Ever wished your doctor could just talk to you like a normal person without talking over your head?

The Gut Check Project (GCP) is here to deliver exactly that!

Board certified gastroenterologist Ken Brown, MD hosts the GCP with his anesthesia provider, Eric Rieger, CRNA. They ask all of their guests to “Check your ego at the door” because nothing is off of the table. Join the GCP as experts from all walks of life join the GCP to share ways to make your life easier and more enjoyable by keeping you in the conversation. The GCP features research topics in health, practical concerns with health care, alleviating stress in your life, tips for better eating, innovative approaches to curing disease, and a lot of humor.

Feel free to contact us at the GCP, and share with someone that you love.

The GCP releases an episode almost regularly every week, so stay sharp and and ride with us on the Gut Check Project!


3006, 2021

*REVISIT* Stem Cell expert, Dr. Wade McKenna

June 30th, 2021|

Dr. McKenna has successfully treated an incredible array of diseases, inside and outside of orthopedics with stem cells. McKenna has been on the front line of stem cells and their clinical application for decades. If you have ever wanted to know the vast array of proven applications for stem cells, […]

2406, 2021

Men’s Health #54.5

June 24th, 2021|

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can leave both males feeling inadequate and their partners frustrated. Solutions for ED have been a multi billion dollar industry and it’s because […]

1706, 2021

Charlene Van Buiten, PhD (Colorado State Univ.): Natural Gluten Protection #52

June 17th, 2021|

Do you or someone you know work hard to avoid gluten contamination in your diet? This episode is for you! We have the expert that is leading the way to help those that suffer from gluten contamination find ways to reduce or possibly even eliminate the flare ups. Charlene Van Buiten, PhD of Colorado State University joins us on the GCP! Celiac disease and […]

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