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Hello, everyone, welcome to the gut check project gut check project fans, KBMD health family, how are you doing? It is now time for episode number 47. I’m here with my awesome co host, Dr. Kenneth Brown.

What’s up Episode 47. This is part two of our immunology. So this is I’m pretty excited. Because just this morning, you said you better check out Joe Rogan this morning because Dr. Mark Gordon is on there. And this dude was saying everything that we’ve been talking about, but I feel like we even have it to the next level. So we’re talking to scientists that understand the whole concept of functional nutrition, functional things that I felt like he was saying, everything that we’ve been talking about now for quite a while like yours

is no doubt the coolest thing is another thing that we’ll we’ll get to it in a moment. But it’s it’s all about eating right. having great nutrition, he used an incredible example of India, where Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t have the economic means that we do here in the United States. However, they’re facing COVID, they have the same health issues that we do here, roughly, and they’ve got a large population. So when comparing apples to apples are talking about nutrition, and there’s some specific things in that nutrition when you say,

oh, and we’re gonna get into that, in fact, I got an article here that we’re gonna go over and I’ll spoiler alert for you. But it’s exactly what what what we’re talking about right now. So we got some feedback. I apologize to everyone the last podcast we did, we were trying some unique things. And we didn’t have such good sound quality, but that’s what you get when your sponsor is lousy Lavalier comm so we had LousyLavalier.com Yeah, so we dropped them. And so I’m happy to announce that we got a new sponsor, which we did get a new sponsor, and this is awesome. It’s actually a hot dog company. They’re called diarrhea dogs. And their slogan is, we’re not sure what’s in the dog, but we know it will give you diarrhea. Yeah. who’s who’s betting our sponsor?

The cool thing is, is it’s a it’s a host specific sponsor, so I’m looking for you to tell me how I

know seriously, who in the company is? Is it Mike? is Mike getting sponsors for us, Mike, because I’ve already cashed a check. We got to keep talking about diarrhea dogs.

It’s, I can’t this can’t keep happening.

We had lousy Lavalier as a sponsor, then we followed up with diarrhea dogs, yeah. Oh, my goodness,

this is not working out.

We’re gonna have a little talk with Barry Weiss. How you been man?

doing well, so we’re into a brand new year now. What brief amount of time had a great vacation with the family? And it really just in time, right. I mean, there’s, everything’s kind of limited on what you can do. Yeah. But we it was, it’s good to always have the older son come home spend time with him. We started building some furniture over the last couple weeks. So it’s a great bonding experience with me and the boys. And of course, Maria is telling us what she wants us to look like. So trying hard to make it. Yeah. But you know, it’s it’s been a lot of fun. Mac is in the swing of basketball. And so life, normal life is starting to take on a new meaning. But it’s it’s good.

Yeah. What about you? Well, for us, um, you know, the, the whole COVID lockdown, you start looking at your house a little bit. And so loida kind of convinced me that maybe we should start considering making a few little changes. And it started out with the master bath. And she’s like, you know, shoot, can I do a few other things? I’m like, Yeah, absolutely. So I’m really busy with work and come back. And then you know, next thing I know, the builders or the contractors there and he’s like, Look, okay, so this is what we’ve designed. Here’s the plans, bla bla bla bla bla, and, you know, he’s like, we’re gonna buy the neighbor’s house and we’re gonna, you know, tear, tear this one down. But I mean, it was just I’m like, Whoa, we’re doing a lot of work here. So I’m already in it. We’re gonna be in this house for a long time. It’s a great area. You notice everybody’s moving to Texas. They definitely dragons bringing everybody down here. So following him. So at

any point, did you have a spreadsheet that said, redo house or simply burn house?

Well, then it’s like one of those shows. Like once you see the plans, you’re like, Oh, yeah, I want it to look like that. But you know, and oh, guess what I did today was that guess what I did? 30 seconds ago. Oh,

I know what you did? Yeah, you got into crypto.

So as we’re setting up to do this show, we started having a conversation about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and people have been telling me to get involved. So in a spur of the moment, while Eric was setting up the mics and everything I bought some Bitcoin Yeah, go Bitcoin.

Yeah. And and we need to probably have a disclaimer that we know nothing about cryptocurrency. Oh, absolutely. Nothing nice. But yeah, it was really kind of cool to watch you do it.

Yeah. So we’ve covered our sponsors. A little word with the person that’s choosing them in the future. And so let’s jump into the immune episode part two. So even if the audio is a little bit off on that last one, I encourage everyone to look at our last podcast, because I do a detailed explanation in or at least detailed for a simple country butt Dr. That’s living in Texas for the innate immune system, and I actually rewatched it when we were getting the comments great information, audio bad. And at the very end, I go, so that covers the adaptive immune system. I’m like, No, I should have no it was the innate, we did not cover the adaptive yet. There’s a reason why that’s coming, because then we’re going to lead into the vaccinations for COVID and things. Right. So that was the innate. But here’s what’s really cool. We’re gonna talk about what Dr. Mark Gordon was talking about on Joe show. And it’s super cool. Like we’ve been on top of this the whole time. It’s been it’s it’s actually huge, huge news for everyone.

I think a lot of people can learn a lot about what they can do just to protect themselves. And let’s small preface, you don’t have to just apply the knowledge that you’ll pick up today to COVID. COVID actually can begin to fit into other viruses with this talk that we’re going to have today.

Yes. And specifically, this is not a COVID talk. We’re not saying that at all. What we’re saying is we’re gonna talk about how to optimize a well running immune system. Yeah. And so when I talked to some of my colleagues and people discuss different things, Angie, and I were talking that she’s like, have you looked at our Mendeley account? So Mendeley is where we put all our articles, and I just did a quick look. We have over 1000 articles regarding immune health and how to optimize it through nutrition and lifestyle. Yeah. So even that is science backed. Everything we’re talking about here is completely science backed. In fact, one of the things I wanted to discuss because I think it’s really cool is this article that just came out in 2020. It’s called the antiviral functional foods and exercise, lifestyle prevention of Coronavirus. That’s a very boring title. And those are the kinds of things that I read. And it was published in the Journal of nutrients. What’s fascinating about this is that they discuss the things that other people are now just finally starting to talk about. Yeah, so I want to review this article really quick. Then I want to get back to the whiteboard. And hopefully sound a little bit better.

We’re gonna use headphones today.

Yeah, we’re gonna try and use headphones. I got a new mic attached to a hemorrhoid bander because I feel very comfortable holding hemorrhoid banders. Yeah, so that is dry tone right there. That is right there.

that’s almost as good as the Bob Barker microphone from the remember the little skinny one that he had on

the show? Yeah, when they tell you to go spay and neuter your dog.

Yeah. spay and neuter your dog spin the wheel. Drive. I can’t wait. I had a hard time of that. Anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Great show.

So basically, on this article, it’s really interesting. Not actually not interesting. For us. It was it just reiterated everything that we’ve kind of base talking about. What they looked into was functional foods. They called it functional foods, and physical exercise. So the exercise part was a brief part than 90% of the article was talking about functional foods, which they described as functional foods being polyphenols.


So the functional foods are polyphenols because of the various mechanisms that they do in the body. We got contacted by an author of the sirt diet. That’s sirtuins. And he noticed that we’ve been talking about polyphenols and said, Wow, you guys are on that. So the whole thing about Adele’s diet that she lost all that weight, that’s called the sirtuin diet or the sirt diet. And then I’ve watched it on Dr. Oz. And I was like, there’s something about polyphenols, polyphenols. And the reason why is you’re gonna see on this whiteboard, how many different ways a functional food like a poly phenol can benefit you definitely. And so the cert diet just means that you turn on certain genes, it’s an epigenetic thing. So really quick on the exercise. No big surprise, as it turns out, exercise is pretty good for you. Sure. So they looked at different aspects of it. And what it does do is it does activate natural killer cells, and will induce monocytes to become antigen presenting cells like dendritic cells. If you go I don’t know what that is. We talked about that on the last episode. And we’re going to get to it again here. So don’t worry. That being said, super extreme exercise, which we have talked about this can actually lower your immune system. So many times when people train super hard, and we’re talking about like, marathons and triathlons and marathon running. I’ve had so many patients that get very sick after they really train for something, they go all out, and then they get sick. And it’s because I didn’t even realize this, that you produce so many reactive oxygen species. This damages cells, which leads to inflammation, you’re gonna hear this term over and over again. And then it actually adversely affects your white blood cells ability to fight off infections. Yeah. So the real idea is that regular exercise is really good for you. It gets rid of old immune cells that don’t work very well. And you actually stimulate young healthy cells that can actually have a young, healthier immune system. It has been shown that highly conditioned athletes have a much better functioning innate immune system, as opposed to sedentary people. Yeah. So when we’re sitting in a viral season, and if you’re sedentary and you’re overweight, and you got diabetes and high blood pressure, your immune system doesn’t work as well. And there’s reasons for this in this paper. So then they kind of went through that they’re like, yeah, okay, so exercise is good. And then they go into 90% of the rest of the article is discussing polyphenols and the multiple areas that these functional foods benefit our immune system. Okay. And, oh, we’re probably jumping ahead. What’s a polyphenol?

Oh, what is it polyphenol?

Yeah, tell everybody what a polyphenol is

little compounds that are found. And fruits and vegetables. Generally they are what can be responsible for the coloration that’s inside those fruits and vegetables. And they they’re naturally occurring. Some of them are large, or small. But in essence, our bodies love them.

Absolutely. So I always refer to them as mother nature’s secret weapon. This particular article goes into great detail about how the flavonoids, terpenoids alkaloids in the polyphenols, so they can go into that are actually bio active, they can influence genes have peptide qualities, and are broken down by our microbiome into potent anti aging, anti inflammatory, anti cancer metabolites.

Right. You know, I was thinking about this, how do we bring validation to this part of this study, or the I’m sorry, the discussion, I guess, whenever we’re talking about this to people, because I started thinking about, if someone years ago when you were when you were young, and someone said, you probably need more calcium to make your bones strong, you didn’t just go to the store and buy sack of calcium, you generally just started drinking more milk or something similar. Or if you were an athlete, and you knew that you needed to make sure that you didn’t get cramps, you ate bananas, or ate spinach, all of that stuff, you didn’t go and just buy the little element, those elements are naturally occurring in something that you’re eating or drinking. That’s essentially what we’re trying to talk about with polyphenols is there are small little things in there that your body craves, just like your bones want calcium, the these are the vehicles, these are the foods that will deliver what your body wants to maintain health and keep you healthy 100%. And they mentioned how versatile polyphenols are.

Oh yeah, meaning they function in many different ways. Number one, they can have potential influence on your gut barrier, where they improve the immune system of the gut barrier, the first portion of that, then they actually have epigenetic phenomenon. Most important is that your microbiome will break these things down to beneficial products. And that’s going to be something that we’ve talked about post biotics before, I’m very excited. We’ve contacted this a PhD in Argentina, who has one of the most amazing articles describing the post biotic effect. And they actually demonstrate that the larger, more complex polyphenol is the best way to consume it. In other words, yeah, you don’t want to take the one little molecule. So that’s pretty much what they said about polyphenols, because we’re gonna talk a lot more about that. And then it kind of like briefly go over Oh, and then there’s vitamin D, which is pretty good for y’all. So vitamin D deserves its own show, because it’s more like a hormone than it is like a vitamin here. And then they look at a couple other things like vitamin C and stuff, and they kind of gloss over it. And then they come back to the polyphenols. And they’re like, and then they reference to the viruses. And they show how there’s so much information out there about how these polyphenols actually influence the destruction of multiple viruses like influenza, Zika, virus, HSV, and Corona.

And there’s a mechanism to and there’s

a mechanism for each one of these. So the conclusion is, and this is, I hate to say Joe Rogan, for the third time in about first five minutes, it’ll validate what we say. He’s always said, why aren’t we discussing ways to improve our immune system, prevent ourselves and do this, these guys end the whole article, and by the way, it’s thick 20, some pages with references and everything they end it with the conclusion is, this is a pretty cheap and simple way to improve your immune system or optimize, get some exercise, eat some polyphenols and get a little sun. Yeah, that was the combination of it. All right. And and these people put a lot of work into that. And that that’s a spoiler alert.

I think I might have said though it’s really, really important is that there’s a lot of work. There’s a lot of research, there’s a lot to take in here. However the solution if you really think about it, it isn’t that difficult to adhere to this to keep to keep people healthy. That’s actually the coolest part. The summary of it all is polyphenol, sleep exercise. You’re off to an incredible start just with that and don’t i don’t think you should shy away from Rogan at all. He supports tons of other podcasts gives huge mentions to other people. They’re doing the same thing. When I heard Dr. Mark on this morning with him, I just I liked it because it not only was somebody else talking about the same subject, but he was doing it in such detail that we like to talk about it, that I encourage you, we’re not the only ones who have this level of research and are seeing these kinds of results with people.

Oh, it’s so cool. And now because we’re in these circles with these PhDs, I’m getting preliminary data on different studies where it’s humans, where they’re looking at what I’m going to talk about here. Yeah. So what I thought we could do is try and do round two, you put some headphones on,

I’m going to have to,

I’m going to grab my Bob Barker mic right here. I’m going to turn this one

that was kind of quiet. And now I’m going to come back like this. There he is. This is why we have headphones. This is

why we have headphones. And now I’m going to switch the camera

probably should have you looked at the computer to make sure that I’m in focus and everything. And now, let’s do a recap of the last. And that’s not a window of the last podcast that we did. This is a kind of quicker version of what we did. And this is to get everybody up to speed because when we talk about polyphenols, we need to make sure that you understand exactly what’s going on and why there are functional food. So just to recap, the innate immune system is your response to any type of damage, whether that damage is through physical damage, whether that damage is through infection, whether that damage is through repeated poor diet choices, your body is going to try and repair itself. So let’s walk through what happens. The first step, step one, let’s just assume that you have an infection. If you have a virus or bacteria, what it will do is it will attack a cell. So that cell no matter what it is, sounds an alarm. And it notifies its neighbor, which is kind of its bodyguard, the mast cell. The mast cell then releases what is called braided cinan. This is really neat, because if you ever sprained an ankle or done anything, this is what’s going on. The braided cinan send different proteins or cytokines to the blood vessel. First step is the blood vessel. And what it does is it actually normally the blood vessels have very tight seals, what it does is the blood vessels pull apart a little bit to allow fluid to come out. Well, the reason for that is is that you want the swelling to contain whatever’s going on. You sprained an ankle, you go oh my gosh, look at my ankle, it’s so swollen, well, it’s there for a reason, because that fluid is trying to concentrate what your body needs in the same area. So the fluid starts coming out step to these braded cinan, and different other cytokines send up little flags, just like Velcro sticks. And these are called intercellular adhesion molecules. And what they do is they grab white blood cells that are swimming by so these white blood cells have these little hooks and they get hit and they stop and they go, Oh, what’s going on all the fluids going out that way, I’m gonna go out that way. So then the white blood cells join this little party over here. This is what ends up causing redness, swelling and pain anytime you have any type of infection, anytime you have any type of injury. So now we have these white blood cells, what they do is they go, Oh, that mast cell told us to go that way. And so the white blood cells head over to what’s going on. And then this allows your body to fight the intruder that’s doing this. So that’s step one. So now these white blood cells come around. You heard me say in that other study the antigen presenting cells. So one of these types of cells, which is a phagocyte, will actually first thing it does is it swallows the invader, bacteria, virus, fungus, whatever it is, swallows it, and the reason why does it it digests it, and then it breaks it apart and goes, Okay, this is what it looks like. So it puts wanted posters on its outside. So this guy said, I know what’s attacking us now, this, this guy right here. So these antigen presenting cells, put it on the outside, and then they do something else. They release cytokines, specifically, multiple cytokines, but the important ones are TNF alpha, interleukin six, interleukin one, interleukin eight, and you’re going to hear a lot more about this, because I’m talking to scientists all over the world. And people are now studying specifically how we can use functional foods to control this response. So TNF alpha, does a lot of things. It’s a pro inflammatory cytokine. And so we know that TNF alpha is used in very expensive drugs block that for rheumatory arthritis for Crohn’s disease for ulcerative colitis for all of that. So TNF alpha does something kind of interesting that I found unique is it actually goes to the hypothalamus and it increases your core body temperature. So when I say these are bad, they’re really good for you in small amounts, it’s when it becomes too much that it becomes bad. So TNF alpha hits the hypothalamus increases, and that’s how you get fever, interleukin six, it goes to the bone marrow and increases the white blood cells. So this is why you have that achy feeling if you’ve ever had the flu, or if you’re gonna get a vaccine, and you go, Oh, my gosh, I had a vaccine, that kind of hurt, I feel like I have a low level flu. It’s because the bone marrow is producing more white blood cells. interleukin one goes to the liver to produce acute inflammatory reactance, which goes into something called the complement system. But that inflammation is what we measure in people. In fact, cardiologists use this all the time they look at C reactive protein, yeah, because when you have inflammation, the liver produces this. So people with coronary disease will have increased levels of that, and then interleukin eight.

Fascinating, it basically produces more of those little Velcro hands. So then we come all the way back to the blood vessel. And now we’ve got dilation, fluid coming out. And every white blood cell that’s coming through gets grabbed. So when you have the white blood cells producing here, you’ve got the fever, which increases the amount of blood flow heart rate is faster, everything. It’s an phenomenal and just beautiful little system. Yeah, it is. And when it works great. It’s exactly what we need. It’s exactly what you need. In the acute phase. Definitely the innate immune system is here to protect you in the first phase. So now step three of the innate immune system out of you, but that’s the antigen presenting cell, the one that we were talking about over here, sometimes they sometimes they get overwhelmed, and the virus actually wins. So the poor little guy dies. It’s that’s a good cartoon. Yeah, so the poor guy dies here. So the antigen presenting cell dies. So it leaves rubble, so it’s comes out and the body even gets that. So reactive oxygen species are left behind, that’s known as oxidative stress. That’s good in small amounts, because that will kill other things around it. Assuming that this guy got overwhelmed when he dies. Maybe other cells are being overwhelmed, and then that oxidative stress will kill it. Yep. This is known as a reactive oxygen species or reactive nitrogen species. But when that goes on for a long time, that’s what actually causes chronic disease, like heart disease, cancer, aging, this is actually why we age, reactive oxygen species, autoimmune disease, dementia and obesity. Nobody ever thought that you can become fat because you have low level chronic inflammation. And I’ve talked about this on other episodes.


So final step here is the thing you didn’t know about, which is the toll like receptors, right? Okay, so toll like receptors is just another layer of defense, where if these toll like receptors are actually activated, they do very specific things. For instance, the toll like receptor number seven, is very specific to release certain things to fight RNA viruses. You can go through these others, there are ones that are built to fight bacteria that are flageolets flageolets. Yeah, I think we’re both saying that wrong, but that’s okay. fragilities, flageilities. And they also do something that we have talked about before, I want to say we talked about it. On at least three episodes, I can think of the epigenetic phenomenon of nuclear factor Kappa beta NFKB. So when the toll like receptors turned on NFKB goes up. And NFKB is the one that we talked about with the broccoli episode, right? with David Roberts and john gilday. On Yeah, this is the one that actually has a what’s called plio trophic phenomenon. So it affects many different things. So when NF Kappa beta is turned on, then you go through a huge surge of our old friends, TNF alpha, interleukin six, right? So he has more inflammation with inflammation, the common theme of inflammation, right? So inflammation, what does inflammation lead to? Oh, this dementia, autoimmune aging, cancer, heart attack na, so this innate immune system is here. The other thing that I did not mention was that when the toll like receptors get turned on, like this toll like receptor number seven, which is for viruses, one of the things that releases is interferons. interferons, actually, are molecules that directly destroy cells that have been infected with viruses. So if you were to get a virus, you breathe it in through your nose, let’s say it goes to your lungs, a cell is being attacked, it can actually send a signal to a healthy cell says We’re under attack, you need to be ready for this. And that’s the little cell that waits with a gun at the door. So when the virus rings, the doorbell goes and shoots it. That’s not proper technique and how you shoot it. We’ve

seen actual footage of this going down at a microscopic level. So yeah,

it’s it’s fascinating. Yeah, absolutely. It’s like watching an old Western, just like oh, my gosh, and the. And it’s totally true. Because the viruses that show up, they always wear black hats every time every time. Yeah. So that’s a recap of very quick recap of what we talked about last episode. Yeah, I get it a little bit more detail. How’s it? How’s the sound quality?

The sound is much better than last time.

Okay, good. So hopefully, we’ll continue with this. So how do we describe how functional foods work? Because our big thing last time was improve your immune system do this, but nobody talks about how, why?

I’ve got a question for you. So when we look at this, and I think this is a reasonable question, you look at it, and we’re talking about all the bad manifestations that happen. When there’s too much TNF alpha, or aisle six or aisle one, we have too much row s, or I’m sorry, reactive oxygenation, species, ultimately, too much inflammation. But I needed all of this to happen. So, Dr. Brown, what is it that I’m missing? That would help me not have the system that I need? That keeps me alive and safe, run out of control? And basically, ultimately destroy me anyhow?

Absolutely. So what we’re talking about is how do you optimize? Yeah, well, running immune system. Definitely. One of the theories right now is that why do younger people not get sick with the current virus that’s going around, is because they have a very good innate immune system. As we age, as I mentioned, as we age or you become sedentary, possibly, this happens. And so you go, Oh, well, I still don’t get that. We’ll imagine this. Imagine quietly, this attack happens, virus, bacteria, anything, and your innate immune system is kind of slow to react. And by the time it realizes, Oh, my gosh, something’s going on. Many cells have been infected. Which means when these cytokines go up, it’s a huge amount. If you have a really healthy innate immune system, you catch it at the first cell. Yep. So let’s talk about functional foods. functional foods, functional foods, polyphenols, so I’m going to use these little brand. These little hexagons. Yeah. Demonstrate functional six added. Yes. Excited. Whatever you go.

All right. Now hexagon, you’re

right. This is all based off of science. All based off of very detailed documented, I want to thank every PhD out there who goes through this kind of trouble and probably gets no recognition. Because this is Sony. And, you know, we’re talking about so when Dr. Mark Gordon was on his show today, he didn’t really understand why course it’s an or why tumeric does this. Let’s talk about that. Let’s do that. All right, step one. So this will represent the different stages that it actually happens. Step one, intestinal gut health, intestinal gut health, that’s your first barrier. Anything that comes in, you’re going to make sure that you have a good healthy working gut, healthy work in gut. Step two. We know that it has potent antiviral activity. I mentioned earlier in the other article about how these functional foods can actually destroy viruses on contact.

So we’ve got gut and the virus itself.

antivirus itself step. If the virus makes it past that, inside the cell itself, is the M protease that allows the virus but bacteria do this also. It has to attach to the cell. Well, what does it do? It prevents it from attaching then, oh my gosh, this is a really tough virus and it made it through all these lines of defense already. Yeah. Well, as it turns out, bunch of foods polyphenols actually work zinc Ionafores and prevent the replication

Hmm. Blocking replicase

replicase correct. Nice actually blocks the replication.

So So right now we have four tags up and we’re still on number one of the innate immune system. That’s

why it’s so important to understand the innate immune system. Yes. And why nobody’s talking about this. I’m going to keep going. Yeah, and this is not once again, this is not my opinion. Yeah. We’ve got 1000 articles to To show all of it, right? Okay, so now we got our friend, the mast cell over here and everything that I’m saying is not an on or off switch, it’s the optimized way to do it. If your body needs it, these functional foods help it ramp it up. If it doesn’t, it does it. Alright, so the mast cell that releases the braided cinans that go to the blood vessel, oh, the mast cell actually gets stabilized by functional foods, polyphenols, nice. So it doesn’t overreact or under react, then it’s almost like, really, truly Mother Nature’s secret weapon, then the blood vessels which release the fluids, there’s something called or I forgot what the actual enzyme is, but it actually attenuates the enzyme that creates the leakage. So it controls the amount of fluid that comes out. And in the same line, what it does is it actually controls the amount of the adhesion molecules, so all those little hooks that grab that, right, it actually does the optimum amount for that. Okay. So getting back, this is why Dr. Mark Gordon was like, Oh, we have shown that it helps with inflammation, I’m going to tell you exactly where it helps, right whole pathway. Okay, so we’ve now blocked the little adhesion molecules so that only the right amount of cells come out, only the right amount of cells come out. And remember, when I said that it monocytes become our antigen presenting cells, it helps them mature. Oh, it’s like steroids for those guys.

So it activates them. It’s a growth hormone, right? So we’re allowing these phagocytes to now do their role. And by having the right amount of polyphenols available, it’s going to do it quicker.

Exactly. So we’re now heading to step two. So what does it do? Oh, yeah. It helps the antigen presenting cells, taking the vacuoles and put those different proteins on the outside quicker, because it’s already made these more mature. And then we get to the real important part, it tells the antigen presenting cell, yo, be a little careful how many cytokines you send out. Hmm. So there’s multiple studies looking at each one of these. And so I’ll do this real quick. While you’re

putting those up there, I’ll just add that Dr. Gordon spoke today specifically about how high circulating cytokines lead to insomnia and an inability to rest enough because it causes neural inflammation, which is just building on it. That’s

right. He did, he talked to specifically about that. And that’s that brain gut connection and percent inflammation, that’s what we always talk about. So as it turns out, it tells the antigen presenting cell, Hey, be careful what you do, then just to make sure as another safeguard, it specifically will control how much TNF alpha, how much interleukin six, how much interleukin one and how much interleukin eight is actually necessary. And these are all documented on specific studies. And I know that these are being done in humans right now, because I’m getting preliminary results. And they’re showing very specific in vivo, meaning people that have this kind of situation, actually decrease these different cytokines. So it’s not just a total decrease. It’s the right amount. So if you need more white blood cells, then there’s no reason to shut it off completely. Right. Like we just can’t You can’t be smarter than Mother Nature. Yeah, comes down to Okay, how am I sounding sound good. All right. Now, let’s go to it’s a lot better than last week. So so let’s go to Step three, the antigen presenting cells that do this, also do another job, briefly, which we will get into in some other episode, or will bring a better person to do it. Some of those cells go to the lymph system, where they then activate the adaptive immune system where they form antibodies.

Very, very important,

relevant right now, because if everybody’s running out getting a vaccine, that’s what you’re working on worthless unless you have this optimal.

Yeah. 100%.

So we won’t get into that. But guess what functional foods polyphenols do?

Oh, you don’t even tell me that. They also work on that side. They also work on that. It’s almost like your body wants polyphenols.

It’s almost like your body wants polyphenols. And of course, while we’re at it, I mean, it’s like it’s almost like no, no, now he’s just going overboard. No, no, I mean, it’s, trust me, I read every article. It’s like I feel like I’m making stuff up. Now. It helps produce interferons. It helps control the toll like receptors.

So means you’re just a side note. interferon if anybody’s ever dealt with early stage, melanoma, I mean, there are various cancers that you actually had to end up getting injections for interferon.

I did I really thought you’re gonna go if anybody’s ever dealt with herpes. Now I’m dead serious. Yeah, like Libya isn’t interferon?

Absolutely. It isn’t interferon. I’m just saying I guess what I was going is, is that

if you’ve ever dealt with herpes, you kind of looked at me like, no.

That’s how I felt.

But this is true. So drugs do this. You’re exactly right. chemo drugs and drugs like a cycle of beer. They’re their interferons. Yeah, because they block viruses. So polyphenols help increase the amount of interference when it’s necessary. Correct. And by blocking the toll like receptors and controlling that. They actually decrease nuclear factor Kappa beta nfkb. We had that talk with Brocelite. So polyphenols and sulforaphane block, NF Kappa beta. So

I was making sure that you’re making contact with the people in the room. Do you think I was I was waving over somewhere else?

I thought you were having a hallucination. So all right, so we blocked NF Kappa beta, which ultimately we know does the most major thing inflammation. So we’ve been saying a long time that the Mediterranean diet is an anti aging, anti inflammatory diet. Yes. This is why when Adele did her sert diet, this is why it works. You decrease overall inflammation, definitely the whole process. And because, oh, I skipped a little step here. But one thing that we always talk about is the potent antioxidant effects.

Yeah, I’m glad you’re getting this part because we’re going to augment this little section here, too.

Yeah. So tell me what you got to say about antioxidant.

What is it immediately takes me back because ROS is something that Joe botel and we’ve referenced her on the show multiple times. But when she was talking specifically about long endurance athletes and how they get injury, and how certain people who are high performance athletes get injured and have a difficult time recovering, it’s often because they don’t have good control of their RMS or reactive oxygenation species. you’re pointing at something, but I’m not on camera. Oh, I am now. So there we go. I didn’t know that. There’s no red lights in here, by the way. But I find that to be a really big key aspect about rlms. And what polyphenols do because she specifically said to it to decrease healing time and increase optimal athletic performance, high polyphenol concentration, or normal amount is a must, and that our bodies are simply waiting on enough polyphenols to do this job.

Yes. 100%. So now the final part here is more of a vague, you get a picture camera now to fix the camera. You can’t take me by surprise anymore. I mean, we can hire Mike to find our to find our podcast sponsors, but we can’t even hire a good audio visual guy.

I don’t think that hot dog company comes with that.

Alright, so we get down to this last thing here, which is chronic disease. So what we talked about low level inflammation. This is how you can protect yourself against heart disease, cancer, aging, autoimmune dementia and obesity. And I put this one up as a general one, because we mentioned it a little bit, I want to talk about it right after this, about how large stable polyphenols I found an article that showed the more hydroxyl bonds on the outside, more beneficial is. That’s why when we initially were developing Atrantil, and Dr. Bruce Burnett looked at this and said you picked the perfect poly phenol to be the most bioactive and most diverse.

That’s all he does. There’s there’s more points to do stuff. It’s like more surfaces. It’s more

surface area. Exactly. And then in addition to that, we know that in all these articles, so if you’re somebody you’re like, Oh, I already take tumeric. I already take quercetin and that’s awesome. Keep doing that. Yeah, keep doing that. But you have to understand something tumeric and quercetin don’t get directly absorbed, they actually have to go to the microbiome where they get broken down into the metabolites. I’ve got articles to show what is the effective metabolite, of quercetin. So when Dr. Mark was talking about that, I want to tell him, that’s awesome. But you better make sure that you have a good microbiome. So what this represents is the prebiotic ability of polyphenols to diversify your microbiome so that when you take these things, you’re getting the appropriate we’re gonna call them the appropriate metabolites. I call them post biotics, but we’re gonna call him the appropriate metabolite.

It’s a honestly it’s kind of like if, if you look at the way that he talked about ecgc, and, and tumeric, and trying to enforce it and etc. He broke all those down and talked about their beneficial natures as it pertains to inflammation. But what you’re describing, if I can kind of put it into layman’s terms, it’s almost as if that is great. And you can get an Uber to have that delivered to somewhere and you hope it’s a great car and you hope It gets you there comfortably. But in order for it to be effective and get there on time you want a private car you want the limousine. The limousine is the larger molecule, the all natural, larger parent molecule, if you will, kind of like what’s in Atrantil and abbraccio to do that,

exactly. So what you want to be able to do and what we’re saying is not just supplements. Now, this is why you want to have a very colorful plate. That’s why you want to have lots of fruits and vegetables. Yeah, continue to do that. Try to do every non GMO foods and vegetables. But when we’re talking about polyphenols, very few things concentrate polyphenols, so when you’re like, Oh, I heard Dr. Oz talked about reservatrol polyphenol. Oh, I heard someone so talk about Kirsten, polyphenol. Oh, but you know what? I drink green tea, polyphenol. Yeah. And they all get broken down. Here’s what’s fascinating. And I can’t wait to do this. When we have Dr. Sylvia on her research is showing that you can produce quercetin egcg, which is green tea extract. You can produce the metabolites of curcumin and all these things from larger tannins. Yeah, that’s what I mean, this is so fascinating, and your body knows how to do it. And you know what? I mean? Do me a favor, when you get done watching this, go to COVID? episode number two, because we did that in March. Yeah. And we were right, because we talked to scientists all the time. We’re always doing this. So Sofia said, You know what, I’m gonna challenge you not to we will share the mic even though the You and I both been tested, like yesterday. Yeah, for COVID and we’re negative, can you walk through and just explain what each one of these days does really quick,

I’m going to try Okay, so that a right there is going to prevent the virus itself that a if there’s for the gut microbiome, that a I believe is going to prevent it from binding to that set of cells, that one is going to function as a zincionafor prevent or allowing zinc to go in and stop the replicates that is a mast cell that’s going to help control the number of goodness gracious, I guess those little inflammatory markers that are going to go to the blood vessel braided cinans kind of There you go, and then be circulated which of course, we’re going to regulate the amount of fluid that’s going to leave the bloodstream and we’re going to stop the amount of flags are gonna pop up as appropriate. Orders one, Oh, that one is a phagocytes, that’s going to improve the the maturation of the phagocytes the one just below it is going to help the phagocytes since they are maturing more quickly, it’s going to allow the them to display quicker and then it’s going to regulate the number of cytokines which is TNF alpha, IL six, IL one and il eight. And I don’t know if I’m gonna go through the mechanisms of those but that’s okay. Oh, yeah, good, quick. TNF. Alpha is for the brain. IL six is for the bone and it’s because of white blood cell maturation IL one is for infection and inflammatory things that come from the liver and i l eight, is what is going to basically start the cycle all over again, where the fluid is, is being summoned and redness, swelling and pain.

Excellent. Stage three.

Okay, that’s the presenting. Yeah, it is. And that’s where the cells dying, we get to oxygen a oxidative stress. Yeah, it says that. But we need to control our ros because it’s not the RO S is bad. Too much ros, though, can lead to long term heart disease, cancer, aging, autoimmune dementia, obesity, and adaptive antibodies, we aren’t going to go all the way through there. But essentially, aside from the innate immune system, we need help in the adaptive immune system as well.

It would be fascinating to see what the antibody levels of people that are vaccinated if you’re scientists out there on your on your cool study will supply you with some big polyphenols and see if people mount a better antibody response. If it lasts longer. These are all just fascinating questions. What’s this?

So when we get over here to TLR, we this is what is going to function as another flag zone, where we’re going to signal the liver to then produce interferon, which functions to fight cancers and all kinds of different things like that. And then we have NF kb. We’ve talked about this extensively, whenever we had Brock elite on the show, both john and David was gonna say, Robert, but it’s David Roberts on the show. And essentially, what we want to do is not have this gigantic burst of TNF alpha, and IL six because it’s just going to turn into more inflammation. And again, Polly finos once again, aren’t going to abandon you. They’re still going to work even on that end. Okay.

You’re so much smarter than I thought you were. Nice job.

I just remember a lot.

Can you hear me on this one?

Yeah, yeah, that was never good.

You can probably take the headphones off now to show everybody. So did that make sense? I

think it makes a lot of sense. I mean, it’s a lot of information. Not everybody is going to just readily walk away, like we just did from it, but watch it several times. I think though, really what we’re trying to show here is that We don’t want to just say that we don’t want to just say that polyphenols they’ll work with with viral or bacterial infection. This is something that I wish more people would do you tell me that something works. Just explain how show me how how do you know that it’s going to work? And I’m not saying that people don’t have markers or blood enzymes or circulating things that they measure, they see things go down. That’s important that lets you know that we’re on the right track. But this kind of stuff, this kind of research that you’ve been sifting through with Angie, is just awesome. Because now it’s almost like putting a name to the face. We can see how it’s working.

Exactly. So I think it’s important.

And this doesn’t just stop here because you know, Angie’s episode, people, it’s really being shared a lot. Oh, yeah, just people if you have pots or Ehlers danlos or CBOE or anything, people thousands of downloads on the podcast, by the way. Yeah. And she describes how when you have NF Kappa beta up, yeah, you’re gonna have decreased acetylcholine when TNF alpha like this is all the balance in that. Yeah. The key is to see the colon whenever Yeah, but that’s a whole separate conversation. This is strictly on the innate immune system, right. And so I find it fascinating. I find it fascinating that when I listen to another doctor talk about this, and I’m like that I very much like, very much like me, like, I’ll listen to stuff and the patients will ask me, they’re like, hey, do you know about this? And I’m like, I don’t have the bandwidth and the time to do it. That’s awesome, which is why I kind of tasked or I didn’t task. She did it on her own, which is why Angie learned so much about dysautonomia, like I just don’t have that in me right now or the time to do it. And she crushed it. Yeah. And one of the what we’ve been emailing, she’s been emailed by so many people, she’s gonna keep going, she’s gonna end up writing a book and probably saving a lot of people. And so this is this is first step, innate immune system. I tell all my patients, let’s exercise a little I don’t care what you do, just get up off the couch and move around, right? Doesn’t really matter what, don’t eat highly processed foods, like high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, anything, you’re open in a package, read the label, because that breaks down that Mary, Mary Mary first step, which is gut health. All health begins and ends in the gut, definitely. And then get your polyphenols, get a little sun, get some sleep. Do you do that? That’s better than what’s better than most are doing.

I mean, it really is. And it’s, it seems complicated. And but in the end, the actionable items really aren’t that complicated.

I mean, when we’re in some weird times, I mean, let’s be honest, we’re taping this episode. The day after we had that weird thing that happened last night or yesterday where

you didn’t get your change back at the store. I didn’t

get my change back. I’m still upset about that. The lady was clearly distracted, because apparently our government was overrun by

Oh, yeah, that was a big deal. Yeah.

And so these are stressful times. Yeah, we got to keep the inflammation down. There’s nothing to cause inflammation. Yeah, don’t, don’t bring it upon yourself. Don’t eat bad. Don’t lose sleep, and make sure that you get your polyphenols.

To my knowledge, polyphenols won’t directly help bad politics, but maybe those politicians could use some more polyphenols and they wouldn’t act so crazy.

Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started. Because what I want to do, and I believe that this will be the future we’re gonna be sitting here 50 years from now we’re gonna look the same because of the anti aging qualities of polyphenols. The 50 years from now we’re gonna be like, wasn’t that great that they put psilocybin in the water so that we all treat each other nice. You know? It’s so you’re just gonna pull up instead of Starbucks, you’re gonna pull up to MDMA cafes? And I’m not kidding. Like the research on that is like, we’re gonna go there also. Yeah, there. Somebody joined at baby bathwater Dr. Raven, I was reading his profile, really cool. And we’re gonna I’m gonna try to bring him on here. But he’s got a device called an Apollo device, which vibrates when you’re not breathing appropriately, which means if and we’re gonna do a whole episode on breath work, and we got our we just got all kinds of cool stuff to do. But you can’t, you can’t leave this hanging like, this is important. Look at all those. Look at all those one last time here. Let’s just look at the amount of places.

Places I’m just counting right now. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 19 20 looks like there’s almost 20 things out there

that I found in a guy like Bruce Burnett, sitting at home, he’s like, there’s 38 you’re missing the critical ones. 38 on line one. I know. Well, this is this is what you get when you let a doctor try and try and try and describe this.

Yeah, but seriously, I think the takeaway here is that we can put there’s no Muscle behind the message there, it really does work. And this is not specific to any one virus or any one bacteria. This is what your body needs in order for your immune system to work efficiently just so happens, that it works really, really well for what a lot of people are concerned about.

It does and you just came up with a whole new idea. But as we close this out I think I’m gonna attach this next time I do a hemorrhoid on a patient so we can hear

the hemorrhoid. Be sure that requires some type of consent. But yeah, I think it’s awesome.

All right. So thank you, everyone, for listening to this. I hope that this is something that makes some sense, please share it, subscribe to the YouTube channel. Subscribe to the I guess all the other platforms, iTunes and Spotify and

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bye bye. Thank you.