Some debate the rights and wrongs of natural and medical science...

I'm here to "BRIDGE THE GAP"

I’ve put in the time as a traditional medical doctor.  Just like any other medical specialist, I chose a discipline that inspired me, and gastroenterology has allowed me to help so many people.

-but then I found that even after all of that time and work, there is still so much to do! The longer that our traditional medical training models are around, the harder they are to mold to accepting new revelations… and the natural space is often filled with great intention, but often falls short of proven results.

It’s a simple quest, and a novel idea… “put the good from both worlds together and find answers to help people!”… And that’s what I’m here to do. At KBMD Health, I am working every day to bridge the gap between natural and medical science.

If you think I believe that “MD” or any other letters after someone’s name means that the learning is over, think again…

Hello, I’m Dr. Ken Brown

Over a decade ago it occurred to me, “there’s a large part of my practice which I am not adequately finding answers for…”  And it bothered me to no end

So, I started a research arm from within my own practice, and I played ball with the big pharma companies. But there was a huge problem…

Pharma is mostly interested in net profits… NOT NET WELLNESS!!

I knew there had to be a better way. So I began to research the world over.  I found where the biggest concentrations of troubled GI patients resided in the world, and I compared them to the people that lived in the areas with the least disease.

I learned what was actually believed to be at the root of so many of the problems, and began to discover there were real answers that nobody in pharma or in the medical schools was discussing.

I tried combining sworn by natural remedies, combining natural therapies with medically approved drugs, but I wasn’t quite there…

Then I did the unimaginable… and I developed an approach that had never been done before. This lead to the creation of Atrantil, and the results have been phenomenal… And now that we are here, I realize, THERE IS STILL SO MUCH MORE TO DO!

The space between natural and medical science is narrowing, but we are still a long way from bridging the gap.

It’s Ken Brown, MD of KBMD Health,
What can I do for you today?

Don’t stop now….

I’m challenging you:

You are here because you desire more from healthcare as a whole. We all deserve better insight without being misled… I couldn’t agree more. But nothing will happen until you decide to take action for yourself. It’s time to engage and get the health of you and those you care about on the right track.

RIGHT NOW, identify just one thing that you want improve with your health, just one… and let’s get started!

Dr. Ken

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