If you’ve ever looked at the snot dripping from a cow’s nose, and it made you think of becoming “frisky”… well, as strange as that sounds, you are not alone! (This story shows how wild ideas become meaningful science.)

Ken & Eric hit the ground running in the early days of COVID, and over time, it’s actually demonstrated that long time accepted reasoning and application of physiology concepts actually paid off.

What did the inflammation of COVID or even the mRNA vaccine do to the public’s microbe? What can we do to improve our current state of covid struggles?

WWYMS… What Would Your Microbiome Say? An easy question to practice asking yourself before you embark upon a meal, an activity choice, or a stressful situation. It might even condition your decisions to ultimately be more beneficial for a healthier life!

Quick hit topics on this show, covering a good amount of ground. Join Ken & Eric on this episode,

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