KBMD CBD Organic Extract 900mg: Natural flavored; almost tasteless


KBMD Health CBD formula is much more than just CBD.  We have improved our CBD formula by adding 3 ingredients: CBD-G (decrease anxiety), CBD-A (antibacterial properties, may help inhibit cancer cell growth, reduce inflammation), and Beta Caryophyllene (reduce inflammation, and help with pain relief).  This combination goes beyond CBD alone to provide greater support to your Endocannabinoid System (the critical link between your nervous and immune systems.

Intended to be a 1-month supply. A tincture of CBD extract in a dropper bottle for easy administration. KBMD CBD tinctures are wholly natural pure CBD hemp oil extract suspended in coconut oil.

  • Highest strength tincture
  • Clinically tested / Physician endorsed
  • 30ml / 1oz glass bottle containing 900mg of CBD
  • Full-spectrum Cannabinoid extract
  • Organic hemp CO2 extract tincture
  • Other natural molecules include: Alkanes, Nitrogenous compounds, Amino acids, Sugars, Aldehydes, Alcohols, Ketones, Flavonoids, Glycosides, Vitamins, Pigments, and water.

KBMD™ CBD is a Hemp Extract derived from specially bred Industrial Hemp plants with a high CBD content. The Hemp used is grown organically, and CO2 extracted. The resultant extract is then added to an easy-to-use dropper bottle, containing 900mg of CBD (cannabidiol). It is a wholesome extract, not synthetic and not an isolate. It contains all the synergistic Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, Essential Oils and other compounds of the original plant plus CBD-G, CBD-A, and Beta Caryophyllene.

A 30ml tincture of KBMD™ CBD contains 900mg of cannabidiol extract or CBD hemp oil. A suggested serving is 1/4 dropper (0.5ml) taken under the tongue two or three times daily which will provide many valuable nutrients.Top of Form