Have you voluntarily avoided eating for a purpose?

To “fast” is to do exactly that.

Maybe you had a surgical procedure and you were instructed to not eat for several hours. Maybe you have participated in a fast for a religious exercise. Or possibly you’ve attempted fasting to lose weight.

What you may not have known is that there are direct benefits to your health by utilizing fasting and adhering to the exercise itself. From water fasts of no food for multiple days to intermittent fasting by only consuming all of tour daily calories within a specific amount of time each day, there are tangible benefits to for someone that implements fasting as a part of the health maintenance.

Most importantly, you can use fasting as one of the no cost tools to improve your health span in order to achieve optimal longevity. Join Ken & Eric as they discuss the many avenues of fasting and what health gains you can achieve on the GCP!

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