just a saying it’s just it’s just a phrase. He’s like, no, I mean, I got that. He’s got lightning in a bottle.

No i haven’t sen that. It’s really funny because then it just kind of goes on and on it goes, because this is not he’s like we can we can make a lot of money off this. This would be like, this would be like the goose that lays the golden egg. He’s like, Oh, you mean honkers?

Of course, you have a goose that lays the golden egg.

So who else we have Jason Harris’s Soulful Art of Persuasion.

Yeah, but yeah, but I want to do a full review on that one because that one is super deep.

We’ll do that soon.

Yeah, he’s got he, I mean very clearly he’s, he’s been a really good person because he’s got a lot of friends that back him up Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holliday, some people that I really respect, read a lot of their books. And, and you know what’s really fun I like opening a book I just forgot how much I enjoy sitting down, doing some charts, having a cup of coffee, I’m trying to get into my routine. One of the things that that most successful people do is that they have a morning routine. And I’m going to start making this part of my morning routine, just read X number of pages from a from an actual book hardcover.

It’s a lot easier on your eyes than the screen. No doubt good.

Dude I’m not gonna blow an eye hole doing that.

No, no, no valsalva retinopathy here. Getting all the way through that. Hey, last but not least By the time you’re listening to this podcast, we got a real processor.

Oh my goodness, that means that we’re gonna we’re gonna pass on our frustration and the fact that we’ve had have been so patient, so we’re just going to celebrate, it’s going to be like confetti, just CBD bottles falling out of the sky…

There’s roughly 1000 of you that have continued to stay with us. Thank you. Number one, y’all have allowed us to keep this show going, but everyone will be rewarded. So thank you so much.


Well, what do you think?

It’s fun. So, you know, we’re still working on the green screen. I’m having a lot of fun with this we’re just you know, this is a this is a work in progress. And I’m getting some really good feedback from people though.


I’ve got a lot of my patients that I just want feedback from everybody out there. We want to know what you want to hear about what we want to talk about. I want to talk about, here’s some topics I’m thinking about for the future. Number one, let’s get back into the peptides. It’s pretty wild.


Let’s bring a peptide expert on here. Maybe the CEO of Tailor Made Compounding. I want to talk about a cool molecule called sulforaphane.

Oh, yeah.


There’s a lot of info there for sure.

Ton of info there. We can get the CEO Brock Elite to come on and his scientists, that’s really cool. We want to get the always…A very interesting thing. I realized that when I say life hacking, it almost has this cheating aspect or cutting. That’s not it. I just want to do things more efficiently.


Like that. I don’t want to be on a treadmill for 60 minutes hoping that I’m going to lose some fat. I want to be on a treadmill for 60 minutes knowing full well that I’m staving off dementia, probably killing some cancer cells, and helping my overall cardiovascular health knowing that it’s changed my perspective on cardio.

And I also think that here pretty soon with things worked out in our favor, it may or may not happen here in 2019. But we may have someone on pretty soon that can help us. How do you articulate messages of health to people in your family, most notably the people that you’re raising. So if you’re a parent, and you want to get your kids to learn to buy into new messages, and you just call them hacks, but really it’s just returning back to the healthy way to live. Right? It’s not really cheating and cutting corners. It’s, hey, this is really what we need to be doing for ourselves.

Well, that’s pretty much what the Game Changers is trying to say is if you go vegan, that’s a hack on life. You know, you’re going to do this and that and so but I mean, everybody likes to use that word. I know that, you know, Dave Asprey. That’s his whole thing on the bulletproof brand is to, you know, life hack himself to be 120. And, you know, it’s all about health span, not about lifespan.

Yes, I completely agree.

And one of the things I want everybody to take this, this is the last thing be be social, social, being looking in your phone, create stress, you can below your eye hole, but more importantly, you’re missing out on an opportunity to socially engage with somebody that researchers have now shown. If you are isolated and not engaged socially, it’s like smoking cigarettes. More importantly, might learn a little something from somebody, you might be able to turn around and the person right behind you in line at the at the bank or the grocery store. Whatever said, hey, what’s up, it’s kind of fun. I normally don’t like I’m changing my attitude. I’m changing my attitude on waiting in line. If you’re at TSA, turn around, be like, it’s not very fun not having no shoes on is it? Turn around the person and just say, hey, well, we all have to be here. Everybody makes it more miserable by by doing that. That’s gonna be my goal. And then ultimately, I want to have this journal where I can just turn around and if I meet somebody cool. Just be like, man, that’s awesome. I was eating at a I was having some lunch right over there by KBS headquarters right before I went in for a meeting, met this really cool guy who’s former Air Force was in Japan and you just like, start talking. And he was he was our waiter, and he’s got great stories. Just amazing stories. Some we had Brandon Brown on our show.

Oh, yeah.

I just met him and I’m like, yeah,

From flower child?

From flower child, great stories. Everybody has great stories. Everybody has a story. I want to hear yours. I would love for people to start sending some stuff. Often saying, Hey, I got a cool story wanna hear it? Yeah, I do.

Well, we’re turning this podcast out on the week of Thanksgiving but it doesn’t have to be holiday week free to reach out to a neighbor. Check on somebody. So remember, engage with someone Have a good day. And you know, you’ll think you’ll feel better for it.

2-4 in the books?

2-4 is in the books that is episode number 24.

So let’s so let’s see, let’s see, let’s see what happened. What happened what happened.

I’m just playing I’m just playing. So that was dumb. So that’s gonna be the end of episode number 24. We’ll see ya’ll next time.

Bye bye!