Ever wished your doctor could just talk to you like a normal person without talking over your head?

The Gut Check Project (GCP) is here to deliver exactly that!

Board certified gastroenterologist Ken Brown, MD hosts the GCP with his anesthesia provider, Eric Rieger, CRNA. They ask all of their guests to “Check your ego at the door” because nothing is off of the table. Join the GCP as experts from all walks of life join the GCP to share ways to make your life easier and more enjoyable by keeping you in the conversation. The GCP features research topics in health, practical concerns with health care, alleviating stress in your life, tips for better eating, innovative approaches to curing disease, and a lot of humor.

Feel free to contact us at the GCP, and share with someone that you love.

The GCP releases an episode almost regularly every week, so stay sharp and and ride with us on the Gut Check Project!


611, 2020

Gut Check Project 44: BrocElite: Naturally Anti-Cancer…

November 6th, 2020|

Naturally anti-cancer…. naturally you want to know more! Sulfurophanes are incredible molecules that exist is high concentration in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. BrocElite exists as the only stable source of supplemental sulfurophanes. Founder David Roberts and his incredible PhD John Gildea, join us on the GCP to […]

2810, 2020

US VP Candidate Jeremy “Spike” Cohen (L): Ideal Administration and Your Health #43

October 28th, 2020|

A VERY SPECIAL episode, Vice-Presidential Candidate Jeremy Spike Cohen (L) joins Ken & Eric on the GCP! We get straight to it: Your health in an ideal administration… what should it look like?Currently our government is inundated by lobbyists that represent products, commodities, and systems that are simply NOT helping your health. In fact, our modern bi-partisan policies are making us all sick. Our veterans have volunteered their lives for our safety, but the VA health system treated these heroes terribly.Your tax dollars pay for high fructose corn syrup, but it’s killing us. The FDA and [...]

410, 2020

COVID File #11- Release the Oxytocin

October 4th, 2020|

You don’t need to be alone! Why? Check it out your health, even your immunity, is dependent upon you engaging with those that you care about and that care about you. In this episode learn why the oxytocin that you’re body already makes needs YOU to […]

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