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Kiran Krishnan, Microbiologist/Microbiome Labs, Megaspore

Kiran Krishnan is a microbiologist that has made huge waves in health and microbiome science. Well beyond concepts, Kiran has helped engineer, create, and study Spore probiotic delivery systems. It is incredibly unique in that before Microbiome Labs’ data, there was almost no conclusive evidence to demonstrate probiotic efficacy en vivo (in humans/living animals). Kiran shares with GCP the basics of natural vaccination that we all should be doing everyday. (more…)

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Cooper Read, Digital & Social Entrepreneur, MAPS Advocate & Zendo Project Vol.

Cooper Read is a GREAT storyteller while his career journey includes playing college baseball, a surgical technician, an adventurer and journeyman, MAPS & Zendo Project Advocate.Cooper has tells how he found inspiration knowing that he wanted more out of life than what the health care industry could provide in traditional institutions. Also, a mention from Ken & Eric about how you cannot out exercise a sedentary lifestyle and a customer story about CBD and vagal mediated atrial fibrillation. (more…)

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Leif Harrison, Dir. Bus. Development for Elixinol

Leif Harrison has entered the world of the Hemp business after a multi-varied work experience in both high-level corporate business and post US Navy career. Born in AZ, raised in OH, Leif was a scholarship competitive sailor for the US Naval Academy. He is a trained parachutist, and tells of his religious calling to embark upon a 40 day fast. Incredible show about resolve and calling, check it out! (more…)

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Ric Moore Playboy photographer & Entrepreneur

Ric Moore was a photographer at Playboy Magazine for over 20 years. His skills allowed him to be a part of the first ever rock concert for in the former Soviet Union in 1987. Ric has always followed his heart to find interesting career choices for himself from teaching at Oklahoma University, Playboy Photographer, student pilot and owner of his own plane, student of improv and stand-up comedy, and now a proprietor of a dispensary (RedBub Medical MJ) in the OKC area after learning the benefits of medical THC and CBD. (more…)

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Robo Hendrickson, FullBucket Health

Robo Hendrickson is a lifelong inspired entrepreneur and philanthropist. “Be Good. Do Good.” is the epitome and slogan of FullBucket Health and for Robo himself. Robo and his partners have built a company that researches and produces incredible supplements to protect the health of horses, dogs, & cats. Gut health is a pillar of their current projects, and for each and every purchase, a portion goes directly to other parts of the world to educate local and impoverished families on proper animal health care, incentivize (more…)

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Rachel Scheer & Dr. Jay Yepuri, MD – Collaboration between Nutrition & GI for health

Rachel Scheer is a fitness model, BS Nutrition and Dietetics, and Functional Medicine Nutritionist . She has several years of experience directing clients to better whole health, and has personal journey of having to find better gut health. She has long collaborated with physicians to allow her clients a more comprehensive picture of improving and maintaining health. Dr. Jay Yepuri, MD, is a board certified gastroenterologist, the CMO of Riduzone, and has served the (more…)

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Chris Husong, Hemp Market Expert, Elixinol

Chris Husong is a market expert in the hemp industry. Accounting for the challenges of public perception, legal challenges, and the burdens of science to prove the claims for hemp benefits have all shaped the climate in which hemp is used today. Born in Texas, Chris moved with his parents a few times throughout the country, studied theology in California, worked in finance and (more…)

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Wade McKenna, DO – Stem Cell Expert, Inventor, & Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. McKenna has successfully treated an incredible array of diseases, inside and outside of orthopedics with stem cells. McKenna has been on the front line of stem cells and their clinical application for decades. If you have ever wanted to know the vast array of proven applications for stem cells, do not miss this episode. What stem cells are, how they (more…)

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