Ever wished your doctor could just talk to you like a normal person without talking over your head?

The Gut Check Project (GCP) is here to deliver exactly that!

Board certified gastroenterologist Ken Brown, MD hosts the GCP with his anesthesia provider, Eric Rieger, CRNA. They ask all of their guests to “Check your ego at the door” because nothing is off of the table. Join the GCP as experts from all walks of life join the GCP to share ways to make your life easier and more enjoyable by keeping you in the conversation. The GCP features research topics in health, practical concerns with health care, alleviating stress in your life, tips for better eating, innovative approaches to curing disease, and a lot of humor.

Feel free to contact us at the GCP, and share with someone that you love.

The GCP releases an episode almost regularly every week, so stay sharp and and ride with us on the Gut Check Project!


1912, 2019

Does CBD cause liver failure?

December 19th, 2019|

Science spoken for the common man, it’s the butt doctor host, Dr. Ken Brown and your co-host, Mr. Sleep himself, Eric Rieger talk the dangers of too much of a good thing CAN be bad. Join the Gut Check Project for a little pre-Christmas research. Don’t forget that even water, when consumed in massive amounts, can be harmful. RIP mice. […]

1212, 2019

Get Lit with Michael Williams

December 12th, 2019|

Dr. Ken Brown, the expert on butts, and his co-host Eric Rieger, who makes people fall asleep and not because he’s boring, talk with Michael Williams the CEO of Creative Echo. Get ready to get LIT, learn about podcasting, and see what’s in the BOX. […]

2111, 2019

Healthy Finance with Patrick and Tim, SurePath Wealth

November 21st, 2019|

Your hosts, Ken Brown, MD and trusty sidekick Eric Rieger, speak with Patrick Brewer and Tim Power from SurePath Wealth Management. Learn how to keep your finances healthy as well as your gut. Join this wild ride of children performing carnival acts, priceless ($34) civil war figurines, a rusty old harmonica, and of course financial knowledge with a hint of tummy talk from the best. […]

1411, 2019

Dr. Marisol, The Queen of the Thrones

November 14th, 2019|

With the absence of the ever so good looking Eric, Dr. Brown speaks with Dr. Marisol, The Queen of the Thrones, about the importance of pooping and how castor oil is a magical supplement for a great and healthy gut. […]