Can what your ears hear actually allow you to focus? How can music actually be programmed to help you sleep? What do you really know about the power of sound?

We have an incredible podcast with Dan Clark (CEO) and Kevin Woods (Director of Science) from Brain.FM. Brain.FM is a leading sound technology that is available on your smart phone today!

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Ken and Eric have used BrainFM for over a year. They swear by it. So much so, they have partnered with Brain.FM to bring the sleek technology to patients to reduce anxiety before medical procedures, and to assist in waking up form anesthesia.

Dan will tell his story of joining Brain.FM and how he then moved to lead the company into a robust direction. One of Dan’s passions is finding routes to share one of the least invasive, yet scientifically proven methods to improve mood and cognition with sound to achieve a better quality of life.

Kevin is a true audiophile. A musician, and a not so pedestrian stroll through NYU, MIT, and Harvard, Kevin has an innate passion for using the benefits of sound to help our brains improve our lives. Kevin has extensive training and a PhD from the Program in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology.

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Brain.FM FREE TRIAL exclusive to GCP!

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