Do you or someone you know work hard to avoid gluten contamination in your diet? This episode is for you!

We have the expert that is leading the way to help those that suffer from gluten contamination find ways to reduce or possibly even eliminate the flare ups. Charlene Van Buiten, PhD of Colorado State University joins us on the GCP! Celiac disease and gluten intolerance are a daily struggle for so many people around the world.

The protein complex of gluten contains a sub unit protein called gliadin which is primarily responsible for the associated flare ups and problems that happen to sufferers. Charlene has some incredible discoveries and data to share with you that your diet may be deficient in some of the most basic elements which could be protecting us all from unexpected gluten contamination. She can explain in at least 6 ways about how natural compounds can actually prevent the triggering process of gliadin.

Check out Dr. Van Buiten’s work and connect with her lab here:

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