Chef Patrick joins the show, also serving as producer of GCP for the Spoony Digital Radio station, to discuss the launch of the new show, planning executive chef level meals for large groups, and medical vs restaurant trivia!

And welcome back to the gut check project episode number three. We are still here and loving it. What do you think? What are we gonna keep doing this to we’re like episode like Joe Rogan episode number 2068. They still let us back on 2068 means we only have 2065 to go. There we go. We’re getting closer. We are getting closer. So thank you again for joining us. The feedback is well, it’s awesome. It’s It’s impressive. I had no idea that this many people in such a short amount of time would want to hear what we had to say about bridging the gap between health in natural and medical science.

Absolutely. I love it. We’ve been I’ve fact one of the things we’ll get into here shortly is I’ve been messaged by a bunch of people. I’ve had a lot of friends from, you know, all over the United States contact us and say, Hey, that was that was interesting you guys were covering some cool stuff special last week. We had Sean Bryan’s on if you did not check it out, please a deep dive into CBD. And look a little bit into the cannabis industry but really cool. Such a deep dive, that the material was so informative that YouTube Of course allowed us to keep spreading the message but Facebook pulled pulled our recording down for a little while we had to replace it with YouTube. So I guess if you want to know the truth, then sometimes Facebook’s gonna, gonna slow down a little bit. Well, that’s and we covered those topics like they obviously did that because of the particular topic that we were talking about. We’re all about the science of it. We’re showing everything that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to continue to do this and today what who do we have on our show? Today, we’re going to be joined by Chef Patrick Moshe. Now if you listen to the spoonie network already, Chef Patrick Mosier is already somebody who you’re quite familiar with However, this guy’s got experience from all different aspects of cooking for gigantic hotels, being a part owner of some large chains and putting together the food islands. Essentially, he’s he knows how to build food and how to make something out of it. His message is you are what you eat. My message is all health begins and ends in the gut. This is why teaming up with chefs and getting out there is going to be super cool and thrilled to have him he’s actually the producer of our show. So this is going to be if any reason to tune in, it’s going to be that we’re going to move him over here. And he’s going to be a guest. So we had to on the fly. He had to on the fly teach Eric’s wife Marie to run the to the production desk over there. So if anything, let’s just stay tuned for that because You know, is it camera? Is it where it’s supposed to be? Don’t be mad at her. She’s doing what she can do. She just learned how to do it two seconds ago.

Hey, you can’t blame her for me setting the camera incorrectly. We can’t blame her. You gotta blame me. That’s right.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. It’ll be fun though. Regardless. Speaking of let’s get caught up on our recent week, weekends.

Anything big happened with with you and your fans last week?

It’s pretty chill something kind of cool. I just mentioned a little bit about how people have been messaging us now. Remember, we are the gut check project I phrase is, check your ego at the door. Everything’s on the table. And somebody had messaged me on Instagram and asked why do we Why do we say get your project right away? Check your ego at the door. Coincidentally, last week was actually my birthday on our show. And I I read a book written by Ryan Holiday, called the daily stoic All this is it’s kind of a fun little way to start your day, right? There’s every single day he takes a lesson from a stoic philosopher, and it kind of dumbs it down and gets it through it. Okay, so March 14 was one that I had, I thought it was way too coincidental that somebody messaged me for this. And this was the actual thing, so bear with me while I explain this, but it makes total sense to me and this is the kind of stuff I’d start my day with. So the quote is from Dr. genus llantas. xeno would also say that nothing is more hostile to a firm grasp on knowledge and self deception. So what I liked about it, Ryan Holliday then breaks it down basically says self deception, delusions of grandeur. These aren’t just annoying personality traits. Ego is more than just off putting and noxious. Instead, it is the sworn enemy of our ability to learn and grow as Epictetus said it, it is impossible for a person to begin to learn what he thinks he already knows. Today, we will be unable to improve on able to learn on able to earn the respect of others if we think we’re already perfect, and a genius admitting it. So that was the philosophy that you and I had when we were setting up this show. It’s gut check project, check your ego at the door, sit down, and let’s learn from each other. Let’s teach each other. And that’s why we have a chef on today. Yeah, because we’re going to learn a little bit about food. Right? We definitely will learn a little bit about food.

How about you? Oh, well, it’s good question. So speaking of my wife, who is going to be working the cameras today for our show. Thank you, Marie. This this last weekend, we spent our time with my boys putting down a new floor on the chicken coop. So my wife has had experience in the past where we’ve had our own chickens and we harvest Eggs is the best tasting as you can possibly imagine. But if you like spending around 70 to $73 an egg, get yourself some chicken, chicken, because it’s awesome. They taste terrific.

I’ll be on there. Great. That reminds me, because I do believe that you guys tried some beekeeping at one time. Yeah. You and I put together a well we have taken care of some patients, which I’m sure that’d be okay with me saying it that they were beekeepers. So there was a Dr. Robert bender was a gynecologist in town. Unfortunately, he died of cancer but it was the funniest thing. I’m having lunch with him. And he’s talking about how him and his wife decide to get into making honey. He goes Oh, it’s fantastic. He goes I’m a gynecologist. I know how to deal with women. I just have to, you know treat one Queen really good. And I get all this honey. And we’re selling this honey. It’s local natural honey. It’s $7 and 60 cents a bottle only cost me 28 per bottle. Exactly what you said. And I love that guy. And I love that quote, unfortunately, you know, he’s passed on but I like it when people take risks like that and kind of own it. Yeah, no completely. I want to talk about checking your ego at the door. I’m going to tell you that we’re having fun doing it and we’re not making any money. The farm fresh eggs tastes great. We just got to get to a point where we don’t have our dogs take the chickens out.

That’s all there is to it. Hey, you told you mentioned a book and something’s really cool as last week. Do you remember getting this book from Isabella Wentz? I did. Yes. You and I both received this fantastic book. Isabella Wentz is an amazing PhD once go and explain it. So Ken and I unfortunately met met Isabel and her husband a year and a half ago when we were working in San Diego. And she was diagnosed with Hashimoto. And she then after she was diagnosed with Hashimoto, she went on to change her diet, eliminate some of her trigger, trigger foods like gluten and dairy containing foods, and then began to find that she could eliminate that inflammation and put her Self on a road to recovery. It’s not any different than what you wrote down what you read out of the stoics book. The reason that we started Gtech project, what darker or what chef Patrick’s going to join us and talk about how you can control how you feel with great food. It’s no different. So thank you very much, Isabella,

Isabella, and your husband I forgot his name but we’ll find that out. And, you know, thank you so much for sending us the book. definitely gonna read this going to recommend it to my patients. You’ve done an amazing job of Yeah, Hashimoto is food pharmacology, food pharmacology comes with a full meal plan at the very back with all the way down to exactly what to buy. I mean, just like any other recipe book, but it’s it’s high quality tells you why. Why you’re doing what you’re doing not just eat this and here’s what we’ll do. We’ll all will all read it. Then we’ll come back and do like a sort of synopsis of it. But once again, Isabel, thank you so much for doing that. super smart woman love talking to her when we’re in San Diego. With the mindshare meeting, that was awesome. Definitely.

Absolutely. Let’s see some quick catch up for listening here on spoonie. Don’t forget, if you want to drop by and pick up some love my tummy calm forward slash spoonie for your own altran teal, you get a discount for using spooning is the discount code as well as, check out kBm de health and get your brand new kBm D CBD and our new store.

So if any of you have ever read Isabella wences books, or if you’ve enjoyed the show at all, we are all trying to support each other. This is a rising tide will lift all ships. One way to do that is to actually go to these websites purchase a product and use those codes so that everyone is trying to help each other out. We want to make sure that chef Patrick has a successful show and his network grows and the spoonie radio digital platform becomes massive and one way to do it is definitely going on and supporting our sponsors without question without question. Well, we’ll get moving here. We’re in our first half hour and kind of the format is that

we touch on health matters as they come through k BMD health was to talk about here on the gut check project. So can Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what is on your mind health wise today.

So one of the things I mean, I’m a complete nerd. So we want to geek out at some point in the show. And I was thinking of the articles I basically spent my nose in journals all day long. And so I just try and figure stuff out. But then I came across this really cool article about the science of food and it just falls perfectly into this Hashimoto is food, pharmacology and we’re going to have chef Patrick on here. So you know, food is fascinating. Why do we like that? I mean, it does so many things. You’ve got texture, you’ve got smell us taste, the consistency of it. There’s a whole science called food pairing, Scientology or science, science, science, a science, technology and technology. So it’s food pairing technology, okay, where you look at this and you can actually manipulate what’s going on. Like, for instance, one of the examples, one of the more use simple examples would be like when you eat a really fatty meal like a ribeye, right? Well, the lubrication that happens on your tongue, if you do too much of it, you can balance that out with an astringent thing that actually binds the proteins and gets rid of that slimy feeling. Okay, so it’s the balance, you don’t want too much of anything. Guess what is very stringent red wine. That’s how come red wine pairs so well with a good fatty ribeye, because it actually just gets that to go away. And so I started going down this rabbit hole found these articles. And I’m sure that this is second nature to the chefs out there. And, you know, they’re like, of course that is, but this is where it gets really fun. As it turns out, only 20% of your taste is actually really happening on your tongue? Okay. 80% is the aroma, and it’s the aroma that comes down everything now. So the we perceive the aromas because they interact with our olfactory nerves. So as it turns out these different aromas do different things, and you can augment them. We talked about the entourage effect last week, you can actually have an entourage effect when it comes to food by pairing certain foods that have chemically similar aroma molecules. Okay, so and before you get too far while you’re taking a sip, but this be similar, you said that you would use an astringent to basically cleanse your mouth. It’s really probably no different than using. I’m guessing ginger whenever you’re about to eat sushi. So the ginger works like that. Exactly. So as it turns out, like for instance, did you know that like white chocolate and caviar go very well together? Did not. It’s wild because when you put it through when you take these foods and what these scientists We’re doing is they’re taking the foods and they’re putting it into a gas chromatograph. Okay. And what that is is that is something that actually shows the molecular weight and you can go Oh, here’s a spike, here’s a spike. These two foods share similar spikes. As it turns out, white chocolate and caviar share similar spikes. And that molecule is tri methyl ama Nuria smells like fish sure does. In fact, there’s a disease on the side note called tri, methyl or I’m sorry, it’s try methylamine is the molecule try methyl emissary is the one that I’m familiar with. Because I’ve actually had patients come to me, and they’re like, it’s weird when I eat certain foods. People can’t be around me. They’re like you have a weird odor. That’s called tri methyl. I’m an area and it’s that molecule, which is tri methyl I’m in a tri methyl amine. Certain people have a genetic predisposition where they can’t break it down. And I looked at them and gone. Did anybody ever say you smelled like fish? Like Yeah, yeah, like got it. All we do is change our diet, and that the album’s gone. Yeah. So like, you start looking at some of this stuff and the science behind it is so cool when you’re looking at the interaction, so what can happen is that you can have similar molecules that ping your olfactory nerve that go to your brain and go, Oh, that’s this. And then if another food pairing things that same one a little bit, a little more, a little less so on, then it heightens the first one. So you can build your recipes and food off of the molecular structure. And, you know, a beyond the whole tongue thing, you know, the sweet salt, bitter, sour, Mommy, the new one, the earthy flavor. This is the way to really take your food to the next level. And much of what chefs have probably learned, you know, Michelin star rated chefs is they’re already doing it without realizing that it could be based on the science of this. Sure. So for instance, like a large portion of a strawberry actually has cheesy molecules really, so You can sit there and pair strawberries with a certain cheese, and they will augment each other they will build each other up. Yeah. So really fun. I never would have thought about this checking my ego at the door. I start going down food science because we’ve got a chef on the show today. And then this opened up a whole thing where I found a uk website.

Now, just real quick, it wouldn’t just be any kind of cheese. Surely it has to be you wouldn’t make strawberry nachos. I’m just saying like a candy k sell on top of a pile of strawberries.

No, no, it has to be certain cheeses with similar molecules. Okay, that have this. Yeah. And so you can go to food pairing calm. And my kids were having some fun with this today where you can create a recipe so all right, so I’m gonna throw it to chef Patrick. Give me a protein, anything you want. Give me some food product and we’re going to build a recipe offer right now live.

Let’s go with duck, duck.

So this


duck breast, start with this not a

malar Yeah. Okay. Would you like it to be wild? Yes. Okay, wild. Now what we’re going to do is somebody has put a duck breast into a gas chromatograph and they have figured out how to actually pair this. So now, foods that are similar, or foods that have a molecular component that is similar, include all kinds of different stuff, but basically we’re all here we go. I think that you should pair this with.

As it turns out, Remy Martin cognac.

That’s why the first thing came to my mind.

You know, is there any sort of citrus in there?

I don’t know. We’ll find out right here. Why don’t we put a citrus Let me see if there’s one day before he answers. Patrick. What kind of citrus would you Would you already kind of intuitively think well, because

you think it’s something that’s sweet yet astringent like duck orange, right? So you have this rich duck. And it’s not just a fat acid thing, okay, it’s a combination of all the flavors. So I’m curious if, if that classic pairing, in particular, is one that comes up, one would match. Okay, well, so what’s so fun about this is that now we’re building it. So I have an interesting fruit that just showed up as presented. Oh, so we’ll add that one. So now what’s happening is we’re building this whole recipe so you can decide how you’re going to do this. So we have the ability now to realize, okay, why do certain foods taste good? So my son Lucas and I were talking about this, we’re having fun today looking at this, and he goes, wait a minute, is this a way to pair foods so that the healthier foods will seem like they taste better? Okay, so like, I want to put kale and do something else with it, and I’m going to pair it with something that will augment the cheesy flavor of something else. us less of that more of the kale they help each other out. Like this facet I’ve never ever, ever heard of using food pairings through molecular studies to possibly trick your brain into liking the food more making healthy food more appetizing, making healthy food more appetizing, as well. Yeah, interesting. Yeah. So I just kind of a follow thing so that’s my nerdy clip of the of the of the show.

You know, I’m gonna spend hours on there now you’ve just ruined and it’s

a good way to get away for the right reason.

No, I. So what you can do is you can actually save your food parents and my kids were doing this also in my daughter, Carla, built a 40 or 50. Let me look at it here. She started with sea urchin. Okay, branched out and we’ve got all kinds of stuff sea urchin tied to cow mozzarella, which eventually takes us to buckwheat and you know, you could just see how much fun this could be where you can Do this and it’s it’s based off the aroma. What I loved about what Lucas said was, let’s make healthy food tastier. Sure and do it like this. sure a lot of chefs probably know this. But this is a way to actually use this as this is the style that I’m going to do. When I have the Hashimoto food pharmacology going on. I’m gonna make it taste little better. This is the way to do it. Yeah, no kidding. Now that’s a it’s a it’s a brilliant tool that I had never been exposed to. I like someone of the idea that foods could make you smell a little bit different onions, for instance. I mean, I love onions. But if they’re not grilled and you’re eating fresh onions, it’s unless your partner is also eating onions. It’s it’s kind of a no go.

But you know, you and I had a discussion and I don’t want to derail us off of building the the foods to make them taste better. But it wasn’t that long ago, you and I had a discussion about what asparagus does to urine. And you said that somebody was doing a test whenever I believe you were in med school. That they were basically trying to figure out how fast somebody could rapidly make the year and change its odor from consuming the asperities. You remember that conversation? Yeah,

absolutely. So back in the day, this is during my fellowship.

Dr. weser

was the was a pioneer in gastroenterology. He’s the guy that figured out that there’s such a thing as lactose intolerance. You know, we say it not like it’s nothing but somebody had to figure it out that there’s an enzyme called lactase. And so he was as a as a scientist. And back in the day, it was kind of fun, because he would give us a lecture every year. And he did fantastic guy. He was in his 70s just kind of having fun with us. He kept part time, you know, part time lecturer and it would be the same lecture. So do all these pictures from like the 70s. It’s awesome. He made everybody eat a bowl of asparagus, and then they had to go pee. Everybody had the time when they could spell when they could smell the asparagus usually funny, because that was his absorption study chair. And I don’t think I get away with that now or I’m just like, you know, everybody eat this.

Bring up to me so I could smell. Yeah, yeah.

But that is the takeaway whenever you’re doing that, that was just fascinating

how quickly it happened. Yeah, the breakdown of the food happens really quickly. And these molecules that do this, actually get into your bloodstream and get filtered through your urine, some of them remarkably quick. So like, you know, we have all these people, you’re talking about onions. When people take Allison, which is a garlic extract, right? They will actually ooze the garlic out of their breath out of everything, because it just gets absorbed so much. And that’s one of the issues that my patients will have when they come to me. They’ll be taking supplements and be like, something’s wrong. I’m like, are you on Allison? They’re like, yeah, I’m like I could smell it from here. Well,

if you happen to Watch the gut check project. And you want us to have the ability to tackle a new subject, the best thing to do is go to kbd That’s k BND. Health com, go to the gut check project show, you’ll find that there is the ability to connect with us and submit something that you wants to tackle. That’s really how we the last two weeks, we’ve stumbled across what we’ve always come across to talk about.

We cover so much ground here. I mean, would that be really cool? We were talking last week about bringing Dr. Blair on Colonel Blair and we’re going to talk about TBI, right now imagine doing the product cuz I am at a hospital to trauma hospital. We don’t have a food protocol for traumatic brain injury. We don’t have a CBD protocol. We don’t have DHS or any of that stuff. Wouldn’t it be amazing we could go we’re going to give you a brain inflammation diet. You’re going to be on these supplements. And this is the protocol it’s going to happen. That’s the goal of this whole thing is to bring the science and I mean, a whole separate show would be talking about Sophie fame, which is a molecule in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. Well, as it turns out, it’s really, really good for you. It’s anti cancer, it’s anti inflammatory, but when you cook it, the enzyme can’t break it down called murasa neighs. And so like a little hack would be a chef, we could sit there and say now we’re going to put some mustard seed powder on it, and then it will actually convert it so you just made your broccoli, broccoli sprouts way healthier. Sure. So if you ever get diagnosed with cancer, and there’s all these crazy studies, about like bladder cancer and stuff like that, when you do that, like I would love to have a protocol food protocol what you’re going to do the Hashimoto food protocols right there we’re gonna have a food protocol if you get this eventually we’re headed that way.

No joke on the cruciferous vegetables they come with them basically. So you’re blocking the estrogen correct? Correct. Yeah, that’s pretty magical. And And speaking of cruciferous vegetables and other be cauliflower. Just last night, my wife and I went to go eat Pizza. Awesome pizzeria and they actually make gluten free pizza. The crust was made out of cauliflower. It’s amazing what they’re doing the cauliflower now because it tastes like great bread, and it’s not bread at all. You’re basically having a great cruciferous vegetable while you’re eating a delicious pizza, and we’re hoping they didn’t spray glyphosate on it so that it’s a non GMO vegetable crust. And it tastes just like regular bread. So it’s pretty awesome. No, I love all of those cauliflower crust. So it is delicious. So we’ve got about half a minute here before chef Patrick is going to join us in the next half hour. Just a quick reminder if you are watching the spoonie network, you know if you haven’t you be to be sure and check it out. There is also the another show that is hosted by Elisa Shakespeare, Alicia Shakespeare and her name her show is no buts too big, no buts to the apostrophe t s to be check it out. It’s a great show and We will join you in the next half hour. Right? Oh

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And welcome back to the gut check project. This is GCP. And I’m Eric rigor joined by your host, Dr. Kimbrough What is up check your ego at the door and let’s learn some stuff. Hey, guess what we have now our second ever guessed it’s our third ever show. So we figured that our third ever show should have our second ever guest. We are joined to my right the man, the myth, the legend, Chef Patrick Mosher, hey doing chef

that’s that’s quite an intro. I’m not sure I can live up to it. Thank you. I’m doing good. I’m doing well. It’s not bad for Sunday.

If you if you’ve been living under a rock chef Patrick does a lot of everything. He’s a chef obviously, he also produces Many of the programs here on spoonie radio, he drives fast he texts and drives he doesn’t sleep. He likes to smile he likes to laugh when I’m leaving out I only text voice

text though. Oh voice and I just use the Hey Siri command so if it comes out all garbled and funny. Blame Siri

Yeah, well I just made it up. I didn’t even know it was turned on.

Well, I do I text I drive a lot. You know, I drive around on the weekends between here and there for work and any other time off I have. So like the real work.

So doctors are unique persons. Are they have unique personalities? Yeah, chefs are I think they take the cake and food pun intended. I’ve met a lot of chefs. I have a lot of chefs as patients. And I am just fascinated by that lifestyle. And you know, thank you so much for coming on. We were talking earlier about how Isabella went send us her book in the last hour and it talks about how food is you are what you eat all health begins and ends in the gut. And here we are. We’ve got a chef with some serious experience. You have you I’ve done a lot.

I’ve done a few things. Yeah. You know, I’ve worked. I’ve been fortunate enough to work all over the world. I actually kind of started my culinary career in Japan. Well, actually, I started my color Career Career In a sizzler Steakhouse when I was like, 14.

Wait, what kind of says, well, there’s Western sizzling?

It was just sizzler Steakhouse.

So sizzler was a pretty big, pretty big chain back in the 80s and early 90s. And, yeah, so I was the I was the busboy dishwasher at the scissor Steakhouse. until Thursday nights came around. I got tips as the as the dishwasher busboy, and apparently on Thursdays, there was all you keep popcorn shrimp. So the kitchen guys Hey, we’ll teach you how to run the fryer. Like Okay, cool. All right, cook. So I was busting out back there. You can only put 10 piece of shrimp on any given plate because it’s all you can eat right? So there, Arizona State football team would come in and then have 37 plates each or something like that. So you’re back. You’re you’re you’re like humping it on the fryer and and they’re back there. Kind of laughing You because they get your percentage of your tips not only you doing the hardest job you have to clean the fryer at the end of the night but they get your money. It only took me about six weeks to figure that out. Sure. And I was like man, I’m the dumbest guy on the planet.

And shrimp everywhere feared you.

Yeah, you know what? It’s interesting that my first job in the kitchen sent me home smelling like seafood because later as I progressed into sushi and seafood specifically, every night was like Okay, I gotta go I can’t go to bed before you take a shower because your sheets are just going to stink in the morning and it’s pretty nasty. But

it is what it is. Where your family was your family frequent or have a sizzler growing up?

Yes, we were doing the sizzler in Omaha Nebraska. So yeah, salad bar remember the salad. Oh,

that was just going there. My favorite item there as a kid was not any part of the salad but the canned chocolate pudding for whatever reason. Quite nutritious goes right alongside the square, chicken fried steak.

So this is this is what I love. I mean with with your pulmonary chops that has gone all the way to Japan to learn. This is where you start is frying shrimp and it says, Look,

I lasted about two weeks at a McDonald’s before that, but I don’t really count that,

right. Yeah, nobody ever does. Now, I was a quitter there

sure. What actually drew you to food?

Um, you know, my father had a large garden. We lived in upstate New York in the town of Carinthia, Corinth, if you live there, it’s near surgical springs, Albany, that area, kind of near the middle of the state. And my my dad’s entire family, all of his siblings, except one brother lived within a mile of each other on the same road. And my grandfather owns, I don’t know, few sections of land on either side. He had a dairy farm, and then a large vegetable garden, and my father tended at least an acre garden every year. So we spent summers as I was like, you know, three old enough to pick beans. You’re picking beans and snapping beans and helping mom put stuff in jars so she could can it and my okay. I’m not sure I want to tell my first commentary. Job is a real job in the family. But actually is kind of right up your alley. Just this’ll work out well. My grandfather slaughtered two cattle every winter. And then we split to meet up. But amongst the Family Church, he usually did two more later, but early in the winter, the first big heavy snowfall data. And so you have to string them up right? You obviously How do you gently say you kill them? You just kill them? Hey, kill. Oh, yeah. And then

this is the first episode we actually explained my background where Eric would go with his dad to a radio studio and I would go to the slaughterhouse. So my dad was running that kind of stuff. So that’s why you’re saying that?

Yeah, no, I mean, no, no, it’s not actually it’s more like the the gas the GI part the Oh, the doctor part. Sorry. No, so maybe, maybe I maybe I missed my calling. But before they can actually get the animal. There’s something that has to be done. So they hang it up upside down. You have to climb up a ladder, and you have to I was five years old when I was taught this my first time you have to cut around the The muscle around the of the anus and you have to tie it off because if you don’t win the stomach elongates it’s a geyser. Oh comes out the back. So that was my first real job for the family in slaughtering beef was I got to climb the ladder and tie it off, turn

off the button.

I know. I know. I’d much rather have I mean, job sounds more permanent constipated

that would make total sense while you were drunk. You’re like I’m getting away.

No more red meat. No more red meat. Now you know why I gave up ready for Lent but for several years and

plus the cost.

So after you had the exposure to the dairy farm and all the vegetables then that obviously is setting a foundation for you to get into food. You probably had no idea that’s where you were leaning. But

yeah, no, I didn’t I really my mother was a great cook. My father was a good cook a very good cook, and their whole family every every event revolved around food. Okay, so as I grew up, my father died very young. I was six years old, he died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 47. Wow. Yes. And back then there was no really no treatment. By the time they figured out why you had back pain, it was pretty much over. And But anyway, so, but I spent a lot of time with my mother cooking after that, and I just I just picked it up. I really love food I had was fortunate enough to move to Germany, my senior year in high school. And the family that that I lived with it hosted me was very generous and we got to go to other countries and dine on some a fantastic food. And food was a way of life for them. And in Germany is where I learned about minimalism in the cupboard. You know, because they have dorm style refrigerators, they don’t have big refrigerators are slightly larger than a little boxes you have in your dormitory, and they shop every day. So every single day, at least once a day you shopped unless it was for your bread because it was delivered in the morning fresh.

Wow. That’s pretty interesting. Oh,

it was awesome. So just a side note. Growing up and watching my grandmother cook. My dad’s mom she was she was fantastic. I loved Fried chicken that she fried a lot of stuff but for some reason back then she still remained skinny but she and I don’t know if your mom or your dad was like this My grandmother could flavor anything to taste terrific. Fried Chicken, chicken, fried steak, vegetables etc. But one of her trademarks was to always cook with a cigarette hanging out of her lip. So that was flavored little bit of Winston burnt ashes in there as well as I think that she saved all the different kinds of meats that she brought in the oil and in different folders, cans, fish oil and, and chicken grease, etc. Is that something that you also did upstate New York?

Yeah, you know, and I Well, the vegetables I think had a different flavor and we’ll start there but produce because we had a burn pile every year. trees that would fall we had a lot of property and we burn on the actual garden. So what what and my my father would rotate back and forth on two plots. So each season the previous year’s burn pile would become the garden. And so the the ash content, right? The potash while the content was really high, so a lot of minerals and i mean it’s it’s amazing how healthy the vegetables are when you do that, you know, people used to take the ashes from their fireplace and put them into the burn pile or into their compost heap. Sure. We don’t do that anymore. But that gives that right there was just fantastic for the flavor and the freshness of vegetables. But my mother Yeah, she stood everything. Okay. Oh, yeah, except, what did she call it? Swiss steak was boiled. Whatever lean beef steak she could buy that was the cheapest cut with a bone in it. And then smothered in tomatoes and garlic. And then she boiled that in the oven. It was actually pretty good.

It actually sounds delicious.

Compared to what we’re talking about, on the first part of the show, what I’m thinking is that you know, smoking it has a lot of it’s a carcinogen known as benzene. What we should do is see the chemical structure similar to benzene to add that good childhood flavor that you’re missing. Yeah, from the smoke without getting the king Sir

Yeah, probably sell you could get, you could put Winston cigarettes into a mass spec, you shouldn’t see that it pops out to charge me figure out

figure out what fruit or vegetable has a similar molecular component near benzing.

Now I’m into I’m interested I’m really curious about that. This is a fascinating science for me. And I’m thinking I could just I could change my restaurant consulting business to just be menu consulting based on this and take elevate all chefs to the next level.

Oh, yeah, absolutely. This is the kind of stuff and we wouldn’t be talking about it if we weren’t preparing for the show. I was just my water down there. I was just, you know, trying to think of Okay, what’s a really cool thing that we could talk about, I have to science this up. I like it. I’m a nerd. And I’ll probably try and do this with every single topic that we do find something but yeah, it’s really fun. Oh, that would be really cool. So you’re sitting there so obviously, you’re exposed to this great, organic before organic was cool. You guys head

coach poor poor

alright. So what happened after that?

Well we moved to Arizona which was a whole different thing and I learned about spicy spicy foods right? My first meal out in LA we didn’t eat out a lot it’s very rarely maybe once or twice a year at the most. We went to this little Mexican restaurant between Chandler and Gilbert Arizona which are now massive towns that kind of grown together but then they were just very small towns. And I don’t remember the it’s Casa something this little Mexican place and I had a chimichanga smother in spicy green chili salsa. And I went ballistic it was it was done. I was never going to do anything but eat tasty food again. And and and not healthy necessarily, but flavorful food. And that that kind of spawned.

How old were you when you move down to Arizona? Ah,

I guess I was in sixth grade somewhere in there. Oh, wow.

Yeah. Nice. sort of been a few years. So then you you progress through you graduate and then you end up well before you graduate. You worked at the sizzler. And then How did you decide that food beyond being told the random days you’re going to do popcorn shrimp was something you wanted to pursue and deliver to people to make them happy?

Well, I’d had a few other jobs cooking after that, but what I realized is that no matter how, how cash strapped your family might be, there was always food in the restaurant. And if you work there, you usually got some of it for free. Sure. So I think that was it. I think mentally. I determined never to be hungry again. Right and just parlayed into a into a career, but I really didn’t start cooking full time till I was in Japan. I was working as an interpreter, actually working as a copywriter to start did some interpreters.

Good job in Japan. I did writer

I did for a company called trans tech International. They were a technical translation company. The parents of a friend of mine that had come to the United States to go to school in eighth grade and stayed all the way through high school. They owned and ran the company in Osaka, Japan, and they invited me to come and work for them after Well, I was actually in college at the time.

Wow. So I’ve heard you speak German. Do you also speak Japanese? Hey, young go. Wow. So this is fascinating. So chefs are super intelligent people. Yeah. No, I’m serious. You’re many of my friends that are chefs are people of extremes. Sure.

Yeah. That is fascinating. You speak Japanese German English to work in the back doing appetizers are nurturers and and it was as fascinating. I loved it and Japanese chefs are so meticulous they have the way they approach food in Japan they actually have a proverb that defines food Japan and it’s it’s the Yeah, the audience the audience is actually it’s it’s not just food. It’s the food it is the substance of the universe, right. So their philosophy is let it let little seem like much as long as it is fresh and beautiful.

Wow. Little seemed like much

as long as it is fresh and beautiful. So So small portions, very ornate and well garnished. Very clean and seasonal. Seasonal is the key word there. And typically local,

all the judging far ahead, but I do remember one of our previous conversations you did say that you were with Nobu as well, correct?

Yeah, I did work for Nova for a number of years. Yeah, I actually I was the executive chef and helped open the restaurant and Aspen. Oh, just Matsuhisa. That’s his last name. And then I was fortunate to work at several other locations.

So I’ll imagine that a lot of those principles that you’re talking about probably carried over into the way the presentation the food,

yeah, you know it well, there’s a whole nother layer there. I mean, he had lived and worked in Peru for a long time, and he was fascinated by French cooking techniques. So he took these Japanese base ingredients, added the layer of like, infuse the flavors of Peru and Chile, and then took that to another level by using French cooking techniques, and it’s just phenomenal stuff.

Wow. Yummy.

I wish I knew what to say there.

So my family words huge Asian cuisine fans and all of it. And our favorite restaurant is actually a Japanese restaurant. in Plano. We go there at least once a week Really? Well. Yeah.

I mean, you can say that I’m getting a plug.

Yeah, sure. Yama. I am a I’m checking out. Yeah, we have the it’s just unbelievable. It’s good and sensitive. I think it was very, very traditional Japanese food. Hitomi our waitress is always our waitress. And so we just sit down and food just start showing up. That’s what I love. The methodical. Just, this is what’s happening. It is predictable. It is well and it’s thoughtful, thoughtful. Yes.

So here’s a really interesting cultural thing from Japan. There’s a great book called um, I know kozo it’s the dip. The Anatomy of interdependency. Okay, okay. describes our whole culture. One of the things in Japan is when you start a sentence, they finish it for you. Like, I used to teach for this guy, Joe. He he had two small children. I spoke him I taught spoken English, I taught them English. I actually am a native Japanese speaker. It’s my second day speaking English. So give me a break. So he would call in and he would say company, and I say yes, he goes job he this get it. I mean, this is Jonah witchy. And he just stopped. And I’m supposed to finish it. It’s like, Oh, you must be calling about but I would I didn’t know that right? So I’m just like, okay, you know height. I just wait for him to say something. But eventually you learn it’s like, Japanese interject a lot. They say Hi, I’m a solo these nay. And they’re what they’re doing is they might say yes. Oh, isn’t that so? They’re interjecting to let you know they’re listening actively listening. Even if they say something in agreement, it doesn’t mean they agree. Okay. I mean, yeah, but But anyway, back to the point I was making is when somebody you’re a guest in someone’s house for the first time and you they say would you like some coffee? And you say yes, they don’t ask you how you want it and they don’t bring you the things to put cream and sugar in it. They are Automatically putting cream and sugar. Because the first time as a guest in their house, you should not have to think about how you want your coffee served from then on, you can just make your own. But they they alleviate the pressure from you, even if you didn’t want it that way. And you accept it graciously, because that’s the the generosity they’re giving you to relieve you of the pressure of having to say, Would you please fix it this way?

Oh, wow. Cool.

Yeah, there’s so many layers of complexity to Japan’s culture. That’s all that’s a month. Well, that’s a whole series of shows for next year.

Well, you’ve been a chef for a long time. What would be something that in the in the realm of being a master chef, going from the being taught Japanese and then obviously with some French carry over what what take or took you to your favorite style of play sitting now?

Um, I think just my love of simplicity and food. So as a child, you know, my mother, she stood a lot of things, but we’re really great fresh ingredients. It wasn’t stewed My father was a big Fisher and fishermen and hunter and so we had a lot of wild game he had. We always had a ton of, you know, venison. backstrap a lot of rabbits a lot of fish. So everything was very simple. When we went camping my father didn’t take stuff for dinner he was hunting or fishing. Wow. Or fish. Wow,

that’s a that’s quite a bit of pressure.

Yeah, no joke. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, it’s actually TV show now.

Yes. It’s called Naked and Afraid.

Survivor there’s a bunch of Bear Grylls

out here this time with

trout for breakfast. But he was it was very simple food. So he would take lemons, potatoes, salt, pepper, and onion. And so if if you caught trout, then he would simply slice up the potato and onion stuffed inside with a couple of wedges of lemon or slices lemon, salt, pepper and then wrap it with a pad of butter in there. Wrap it up in tin foil, throw it on the fire. You know if there was other game to be had then it was just Super simpler boiled potatoes and simple fixings, and then salt and pepper on whatever the game was. And so these really clean simple flavors for me, are really what I identify with doesn’t mean it can’t, that you can’t really elevate that sure, with a few adjustments. But really being able to identify the main component like the center of the play item, the protein, if you can’t taste what it’s supposed to taste like.

I’m not sure what the point is.

Sure. Well, today, you just you ended up joining us because you had just left a gigantic gathering that you are asked to basically help map out how do you know whenever you have so many mouths to feed that, you know, I’m going to be able to put together this kind of plate to serve this this type of convention or do they give you parameters on what they do and don’t want How long?

Yeah, so um, so many development or menu? Yeah, menu development or menu selection for any large party is very, very critical. Because you have to think about if you have to have multiple selections especially. Then what is the what is the time to play each item? Are they plated? Is this buffet? I mean all that comes into play. I’ve done parties as large as 2100 people. We did a I worked for a company in Houston and we did a large plated dinner for the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center Cancer


And so we did 21 or two people seated, but the preparation for that took a week, but nothing is really cooked until either Some things are made the day before but not cooked until that day, but all the proteins like all the tenderloins, all the sea bass. So there are 1100 pieces of sea bass, and there were 1400 piece of tenderloin. Wow. Well, the tenderloins were whole we had to cut them. I had to cut them sure. But yeah, that’s that was we all that gets cooked in ovens lined out inside of this big giant, makeshift kitchen that’s 20,000 square feet. And then we had 16 ovens in there,

like big commercial Do you feel like that your principles and how you want it to live, you want to deliver good health for people through the way that they eat? Sometimes you get compromised because it gets so big.

Yeah, I mean, so there are ways to do it again, simplicity is number one. Sure. And then limiting your your menu to items that fit your, your desires, and what you want to give to people and bring to people in the hospital IT industry, you can’t compromise that. So only serving things that and you may look for an alternative protein. So if they couldn’t afford the tenderloin, we could do something like, I don’t know baseball steak or you know, tri tip or something like that. So they get a similar quality of product, just not as expensive. I think that’s that’s part of the creativity that chefs have to work with nowadays.

is planning for

like an upcoming season we change menus, typically four times a year in restaurants.

So you’re primarily doing this right now for your work.

So I do that. Yeah, I mean, I,

this is your this is my baby. I want to get into that and this is you end up here. Doing a digital show. But

that’s my friend we’ll talk about.

Sorry, I love you so much.

Anyway, but but the planning phase is really what it is you have to be very organized. And there’s a science to it, you know, how many pieces of everything you need, what the portion sizes, and then what your standard batch size recipes. So you just scale that up. Although there can be complications there because salt doesn’t scale directly. Others some other components like oil don’t, they don’t scale. You know, it’s not exponential. It’s not like six times this equals that know, you have to scale some things back and scale things up something. So

what I love about this is that you’re talking exactly kind of leads into the first part of the show, but this is how I cook I view it more as a science and I want to know, like this and you know, like I don’t I didn’t have a grandmother with a marble light in her mouth.

Winston sorry. Yeah,

so like now at this stage like I have a really big really enjoy it cookbook. So that’s why I was so excited that Isabella Wentz sent that cookbook. I’ve got Bobby Flay his cookbook, which is that one on a quick side note is that it’ll be like now add this sauce and you’re like got it. And then you turn to page 20 and you’re like that sauces. 50 ingredients.

Okay, so, so that’s so there’s a very famous book, a book called The

Lucis gastronomique. Right. And and there’s another winner by written by August dysgraphia. Who who really founded modern French cuisine right and the way that they cook in French kitchens. And what happens is they’ll say like Kokila St. Jacques which is a it’s say scallops with Marty a sauce or something like when a sauce. So you see the scallop recipe and then it says, Okay, now see recipes 42 918 and 26. But when you go to one of those, the butter the are butters like 97 steps, and then you have the morning so is like, or ammonia, whatever whatever sauce you making is like 467 steps and you can’t make it you can’t store it cold as be held hot and fresh. I mean, it’s just, it’s so complicated that I was like, okay, that one’s going back on the shelf. And maybe never I don’t think I’ve ever dusted it back off again. I’m I read it religiously when I was in culinary school.

Yeah, I’m a terrible cook. And sometimes whenever I want to cook and I’m learning to piece certain things together, if I see that there’s a whole nother mess of steps to make one ingredient I usually like we’re just not having any of this. It’s it’s changing. Now, the menu, the item is off the menu, we’re going to do something else.

Well, and that’s part of the the the so I’ll say it on the show, sometimes. I don’t I don’t do show prep. Well, I prep much better for life in restaurants than I do live on the radio. Sure. And sometimes I’ll get halfway through recipe. I’m like, wait, that doesn’t make sense. Hmm. Now that and then I so I spend a minute researching Oh, I didn’t actually read the recipe. I just assumed that this is what they meant because this was the type of recipe so Pre reading the recipe knowing the ingredients and the methodology that are coming up are really important

during your prep work well before we end up rounding out the last this hour since you are one of the main producers for the spoonie digital radio station we will get to why you ended up joining spoonie radio etc. But tell us a little bit about some of the other shows that Ken and I are just now joining

Hello So So you mentioned Lisa Shakespeare she she actually has a her show no buts to biggest phenomenal she’s very energetically a young lady, but she had some health issues and she owns a company called Total cluster fudge, which is awesome. So there’s another new one called something monkey bots but that one is actually that one is is the healthy version of the desserts she does now for total cluster fudge. And as this dessert manufacturer she had to stop eating the things that she makes and these these are carried in convenience stores and Costco and they’re sold over the internet and some restaurants use them as well. But it’s just great. She talks to you He tells you she walks you through healthy tips and tricks to just lead a healthier life every day. And along those lines is Glenn rich of the rich solution or she lives Yeah, she’s just stage four cancer for the last six and a half years. She’s, well, she’s lived way past her expiration date as she and her husband, Adam say, but she was misdiagnosed for eight years before that. So she gives tips on eating more with more nutritional value more healthful, and how to if you haven’t been diagnosed how to prevent being diagnosed as best as possible.

That’s the very first show I did with Dr. Thompson. Would you know rest his soul?

Yeah, you were supposed to sit on my show but he’s going to take him second get out here early.

Didn’t do show prep. Well,

what I love is is getting leaning into it like I think we can do the show we can include the chemistry and say how do we make these things healthier like increase your self urethane and stuff like that euro listens all these big words that basically you’re going to eat well, and you’re going to be healthier.

Well I mean, we have room for plenty more show. So if you want to collaborate, we’re ready to go yeah we get.

So yeah we got half a minute here before we have to wrap this. This part up so if you’re watching now stay tuned. You can always check out love my forward slash spoonie to pick up on teal, KB Md You can pick up your KVM de CBD, next half hour we’re going to talk to chef Patrick a little bit more about not just what he’s done as a chef, or what brought him to spoonie but also you also are quite experienced with CBD. Chef Patrick and tells a story

about the late night chefs.

We’ll talk about that.

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more to be done in trance to we’ll look at issues around licensing, issues around registration, issues around storage. There are a range of other amendments that we believe do need to be made. And that will be the second tranche of reforms yet to come.

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Okay, we are back for another half hour of gut check project. It’s me Eric Rieger. I’m joined here with your host, Dr. Kenneth Brown. This is awesome. So this next half hour is gonna be hilarious because we’re going to get into chef stories but more importantly want to make sure we’re doing a good job. We have our interim producer Murray Rhaegar. How we doing?

Hey guys, you sound awesome. Good job.

All right. We have also our guests here.

Sean, Patrick, when you speak to Eric make sure you speak into the microphone so

you want to go like this and make sure I keep okay. So there’s kind of something I have to tell everybody has

structions already well, so she’s

all about one hour she’s got it.

So So Patrick,

can you start doing this?

We have this thing guys have this thing. I have to always tell people to come into my studio. Keep the microphone close. They were looking at me with disdain. I’m like, Look, I know guys have this phobia about putting something phallic looking right up to your mouth.

Good show a smile and wave smile and wave up. Okay, smile away.

How’s the sound and now Marie better?

Much better. Yes.

Nice. Nice. Well, we left off this last half hour basically talking about your journey on how to become a chef and where you’ve been. We learned that he spoke Japanese and, and German and a little bit of Spanish and if he traveled and and and at the age of five was able to close a cow colon, yes. Hi, it off. Turn off your colon colon. climbing up the oh my goodness, that’s like

everything about that last half hour makes me just feel bad about myself. Why did you bring your homework for kindergarten I was telling.

You would have been awesome if they made me climb the cow instead of a ladder.

knife in your hand and the rope around your neck.

Tell us a little bit more about Your journey now that we’re joined here in the next for sort of the next half hour, you have moved into not just shift work but you’ve also been exploring CBD. So I know you’ve got a story behind it. What in the world brought a chef who’s now on a digital radio station to explore CBD? Well,

Jeff spicoli was my was my hero back in high school. No, I don’t really know. So but because my mother died in a diabetic coma you heard my father passed of pancreatic cancer. And my mom died no one. And about that time I’d actually heard about the they discovered CBD and that was mid 80s I think when they discovered it but they were really starting to realize that while they made the big push medical cannabis was now legal in in California that working on Colorado. And so I was just fascinated by that how that worked in the body. I I don’t like the psychotropic effects of qmc substances. Yeah THC and specific because, you know, as a chef, I always want to feel like I’m in control. Yeah, that’s That personality thing but so I really I never really partook in it. But when I found out about the cbds and how they affect the body I got became fascinated. And so I just I got involved in a business that was related to that and and now I’m actually a partner in a medical cannabis related business and and tech the collagen in Massachusetts sorry, but we do a lot of really high CBD, extremely low THC strains and stuff like that.

That’s cool. So my my experience and the reason why I’m so into CBD is that, you know, I kind of had a hero’s journey where I saw some incredible effects. Did you have anything like that happen?

Yeah, so you know, and I think I brushed over that a little bit with my children, but so my son and daughter have a, I have a 20 year old son and a seven year old daughter and my son was 12. He kept having these ankle injuries playing soccer. And he was trying to get into the Olympic development pool and kind of grow that way. Anyway, so about the third time we took him in for an ankle sprain and like six months, we took him to a special podiatrist and she goes is really long high arches and his ankles are kind of rolled out. Do you think he has CMT and are like CMT? I don’t know what CMT is but so sharp Murray tooth syndrome causes degradation of the neural pathways between in the in the extremities This causes a type of neural neuropathy peripheral neuropathy measure. And what happens with that then the small muscles start to weaken, the bone structure starts to deform. So a lot of children or adults with with CMT will have like limp wrist where the wrist turns in and down a little bit. It’s really painful. You can be well actually, it can be painful, but in this case, you actually start to lose sensation. So my son at 12 was about between 17 and 18%. deficient in the past to have, you know, the impulse from elbow to fingertip and need a toe, okay, so, after testing, they’re like, well, there’s not really much you can do just keep him strong. They put them on physical therapy. There’s no treatment for it. It’s genetics genetics. So over time, my daughter started getting injuries and my son went off to a to a&m, Texas a&m at 18. And so as he was like a 18 and a week, I think it was his birthday just occurred. He started school, and he was a competitive tennis player. So I know you have tennis players and family. And what are you doing? Okay, yeah,

we’re the tennis firm the basketball for now. That’s

right. That’s right. That’s right. Yeah. State Championships. Yeah. Anyway, he was having ankle injuries there. So

when he came out of that, that program, the only thing I’d found I’d done thousands of hours of research looking for anything that could help them. And the only true what they say is, stay strong, be active, don’t get fat. That’s the three ways that you treat yourself. There’s nothing else that they’ve known to cause any actually to delay the effects of it, if it if it is going to progress further than staying strong and healthy. And so He was very active. But I found this this article about CBD is actually on a website that I shared with you called echo And I did some reading, I called some friends. I talked to another doctor physician in California. Anyway, so I just I ordered him. I said, Look, you take this twice a day, and let’s see what happens. And not only did his focus on his schoolwork go way up and his grades started to get better. Six months, less than six months later, we took him to the Texas a&m level research facility where they do studies on neck back and spine injuries, but they also do some neural testing and things like neurological testing. So first day, they didn’t look for the they did not look for the genetic marker on that one to date. We know he has it. So what they did do is they did a more comprehensive testing on the neural pathways than he had had originally the first two times, and it was back to 100%.

So now before he was down, you said 17 18% Yeah,

but he’s probably got about 25% by the time we took him it by the time we went in this time to can be tested. So I’m going to kick that over and break something.

Murray is also gonna scold you for. I know I did.

On your micro here I’m gonna just I’m going to be a rock star.

I’ll play doc Thompson today. Let’s get it.

This is my recap though your son The biggest change that he made there was simply just adding and CBD that was the only change made

the only change that was made in his diet. You know, I was very very, he’s a very clean eater. He actually started cooking his own food. He was off his meal ticket at school, and he’s a he’s on a very enthusiastic weight training program that he designed himself. And so but that was the only thing that changed his diet and exercise regimen at all.

I mean, when we look at this, you realize the shark aroma syndrome affects the nerves and we know that CBD the endocannabinoid system is deeply rooted in the nerves, then when that you start decreasing that inflammatory process and what I Love is that you just said the the key here is he changes that. We know that food can be just like medicine and it can actually help out. So here we have a college student that’s on CBD and eating his own food not eating on diet plan. That’s amazing.

And he’d been well I mean at home he was a very clean eaters while he’s like the one person the family doesn’t like desserts. He won’t eat cookies. You don’t like anything with frosting on it. Very low sugar intake, refined sugar, white fruit, but didn’t live on it.

Gluten issues?

None None that I’m aware of. You know, we’d like to ask you a question like he has his hands and feet are always cold. But he does have hair so I know the follicles can’t really they can’t you know, you can’t grow here with any it without any. We thought I thought it might be circulatory. But I don’t know.

That’s not what we started so can because there’s something called ranade syndrome. I know you were if you get a little cold then you you’re it’s an autoimmune. It’s a competitive autoimmune disease where your arteries sort of clamped down and it’s it’s almost a warning sign. For autoimmune diseases, but we’ll talk about that later.

I’ll bring in some more.

Yeah. And people all over the place have nots syndrome. Yes. Yeah.

It’s it’s not uncommon.

I mean, you say it just kind of matter of fact that all of a sudden, you know, he had 100% improvement there. And, you know, it’s one of those things where people hear these stories and you feel like you’re being sold something but you say very genuinely, it’s like, Well, look, this thing that a difference in his life, and that’s why people are so passionate about CBD.

No, absolutely. And look, I have nothing to gain by telling you so I don’t not financially sure I’m not our production facility isn’t even open yet. We’re still in the middle of building it and our tech companies, about $14 million away from making money. So if you want to join in and invest in the future of the industry, go ahead. But yeah, there’s, I just tell my story to share with people.

So what did you do when you did when whenever he told you how he felt, and you knew that it was a real difference? It wasn’t it wasn’t just subjective. It was an objective improvement for him. You mentioned his grades you mentioned his his mood, his energy, etc. So those are things as a parent, I know that you would be able to easily perceive, how, what did you want to do with that information? Right off the bat, and how did people receive it when you share it?

Well, immediately I started taking the product, I started giving it to my daughter. Okay, all right. And so, because I want to know what the effects were, and I’ll be honest with you, I for someone who is so well versed in the in the in the industry, I don’t take it on a regular basis. I don’t know why I have this. It’s just it just falls off the plate with so to speak. When when I look at my daily supplementation, but but so I put my daughter on it right away. And then I went to a meeting with some people that were interested in cbds there was a conference going on and I spoke I gave, but I just told my son story. I told my story, my son’s story from my perspective. And then, you know, I just I have been an advocate ever since. Wow.

We all have kids. Good. Your kids suffer from anything.

Just Well, there’s no way I can’t. That’s got to be the greatest loss for anyone ever is to lose a child. But even when they’re ill, I mean or they don’t feel well they can’t tell you why they don’t feel well. It is heartbreaking, especially when you know they’re in pain. My son was having constant ankle injuries. And you know, we should it was it was painful to watch he would, he would just recover remember he was he was a pretty competitive tennis player. He played at a private club in the woodlands. He was in a tournament and rolled his ankle had to take nine weeks off you know physical therapy four days a week. The first match he plays doubles with the players never played with a period and with an adult player and and he goes out and second strike on the ball rolls his ankle again. Yeah, it was it was really sad. I mean, just couldn’t couldn’t maintain terrible, but he’ll never mind but that’s the thing. It cbds are great at repairing the pathway his you can’t ever reshape the structure the feet? I mean, you can but that surgery is really risky. Sure. So

which, which shows that as a chef, we were talking about this kind of unbreak about, uh, using CBD and cooking and these things. Have you been doing any of that? I have.

So actually I do a cooking show about cannabis cooking show for Purple Haze radio, which is actually Leon. You guys didn’t know this either. This is Leon Hendrix. This is Jimi Hendrix younger brother. He owns a company called Purple Haze radio and another one called Purple Haze property in California. And they’re on the dash radio platform which spoonie airs on as well. Anyway, they asked me to do a cannabis cooking show when I started doing that. That was I don’t really cook with cannabis. I cook with CBD. And then I have people talk about the effects with cannabis. Or I have them talk about their dishes. But um, it’s it’s, it’s a fascinating science. I mean, because CBD especially you can only heat to a certain point before it starts to break down. So when you’re baking, say cookies or dog treats, which you know you were speaking by the last show You get over I want to say 360 or 365 it starts to break down the you can have a dial in specific CBD itself. I didn’t know. Yeah, no no so so cookies are a little softer and more gooey and crumbly. But I mean, it’s still a fascinating science. It’s It’s fun to work with.

And it’s just, it’s in its infancy really. We’re just learning about it. And as we mentioned on the last show, at some point, I’m a gastroenterologist we will have Endocannabinoid ologists absolutely as doctors.

There’s a company here Actually, there’s some gentlemen I had on the show that I interviewed. And they have a they’re doing CBD now CBD now CBD infused meals for veterans, they’re all veterans. And they all have some sort of scars from that whether they’re emotional or physical. And they all noted that either medical cannabis or cbds were very, very helpful in treating their their health issues. Sure. And so they started a company that founded a company here that that’s what they do. It’s CLOUD NINE meals. And now they’re waiting as the medical cannabis side will eventually open up in Texas, then they’ll work on putting the THC component in there. But for now they deliver CBD infused meals to veterans.

That is amazing. Now, you said and you mentioned earlier in the last half hour that you know that food is something that food is medicine, you can help people feel better. Do you find that? Getting into being a cannabis chef, that it’s simply a stronger extension on your mission to help people eat better and eat and enjoy what they’re eating?

Yeah, I mean, it is but here’s the here’s the thing. chefs are notorious for not leading the lifestyle that they advocate for, nor do they nor do they typically eat the food that they’re putting on the plate for the diners. meals and restaurants are very, you know, we talked about family meal in a restaurant. A lot of times there’s just not time for family meal. So what we do as chefs is we we allow them to have family meal, we’re doing the scrambling for last, you know, it’s like we’re like the ducks. Been underwater with a great the swan is gracefully going along. That’s the that’s the controlled chaos you see in the restaurant. The chef is running around in circles like the legs under the water that looked like a

game to describe what it’s like. So I’m a huge fan of all those movies like chef and birds and whatever hundred foot journey and all those things like I love watching those kind of things.

I love that movie. By the way, chef is one of my all time favorite color.

Oh yeah, I love it. So describe to me what the last hour is. And I know Eric, you’ve actually worked in the restaurant industry, but I haven’t. So like what is it like when you’re closing down the restaurant, tell me what the what time you’re going home all that

stuff. Okay, so I typically worked in restaurants that would close around 10pm 1030 or sometimes they’ll have a bar menu so you may be there till midnight. Alright, so basically, with the chef runs off the line to start the orders and as you’re doing the orders, you try to gauge whether or not you can shut down the front Is it is it Are you going to get more guests because if not, that saves you 20 minutes later or an hour, we get a letting a warm down enough to take the oil out, you know, clean it. So while you’re doing the orders, then you start directing somebody starts swabbing the deck, basically, right? They start scrubbing the floor, but they don’t squeegee it yet because you don’t want a squeegee until everybody’s feet are going to not touch the floor anymore. Then one person starts going in and pulling out everything from inside under the cut the cabinet. So that’s like 1030 if the restaurant closes that say 11 All right, they start pulling all the food out changing everything. Well taking stock of how much is left in every pan of every ingredient. And flipping we called flipping pans. You put it in as a new fresh container, a clean one, and all the dirty stuff goes to the to the dishwasher. Now the dishwasher starts getting grumpy because now his stuffs piling up. So you have to bring either a cup of coffee or a drink, right to calm him down and say hey, wait, wait, we get a little we got a lobster report. You can have that two tickets. Because I’ll tell you the dishwasher no matter what you think is the most important person in the restaurant cuz without clean dishes. You have no power. To serve on, so no take care your dishwasher, definitely. So then the chef gets the orders done checks the line, make sure the food is going out goes into call the orders in and then you start cutting people you’re like, Okay, it’s really slow. You cut everybody about one person. Now it’s 1030 or 1035. And maybe 1045 that one person is like a chef going to step out and have a smoke would you watch line so you’re, you’re like, fine. Yeah. So you take your cell phone out your colon in order, all of a sudden that ticket machine goes to gg gg gg. It’s the sound of money and frustration, right? It’s like 20 top just walked in chef. Hey, do you think you might have told me I’d cut everybody like 15 minutes ago? Well, I’m sorry. They just walked in they decide we were still open. I have to serve them. So now you have two people trying to serve a 10 or 20 top and you’re still trying to get the orders in on time. You’re trying to clean all the stainless like everything in the kitchen gets scrubbed from, you know head to toe every night. All the hoods, they get wiped down, they get cleaned. We can’t have grease dripping on the food The next day, all the filters from

the heart and Bert where they really do Scrub down everything

that’s daily

that’s daily Yeah, and some a lot of that gets done between shifts like everything from the waist down in, in the restaurants I operate gets cleaned twice a day so after lunch and then at the end of the night as well and I come in the next morning and if I didn’t close the restaurant down you are first thing to do is walk the restaurant with a notepad and start looking at all little things that I noticed I opened doors and say okay, this door didn’t get closed all the way the temperature is too high in here because you have a thermometer in every single door for every under kind of refrigerator to throw out this this this and this Okay, so you either gotta you gotta make it up. You get you owe me an extra shift you don’t you get paid for it, but somebody needs a night off you get to take this I mean, I wouldn’t do that but you get threatened to.

So I it’s been a long time since I’ve origin restaurant but from my experience and how I recall it you’ve only described about 10% of shutting down the restaurant.

Yeah, not to mention the drinking that goes on just so you can kind of shut your

drive. Then your diner

yeah so now you’re chef you’re shutting down mentally but you’re doing all this so you’re not eating yet so I know I’ve had friends and correct me if this is wrong but they’re like yeah that’s not uncommon to be in a drive thru line at water burger on the way home

do jack in the box dollar tacos baby deep for nothing like a deep fried taco to fill you up at

Asian fusion arts, chemistry

$200 $200 per person for an eight course meal. Yeah. And I’m going to go through the Dollar Man, you know, so for me a late night. I mean, there is a lot of fast food eating in a restaurant in the restaurant world just because a, you’re crunched for time. A lot of times you can’t afford the food that you’re serving. If you’re, you know, the employee, the employee menu does not typically typically offer any so so that’s what they do at Do you eat fast you eat close, you get back to work. For me I like to eat when I get home so I used to eat a lot of cereal. We had this discussion now you see a lot of cereal which I’ve cut out by the way now. But for me, I can Black beans, some diced tomatoes, some diced red onion, some fresh lunch leaves, squeeze a lemon or lime juice, some olive oil, fresh garlic and typically Chipotle a powder. And then if I was really ambitious oh and diced avocado, that that was like a meal at the end of the night for me, I was really ambitious, I’d fry an egg and put it on there. Or you know, and depending on my mood, I may or not put a bunch of additional hot sauce on their salt, pepper

speaking of mood, and so there’s a lot of depression in the medical field. And there’s a lot of depression in the chef. What is the chef industry, the food I don’t say food, industry, food and beverage, food, food and beverage but but the chefs are very different. It’s very different from I mean, there were a unique breed. We are

we are very stubborn. We were kind of

gluttons for punishment, in a way and we subject ourselves to day in day out. You know, it’s not not uncommon to go into a bar a lot of places have industry night so on a night that’s typically slow and restaurants like Tuesday night when people can go out and or they get off their shift early. Then you go to another restaurant they have an industry night they offer a discount typically on drinks and appetizers the same night. Yeah, basically you can pay for it tomorrow morning one way or the other. But chefs will be sitting around me like how you doing? Oh, you look like crap. What’s going on? Oh, man, we’re in the middle opening. I just worked like 85 hours. 85 man, we’ve been over three years I just worked 110 97 days into into days off. So shut up. You know, it’s this these bragging rights, you know, and it’s unfortunate because we don’t need to subject ourselves to that. We are control freaks though. Because our names on the menu. And when you get to us, you cannot get to a certain level without a passion and dedication to serve. That is uncommon and people you can’t just have probably the same in your field. I’m absolutely sure it is,

it’s no different because at the end of a shift in, in a restaurant, I can still remember it kind of becomes a fraternity because every you close at 1030, but no one’s leaving there until 1130 when everything’s been cleaned up and the first thing you’re going to do is go and find the other watering hole that’s still opening to see y’all can hang out because y’all got the work at the same time. You all want to go home and shower because you’re wearing the clothes that smell like the onions around all day, and you haven’t been eating well you’ve been dipping crew tons in the sour cream as you go through all day long. Because that’s how did you know cuz that’s gonna, that’s gonna tide you overall, that’s what’s going to complete your meal until it’s time to go and meet your friends out wherever you’re going to go hang out that night. And those guys that are serving you, they’re not going to finish until 3am and they’re gonna go hang out until four. It’s just a vicious, so exhausting and then minutes

you know, we won’t even this is a whole separate episode, but sleep deprivation and what it does to your body and what makes your body crave Fatty

stuff. Yeah. Terrible food on top of all that. Yeah. How’s that different than a nurse working all day in the home?

Yeah, so my, my big my three big pillars are gut health, brain health and sleep, if I can get and that’s what our member box is all going to be about. It’s going to be about protecting those three pillars. You’re going to become a better person all around. I agree. And the thing is, look at the industry’s we make doctors work shifts. I mean, when I did residency, we had no time constraint on hours. I mean, so it became that martyr thing.

It might be 30 hours. Yeah, there you go. Take an eye

out. Oh, really. I’ve been I’ve been up for, you know, 36 hours straight. I had 22 admins last night. And that’s exactly that. That’s the martyrdom of the difference. Now I look back on it. And I’m just like, we make pilots that can only fly so much because you don’t want them fatigued.

Yeah, if a team becomes a badge of honor, that’s worthless. And then you almost feel bad about saying that you don’t want to be here. I’m too tired to work. And then you started thinking I can’t say that next time might

need doesn’t take Right, I’m going to go that’s chef. Sleep.

It’s all timing temperature. It’s all timing temperature. Yeah, we it’s it’s it’s it is, it is a vicious cycle because once you get deep into it, you’re right. You can’t backtrack. You can’t just you think you can’t

play and you don’t want to look weak either. You’re like you’re pulling your own weight sending in the hospital setting to exactly,

we got about 30

seconds, you want to close this out of the bottom of this one. So the next half hour is going to be great. It’s gonna be a little bit different. We’ve got a quiz show Do you may not know either. Show ER and so we’re going to talk about the similarities between the hospital and the restaurant environment, but they both have their own language, a little bit of jargon between the two. You may think you know them, we’re going to find out how well these two guys know what do the same

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Okay, we are now back for the last segment of Episode Three of gut check project. I’m Eric Gregor here with our first guest Sure. I’m sorry our second guest chef Patrick Mosher and of course your host Dr. Kenneth Brown.

Yes. And of course we we have to give good props here we have a brand new producer yeah let’s let’s go and talk about this real quick.

By the way real quick. This is all trying to if you want to pick up your own try and teal developed by your own host here Dr. Kenneth Brown, go to love my tummy calm forward slash spoonie you spoonie for a discount

love my forward slash spoonie we just heard how much poor chef Patrick has gone through in his life yeah, show some love use that coupon code so that his effort right now after doing all this gets paid off and then of course go to KB MD health com CBD with also a lot of information regards That all

right, just order a case for the whole family, please.

Yes, please. I mean after hearing, and we’re going to get into some more right now, but the restaurant industry is tough. Lots of lack of sleep. And it’s a it is hard for timrie for producing. So yeah, so we have a first time producer today, Marie, because chef Patrick is actually the producer of our show. So he’s sitting on the other side of the booth. And Maria, are we are we doing okay, yes,

you’re doing great. And I would like to make this my audition to get on the purple haze show.

From a consumption or both.

You know, we’re actually interviewing somebody right now. Right now, you don’t think Eric’s interrupting too much right.

Now, I know what that sounds like when he interrupts and I’m not doing a good job here.

But say thank you. I think

backhanded compliment, maybe?

Either way, either way. Well, of course, Marina we met in the restaurant. I was Oh, I didn’t know that. Really? Yeah. We Did I was a bartender, she was a waitress. And so that’s where that’s where we hit it off. And it was it was one of those those late nights go into the bar that was open afterwards.

This is hilarious that we’re tying this in with the restaurant industry. That’s how you two met because me and loda met at a hospital.

Nice. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting. Well, Chef Patrick, we are going to to make our way through a little bit of the similarities between hospital life and restaurant life here in just a moment. Do we want to get out of the way before we

go? I was gonna say Do you have any any anecdotal fun stories or they are worried? Can you tee anything up here that you remember of being a funny story?

Well, we had a great relationship with our kitchen staff back and forth. We it was just they were cool guys, great relationship. But there was a day where the dish pit guy and Eric are both having a terrible day.

Sounds like a good story. Yeah.

So that was so you had said we were closing down at 1030 and Murray, thanks a lot for bringing it up. So we were closing down And he didn’t want to take on some of the plates of a large top that I brought back. And as I set them into the dish pit, he basically just saw the stack and pushed it right back towards him and said, I ain’t doing it. And I was pretty ticked off. So I said, Yeah, you are we met at the back of the kitchen and we started exchanging blows with our, with our fists over and separated us. But thankfully, because of that fraternal instinct that you have working the restaurant we met later that night, and and basically numb the pain together away at the local jazz restaurant, mother, so

yeah, the only thing better than that one. I think I’ve seen I saw two two brothers have a knife fight in the kitchen. Oh, yeah.

We weren’t dead man.

No, no. Luckily, there was only one small gash in the shoulder.

me my needle and thread Shut up. You’re fine. You’re fine. Go back to work.

You, you can take a day off tomorrow. No pay, but you got to work today. Sorry.

Do you have any other great restaurant stories that just come to mind but everything There’s so many

there are a couple of bad ones but

I you know, we talked about the fatigue factor, right? I just come up with this big bourbon pecan pie recipe sounds delicious, and I was getting ready to make the first big batch. And I was making 12 pies and I somehow in my haze of

I don’t know, my sleep deprived taste, substituted salt for the sugar

does two things that doesn’t melt

that sugar does. So it doesn’t,

it doesn’t give the liquid that you need. And secondly, it just tasted really really crappy. So yeah, so there we go 1212 pies

and I don’t think you need that gas chromatograph to show what the molecules are different.

No, I don’t know and not in that case. So yeah, they’re they’re number stories. And if that happens all the time, like guys will, will sabotage you right? They’ll switch your salt and sugar. They’ll put sugar in yourself. alter that

now wait a minute who would do this to you like well guys blank

stare back and forth.

I will say there was a there was a fun little game that we play at at our Mexican restaurant in in Lubbock and it was the actually the original home of Don pablos is where we worked and oftentimes if you wanted to clown around with somebody who’s new working with us, you would say hey, they just need to sit table 12 and it would be nothing but a completely wrong I going to bed of lettuce and a small mocha and they would go out of tickets I need to take go go you need to take this now and of course the table like it like what the hell are you doing? You like

I don’t I don’t know.

Those hoaxes are the best actually, there’s a ton of those in the restaurants like getting the stale, stale air out of the walking refrigerator. You go in there with a trash bag, and like basically gather up the air and then go outside and let it open then fill it up and take back and open that one then get another bag of stale air and take it out

or oh my gosh, you definitely do that. Or you whenever you’re closing down the back of the restaurant. You tell the new guy. Hey, we got to make sure that the that the tea pot doesn’t rust get all the hot water out you have to empty until it gets cold it never it never doesn’t turn call hot. Well time is is well it’s

not just the restaurant industry I mean in the medical field also sometimes like the gastroenterologist are funny they will play little hoaxes. Like when somebody substitutes my lubricating jelly. Well I’m doing a colonoscopy with Africa facial scrub.

I don’t know that

never happened and

we do not play those kinds of games in the medical

never never we never mess with your food. No, you know what actually I have to say to people I’ve never seen anyone spitting in its food when you send it back. Typically there I’ve always seen people be respectful. They might be pissed off, but I’ve never seen that happen I’ve seen I made one time way back in the day, drop the steak on the floor. brushed it off. Make sure nobody’s looking render another cold water through back on the grill. But I may have I don’t

I don’t you probably We’re gonna put it back on the grill and allow those bacteria have groans prevention German the person’s gonna eat it. Remember we’re personally we’re too sterile we need some dirt in our life.

I think i well i don’t think it was to me to the Midwest where it needed to be so

no nutrition left in that steak anyway,

can I sent you an email? in between? Yeah.

Something here because we’re gonna have we’re gonna we’re gonna do the bridge building here between restaurant and and hospital life here in just a mind, if you don’t mind, pull that email. I’m gonna try and do this.

I pulled it up. And I’m like, What in the world is this? All right. So it appears to be a paragraph of a bunch of words put together. And this will probably make more sense to you chef Patrick

side numerous paragraphs are a bunch of words put together. I don’t really know what how you go with that.

To say

a bunch of words put together that are nonsensical. Okay. So this is what Eric just sent me and I’m supposed to read it out loud first time looking at it. Oh man, we had over 90 covers to 12 tops a bunch of Four Tops tons of VIPs by nine we were really cruising totally slammed had already 86 striper and tighten. I was running the past when this huge pickup was happening we were doing that really Swan yay Russ Soto was chanterelle ease Allah minute you know the pickup time is like 20 minutes I got this really green cook on Saturday fired her a four by four by three half a dozen more on order but when we go to play cheese short too dang orders so had to order fire two more on the fly. She was totally in the weeds. We were so weeded foods dine on the past the rails jammed up with dupes the salamanders stopped working. My quarter note showed I really thought we might go down. So how do you think things are going

it’s funny I talked about that on my show the other day. Yeah. Nice. Nice a salamander.

Yeah. Oh, are you chef Patrick just so you know. I don’t want to leave you out. I also have a little bit of trouble. Getting here from the hospital. So as you can see your Can you there’s a lot of words that you didn’t know a lot of words. How they Yeah, how they’re applied here. We’re going to play a quick little game of who can answer what the hell I’m talking about. Okay,

so just that just described every Thursday Friday and Saturday at 630 some years ago when I started cooking

I got I got a quarter they said this might be something that whenever we knew we were going to have you on the show I had a little glimpse throughout to you do at six in a restaurant means you said you kind of heard that that might be sometime around anymore.

Yeah, I think it means stop it stop it sold out.

So basically, the soft part of the jargon is sold out. Don’t let anybody ordered anymore or sometimes someone’s like 86 a guy he’s the hell out of here. Yeah, some loose return. Yeah, he’s gonna he’s gonna get out of there. So

are you trying to get me to start using these terms with my patients? I think we should use these terms in terms of anybody can just see how well they how well they handle it. I have you know, Mr. someone’s home we have some bad news that CAT scan the tumors spreading you’re basically you’re being 86 stuff

this point are we gonna 86 that tumor out of that we’re gonna we’re gonna 86 that tumor that’s it

I like that better that’s that’s more of a you’re going to be just fine I’m going to 86 into my

my head went to a dark place to my brain is like I’m going to bed at six that insurance policy couple years ago

we got some bad news sir. Why the first throw to us since we’re talking about bad news is going to be a hospital jargon term. Central on the topic let’s go ahead and get there. So let’s deal discharge.

Doc is on the roof.


sorta basically social discharged, that person’s not going to make it they’ve been okay.

So you so you’re you’re you’re, you’re at a teaching hospital. You go on these big groups of around so we can talk with like the opposite side of the chef industry would be the medical school. residency fellowship. You know, and so the teaching hospitals are kind of funny. And so celestial discharge when somebody passes on. So can What would it mean if someone needs to drop or fire?

to drop or fire?

Yeah, I need you to drop x. I need you to fire x what needs to happen?

I would say that somebody has to start cooking some Oh, nice. Drop it in there. Yeah, that was

Japanese instead of Yeah, yeah. And Japanese have a big bone. Nicely done.

Oh, yeah. I don’t want to get into that. That’s right. But Japanese restaurants versus American restaurants. Behind the scenes.

In a Japanese restaurant, the yelling typically comes at the end of the shift in American restaurants. Constant

and what’s funny, we don’t five

batches of shame.

It’s funny, I was watching that last night. was great. You know, I know like that, that I you know, five words in the kitchen when you run the kitchen as a chef Four of them are all the F word. And the other one is please.

All right, it’s pretty ugly. So back to you. weekend syndrome out of the hospital weekend syndrome who would have weekend syndrome and what does it mean? weekend syndrome? Oh, did I stop? Can’t

do? No, No, I haven’t. I have an idea. All right.

I’ll give you my interpretation. This is this is a unique one.

Yeah, we can syndrome. Uh huh. Alright, Dad can have one question. Is this apply to a person that is employed in the hospital? Or is it a question or could it be Is it is it the

usually to the doc I mean, technically somebody who is who is employed or contracted by the hospital

to the okay.

weekend syndrome?

doesn’t come in on Monday. I don’t know. Does it

do anything?

I would say if you were to say weekend syndrome, it’s when you’re covering your partners on the weekend. Yeah. And you really just kind of do just bandaid on stuff to make sure that everybody doesn’t die. You just can take care of the patients till Monday

has to make sense the dog, the dog, he obviously sees that there could be some commitment on a critical decision to be made. But rather than have his hands clean by the time Monday comes around, and I’ve got a little weekend syndrome, I ain’t going in there to do that. I think you’ll make it. Like when you show up,

and you’re you’re covering the partners and you’re running a huge service. You just want to make sure do no harm. So the weekend syndrome is a business then on Monday morning, especially the teaching hospitals on Monday morning when you’re like checking out like Why didn’t you order the enzymes and you’re just like, cuz that doesn’t exist.

Still alive. Why don’t you high five? Let’s just get out of here.

I’m tired. Can What does it mean when somebody hollers out all day,

all day all day?

in a restaurant set, like who’s holler, okay, so I can use your same logic here who’s yelling to Who can I give

me I’ll give you an example. Okay?

Saw take Okay, Chef I need it all day on risotto.

There’s a lot of people ordering

it’s it’s how many orders in total? Do I have to prepare to meet the demands of all the tickets that are up there right

now to put it applicable? You could say we are two hours into our our procedure. What do we have left and someone says we have eight colonoscopies all day we have eight left. Okay? That’s what it means.

How many? How many? How many orders Do you need to fulfill the tickets that are on the board?

Right? That’s exactly right. Oh,

that’s that’s not just what to do. Now. That’s all day from beginning to end. It could be 400 tickets up there. So.

So chef Patrick, you’re in a hospital and you’re visiting a friend, and you hear someone holler out from the nurse’s station. We’ve got a code Brown.

And it’s not a code Dr. Brown said across the table from Yeah, code brown in room 302. Huh. Loose bowel syndrome. Maybe

clean up on aisle six. Yeah,

it would be a clean up on aisle six similar thing. Yeah. So if somebody has a unfortunate actually And it’s going to require a little bit of work. It is a co brand. There are various codes in the hospital. Do you have other codes that you’re going to quiz him on? Oh, no, no. So you know code blues the one that’s on all the shows Code Blue somebody dying. There’s code green or somebody goes crazy and they actually need security to show up Code Pink baby being stolen. Yeah, they really yeah, you really lock that door lock that code page in effect lock hospital gets locked.

I got the Code Pink for the radio industry. I got to talk to produce around about Hey, brown Code Pink Cookie, cookie.

Yeah, it’s all it’s all. Extreme lockdown.

Yes. Wow. And then they have like other ones. So anyways, code Brown is a tongue in cheek word. Yes, obviously the obvious color that was the only reason I got it because we’d say something like that in the restaurant industry too.

So back to you. Now you get a bitch clean thinking cap on what happens if you go into a restaurant and you were to find a bubble dancer.

Bubble dancer.

Yes, bubble dancer.

It’s gonna make sense whenever we we reveal the answer to you. I feel super ignorant to this. Hi, who would deal with bubbles? It’s a dishwasher Huh? Oh, a bubble dancer. Yeah, dishwasher didn’t show up.

No, that’s just what they do that oh, that’s kind of derogatory term for what are you doing back there? Bubble dancing? You’re like, yeah, and then you have the hose.

Now what makes sense why the guy punched you?

Yeah. I mean, I love that term. They spray in the crotch

every time.

So, if you were to come onto the shift in the hospital, and someone says, Hey, you got this patient doing this. Get this patient doing this and over there and same room 302. You got a Crump?

You got a cramp.

Man, that’s uh


That’s okay.

You don’t have no clue on this one. Man. I just

this. This particular patient has taken a turn for the worse. That’s what a Crump is.

Not ever use that term before. That’s okay.

It’s not a fun I only use bubble dancer once then he came he tried to kiss me so I left.

This is this is one of those questions where it’s where it’s where it’s funny because you can find a lot of these things but the reality is that I, you know, that’s when somebody takes a turn for the worst. I take it personally share your What did what am I doing wrong? What did I do wrong? How am I part of this? How do I get this person out of it? Just so everybody knows most of these terms I actually found just to validate from a reader’s digest article so I mean, I’ve heard most of them used in context, but some of them even die I was like, I don’t know that we

need to Yeah, yeah.

So it’s it’s interesting because there is medical jargon and you’ll hear it on you know, all that shows, you know, the people watching Grey’s Anatomy whatnot like that, but just like you’re saying, people typically don’t spit on food. The reality is, is that your doctors are extremely respect to how I am personally involved and firstly involved Yeah, ownership of it, you know, everyone that I work with That so it’s mostly any type of medical jargon going on is usually something that’s kind of a little bit light and playful. So can if you were in the hospital, I mean I’m sorry in a restaurant and you heard something was going to be cremated or to kill it. What’s happening

there serving live octopus that will be clubbed at the table I want you to think Chuck Scott style.

We will turn this piece of meat into beef jerky. God is our CEO and every time we have a steak he likes it well done and I just I cringe because I’m from Omaha. My dad was a butcher. I like my stuff rare. So it’s funny because we’re on the opposite spectrum. That’s funny.

My dad like a blue like real hot pan. 45 seconds East Side cold in the middle. But so there’s a funny story about that. I was working in San Diego at this place on corn out on island called a POS it was owned by chart house and we had a guy says play back like three times I’m like, so I took the flight took a new fillet I seared out on the grill and a third of the deep fryer for about 11 minutes since then now he goes,

why don’t know what you did with that was like the best.

There you go. I tried to screw it up and I couldn’t even get it right.

So chef Patrick, you’re hanging out in ER, and then suddenly you

get depressed and spend a lot of time in the hospital. No,

no. This

these are just they’re small scenarios. We’re actually still the spoony network. But you do hear one nurse talking to another and they’re kind of laughing saying that one over there has got nothing but straight hundred percent Fabians? What are they?

What’s going on?

Yeah, let’s see. Is that something you somebody who’s maybe hypochondriac or

it’s definitely an acronym and it stands for felt awful but I’m all right now syndrome.

You get the hospital again. Okay.

So acronyms get used a lot. So when I was, you know, and most of them really good stories in medicine take place when you’re in training, because you have time to think about it, and then you get off shift and then you go talk about it. And they become a memory. Yeah, when you’re really working, you’re just working, you know, you’ve got a lot of stuff to do. I don’t remember. I think it was sleep it off. So si f syndrome. And I was in San Antonio, and there was just so many patients that you had patients lined up in the hallways at every room full. And I was assigned, you know, like these. You’re an I’m an intern, and literally, it’s my first month of residency. So I’m an intern, and you just get assigned all these rooms. I remember this distinctly I can read I mean, I’m going to date myself when I say how long ago this was, but it was so many years ago, and it was so distinct. Where you’re just like picking up charts are like here and you know, the charge nurse goes here. Yo Do this one. You’re it’s it. And I look up at the board that says sleep it off. And so it’s a somebody that’s super drunk just needs to sleep it off. And I go over and it happens to be a homeless man who would come in and he was not feeling good. And I wake him up. And I looked at him he looks at me and he’s got a totally blown pupil on one side and then vomits on me immediately. And I was like, This is not asleep at off. guy had a brain hemorrhage 15 minutes later, they were doing a burr hole right in the hallway drilling into our brain releasing the pressure. Yeah, so it’s you know, you said totally bad you like it said sleep it off. that acronym is wrong. Yeah. That’s why you still have to go look at people and say what, you know, little things like that. Really like, wow, that happened.

Now I have to read the tickets twice in the restaurant. That’s just my eyes. You get bad.

Yeah, well, I mean, it’s slipping off though. I mean, that that’s only happened more often. I mean, 99 percent of time it’s going to be asleep it up.

Yeah, just that

one time that it only takes once.

Yeah, it only takes once to remind yourself came on does it mean to to use the lowboy? If you’re working in the kitchen and what does it mean to use the low boy?

That’s when you go to the restroom and the only the urinal available is the one that’s for the little kids. Yeah, it’s really really close.

That’s actually a funny explanation though. It’s daughter kind of refrigeration.

Yeah, under counter refrigeration.

Yeah, definitely is. Okay. So, who would be the stream team? Patrick in the hospital?

The stream team? Uh huh. That’s gotta be

you know, the




done. I’m glad he I keep waiting. I keep waiting. Is it still a steady stream? I’m okay. It’s still a steady stream. Okay.

Yeah, was there a Is there a term for a group of urologist and there’s a gaggle. There’s things like that.

So funny Marina we’re laughing at the day about the ridiculous names that go along with groups of animals. Oh, you know, there’s the the congregation of alligators and Murray Do you remember any of the others that were on there a gaggle of geese to Congress of something and

who can’t there’s

there’s a whole bunch of them there that are crazy

ya know it but yeah there probably is it’s probably a stream of your ologists

yeah if you if you look at the definition of all those things you just said just says bunch

more than three

so there is a there’s a pork way of alligator What’s that?

I don’t want to be there

that’s all but any of that means so can What does it mean if someone says hey, I need your their wife said table.

Clean the table is what I would do. Is that is that they’re gone and you just have to direct you know, pull it down.

Actually, whenever I was at pablos they said they would say shaima table but it was the same meaning but basically it means you have a VIP or somebody leaves a lot to you and you go into kind of wax the table we’ve been dreaming 20 one’s gonna be a waxing table. Yeah.

Oh, so that Okay, so what would be a VIP in the restaurant industry?

Well, it depends on the restaurant so it could be it could be someone who comes in frequently right and spam tends to or high dollar

I know where you’re going. I saw Ratatouille. I know what that

absolutely man. So you know, it’s funny is Ratatouille is such a great dish. You know, I’ve tried to think through the way they do it in the movie. There’s just no way to do that. There’s not because it can’t none of it can be cooked together has to be cooked all separately and then stood together. Right at the end of one of my favorite dishes while we’re talking in the but

while we’re talking about food, yes. What does it mean to have a chocolate hostage? A chocolate hospital.

This can be used in my field also.

This is this is your this is your field.

Maybe I’m bridging the gap here,

so somebody’s

constipated. That’s exactly what it means. Someone’s constipated. Someone’s being held hostage.

So yeah, my mother ran a group home a group assisted living home in Arizona. And made nevermind Yeah, there was an impact. Let’s just say there’s an impacted patient one time that they needed help with

what would you describe a chocolate hostage in the restaurant industry?

Do you gotta watch my station? I gotta go.

Why don’t you coffees kicking in? Why are you doing that I

run in the past. So just don’t order any food because I don’t know what to do.

Here’s a term I didn’t know. Do you know what Adam and Eve on a raft is? And I was kind of curious if you know this one either.

This is a rescue Drunk turns a restaurant turn

Adam and Eve on Adam and Eve on a raft. And Rena didn’t know what either whenever we’re putting together a list

for me, I’m going to say it’s a two top man and a man and a couple. only ones left on the restaurant late at night.

Oh, it’s actually really cool. But now

it makes sense. But it’s,

we can’t say Adam and Eve and here we are in call this forky but was to race we had to go with spoonie so we gotta leave Adam and Eve. Oh, Adam and Eve the Adam and Eve. I was at the company. Yeah, yeah.

A little spoon and leads to fork in but I wasn’t really sure. No,

I kept telling Doc, I want to play big spoon, but he was six five. little spoon. You know? Tom’s little though.

Adam and Eve for you. And yes. Oh, in medicine? No, no, it’s an old restaurant, Adam and Eve on a raft,

Adam and Eve on a raft. And

I don’t know, it’s two eggs on toast. And I was kind of curious if that was something that would be culinary that maybe that’s where they came from.

But I mean, it must be I don’t know if the Dow think about new look the origin of that one because I love the you know the etymology of words. So we’re phrases come from in the history of words. Oh

wow. Well it’s only a minute a half minutes went by fast.

fun game. Do you have anything else for me? I want to I want to try I want to try and redeem myself after losing the Adam and Eve.

Man anything

for you. I got an easy one. All right. What does it mean if I say hey, I need you to butterfly that steak.

You just fillet it in half and then cook it so it’s well

done because it looks like a butterfly because it’s attached on the top and as wings

Yeah, so that was the first thing you said when you said you know think about a chuck Scott ordering steak. One of my professors would do that. And he was this Russian guy and it was awesome. Literally he would go to nice restaurants and he would say just cut it. cook it till you think it is well done and cook it another 30 minutes.

Real quick 10 seconds. Do you know what a shoe is? Because the shoe would be somebody who could make that happen.

No, I don’t know what the shoe is a shoe is known as a really, really bad cook.

Yeah, not the ringer you’re looking for.

We got only half a minute less than our last half hour. Chef Patrick, thank you so much for coming on a project day and everything you’ve been doing for us can any closing

words now just show some love? Gotta love my forward slash spoonie put in that code. We got to make sure that chef Patrick doesn’t have to go back to work in the restaurant industry. Absolutely not. And if you’re not watching on spinny radio, be sure and check out spoonie. com get a full lineup. It’s filled with great shows chip headline so much. Thanks. I appreciate it.