Brandon Brown is non-traditionally trained sous chef at Flower Child, a top health restaurant in Dallas, TX. Brandon has personal experience in living in dealing with a parent that suffered from ALS, learned how to deliver home health care, and then worked his way up through the ranks of creating incredibly nutritious dishes at a premier restaurant.

Yeah, what’s happening? It’s gut check project here episode number 17. Little tardy to the mic because we’ve been gone for a week and then we were gone. I know that I missed the music. I do too. I just realized Yeah, because we had Fourth of July and then we had some other business appointment. that we could make so we are back. We I’m excited, and I’m excited for today’s show. I think it’s gonna be one of those fun ones. I think it’s gonna be a lifestyle show to fit with spoonie chef Patrick, we got ourselves chef Brandon coming on today.

We do. We got chef Brandon brown headed on to join us here on the gut check project and this is the gut check project. Be sure to like and share. We’re going to touch on that here in just a moment. If you happen to be new, just know that we are up to over 1000 audio downloads a week. Did you know that?

I did not know that.

I don’t, I don’t know. 1000 people so well.

My mom downloaded 800 of those. Oh yeah. She made separate accounts. And so she spends all her time making separate accounts and downloading Yeah, she does all my all my online physician reviews also. I’ve got quite a few of those but it takes her a lot of time to make all those fake accounts. Well that is sweet. It’s really funny because you know when you and I are both fans of Joe Rogan. He talks a lot about how he Never thought is YouTube whatever end up kind of taken off it just kind of played around with you look at our YouTube views it’s kind of low but you look at the audio downloads we begin to just pick up a little bit more steam there and I guess that’s where we’re getting shared so why can share if you do so you will qualify to earn a free complimentary signature package from Dr. Brown which includes a month’s supply about john teal and a month supply of KB MD CBD oil I need to get my oil out there it’s in my bag over there. How many of us to give in some way? Yeah, yeah, we need to be giving it away. I’m really kind of exciting with the whole process how this is growing we know that this is a you know, it’s it’s a working process. We’re excited that we’re doing this for everybody that’s listening out there for our thousand downloads, you know what we really need, we need somebody that can cut down these episodes like Joe Rogan does and that’s how he ended up getting so many subscribers and stuff is because he does these micro things. So like if you want to hear about Let’s cut up this YouTube video where Brandon talks about, you know how he lost 100 pounds and this is how he did it. That’s what you want to do we get that you have to take stuff in bites. I think that a two hour show is it’s it’s awesome. Like I personally liked the long format. I listened to Tim Ferriss, right. I listened to Joe Rogan. I like to go on long walks, when I have the time, wake up super early and just do the headphones on, walked to a Starbucks, grab a coffee, take my polyphenols and come back and do that. And I can listen to a long one. But I can totally understand how people really just want to take things in bites and get what they want. And so we need a little help with that because you’re still a crna I’m still gastroenterologists we still do I turn to you we have kV MD CBD oil. We’ve got our member box, no research, yellow research.

This name we both have families so you know you got to do you got to do all of those things all together. Speaking

of families, man, let’s get caught up on everything with that because it’s been two weeks you Had a trip

man we went to Colorado so if you are familiar with living in Texas it’s hot hot know in summertime so we we went to Colorado and doing some mountain biking up there the high temperature and Breckenridge got around 7778 beautiful and so much snow this last season for Breckenridge that the snow melt coming down it’s still happening. I think the most recent snow was two and a half or three weeks ago. So we could only go up the mountain about one third of what we wanted to do because there’s still no in water Yeah, and

the only reason why that I completely agree with that is because when you and I went to Utah, I had that white out nuts and it was in the powder was nuts. I lost can about 10 feet from me I couldn’t see him It totally like that. Like now I realized why there’s still snow on these mountains because it was insane. This ski season. Everybody talked about it like it was just one of the most powder filled things. Yeah, you couldn’t even matter. Bike because there’s still snow in July.

Every one of the aqueducts and the waterways around the town of Breckenridge was raging like it’s not just trickling because the water’s coming down. I mean, it’s it’s like rapids in the city. What does that do you know how people do a whitewater rafting? I mean, how does that affect that? It’s a good question. I mean, some people say that when it’s lower than the you intersect more of the boulders down below so you get thrust up more but actually my sister in law my brother in law went on a whitewater rafting trip while we were mountain bike cool and they saw a boat filled with a bunch of firemen be tossed up in the air and flip right out. No, yeah, go down the river and be caught fish to back out and I mean, they all did. They did fine. But I think if I understand correctly, you just go up higher and you just intersecting new rocks. Are you going faster? Probably. I think they were scheduled to have like a five hour trip and they did it in about 48 minutes. Something like that. I know they were back a lot faster than they thought they were gonna Today Oh that is awesome

did the boys like it to the boys like the mountain biking and all that

loved it in fact I Mac even admitted he was kind of surprised how much he enjoyed it. So but i mean it’s it’s fun you you’re doing a bunch of switch back turns and you’re learning how to navigate going downhill you gain speed rather quickly. Gage even lost control of his back break there for a little bit. So that was kind of interesting. He launched himself off his bike, but he’s such a good athlete as I am survived. But it was it was a lot of fun to watch

a little bit of Red Bull series mountain biking where they just like go down mountain like actual like straight up mountains and fly off cliffs and stuff and like I’m gonna never do that.

We are not going to do that either. There is absolutely no way I’m going to engage in launching myself through the air like that.

Zero launching. So this is awesome. I don’t think this is the first time that we have not opened with well, gage had a tournament Mac had a turn. Yeah, that’s right, you guys. You guys actually did something different. I mean, we did do something Did the brown family did not know?

Me? Yes, tennis.


Yeah, I stayed and worked. And there’s been several there’s been two tournaments, both kids. In fact, both kids right now are playing clay court nationals. It’s amazing in Florida. Yeah. super proud of both of them. There is Lucas is doing well, this is six, this is 16. So basically 17 and under 16. And Lucas is in the round of 16 is not lost at him and his doubles partner also winning. So they’re doing well. Carla, unfortunately. Lost yesterday. So she’s out. But we’re proud of her with that. But it was funny. I was talking to Carla last night and it was really cute is that they they understand about this show now. So she’s like, what are you guys talking about? Like? That’s a good question. Because they know I stress out the night before I’m like, what are we going to talk about to cover this time? She goes, Hey, how about like when Lucas was playing whatever tournament he was in right the weekend before. Sure. And I had Carla with me alone. We’re in the pool. Yeah. So loida and Lucas did a week long tournament, flew in Thursday night and flew out Friday morning was the kind of stuff they’re doing now. And I’m like, oh, my goodness, this is crazy. But I’m Carl and I were in the pool. And we started looking around. And I realized that I’m working hard and family’s gone. And the yard is chaotic. So basically, there’s just not a whole lot of landscaping going on. Now, but I got Carla and I talking and it looks good. Like so in other words, weeds are growing, but I’ve got beautiful, like color. They’re adding color. They’re doing stuff. And so Carlos is like, why do we get rid of those? Yeah, I don’t know. It got it totally got me thinking where you know, when you hire certain companies, they come out and they spray poison. Poison. So we know that glyphosate is a carcinogen, and we know that different companies will spray things to get rid of fast growing plants. aka weeds. So we’re spraying poison to get rid of what she looked and saw beauty right? And it got me thinking it was like well wait a minute. What is a weed? Why do we call them weeds? Why do we want to get rid of them? What’s the deal? Are we missing the beauty of this? are we allowing all this so she brought that up yesterday last night I’m on the phone saying saying goodnight to her. It’s an hour ahead and Florida and she goes, why don’t you talk about but you and I sitting in the pool. So what we do is she throws we just throw a football back and forth to each other in the pool, because that’s a service motion. And so her coach bought both kids footballs, Oh, nice little heavier smaller football so they can get used to throw it right. So we’re just sitting there throwing and I’m like catching balls with my daughter, my 12 year old daughter and just throwing and just loving life. And we just got into this whole rant about weeds. What is a weed? Why is this look at that pretty one over there. Because my Especially where it’s supposed to be landscape with flowers and stuff like that. There’s just really big and really interesting weeds. And then if you start going to Colorado and you go for a hike and you look at stuff, there’s a lot of beautiful weeds out there that people would call weeds if they were growing in their garden. Yeah,

it’s just beautiful. It’s just normal. It’s just normal. So

for her, and I’ll make her listen to this part. I took the liberty of looking at this morning, what exactly is a weed? Oh, let’s find out. Yes. So as it turns out, there are some characteristics. They tend to produce lots of seeds, sometimes 10s of thousands of seeds per plant, okay. Their seeds can sometimes survive for very long time in the soil and go dormant. Sounds like a probiotic that we kind of like

megaspore. Yeah.

So they can go dormant and then emerge when it’s time. They’re able to establish themselves quickly. And they have mechanisms that enable them them to spread very easily. And they can grow in very inhospitable environment. And you always see that I guess it’s Instagram or one of those reddits or something or somebody else. It’s shows a rose that you know, needs like proper temperature and perfect soil thing. And then there’s always some dandelion grown straight out of the cement. Yeah.

I could bring it. I’m still here. I’m still here. Yeah.

So then I got to thinking I’m like weeds are cool.

Yeah, they are cool. Really? Why do we do that? Actually, in the urban sprawl areas of Texas, it seems like it’s a little archaic, how much time we dedicate and fossil fuels and resources and poisons like you said that we apply to yards like what we do is water when we run out of water in Texas every other year, and we’re just watering this fruitless crop.

So there is a Freakonomics the Freakonomics podcast. Yeah. They get some pretty cool stuff. It’s a very high end produce podcast. That’s whatever. They did a whole episode on why are we obsessed with yards? And the and the environmental damage that it’s doing because we’re obsessed with yards. So much so that people move to Arizona because they have allergies. I just got done doing my allergy. I’m on allergy shots. Yeah. And they they do the little things to see what you’re allergic to. Right. And I’m markedly improved. Thank you, Dr. Bates for helping me out with this one. Dr. Rosemary Bates is my allergist for this. And what we found is that there’s there’s still grasses that I’m still allergic to okay. And so many people are allergic to grasses, that they actually have to move from a different state to someplace else. Sure. And then people moved in mass to Arizona to get away from that. And then people started figuring out how to grow grass in Arizona. I don’t think he blogs there. It doesn’t it’s it’s hard to grow and it requires a lot of work. And it requires a lot of maintenance. Tough. Why are we doing this?

I don’t really know. And it’s also kind of strange here, especially in the northern Dallas area when they already been North Fort Worth now. They’ll come in and put in a new development where they’re going to build a bunch of houses there. And they, they all kind of look the same. And each each neighborhood keeps going up and you’ll see you’ll remember in a field collect the one that picture that’s behind your head there were there may have been a couple of trees or there was a natural grass escape. They’ll come in with their dozers not you

know, I’ve never really looked at that.

I may just nice and green.

Oh, no, no, you actually have a green screen. Chef Patrick’s always putting some cool thing sometimes it’s like dancing people are. I talked to Patrick about that last week and he’s like, I’m not doing any of that. Are you sure you having a stroke?

I don’t remember that in any of his episodes. He shouldn’t

have stopped at McDonald’s, Dr. Brown.

Not good for you. But you’ll see that you’ll see them come through and Patrick you’ll notice this the come through and they’ll they’ll knock down trees only to come in and plant grasses and trees that weren’t naturally occurring here and they require water and they require us to go and get a natural fertilizer and other poisons to kill the weeds that were there in the first place. And I mean make much sense. That’s a you know, that gets into the whole Joe Rogan thing on that Bob was our episode that we talked about a few a few episodes back Yeah, we said you know, what doesn’t make sense is that we as humans, decimate an area congregate and pack ourselves into it. Think of Manhattan for Yeah, the only greenery you have right there is Central Park Other than that, it’s all of us just sprawled everywhere and he was commenting on it when he was driving in LA we just you know, we worked with I worked with the new crna yesterday who was helping out and she had moved from Dallas to LA and experienced LA traffic and what oh, my god screw this shit. I’m out of here, right and then went to San Diego and then went My god, this is way too expensive. Back to Dallas.

Yeah, it’s, it’s expensive to go to, to a place like that. I mean, there’s there’s tons of reasons why it’s expensive there. But

so there was I just read an article recently where they did satellite pictures of Earth, and they showed where we could put more trees. And we can plant hundreds of millions of trees, which would correct the greenhouse effect that’s going on. And global warming and all that, like we could fix it just by putting in trees where there’s open fields, but the problem is somebody owns it. Some developers probably looking at it going, I can put a neighborhood there.

That’s interesting, zero lot neighborhood at that. Sure. That is a little interesting, though. But I do think if this study I saw several years ago, if I’m recalling it correctly, we actually have more trees available on earth now than we did 100 years ago. The problem is, is that we it’s a we’re out pacing with the trees can correct Well what it is that we’re doing it’s producing what they think that trees could correct with co2 emissions etc.

sale and, and methane. Oh yeah and methane and methane. So I mean we can do we can do several things here we could so as a as a community as we do this we can plant a million trees or we can all take out trying to yeah and decrease the methane production. So I tried to, which is my baby you can go to love my slash spoonie sp ny to get a huge discount but the one of the reasons why I’m really passionate about this. We develop this because one of the ingredients in here Kim borracho, was used to decrease methane emissions from cattle, right. So it was actually studied in cattle for the greenhouse effect. And I don’t want anybody listen to this show contributing to the greenhouse effect by emitting methane gas.

One bottle of our Tron teal is like planting 10 trees

I think that’s one of the most profound statements I’ve ever heard. It’s not true. So save the environment, save the planet, save yourself. Stop methane production. Go to love my tummy, calm slash spoonie. It’s like planting 10 trees if you don’t have enough trees on your light, have some odd trying to it’s just the same thing. Yeah. And the next time your spouse passes some gas, just look at them and go, you’re not thinking about the environment. Yeah, it’s your fault. Speaking of environment, you sent me a really cool thing that I wanted to get into. very passionate about overall health and we’re still dealing with an opioid crisis. Yep. Tell me about that article that you sent me.

So from the Washington Post, essentially what they were able to do. The DEA tracks were all scheduled drugs are dispensed and scheduled drugs are of course you’re not just not just prescription but things that require a little bit more Writing in layman’s terms, like any opioids or benzos, etc. So they basically mapped out all of the opioids that had been dispensed throughout all the 50 states. And then I believe it’s done by county, county by county, they basically were able to put a ratio, how many pills per citizen in each county are being dispensed on average? And what I mean it just really stood out that they used a bunch of different shading on there to show where the intense areas were. But specifically, and I believe it’s West Virginia and the hills of Kentucky, I mean, it’s it’s blood red, if you’re using the scale of white paint a little bit red and, and dark. It’s it’s really it’s kind of out of control there. But what also didn’t look like it was as bad there’s a small town here in Texas, young counting, which is where Graham is They weren’t as dark as that. But they still were 88 pills per person. 88 pills per year per person 88 pills. I believe it was per you know?

Regardless, remember, I haven’t had one opioid my entire life, right? I don’t think you have either. I went through medical school being taught that opioids were safe. Sure. Now we know it’s one of the biggest health crisis that we’re dealing with, and nobody’s really being held accountable for it. Right. So that just brings up we have to find a solution for this. The solution could be a lot of different things. That’s why I got so passionate about CBD. Do you know that I got one of my patients who’s been on opioids for 40 years, completely offer opioids by converting her to CBD, the KVM de CBD?

Yeah, we talked about that in the past, and I don’t, it’s kind of it’s kind of crazy because it’s easy. And the FDA permits you to talk about pain alleviation with an opioid and its application. And yeah, you can go ahead and you can even throw in there that there’s a there’s a warning you need to be careful that you don’t become addicted. So you can even talk about all the bad facets that go along with having this opioid. They still say it’s okay for it to be prescribed, etc. Nevermind the fact that that, you know profile for instance, I think there’s fewer than 20 recorded deaths outside of a hospital setting less than 20 does not very many. That includes Michael Jackson. However, you can go to a couple of counties in Florida and you’ll find over 100 and a year from simply just fentanyl patches. That doesn’t even include all of the other delivery systems of fentanyl. Yeah, and I think

one of the first shows chef Patrick talked about how they they were checking the molluscs. What was that chef that

done in Puget Sound? Sound Yeah, so there, there’s so many opioids in inefficient shellfish off of the coast of Seattle, that most of its inedible and there their health warnings if you fish out there, because the opioids were dumping them down the toilets, and then it comes out of your body through the colon, you know, other materials that come out of your body. But our water treatment centers are not designed to filter that out. It’s just biological organisms, right? So it just it goes right out into the

news cycle so to speak.

Yeah, there was a news article yesterday that I don’t know if it’s, I didn’t look into it. I just I was walking by I was at the gym, and I was walking by and they were talking about people have, do not flush your methamphetamine down the toilet, please do that flush pictures of math alligators, and I’m like, this has to be an urban myth. But what I think is awesome. We all know that that I mean, it’s kind of they can get really amped up and do some crazy things, but we know that math really destroys your teeth. So they’ll just come up and lovingly gum you alligator.

All I’m saying is if I come home and I find that there’s a pair of alligators stripping the copper out of

that, so that’s really that I didn’t realize that that was the premise for the movie Lake Placid. There we

go. Well, just so I wanted to cover the opioids again and cover this because I heard a great podcast. I encourage everybody look at this because it’s something you and I very, very, very passionate about. we’re not the only ones Tim Ferriss is very passionate about. He’s taken all his biotech funding that he’s very knowledgeable. And he was the moderator for a panel of experts on psilocybin. Correct. We did a whole show on Silla Simon, right. And we’ve done well. With Yeah, with Cooper and we did one with Dennis McKenna, that we have to publish at some point. But if you listen to this, it’s, it’s absolutely amazing. We’ve got this natural product psilocybin magic mushrooms. that showed in clinical studies what’s beautiful is right now there’s money being thrown It a lot of money. So on the panel was actual investors. And it was Tim Ferriss moderating it. And then they had a psychiatrist who actually took micro dosing to give her experience. And she’s a professor at Harvard or something crazy like that. So you know, kind of legitimize it, but in the studies that are being done in the US, FDA approved at Johns Hopkins, at six months, depression completely alleviated. And Tim said, I’m not trying to implicate myself, but I have a I have a very bad history of depression, right? couple times a year, I really hit a really low spot and both sides of the family is five years. I have not had any depressive episodes at all. And you can, you know, conclude what I’m saying right now. And so they show that with tobacco addiction, yeah, this is amazing. 80% of the people were able to get off by six months, and they’re showing that like 65% at 2.5 years. kill off the closest thing. Chantix is like 28% and it’s filled with side effects,

tons of side effects. You and I were talking not that long ago about Carter Albrecht he was a musician here in the Dallas area took Chantix to stop smoking, had a psychotic episode went knocked on someone’s door not knowing had nothing in his system, knocked on someone’s door not knowing really where he was or what he was doing in the middle of the night. that that particular homeowner was scared as Carter’s trying to get in thinking it’s his home. And unfortunately on Chantix alone, Carter was killed.

So they did show that there is almost a zero side effect profile with with psilocybin right you know, if used properly. So we have these drugs that are out there creating problems that are now massive health crisis. We’ve got natural products like mushrooms so we’re going to bring Brandon brown or detoxing Midwest mushrooms, not the happy kind, but the kind of tastes really good because he’s a chef. We’re going to tell some really cool stories and stay tuned here. We got about 20 seconds left.

Goodness gracious. That was a fast half hour. Well, just be sure and check out love my tummy calm forward slash spoonie for your own tree. Did you can plant that’s all I’m drawn to. Will be back here in the next half hour on gastric project Episode 17 with Brandon Brown.

Dr. Ken brown here host of gut check project with my co host, Eric Rieger. Eric, we’ve been seeing Mojo guys over there and over here it’s boonie talking about trying to for a bloating I’ve seen in my practice that I’ll try and tell us a whole lot more than just the bloating product.

Yes, it does a whole lot more than just fix bloating because of the polyphenols that you find 10 altantuya,

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Dr. Ken brown here host of gut check project with my co host Eric Rieger. I’ve seen in my practice that I’ll try and tell us a whole lot more than just the building product.

Yes, it does a whole lot more than just exploding because of the polyphenols that you find in Asante. What are some of the things that these polyphenols do air these probably females can help you have more energy and polyphenols are great for

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they would want to win that because that is the signature package. We know that the polyphenols and are trying to work with CBD to actually decrease the enzyme that destroys your own. Endocannabinoid called unand divide. Don’t want to get to science here but we’re learning more and more about the endocannabinoid system. I will eventually become an Endocannabinoid ologists doubles board certified gastroenterologist, Endocannabinoid ologists doesn’t exist yet. I can make my own certification.

Yeah, yeah, we got a printer and everything. Yeah.

Eric and I were joking that one time we’re well first of all, let’s go ahead and introduce our guests. To my right

we got Brandon Brown. He is a sous chef and a man of many different talents. Brandon, go ahead and say hello.

Hello, everyone.


Yeah, it’s great to be on the show guys.

We’re going to cover a Brandon is full of personality. He’s got some great stories more important. Lee, I think very inspirational stories because you’ve made some life transformations. You’ve been through some stuff. We’ve talked about a few things. So this is gonna be really fun. We’re just gonna just kind of tie it all together, bring in somebody real to talk about what we try and tell everybody to do. Definitely.

Right. Did you have something? Oh, he’s he’s asking if you get closer to the mic, Brandon.

Okay, no problem. There you go. There we go. Also see it up a bit.

What since Brandon’s a chef and Patrick chef who’s telling us away the main closer, have you checked out Randy white chef Randy White’s show into the fire live. It happens to be on spoonie on Mondays at 5pm. And this last week, what they did is they took a Texas favorite Texas Tito’s vodka, and they made some outstanding homemade Bloody Marys. Oh, man.

So love seeing our chef start working with some cocktail. Yeah.

So into the fire live 5pm with Chef Randy white here on the spoonie network every Monday. All right. So Brandon, what’s going on? You know, Dr. Brown and Dr. Brown’s going to start off here with a little box. So Brandon, we’ve talked about this, but this is something you can contribute to going forward. Hey, we launched the KB MD health subscription box is powered by member box. So we happen to have a good friend who’s a subscription box expert. And I said I want to offer something to our community at gigantic savings to make them healthier. So this box, I actually signed up for my office because I want all my staff on this, I want to do an unboxing and then I want to talk about an article that I found related to one of the products in here. So I actually talked to chef Patrick about this. What I would like to do is have recipes, healthy recipes put in here for people we can do all kinds of stuff. So boxing, this is an official unboxing when you get the KB MD member box, you will get a little story about each ingredient and each product that’s there and why I chose them. So what we have here is a product box filled with things to improve your gut health right here. So the first thing you’re going to get on to we know that this is my baby. Tried and true, I can make sure that the polyphenols in here will help you. We talked about polyphenols, we’re going to talk about what you do as a chef and the natural ingredients you use. You add that with digestive enzymes to make sure you absorb all your micronutrients. In the first half hour we talked about megaspore biotic now megaspore biotic The reason why I like this. This is the only probiotic that I actually really recommend because it is a spore based you’re talking about those those those weed seeds and I can hang out well this is what this does. This actually survives your stomach and your small bow and goes there and what is awesome is that are trying to plus megaspore actually work together. The megaspore spore biotic uses the polyfills to wake up and do its thing. Nice. We’re throwing in a little bit of apple cider. vinegar. This has been shown in clinical studies to help with weight loss to actually some people help with their digestive issues. And this is from Vermont village organic. It is flavored.

I’ll just say its flavor. It’s awesome. Yeah, that’s nice, right?

Yeah, for sure. Then you’re going to get omeka Organics, turmeric, ginger and amla what animal

is me all day?

So we I’m real big about brain gut connection and we know that Turmeric is very good for your brain we know that it is also polyphenol we know that the amla actually feeds your own bacteria in the ginger helps promote intestinal motility. So those ingredients right there are amazing and they work together.

It’s awesome. This is the awesome part my secret weapon. Well first of all, I also

have a water bottle, a little water bottle and you know what? This one’s yours.

Thank you so

every single night we’re gonna put in a special gift like that. You get that water bottle. This is really interesting. So it was recommended to me by one of the other people that are doing a member box with with Stephen as well. It’s called trucy. Never heard of it. I started doing some homework on it. And I was super impressed. Like let’s put this in here. So first of all, if you add all this up, this is going to be over $250 I can get this to you delivered every single month 447. That includes shipping, that includes shipping. This is everything you can cancel anytime. Why am I doing this because we have the opportunity to deliver health to you your health has arrived. Imagine your health has arrived. Nice. Imagine if we can get recipes in there. Imagine if we can give some health advice and stuff like that. So yeah, that’s what it’s super cool. So I just wanted to digress really quick. One other thing I did throw this in here and I’m gonna let you hold this. I thought this was cool. It’s called an ACU ball. A KU it’s an add on this isn’t this wouldn’t come regularly but I added it on because as it turns out, it is an acupressure ball that uses certain frequencies and different things. Just roll that around in your hands while I while I keep talking super cool, you put that on your feet. Do you do that? And it it’s you know, it’s like Chinese medicine it does. I’m going to do a little more reading on that but I just thought that was one of the coolest things. So you can do add ons to your box we have a lot of different products that you can actually do.

Wow, that is super cool. I had

a thing is awesome.

And that did that while Yeah, that is all right. I’m gonna blow your mind on this one. So trucy the one of the things that some of our community and my patients have been saying it’s like well, all it says is that it’s magnesium 80 milligrams, right. So magnesium is extremely good for you. absorbable magnesium helps you sleep helps with weight loss. It’s really good for that a lot of us are magnesium deficient. Why Because of the way we grow our crops now, right? There’s a lot of nutrients that we’re missing with the way that we mass produce GMO, the whole nine yards, everything. So somebody introduced me to trucy. And they said this is nano hydrogen, or basically micronized hydrogen. And it has magnesium as a carrier. Right? So I’m like that, you know, and I’m not gonna put anything in my box that isn’t backed by science. I’m a little bit. I’m not, I’m not gimmicky, right? So when we started building this box, and we had the opportunity to look at this, I was like, Wow, so I found some articles. I’m like, Oh, my gosh, it works really well. And then just so happens that this month, a article came out. I just want to go over the article. So Brandon, usually on the show, I’ll sit there and I’ll cover some sort of science article that just came out and we have our secret weapon that’s always finding it, but we’re, we need to work on that. That’s it. I’m going to leave that up to Stephen to help us figure that out. Cuz I got an email that that hurt, access may dry up. But basically I have access to all kinds of literature. And I get sent everything all relevant to this. So the reason why this is cool if you go to trucy. com, it’s the only place to get this. It’s $80 for that. So when you add this up, it’s over $250 but they all work together. It’s not just $250 it’s not like, oh, you’re going to get random stuff sent to you. Now there’s a lot of thoughts a lot of thought madness understood that.

It’s wild, though, you know, when whenever you’re putting this whole thing together, Brandon, one of the cool things I’ve seen brown do with the patients when they come through is just simply ask how much you spending each month on supplements already. And many times it’s you. You kind of freak out at first when someone says I’ll run 325 but then you find out that someone says 560 or 580 or 620 and then they say, but I don’t know if any of this stuff works and you haven’t used the supplements that I know it

So we’re working together. Like you said, the gimmick

because people you know, when you’re desperate, you’ll do anything, right. And when you realize that you’re going to your doctor and you’re trying to order a drug that’s going to cost you $400. for that month, you go to a natural or you go to a functional medicine doctor that says, look, try this, this and this best intentions, but then they go to Walgreens and buy it. And they’ve shown that over 80% of those products do not have what’s in the capsule, what’s on the label. So most of my patients are taking a placebo. It’s pretty much like the CBD. Absolutely. So many people come in and like I’ve tried CBD, it didn’t work. I’m like, try this one. And then they come back and like I need eight bottles. There is no ingested product that’s in the KMD box. It does not have a CLA. And that’s pretty important now because you don’t have that guarantee when you’re shopping on your own. Absolutely. And so there’s a reason why we chose this. So what we’ve had, we’ve got chef Patrick taking the CBD and he’s tried a bunch of them and he’s, you know, he’s basically One of these people that said, Yeah, there’s a huge difference when you sit there and try these different things, right? Same thing when it comes to supplements. What I want this, and I’m a I’m a big supplement person. I live I live the life, which is why I wanted you on the show, because you live it to lead it. Did I just steal that from Dr. pompe? I think I did warn Sorry about that. We were I was on. I’ve given lectures for Dr. Dan pompe. And I think his I think his trademark phrase is live it to lead it.

But I think you talked about Dan, but I think that Warren may come after you.

I think Warren William Warren’s is a former CEO that knows his business directors. funny dude. Great guy. We’re in Utah in that snowstorm together. Yeah. Alright, so let me get to this article a quick because everybody looks at this like, and I know about this. This is gonna blow your mind. Lucas is in Florida. He’s in the round of 16. Right clay courts. And he I talked to him last night and it’s much like Mac he’s a little bit more of a smartass than

the next

And I said, Hey, man, how’s how’s everything going? He’s like just wrapping up my video too. Ah, what does that mean? Well, I’m gonna explain that right now. Because I came home and I dropped this bottle of trucy on them. And I said, Take this to Florida with you. And it was another because they always think I’m going to biohack podcast and like 10 packages. And, you know, I mean, I don’t know, I will try everything. So I will not I will not put my patients through anything. I have not tried and read literally everything. So a recent article came out of the Canadian Journal of physiology and by recent, I mean, like two days ago.

Oh, okay.

Okay. Drinking hydrogen water, enhances endurance and relieve psychometric fatigue, a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial. Hmm, yes. So the owners of trucy should probably call me because I can tell you how to sell this shit. crazy. Yeah, because this article came out of Japan, right? Well published out of a Canadian journal, just to cover a few things. So acute exercise increases reactive oxygen species and skeletal muscle, which leads to micro damage and tissue damage. So and you increase the lactic acid. That’s how come you get tired. That’s how come you have muscle fatigue. molecular hydrogen acts as an antioxidant by inducing antioxidant enzymes, and also an epigenetic effect where it turns on genes to metabolize the lactic acid. Fascinating. So these Japanese scientists looked at how hydrogen infused water works on both fatigue and endurance really looked at two different groups of people. Super important two different groups of people. They realized that the term hormesis hormones me This is the term that you put your body through some stress and the Allow it to recover. Right? So hormesis is really important. And when you do exercise that we got brought this up a couple times when we did an episode on the polyphenols, and its effect on endurance and everything, right? I think somebody wrote in and said, Well, don’t you need the benefit of the reactive oxygen species? Yes. But that’s what’s beautiful about Mother Nature and polyphenols and things like this is you allow some of it so that your body reacts, and then you allow it to recover. So it’s like stress. Yeah, you don’t want stress all the time. But you need a little bit of stress here and there so that your body adapts. Sure. So when they were looking at this, they realized that in 2007, it was discovered 2007. And I’d never heard of this right. It was discovered that micronized hydrogen rapidly diffuses into tissue cells, and works as a cellular antioxidant. Since then, over 1000 articles have been published on its biological and medical medical benefits not only as a director antioxidant but also on gene expression. Wow. Yeah, there was even a study showing improved cognitive benefits. So keep this in mind. This is something, this is the kind of stuff I will put in this box. I want to find things to hack your life. Sure, based on science, and we’re going to do this. So I got my little man is in the round of 16 played a much bigger kids. And I don’t know if it’s working, but he at least understands the science of it. So he can sit there. So now let’s go ahead and look at the data. They looked at how drinking hydrogen water can affect the vo to max now via to max is your maximum oxygen capacity or maximum aerobic capacity. And they base that with athletes and so that vo to max is very important term. They also looked at two subjective scales called the board in the vas scale where people described their overall perception of fatigue, pain, their ability to continue to exercise. So what’s that trainer going? Come on one more Rep. Yeah. And their ability to do the one more rep is what they were kind of basing this on. Okay, so an experiment one, they took 99 volunteers who did not work out on a regular basis, put them through, which is amazing because in I think doing studies in Japan would be easier. The very disciplined nature of the culture would be like, you’re going to do this. Let’s see what happens.

Like I got gungho camp.

Yeah, because I because I’ve actually done clinical research and if I had 99 volunteers made them workout once to show up the next day. So they actually took 99 volunteers put them through a stepwise exercise. They gave them placebo or micronized, hydrogen water. They checked veal to Max, the board and the big scale and then brought them back, switched them. So they didn’t know what they were getting. did the exact same thing in two weeks later, really. So the results of this, it appears that the hydrogen water reached a maximum concentration within 10 to 20 minutes, they did it through breath testing, okay, pretty wild. And it remained elevated for over 40 minutes. Compared to the placebo, the hydrogen water resulted in a significant improvement in the perceived exertion scores on the vas and board scale. And it had the greatest improvement in those who exercised a little bit harder. But the vo two in this untrained, mild to moderate group didn’t change that much. So they realized that they went Oh, when we give this it kicks in pretty quick. And their perceived notion of what they were feeling improved significantly, but we didn’t see the physiologic shift. So the same scientists said let’s go find some real athletes. So they went and they found 60 people who exercise regularly of different age groups and they had them drink Water pretty much you kind of the same test it but they put now they’ve honed it in. They put them on a airdyne battle by Oh

yeah. Thanks

No thanks. Yeah, don’t like it you ever seen that Jim gaffigan whole skit about his whole set of

airdyne? No, no.

Know, he was just talking about like, I’m just thinking like who designed that one? And who did this and he does a whole set on. You know what people really like? That like walking upstairs and going nowhere.

Building machines

why would somebody do that but

You sound just like it that’s pretty good.

So what they did is they put them on this airdyne Mike’s bikes and they did the same thing they asked for the vas score and the board score. And those who exercise the hardest had the biggest reduction in board and vas and Do to max improves? Wow. So what this shows is, if you work out to a point where you’re developing some lactic acid or some reactive oxygen species, you can get rid of it with micronized hydrogen. Amazing. That is a athletic hack you put this will open this box again real quick. You put this plus the poly females improve your microbiome, you affect your brain with the tumeric. You make sure you absorb your everything that you’re eating to fuel your body. You got yourself a little biohack box here that’s going to improve athletic performance. And it’s going to improve your brain and we’re going to get into the brain health and overall health with everything. So this study basically showed that drinking hydrogen water alleviated the psychometric fatigue so that number one you asked me yesterday like you ever go to the gym and you just don’t feel like working out? Yeah, but then you get after it. You get after it. It’s almost like you’re mad at yourself because yeah, workout. Yeah, this alleviated that whole aspect of I can’t do it. And we’re going to go ahead and get after it. What I love about this article is that the untrained athlete had a great psychometric improvement, they could exercise longer. So a newbie in the gym could benefit from this. And more importantly, like my man down in Florida right now plan guess he’s gonna benefit because he’s a highly trained athlete playing in an elite tournament. And now we know how to start hacking this, we know that if you take polyphenols, 1000 milligrams three hours before an event, this will actually improve athletic performance athletic performance by increasing nitric oxide right to the muscles. And now we know that we can alleviate the lactic acid and the reactive oxygen species of the little engine that could be right. I never would have discovered this. Had I not gotten into the whole process of what am I going to put in this box right? And this is going to go on month after month. And people are going to contact us we’re going to be meeting Scientists are like, I like what you’re doing. Give me some research. Let’s get you in this box. Let’s put you in contact with number box to start doing this. And then people can start building their own box. We’re going to eventually have it an athlete’s box a sleep box, gut box right now it’s good because that’s my thing.

So, do you want to check it out? KB m di that’s KB md you’ll even see a video on there where Dr. Brown unpacks everything again added

a little more time talking about each single ingredient explaining as to why it’s why it’s gonna be so beneficial. If I could get every one of my patients on this. Will I go broke? Yeah, you

wouldn’t need you anymore.

No, there’s no doubt though. But we’ve got people who’ve already who’ve already signed up in the first month and they’re they’re not only saving money, they’re actually taking things that are benefiting them which is it honestly, it’s it’s awesome. That’s the whole purpose behind all of it.

It’s a whole purpose of why why I’m in this field why you’re in this field real health care workers now Brandon. Yeah. You’re in a pretty cool position. Why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Well, I’m, I’ve been through quite a few different facets of life I, I was a healthcare professional at one point I did caregiving in home health with ALS patient. I’m a chef right now I work for flower child, which is an amazing paleo vegan restaurant. They’re located in the central Dallas area


You know, I’ll just sit back just trying to I’ve been on a journey myself, you know, trying to you know, get myself healthy but actually meeting meeting Brown was was really awesome because, you know, he’s, he’s the digestive doctor, you know, and and

it’s a simple country, but

I’m a doctor, but it’s so cool because I’m like, people don’t really realize that your digestive health is the key to pretty much everything that you need to understand as far as Like, like shred, and you know what I’m saying and in just getting to where you need to be, it’s like, you don’t have to starve yourself to feel good. You don’t have to, you know, run through all these different like facets and listen to all this different stuff if like but i mean you know, like he’s showing you that what he’s trying to you know promote to you is not a gimmick you know what I’m saying like it’s like these things are very important to have in your body and so that’s why I really moved to the health food side of things, you know, the vegan paleo side of things. I’m not a vegan. I’m not a Paleo Diet person but I would consider myself vegan paleo you see them saying but it’s just because like you know, I suffer from high blood pressure for a long time in my life but changing my diet one helped my whole digestive system you know, I’m saying like being regular does amazing thing. You don’t want to be sitting around bloated, you know, I’m saying like you said, you know, let’s save the trees. You know, you’re not gonna try to be like parent every single time.

You’re officially first guest made a fart

in general. Oh, well, yeah, it’s just kind of like that. I’m all about it. When we, when we first met we really got on the conversation of, you know, just just healthiness, like, what is it to be healthy? And it’s it’s really just knowing what you’re eating for the most point. And that’s what I really love about working at flower child, like when people come in and they’re like, is that gluten free? And I’m like, do you know what gluten is? You know, and then but it’s at the same time, like we’re someone I just was saying earlier. I’m like avocados, not a protein. You know what I’m saying? It’s like giving people the knowledge and letting them understand that some of the things you’re putting in your body might not be what you think you’re putting in your body.

So I want to get into it. And we’ve got a there’s there’s a lot of facets of your story, that I know that we’re going to get into the next two half hours, but we’ve got about four minutes left in this one whenever you decided to get it into food you had before the show you tell me a little bit about your transition, right? And when you’ve looked at the way that you deliver food to people, you just hit on something, you’re not only delivering food for them to order, you want to give them a little bit of an education right behind what it is that they’re eating, why you want them to choose certain either meals or plans or foods to go along with them. What was it that finally kicked in for you? That made you decide, you know what, this is something that I can help people with, not just make them satisfied for one single meal? Well, I mean, food makes people happy.

You know, I don’t think there’s a person in the world it’s like, I don’t want to eat, and I’m not gonna smile about it, but educating them on what they’re eating, just kind of clicked to me because I was working at fed fast food places. And I’ve been, you know, all across the spectrum and I have served people some stuff that I wouldn’t eat, you know, I wouldn’t eat myself. And that’s kind of what clicked in my head is like, if I’m not gonna eat this. I’m at least gonna tell you why I’m not gonna eat Right, you know, I mean, I’m not like, you know, and that’s, you know, hence not being with that company anymore, you know, or not being with a certain company anymore Just because like, if I can’t promote your brand, and I’m representing it, then I don’t need to be here.

So I love that right there. And let’s just let’s focus on that for a second. Because when we met you were just all about Hey, man, it’s just where we all live together. I’m just about showing some love. So I’ll just treat each other well. How many people have a job where they’re doing something that they do not not only not believe in but probably know that it’s not doing right by people in the environment. Most people

most people are literally doing stuff that they don’t want to do. I mean, yeah, there’s a difference between going to work because you love it and going to work because there’s a paycheck. And and that’s the thing I was I’m found my home like you know, I love being a chef and flower child, because I go to work because I love it. I go to work because I love seeing those those like those, you know, whoever’s blocking and Ladies that this is such a blessing, or, you know the workout guy that’s like, man, I could eat, you know, four pieces of steak But still, you know get a mother earth bow and be straight for the day and I’m gonna go work out you know, I’m saying and now it can be like, you know, I’m saying, you know, I got a health kick for you, man, I got a box for you, bro. Now I can tell you’d be like, Hey, you know I’m saying you can come get this and I got something else I could tell you to you know, I’m saying it’s like that. You gotta you gotta just communicate with people because they’re gonna ask and they want to know why it tells me

well, so we’ve we’ve talked about this that I think in medical school, some of the worst inform people about nutrition are doctors. Yeah. And I see this with cardiologists. I see this with other specialists, gastroenterology, you think we read the most important I’ve learned more about nutrition, from endurance athletes, from bodybuilders, from the nutritionists that I become friends with and chefs. I mean, we’ve sat here we had chef Patrick on the show and we just kicked it about it. Food and the knowledge and how it’s broken down. Who’s that guy? Jeff Patrick from Microsoft that did the big chemistry book and looked at the science of, of how to cook like, just looked at the chemistry of it super fascinating.

Was that Alan? I don’t know. I don’t know.

I don’t know. But anyways, we’ll go ahead and talk about that. But I want to get into what I really want to get into, is I want everyone to know your journey. I want them to know how you developed some home health interest, how you ended up going from chef to sous chef at flower child, you’re going to continue your journey where you want to go with it. I think it’s really cool. And I think it’s gonna be very inspiring for everybody. Yeah. Or

that this, this version of Brandon, that you if you are, if you’re watching, you see is 100 pounds less than the old version of Brandon.

Yeah, it was it was a way bigger guy. You know, I’ve lost a person already. So I’m trying to trying to just keep, keep it, keep it going. You know

what I mean? That’s awesome. So we’ve got a huge inspirational story here. For the next hour. Join us on the back end of a gut check project Episode 17 be back with Brandon brown here in just a moment.

So that was the countdown. So this is the beauty of doing live shows. Amazing.

Yes, so the transformer blew the entire areas out of Wi Fi.

Yeah. So right now you’re

probably not streaming live on Facebook anymore. But so if

you saw, if you saw this on YouTube, this action where you saw and heard nothing was us not knowing what just happened to the panel.

It was a series of and I’m

running it out of the room going

well That’s awesome. So no no music on the on the on the return but I tell you what, it’s a okay because we’ve got Brandon brown here and we’re going to go through a journey of what took him into basically, where bait This is Brandon. He makes food make people healthy.

Was it you got a radio voice man? Do I really? Yeah.

I don’t know. That’s what everybody always says. They’re always like, you sound like you should be on the radio like for real or something. I’m like, I guess

as long as you’re saying you sound like you should be on the radio and not that, you

know, I’ve been I’ve been told that a lot. I have a face for radio.

happens. What’s up? Hey, Brandon, let’s let’s start back up. We know that right now. You are at flower child. And you are sous chef there. But there was a whole life before that. Like I mentioned at the bottom of the last half hours there was there was 100 pounds more Brandon. Previously. Yeah. So let’s go back. You are your dad was in the Marines and you grew up where are you now?

Okay, so we grew I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado. And we moved we have I mean, we moved probably like every two years every year or something. So I’ve been California, Oklahoma.

Wherever man I’ve been in Florida have now

how long and last?

Oh, really? No, I was a kid like yours probably like, like,

I shouldn’t even say.

If you’re Yeah, if you’re a military child, yes. Good. Two years, every everywhere.

Yeah, basically. And that was when that was when dad was like, active duty, you know, I’m saying and then like, it wasn’t until I was probably like 16 or 17. Before he just, you know, rolled the desk like before he decided to retire but he was he was in nom and all that he went through that. But um, that’s what they figured he kind of my dad contracted ALS. And so that’s kind of what started me. My at before that I mean I was I was a chubby kid you know but I was kind of I was a latchkey kid so I was kind of learning to cook best where I learned how to cook.

Oh really?

So my dad was always the cook and mom if you ever hear this show Don’t kill me but

my mom,

my mom wasn’t a very good cook, she’s Oh, she can cook but she’s she wasn’t the one that cook my dad always cook. So he’s taught me little things growing up, you know, to when you come home from school, you know, I started off with the might not the healthiest stuff in the world, you know, like ramen noodles or microwave stuff, but that’s kind of where the weight started coming from. It’s I was a chubby kid growing up through through school. But I got a little older.

When I was going to college, my dad

he said he started getting a weird feeling in his hand and he didn’t know what it was, you know, and so he went to the doctor They kind of put them on they put them on a diet, you know, trying to see what’s going on did some blood test stuff like this could not

go into the military hospital right.

Now this is civilian, this was before the VA, the VA didn’t kick in anything for ALS. Until like, I think about six years ago.


so that will I’ll get to that part. That’s that was the struggle. So he progressively started to lose the muscular structure in his hand. He was like, man, like, we used to ride motorcycles. And, you know, after he’d ride his bike, he’d be like, man, my hand is just it didn’t he said it wasn’t a pain, but it just felt weird. You know, it just didn’t feel right. And then all of a sudden, over a span of like two months, his whole right arm was just skin and bones. Just his right arm though up to the elbow. Wow, it wasn’t like it hit him like a brick wall, and then it started going to his right leg. And then it was only his whole right side, though. And they couldn’t figure out what it was. They didn’t know it was als because the only things that they’ve ever really done a lot of research on with ALS and hichy, you know, like a brick, and it’s everything. It’s doesn’t just progress in one little spot.

We’ve actually done a whole show on this where we talked about that, but we had Linda call in and I had Russ call in so I want my best friends is that his father died of it. But he presented first with the inability to basically it was a pseudobulbar start, so you can start anywhere. Yeah. And so he started losing his ability to communicate, start learning and everybody was asking what was going on with that and that’s what happened to him now and then it just took over.

Yeah, and so that’s basically what happened after after it hit his right side. It hit his left side, you know, just but I mean, I all at the same time. So everything pretty much progressed all at the same time, but the progression stopped, he plateaued. And that was due to actually a lot of a lot of like probiotics. And so we were trying a lot of holistic well how a lot of holistic medicine. Really, we weren’t We weren’t doing it started to get bad like when he had to get a tracheostomy. And that’s only because you know that that’s bound for infections of some sort because he had to have a respirator to have a break. So to

have a feeding tube and so

yeah, we finally we finally did the feeding tube because we had to because he couldn’t swallow. Sure. I mean, he still could still kind of put it down after the break. But after his muscles got too weak in his throat, that’s when we had to go ahead and do the GST

became a choking risk and different things. Yeah. And so

how old were you during this period? I was in my mid 20s.

Wow. Like this was my dad’s been passed for probably about three years now. Oh, so I dropped everything.

So this is still pretty fresh. Yeah,

I dropped everything. I thank you for coming on and talking about Oh, yeah, no problem. I mean, I’d love to share the story because why my dad was an incredible man. He was like Superman to me. And you know, and you know, I always say I always say every day thank you for your service that because like, you know, he he fought the good fight all the way till you know, he had actually is. That’s one of the cool things I was telling you about. He still had motion in his head so he can move his head up and down. So they gave him an optical mouse, an optical mouse, you know, like the little dot right in the middle of his forehead. And he could click his finger. Yeah. Oh, so he wrote three series of three children’s books. And his autobiography,

all with his head. That’s straight. Stephen Hawking style. Yeah, straight.

He did. He did. He completely did that. And I got he got his autobiography published. And then later on my mom, great story. Yeah, it’s called. It’s called Living with the silent killer. And so it’s a double meaning because he’s a marine show. He was a silent killer, as well as als being the silent killer.

So his hasn’t been published

yet. It’s published you can find on Amazon.

Oh, for sure. It’s a safe.

It’s called Living with the silent killers by Leonard Brown. You can find it on Amazon. It’s a thing of $15 a copy but It’s basically his story, his story from from birth till fighting ALS. He wrote letters to me and all my sisters and my, and my niece at the end of it and my mom saying the things that he couldn’t say,

you know, this all happened after the optical mouse. Yes. He did it all with the optical mouse. That’s amazing. Yeah.

I haven’t heard about this book. I mean, this is that’s amazing. Yeah,

it took it took him. I think probably about eight months to actually write. It’s not a very thick book. But it’s it’s it

comes Yeah,

it’s got it was enough to get published. So yeah, that was that was one of his biggest accomplishments. And he did a lot of things when I was a prepper. You know, like, he’s, he’s, you know, he was military. So he set itself up he got himself a really cool computer. I helped him build it like this was before when he was still a little mobile. You know, I used to call myself the Brandon backpack, because, you know, and it was two weeks. Stand up, I put my arms around his back like this, like a bag bag and I just walk them, walk them upstairs welcome where we had to go. You know, I mean, it was, I’m grateful that I had a chance to spend as much time as I had to with them. You know, people say, you know, like, how can you do you know, how do you have the strength to do that? I’m like, hell, he raised me, I wiped, he wiped my ass. I can wipe his ass, right? You know what I’m saying? You know, it’s what it’s got to be. And, you know, everybody’s like, you know, you gotta you gotta count your blessings is that in the world? And I’m like, you know, never been the greatest person in the world. But when it comes to family, I’m always going to be there. So, that’s how that kind of happened. You know, we just we just went through the journey with them. You know, he was always happy. He never stayed in the hospital. We never put him anywhere. What was really cool is Dr. varis law, who was his primary doctor from UT Southwestern, he trained all the doctors that work at the Presbyterian and Alan The ER, so they all knew his case low, they all knew anything. So anything happened to him. All we had to do is take him around the corner. And everybody already knew what to do nice. So it was like, oh, there’s so many blessings you know, with with the whole journey through that but I mean als you know, they don’t have a cure for it. They don’t they they have wasted like this. I said, we did a lot of a lot of like holistic treatments, like a lot of like trying to figure out a diet a lot of

so this is where when I hear stories like this, there’s a couple things that come to mind. Number one, I’m not so I lost my dad when I was 21. And I took care of my dad also. He didn’t die vlsc the complications of diabetes and things like that right. But when now that I have a son, what is so cool to me is that he raised you in a way that you automatically did that there was no demean, that’s the that’s the pride and a father where I realized he raised his son. Well, you and I have Son so it’s the same thing and you have a daughter, I have to have three,

two and one on the way.

But my little girls, they’re not Daddy’s little girls. I mean, I mean they always side with their mom for the most part, but if like, if mom is trippin they will be like leave my daddy alone. Like for they they will they die. You know, it’s back and forth. But, I mean, that’s the thing. I mean, I want to instill in my girls the same thing regardless, like my sister was there to like my you know, I have two sisters. They were they were always there. My mom’s right or die. My mom was by my dad’s side. 24 seven.

Family like that’s

what I’m saying. Like when when when he had to be taken care of we took care of

was your dad the inspiration for you getting into home health?

Yeah, that was exactly why I wanted to. That’s why I said I dropped everything. I wanted to be able to help him. I didn’t want anybody else to have to come do it. I mean, yeah, there was still you know, we had primary nurses These messages were so cool though like cuz you know that’s how our family is and they know what I’m there and I’ve already done everything they come in I’m already telling them the vitals and this and that so though Oh man, this is a break they sit down and watch some TV

eat lunch, you know, they’ll just come by just to hang out.

But you know, and it was it was cool like that Now are we have some with my mom, I eventually got cleaning ladies too. And like the clean ladies, we’re going to do the same thing where they just come and be like, man, the house is already so clean. We’re like, it just does stuff for whatever just hanging out, you know, so.

But it’s also i mean when somebody is in a chronic illness situation like that. Any any companionship and just the environment. It helps. So people come in and just say hi,

hi, yeah, oh, they love everybody loved my dad.

So we were talking about this before the show, but not to digress off this. But, but this is super important. Loneliness is very dangerous. And a lot of times when people develop an illness like a term cancer or ALS or something, people don’t feel comfortable around it. And so they, they end up it’s the double edged sword of being alone and dealing with your illness. So if anybody’s listening and you know somebody who’s going through something like this, and embrace it, show up and be

there for them be there. Just say hi.


that’s what I’m saying. Like, and like just even holding someone’s hand even touching someone’s hand. People don’t understand that. Like, this is like a baby. A baby that doesn’t get touch might not mourn likely won’t survive, right from birth night because you have to have physical contact. You have to know what love feels like, you know, and that’s what I tell people all the time. Like, I’m a hugger. You know, I’m a handshake or I’m a hugger. I work all the time. If somebody looks like there’s an acid, I give away free hugs all day. You gotta pay for it. I give you a big hug. Now, there’s gone about today and you’re gonna smile. I don’t care how mad you are, how bad you feel like one of our line cooks too. Nice. She was having a really bad day. And I was like, Girl, I don’t know what’s going on with you. I’m not gonna pry into your business but get your butt over here and I just gave her the biggest hug in the world. And she kind of let go a little bit, you know, and then she was just like, thank you. And you know, just by the end of the day had a big bright smile and just, you know, smile on your face

and you know more of that is what’s needed not grabbing your phone and getting on there and taking a selfie, put it on Instagram, walking up shaking someone’s hand giving him a hug. Eric and I when we were talking about going to Utah, he kind of reminds me of McHale

Oh, yeah, from Austin.

Yeah. So there’s, there’s a guy that’s part of this entrepreneur group who I tremendously respect, but he’s a jujitsu, blackbelt. He wrestled for Oklahoma. And yeah, and he’s just a total badass, but he’s also a good businessman. And I had already researched him and I was gonna cuz we got invited to join this group. And soon as I saw him, I was like, I was like, Hey, I saw your Facebook. I didn’t mean to meet you do just stands up again. I’m a hugger. Yeah, but he’s a solid 240 Xena frickin suplex

like a little boy Yeah, like I was gonna end up in his in his pocket. Right

But anyways, as soon as you said that I’m a hugger. I’m like I would I can handle hugging you but but, but when Mikhail came up and did that I was like, Oh my gosh, that he’s gonna squish me.

Like that though. The big those big guys like that and stuff are usually the softies. Those are ones that are gonna give you a big hug. Bring it in, bro. You’re like, all right. But I mean, it says that’s my thing. I mean, I guess that’s that’s really why Like I said, I love my restaurant. I love where my where my journey has taken me as far as cooking.

So your dad died three years ago. Yeah. not to get too into detail about it. But embracing the, the the death process can be very cathartic. Were you with him when he died? Yeah,

I was holding his hand. Wow. And he died. Put a smile on his face.

Marine to the end.

Yeah. And that was so funny. I was like the stubborn ass man. like not to say I was waiting for him to die, but were you know, they they took him off his respirator because he had pneumonia so bad. But you know, of course they pumped him up full of morphine. So he had to be feeling amazing. But they were like, it’s gonna take about three or four minutes for in the past so I legit Thank you is like messing with us because like, he like we’re all like sad and crying and I’m holding his hand and my mom’s over there and she’s just breaking down and like, he’s just slowly closes his eyes and just kind of lean to the side and we’re like, he’s gone. pop back up.

I was like, You gotta be kidding me.

You gotta be joking. Like, me. I know. It’s like, hard to say that. But it’s funny. It really happened. And I was just like, oh my god did you know? I mean, it was it was hard to take but kinda when you know something’s inevitable. It’s not that hard, but like, you know, as still miss him every day. You know, it’s like, it’s hard to at this part of my journey, you know, having kids and and, you know, like, you know, it’s not always gonna want their father, you know, but now it’s like it’s kind of forced me to be the man now because I have nothing but women around me I’ve got two sisters, my mom my niece, three daughters and my my wife. She’s got two brothers, but they’ve all got daughters. Oh, it’s just nothing but women. So it’s like, I’ve got to be the man now, you know, sometimes I wish I could, you know, tap up there and be like, Dad, can you kind of give me some advice or something but yeah, you said I’m saying it’s like it’s like that though. But I mean, I’m just glad he had a great life and I got to learn a lot about a critical disease, you know, that. Hopefully, you know, if somebody you know, listening to the show, my name is Brandon Brown. You can find me on Facebook at Brandon Brown. If you ever want to just like add me or whatever like that. I’m always down to help people cope with anything because I know how to cope with Stuff like I’ve coped with it. Or you know, if you ever just want some knowledge about the disease I know like, a whole lot about it’s me a trophic lateral sclerosis,

and I’m Gehrig’s disease. Same thing that took out Lou Gehrig and Stephen Hawking, yeah. Yeah. It is brutal. And it’s actually on the rise. Yeah, I didn’t want to deal on that bike. I do want to put you on the spot. But I’ve lost my dad. Eric lost his dad a couple years ago that and he went through this and the one thing that all three of us have in common is we had great relationships with our with, with our

dads, no doubt

that that allows you to get on the show and talk about it. Right. One of the reasons why we’re here is because Eric’s dad actually did radio. Oh, that’s really cool. Yeah, so Eric is familiar with the mics and stuff and uses the terminology and Yeah, kind of microphone.

And headphones are two of his favorite words. Yeah.

The first day we get in here and I was like, What is this you call this a microphone.

Your Crazy sorceress

you have those air thing.

So after after you lost your dad, were you already in the transition of moving into the serving of food cooking and how did that actually

get it? Did you end up doing home health after dad died?

No. Okay. And that was because it you know, I just you know, hey you get to that point where it’s like you know later on in life that’s what I was saying later on in life like when I’m close to retirement, I really think I’m going to go back into like a home health field or just be a caregiver somebody to sit with somebody and

let me tell you what later in life, what we’re going to work on because we’re always looking at research. Things like CBD have been shown to improve ALS. Certain peptides like BPC 157 and mice has been shown. We’re gonna we’re gonna make sure that by the time that you choose to do that you’re part of the cure. And not just that, not just, you know, being a helping out in the end, right and we want to we want to stop this process. says however we do it and if we do it through diet, which we’re going to get into here shortly, if we do it through biohacking peptides, subscription box where you make sure that you’re on the right supplements, all kinds of stuff, but this is this is part of my journey. That’s what I want to do.

Oh, no, I I’m with it. I’m wearing it all day long. Yeah.

So after dad died, how’d you get into just like Erica? I was actually

I just started back at the bar. I was working on a bar my best friend. We were living together. And he’s the kitchen manager of a small bar and Alan and he was like I really need a night could I know you know your stuff? Coming here dude, just I’ll put you on just go. So I was like, Sure. So the my first night, he’s like, come in as a flat top. There’s a stove, all your stuff down there. The rest of stuffs in a walking. Have a good

night and you’ve never worked in a formal restaurant yet?

No, I’ve been in the form of restaurants but like not like I’ve just I’ve never been Just been thrown in somewhere not trying not anything. Here’s the menu. Here’s the stuff. Have a good night show, Patrick

was what wasn’t your executive chef there was he? Because I heard I heard he’s notorious for doing that.

I you know, I was not a very nice guy back in the early days. Oh, good night.

I completely get it. But yeah, so that’s, I mean, that’s how it started. And the people that ended up buying the bar that we were working at, offered me a job to run one of their other bars kitchens. So that’s where that’s right in the transition of when my dad died. But like, through all that, I went through like a slight like depression and like hardcore alcoholic face, so that kind of kind of deterred me from actually following that avenue. But

that’s not an uncommon reaction, which I now which is why we need to talk about that kind of stuff because that that that just compounds itself. I mean, when you’re trying to self medicate, and the only thing that’s legal is alcohol, where if we get to a point where it’s like, Hey, if you’re out there, if you connect with him on Facebook or if you follow us on gut check project, we’re going to make sure that we’re part of the solution, which is, Hey, I get that this horrible thing happened to you. But we also know that if we can do some low dose psilocybin, if we can get you on some CBD, right, we I can show you the chemicals in your brain that are causing you to feel this way and how we can get you back to balance balance. That’s

the key now and so that’s that’s what happened. I went I went full sail left, you know, but I brought myself back, you know, just like, basically just meant like mentally you know, just, I do a lot of meditation self. Yes. Like I do. I do a lot of self meditation. I do a lot of going to a quiet place and sitting and listening to like, like the real music. You know, I’m saying like, if you go to nature and you sit back and just listen earthing Yeah, yeah. earthing. Exactly. I ended up getting a job at pluckers. Yeah. pluckers. And I ended up being the kitchen manager in



Parker and oh, you know it well,

is where Eric and I work at our surgery center.

Are you so you were

there for like two

years to the net right next to the station furniture? Yeah.

Yeah, it was not uncommon for us to when we had a little break. We’ve been really busy the last couple of years, but there was a period there where we could find a little lunchtime, and we would go and have the salad dressing on the side and grilled chicken. It wasn’t bad. It’s pretty good.

Oh, yeah. What does that mean? That’s what the thing was. I just really went there because they paid well, but it was a great experience a great kitchen experience. Because I mean, yeah, you know, they all they had was wings. And now just a few other things you ever

get your picture up their feet in the most super hot wings.

never did any of that never ate there actually

I’m a huge proponent of pluckers because they pay well

and that’s pretty much I mean like you know eat wait time time I never ate anything I never ate anything from there all right I do like a salad at the end of the night with just take everything that’s left over and throw it into a to go thing and take it home. You know, I’m saying but I never like ate any of the actual food that was like prepared prepared. It just be like, a couple dry wings and I get home just like seasoning salt or something. Alright,

so we’re at a bar where then we go to pluckers and where do you go

and then that’s when I went to Boston. After pluckers I went to Boston and I was at a Mexican food restaurant in Boston.

So this is this is legitimately it was latchkey kid to career. Now this thing happened after after your dad died.

I yeah, I chose I chose food. So I was trying I was been trying to find my home you know. So that was my next step. I gets up. I get to Boston and I worked at Margarita is and It was actually in Medford it’s right outside of Boston. The Margarita is I worked at though, was horrible. Like, it was like, you know, I came in as assistant kitchen manager place with just you know, I’m a transplant from Texas they all called me ticks because, you know, I mean, to me, I don’t have an accent but I go up there like you saying, y’all and you’re doing like this. Like this up there, you know? And I’m like, okay, whatever so they always call me Texas or Hey, text. And so I whipped whipped it into shape for for what I could do, because they’re those guys were up there just hating their job. They were just hating everything. And I was like, trying to make things more fun, more more suitable to work in because it was a horribly dirty kitchen. Like it was just it was just not up to par

just when you started gaining weight.

Yeah, that’s when like, that was it was just stress. Like I started really gaining weight like after my dad died, and I think that was just more of like stress eating. In, you know, I’m saying trying to find my way not barely being happy I

was. Well, we’ve talked about that with Chef Patrick who’s had a whole career of this. I mean, the the life of a chef.

Yeah, I mean from the outside. So now we’re going to eventually get to the place where you’re at, which is what I’m really intrigued about, which is cooking healthy food for healthy people. But the life of a chef is brutal. I mean, Chef Patrick’s talked about this. He’s had a whole career in different places, different countries.

Yeah, that was 32 years of being in the kitchen. And, you know, typically you walk in a kitchen you see a chef eating something off of a plate and four bites over a trash can so they don’t make a mess. Don’t get their clothes dirty. And then you jump right back in. There is no downtime. It’s Yeah, and there’s a lot of lot of meals that are skipped at night. excessive consumption of alcohol. It’s just It’s a crazy industry. It is a absolutely unhealthy.

Yeah, it is super. The chef’s that I met it’s, I mean, quite honestly, it’s like it’s like being an artist. They’re kind of extreme and their personalities. You have the guts to be a chef. Well, I mean, come on. I’m a butt doctor. I’m extremely my personality.

I’m not I’m not throwing stones.

You’re a true Explorer. Yeah,

I’m just saying that that I’ve always admired chefs I like I like to cook I like to try to cook I like to do stuff. But then when I sit there and talk to my friends that are chefs and I’m like them like you want a burger at 2am he’s like yeah, I had to close the kitchen down

just drink some true mu and add peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Not to interrupt but Eric super into health. He you know, works out CrossFit and he does paleo and everything. He sent me this picture of a chubby version of Eric when his kids were like really little Yeah. And he was holding like a yoohoo and

I was holding a chocolate milk jug

from from Gandy, which is a milk producer out west. Yeah. That and chocolate ding dong. And and fried apple pies were kind of my my go to food back in the stress.

Just I mean just because he was doing the same thing he was traveling a lot he’s doing that I’ve tried to my problem with food is is that I’m a deep diver or if I’m going to try and go keto keto, if I’ll do paleo, do whatever and so then I end up dabbling a little bit not really anyways, it’s

basically convince yourself that you’re doing it but you know,

this was keto, but paleo just sounds great.

But I’ll put a piece of steak on it.

Yeah, I’m keto right now. But well, wow, that was good.

That was gluten free.

Salad. Yes. No dressing. Please put a steak. Yeah, I completely get it. But yeah, okay. So Java from Margarita is this is where it started. actually started losing weight. Once I left Margarita is because our store was closing. They were like it’s just can’t be brought back and they were like everybody can move to the one that’s over in revere, which is like, so far from where I lived, and I was like, there’s no way so I started looking started going through like Craigslist and stuff like that. And there was this place called macro Mediterranean.

Okay. In Boston,

yeah. And Boston. They’re based out they’re based out of Spain. And it’s all vegan. Had no idea. I went in for the interview. And it’s all vegan, and it’s all internet shipping company. So there’s no deliveries, nobody comes and picks up their food. It’s all pre manufactured meal prep and sent out and that’s when I really

like a Blue Apron type thing kind of shows up at your house

kinda straight up like people order so like say you want like a week’s worth of whatever they’ll they plan out their meals for The days when the order comes in we know how to put this many of this in there this many of this in there this many of this pack it up ship it out FedEx comes we’ve got you know 100 orders a week or whatever

be cheap it’s not

it wasn’t it’s not it’s not fairly me but it’s more package pricing then you know I’m saying like you know like you said like you know 150 cent you get you know box so be like you know 200 bucks you get meal prep every day for a month. Okay, I’m saying so what is it’s based on a lot of soups, a lot of tofu a lot of just like super vegan ingredients King Wow. A lot of stuff like that, but that’s what really versed me and like the V vegan side of food and I really loved it. I really ate a lot of the stuff that we had and I was like, man, who knew that like you know, just like stuff that’s good for you actually can taste good because you know, it’s everybody’s thought in their mind is like, that’s good for you. You can not taste good. Like, you know, I’m saying if I if I gave you if I said this is king walk cream corn is completely vegan, and you looked at it and you see the Red King line, you see the cream corners like whatever, but you taste it, you’d be like, Oh, you just lose your mind. And that’s how I was like, That’s what I’m saying. That was my transition. When I came back to Boston, I mean, like we had like some issues. Me and my, me and my wife now we had some issues. So I went away for a while,

you know, and I was already moved boss. Yeah, and then I took a little break

just take a break. Well, I had some work to do up there too. I do like some house restoration as source like, like restoration stuff like like literal like old glass old wood.

Oh, that’s what you’re coming on the furniture. Yeah,

yeah. So I’m always I’m always about looking for like, you know, like it’s just my I look at it like the remodel. I was the first thing I said to David when we were walking up the stairs. I said, Man from the outside this building you couldn’t walk in and Things like this and I was like, look at this remodel it like this is me that’s like my, I guess I did my thing and a little bit everything. But so I went up there for that. And then of course, you know, I’m always gonna cook I’m always cooking. If I have a job, I’m always gonna cook somewhere. It doesn’t matter. If I was out like right now, you know, I’m just I’m Chef, but at the same time, I’m dad. So you know, my job right now is being dad helping out as much as I can. My wife is about to have a baby. I gotta be there. So I’m busting my butt doing that, but I’m being dad right now.

So what does she do?

She’s a preschool teacher. No, no. When does she do when she do September 17. Oh,

for letting you come. Yeah,

we’re in the middle of a move right now. Like, I literally sweat it through all my clothes last night trying to get all the boxes. We’re just moving like down the like, literally down the though. But three breezeways down just to a bigger part. But I’m like, who by the way. I’m like babe, sit down and start taping up boxes. I’m like


ran it like a breath line.

Allegedly I just took everything downstairs and then took the dolly and then just like stacked many boxes I could took them to the truck and then just did the process over, stack them all the boxes back at the bottom and took them all back upstairs. So it’s been bounced back upstairs to upstairs. So I was I was dying. She’s like, you need some water. I’m like, I need everything. I’m just like, though, but yeah, so but that’s how that’s what happened. So I came home. Like I was telling you how I helped out a buddy working at smashburger. And then I went back to the bar because I just needed a job immediately when I got back in the hustler. Yeah, I got it. I gotta work. I gotta get that money. I got to I got a family. I got to. So I was working two jobs, and then I just get tired of it, dude.

So let’s talk about that working two jobs. One of the things that we always talk about is, how stress affects your body. How lack of sleep affects your body, how eating processed foods affects your body. But when you’re doing that, and you Do it for other people. You’re the last person that you think of you don’t think like that?

Well, it’s also kind of crazy because the foods that you end up turning to, after you’re doing all that, unfortunately, just perpetuate that cycle.

Because if you’re not eating healthy and you already don’t, you’re not putting in that thought for yourself and you still turn to that lesser food. Unfortunately, you’re just compounding what’s kind of already in progress, which is perpetuating inflammation. Well, we did. We did a show where you talked about the airline food. Oh, yeah. Where they they know how to put an extra salt and sugar because you have less taste when you’re up there. Yeah. When your cortisol levels are up. So if you don’t sleep, well, your cortisol goes up, and you have a natural propensity to find easily to digest high calorie foods because your body’s trying to tell you you’re in a fight or flight, right. So in evolutionary standards, that would that would make you survive, right. But now, the stress never goes away. You didn’t just run from a saber toothed tiger and now you get to eat you know whatever Cheeto burger Cheeto

I said that was it I said don’t talk about that

I would not even be a thing

So were you able to sleep and stuff when your

jobs is Chef it was it wasn’t so much that it was

it was like like you said like the unhealthy eating like I could feel what I was eating you know I’m saying oh yeah especially like but like you know and with that you know I’m saying they were still like you know some some you know drinking and stuff like that because you know you want to go to sleep so you wind down wind down and you want it you want to make sure you go to sleep but you know you only made it we only ate once that day so you know all that alcohol is already just gonna hit you and it’s going to tell you all the way in half then you’re going to be dehydrated then you gotta try to hydrate all day but you know you gotta go to work and then you got it you know I’m saying and then you got you know you got your your wife yelling in your ear that I don’t ever get to see you anymore. And you know, it’s all this daddy. Where are you? Man, I’m always sleeping. You get home

and then yeah, so I saying that and just being honest about it that you don’t have to be a chef working two jobs. This is most of America. Yeah. I mean, when I drive so we’re, you know, I live in Plano and I, you know, see the drives. Yeah, it’s it’s long, I come early to work out at the gym. So it takes me a 25 minutes to get to colleyville words. I’m like, 90% of the way here. It takes me another 2025 minutes at 730 to come over here. And I’m looking around. I’m like, people do this every single day. Yeah, people are spending and then we did an episode where we discussed sitting, and how dangerous just sitting is Yeah. And sitting but people don’t realize, Oh, well, I you know, I go to work and I sit a little bit. No, no, you drove an hour and a half to work. Yeah. You know, and this isn’t this is Dallas, which isn’t that bad. Atlanta, Houston, la, la.

vida passes think it’s Telly live.

Yeah, like seriously, I’ve never I couldn’t imagine sitting for hours in traffic just to get to work like you gotta leave at 3am to be at seven So there’s

Yeah, think about that. Now, what you just said is the same stuff because all of us have to balance work life, right? But you’re right, you’re trying to provide for your family. Your now wife is going, Hey, you’re never around. Right? Your kids are like, you know, Daddy, I want to I want to hang out and you’re just like, man, I am exhausted. I’m tired. mortgages do this is do it’s been This is why as a society, where we’re really struggling and the ability for you to stop and say, You know what, now I’m at a point in my life, I’m going to meditate. Yeah, I’m going to be in a different place

that did, I was just like, I’m done with this. I did. I just left. I just left I didn’t know I didn’t like Luke Lily honest, just straight up and down. Honesty. No, two weeks notice No, nothing. I just stopped going. I was like, I cannot do this any more. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t do it anyway, it’s hard to rationalize the obligations that you know you had to do, versus the things that you wish that you could just do. More family time more time with the kids and in the back of your mind you still know that if you don’t take care of the X y&z even though that’s not what you really want to do. That’s actually what is providing the shelter, the food, the access, the ability, the ability for them to grow and develop. It’s a hard balance, and I think it’s only getting it’s only be compounding now.

Yeah, the only person that really pulled that off well was Willie Nelson by not paying taxes for like 40 years and just didn’t care.

That was the next thing. Everyone stopped paying taxes.

There was somebody that just the way just smoked, played played his guitar.

It was like, I don’t care.

So a message to all the listeners is, if you hear examples of Willie Nelson or Keith Richards, take that all with a grain of salt.

Well, then again, we can sit there and throw in Wesley Snipes, the guy that also said, No, you’re going to jail.

You shouldn’t you shouldn’t pay taxes on that blade money.

Now the thing that we’re going to talk about is this kick ass restaurant that you’re at now

yeah flower child a flower jack oh I call all my people my flow chose I’m like what’s up flow child you know I’m saying but yeah I’ve been with them for a while now was well the new store since it open it’s been open probably like four we’re at Preston royal

on as a chef

now I came on as Lanka Wow. And that’s I’m saying I’m still in transition to to get to be Susu you know what I’m saying right now I’m I’m Shipley trainer, new restaurant over there. You know, I’m saying and, and Sue sometimes, you know, I’m saying but it’s still gonna take some training because I’m gonna have to go to other stores and do this. So it’s gonna it’s about getting all your certs I have to be certified by truly with everything. But with the new restaurants opening so fast. That’s why they’re like, dude, we get everybody’s gotta get this right now because we’re going to need all y’all to step up what other people eat. What do you think makes it so successful that this restaurant is the Expanding so rapidly. It’s the food. It’s the food is the atmosphere too though when you come in, everybody’s like, hey, like when you come in, everybody’s going to be the nicest, coolest person in the world to you. Whatever you want. Whatever you want. We’re going to get like if you bring your son in with you, and he’s like, Dad, I wonder if they got mangoes? I’m like now we don’t have mangoes but tom toms right here we can go get you one.

Oh, really?

Yeah, we’ve had kids we’ve got him cocoa puffs. We’ve gone Got him. You know what I’m saying though, you know, for a parent, they the parent might be vegan, but you know, their kids might want Cocoa Puffs, but like we’re going to make everything to where it’s at. And then like, we have another thing where it’s Where’s Waldo? So the kids always come in looking for Waldo. We have a little Waldo. Oh, no, we do Where’s Waldo. They hide it and the kids will come and look for Waldo. So it’s cool.

I’m gonna buy you a red and white striped sweater.

You know what you’re describing? And it sounds really cool too. Me is this is well beyond just eating as well beyond food education kinda like what you talked about previously describing flower child but what they’re really delivering which is I think things are going to start going it’s an experience Yeah, so people go in somewhere and it’s not always stopped in here for for lunch now we made a day of it. We enjoyed our time at flower child and you will to the next time that we go

yeah. So chef chef Patrick

one of the one of our favorite restaurants that me and my family go to is a place called Yama it’s a Japanese restaurant traditional Japanese and when you walk in all the the coach and they say something so you might say You’re

welcome. It means to to come in. So you know, I’m gonna say is like welcome. And then when you leave everybody turns out I got those. Right, thank you for coming.

So that it is very similar to that where you know, everybody, I mean, showing my age, but you ever Buddy knows your name kind of thing. But when you walk in, and you realize that you’re there, they’re there to enjoy the experience with you very different than out of whatever chain you want to choose, you know where it’s just not there but so that but what I really liked is that you can do what you said earlier where you did not feel comfortable serving the food that you would not eat. Now you’re doing something totally different you’re changing mentality. You’re educating you’re becoming an educator, which is really cool

that yeah, that way that they continue to not only enjoy the food that they eat there, but they probably before they know it begin to start feel good themselves.

Yeah, right. We have we’re as far as that goes as well. We have standards, you know, I’m saying like, and it’s still to that point, like, if I’m making a plate for somebody, and there’s something on it that I don’t feel that that I should even put out. I’m not going to Sure. You know, I’m saying we have a lot of people that like the truly don’t, they’ll modify something and they truly don’t understand about certain things or certain things. We’re smart enough to know if somebody says I king, king wok creamed corn with no yogurt. That means they probably have a dairy allergy. So with that, if I put that on there, I’m not going to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top of it and parmesan cheese on top of, you know, whatever, I’m going to put everything on the side and stuff like that. But it’s like you get to know your customers, you get to know the people that come in our guests, I’ll say not customers, because they really are guests. They come in, I’ve never seen happier people sitting down at a table and eating and we have a lot of communal eating as well like our tables. It might be two people that don’t even know each other sitting at one end of the table and the other people sit at the other end of the table like you know

restaurants like that.

Oh James so there’s a lot of community eating and you know, it’s it’s I really just love it man. I mean that’s that’s what a flower child is about Dude, it’s love You know?

So you know, you said something earlier before we started the show that in your mind what you would like to do in the future or where you see things going with restaurants to kind of beyond beyond the the diet that we adhere to, but Really kind of regionally fall within the seasons of the foods and kind of returned back to what’s native we were talking about the very top of the show about native grasses, don’t, don’t poison your lawns, etc, etc, etc. What Brandon was talking about was we want to have a restaurant that serves the foods that should should be eaten at this time of year so kind

of seasonal nutrition like like I was just we were kind of reviewing that article and we were just talking about it and I was like, Wow, it’s so cool that you’re saying you want berries you love berries. Okay, well in the summertime you know I’m saying that’s the time to eat your berries right your beard that’s when they’re in season that’s the summer but you know, when fall comes around, that’s when there’s going to be more of your nuts and and you know, I’m saying stuff like that and like yams and you know, the warmer climate stuff that finally growing through the end of the summer. Sure. And there’s, you know, it goes to with eating those things. It helps you build up immunity. So a lot of allergies that you can have If you didn’t eat those things,

I, you know, that is something about seasonally I never thought about is that so many people develop sensitivities to food? And is it possible that they’re developed, developing it because they eat it year round?

Now, it’s got to be something. It’s something like that they’re not

they’re not eating the types of You see, I’m saying like, that’s what I that’s what I was getting into, like, a lot of stuff is GMO, you know, I’m saying, and you’re not going to get a like, you know, if a strawberry supposed to be grown in the summer, you’re not going to get another strawberry in the winter and think that it’s going to be the same strawberry that you got it. Right. You see it. I’m saying it’s that’s what I mean. It’s, it’s, I think, regionally. That’s what I’m saying. It has to be sourced regionally as well, not just like, that’s when I was getting onto the mushrooms when I was saying the Midwest is a really big mushroom area, right? But there’s only a certain time that you can get certain types of mushrooms, right. You know, I’m saying like, you know, you There’s your chicken in the woods or you get you know, shittaka or whatever but out of season, they might not you might actually get an allergy because you’re eating it out of season.

Oh, that is remember when we had Cooper on and we were talking about mushrooms and he was describing the cap and when you take it off during certain times you put it on there it’ll have the spores and all this stuff that is a very good point. Maybe you eat it too soon too late. The it has a completely different immunogenic effect meaning that your body will react to it differently. Just like you talked about oranges we eat these oranges that are huge, but how should we be eating oranges oranges oranges

should be wax free. They should be almost a green or greener color like I mean for real like a real orange off of a tree if you’re going to look at an organic orange and then when you open it up the inside of it should be almost like a like closer to like a pink than like a bright yellow or you know I’m saying but like you know Blood Orange is of course red. But then I’m saying you get these bright, orange shiny oranges. And you know that it’s just like, what it is

they’ve done like they’ve actually done psychological tests for supermarkets, where the, it’s you pick your fruit based on the beauty of it, that’s how come they arrange it in certain ways. And even if it’s like, the less shiny Apple will just go to waste and then that ends up being in that whole try and sell you know, and that was probably a farm raised probably the best Apple is an apple

by hand that made it into the store not ran through wax, you know. So it’s, it’s it’s like that though, but yeah, that’s what I’m about.

So I let’s fast forward, you can have everything that you want. Where are you with this whole scene?

Um, right now I’m just, I’m happy where I’m at. I’m, you know, hoping to move forward, I hope and maybe do some openings, like you know, see see the expansion of this company. But I mean, by the end, you know, when I get hopefully my executive chef status, I can work on doing my you know, being a restaurant Being being able to start to, you know, really follow what I want to follow. You know, I’m saying I’m learning, I’m learning the staples. Now I want to be able to put everything I’ve learned and what I really feel like people would want and need want in need. So what you’re saying You’re no different than a doctor.

Right? You can change lives.

I hope I can help. I hope I can. I know I will.

Chefs, Chefs to make a huge difference in people’s lives. And I think that having that attitude can be amazing. I think there’s a movement going on right now, with restaurants like flower child, which are not only having a great environment, but they’re educating and you know, people like you getting on shows talking. So I want to thank the restaurant for letting me come over here. I want to thank your pregnant wife for letting me come over.

Right? Yeah, thank you, Brandon.

Brandon, it’s been a pleasure having you on the show. I sincerely appreciate it. This is been gut check project Episode 17. Be sure to like and share and check us out at gut check. where you can connect with us and let us know that you’d like and share to win your own deals and KBMD CBD we will run next week.