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Board certified gastroenterologist Ken Brown, MD hosts the GCP with his anesthesia provider, Eric Rieger, CRNA. They ask all of their guests to “Check your ego at the door” because nothing is off of the table. Join the GCP as experts from all walks of life join the GCP to share ways to make your life easier and more enjoyable by keeping you in the conversation. The GCP features research topics in health, practical concerns with health care, alleviating stress in your life, tips for better eating, innovative approaches to curing disease, and a lot of humor.

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1601, 2020

Risks of Plastic and DEHP, Save Your Family

January 16th, 2020|

Dr. Kenneth Brown and Eric Rieger, take a deep science dive into the dangers of plastic and DEHP and the phenomenon that can occur from them. Atrantil https://lovemytummy.com/kbmd Eric Rieger All right, here we are. It is gut check project, Episode Number 28. I am here with your host, Dr. Ken Brown. What's up Doctor Brown. Ken Brown What's going on Eric? Episode 28. Eric Rieger Episode 28. Ken Brown Lots of energy 2020. We're just wow. Eric Rieger We're so close to 30, it's what, six more years. seven more years. We could run [...]

601, 2020

How Social is Your Toilet?

January 6th, 2020|

Join your hosts Dr. Ken Brown and Eric Rieger as they dive head first into 2020 with their love of hemorrhoids and neurological advances. Atrantil https://lovemytummy.com/kbmd Eric Rieger Alright, you have now joined the gut check project. This is episode number 27. I'm here with your host, Dr. Kenneth Brown. I'm Eric Rieger. It's 2020. Ken Brown We're in a new decade. This is unbelievable. Eric Rieger So that's interesting. Some people will say that the decade does not begin on years that end in zero, because when the calendar started, there was no Year [...]

1912, 2019

Does CBD cause liver failure?

December 19th, 2019|

Science spoken for the common man, it's your country butt doctor host, Dr. Ken Brown and your co-host, Mr. Sleep himself, Eric Rieger talk the dangers of too much of a good thing CAN be bad. Join the Gut Check Project for a little pre-Christmas research. Don't forget that even water, when consumed in massive amounts, can be harmful. RIP mice. Atrantil https://lovemytummy.com/kbmd All right. Welcome to the gut check project. I'm here with your host, Dr. Kenneth Brown. I'm Eric Rieger. This is gut check project, Episode Number 26. We're going to wind up [...]

1212, 2019

Get Lit with Michael Williams

December 12th, 2019|

Dr. Ken Brown, the expert on butts, and his co-host Eric Rieger, who makes people fall asleep and not because he's boring, talk with Michael Williams the CEO of Creative Echo. Get ready to get LIT, learn about podcasting, and see what's in the BOX. Connect with Michael Williams here https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-f-williams-812a4bb Atrantil https://lovemytummy.com/kbmd KBMD Healthbox https://kbmdbox.com All right. Welcome back to the gut check project. This is now episode number 25. With your host, Dr. Kenneth Brown. I'm Eric Rieger. And can today we got an awesome guest, Michael Williams joins us. Well, like always one of the [...]

2711, 2019

Exercising is a Waste, New Website, and Turkey Day

November 27th, 2019|

Your host Kenneth Brown, MD and co-host Eric Rieger talk how they got in shape with prancercise and the amazing Thighmaster on this special Thanksgiving week episode. Gobble Gobble! Atrantil https://lovemytummy.com/kbmd Alright, welcome to episode number 24. This is the Gut Check Project with your host, Dr. Kenneth Brown. I'm Eric Rieger. What's up man? Man I'm super excited we are going to do this together. Yeah. Here we're starting to work the few kinks out we had that really cool episode that we did with SurePath which is just gonna be launched and then Dr. Marisol [...]

2111, 2019

Healthy Finance with Patrick and Tim, SurePath Wealth

November 21st, 2019|

Your hosts, Ken Brown, MD and trusty sidekick Eric Rieger, speak with Patrick Brewer and Tim Power from SurePath Wealth Management. Learn how to keep your finances healthy as well as your gut. Join this wild ride of children performing carnival acts, priceless ($34) civil war figurines, a rusty old harmonica, and of course financial knowledge with a hint of tummy talk from the best. SurePath Wealth https://surepathwealth.comAtrantil https://lovemytummy.com/kbmdKBMD Healthbox https://kbmdbox.com Alright, welcome to the Gut Check Project. This is episode number 23. You're here with your host, Kenneth Brown, MD. And I'm Eric Rieger. Let's, uh, let's talk a [...]