Research can be Dangerous – Flavio Cadegiani, MD

Dr. Cadegiani is a leading expert in Endocrinology, Sports Medicine, and Obesity Management. A core contributor to the FLCCC COVID-19 protocols, Dr. Cadegiani has successfully treated thousands of COVID patients in Brazil with few hospitalizations and no deaths.

Regarding COVID-19, Dr. Cadegiani conducted some of the largest clinical trials and observational studies, including the Itajaí ivermectin studies. He is responsible for the first hypothesis that explains the massive number of post-vaccine myocarditis cases and sudden deaths, particularly among (more…)

REACT19- Preventing Further Injury – Joel Wallskog, MD

Dr. Wallskog obtained his medical degree at the University of Wisconsin and completed his orthopedic surgery residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He completed fellowship training specializing in joint replacement at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, then entered private practice in 2002.
After being exposed to COVID-19 in August/September of 2020, Dr. Wallskog followed CDC recommendations to wait three months before getting his first COVID vaccine. He developed numbness, weakness, and balance difficulties and, in the following months, experienced periods of severe (more…)

It’s a Turbocancer – Nathan Goodyear, MD

It’s no news to you, cancer treatment is a very serious matter. It’s complicating enough for the patient, the family, and the effort of the healthcare team.

Now healthcare professionals around the world are witnessing a marked increase in cancer frequency, and it is affecting all ages. This aggressive change has Dr. Nathan
Goodyear not only referencing the cancer of today as a turbo cancer, but the dawn of anew delineation. Cancer before and now cancer AFTER COVID.

Dr. Goodyear shares why the biggest obstacle for effective treatment is (more…)

The 100 Bed ICU – Joseph “Joe” Varon, MD

The mayor of Houston proclaimed that September 25, 2020 was recognized city wide as “Dr. Joseph Varon Day” in recognition of Dr. Varon’s selfless effort to not ever abandon patients in need during the pandemic.

But that was just over 8 months after the pandemic began… Dr. Varon went on to work 715 days CONSECUTIVELY caring for and treating patients, turning his over 100 bed hospital into a mega ICU.

So how in the world did valiant efforts of altruism turn into death threats against Dr. Varon and his family?

Prof. Dr. Joseph Varon MD, FACP, FCCP, FCCM, FRSM is the chairman of the board of the United Memorial Medical Center and
United General Hospital. He is a professor for medicine and surgery (more…)

#104, Robert Malone, MD

“As the original “inventor” of mRNA and DNA vaccines… I am concerned about how the technology is being developed and implemented.” -Dr. Robert Malone

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Dr Malone has approximately 100 scientific publications with over 12,000 citations of his work (per Google Scholar with an “outstanding” impact factor rating). He has been an invited speaker around a 100 conferences, (more…)

#103, Cologard vs Colonoscopy – By the numbers

Discovery leads to innovation. Innovation usually leads to changes in processes. But that doesn’t always equate to better. Or not necessarily as a replacement.

You may have seen a commercial or two for a commercial product where a walking and talking white box depicts the ease and comfort for checking for colorectal cancer at home. The insinuation is that anyone can simply send in a sample of their “#2” and find out if they have anything to worry about regarding cancer in the lower gastrointestinal tract.

But at what cost is this substitute for the gold standard of colonoscopy screening actually to the patient? What are the accuracy comparisons? What to make of a positive or negative result?

Ken & Eric dive in and discuss the commercial pitch for this method of using fecal DNA vs visual inspection of the colon and what actually might be overlooked for the unsuspecting patient who is trying to remain healthy.

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#102.5, Fluoride in the water & RAW Talk

Several municipalities around the US add fluoride to the drinking water supply… but why?

The Fluoride Action Network (a fluoride education advocacy group) won a suit against the US Government which forced the release of a document that reveals “There is NO safe level of fluoride in water”. None the less this prompted the GCP to read up a bit and as you will see, we are going to the source for answers… BUT with your help!

GCP RAW is exactly how we will (more…)

#102, Endometriosis – Dr Taylor Reyes

Endometriosis affects around 10% of almost always females (sometimes males also!) between the ages of 15 and 44. It most often occurs on or around reproductive organs in the pelvis or abdomen.

Endometrial tissue growing in these areas does not shed during a menstrual cycle like healthy endometrial tissue inside the uterus does. The buildup of abnormal tissue outside the uterus can lead to inflammation, scarring and (more…)

#101, Modern Male Enhancement

The ever lasting chase by many males to seek and acquire a more desirable size and performance of the “unit”…

Well that dominated a great deal of this episode!

Maghen Mitchell, FNP (more…)

#99, Public Health Concerns of Drs. Cole, Urso, Drew, & Victory

The art of science & scientists (and healthcare providers) is purest when ALL questions and concerns can be heard, tested, and evaluated by multiple investigators… repeatedly.

In this episode, you will hear about post injection injury data from the accounts of a Pathologist and a lipid nanoparticle healthcare expert.

Unfortunately, there was an “event” that succeeded in turning the open discussion, the value of personal choice, the trust between physician and patient, all on its end. (more…)


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